Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 10, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1894
Page 6
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ARETWOSTEONGMEN SANDOW AND ATTILA WRITE ABOUT ATHLETES. Tlic r«rfi'ct M»» !• C»refal of Wli»t lln K»t«—The Nliawnr K»th Should Up l.tbiimtly I'ntrniilzert— Kzerclie MoArrutnljr But l'or»l»tt>ntlj. If enriches and purifies the blood, puts a stop io sleeplessness, brings track lost appetite. Prime Beef, Ripe Grain, Fresh Celery. if- only ingredients. vn .':[Nr,! : H.(.!.l. ILL, ,\:i-j. I 1 .). '.S'a Tt-A- fiiVfiajJJ Ci'., /Sivii'ii, ,W.;.iv.; Gl:NTU:.\li:N: — Kiii'WiiiH lli.it :i p ,-fimhin;ition -ii !vJ,r,ult :UK'. cdi/ry li.ivrc- rare nuiril .is u stfciiv;lU p'Xliuv .if.rvc tonic 1 ..U'CiJtM l'> try ;, cur Uivlnuilt •ind celery. AKi-r usinfi I'lij Nulls I \v;is •<> asli.'nislit!d M I lie x< "Oil 1'iAuH ilint 1 h.nv u.-sr.'t V.-V L T;I| jimri 1 . I i;l:ii!!.v s.iv I hav '.irs, !.'.'.i".TioiiCi.\1 such .1 'y :nU i.i|'.(>.'ily, accom- i^ono::. 1 tvlicvj t>u \vilii. >'.u .1:1 t\|ir.il ;is ^io rs.'nn.\ly. wilt 1 sh:i!l M to my tnoiicU. V"»rs t.mhuiHv. A. W.'R'H.I.INS. 1,L MEN AND women, unless they arc uinictcd with KOUIO organic disease, can bo stroll? and huulthy.if they will. Tliat dosir- iible result can bo obtained if they simply follow the rules of action their ancestors wore I'o accomplish this »ome .-self-denial is required. The majority ot' mon and women arc too self indulgent. They cut, drink luul sleep too much. More people die nowadays from overeating 1 than undercutiug. I am not a cynic and do not believe, in Kanting, seini-starvntion or uny of the drastic methods which some physicians advocate to reduce one's avolrdu- the b'ody and surprise yourself at the end of a twelvemonth by the improre- ment in your condition. Of course ft quick bath—a shower is tho best—nnd ft vigorous rub down nhould bo taken after exerciss. In this way vox. can attain health »nd strength. EUOKNK K govtM'ned by. j'rmii 1 ,! by ivtii'vi jroit and celery t srnsii'le anil s^i ..-ccomrr:<.M!il ucqy MI;N .iink'il willi the l:uiiui:s /••.i) Ijwyi'r. Chviivllor M. LV 1 Milhn, cf J2 1 ' | 1 • jmji SI., New York, wriiex: "For overhvn ytars i iuve tried every i'cn',i\!y 1 know t" rfcain my ruMllii. ITIMII cluso work my Btrvfs niul sy,:.-:n v.vtc PIT;'LVI|V .slKitU'reJ: I could not v.oi'!.. sloop, or in i:ict do anything t'lit comi'l.'tit:. A I'noiiii in Si. Louis wmte me Silyiiv.: IV.'Ininlt :uid celery had .-r;K'd him ot iint my Iro'.ilMe. I sent fc>r :i •,.w (1 doz.) ' All ( can ?,iy i. I :mi veil .nut .•*•;• my lio:iilh to your prep.iruyin. Mrs. Li-vlilKlei'. 2;>S rti;;p!'eii Ave. C'lii- -T3KO, SAYS' " * * No rliv.cciun i:i Cl'i^yo could dn vhat Bi.'efni,tlt IMS fur me. U cured me. 1 ,-<,uId nol rat, sl.?f;> or rest, and ff>ur bottles 'J1..<0 worth) Ins Hilly restored my :ippi?tiU", .mrfteci my norves. and I sloop like a child. -J take pleisuri in ncknowli;clt!ing it to all, Mrs. K. fc". Span^ler, wife 01 tlio \v t -li i'.nown Chtc^o politician, writes: ••I am u firm believer in Bccfmalt. Have rned it long enough to thoroughly test its merits, and know that it has marvelously improved my health." Don'J I*-t a drugpit sell you a substitute for BeefmaK. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. 35c. CURE ]JL THAT COUGH **r WITH - ?H ILO H S CURE •One eent a do«e. THM ---- imptly curei . »or sale bj B. F,.K««Uai. ZSLY'S BALMi ATARCTH 18 tlUlGlKlf ADSOFtWli. _____ AJlaysPainai innummattoo- Protect* the Membrane (rout Additional O»td Restores die j .Senses of Tastej and Smell. 