Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 1, 1927 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1927
Page 5
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Da&ranD OtBunc SEPTEMBER 1. 1027 Sky View During September - ..This chart shows the relative positions of the stars and planets that are most conspicuous during the month of September. - rmnn IW a lll -mm II "HURSDAY EVENING ' 10 mm GBEAM HHMS nas id Biioimr of m HERO 111 j J jCHirdFensJ j "Polly" IV 4 114 Children's Stamped Dresses Or fine jinEhjm, ToHe r orjar.dy. Pnt t. Assorted rMor. Frmr $1 to II .V) Tallies. Tri-lay, ccU 59c (Third Floor) Minn OAKLAND'S 10 Companies in San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys Consolidation. Commander of "Far East Army Succumbs at S. F. ; Body Sent to Fresno. STORE THAT UNDERSELLS Half Socks Plain lisle with fancy rayon, striped tops. AH- perfect. 25c value. ' Fair, - 15c (Main Floor) r r 1 H A, merger to be consummated shortly and Involving two Oakland ( jftrms an at least eight ce cream J companies and creameries In the San Joaquin and .Sacramento val leys,,was announced today buL.'W, Wilson, general manager of the Benham Ice Cream company of Fresno, according .to Associated ..Press dispatches. The merger will .4 Include properties valued ' at be tween $3,000,000 and $4,6000 and will include the following Benham Ice company, Fresno; Sierra Ice Cream company, Fresno; Turlock Milk -company, Turlock ' Modesto Milk company, Modesto Golden West Ice Cream company, Modesto; Valrose Ice Cream com pany, Lodi; Peerless Ice Cream company, Sacramento; Gloria Ice CrBm r company, Stockton;- Producers Milk company, Oakland. and Producers lee Cream company, . uakiand. - The companies - will be cOnsolI. dated under the name of Standard "' Creameries Inc., which also has op-" tions on other ice cream and milk companies throughout northern California. Through the consolidation, a ubstantial saving will be made in the distribution of Ice dream and dairy products which will be a benefit .to the public in general throughout central and northern California," Wilson said. The identities of the individual companies will be retained, it was Indicated. W. J. Hotchkiss of Oakland, president of the Producers Milk company, Is expected to be president of the new corporation. Jupiter, Largest of the Planets, To Be . 'ALAMEDA, Sept. 1. Dahlia growing in this city is expected to .receive added impetus with the announcement today by the Chamber of Commerce that cash prizes totaling $230 would be offered for the best gardens as part of the awards of the 1928 show. Clarence L. Traver, president of the Chamber of. Commerce, stated that the announcement of cash awards was authorized by D. H. Chaplin, local automobile dealer and dahlia en thusiast. The cash will be divided in prizes of $100,'5O, $25, three ' prizes of $10 and five prizes of $5. Improvement and$EpyiCE Club notes TONIGHT. I Fruitvale Garden 'Farms Improvement club, 8 p. m., Dlmond Heights school. Speaker: Fred G. Haase. . ' Parker Avenue ' Improvement club, Parker avenue and Ney ave-nue, 8 p. m. Grove Street Improvement club, Thirty-sixth and Grove, 8 p. m. Speaker,' A. E. Noble; ' subject, "Transportation Rates." There will also be a general .discussion on Grove street paving and on telephone rates. 50-50 club, Athens club, 6:45 p. m. Business meeting. - Eastlake Kiwanis club, Hotel Al-- pine, 6:15 p. m. Berkeley Knights of Round Table, Varsity Candy Shop, 6 p. m. TOMORROW i. Optimist club. Hotel Oakland. Engineers' Luncheon club, Ath-ns club. Speakers. Captain Stanford Elwood Moses of U. S; Navy, former commandir aircraft squadron of the battle! fleet. High Twelve dlub. Hotel Oakland. Speaker: Gty Wolf; subject: "Present Financial situation." .Service Clubs Council, at, the Venus, for the purpose of establishing a loan fund for the benefit of students In the local high schools. Berkeley City Commons club. Varsity Candy Chop. East Lawn Improvement club, Seminary avenue and East Fourteenth street, 8 p, m., business meeting. 