Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 5, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1896
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VOL. XXL LOGANSP6KT INDIANA, SATURDAY MOENING, SEPTEMBER 5,1896. NO- 213- By Persistent Effort Is success achieved. No shutting off here. The public are always ready to buy if the prices are right. No month in the round year holds as many Bargain Surprises for you as this month. Note offerings for the next few weeks and prove by. investigation that we state facts. Muslin Underwear Today We offer choice of 100 muslin Gowns j Empire eifects, Embroidery fronts and sleeves, worth 75 c for . . 49c Lot 2 places before you muslin Gowns, button fronts, embroidery trimmed and well made, worth 98 cents for . . . . 53c THEIK PLANS. "Sound Money" Democrats Locate Headquarters in Chicago. Branch to Be Opened-Up in New Vork —Hot Fight to Be Made in ---• Some of the States. Lot 3 is the Greatest Bargain we have yet offered. A cambric Gown, empire style, embroidery front and square neck, full sizes and well make worth $1.25 ior 69c The Steamer That brought Li Hung Chang landed many Dress Goods Novelties for us. We open today choice of BO pieces All Wool Novelty Dress Goods for Fall and Winter All the most stylish effects 40 inches wide, worth 98c for 58c WILER & WISE. Atlanta, Ca., Sept, 4.—Thomas .E. Watson, the populist nominee.for .vice president, and Senator Marion .Uutlei'i manager of the campaig-n,Jield a confer enee in t.Us city • Thursday. Tluy discussed the plan of campaign and thfl situation generally. Senator Butler wanted to get Mr. U'ntso'.'i's record on some points and the nominee supplied, the missing 1 links. It was decided that Mr. Watson should p'o 10 Ttjxas nnd then west, on astuinp- in;;\ tour. I-Je will give his assistance tn t!ti' Texas populists ir, :lie, inoier.ie.nf lookin'n- 10 .fusion. Mr, "Watson also wanes fusion; in (Jeoi-gia or'the br.sis of n division \of.thc cloet'oru! vote nnd the withdriiwri-1.' of Mr. Sewall. no f:ir ns ,| Cenriria is e'Diicerned. 'BEACH CHICAGO': 400 and411 Broadway. 306 Fourth S+reet. OUR FALL WOOLENS ARRIVED. This Fall there are many new departures from the old run of patterns, and we have them all. We will show you this season the Largest, Host Stylish Most Attractive and EXCLUSIVE line of Woolens in the city. Early selections gives you the cream of the stock. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Harket Street. 25c' 3fic 40cj COc 65. 15 See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QUART SAUCE PAN • • ; 6 QUART SAUCE PAN. 8 QUAJRT SAUCE PAN... •10 QUART SAUCE PAN • 12 QUART SAUCE PAN ,..- ' C QUART MILK PAN '. 4 QUART COFFEE POT 50i 5 PINT TEA POT ; 35c NO. 28 WASH PAN... 20c NO. 30 WASH PAN.. - 25c CUSPIDORS • • • 23» T.J. FLANIQAN, 310 HarketStreet. Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co, Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Specidi--Low rates on heaters during the months of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchbcrg Optical Co., . Tlie well-KnowD Specialists pi Now York have appointed, D, -A.'.HA.UK as agent Ior their celebrated Spectacles and .Ere Glasies, everr pair guaranteed .. ''D. A..HAUK his comp'.eti .-ii3)r:m>a; »ai tavie*s M '••latlitf'tlieiDnlYe'k or the great superiority of those goods over Miy manufactured, Rt the store ot D. A. HAUK, Sole ogont for LogMJSpblt Ind. ....... • • No.Peddlerj Supplied, JHr, tuul ..Mrs. Brrn.^ 3Ict i)y ( liulnnan Ciimpau aiul C»v. .vconv. of .Illssouri. • Chicago, Sept. 4. — The tniiu br::: J ing' Mi\ F.rj-tin to Ciiicnpro loft South Uieud, Ind.. Friday morning' at U:-t!' on tlic Lako Shore & Mici(;'iin Sourh.'i-n, nrriv- iiij;- in Chicayu at l):SO; Amoa^ thos'- vho ncuoinpaniuclirr. Brynii fro IT. South Ifcml Were Boujamin 1\ Shively, (.!omn- •cnitic cr.Titllilate for g-ovcrnor of tndi- r..:,!\, ar.tl Senator Elaokbura, of Ken •Uk-ky. The party wast met at thcsinLion by Churmnn Cnmpp.u, of -tho domnf.rario cainpaig-n-.coniiTiitteo, and C-ov. Slonc,of • Atissouri.- . 1 Mr, and Mrs. Hryan -\vere drivrn tli- | rectly to thcAuditoritirc Anne.v, wlier; tho cnr.didate will hold n oonsultniion with tlie party lentli-rs. ' Mrs. Brynn' IcTt for home Fridpy nig-ht to prepare I IT.