Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 3, 1954
Page 10
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IJK*'« '•!">* ^V> -*«f HOM STAR, MOM, AKKANSAI WetfrtesJoy, November §,1984' show fip* litf with ~filftckstone HOW during and Dr. a mon* 61 the see 6 ki'r amputate the Or. Mat* assistants will be. eftei' audience In ** . be shown* entitled ' Is a co- 'sKow is 1:00 p. m. n -a ,«ell*> place it s f rt Manager tel- today that le)£ll day : boxoffice, tV thbSe iplahning ,< s ,lhe'it"' tickets early. l'b tor io "Eight now to the nis >e'j*te¥lmtent' lost wee* *alMmiber oil "case? fkansas so 'far this 'd .to 293 by At a Chevrolet dealer meeting held at Hotel Grady Manning In t-lttle Rock) Arkansas, on September 28, E. P. Young, Sr., of the Young Chevrolet Company, Hope, was presented an attractive ebony and silver wall plaque In recognition of more than twenty- five continuous years as a Chevrolet dealer. The presentation was made by Mr. Marvin Hoffman, Zone Manager, Chevrolet Motor Division. PRESCOTT it^y"'Cases 'Were in hfe ease each was )ne, J Desha, John- ?o'pe'iand Union coun- Wednesday November 3 The Tri-SerViee Club will sponsor a bridge and canasta party on Wednesday ..afternoon at 2 o'clock and in the I evening at 7:30 p. m. at 1he teen nge club,, Tickets will be one dollar pei per.'on: and the proceeds will go to the Polio Foundation. Make your plans to attend now. .been known ti an -two y"ears with- /Burt'i Burger t«a Bar-B-Q on With Bluw salad •BAR-B-Q WdK,...,8».7. The monthly session meeting of the First Presbyterian Church will be held on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. The choir ol the Presbyterian Church will practice on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. .ronce Agency • —'— *•»- * ^m - f * *m * ulf Second Christmas Canasta practice will be held at the > Methodist Church Wednesday at 8:00 p. m. Thursday November 4 The W. C. T. V. will meet on Thursday- afternoon" at 2:30 in the home of. Mrs. John T. McRae. structure of school finance must be revamped. We must have 12,- 500,0'DO 'additional "dollars just to hold our own at the bottom of the list. She told us that in 1933 Arkansas spent 3.9" per cent of its in-" dome on education and if this same percentum were paid today we would have an additional $17,000,000.00 annually. Following luncheon Mrs. Kennedy answered questions of delegates and reasserted that the real contribution of the P. T. A. is to get the ' apathetic people of the community to'realize that they al owe a' debt to the community and have a responsibility to the schools Being at.the bottom of the listen teachers salaries during a time o: a national teacher shortage, .i,t may be but a short time until; we, find we no longer have enough teachers in Arkansas to bp'erate our. schools With Count 46 fctfhtinued from £afie Of» midterm elections. Ferguson's defeat loft five senate contests undecided, with .Republicans ahead in NeV; Jersey, Ohio iind Oregon and De'fhdcra'U leading in Montana and Wyoming. By their net gain of one, Demo- fci-ats had altered the present Sen- file's ratio of 49 Republicans, 46 tternocrats and one independent. If three' Were ho further overturns, the result would be 48 Republicans 47 DemdCr&ts and oho independent In ffi&t Case, ; Vice PfesidenV~Nix- ; tWfe iic-breaking vote could retain OOP-'control. • When 'GOP Sen. Levere'tt Sal ton- Han Won re-election in Massachii- dolt*;, Republicans had elected 12 Eeri'a'tb'r, Who with 33 holdovers, gave' theni 45. McNamara's election pulled the Democrats abreast of their opponents. They had elected 21 senators and with 24 holdovers also had 45. In the face of razor-edge victories in governor Contests in populous New York and Connecticut and a substantial win in I Pennsylvania, the Democrats ob- ously had failed to muster a tta- onal sweep they could label as a epudiation of President EischhoW- ''s administration, . . How. much Eisenhower and Nix- n, his chief campaign • assistant, ad to do with blunting the Dem crats' off-year drive remained -a matter of political conjecture. Eisenhower's blessing for Repub- can Joseph T. Meek did' not bre- ent Meek's defeat by Democra- ic Son. Paul H. Douglas in Illi- ois. Neither did a presidential ndorsement keep Republican -Rep Herbert B. Warburtoh from be ng beaten by Democratic Sen. Al en Frear Jr. in Delaware. '•.... And Democratic Gov. G. Menhen Villiams, who criticized the ;Eiseh hower administration for not. a.ct ng to meet what he said was wide spread unemployment, won an-un jrecedented fourth term in Mlchl MARKETS Arkansas Stays Continued frorn Page One bus' majority was whittled down to less, than two to one. in many Counties, election officials, after e trend was establish,td. closed up shop for the night iteady. 93 score 67'/ 2 cents n without waiting for' returns frorn PGULtfW AND PRODUCfe CHiCAGO 1*1 Liv B po ul tr y Steady; receipts 1,348 coops (yesterday 820 coops; 184,165 Ib; f.O.b. paying prices Unchanged; heavy hen sl6-19; light hens 12-14: fryers and broilers 23-25; old roosters 1212.5; caponettes 28-30; hen turkeys 33-34; geese 24; over 5 Ib ducks 22; under Ib ducks 18. Butter: 860,194 pounds. Market xnind.; 92 score 57'/ 4 ; 90 score 89 score 55Vi; rarlots: 90 Core 57; 89 sc6re 55'/4. Eggs; 9,923 cases.. Mrket steady. Vhite large extras 60- 9.9 per cent ^ and over'43 cents « dozen; mixed large extras 60-09.9 per ent A and over 39; mediums GO- 9.9 per -cent A and over 24'/2; tandards 29; current receipts 3!' 2 ; dirties 19; checks 18 1 /?.. on The W. C. T. V. will me.et Thursday, afte'rnpqn at 2:20 in -the ffohn. J?. jiup9p .which you tal<;e -an,.'