'IT WILL CW& SAN HOW. puisimd to {ruin sti'cugtlx after it has been depleted by an excess of adipose tissue. Strength c;m not be regained in thai «-iiy. Such :i process only weakens the seeker of health, just the s;itne ;is "tiippinp-" ilocs a dropsical patient. Neither will "slnflin^" uid u man or wom:in who from nHtiinil or artificial causes Differs from a wasting of the tissues. TIx'iv is only "no ubsoluteiy curative rrmcily ior botli, and that is exorcise, liy that f do not mean that people should overtax their physical energies to attain health and strength. On the contrary, I insist that the process shall be gradual. The lighter tile exercise to begin with the better. Increase the amount as your strength increases. Never through pride or any other reason strive to do that which TOU can not, without extreme . A mar, or woman Will l.e Ono of the tonte.Unt. In Thl. God mndo certain individuals stronger than others. 1 maintain, however, that man has it in his power to improve his physical, condition. Mini 1 use in the general sense. 1 include; in this category every man, woman and child the sun shines on. The bost way to acquire physical powers is to tliroiv phasic to tin; dogs arid maintain a strict observance of nature's laws. Kut and drink whatever the syi-tem craves, only don't go into excesses. Nature will tell yon, as she tells the blasts of tho forests— for, after all, man is only an animal of the higher type—what your system needs. The lion and t,ho tiger are carnivorous animals and will take only meat An elephant or a horse disdains meat and will partake only of bay, oats, bran and tin- likf. A cow will chew griiss and a squirrel cruolc nuts or acorns. So with man. Nature tells him what lie requires. What is one man's meat is another man's poison. Yon can take chops, sweetmeats, cereals and cordials because you are emaciated and your system demands them. I am strong and heiivy, and Uicrefore sirloins and hard cider suit me hotter. 1 do not need tlesh; yon do. So much for diet. N'ow for action. Exercise moderately and also persistently. Do not follow any set ruU'.s but be guided by your own natural inclinations. Walk, run. jump, row, wrestle, box, .swing 1 clubs or dumbbells us bost suits your gifts. Do not go, however, too far in any one branch. Give them all a trial, but follow the one branch of sport to which you yourself can easily perceive you arc best adapted. 1 f you vary the routine you will strengthen every muscle of the body and stimulate the vital organs. Above all things never overtax your powers. Do not through a spirit of emulation strive to cijual friend or foe in a gymnastic'feat which he has accomplished with apparent case. He may have mastered the trick and you have not. Besides, the particular muscles which aid in tho performance of the feat may be better developed in him than in you. A serious strain may do you more harm than all of your previous inertia. Study the problem of health and strength us you would a profession. Study yourself. Nature will tell you your physical limitations. Kxercise, then, mildly, constantly and judiciously both inside and outside. Quit when you are tired and refresh yourself with a shower bath and pood rub down. If you follow these rules I will bet a dollar to a doughnut that your physical condition will soon be improved in every way. ATTILA. REY EL SANTA ANITA thoWls'and never excelled. "Tried. and proreo" is the verdict o f millions. Simmons Liver Rcgu- lator is tbe ^^ Liver and Kidney modicino to which you can pin your faith for a cure. A mild laxative, and purely vegetable, acting directly on the Liver and Kidneys. Try it. Sold by all Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder to be taken dry or made into a tea. The King of Llv«r Medlclnen, "I have insert yonrSlmmons river Reim- lator and CAD cuiiHclcnclously Kay It IK th« king of till liver mrcUclnes. I consider It ft medloLnochoxt'ln Itself.