Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 21, 1929 · Page 42
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 42

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1929
Page 42
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itrrxct Oakland's only locally owned, locally controlled daily paper RYOH HER MOULDER ciExclusivoTOime SOB- CtsXsliislti'aW Amrittin VOL. CX OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1929 33 D NO. 140 ESTS SEEN c IV 1 NATIVE SOUS EE I Mrs. Augusta Dunham, Who 'Went to Rescue' of Rod Murray in Assault Case, to Be Bride of Parent By NAXCY BARU MAVITT Because she "came to his res-eue" when his 17-year-old son. Rod Murray, was arrested for assault, romance has blossomed out ot sor-" row for the grief -stricken father,-Thomas J. Murray, who in the near future plans to marry Mrs. Augusta Duham, Oakland school teacher. 3521 Gallndo street. Mrs. Duham accompanied Bur-ray to the Juvenile court hearing yesterday, eriteratlng her faith that "the boy is worth saving." Young Murray was Mrs. Du ham's pupil at the Hawthorne school, Oakland, four or five years ago when he was in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and she tooK an interest in the Doy. wnen he was arrested, April 13, for at tacking Mary Addison, University of California student. . and latem confessed to attempts to attack . Ruby Reinfeld, Gertrude Keuraan and Marjsrie Dreyfus, Mrs, Duham asked that Murray be given pro bation under her charge and of fered to adopt him. DEEPENS FRIENDSHIP "U was Mrs. Duham'g desire to help Rod which drew us together, i the boy e father said today. I "We had been casual acquaint lances since 1918. But it was the ''long hours spent in discussing Rod's case which, deepened our friendship Into something more. felt thRt she cante to my rescue In a time of traeedy. Rod's moth er has been dead for five years. If Rod Were given probation, we should be married at once, and it would not be necessary for her to adopt the boy. if he is sent to Pres ton or San Quentin. we plan to be married very Boon at Pacific lirnye unrl u-hnn Tlod Comes OUt he will find a mother as well as a father waiting for him. The hearing before Judge Lincoln S. Church of the juvenile court yesterday lasted throughout the afternoon and wa sconiinuea until Friday. If Judge Church decides that the Case, on account o Murray's youth, Is a proper one tor juvenile court jurisdiction, defense testimony, consisting chiefly of character witnesses fr Murray will be heard at the continued session CAUttlES LONG TERM Tf the judge rules that the case should be transferred to the feu- narlnr court, he may close the hearing at once, and yesterday's testimony will probably be repeat d at the preliminary hearing. The offense with which Murray is ."hareed carries a penalty ot from Tfive to fifty years at San Quentin if he is convicted by the superior court. If sentenced by the juvenile if.nrt. he mav be snt to rreston for four years, until he reaches the ace of 21. The youth, who was .known to his acquaintances as a "model uoy listened unmoved to the testimony which yesterday revealed the aarK side of his double life. With his hair carefully siloed back and an occasion!) I smile flickering briefly across his Hps, he unbllnklngly faced Mary Addison, the chief witness against him. Miss Addison told her story imply and clearly, with a determination and self control beyond her years. Although in his confession written shortly after his arrest and introduced at yesterday's hearing, Murray declared that Miss Addison had resisted "slightly," Mrs. Daw-kings, to, whose house the girl ' made her -way after the attack. Dr. Margaret Slsson, who was called to attend her, and her par-onts, Mr. and Mrs. George Addison, testified that her face was a mass ot bruises, her clothes torn and her arms and body so severely braised that she was unable, to move from her bed for a week. Inspector Clarence Jorgenson of the Eastern police station, testified to the finding ot Miss Addison's torn garments In the lot. ACCUSED IDENTIFIED Miss Marjorie Dreyfus, 916 East 17th street, and Miss Gertrude Keuman, 4217 Wilshire boulevard, identified Murray as the man who had accosted ' each of them. Because ot their quickness of wit in recognizing that Murray's "gun" was only his hand held in his coat pocket, they screamed and drove him away. "I thought if he really had a fun,, he w.ould show it to me to frighten me Miss Neuman said. "So when I felt something sharp pressed against my ribs I reached tny hand around quickly and seized his hand through the pocket of his