>inven- f^?H r ' hous f h - old s and personal pos- 10 S. Main ' erson URANCE Y«ur sj»$k • -P. .T. )C," District- Ponfefence .Me'ets/Herer; ; ' , • . ' The annual District Conference >f District 14,- -Arkansas Congress jf, Parents and Teachers' met in 'the auditorium on the Prescott High School on Thursday, October 28. The meeting was opened by ,Mrs Yl H, B. Pailey, District Direc- 'tpr, ,-w.ho announced the' theme, "Strengthening the Community Through Effective P. T. A. Leadership,"' and led the group singing. The devotional was-given by Miss Frances Thrasher, guidance director of the Prescott High School. Mrs. Baley then introduced Mrs. J. R, Bemis, president of the hostess chapter, who in turn introduced Mr. J. 'Ed Smith, superintendent of school district 14, who welcomed the delegates and spoke a few words on the Patterson Committee report. The response was given by Mrs. Louise Howard of Camden. Roll call and the reports of P. T. A. organizations of Ouachita, Columbia, Calhoun, Nevada and Union counties followed. At 11:50 the Girls Choral Group of the Prescott High School, under the direction of Mr. McClelland rendered a short' musical program which was received jtiost enthusia,- jstically. Following the special music Mrs. Jetta Sink, State Presi- I dent, introduced Miss Dema Kennedy, field worker of the National Congress, who spoke on program Planning and Leadership Training, Miss Kennedy reminded the group that the P. T. A. membership equaled a lot of man-power. She urged all P. T. A. organizations to meet at night so that the father might attend and take an active part on programs and committee worK", Many important decisions are toeing made today, and 60 per cent of trie people making them are misinformed, uneducated, irresponsible or apathetic to education. P. T. A.'s must develop the leadership to inform the community of tlys true facts. The future of the world depends upon today's children and the people must accept the challenge of education, She pointed out that our public schools - are the wonder of the world, and warned that we must not permit our standards to be lowered. Miss, Kennedy closed by saying that the individual members are the important-''part at p T, A, and that real potential pf the P. T. A. is to have a participating, informal membership. Luncheon was served in the High School Cafeteria at 1:00 The tables were arranged in a large V shape and were colorfully d.e coratefl with cornucopias filled fruits, ferries and vegetables. inyoQa.tJon was given by Mr. Bryan Rite'h.ie, Nevada County §** oj gcfeool, Mrs. Jette Sink, ' pf the Arkansas Congress $ and fearer? gpofce on, the report p| the Pftfte^ mittee and passed out pamphlets W. S. C. S. Has . ; ; Mission Study '- " Seventeen members of the W. S C. S. of the First Methodist Church met on Wednesday afternoon at thu church in observance of the week of prayer and self denial for mis sionsi v "•; •• • ' ' >'• s'Mrs. J.,B. He-sterly, as secretarj of spiritual 15fe v was in charge Mrs. Sam Vick Scott spoke on "The Deaconess /(Pension Fund." Mrs Burke Shclton told of "The Chris tian Literature arid Leadershi Training for India)'and Pakistan. "The Rural and Health Work" wa discus&ed by Mrs: Lewis Connell Mrs. A. B. • Gordon was pianis and accompaniedifor the hymns. Mrs. L. R. L'pwdermilk oi Ida bcl, Okla was'\a guest for th meeting. •'? . . The bene'dction was given o Mrs. W. D. Golden.. urcs were steady today on trade juying and short covering. tMost of tie activity occurred In current r'op deliveries. . Switching - opera- ions were active, ne private cOt- on crop survcS was issued, plac- ng 1954 cotton production at 13,77,000 bales, compared With , the jovcrnment October report of 12,- jllipOO bales. ' • . -;. Late afternoon prices.-were 5 to J.5 cents a bale higher than 'the jrcvious close. Dec.' 34".46,' March i 4ahd May 35.13. • But Republican Clifford P.-Case most-ofteu endorsed Candida* among the President's 'favorites vas making it an unexpected hors •ace against Democratic , Rep Charles R. Howell in the New Jer :ey Senate contest. . . Republican Lt. Gov. •'.< Gordqi Allott, who bore Eisenhower' Messing upset the.pollsters'.byfde 'eating Democratic former Rep John A. Carroll in -: the Cblprad senate race./ And .RepubHcan'/.Rep Thomas E. Martin, an all-oyt. sup porter of the President's^fjextbl' 'arm price, support program;, ous' ed veteran Democratic, Sen. /.Gu M. -Gille in Iowa. ...;,. Venerable AlbenW.'Barkley,, th former Vice President, took,.tji measure o fRepublican Sen." Jont Sherman Cooper. ,in .Kentucky -for the Democrats" atMirst-'sent*<g>inH Eisenhower had visited the state twice and praised Copper. _. Alan Bible made it No.; 2 m Senate gains for the Democrat!-., defeating Repubican Sen. > Ernest S. Brown of : Nevada. New 'Dealer Ave.rfell Hamman led the' parade of Democrats' who : ran republicans: out of. gover- rship's He •pquea'ked th'io'ugh by u 10000 margin in New York; le- fe'aling Republican Sen. Irving M. NEW YORK 'COTTING NEW YORK W) Cotton fu- miltee. The Republicans this year' concentrated on the governor's race, they offered candidates for no other state jobs nor for any congressional seats. As a result, Sen. John L. McClellan. Arkansas' six U. S. representalive and all state cons,tituti6nal officers other than the governor were formally reelected without opposition. TP PRFau- Rem- bus mcl small boxes in outlying sectons. Faubus and Remfhel weren't th" only ones who 'got Votes in yesterday's balloting. Virtually every county icorted smattering , of write-in votes for Gov. Fr&hcis Cherry. Faubus' defeat of ,C?herry for a second term nomination by around 7,000 votes in the second of two bitter primary elections was one of the factors Which obviously inspired the Republicans' determined effor tin this year's general election. The Republicans hoped to develop the Democrats' intra-party strife and Remmel's already-demonstrated bllity to get normally Arkansas Ashley Baxter Benton fioono Bradley Calhoun Carroll Chicot Clark 23 21 