Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 10, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1894
Page 7
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R H. R. READY RELIEF The most certain and safe Pain Remedy In the world that Instantly dtovs the most e.tcrupiatlnR pains It in truly tho Rn-at CONQUEROR OP PAIN Mid 1ms ilonn morn p;o«il than an' known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISKS. BACK ACHE, PAIN IN THK CHEST OR 8IDB, HEADACHK, TOOTHACHE OR ANY OTH ER EXTERNAL PAIN a few iipplirtitioiKH rubbed on by th hand act like nuurie cnusinp; the pain to Instantly -stop. Cl'HKS AND PREVENTS, Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, In flammation. Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing;, Influenza, Kh'uuiitlim. »nr»UI», Nrlmln. Lun.liiwo MnrllliiK ol' Hit* Joints I'niui In Ilitcrk, ('host or Ijimtm. ThpJippllcntlonorthPKKADY REUEK to the pnrt or piirtu whom diniuiilty or imln i>xl,xti wll HfTonJ tstM. and (.'OiMtort. ALT, INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWKLS or STOMACH. CRAMPS, SOUR STOMACH, NAU SEA. VOMITIMi, HK ART BURN. NKUVOUS.X KSS, S L V, K P L E S8- NI'IS.S, SICK HEADACHE, PIAR- RHGCA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTIIW SPELLS are rclicvod instantly and quickly cured by taking Intfrniilly a half to a teaspo- nfnl ol Ready K»lU<f in Imlf U'tupooiiful of water. MALARIA. Chills and Fever, Fever and Ague Conquered. TIIPIV IH nor n ri'inoillnl writ In the world that will cnri> Kever mill A<u* inul all other Muliirlon:-, Rlltous. iind othur >'eviT». iilded by Railway's Hills, HO (illicitly as Rnilwny'.i Ht'iuly Heller. Price 50c per botlle. Sold by druggists DAD WAY'S n PILLS, For th? cure »r nil dinordprs or the STOW- ACII, IIVKB. BOWELS, KIDNEYS. liLAlMIKll, NVKVOIS DISKASKS. IIFAItiCIIK, (,'OXSTU'A- nox CIISTIVK»:SS, IMIKIHSTION. IIYSPKI-. (A, B11,IOUS>ESS, KUVKB, IKFLAJIflATIWN (IF Till: IIOWKLS, PI1.KS, ami nil <|«MIW •Mix of the InlPrnul Tlsron, Purely tfxoUliI* WiUlnlnc no nitroiir;, Rilncr«l« or DELKTK- KIOUM UHlliS. PtlceaA cents per box. Sold by all DrnK»IM«. BAi)W\Y A CO , X2 Wsrrwi 9t. N. Y. WBe nnre and ask 'or RADWAY'3. La Grippe, Catarrh AND ^OLD IN THE HEAD rtlltvtd ln*ttnt|> by on* (ppllcitlon of Blrney't Catarrh Powder ••UMerjnherebj drnggliti or airwt *T «•• BftN A M.Piwr,Ju(ig9SuprcnioCouri,Neb.,wrltei: . *. . uur.taJ r»,t», "" ^j lkn.«v«ru»l. I - •.MfnwlT'tcolJnuod Sf 'ftt »njoo« »Bicl«l 1 I i(tt.«wV,h.i Ja,cai. 1 I %*,., Irulj liuti, ,v\ , FATmmCLAiwi.Hec'y to th» BU Rov. BluLop « Kmnu«« 7— < gutui icmk mo-l tnenur^umjl J ollhtir m» of It la floTp'ul unJMllurir e.>re. I «ill doinylUlm totptrt* « word for tha rpiuudv to M!l> othtrt vrltoitr* iu£Ia a nilh do you pay f 3 to t$ for • «« I J2S rtirwdy, whon (nt popular price*) ney's Catarrh Powder M fe«tt«r then ill otbcri? No tnwilnf I Ulrrlt.tln<t««»cU. FullsUoboUleofl M»ilii »nd blower, coraplota, Po«t-p»lil 3 K*ludoorap«ct; onM currtud In Tot L "%.Kf fta L p ^& tonnv AOOTMI. Bold by R. K. Kee»lln« and 1 L, H«in»n. L*- ANTAL-MiDY These tiny Ciinsalea arc gupcrior ua o( Copalb*, ' ICubcba and Injections, I They cure In 48 hours Uio lui&o dlw&sca •without c-jy :, SOLDBYAl^?' i A PHYSICIAN TALKS. THE r HEMAIU(AHLB STORY AND AFFIDAVIT OF DR. LEWIS BLUiMMN. Allllctrd wllli I'«rnlT*ln for T live VfHru— Proiioniipod lururubl by the Koremom PliyBlclMiin of '!> World -A CHHO ol' World Wide Inter out. had graduated. J a sofa at ray homo Ptilliul iphlti Tlmus'i Mliny survivor! of our Into war lof tho rnr.kd unwounded Dut with brokui eonslHuiionf; an Insianco In poirt, ii Lewis D. Blundin. n, residoot o Hulmnville, Buck Co., I'a. In relat Inp hla experience!