icoat. I then knew that I could asfely scream, and I did it. I ran A into a nearby house and telephoned loi.v. father and the police." F- Miss Neuman's quick report en-hled the police to capture Murray, who at first denied knowing "what .t was all about," according to Inspector James Gbodnight. He was Identified by the finding of'a penknife which was torn , from its . chain at the scene of his attack on the Addison girl, Gqodnlght testified, and when the ' pen-knife evidence was placed before him, he made a written confession of his attack on Miss Addison and attempts at similar attacks on Ruby Reinfeld, Marjorie Dreyfus and-Gertrude Neuman within the last lew months. TO INSPECT, SCHOOL CADETS. OROVILLE, May 21,--Vn officer of the California adjutant general's office will be here May 28 to In spect the cadet battalion of the Oroville Union high school, it was announced tody. : Aimee as Real Sky Pilot AIMEE SEMPLE McPHERSON. "America's best dressed evangelist," stepping out of plane after flight to Oakland from Los An-geles to hold two meetings in Oakland auditorium, the .first of which took place last night. She will speak again tonight. - ' TRIBUNE photo. V if CLUB OPPOSES CITY PLANNING A list of members of the Engineers' club and others signing a petition to the city council to re scind the resolution employing Harland Bartholomew to make a study of city planning consists of the following, according to the city hall records: Edward K. Hussey, E. L. Van- dernalllen, George F. Young. Joe Mortensen, John Newman, William C. Talt, Jr., O. E. Reames, H. V. Leffler, Marston Campbell, B. C, Rogers, George H. Camfield. H. W. Saunders, E. C. drills, George Pennington, Arthur L. Bell. C. H. Mil ler, M. C. McDonough, Charles E, Qulgley, P. j. Reilly, A. C. Donaldson.. C. Geneva. James T. Clarke, Thomas McGulre, A. English, J. T. Settrlght, M. J. King, Winifred Donovan, Mrs. M. J. King, Charles X. Newman, V. N. Smith. P. J. Whiting, G. E. Sheldon; C. W. Stoll, M. A. Stoll, W. P. Ferguson, E. C. Prafer, and Goodwin Young. . Worker Injured In Fall From Car Top ANTIOCH. May 21. A. D. Frei- tas, 46. of this city. Is at his home here recovering from an accident that resulted sin the fracture of several ribs. This mishap occurred at tne Keawooa manufacturers plant In Pittsburg, where Freitas is employed. The man was assisting in unloading a flat car of lumber, wnen a -pry- Br ", causing B'reltas to fall from the top of the car, a distance of about twelve feet. : , . ' Delegates AttehjcF:t' Native Son Meeting ST. HELENA. May 21 Leo Har rison and' Ray'Palmer, members of St. Helena Parlor No. 53 N.S.G.W, are in attendance at the annual state convention of the N.S.G.W. In Son Francisco during the preterit week. Both the St. Helena del egates are past presidents of St. Helena parlor. S. F. Man Found Injured; Wife's Friend SAN FRANCISCO, May 21.-Otto Geltner, mechanic for the Roberts Manufacturing company, II 6 J Mission street, found at Mission and Avalon streets early today, is near death at the Emergency hospital from a fractured skull. The police Dfllev he had been assaulted elsewhere and flung from an automobile. , : , A search of Geltner's pockets re vealed an address, "469 London street." on a slip, of paper. . At the address blood was found on the front steps and Mrs. Thomas Keller and her son, Thomas- Kelly were question. Both denied know! edge of. Geltner at first but Kelly finally admitted, the police said, F2 iiifl JUDGE ACCUSED BYS.F.WITNESS 1, SAM FRANCISCO. May 21. Judge', Henry C. Gesford, former Napajurist, was accused In court yesterday of attempting to present false testimony In the battle of his ulster, Miss Louisa J. Gesford, aged heiress, for control of her own estate, Th;aceuser was Mrs. Elisabeth Helse, manager of an apartment housa st 355 Eddy street. She testified ','that Me. judge told he 11 Y would be worth her while for her to testify that certain persons were keeping his sister from seeing her relatives. Mrs. Helse was a witness in the action of Henry J. Bartlett, mining engineer, to be appointed legal guardian ot Miss Gesford. Judge Gesford took the stand and denied the conversations attributed to him. Superior Judge Thomas F, Graham, before whom the hearing, was being held, interrupted proceedings to Inform Miss Gesford that while the evidence did not warrant him In declaring her incompetent he thought that a safeguard In the form of a trust should be placed about her property to protect her Interests. , , , . "I don't think I'd mind that," said Miss Gesford.' - Attorneys were directed to confer and to report back to the court on Wednesday as to their decision in this regard. 