26 17 1,654 2,303 1.781 64 25 23 1,542 1.031 46 16 1,137 352 27 27 3,415 1,930 796 136 373 nio 40 29 2,164 1,160 26 25 1,830 17 12 882 30 23 1.410 10 17 1,850 Charges Official in Madison Co* Clebu,rne Cleveland Columbia Conway Craighead Crawford Crittenden Cross Dallas Desha Drew Faulkner Franklin Fulton NEW YORK STOCS NEW YORIC UP) The st ock' market is a .burst 'of enthusiasm over the election , today . ; surged ahead in the strongest advance, since the 'start o'f "World War II; - Wall '.Street," which always- has favOred the present Republican administration, had feared a Democratic sweep. hen returns today showed the Republicans had done rtiuch better than Wall Street exp ec ted, there was an immediate rush to fciiy. • Prices were 'tip from 1, to 'around 4 points, and the gains steadily mounted' right from the opening bfell. Losses were hardly noticed. Volume rolled to an' estimated three million', shares, one 'of the" heaviest sessions "of the .-year.""- Brokfers reported the public was buy.ing'heavily with orders "rolling in : frbm air sections ;bf th'e country. In Connecticut, Democratic Rep. Abraham A: Ribicoff tcolc the measure of Republican Gov. John Lodge by about 7,000 cotes., Penn- Mrs. H. J. Wilson Has gylvania completed the swing Sown Canasta ^arty {^e Atlantic Coast started by, the Graceful arrangements of rones JDemoccrats' election of Edmund,S. and lilacs in colorful hues decora- 'Muskie as Maine's governor .in ted the home of Mrs. H. J. Wilson September AND PROVISIONS .._rb:'.(JP 'A see-sfiw ihiar- ket : -"developed ."on', •'the Chicago Boiird' bit Trade -today. With distant - cor/tracts gehe'rally ; showmg •••'an easy tendency as trading drew toward a clbSe. "''"..:-"".', .Selling was . particularly pro- hounced in 'new-ci;op soybeans,.the September, 19.55 contract • .haying lost'as -much' as -20 Icents :from Its initial opening sale Monday. • Wheat suffered several cuts on weather bureau ''news the ne\y \yinter ; orp is generally -seeded and , showing.. good growth . in the .northern 'half-' of 'the country. 'At "the 'Close 'wheht was ,-1% cepts lower,. December $2.22 1 / 4 -%; corn was; %:.; Jovver, to % higher, December ^l.-SSg-Vfe; oa'ts were' lower'to % 'higher,'December 82-}V M>; -rye was unchanged to Vz higher, -December $1.36 'and soybeans 2%-' lower "to 3 cents ' highfer, No- Democratic votes into a winning ~| ar \ E ! rl< * combinatoin. .It was normally-Democr a t i c votes which. twice elected the 39- year-old. Remmel as Little Rock's m'ayor. •.-.'.'.' ; In his'. campaign, Remmel de-j clared that to elect Faubus would be to restore control of the state government to. a once-o u s t e d clique of professional politicians. 'In reply Faubus charged that Remmel was hardly one to talk about machines When he was "Hand picked ; by less than 100 persons.-in a hotel room" in contrast to ^Faubus'. selection in primary voting. ••-...-. iRemftiel was chosen by the Republican State Committee of around 1QO persons, to which the Republican State Convention had delegated the job of nomination. .Remmel pretty much ignored an issue which turned out to be hotter • than all others in Faubus' defeat of-Cherry, but a Rommel-supporting organization kept it alive . ::The issue concerned the length and exact nature of-Faubus' brief association with the long-closed arid' 'Communist-branded Commonwealth College,' near Mean, in 1935. v-The 'Citizens for Clean Elections, a'ikittle <Rock group headed by Dr. George P. Brahscum, a dentist, charged 'during the general election campaign. that Faubus ht^d falsely represented what he termed official investigations of the Com- 23 15 1,224 29 26 1,120 17 11 873 36 12 870 6 26 3.C24 33 28 4.126 32 17 1.091 29 29 1,801 22 21 1.360 23 10 , 829 16 4 358 30 17 l.SIO 31 24 2,927 35 20 890 21 20 908 7:iO 596 100 325 1.24S 3.024 720 Ii31 533 301 85 559 1,170 102 653 HUNTSVll.LE UP) Mrs. Norrria Chancellor, Madison County circuit clerk, has chrrged a county official with taking a boxful of marked ballots from a voting place during yesterday's general election. Mrs. Chancellor saia sne had the official Mrs. Audrey Benney followed and learned the official went home with the box. Madison County, home cf Orvnl Faubu.s, Democratic gubernatorial nominee, became the center of a campaign controversy when it recorded more votes thaft poll taS receipta in the Democratic primary last August. Mrs. Benny said, however, that he-tfnly took the box home With cr while she did some chores be- •nise the Republicans had threat- ned to take it. She said it Was eked in her car while she was .at Gi-E-rtt Greene Hempslead Hot Spring Howard . ' Independence Izard Jackson Jefferson Johnson Lafayette Lawrence L.ee Lincoln Little River Logan L-onoke Madison Marion Miller Mississippi Monroe Montgomery Nevada Newton Ouachita Perry Phillips Pike Poinsett Polk Pope Prairie Pulaski Randolph Saline. Scott Searcy Sebastian Sharp St. Francis stone nibhwealth -incident. The commit- Union te'e declared-'that, instead of being Van Buren .cleared^ Faubus ,had withheld in- Washington formation" 'concerning his stay at White the school; Faubus said he was a Woodruff non-enrolled visitor. Yell •-Faubus iriainly -ignored the com- Total 57 46 4,373 4,770 22 1G 1,226 469 37 33 2,446 1,220 31 23 2,06f! 1,321 36 29 2.C74 1,643 37 16 877 471 37 28 1,666 1,OU 36 26 R27 23' 50 40 2,577 - 809 31 2S 5,558 4,27£ 25 19 2,050 641 21 17 1,089 440 33 21 1,633 ' 21 20 1,065 470 23 21 1,345 50i 20 16 iW 379 37 13 654 30C 37 20 1,743 632 2.8 13 1,190 50. '26 17 555 32( 41 36 3,668 1,55! 60 34 3,940 1.31 23 19 1,219 70 24 19 837 3) 24 23 1,783 7..1 29 27 1,120 1,17 29 27 4,118 1..7R 28 26 1.114 . 57' 29 29 2,741 1,0:1 19 7 220 10 36 20 1,012 43 27 16 530 20 3P 30 (2,666 1,26 15 H 1,244 83 04 71 14,067 15,54 30 20 1,459 50 38 29 2,809 1,30 31 23 1,069 40< 25 14 356 31 29 20 665 - 24 24 17 842 43 25 21 2,350 63 29 20 730 33 29 27 4,179 3,7f 21 19 1,742 79 57 24 1,260. 