— GKO. W> JACK- toy, Tacoma, Wellington, stage is turned into Folly's bedroom. Polly sits down, and ..with lazy nonchalance takes off the bodice of her dress, and with the same air of weariness unties a string in her waist Than Pills tb* Z Stmmp In red on wrapper. "BOKLNSOK CRUSOE." ONE OF THE LATEST OPERATIC PANTOMIMES. It In Now AinunJiii: tlio Crltlnil Theater ConrH of London — The- Flay H»» Many Cood 1'artii— History Repeated In Sutlre. I London Tln::iti'ii':i! l,rtu-r.1 .inuiial pantomime •'Robinson Crusoe" at the Drury Lane theater is attract- the usual big crowds. Sir Augustus has a hobby for proces- 'sions.butthe "History of ISnffland in _Twenty Minutes" is an excellent idea. William the Conqueror lands at Hastings, and Rufus duly plugged bv an arrow off stage effort, perform. A man should always fed better and stronger, not weaker, after taking exorcise, outdoor or indoor. Kxerci.so, judiciously taken, I believe to be the pankceaof all ills. It stimulates nil the vital functions, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. It also strengthens all of tho muscles of the body and indirectly aids these organs. If any man primarily sound physically will follow the systematic course of training; that I have pursued I will guarantee that he will become stronger and health ier than his follows. Even those who acquired or inherited diseases will be bettered by the essay. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Pat men and women should avoid—or rather decrease by degrees— ales, porters, liquors, starchy cereals or fattening 1 substances of any kind. Lean people should partake of these in moderation, lioth can partalto of juicy joint*, be they from tho sheep or the ox, only let them avoid too much seasoning in the way of salt, pepper or sauces. These create an unnatural thirst which nothing but copious draughts of liquor of somo kind can quench. Too much liquid overworks the kidneys and liver and indirectly affect* tho heart. Never sleep more than eight hours a day. Eat regularly nrul at atated intervals In the lunuiiur already de- Year'1 American D«rbr< The name of Bey El Santa Anitit would look well in tho list of American Derby winners beside those of Volante, Kmperor of Norfolk. Spokane, Uncle Hob, Carlsbad and other animals that have added this classic to their laurels, says the Chicago Post. And . BBOTSEB8, H WalTCB Indapo of ATTILA. Scribed. Walk a mile or more ftfter «*ch meal before attempting any labor, phjtlcal or mental- A jaunt of two, three or UTB miloa in tbe afternoon, REV EI, SANTA ANITA. horsemen are admitting the possibility of "Lucky" Baldwin's candidate doing the distance this year aad beating his field. Those who say Key El Santa Anita win the Lake View handicap at Washington Park last year, when ho romped in ahead of Clara Bauer :md Ed Corrigan's promising 1 colt Vassal, heard considerable talk in the paddock about "Lucky" Baldwin's claims for the colt. Secret trials had been given tho fine looking son of imp, Che-riot, and it was even said that he had worked five and a half furlongs in 1:05, which, of course, was considerable . prompt side with every regard for his torical tradition. Kiup John signs the Mnjrna Charta with a long pen that looks like a disused yard measure; and our native stock of monarclis follow in. turn till an imitation Victoria Ito^inn, is revealed nt the close and is greeted with hearty cheers. That in, I »up- KROM KOPINSOH CHUSOK. pose it was an imitation of her