4 t7 " a ,t -kit" I j;. .,ii,niioiirm vs; (iK.4 M I. -sP1 00 Planet Jupiter, with its FOUR. Moons Conspicuous in S!y During September By ROBERT H. BAKER. (Professor of Astronomy, University of Illinois) s ' . Jupiter, largest of the planets, will be a conspicuous object during .September, rising at nightfall above the eastern horizon. It appears as a brilliant yellow star, so much brighter than -any of the real stars that it is easy to find. Only a small telescope - is re quired to show the banded disk of this great ; planet and its four brightest moons, three of which are larger than our own moon. Jupiter has nine satellites revolving around it. Five of them may be viewed only through -powerful" telescopes. 400 MILLION MILES AWAY. Jupiter is how 400 million miles away. Having a diameter 01 ss, 000: miles, it -outbulks-" ana outv weighs all the rest of the planets put together. Like the other planets it shines entirely by reflected sunlight. The surface which , we see with the telescope is gaseous, spun out into -brignt and dark cloud-bands by the planet's rapid rotation. What lies underneath the cloudy cohering no one knows. Other1 interesting sights are dis played in the eastern sky in . the Uearly evening during September. Not far above. Jupiter we have the familiar square of Pegasuslp.pd on. one corner." If this square ts imagined to be the bowl of a dipper, the handle is "found" extending northward. ' The middle of the handle, with the stars around itformstriecon- stellation Andromeda, the "chained princess who, according to myth ology, was left on a rock to be de voured by a sea monster. . The star which marks the end of the handle of this dipper is the brightest star of Perseus, the hero of the same story. Perseus comes flying into the scene carrying In one hand the head of the demon Medusa, which he points toward the monster, at once turnlng4t to stone. Perseus looks not at all like a hero, but like a starry arrow pointing upward alnnir the Milky Way. STAR Til. VI WINKS. Medusa's head is marked by the Demon Star, Algol, the star that winks. At regular intervals of 09 hours this famous star is reduced to one-third .of its usual brightness: The reason is now known, namely that a fainter companion revolves around the brighter writ and partially eclipses it periodically. The Great Nebula in Andromeda is visible to .the unaided eye on a clear moonless night as a small, faint, foggy patch. Actually it is a huge spiral structure of millions of stars. With the aid of the accompanying .picture a keen eye should be able to detect it in the' sky. ... - ' The Andromeda Nebula is the most distant object which it is possible to see without the aid of a telescope. It is far beyond the Milky Way, so remote in fact, that its light.'required 950,000 years to reach us, travelling all that time at the frrate of .186,000 second." TRESNO, Sept. , 1. CW With I'the arrival here tonight of the body of . General .Antraanik Ouzanian, 61, national . Armenian war hero, who died yesterday at Richardson Hot Springs, plans are being. made by local Armenian residents for' one of the largest funerals in the history of Fresno in his honor. Coming to the United States in 1920 as minister from Armenia for the purpose of urging. Armenians in this country to give financial and moral support to their home land, he later made his home in Fresno. He left last February, going to San Francisco