1 Mining Company to Reopen Old Claims NEVADA 'QITY, May, 21. The Yellow Tiger Mining company, operators of the Ancho mine near Granitevllle. have taken a lease on the Champion and Wyoming claims near, this city for development purposes. No exploration work has been done in the footwall ledges of these two properties and it is the intention of Gordon Bettles, Ancho mine manager, to ascertain if sufficient ore .can be uncovered to make the mine profitable. , Is Questioned having seen Geltner and helped him down the stairs. He denied any trouble until a bloody shirt and pair of trousers were found. Then, the police say, he said that Geltner had fallen and that he had picked him up, thereby getting bloody. - The police investigation disclosed that Mrs. Pe'tra Geltner who is employed at 1453 Mission street, is seeking a divorce from Geltner and that Kelly, according to the police statement, is an admirer of Mrs. Geltner. and was on friendly terms with the Geltners when the latter lived at Daily City. No further action will be taken until Geltner's condition has been determined. ' REVEAL LIFE UP TO DATE Mrs. McPherson Addresses Throng at Opening Rally in Auditorium; Collection Taken to Pay, Expenses By ANNE CLARK. A "brine fight crowd" attended the opening of a scries of two meet-Ings by Aimee Semple McPherson at- the Oakland auditorium last night, according to the description by auditorium, officials and that, theys ; hasten to add, means a capacity attendance. Dapper as ever, America's best-dressed evangelist arrived by Western Air Express from Los Angeles yesterday noon, her famous smile .undlmmed by what she described as a "rough passage." Her first words were an Inquiry as to the size of the Oakland auditorium. "Do you think tt will hold ten thousand?" she asked at once. Attired In a nil green silk frock with hat to match, beige coat and bag and spike-heeled pumps. Mrs. McPherson hopped nimbly from the airplane with no visible signs of the "bumpy air" through which she had traveled. Her voice was slightly hoarse, but cheery. AIDED BY AIRPLANES, . "I spoke four times In Los Angeles yesterday," she said. "I shall speak In Oakland tonight and Tuesday right, and then return to Los Angeles in time for the Wednesday meeting. If It weren't for airplanes I don't. know how I could ever keep up with my engagements." The combination of evangelism and real estate promotion which led. Mrs. McPherson to establish a "Four Square Gospel -Camp" at Lake Tahoe last summer wltn the printed slogan, , "Vacation With Aimee," will not be repeated this summer, she said. The expected crowds did not materialize at the Tahoe resort, and her projected campaign at Detroit will prevent her return to the scene of. last year's summer , activity, she de- clared, Mrs. McPherson waved hor hand 'airily when she briefly referred to Impeachment proceedings at Sacramento against Judge Carlo-Hardy of Los' Angeles, which revived public interest In the alleged kidnapping of the evangelist. GLAD TO HELP HARDY, "1 was not implicated In any way except as a witness, she said, dismissing the perennially Interest ing "mystery of her disappear ance from a beach In California and emergence at Douglas, Ariz, "Of course,. I expected Judge Hardy to be cleared, and so far from rer sentlng my being dragged Into the affair. 1 was only too glad to help him in any way. I am so used to appearing in public that it was no embarrassment to me to take the witness stand. And, as it turned out, almost all that I did was to stand up and sit down again." tonight's meeting Mrs.. McPherson has announced that she will tell "The Story of My Life." 'I spoke on this same topic In Oakland seven and a half years ago, she said, "but I have been urged to bring the account up to date. A lot has happened to me since 1822." . COLLECTS FOR EXPENSES. Expenses for the two nights' meeting at the auditorium include rent of the hall and loud speaker, 1450: transportation of the evangelist's party, which Includes Mrs. Cromwell Ormsby, wife of her attorney, $200, Mrs. McPherson anr nounced in taking up a collection at the meeting last night. Costumed in white, with a match ing white-covered Bible. Mrs. Mc Pherson spoke last evening on "Tne Second Coming of Christ." She drew up two chairs, one of which she occupied, for an interview with the Savior, putting her questions to the vacant chair. It lasted for only a few seconds, but that was almost the only time during the meeting when the evangelist was not moving rapidly from spot to spot on the platform which was stretched across the stage end of the arena, to accommodate the sneaker, a choir -of 250, and a score of ministers from the Eastbay district. ' ' Defendant Wins in Auto Damage Case AUBURN. May 21. A verdict for the defense was given ,by a jury In the superior court here Saturday in the $25,000 damage suit ot Mate Soda against Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Marriott of Sacramento. The Jury heard evidence in the case two days.