majesty; but Sir Augustus is such a wonderful man you never know what he mightn't do. The title "Robinson Crusoe," a title, I believe, that has been used before in connection with a story book or something. However, that doesn't matter. Tho story ag developed here is original enough in all conscience. Robinson, it seems, wasn't a rough, bearded man after all, but a pretty little lady who is Called Ada Blanche on the program. Then there are the brothers I'oluski. These gentlemen are not mentioned in Dft A J-\UUV KKOM < KUSOF. somewhere ;ui<l waits for u, minute, raising her arm, a,nd -.mlies another string. Then the people in the first row of the pit. began to sta.nd up and Jean over tlic barrier, and then tho children in the boxes sat back while their fathers crowded to the front. Then Polly readied for her nightdress and put it over her us she sat in the chair, and as soon as arrangements were completed she got up hurriedly and skipped into bed ain'ul loud and prolon^O'l elircrs, OCriisoe's nmilu'i-is piayrd by a ..sweet, slim littlo tiling named Dan Leno. When she i.- di.si.nrbcd shortly after retiring by :i cry of ljnrglars,she plunges on the scene in an attire that mainly consists of a pair of corsets and red flannel garments that'itis not usual to speak of indiscriminately unless you are referring to » chest of them. The roar of laughter that followed her entry shook the boards beneath us. A few moments later, .Mrs. Cru.soc finds the rest of her clothes and gives a sort of skirt fliinee, which is a clever piece of fool ins- Little Tich, who was with you American cxtnivagan/.ns for some time doesn't seem to IIILVC so many oppor tuuitics in the present pantomime a on former occasions, and with hisludi crous makc-np as a Matabele warrio his stock of fun is exhausted for somi time. Tich is the "Friday'' of thi piece; but that night it seemed to mi that from his quiet demeanor he migh well have been'mistaken for Sunday morning. Herbert, Campbell is "Wil Atkins,"' the pirate, und his disguise is sucli that I don't suppose his own do would know him. Little crowds of ladle*, Truly yumrny-yiim, Llttla units of clothing, (Mighty llttl*. tome,) Little bits of humor, Bayingi smart and rich, Little group of artistes, Little—Little Ticb, Little scenes of beauty, Gorgeous all tbe time, HM a down and p'liceman— Make a pantomime. —GEXJLJ.U. Every Month many women nutter from Exceulv* Scant Menstruation; they don't km who to confide in to £ct proper *dvic*> Don't corihdc in any'jody but try Cradfleld's Ftagulafor a Specific foi PAINFUL, PROFUSE, SCAN1V. SLPl'lilISSED and IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION. " WOMAN" mai.'cd tret. Bfi«D.-|E-:.D r;EGUL«TOR CO., Atl«nt«. da. 3 tow r Hale FACIAL BLEMISHES 1 will rt-movp, !•>••• klr. .. , - —.. U an otjitT skin blonjslies. LOLA MONTE CREAM The prpftl. Skin food tiiii i Tissue Huilder, will cuke "JuTviii's mid tli is ail. lor aboi of skin Food and furc powder. Froe. Vrcc* Krce, MRS. NETTIE HARRISON America's licuutv Doctor, 26 Ocnry Mroci, SHU Prxnrlnco, O»). 301 Kim Si. CincliiiiKti, Ohio. «up<-i-fluuu» Jlitlr Jtraimcutlj- removed. VITAL TO MANHOOD. Dn. K. C. WEST'S MJliVK AND BRAIN" TKEAT- MKXT, n fpi'dfic for II}>tcrin, Diiziniw, Fits, -Vcu- ra'.tfia, Ht'mlilcbe, Ncrvou* I'roMrntiOil rnUM'U fry dlcolio! orfi>!»K-er>, W/ikcfuliJ*>^ Mi'Ufu; JVjjrOF>lofc, SufU'uiritf of liraiu, causlup iusinmy, niirorr. i]efcay. dentil, PrcmuLuro Old AJ.-O, IJfim-Nlli-r'f, LOWH of J'nwer ill ,.jlh,-r rit'X, Jmimu-ocy, J-i'ncnrrhu'n nurfnll IViimlo Wr-ukiicKt-M, Invnluuliiry Jxvv,,>«, S^enBu- tnrrluKU enured by ovcr-excninn of bruin, Self- nl'U^e. cAvr-Jixiultrpnoi.'