for his health; Ouzanian, better known as General Antranlk; was Armenia's'great national military hero. Early in the World War he was commander-in-chief of the allied forces in the Far East relinquishing ..the command to General Allenby of the English forces. He command ed the army of Armenians in the war, and engaged in many colorful campaigns against the Turks. He was born in the province of Slvas, Armenia. Ouzanian took up a military life in 1914 during the period of unrest which prevailed in the Near East. Receiving word that 800,000 soldiers, under Russian command, would concentrate on.the Turkish front, he . recruited an army of fifteen thousand Armenians. He was made a major general in --the Russian army, and served with dig? tinction during the World war, C. OF C. OFFERS A handsome vsilver cup, to become the property of the player winning It in three annual tournaments, will be donated for the annual Pacific coast tennis tournament by the Chamber of Commerce, it was announced yesterday. The cup is to go for the women's singles event. It Is in the form of a silver ewer, some 20 inches tall, and Is to be suitably inscribed." This is the only cup donated for the meet by any Oakland organization, all the other trophies offered having been donated by Los Angeles interests. The tournament is to be held In Mosswood Park September 4 and 5. The Bay-Cities Tennis Club will act nst hrst to fhe meet and entries are miles a i expectea irom an important tennis centers from Seattle to San Diego Jjf 'Juliana" The "girl of today" whether a business or sjportswoman, demands a street shoe with simple lines but very smart. Juliana, a one strap patent model, was-especially designed for her:' flattering to the foot, its charm is accentuated by" an-'interjacing of Parchment Astralac OA.aU Orders Filled - Hanan Shoes for Jvlen and Women tsf'ch Preservet woes for iMen and Women lO. aw -en.. WW. Six-Store Buying Power Uroaaway at 15th Street,, Oakland J,(JKC HOMg 'BRIGHT FOR THS YOUNG TEOPLS Roll back the rugsi and dance to the "Victor Electrola bis r- Eletricay reproduces Ortho-Ci-S phonic Victor records with absolutely startling clarity', brilliant and power..A gorgeous instrument. 52 inches high; highly-figured mahog any, Italian style. Operates from electric light socket. No batteries needed. Storage . for 80 records. Its melody fills big hall or small room equally well. Automatic record stop. Convenient terms. X'. -. ' LA ATV :!l This "Electrola member of the great Victor line .is a supremely satisfying and thrilling loud-, speaker for your radio set. Let. us show you how this is done. You probably never heard a loudspeaker like it. : , . Other Vicirolas from $2$ ' Orthophonic Victrolas from Sherman. play & Co. Fourteenth and Clay Sts. Kearny and Sutter Streets, S. F.---3420 E. Fourteenth St., Fruitvale" Telegraph and Channmg Way,'. . Berkeley Specials for Friday, Sept 2 if Mm m-m mmw 600 Women's apd Misses' wnvuivio Another opportunity tofc purchase a good look-)' ing wool or wool and rayon mixed sweater. Splendid selection of novelty weaves and colors. Just the sweater .. for outing or hieh school wear. Reasonably nrlced. Each. (W. & S.Stfonr Floor f IT PAYS TO STUDY FOLKS: The Davis Farm 'College boasts two farm etu-tlent princes. -The royal would-be scientific farmers are from India and Jamanagar. If farming doesn't pay it is going to have class anyway. Speaking of making things pay,-'it does pay to read our ads carefully as you'll be paid in good money savings, as we do sell for less. - WHITTIIORNE & SWAN. Boys' Knit Union Suits, Gray, o p e n crotch. Just the th 1 n ; - for the cooler weather. 6 to 16 years. Special, gulf .... (W. & S.-JJ erond Floor).. Hand Blocked Silk Scarfs "A special value.