- Soda sued . because . of - the death of a 4-year-old son, who died in 1927 as a result of Injuries sustained when he was struck, by an automobile driven by the Marriptta. May or Chandler To Attend Lions' Fete RICHMOND, May 21. Mayor Mat.tie A. Chandler will accompany the entire membership of the local Lions club. Including Its-, orchestra, in attending a meeting of the Oakland Lions club tomorrow when honor will be paid Arthur P. Davis, retiring chief engineer fit the Eastbay Municipal Utilities District. Construction Begins On New Apartments ' ANTIOCH,' May - 21. Construction of a $10,000 apartment court was started here yesterday by J. G. Dudley, on Court avenue, near G street. Exterior walls will be of stucco. When completed there will be eight three room apartments in two .'separata . units, with A patio between. Reputed Aide Of Rothstein Gets 12 Years Record Sentence Imposed on S. F. Man for Deal in Narcotics. SAN FRANCISCO, May 51., Twelve years In a federal penitentiary, the heaviest sentence ever Imposed In a California court for the' violation of the Harrison narcotic act, was given to Mario Balie-trerl, reputed Pacific coast representative for the late Arnold Rothstein, In court here today by Federal Judge A. F. St. Sure. The Judgment followed the forfeiture o two $10,000 balls when i . ct. - i t v, i 1 1 r.v,A,v jacK Sicilian tiiiu ini'iH vwiiwijm .Katisirerrs auseu uuiiiyun'ii, failed to appear. Judge St. Sure ordered bench warrants to Issue at once for them. Balletrerl. Sioman and Cohen were trapped by federal narcotic agents in April after Ballstreri naa negotiated the sale of 100 ounces of narcotics with the agents who held themselves out as wholesale dealers. Ballstrerl took them to where a car with Sieman and Cohen were waiting and the nar cotics were seized as the men were arrested. Ballstrerl withdrew a plea of not guilty after the balls ot his companions had been forfeited and pleaded guilty, throwing himself on the mercy of the court. "I'm guilty, your honor," he told Judge St. Sure. "I want to be frank about It. But I want the court In passing sentence to grant me as much leniency as possible, beurlng in mind that I am the support of my aged and blind mother." Judge Sf. . Sure commented on the magnitude of the proposed transaction and declared that he could not consider the plea for leniency. Ballstrerl was declared by federal agents to have represented Rothstein In Pacific coast transactions In illicit narcotics. Rothstein was recognized by the police as the king of narcotic distributors In the United States and "boss" of New York gamblers until his assassslnatlon last fall when he was called to a fashionable apartment and shpt aa he walked through the door.: Roy'B. Baker, Oakland banker, who yesterday entered San Quen tin prison to begin service of a one to ten year's sentence after pleading guilty (o defalcations amounting to $61,000 met a former friends, s he stepped inside the gigantic steel gates. This friend was Jesse Robinson, former prominent Oakland attorney serving time for peculations amounting to $40,000, When they met, the two shook hands and greeted one another warmly, according to deputy sheriffs wao were present. When Baker was registered at the prison he was assigned to the commissary department, where he will serve as clerk, Robinson Is also employed in this department. Sacramento Woman Injured In Accident ..' MARTINEZ, .May 21. Mrs. James McCoy.' of Sacramento, who sustained a fracture of the nose and several facial lacerations in an accident here on the corner of Escobar and Pine streets, was removed from the Martlnea hospital today to her home in Sacramento, The accident happened when her husband who was driving, momentarily lost control of his automobile, the machine going across a side walk and crashing head on Into a tree. - McCoy was uninjured in the accident. Singing Janitor's Funeral Is Held Singing Janitor Jack Daly's funeral was heldj today under the auspices of Live Oak lodge ot Masons, of which he was a member for many years. Daly was widely known tor his slngln gand Shake spearean recitations, frequently en tertaining