- and what he mic suffered in consecjuonce of tho hind t-hlps bo had encountered Mr. Bluodir said; •I wns born at Brldgewater Penn , in 18-11 «nd wpnt through tho wur » f prlvntn. eerjjoar.it nnd hospital steward in Company O, 2Sth Pannsylvar.i. Volui toera. My torvico was aotiv< and whllo In Georgia I hud an attack of typhoid fever, which loft me weiik and a n<udv victim for future disoas My kidneys wero Ibcn utTectwl lied this finally devplopod into spinal trouble %>hl<;h 1 >Htod through ray annj service. In 1SC(J 1 WHS mui-tcrod out wllh tin honorable discharge nnd en torod tho Jtlfertion Mfdiual Collesro i PhiladolphlD as a stiidonl. I {rrac.ii ated two years later with a diplmoi but did not practice. At that tinu- I living in Manayiiak. One di.,v aflor I on Manayunk, wheu I felt a coHl sensntion in ray lower limbs an though tho blood had suddenly lefi hem. When I tried to move thorn I was hori-lLied at tho ulscovery that I was pnrnlyy.tjd from rny hips to my Ti-e paralysis was complete and a pin or a pinch of the llosh caused DO pain. I could not mova a mufcle. I called in Dr. William C. Todd of Phil- idolphla. Ho made a c-ireful and exhaustive excirnlnat on of my caso, and toallrg 1 and finally au nounced that my trouble was caused by irjllammation of thospinal cord.nnd ,hat I would likely have am thur aroke of paralysis. I consulted Dr I. W. Gross and Dr. 1'ancoast of Jeffer. ,on Collcgo, Philadelphia, with the same result. I called in Dr. More house ol Philadelphia who said thui no amount of modiclno would ever prove of tho slightest benefit to mo One day lost September I decided o try Dr. Williams' Pink Pill"* for ?ale people. I sent for one box, I lad always been troubled with a sort of vertigo after my first stroke of par alysis to such an extent that when I ot out of my bed my head would swim and I had dllficulty In saving myself rom failles:. My appetite was bud, digestive orpans ruined and no asslm latlon of food. In addition to my many other aliments, rheumatism leld a prominent place. By the time had finished the first box o! Pink ?ills I was comparatively free from ,hese minor ailments. My appettt* returned, the digestive organs go' down to their dally grind and tht heuinatUm disappesred. 1 wa» much mcouragcd and immediately sent foi half a dozen boxes of the Pink Pills. Relief followed upon relief with iet nishlng rapidity. First one ail would disappear, then another until he pille got to work upon the founda- ion stones of my trouble— paralysis felt a sense of exhilaration and th. enoral effect was beneficial, becoming more so each day. Noting this fact, 1 ncreased the dose from one to two lilla after each meal for a lew diy* tafcre I had taken the six boxes of pills, I was sitting in my chair one nsternoon, when I felt a curious son- lation In my left foot. "Upon invesii (ut.ion. I found it had Hexed, Of. in ithor words, become movable, and 1 :ould movt it From that time on m> inprovement was steady aud it war not lon«r before I was walking arouoo in crutches with little or no discern. ort. It was three years beiore taking ;he Pink Pills that I had beerr able to ise the crutches at any time. M> health is dally improving and I feel tL»l Pink Pills have done me more good than all the doctors and all hi medicine in ih'e "country and a* hey «re not costly I can easily afford he treatment." Mr. Blundin tell* of another remark able cure effected by the use of Pink .'ills. It was one of his old comrade* n the army, who since the war has resided in Michigan He has been » lufferer from rneUYfflfttMrT' nisrly all bis life. ' •! know,"«aid Mr. Blundin, 'that there have been , times when ht oonld not lift bit ajrfflB tQ his head, 01 iven his' hands to hU mouth, because;. ^chronic rheumnthui. -He read in a' DetroU paper of » wonderful cure made by'Plnk Pills and bought a box. lit cure was sudden and aud complete. Knowing that I was a sufferer rom rheumatism, along with my other Hi, he wrote me about hi* recovery and advised me to try -them. I was niiog tb«m. He i»id ^a had JP^ •-" 1 -1 -I...... perfect- contro! of his arm* and bands I and could U"« them freeiy without. : ebpericiiduK any pulu. He uddt-d | that an a i!ii>'i' 'in'rlicuiuiiiiccn the Pills | were the monl complete in tho world. My oB!"