74 47 24- 2,40!) 1,20 22 18 878 39 34 26 1,992 74 2339 1691 145,451 8'8,96 BLYTHEVILLE (#) Judge 2al . Harrison has resigned his Mis- issippi County Circuit Court udgeship and Oscar Fendle*r, Blytheville attorney will preside ver the current session of court. Harrison resigned because of 111 ealth. He had been judge since 942. Fendler was . chosen 'to sue- eed Harrison by the Blytheville Bar Association. '.-, Mississippi Co. Judge Resigns JOHNSON PRINTING CO. g ,• .• Printing ,'; .•'. : ''.'. • Office Supplies :.'; i>hone 7-2541 W Front Stfi MAY BE A FAMILY AFFAIR Fideetine, nose-picking and a tormenting rectal itch are often tell- talc signs of Pin-Worms ... ugly parasites that medical experts bay infe»t-o«e out of every three persons examined. Entire families may be victims and not know it. • To get rid of Pin-Worms, thi'ae pests must hot only be killed, but killed in the large intestine where they live and multiply. That's exactly what Jarne's P-W tablets do ...arid horeVhow they do it: ' ,' Fi>«t-ft scientific coating carries the tablets into the bowels bc- • fore they dissolve. Then — Jwne> modern, medically-approved ;in- eredient goes right to'work— KM* Pin-Worms quickly ; »nd easily. Don't take-chances with this "dangerous, highly contagious condition. At the first sign 'of PJn- Worms, ask your druggist *« genume-Jayntfu P-W Vermifuge.... the small, easy-to-take tablett per- •Vfectedby famous.Dr.:D. J>yne Jb ' Son, specialist!) in worm remedies . lor over 100'ycars. JAYRE for on Thursday afternoon when she entertained a few oi her friends with a canasta party. In Pennsylvania', Democrat .George M. Leader triuinphed'over I Republican Lloyd H. A.ry Governor McKelin brotai Mrs. Guss McCaskill and Mrs. Gordon Danner were Thursday visitors in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee and grandson, David Allen Pederson, motored to Hot Springs Thursday for the day, Mr. and Mrs.Scbtt Smith of Little' Rock were the weekend -guests' of Mrs. Robbie wTTson and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Watson White Jr., and Miss Lillie Butcher have returned from Kermit, Texas where they were called due to the death of Emond White. Mr. and Mrs. J.,J, Pedersoh and David Allen, who have been the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee, have returned to their home in North Cowden, Texas. Howard Davis -of Texarkana spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Davis. Mrs.' Alta- Greiritt has returned from kewisvi}l9,;where she has been visiting 'her daughter, Mrs. John VitUtow, and-family. Mr. andi^rs.--iiJ.''- ; R. Bemis, Mr. nd Mrs. ,R, ,Jf,, Yarbrough, Mr. and Mrs. JoV Crarie, Mr. and Mrs. Dutchie, Bright "and *Ir, and Mr?. OU§ Towiwend .of! : Emmet, attended the showing, Qf the new '55 Ford at Robinson'auditorium in Little Rock Thursday night. Mr .and Mrs. Bill Dawson have moved into their home they recently purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Frank TurberviUe. Mrs. §. V. Scott and Miss Carol Scott have moye4 into one of theii smeller h^mes on Highway 67 N :ed by (foe commJlttee ag,tiUf4 Uret $jr ? CMdrarj Wwtfc H4WS9' at t| '« Mrs- Itoltjpld £if |rpup|and mw is tt»» w Friends pf A. Davis will re is confined to his bed home pf hte sbfi, "Whit Davis ..... *_..,- j^ Jacksonville «bb.ard anc !»» —Arkansas Tech The high, score honors went to However Republican Mrs. J. A, Yancey. Mrs. Imon Gee Theodore R. held second high. " . At the close of the games the la-1 wee kend in MontSceuo and saw-the Dies were centered with black cats " ' m " l ~ and lighted Jack o' lanterns. A snack course and coffee was served 'Others on the gjiest list were Mrs. Homer W.ard, Mrs. Burke SheUon, Mrs. Baker Bi-itt, Mrs. C. G. Gordon and Mrs. J. V. Fore. Arkansas ame. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd :Hubbard had s their guests for the weekend Mr. ..nd Mrs. Henry Harris of Little Rock and they were the Saturday guests of Mr. 'and Mrs. L. L. Bruce n .Blevirjs.. . . ,/.-. -I Wheat: None. New corn: No. 9 yellow l,48'52'/4: No. 4 '1.39^-48: No'.' 5 1,35-38 Soybeans:..No.- '1 yellow 2.88 track Chicago;'No;. ; 2."',2:83-86 I / 4 ' track Chicago; No.: 3 2^78' track !Chicago. Oats No. : 1 point heavy -S6-&^Vz.. . , : 'Barley norninal; Malting .choice 1.30-50'; :gOod 'li31-30; 'feed 1.10-25; •PYTHON FOUND TULSA, Ok'l?,, (UP )Taxider- Splat'. Ralph >V|ard aaid today he recdvere'd one of his speci rrierJs, a life, 14-foot rock python which . had been missing several weeks. '-•'••'' • •' ' -'•" : • •-• •Ward iiaiS he didrt't report the loss'.because "he ,was "afraid it would .scare the wits -out of anyone who Van'across it." " Mr. and Mrs. S, 0. Logan hav.e •eturned from Mineral Wells and; Dallas, Texas where they visited heir daughter, Mrs, Steele Moore and family. . '• , 6. Jf t Moore and Vafkins of Hpue 'j»tten ' R - t Dick a D. A. Hot ' M"rs 'C C. Thomas attended Prayer Retreat at Aldersgate Metho. dist.Gamp ,as, a representsMye of 4\tu • ( M J £-:.~f wesleyan c - aM » t ''*' i *'' rw " :i - 1 - the Democratic trend by winning reflection over Ilarry C. Byrd. Democratic /Sen- Edwin C. Johnson', made gdverhorship in Cojor- Eisenhower's vacation state, and. Democrat John F, '.Simms Jr., wori jn New.