judges and jurors who were detained on late cases with his quotations from the plays,. For 20 years he had worked at the courthouse. His wife died a year ago, : Daly lived at 612 Jackson street. -, , t , . Water Head Resigns . Managerial Position MARTINEZ, May 21. J. V. Gaul, manager of the Port Costa division ot the California Water Service Corporation, has resigned his position, and left Martinez for a much needed rest, according to announcement made today by the local otflce of the company. D. L. Duncan, 'Who has charge of the company pumping plants and water lands at Concord for - several years, has been appointed to take Gaul's place and assumed his new duties today. Boy Driver, 14, Hurt In Auto Collision BERKELEY, May 21. His skull fractured and his condition critical. Jack Humphrey, 14. 1232 The Alameda, is In 'the Berkeley hospital as the result of a collision at I Vine and Mllvia streets here today. The light car Humphrey was driving overturned and he was caught under It, Jack Connelly, 16. 1900 Napa avenue, was the era GREETS FRIEND IN JAIL driver of the other car. UbLbUAl tb Oil AUTO TOUR F. 500 on Parlors Hosts to Convention Envoys Sight-Seeing Trips; Chinatown to Be Visited SAN FRANCISCO, May 21. Delegate to the fifty-second grand parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West, launched here; yesterday, today turned their attention from business to pleasure in the second day of the session. For today the 500 delegates from throughout California were the guests of San Francisco parlors on an automobile tour which included visits to points of Interest In the city and a trip down the Peninsula where a barbecue was to be held. The caravan will return late today and tonight will go sight-seeing in Chinatown under the guidance of Chinese Boy Scouts. Featuring the business session yesterday was the introduction of three resolutions, aiming at the exclusion of aliens Ineligible to clt-laenshlo. Mexican peon labor..and "residents of the Philippine islands. The resolutions are scheduled for consideration tomorrow when business sessions will be resumed. . MEMORIAL SETuJ'ICES. Memorial services for members of the order who died during the last year were held under the di rection of Past Grand President Charles W: Decker. John F. Duvis of San Francisco, delivered a eulogy of Thomas E. Fox, of Sacramento, former grand trustee. Lewis F. Byinston, also ot San Francisco memorialized the late F. J. MM Ike" McGovern. Fletcher A Cutler, of Burllngame, and Eurrel Neighbors, of Los Angeles, were other sneakers at the service, Work ot the order in preserving historic landmarks of the state dur Ing the last year was outlined to the delegates by Joseph R. Knowland, head of the landmarks committee, In connection with this report a resolution was Introduced by Albert V. Mayrhofer, ot San Diego, asking an appropriation of $10,000 to aid in the restoration ot the Mission San ptego de Alcala, first of the California chain of missions. Mayr- uorer declared a total ot tbu.uui) will be needed for the work and more than half this sum already has been contributed by the city, of San Diego. COMMITTEES NAMED. Committees for the convention session also were announced by Grand President James A. Wilson, presiding, as follows: Petitions, Fred H. Nfcholson, San Francisco, George A, Vlack, Santa Barbara, and Willie Edwards, Oakland; endorsements, Walter Holmes, Sacramento; A. S. LIgourl, Redwood City, "Louis Bosn, Sonoma, and C. Hr.Spengemann, San Francisco; legislation, A. H. MoKnew, San Franclsoo; Donald E. Van Luven, San Bernardino; W, J. Winn, San Francisco; Rowen Hardin, Sonoma, and J. H. Morris, Centervllle; laws and supervision, Henry D. Bodkin, Hollywood; George W. -- Schocn-feldt,: San Francisco; J. C. Bates, Alameda. , and Lewis P. Russell, Los Angeles; credentials, John S. Ramsey, San Francisco, L. T. Sln-nott'Maryevllle, and W. G. Muntz, San.' Leandro. Te delegates also heard a talk on "Forestry and Reforestation oy Fred G. Btevenot of the state forestry department, and last night held a public reception in Native Sons hall, 414 Mason street, where the grand purtor sessions are being heiwrnayor James Koiph jr., delivered an address ot weloOme. NOMINATIONS TOMORROW. Nomination of new grand officers is scheduled as the principal Item of business when the grand parlor again convenes tomorrow, C. L. Dodge of Martinez, now grand vice president, is scheduled for elevation to the grand presidency In accordance with the custom of the order. The principal contest predicted will be for the office of grand third vice president, now held by