(!iil<>«y |>rnvi-M ih»;, for Iain i-OL'lIneut. i (-'».' mi (.'• mily bunt-tlKd condition l.-din- .-nl« _v to tho u^e of People." | SIVIJMI 'n ]>i'!(ii-- n:r lh> 15th da) of MO. 1NH3 No.. Publlo. : ' Dr Wilii.-iin's Pink Pill- r'-s'iir-i; in.lt 1 jifropli 1 iii.it -:;;:()* r"Ki|> r.Ninris to I 111' j^low o( Ii ..I'h ••' i) >in; ». Mii'O 1 .'.iv. f^ir nil ihf !>'i,ul.i.- ri'ii.i'-i' to Urn fi 1 runio M-je, wi.li i. IF. cm" nf men they i'tTi't',1, u !•;•(! irni mi.- i; n;r i:s jii'ifint' ni'i; ai, in I,.!'" [_' s.i.'iiitii 1 . for ih mofct ohni'ni.'i' f.ii'ii.;• n' p,i.'»l.isi> 01' ihlil- . 'I I-,,-,, an iii'.i i.'iict.ni'i'il liy :•!!« 1>>'- : WiM'iii s' \l> ii n-i'i.' <Jonri|»iiiy. Sr.h.-n t-mad.v N. V MI..! Kr.M'kviil.;, (Jnl. , ' 'ind arr -'-'(I "' l\ i' 1 hu\i->- iirjuvn^ iho , lirm'- T-'ilr . I'K -Hill •.•'i 1 il|Jiiri'. Ht 50 • •U IS n !>'». I' 1 : i.V IlilXi-i- 'lie iS'J./lO. UllU HM* i.i V(.-'- c.ini ii, int-k in- l.\v tiic d.'/en ABOUT OpFRA BOUPPR. Mm*. Theo thn (Jlmmilng rrnich Dlv», Him Her K»j. Theopliile liiiutier siivn somcwher* that pantomime' is tlie foundation of the drama. Esprit is as truly the backbone of opera boiiil'e. Itexist-s by its wit. sinji-iiicr and dancing and talking 1 itself into favor whenever it is "iveu a hearing. To eoinic opera as It is known ia En- frliiml anil in tliis country, o])et*A o£ the style of sir Arthur Sullivan, weighted ilown with Cilber- f ,-- tian inirl.li, unora ^.''.S^li* bonlfu bears no forme fiiiin v, i ts ' BISMARCK. : Ouo of th» Cniilno Kiiruily of <;reat Dune*. Tin; (ii-eal Dane doH's which llis.mn.rcli takes with liiiu on nil his walks, ami thiit urn sticii Jyinff sit his ft>i:t in pictures, lire very pvntK'. They have the softest mouths in the world and will not harm any une. In fact, "• Oreat Dime dojf does nut make the best .wulclmiuu because lie is --o gentle. Then; arc a few of these noble (logs in this country. One Any, not lout;- ajfo, a tireat Dane owned by a youn^' jrirl w:is erossin<, r Central Turk New York, when a. I lilSMAIECK. laborer passed with a pail of beer. !"• stantly liisnuircU, us the dos is named, ran after the man, and stiokinjr his nose in the pail, drunk it almost dry with two or three laps 61 his big tongue. The laborer was so frightened that he dropped the pail nnd ran. Bismarck is as tall as u Shetland pony of small SIKC, and is a sort of drab in :olor. He is the prettiest lireat Dane in this country. CORBETT AND JACKSON. Lfttcit DerolopmciiU In the 8e»rcb f»r k Pl»cn to right. There have been many reports of .ocalities offering large purses for the Corbett-Jackson fijrht. and some of ;hfiso are evidently made in good faith, but the most solid looking 1 proposal comes from Mount Clemens, in \Ilchigan. The following dispatch was received by Parson Duvies last week. It is the report of the action of joramittee authorized to take the necessary steps to secure the fight. "Matters are shaping' satisfactory. Gminentcounsel doubtful about Straw- >erry island beinff in this state, as it s middle ground made during- the past few years. Protection ample. Joinmittce, every one of whom is per- 'ectly responsible, are -willing to guar- intee purse of S-l.'i.OuO and truining 1 expenses. K. U."KoKOW." Mr. Duvies mt't some members of ;his committee in Detroit, and he ap- >e»rs to bo impressed with their earnestness in tliu matter. "Piirson" Davies liu.s received a iableg-ram from Lord Lonsdale, who s takiiig- oxceptional interest in the match, anil lie says