- children forsehool. Jones Culls tor Help. ^"ashi.'tg'iou, Sept. -1. — Senator Jones hns M'ii'rtl Mr. Kicharrlson; who has been in ch.'U'ge of. the national work hfrif, that he must have his services ,nt once in Chicago, nnd, in auswjir tn the. call, Mr. EichaVclso"o left for Ch"i- cago Friday, The work of the campaign was nccmiiii taring so rapidly on the liandc of Chairman Jones, he said, that he was compelled to have the assistance of. Mr, liichaj-dson, Tim headqunr- 'ters Ler<? will be ic charge 01 Clark Howe!!, of Atlanta. Mr. Fr^nk P. Morgan will aid Senator'.Faulkner in look- 'ing- after the correspondence of. the na- tiona! committee until Mr. Howell arrives. • • • Senator StowuTt nt Ualtlmaro. Baltimore, Md., Sept. 4.— The-opening- gun of the.democratic campnig-n in this 1 city was. fired Thursday night at Carley pnvK", where 5,000 persons congregated- io hear Senator Stewart, of Ne- 'vnda, ar.d' other well-known speakers lexpo'uj;:! the doctrine of free silTcr. The meeting- wn.s 'an enthusiastic one. Much of Senator Stewart's- speech • was- de- 'Totocl to answering the charge made Hgaiast him by Senator Sherman, .of Ohio, who Las stated that Senator 'Stewart was in favor of a 'single' gold . standard Jr. 1874. The speaker also paTd his respects to' ex-President Hnrri- son, ''the man .who made the destruction ,of home rule the leading feature of his adm.inistrntipn," and- then took up the Chinese viceroy. "When the money of any land Is cornered," ho said, "the people have no Interest In the control of affalrs-^no more interest than the Chinese have- In their country, where they have been robbed and kept In .penury by the soulless mandarins. 'One o£ them la in this country, to-day. I/et the soldbug3 honor that monster who 'for half a century has governed a province of 35,000,000 of people by unexampled cruelty on tho slightest sipns of disturbance. That man.ivho murdered thousands to keep himself In power now presumes to lecture us because, we aro uncivil enough not to receive, and aeoept the poor down-trodden slaves of his .tyranny, who never can be made American citizens and must necessarily, corrupt' and cTderade our 'dvillza- tlor.," - . ,- t . '• -'Gornaaiij'.to Di) Bard .TTnrlc. ' Baltimore, 'Md;, 9ep:-.4.^-6i;natoi'Gor-' man nrrivedt-aV his home -in- Laurel Thursday .night Iroin Saratoga and New York; '-Se;will immediately engage in -•the politico); campaign and oonthine' at the helm, iropi.nSw. tmtil- the election. '' - 1 crafib party Friday; a" decision - wn.s Reached to the effect that it would be "inexpedient" to.put a "sound money" state ticket in the field. The reason of this decision will not be stated by Chair- inan Pickena, who merely states that it would be "inexpedient." The facf, is that many of the democratic state leaders are now on the fence, and it is feared that a. state ticket would force them Into the silver camp. "But you may say-,'! said Mr. Pickens, "that there will positively be a nominee for congress in the Seventh district," iu which Indian opolis is situated. PopullHt NnmliiiM.' I.iidurKuU. "El Keuo, 0. T., Sept.. 4.—The demo cratic territorial convention to nominate a'can'didate for deleg'are to congress wa in session until- 1:.'JU .Friday morning, when nn indorsement of J. Y. Cailalinii, populist nominee,.was made, Tlie Jig-lit was a bittei- one and much feeling win shown. The report of the conunitte" upon resolutions was i|iiite long-. R advocated the principles ol' fhe Chicago platforni, single stairhuod, free homes, opposed army nlrk'»:.s acting; as Indian ents, advocated separate schools and fusion, ' • Fusion I-nll), tu \Vi(->t Vlt'^inln. '.•;. \V. Ya., Si'pt. -I.—In a conference nl CliirkKbiiri!- between the demount and populist stab: coniniit- .' lees liite Thursday nig-liv. all eilorts at •fusion failed, although the democrats " made-desperate clVort.s at success, even offering tb sacrifice the attorney - g-enenilship on the state ticket. The •populist nominee for y'Divrnor. Isaac 0.'Kalpl'snyd''!-, withdrew Thursday and the comniiltee placed Xar, Ward Fitzg-erakl, of Terra Alia, -it rlu> head of the ticket. Fitzgerald is an eccentric jj-ejiius, and tried to start a blooiner- "•irlTSstaurant in New York city a lew years a fro. DcmoiM'iitlc GonvirnLlon In Xebruskn. Oi'ii;;ha. Xeb.. Sq)t. •). - The state clem- ocnit.ii' eonvi!)ition met Friday morning | with complete representaiion of counties arid marked enthusiasr.i. It will doubtlI 1 :-;'* adnpt the populist ticket and iioiiiinare a candidate for a'.tnmey-g-en- eral,-'the popul-isrs having- left that .vacant; II is prop<,-,-eri to name four democrats and [our populists for electors. A FAVOE1TE. Maj. Clarkfion Chosen Commander in Chief of G. A, E. The Old Soldiers Elect Him Their Leader by Acclamation—Buffalo in 1897. St. Paul. Minn., Sept 4.