. A nionlh 1 ^ trt-idnivct,|1, 0 for Si, by mull. With Mich order for li IX>XOK, u-llli tfM'ill win) vrlllenKij«nintwlo n-fuu/j if i:ni '--ir,*!. Uu»rttnti.i>Hl!.M]i:iil)yiu.-cnt. WKST'Sl.IVKlii'D.l.S curt-* Sick nctutftche, BUtou-im'-", LiVi-r Co SourHuimuoh, DyKpepfi.i un<J Constipation. GUAKA.MLE3 tailed ouly by W. IL POHTEtt, Dratstfst, 3^5 Matfcet St., Lo- "iinsport, Inrt. F(l " "TlHtR SFX. Till rtmeil :•• to th<> MOT for even the most enthusiastic to be- | Foe's narrative, but they have a pretty Hove. So persistent was the Baldwin | good armful of the present version, crowd in declaring that the colt was . and for something 1 like tho first ten of good mettle and really a deserving | minutes they monopolize all the laugh* horse that the "inside bettors" had ) ing power in the house. considerable money up on him at long odds to win the Lake View. It was » more pleasing-surprise to these backer* th»n tho reward of following 1 form. THE TURF. Jimmy Lambley has signed to ride for Marcus Daly at 83,500 for the season. O'Noil and Kckert of Chicago have laid jau.ooi) to 8500 against George V. Hankins horse, Canton, for the American Derby. John Hunter, chairman 01 too Doard of stewards of the recently organized New York Jockey clu'u, has written President V»n Kirlnnan of Nashville VUrVO Ul 11TD IU»LVJ« ••* ..».*• u»w«"uuu| , . _ whet, nature is at her best, will not ' letter in which he mvites the commit- particle. You are ta be t« e appointed at the last meeting of S?X?«*.»» With i » unnr!ii6lpSDlL <trumr<«t MtJf<M tun fan. liailrtaatitrfajfUtn*r9--M>iti:o iro. w«in M«d i^by m*ll nn«a P»mpl(lrfclh*i)ftlfnrtiyfll«tHi frM. N., •rmt lfd of ther, it SOLD by Ben I'blwr, Wlidnd* Dm«p»l, a Pcurib Si., Soii A|«>t lot tile vt 1NIMPC •lOGANSPOUT.liKT harm yo« » governed entirely by your power* and nature will tell yon when you have had enough. Then po to a gymnasium and exorcise with light dumbbells for an hour or two ovory day, with frequent intermissions for -rest. Try CTery kind of motion, backward, forward, overhand and underhand. Any athletic professor can teach yon all the curves. In this way you will de- the muscles of every portion of the turf congress to take steps to bring 1 about a national jockey club to meet the board »t au early day. UfHY HOOD'S? Because " Hood's SarsaparilU la the best, most reliable and accomplishes the greatestcures. HOOD'S CURE* Crusoe goes on board ship. You see, If he hadn't gone on a ship he couldn't have been wrecked and there wouldn't have been any stories told about him. So he has to go on board ship, and when the wreck comes, advantage U taken of the fact to give us a gllmpss of the bottom of the sea and what goes on down there. According to Sirdiris it would appear that a largo number of young ladies meet therefor occasional dances in their very best clothes, and the scene as represented on the »tage is really very beautiful. I should imagine that tho ballet ladle* at Drury Lane must receive extremely handsome salaries, though it is tru« they work very hard. Still, I work pretty hard myself, but I can't afford to wear three or four diamond rings at once. Miss Marie Lloyd is Crusoe's sweetheart Polly, so she is; and she works at high pressure to amuse the children —for whom pantomimes are supposed to be produced. There comes a time when Polly, like all other good little girls, has to go to bye-bye, and lest there should bo any doubt as to the thoroughness of the production, t*o THE COLOR LINF. A CAlCBfo Paper S»yi 1C Helped Fred dent Lufecomb'i Election. Charles H. Luscomb, the new president of the league of American Wheelmen, was elected at the recent Louisville convention on the negro