he will try to raiso i purse in London for the n'glit. It is uiderstood that neither of the fighters will ajrree to go across the water to )OX for a smaller purse than £5.000, which, allowing for the expeiiies to be ncurFed in taking the parties over, •would mean less than SUO.OOO in this :oun,lry. Lonsdale fully, understands -hat and the offers, if any are maide, will undoubtedly exceed that figure. Tho "London .Sportsman" says it earns on the authority ol a Mend ol one of the principals that Jackson and 'orbett havf no idea of attempting' to ettle their cpntest in, th«,'; tnited States. ..They "«lp,.,aoT earo".tp... be, laddered by clubs and authorities as waa the case in the Mitchell-Oorbett match. The event is,, almoit certain . be settled at the Nnltloiial. Spirting, club in London. __^_____ THE KENNEL. The New York Collie club's newly- elected officers .are: President, Jenk- n8 Van Schaiek; vice presidents, T. H. Terry.and J..l'ier,pont Morgan; secre- ttry; and treasurer, J. D. Shptwell. "Count Howard, one ...of., the most prominent English setters in the country, is dead. Pneumonia was the JUUSC. , , , . .' The rumor has gained some sredcncc that the Philadelphia Kennel club has wen prevailed upon to make a change •t dates for its proposed show at T»»- on»ll».'"to those.. «U^n«jj, .f« tl»e. St. t»ui» st^w, , ,. "mi iiroii. but tii t: •'«:•;• t'orffuoiis .Mikjuio -r\^;7;, th« love-sick maid- >'..,<!; n .-,,v ens i,, y,.llow- ' "s T'I:.'-.!';;>•''' fTi'ueri (fowns. even eliai-iii'iiM- ] i lt ] ( . , 1M ,. ; . ruKo. Iniltci'ciip i-oiild not.ainuscan aiuliciK.'e at tin: notifies nr the I-'olies Dramali- ques like l,a,lolio I'arfumeuse. ^Mrne. I'Aroliidiic or I,a l-'ilir <lu T:inibour- Major, Cpri-a boiilVo i.v ;1 product peculiar to I'Viincv. iiuliL-eiioiiM to Paris. It, lionr- 'ushe.s i'!.si:w!ii'i'f, nut. with tl).' rxubi'i- aneo it dors tlu'iv, but in a way. however, thrifty rniiii^li to (ill iiiana;rerial poekels. It must ori^inaU: ill Paris, have the eliie which notliiiiHT but Parisian el.illiiny ..f ideas in .sliuppy, if oceasioiKilly sumewliat risipio ilia- lofruc, will (five it. Jts plot lias .something on which tu liaiiK', and around that central idea, a quantity of daintil.v-attireil notbinpfS.in briyhtest, tl!msiest:inil airiestof dress, vibrate to music wliicli lias the sparkle and rflVrvesceiice particularly apreoableto Liallic palates. 'I'lie story scintiliatos. snaps; the iniisie keeps up n corrosponclinyly ^av pare, and both go on merrily, making jests of serious mallei's, and fun even of history, a* in tlie ease of "La Jiellc llelenc.'' MLLE. D'ARY. The Dnmurii Ulllp .Malilcn Who ]|HS KI<-k^iil HorKelf Into l-'Hroc 1 . A demure, mild-iiiannercd, soft- voiced young woman is Mile. Arman tl'Ary, the well-known "chanteuse i'arisienne," who recently made her American debut in New York. . ABM AH D'-VBY. Her method is dainty rathcv than suR-gestive, her personality a most charming-one and her costumes mar- . Tels of coloring' and brilliancy. Mile. d'Ary does not .dance; if she did it would rob her of her groat charm, . composure; but she has ii kick that is a marvel of agility us it is sensational in its unexpectedness. Abroad Mile. d'Ary is recognized as the one great rival of Vanoni. SPORTING SPLINTERS. Milli|7iin and Baldwin have been notified of their release by the Xe\v Yorkh. Phil Kinp- and Trencnard have started to train for the 1'rinceton baseball team. Kx-player .lames O'Ronrkc has, it i« reported, been rteeided upon for the umpire corps by 1'rcsident Young. Managed Kd Ihnilon has bet 35(K) with Al .lohnson of the Cleveland duo. that the Orioles would linish ;ihea<l of the Clevelands this season. The money has been deposited with Frank J, Simpson of the St. James hotel. THE DIAMOND. Boston will not have Pitcher Scxlon this year. Pittsbui'K