-Mexico. . An old Senate Democrat, Ernest W. McFarland, made a successful comebacK in Arizona, ousting Re. publican Goy. .Howard Pyle. Democratic .Gov. Frank J, Laushe to Ohio won a fifth term, Eisenhower, who reserved offl cial cpmment until today's White House news conference, left the impression in election night -marks he regards the voting result sas only n temporary setback suits. as only a deflect his administration from its established course. Paying » surprise visit-last night to the Citizens for Eisenhower Congressional Committee headquarters pfter a dinner with Mrs. Eisenhower at ti>e home of Secretary of the Trf«suVy Humphrey. tu,e ,, E. Logan, Mr. N, Daniel, Floyd Hubbard, ,6uss McCaskiU, and Walter H.ir?t attended -the Men's Rally of QuacbU ta Presbytery at the Presbyterian Church in Texarkana fhursiav evening. Huey Garner Ivas retumefl tp El Dorado alter » weefce ' ' " with his mother, W«. Rpy of ForsjyeVYiiitea""riJ»W^» the sajd, "Anyone realizes there may be 's?tb«sc}cs, put they htwe nothing to 4« with.t^e worthwhile^ ness a,nd^vstjve of our caae." Then h? »ddea these words that ^t spme to wpndering ahether he mjjgh.t y/anj to W » candidate niii jn MM"; "Be it 40,04 fortun eor bad fortune fcw -^he jyicimeati we can in the lone -j?u« w44 *nfl will win. country will be ppnpr THANKS I wish to thank each of you in Hope and Hempstead county for the splendid vote that you gave me in Tuesday's election. Again let me thank each of you for your support in my race for Governor. ORVAL E. FAUBUS GOVERNOR ELECT , Ndremter S, 19S4 - -'- • •••"",•;" -v - ~, ; v >-;'^*r|^ffffi|^^ MOfl SfAR» H0yi> AfcKAMIAJ SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. .Calendar ,'* Wednesday November 3 .The Woman's Auxiliary of St. 'Mark's Episcopal Church will meet In the home of Mrs. J. D. Barlow on. Wednesday, ,7:30 p. m. November 3, at -> ' - «3irl Scoufe. Troop 3 will meet s(t. the Little Hut for a supper on Wednesday night, November at 5 p .m. The girls are asked bring their dues. Thursday November 4 Hope Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Thursday, November 4, at 7:30 p. m. for an election of officers and installation cere nony. '" •'Pat Cleburne Chapter of the U. ti. 'C. will meet Thursday, Novem- ,b'er' 4, at 2:30 p. m. in the pf Mrs. Graydon Anthony. home ; i: The Hope Unit of the United Council of Church Women will meet Friday, November 5, at 2:30 at ,the First Methodist Church. The i program theme, "Building Lasting i Peace" will bo carried out in a pa- i gsant and panlomine which has | bfcn planned by Mrs. W. E. Tolle! son. Mcsdames Crit Stuart, Jr., . and C. V. Nunn, Jr., will present ( tUe worship -program, and special ; music will be rendered by Mrs. paskcll Jones. Women of all denominations are invited to attend •and are asked to bring "Parcels of Peace" consisting of warm clothes destitute children, and house- old linens and blankets for home- 'less people and refugees. fy'Trl rlday November 5 The Rose Garden Club will meet Friday, November 5, at 3 p. rri. in the home of Mrs. W. B. Mason, 311 North Pine. Co-hostesses are Mrs, Cecil Biddle and Mrs. Harry Shi- for. ' . . . ,, {: .'Tuesday November 9 ; Members of the Lilac Garden Clu.b of DeAnn will meet in the club room Tuesday, November 9, Jil 2 p. m. for their November meeting. Hostesses will be Mrs. Elston WHiis-.and-.Mrs. Lyle Arnold. Arraa- Sements will be a Thanksgiving able centerpiece. Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkan-> sas, November 1, 1954. City Docket W. L. Holbert, Walter Jackson, Perry Ware, Emory Muldrow, R. B. Watson, Gaming, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. J. C. Spearman, Carrying a pis- Mrs, Perkins Hostess to Alpha Delta Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma Society The Alpha Delta Chapter of Del la Kappa Gamma Society met with Mrs. P. L. Perkins on November 2 at 4:30 p. m. Mrs .Horace Fuller was associate hostess, Mrs. B. B. McPherson, program chairman for the meeting, presented a talk on "Types of Teacher Tenure." Olher numbers on Ihe program were "Principles and Purf poses of Teacher Tenure" by Miss Gwendolyn Dean and "Evaluation of Teacher Tenure.", by Mrs. Frank Mason. The D. K. G. breakfast during the A. E. A. convention in Hot Springs was announced for November 1 5 at 7 o'clock at the Arlington Hotel. Several members expressed Iheir intention of attending it. Mrs. R. E. Jackson, president, conducted a short business session The hostesses served a dessert plate to 12 members. tol as a weapon, cash bond. Forfeited $50.00 College Test for Draftees to Be Given DOROTHY DIX Bad Compdmon ____________ Dear Miss Dix: For two months I| u Ccr taln1j> isn't enough to justify we been going out with a boy I Divorce. A husband who is line in have _ _ Ike very much. He asked me to L. E. Aslin,, Chairman of Selec- m arry him, but my parents are op- i-<_ -•_, T-» _i HT _ rtrt 1 _ _: _ It * 7 i **» >v * posed to it since he's A. W. 0. L. from the Army and he won't re- W. S. C. S. Circle 2 Meets Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church met Monday November 1, at the home of Mrs. Albert Graves. The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer. Mrs. E. P. O'Neal gave the devotional, and Mrs. F C. Crow gave the program on India, Ceylon and Pakistan. Mrs. Agee had charge of the business session in the absence of thu leader, Mrs. Earl O'Neal. The hostess served a salad plats with coffee during the social hour. ; LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for • 'the'working girls i-ii. Latest HairY'Siy.linfl ., Phone.7-5850 112-S. Main Jjuth.fibelscher Janell Roberts SAENGER NOW — Feature Times — 2:00 - 3:53 - 5:35 - 7:37 - 9:30 FIRST STORY OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER! Senior Ladies Auxiliary of Unity Baptist Church Has Meeting Monday The Thanksgiving program scheduled by the Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church was not held Monday as planned, because of the illness of Mrs- White. It is planned for Monday, November 8. The auxiliary met instead at the church with 13. members present'. Elder Howard White led the opening song, accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Howard Collier. Mrs. Tom Anderson led in prayer. The> devotional from the 124th Psalm was given by Mrs. Mike Schneiker, and Mrs. Clyde Smith presented the special, "Qualifications of c Christian." After prayer by Mrs Jesse Sinclair,' Elder White taught a very Interesting lesson During a short business session. Mrs. Sinclair gave a report of the previous meeting. The group was dismissed by Mrs. Lewalle. LeRoy Wiliams. Jr., Possessing untaxed intoxicating ' .liquor, Forfeited $50.0'q cash bond.. ,. . Roy Forrester, failure to yield right of Way, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. .