—Maj. Thad- de'us S. Clarksori, of Omaha, was elected commander in chief, of the G. A. R. by acclamation by the national encampment Friday mornir.g. When nominations wore in order the following candidates were presented to the encampment: Maj. Thaddeus S. Clarkson, of Nebraska, nominated by Judge. L. M. Ilayward, of that department; John C. Linohan. of New Ilr.mpsMre, by Comrade Coy-swell, of rhii-isiato: D. "R. B.il- !ou, of Khodi.' island, by'Comrade Spoon- cr of thnl sisiTi 1 ; Rear Admiral Rii'hard ^V. Meade, of New York.'liy Comrade Browr., of North -Dakolu. and Senior INDIANA NEWS. Told in Brief by Dispatohii Various Localities, 1'olltio Driven Him Crazy. Marlon, led., Sept. -4.—Ephrajm Conn» a fnnner, 77 years old, attended a political gathering two miles north of hJ9 home Wednesday night. The 'Meeting was n rousing 1 one and the audience went wild with cheering 1 . Conn, who it almost in his dotage, became excited and left the building before the meeting: adjourned and started toward home. He passed his house and went on for nearly four luilcs, whore he e'jtered a church and spent the nip-lit. A searching party of -10 men scoured the country for him for 2.| hour.?, and when lliej- found him lie had not eaten anything and v.-iis exhausted and insane. Conn was one of the first set I leys of Grant county. )Te entered his land (>U years ajro and has lived on it to rho present time. He is well to do and well respected. He will [ be.',a.xTeily visitor at the-branch of the national cppimittee's h.eadiunr- -ters in'Wnshing'fon and frequeatly at state • headquarters In Baltimoi^. and •will'bt in .constant communlcatioo -by tvire with -Chnirmati Jones at- Chicago. rutlTICAI. ... ''MoklnVey Golns-to Xmr. • Canton, -0,,, Sept. i—Mnj. McKinley preparecl-'iVridcy the s]jeech which he expects 'to;.make Saturday to,the'two big deltgai-ioria from Pittsburg-h and Beaver county, Pa- He.'is'rec'eivlng'.a good; many messages Irom. •.- poHtical' friends eongratulating him 3n the re-: Eult of the Indionapolis convention. His friends are nil of oprnipiT. that the nomination ol a "s-ouno? moiicy" democratic, ticket ronhes Illinois certaio for Kinley as- well as other statos that were .termed doubtfuU Maj; McKinley las decided to go .to Zoar,,a quaint re- ig-ious community about 30,miles south of here,.to spend a few days-nextweek'. Jleisgoingfofrestuntl will riotattfjjipt any serious labor while there. Considered Inexpedient. In'diantipolisi Ind., Sept. 4.—At a meeting of the stale central committee Qf the national "sound rnoriey"dejno- •Little Bpeii, Ark., Sopt.'^. — The Ar- k';in>=:is'state election takes place Monday. thii'Tth iusi:, and will be one of the committee | hottest'politicii!-contests that has occurred in lh' u state .since reconstruction. There are four tickets in tho field-— democratic, republican, populisr and prohibition. The cause of the tir. two is ehampi'j-ied by Col. 'Da n W. Jones and Hon. Ji. L. Keaimel, respectively while Col. Abuer W. Files heads the populist ticket, FopuIlHtH of Alabama Birmingham, Ala., Sept. -t. — Thj Btatc executive committee of the populist party| met in this city Thuzsclay and put'out -n 'full 3'ryan anil AYatson electoral' ticket. "Evangel"'Manning, who . has been so prominently identified with the party, tendered his resignation as a member of the comniiltee, auc'l will 'support McKinley. ."•' Will Oreiuilze Clubs. Washington, Sept, 4. — The populist •party, following- in the wake of the republican, democratic and silver parties,' has decided to organize clubs in every •precinct in the United States. ' <ionfirrosylounl Nominations. Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 4.—Willh Brewer, of Lowndes county, was uomi- .nated''for congress Thursday in.', the .Fifth' district on the 3l9th ballot, over- ex-Congressman. Cobb, who was -mi- seated. Brewer was nominated by the democrats. The populists of the Se enth, congressional district have r ' nominated Congressman M. W. Howar< Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 4.