- Heavy quality silk. Conventional designs.. Eacji.. ... WOMEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS: Alt linen. Hand embroidered. 'All white, colerwl on white nnd solid colors. Also colortnl prints of linen: with hnnd rolled hems. Ench . 25o "KAYSER'S" NOVELTY CUFF CHAMOISETTE GLOVES: Cuffs are fancifully mluoldered in- slJ.or coutmstlng colors. Fine quality: - .suede finish. Pair 51 COLORFUL GEORGETTE CREPE SCARFS: .Good, length. Lovely colorings. Each $1.49 Fancy Cuff . Fabric Gloves "Standing or turned down styles. Neatly embroidered. Not all sizes in all styles. Pair . (Whitthorne & Swan Wain Floor) Underprices on Wash FabricsLinens Jacquard Rayon Alpaca jo-incn. a spienam material for school dresses, smocks, after noon wear. Shown' in a wide ranjre of pastef ooiars in pretty jac-qusrd designs. Regular 49o . value, Extra special, yard.. White Daisy Cloth 27-inch. A "fare Value Tat this low price. Yard. 1 35 c 16c New Fall Showingjpf Junior Misses' Dresses Smart looking styles of flat crepe or satin. Plenty of black and a good range of wanted colors. 13 to 19 years. ' Our featured prices, each, $10 d $15.75 (Whitthorne & Swan Second Floor) New Fall Coatings 54-INCH ALL WOOL VENISE: Will not crush. Rose beige?, black,, cracklehead, beaver, etc. dj QC Uiiderpriced, yard '. J) I VD 54-INCH SUEDE VELOUR: All wool; t t A-Sand, brown and navy only. Yard J)M td LINING SPECIAL. NOVELTY BROCADE: 36-inch. Suitable for linings, dresses, table crushes, etc. 1.25 value. Yard Crepe JSatins $ 40-inch. Just- received a new line of Fall shades for evening or street wear. Yard $1 2'"5 BLACK CHIFFOBf VELVKTi 40-inch. Erect pile. Deep nap. Yard: VEL.VETKE.: 36-in(!h. Erect pile. 10 desirable Fall shades. Lustrous finish. Yard (Whitthorne & SwanMain Floor) $3.95 $1.69 Girls' Outing Wear For Labor Day Trips Of khaki and novelty suitiVig, also one ana two-piece styles or same materials. Formerly priced $1.69 to $2.95. Reduced for clearance, each " $-1 I KIDDIES' "KITE KUT" PLAYSUITSi Genuine '''Can't Bust 'Em" brand. Peg top style. Bine, khaki and stripes. Sizes 6 months to 8 years. flj Our special price, each ,. V (Whitthorne & Swan Second Floor) '' 1200 ' ... - Wash Frocks For Women and Misses Special purchase and odds and ends from. Tur regular stock. Very attractive) fabrics, including prints, voiles, fayon and broadcloth. Large assortment of styles and colors. Trimming details are lace, organdy and contrasting materials, pockets, ties, belts and seml-sashes. Any one of these nifty little frocks wpuld be ideal for -the approaching holiday trip. Sleeveless and short sleeve models. Our' regular $1.93 value. Special, each ...... I FA JAMA CHECKS; 86-inch. Tine quality for gowns, underwear etc. . Shown In ill th wanted lingerie tints. Special, yard .15c NOVELTY DRESS PRINTS: 32 and 38-inch. Beautiful array of imall floral and novelty--patterns in pleasing color combinations. Tubfast. Yar1 S7o HEAVY KOMPEE CLOTH: 32-lnch. Just sr. variety or new striped arid! atov suiiu colors, a money 19o rived a splendid checked patterns: saving value. Yard IKISH LINEN TABLE CLOTHS: Excellent qual-ity that will glv satisfactory wear. Several attractive patterns. Exceptionally low priced. 70x (0, Each . i.u 70 8. Each ;;;; 'um TOxKW. Each' ' ii'iX N.U'KINs, 21x21H. Dozen '.UM IRISH LINEN CLOTHS AND 'NAPKINS! Splendid wearing- quality with a beautiful finish. Pat-terns of row, tulip, hops and pansy. 71'S 70. Each U7 7I1X-8. Each Iiu -oxkw. Each killl NAPKINS, 22x22. Dozen.. . iSm LEALithojne & SwanJUainloor) . 400 Pairs ! Ruffled Scrim Curtains Snowy white. 2-16 yards long. Extra special, pair 25. IMITATION FRENCH MARO.VIS- kttei Cream and ecru. Spe. clai, yard ... CRETONNEi Many beautiful patterns and colors with light r dark backgrounds. 