will admittedly have a "banner" U'am the coming season with colors of red. white and blue. Manager Bnckenberger of J'iusbiirg- was formerly a second baseman. Ho has been u. manager since 1,1SU. • Manager Hanlon is maUing arrangements to take his Uiiltimore team on a Bonthern trip, starting March 24. ~ CRICKET A M ansaehusetts cricket association is to be organized. A committee of seven from rarious clubs have been appointed to draw up a constitution. An English cricket team will visit Australia in thu autumn \indcr the management of A. E. St.oddurd. This gentleman was asked to undertake the task. a» Lord Sheflield declined to repeat his visit to the colonies of lHiil-«2. Preliminary steps have already been taken iu furthera-iee of the sclu-me. The lirighton Gun club and the Rodctllle Unn club held a shoot on tht grounds of the former in East UraugO, Feb. !-• '^ nc Uria-liton tlub won by. 103 to !•* Soak, 8o»k; boil, boil; riiue, rime away. And scarcely see the board at all, upon a washing day. For SANTA CLAUS SOAP it doc* the work, And toil is changed to play, While gaily sings the laundry maid, upon a washing day. Santa Claus Soap. N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., CHICAGO, ILL. .••,-,-.- ...^ ^•^s/wVS/^'V^ VOI TO RAV \\JUtV. OV/I (t look trim and tip top, if he i clothed—back, legs, head and fed-with The Hub's TO FOOT" BOY'S OUTFIT FOR It's an unusual offer-includes A FULL SUIT OF CLOTHES, Aces 5 to 1 ? years—every thread all wool -double breasted coat—pants made with double knees—double seats—iaped seams (will outwear 2 pairs of the usual kind)—A Stanley cap, made like illustration—to match the sui{—and A Pair of Shoes of solid leather, tirst-class, sirong and neat, —the entire head-to-foot outfit for $5-o°Sent on n:ccipt Oi price, orC. O. D. with privilege cf examination to any fwri oJ ihc United States if Si.oo deposit is sent with order, if not sst:sfac!ory we Efrree V* refund the purchase price. Samples of cloth FREE. In ordering >ncJude C 5 C postefiv- •^lir- III in> Clothiers,Hatters,Furn- CHICAGO, ILL.. I Ht HwtS« isherscndShoore. State and Jackson St. Thr Best Shocn for the Lcasi Money, W. L, DOUGLAS $3 SHOE FOR SEHTLEKHL SB, 84 and S3.6O Dress Shoe, S3.5O PoHce Shoe, 3 Boles, 82.BQ, $2 for Worklngmen, 82 and 81.75for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, $3, 82.6O 82, Of.75 CAUTION.—If liny e-nhir offurii you W. 1- l)o..>:Ii«•boon Hi f» r«duo«'U A-'idtv or **>*Ii«tiftrtthfin -witti- OU4 (h« uam« itumixxD oa tl»» bottam, , :.j hlnr, dtfwa ••• . v _..._ ,—, miarn , annually Dealers who push the Snle of W. J-. E>«usi« s S' 1008 K* tn customers, which help* lo» increase the sales on their full line of (food.*, 1 Ttioy iaui *«ord to •*>•'•* » '•« w* b»ll«v» «,n «tn .«• m««-y «>?'•"?«»*»" i 0 below. O»t*loiriic freo upon uppllc»tlon. W. X. J. B. WINTERS. p- BKPORE. 1 have takon the .IK.MICJ- (or the HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, «•. ! = * full »to«k of tli^ (roods iu si K ht. Tbe»P proteotorK ik r«. ff ni,r««teed .... protect ion to Mm shceji as against do^s. We have received our Seeds for r season of 1894, an have them ready to s« oly our customers on demand, we na,. ,-tothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and a* alk if our old stock has been burnt, our custosrv- ers may rest assured that they will get fr.:»h : , clean goods. \Vehaveafull variety of G-»r- ien and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a fuH-Kne of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a. full line of Turf ^ncS Sporting Goods. In fact we have everyt^ ng that goes with a horse and carriage. Do n t forget the old place, 424 BROADWAY Geo. Harrison OrtLb ON WflLKER & Rf\UGfH 420 BROrtDWflY, FOR flNYTHINO YOU WrtNT IN

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