Issue, Luscomb is an old hand in the L, A. W. He was president once before this and for some time was chief consul of the big New York- division. It is at least a remarkable fact that a great body of American citizens like the L. A. W,, which has about fifty thou- s a n d mem bers> should be led astray on this important CHAKLRS i.t'scoMB. question by a handful of prejudiced southerners. It was not so long ago that Mr. Luscomb, who is an able roan in every respect, was among those who denounced the shameful anti-negro movement fiercely. Jn this campaign he was non-committal, but he gave secret assurance to his supporters in the south that he would swing his party into line on tho color question. The delegates to tho Louisville assembly, say some, acted like cowards when they voted in a secret ballot It was, says the Chicago Post, a most despicable affair all around in tbe opinion of liberal- minded northerners, and tho great body of the L. A. W., which does not want the discrimination, should do something to wipe out the disgract, • Mr. Luscomb will probably make » good president in other respects. fl no rhtrg* <lf 4j«t or ercurial or puiKaotu med* icin«.lo 1* taK-n llttLrulllj-. Vllta " AS A PREVENTIVE by cillirr ?rr: it himiy-MWctoconlJirf any vcnTW.] ciseajc: I'UI. In tho CAM of 1 ooJrc«i'. - l ; vro«T[n(»TiL -» «T,a Olrcl, we ( at.. Lo PILES ABBOLUTlt.T CURBS. iTMPTOM»-Mri««»r.l Ii • • tMMt>t«l|ktl Wi ITCHING PIUS SWAYNPt OINTMENT bl<*4lM.*tMrik.th%tW»*n. ft MO: fur WcU, frtptred bj D>- a»*t Vk and vigor Lost Manhood r , • tronliy, etc., mi-ply cured by 1SHAPO. tbe iTMl Hindoo Ki-im-ily, Wllb rr»u*t*tmurfU*m. Boldbj tlB« FISHtK, iirugtlttl, lat uwiwrt.Indluu. An agreeable Laxative and NERVE TdMC. Sold by Dru«rgltt«or «ont by mail. £Sc.,MO,, and (1.00 per package. Sum plea fre*. The favorite ICBH NtMl 'ortheTeetbandBreath.Bo. rot 8al« br B. f. X«aaUat. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal POMPLEXIOU \f POWOJCR. |l | POZZONTS Combines every clement of I I beauty and purity. It is beauti- f fying, soothing, healing, healtk-1 I ful, and harmless, and when! rightly used is invisible. A most I delicate and desirable protectiop | I* the face in this climate. Inilst npon having th« IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. QUAKER CATARRH CURE U different fro in all othtr rcmcHir*. li not n muff, powder, pule, Ttpoc •« W*> l>ut .TiKLuhkr coinhiii.iuon nrmt'iiiin.i; ^^rni', v.ilh »s«Xhlnj oily buc. MUfhc onfy fch^lut* *nn-fr.r t'itiKHH. H .i[>j>/ie*J rfireclJy to Kit of di««ur vM* «, vilmf cotton, »-(i<*reili> imtikeilidtcly ,il>s^rhc(l*nd quickly f Tcctt » ruf»- *w lv-nc-rifi.il action is le'.l.iUjuc. It. Ic.'mus tlic r^^l pmuk^cv, AlliVt InMHKk- in'il. Hcal% (h« Sorrs. K-r-T'trr< T»itc ami Smell. JteltetMi?«M ta U« U«c4•«4»M. hUOnU. Dm* \mtm. «r I'] «ttll. QUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ST. PAUL, MM. For sale in Logansport by BBW FISBCK, Druggist LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. 44 SPAMSIf KF;itVt?CRAINS^ the wonderfu!>efredirfa»U vitli ,l vriU«n K'nrrmt'T'c: tocurr all nrrvoits di»c;iscs Michu Weelt MoV- or>-, 1-oshof lirain Power, Lost Manhood, NiRhtlv EimJRwon*, Evil D l^cl: of Cotificiciicc, Nervousness, Latitude, nil drunxnnd loMof p oi'tJic Generative Organs in cither sex caused by over exertion, j errors, or excessive use nf tobacco, opimn or uimubtnU which *oo> MM io ]nr)rmity,Cnu«iifnpiion and Insanity, Put up convenient lo cany U vc^t i>ocket Sent bv m.-iil in plain package io nnynddrcu (or $1, «v . BC&CJ. Circular Kite. Address SPANISH For >ale in I •gtniport by Bnr Fmr%

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