•'••• I ' J. W. Harris, Running stop sign, Plea guilty, fined- $5:00. Marshall Norwood, Running stop sign, Forfeited ; $5.0d cash bond. James T.' 'Wreyford, Claudie Moland. Martin J. Seligman, Passing in a restricted zone, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. J. W. Harris, No driver's license. Plea guilty, fined $5.00. Jessie Dixon, No Slate car license, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Jessie Dixon, Improper lights on car. Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Roland A. Copeland, Following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Henry Holl, Jr., Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Robert Lindsey, Drunkenness, lea guilty, fined $10.00. The following forfeited $10.00 cash sond tin a charge of Drunkenness: Chas. Williams, Olen Jackson, John Williams, Joseph Martin, Jimmie Nash, Joe Maxwell. Herman Flenory, Transporting untaxed intoxicating liquor. Johnnie Hardiman, Ruby Johnson Sale of intoxicating liquor, Plea [uilty, fined $100.00. Mary Hall, Possessing inloxicat- ing liquor for sale, Plea guilty, fined $100.00. Geo. R. Smith, Eura Dell Warren, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00'and 1 day in jail. McKinley Carson, Discharging firearms in city limits, Pleaguilty, fined $10.00. Norvell Harris, Discharging firearms in city limits, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Mattie Williams, Disturbing peace, Tried, dismissed. Paul Mays, No State car license, Dismissed. State Docket O. L. Bailey, Driving while mtox- icated, Forfeited $150.00 cash' bond and 1 day in jail. H. D. Woodson, Driving while intoxicated, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond arid 1 day in jail. L. D. Fuller, Henry L. Jeans, Bobby F. Bain, Chester Stephens, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in Circle 6 Meets Monday afternoon at 2 p. m Circle 6 of the W. S. C. S. met in the home of Mrs. L. B. Tooley, with circle chairman, Mrs. George Murphy, presiding. Mrsi Murphy urged all member? to attend the World Community Day Service to be held at the Me tive Service Board No. 29. is Calling attention to the College Quali* fjcation Test to be given December, 9, 1954 and April. 21, 1955 The test will be given al examination -' .centers throughout the ;United States. To be eligible to take such test an applicant must be a Selective Service registrant who intends to request occupational deferment as a student," must be satisfactorily pursuing a full-time college course, undergraduate or graduate, leading to a degree; and must not previously have taken the lest. Applications for the December test must be postmarked no la- ,er than midnight Tuesday, Novem- Der 23, 1954. Applications for Ihe April 21 lest must be post marked no later than midnight Monday, March 7, 1955. All eligible registrants who wish to take the test should apply immediately, 'and obtain a bulletin, an application card (SSS Form No. 106 and atlached SSS Form No. 107), and a mailing envelope from any Selective Service Local Board. turn. Because they are against him, I left home and moved in with a girl friend of mine, who Was rc« cently divorced. My boy friend is also staying with its. My parents, asked me to come back home but I refused as I prefer it here. Am 1 right in taking this stand? I'm 19. Answer: 1 can only C. C. fervently Boyle jail. Wilford Mauldin, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor. Forfeited $50.00 cash'bond. ' v '" H. W. Hindman, Operating a motor vehicle on left-hand side of the road, Ruth L. Muldrow, No driver's license, Forfeited $5.00 -cash bond. Robert R. Purtell, Drunkenness, Plea gulty, fined $10.00. The following forfeited $10.00 cash bond on a charge of Drunkenness: R. R. Polly Jo Coffee, William Preece, Billy Webb, Sherman Wilson. Civil Docket Pete Martin vs. Charley Jones, thodist Church on Friday. This ser-1 Action on account for $28.02, udg- vice is sponsored by the United Council of Church Women. Mrs. Dick Watkins gave the devotional, and Mrs, Jack Gardner presented the program, a resume of the study of India, Ceylon and Pakistan. ": .. The hostess served a 'dessert plate to 13 members and two new members," Mrs.' M. D. Bowles and Mrs. Herman Smith . F w WARNERCOLOR Herring GUY MADISON W. M. S. Has Program on Mission Work in Africa The Baptist Woman's Missionary Society met at the church Monday for a business and missionary study meeting. "When I Survey The Wonderous Cross" was followed by prayer led by Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. Mrs. Jim Atchison read the - secretary's report, with Mrs. Earl Bailey reading the treasurer's report. Mi's. W. H, Gunter, Sr., Mrs. J. I. Rowden, Mrs. Ed Nutt, Mrs. Gus Haynes, Mi\s. Henry Haynes, and Mrs. C. M. Rogers, Jr., gave circle rn ports. Mrs. Whitlow gave the Community Missions report, urging Cottage Prayer Groups for the " ^ v A WAIHU IKOS. NCtUtt EXTRA: 1. "Ark. vs. Ole Miss" Football 2. ''Looking at Lisbon" 3. 