33o value. Friday, yard 20c. 9x13 AXMINSTER RlGSi Seamless. Heavy quality. Closely woven. Handsome patterns. A aeri- (on flee. Each" ; ..9a)7 $3.0 down 13.00 per month. CRETONNE: Special lot. Heavy quality. Taken from our regular 79c and 89c stock. Special for Friday, yard...........'. 49o 8.3x10.6 Velvet Rugs $Ok A gh Seamless. Heavy quality. ' Fringed ends. Many beautiful " f . I patterns arfd colors. A real value. Each faj it (Whitthorne & Swan Third floor) Women's Full Fashioned Silk Hose Extra long boot. Nar row lisle welt. Chiffon and medium service weight. Well reinforced foot. New .Shades from which to select, f 1.95 value. Pair, 1 .50 (W. & S.Main Floor) IRONING BOARD COVERS Of heavy muslin. Laces to fit any board. Regular 45o value. Special. each, 19c (''Hir.nnP:' n Trnncr APHOASl Assorted col- trlmtn. L1 .. .. .. i . . ......... i- ailt V UllKCLN. Sizes Z rn V venra. Pair ular 25c value. Spe- n clai, each 7C (W. & S.Main Floor) Novelty Jewelry Large assortment frprn which to select. Special, each . .WALLETS: Genuine leather. Assorted colors. Several compart ments. Each. .. "GERMAINE" FACE POWDER: Assorted shades. : 15c 39c Special, box. (W. & S.Main Floor) Mothers! Attention! Auto Go-Bye Seats This little auto Beat will greatly relieve the, mothers mind while she is driving her auto-' mobile. . Just stra the baby-In this comfortable little auto seat, hook it on the back of tire auto seat alongside of herself and baby will be safe and comfortable while mother drives with undivided attention. Just what you have been looking, for. Special 'Friday, each, ' $3.95 (Whitthorne & Swan Third Floor) A Real Holiday Special! FLANNEL SKIRTS; nf extra Ugh grade flannel in a $vely as aortment of colors; buff, coppn, t rose, coin green, navy and white.' Novelty pleated effccls. , Attached to waist. ..Sizes fl to 20 years. Each , .! .. .?3.85 - (Whitthorne & Swan Second Floor) - .Men's Flannel Shirts "Argonaut" brand. Fall weight. Gray, steel, brown and novelties. Formerly $5.50. All full cut. Each SWEATERS! Coat style. All wool. Plain or fancy "Pebble Beach1 brand. Just the coat fo -the cool mornlngjs. All slzea. Each (Whitthorne & Swan Main Floor) $0.45 $4.90 Boys' Jumbo Knit Sweaters Slip-over style. Euffneck collar. All pure worsted. Regular $5 to $fi values. Sizes SO to 36. Just the sweater for Fall. Each, ' ' BOYS' ATHLETIC t.K) SLITS. Of fine quality crossbar nainsook. Sizes yfn 28 to 34. Suit 'HJC BOYS' GOLF HOSKi A special lot. . New colors and pat terns. Irregulars and per fects. Sizes O 0 tn inu J - , (W. & S.-Balcony) $1 Grocery Sales "LIPTON'S" YELLOW LABEL COFFEE: Mb. can.......40t JELL WELL: Assorted flavors. 3 pkgs ,.. .25 BEST FOODS SHORTENING; Mb. size. FIG-CO: Coffee robstituieJ Mb. pkg.. ...23d McKEON'S". LIMA BEANS: No. 2 ran... . . . . . . .9 FANCY SOLID PACK RIPE RED TOMATOES: No. 2 caa..lO MILK All brands, 4 small cans . . 14c fLIinlt 4) CHOCOLATE DECORETTES: For fancy cake topping. 2-or. can. .5 .........;....io No. 1 size ran.... 12J 15 "raSSION" FLAKED TUNA: size can. "NORMANNA" SARDINES ASPARAGUS TIPS No. 1 srraare can TOMATO CATSUP: Large bottle.-. .....10t - IT 1- I or. . . i itr nuinorne ac swan Downstairs) Children's Flannelette Gowns Striped ' patterns.'-- Htch' neck, long sleeves. Double yokes, 8 to 14 years. Each, ; ' ' 69c "NEMO" CORSETS! Medium bust. ' Self-reducing models. Sizes it to 36. . fr A OC Each OH.iO Women's Flannelette Gowns High neck, long sleeves. Some slip-over styles. Striped and novelty designs. Each, 95c j Ifr. & S.-Second Floor) Whitthorne & Swan -Washington St. at 10 th and 11th Tm MASTER'S VOICE" 1 , i

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