Frank I. Gonzales. Richard Hamb, of Oak land, and Seth Mllllngton. of Colu sa, are candidates, A three-cornered fight also is predicted for the office of grand outside sentinel. Horace J. Leavltt, ot Weaverville; Fred Nlckelson, of South San Francisco, and Dr. Joseph A. Kletser of Glen- dale, are to be nominated. ELECTION FRIDAY. The election and installation of grand officers will take place Fri day, the closing day of the convention. An all-day boat excursion on San Francisco bay has been arranged for the entertainment of the dele, gates Thursday while a banquet In honor of the grand oftlce'rs, a grand' ball, thjtater parties , and other social features, also are. scheduled before the convention ends. Child Psychologist To Speak at Hay ward HAYWARD, May' 21. Dr. William Chaddls of Chicago, formerly a member of the Oakland Lions clubs and a recognized authority -on childhood ailments and psychology, will speak on - "Conservation of Youth'' . at- the Wednesday , noon luncheon meeting of the Haywsrd Lions, it was announced today by Hans Hennlngsen president ,, H r START WORK ON .DAM. HEALDKBURG, .May. .21. The Stea mshovel. which has finished Its work on the new road through the Cadoul. , property, has ,been moved to the Russian river' In' the Del Rio Woods section, where work has begun on the summer dam. The dam will be in the smite locality as last year'and will create ft Wide lake tor swimmers. Son to Fight Mother's Suit For Trust Sum Claim for $)095 Opposed on Grounds She Cannot Touch Money. SAX FRANCISCO. May 21. Mother and son will appear as legal disputants In the superior court here when the trial ot the complaint filed by the mother today is set for hearing.' Mrs. Margaret Flnck Doak, prominent San Francisco matron and the Wife of Dr. Charles K. Doak of San Francisco and Chicago, has tiled suit against the American Trust company, demanding the return ot a note for $8095 now in the possession ot the bank, together with $1000 for alleged damages. " Mrs. Doak, according to court records, set aside a trust 'fund of $65,000 for her son, Herman - J. Flnck, 781-Twentteth avenue, and his two children, in 1925. She made the son her agent with the understanding that she was to derive the benefit of the Interest from the trust fund, it Is alleged. ."Shortly thereafter she married Dr. Doak, and in 1926 they were divorced. In 1925 the" were remarried, and Mrs. Doak made demand for the note. The eon intervened, claiming that the note was a part of the $65,000 trust fund. TO BE HONORED SAN FRANCISCO, May' 21. Pioneers of San Francisco will be honored by Memorial day services In the four historic cemeteries of the .city on Thursday, May JO. t.The first services will be -tit 1 o'clock at Odd Fellows' cemetery, where Mme. Charles E. Grosjean and Mrs. Leonora T,1 TTnfha be In charge. Rev. Frederick Doane win conduct tne services, and Aaron Pargent and Peter turn Suilen will be the speakers. Services at Masonic cemetery win oegin at p. m with. Mrs, Mary T. Gamage and Miss Mar-flraret Purrv In phn,n T?, r---. erick Donne will h tb u man. and Orrin Staples Henderson win speaK. Mrs. Mary Bush and .Miss Sarah Burnett Will be In ehararn at vary cemetery, where the services win open at 2:30 p. m. p. M. MnOushln will be the orator, and a priest will have charge of the sermon. - The Laurel Hill services will begin at'3:16. with-Mrs. James Ellis Tucker and Dr. Margaret Mahoney as chairmen. VAthi rti win .)' elate, and Edward Barron will be me orator. ; . Two Men Jailed In Row on Booze SAN FRANCISCO, May 21. ueorge riynn. 124 Necond street, and Richard Hall, 1256 Bush street, are lamenting an episode of last night which may cause their detention In the city jail here for a protracted perlpd. Flynn says that he , received a call from Hall for a quart of gin. He says that he went to the Hall apartment and that Hall not only tried to pirate the gin, but also attempted to rob Flynn. Flynn fled to his auto and Hall leaped on to the running board, grabbing the steering wheel. In the mlxup, Hall and Flynn almost ran down two patrolmen who took the disputants to Jail, where 15 bottles of gin were found In the Flynn car, police say. Air Corps Flier Likely to Lose Leg SAN FRANCISCO, May 21. Physicians In charge of the case of Lieutenant . Alfred Borenson,. air corps reserve filer whose leg was broken in a plane crash at Santa Rosa Sunday, will determine today whether It will be necessary to amputate his leg In order to save his life. - Sorenson is at the Letterman General hospital, : where he was takan after the acccldent in an army - transport plane piloted by Master Sergeant Chester W. Kolln-ski of Crlssy field, , .. The accident happened at the dedication of the new municipal airport at Santa Rosa. JOIN THE PIONEER DEAD Membership in tha Airplane Model League cf America, national organization of model builden headed by Commander Richard E. Byrd, William B. Stout, and other famous airmen, cost you a 2-cent 1 OAKLAND ,J Model Airplane Contest Editor; Oakland TRIBUNE, ; ? Oakland, Calif. ' . : ' . ' I wish to enroll In the Airplane PUtse send me .without chsrg or netesa m iinpm ii-aaarsiica Aft... ........ ............ . Behool , Boms' 'Address1 ' City i'i) klwa( OF CITIES WILL SEND FLIERS Airplane Model Expert Says World Records May Be Broken at Oakland Meeting On Friday' Spectator will be admitted free to the' Oakland municipal auditorium to witness tne big model flights which are scheduled for, next Friday. Because The TRIBUNE has ex--tended a blanket Invitation t parents of contestants, and the general public to attend, present indications are that thousands will come to the city especially for tha event. The likelihood is, according to Earl Vlvell, TRIBUNE model expert, that many world's flight records will be broken by. The TRIB- ' UNE contestants. Meanwhile - in every city of northern California boys and girls are putting the finishing touches on the planes which they .hope will win them a free trip to De- troit and possibly to Europe, or., falling those great prizes, medals and cups. "Contestants at this late stage," warned Vlvell today, "should not' construct hollow motor stick, models, for these are more difficult to build than the solid stick type. If entrants have not built their planes for the -contest I advise them to concentrate the last few days on planes with a solid stick." , . .- . BUT FOUR DAYS OFF. With the great event only four days away an event to which , hundreds of northern California boys and girls have been anxiously looking for months a series of school mass meetings ' are being held throughout the Eastbay, at which Earl Vlvell will be the principal speaker. Today Vlvell will address .students of the Lowell Junior High school, Twelfth and Market streets, at 3:80 p. m. He will be heard at the Garfield Junior High school ot Berkeley tomorrow. As the time- for' the contest draws close, the auditorium Is being put in readiness to receive the huge crowds and the many oontes- : tanta. ' Lights of the building have been lifted to the high ceiling so that they will not interfere with the flying of model planes. . REGISTRATION BOOTHS. , At each side ot the entrance booths for the registration ot contestants will be established and will be plainly marked so that boys and girls who enter the competition may be served with expedition. The 750 carrier boys of The TRIBUNE . will be impressed as ushers and will be directed by the 15 district managers of the paper. Appropriate caps, fashioned of newspapers, will be worn by the ushers, who will, In addition, wear badges. To facilitate the flying of the planes, spectators will not be permitted in the arena where the contestants will assemble. . Judges will occupy the center of the arena - and will scan closely each ship as it takes off. So that the timing may be of the greatest accuracy, the judges will be provided with stop watches. Thee M en "Accused Of Reckless Driving . EL CERRITO. May 21. Reckless driving charges confront Stew art K?ndjck. of .Oleum, A. Lash- koff of Berkeley and Meivin Den-ham, of Selby as the result ot their arrests by Traffic Officers Floyd Gilbert. Arthur J. Peralta and Howard Thulln here. The trio, together with a number of motorists. cited for speeding and minor traffic offenses, are cited to appear in police court on Wednesday evening. May 29. . First Mate Starts On 12th World Trip SANTA CRUZ. May 21. On hi . twelfth 'trip around the world, Sel-leck Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Miller, has sailed on the President Adams from San Fran cisco, The Santa Cruzan Is first mate aboard the vessel, having been promoted from second officer on his last trip at sea. A. M. L. A. tamp. In" cooperation with the league. The Oakland TRIBUNE has arranged to run a teriei 'of articles on model airplane building and to answer your questions on model plane construction. Join with 200.000 air-minded boys and girls throughout the United States, fill out the coupoi . below and lend it, with a'telf-addrewed. itampeJ eirvelorje. tn :v.. ' , V " '-';.--.; Mol League ef Amerlea for l,r obligation, my membership cri. envelope to eover postal.

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