'IDragon Around" Cartoon ON OUR STAGE IN PERSON "THE MAD DR. MARQUIS&CQ/' Spook? right in.the Audience with Y9H* Horrible feet* never be* fpre *een by 9 Theatre Audience in Hope! NISHT UP.M,,,.. WE COOPERATE WITH YOUR DOCTOR Your physician is constantly being informed of the development o£ new drugs and of their application in the treatment of diseas'e. To cooperate with him to the fullest extent, we stock these new prescription drugs as soon as manufacturers advise s of their availability. To your physician this means that he can prescribe promptly any new medication that meets with his approval. To him and to you, his patient, it means that you immediately gain the bcneUt. without being compelled to wait until the new medication can be sent for from distant parts. Ward & Son DRUGGIST 7-2292 W. §«ond St. rnent for Plaintiff by default for $28.02. C. J. Edwards vs. Newton Rosenbaum,Action for possession of pigs, Tried, dismissed. Continued rrom .Page One She should dross well but not too well, be the "college type," develop social charm, put her husband's job first at all times, keep abreast of his business but keep her nose out of it, be active in the community, stay within her household budget, never be jealous of h?r husband's secretary or associates and so forth and so on. Put more simply, she shoutc merge the qualities of Florence Nightengale, Mary Margaret Me Bride, Mother Machree, C'alhcrin-2 Lhe Great of Russia, and a female Dale Carnegie. Otherwise, if she asks her hus band in 1974 why he hasn't had a raise in pay for 20 years, she is likely to l)e crushed by the reply: Remember that time we went to the boss's house in 1954 and you ruined my career.The boss decid ed right, then you'd; never ,be ; tht. ideal corporate wife, and there ! was no point in promoting me because you'd only make .the corporation look untidy."' This ideal-corporate, wife non sense could break up a lot . o happy hnmes. It . may result ir articles in the women's confession magazines entitled, "My '.Bulled •Romance with The '•• Atrieficai Telephone and Telegraph Co. "WJiy One Wife Failed with Anaconda Coppei," and "The True Story of How I Let Down Standard Oil." Some indignant ladies, however, say the mere thought of having their wifely qualifications judged by a corporation brings out the spirit of Lady MacBeth in them. A few sample reactions: "Would it help if I did the dance of the seven veils at the next stockholders' meeting?" "Suppose I learn to sparkle for General Electric, and then my husband switches his job and goes to work for U. S. Steel. What do I every other way, and a mother-in- law who causes no other trouble^ certainly can be given time for private talks, Aged Berkley Wins Kentucky Senate Seat ^ - . Inlfotffl* <rt&*fc Thit lineup tt hope and pray that your request for advice w ; as sincere and that you may take from a stranger what you spurned from your parents. You are terribly wrong and are lacing the certainey of such tragedy that I urge in all sincerity that you return home. The future isn't pret- y, but would you like me to pic- ure it briefly? Your boy friend is ure to be caught, punished and ent back to the Army, whether he likes it or not. You may be pro- nant by that time, and I'm sure under those conditions your so- called girl friend will be of no help. 'No friend" worthy of the name would permit much less encourage, a couple to live in her home under ,he circumstances you outline. It's a pretty sale bet that her past is anything but unblemished and she'd just like to have company in her conduct. Your boy friend is no prize, either. He has committed a serious military offense, then he proceeds to smash a lew moral ones» Facing your "friends" in their true light, do they really seem so attractive? Do they deserve to be held in higher esteem thaft" your parents? Return home and,. ask forgiveness lor the anxiety you've caused your folks. TaylorFoils toWinBack Senate Seat POCATELLO, Ida., (UP) Glil- tar-strumming Olen tt, Taylor, ono- time candidate lor vice-president on the progressive party ticket, lailed today to win his way back to the U. S. Senate. He was soundly deleated by the Republican incumbent, Henry Dworshak, lormer Burkley publish' LOUISVILLE, KyV iand have picked 76-year-old Albert W. Brkley, the former vice dent, to represent them for, more 'years in the U. S, Senatfc The Democratic senator-elect al' ready has served 47 years as their public servant, 22 of them M th« Senate, He left the Senate In to become the "Veep." Voters of this traditionally Democratic commonwealth chose Bark' Icy over Republican Sen'. John Sherman Cooper, S3. They also elected five Demo crats and one Republican, to the U.S. House of Representatives. In two other contests, to fill out the state's new delegation of eight con grcssmen, a Democrat was 'lead :I*A= A. , With _ tf ttttttS froth he cooper/ elected to Bafltley 364, steee cede. But he ., to overtake ,tbe Barkley, Peak, v ,2«, owner and When arrested: ,' taking the mbney- "some ditty thief* : 50fj oi it from .him;, Deaf Miss Dix: Why is it that a girl who falls in love with a boy (as I have) is afraid to tell him or ask him if he loves her? I am'in high school, and in love with a boy'three years my senior I am sure he likes me, though he has not'asked me to go out with him. •'>•'_' BARBARA P. AftsWer': Girls arenH really afraid to tell boys how they feel; most el them are just to wise to make such''a ridiculous move. Can you imagine • going up to a boy, who has'riever even asked'you to go out With him, declaring fervently, "I love you." It does not make sense, does it? Take things in sequence, BaT$>'a?a, and don't try to alter the'ways of a man with a-maid. , f.X'--:.,. : •'~~, "'. " ' .:D'ea,r.-Miss ; Dix: .1. arn a happly marrie.d woman with two children, and get along with everybody. My only complaint concerns my mother-in-law, who comes to visit, then, gets my husband alone in another room to talk for an hour. When I tell him this is wrong, he flies into a rage. I'm afraid it will lead to divorce. ' Answer: While the action is rude, er. Taylor long has been one. of. the most colorful figures Idaho poll' tics. He tried lor election several times before making his way to Ihe Senate after a campaign that featured his guitar and his talented famy. In Washngton, he rode a horse up the capital steps to attract attention to his roubles in finding a home. In 1948, he Was ho Progressive Party's unsuccessful candidate for vice-president on the same ticket as Henry Wallace. In the general election campaign, Taylor and Dworshak fought bitterly. Idaho's othr GOP senator, Herman Welker, accusd Taylor of lollowing the Communist party line in the '48 campaign. Three lawsuits, chargng slander or livel, have been lilcd by various parties in the battle. But early today, Taylor admitted he'd lost'to'Dworshak. He issued a simple concession statement, but said nothing about his future plans. • (Calling .01 jfrcijf • Hcre'j the motor you've wnlted for— the new Evinrude DUCKTW1N— first motor in history made especially for duck hunters 1 It itarte and runt tn any wc&ther—goei atytotitri— through reeds and snagi and Weeds that > would stop another motor cold I Quiet*" smooth-as-iilk—full 3 OBC Certified Ih.p. Finished in dull Marsh Brown \«hat blends perfectly with the Kencryl Sleepless? —because of Acid Stomach? Eat 1 or 2 Turns at bedtime—to neutralize acid fast! do to help him put on more About 23 per cent of The world's population in Europe, North Amerca, Australia and New Zealand use about 86 per cent of the world's, annual production of 50 million metric tons of paper. Revival, and briefly telling some ughlights of the District W. M. U. meeting to be held in Arkadelphia on Wednesday of this week. Mrs. Arch Moore read a hospital letter. The Society voted to buy an eighteen cup coffee maker and twelve dozen water glasses for the church. Mrs. Hugh Jones, Mrs. Henry Haynes, Mrs. A. T. Jewell, Mrs. Earl Bailey, and Mrs. Windle Thompson gave reports of committee work. Mrs. Hugh Jones and the Annie Hoover Circle had charge of the program. "Mattie" a Negro woman gave a reading. "Down In Dixie." As the program was based upon mission work in Africa, Mattie very appropriately sang "Well Dons". Each person present was presented a long program ticket and as each part was given the next stop was torn from the "Ticket". Mrs. W H. Gunter, Sr., Mrs. Royce Smith, Mrs. Basil York, Mrs. Frank Douglas, Mrs. W. B. Mason, Mrs. C. C. Collins, and Mrs. H. A. Fisk, discussed life and customs of the Rhodesians. their witchcraft .beliefs, and what is being done to help th'em. Mrs. Hugh Jones concluded the program as "The End Coming and Going Mrs. W. J. Greenwald of Sugar Land, Texas, arrived today for _a visit with her parents, Mr. eftid Mrs. W. P. Singleton, and other relatives. tonnage, or just t:y lo look more durable?" "Personally, if I have to please sll my husband's bosses as well as him, too, well they'd better start looking for a lady robot. I'll take in washing." One woman, I thought, had a very sensible solution to the prob- m of the ideal corporate 'wife. "If wives, are that important • to corporation" she said "why on't they put us on the payroll, o? Then they'd get some real ction.' Sounds like a good sound busi- ess idea. Any husband would work rdoy he'd have to if hi orporiition promotcl his wife on family performance basis. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mst. Richard McRoy Rt. 4, Hope, Shirley Bain, Hope Mrs. Saner May & baby boy, Hope Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Clarence Baker Hope, Mrs, Tom Gathright, Sara toga, Mrs. James W. Storar, Lew isville, Mrs. Wendell Sowards, Me Caskill. Discharged: Mr. Billy L. Richard son, Camden. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Webb Ox.an, have a son born at 7:31 p. ra October-31."' " ' > Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Young, R 2, Hope, ha,ve n daughter Tomorrow: How to be an ideal iORPORATE HUSBAND. "^ t°vj ^-Mr NtW DUCK CALUNO ' , WITH A DOCKTWIM Better hurry «ver ._.,,,_ - r -_ ( -, CALL DUCKS"—recorded t ,tor^Evi« Phil Olt, Jr.—orie.of ihtrHatlprijnY" duck caller*.' Ai a special introductory < giving • record FREE to the nri^SOc . f *^- .*.*B»«j*»"»••!» fjfWP- en to come in for a But hurry! Our TUMS rot THITUMMT Hamm Tire & "farly Shopper" Tabloid DODGE has done it... better wait! flair-fashioned coming Nov. 17 Me r chattel i > i ,;• 4 ? ,^Vy -$3w>& t*'> "."rf ',,oi?*a Certificates" GOPsTake Kansas as Expected TOPEKA, Kan., (UP ) Republi- ans swept Kansas, a state they ormal'y control, in yesterday's lection, regaining the one scat n the House they lost two years go. Lt. Gov. Fred Hall, who bucked ne Republican organization to gain is nomination, was elected gover- lor over Democrat George Dock- ng, and U. S. Sen. Andrew F. choeppel won a second.term over George McGill, a former Bemocra- ic senator and recently a feder- 1- tariff commissioner. In the l.st--Kansas district, which vhjch-. Democrat Rep. Howard S. won in 1S52, he was- beaten by State Rep. William H \yery, a Republican. Republican neumbents retained the other five seats they held in the 83rd Confess, Thomas Edison created his electric light company in 1878 BfR. HAMM MTOR CO. E. Second Street Hope, Ark, CARMEN'S BEAUTY-SHOP STAFF Have returned from the Beauty Convention'In Little Rock They extend to you o spscigl invitation t0 come in and S0V them SPECIAkQM, PERMANENT* FROM NOW Qd.elle, Collier DaleJiPWelJ SAVE z 10% tr»ry from •log*, UM BE WISE , , , Now'$ the time to toy tJ>W new appliance! Make a list pf everything you need. Pocket $1.50 in Merchandise Certificates for every $15.00 worth dur* ing this Sale! SHOP NOW . , . and save enough to dp all your Christmas shopping! FOR CHRISTMAS , , , Mate Sean 1954 Christmas Catalog, "the nation'* wiph- took," your shopping center » « • I*ow mail order prices PLUS Merchandise Certificates, You don't neod all cash SEARS Easy Payment , , » CATALOG

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