—51. 'E. Olm .stead, of this city, was Friday uomic ated by the republican conferees' of th Fourteenth district for congress, Th district is now represented by Congress man E. M. Woomer (rep.). Manchester, X. H., Sept. 4,—John B Ts'ash, of Conway, has been nominatei for congress by the democratic, con gressidnal convention of the First dis trlct. Ntish spoke in '-favor of the frc coinage .'of -silver', an' income 1 tax .an' Bryan -and .Sewall, :'. ' Port Huron', Xlich., . Sept. 4.—Th democratsof the Seventh district Thurs day -nojminated O'Brien .T. Atkinson fo; congress. The free . silverites nomin a'tfd C.'H. McGinley and the populists nominated-Caflton Peak so_ine'tiine ago •'The- question' of ftision has been le'fi with'the .throe committees to settle, an? Atkinson will probably receive- the 'fusion -nomination. Bced'City, Mich., Sept. 4.—The democrats, s'ilverites nnd populists of th? Eleventh congressional district, aft.2" •wrestling with the question of fusion unii'l .four o'clock Friday morning, finally agreed 1 on the-nomination of Judge RamsdeJl.'of Traverse Gity, n silvarite. Hpiyell, Mich,. Sept., 4.—The demo crats, 'populists and.- sllverites.-of the- '•Sbetli' congressional Jistricl.m'et in joint •converitipii ' here' Thnrsdr.y aftirnoon and nominated 'Q. 'Av Smith f?r coti .press, i ._-. . __ - _ ^_/ __ '• Madrid*, Sept. -I.— Official dispatches fropi Manila Ktl J' * nat tlie lnl '£TC force »:of- rebels, '2,000 in number, which have concentrated in the vicinity of Cnnite still remain in that. position. The Span- jisferiymfcu-cemcnts under Mindinac. have not ye.t arrived at. Manila, Steamer Sunk, No. Lives Lo«t- , ;-" Londoii, Sept. 4.— The British steamer •Raven slfftgh, from Alexandria for Hull, cnme.y; fijto ...collision off Finistorrc :Thuijsaay, : with the .steamer Fusiyan, from'Antwerp for Leghorn, sinking the letter 'almost immedia'tely. 'No lives were lost.: 1 . ' •„ " ' • ''" "' ' ' ••••••• MAJ. THADDEUS S. CLARKSON. Vice Commander in Chief Jl.obscu. of Kentucky, by his state. He came as a dark hor:se, as his name has not ceen mentioned before Ger.. Given, of Iowa, made a speech declining to allow his name to be presented because he was a judge of the supreme court of Iowa. New York seconded 'Linchan's iiomi nnt.'on. The election of Clarkson wa forecast by the outburst of applausi which greeted his nomination. The friends of other candidates real ized the hopelessness of the situation and accepted it with'the grace of-goo . comradeship. Ballon, IJnehan, Meade and Hobson withdrew in favor of .the winner before a balldt was taken. The , election was then made by acclamation Gen. Walker appointed Comrades Meade, Lincnnn and 'Ballou'a commit tee to escort his successor io the plat form, which wns doce':timid demonstrative applause. Maj.. Clarkson-. in accepting the commandof the army, made n speech expressive of his deep appreciation nnd warmest tharks. Acljt. Gen. J. D. Mullen, of Minnesota, was unanimously elected s.'-.nior vice commander, • that office'''always going to the state where the. encampment is held. The-junior vice commandership went tc the south. ..Charle^W. Buckley, of Alabama, was elected. Comiade. Shoales,. of Georgia, was ali,o a candidate. A. E. Johnson,.of the department of the Potomac, Washington, D. C., was elected surgeon -general and Kev. Mark B. Taylor, of Massachusetts, cho{.'ain in chief. . • • The encampment installed the, new officers and adjourned at ,one o'clock sine die. Mrs. Agnes Hitti of Indianapolis, was elected president' of the Women's Relief Corps. [Thaddeus Stevens Clarkson. 'the • new commander In chief, was born at Gettysburg, Pa., In 1S-!0: He was educated three '.miles from the battlefield of Antietam. He enlisted April 1C,.IS61—within two hours after the appearance of President Lincoln's call • for 73,000 men for three months—to company A, First .Illinois artillery. He went to< Cairo, served under Gen, Grant there, reenllsted for the war July 16, 1SG1, ;.was promoted December 1, 1S01, to adju- ,tant of the Thirteenth; Illinois cavalry, served with that regiment ;ind on thrt stall of Gen..John 'VT". Davidson, participating In the'battles with that command on th march to Helena 'and;£lttl« Rock. Ark He was assigned to command It during th Arkansas campaign, 'H.e'asslstcd In rals no:ith of Isnirl <;o)iln. Greensburg, Jnd.. Sept. 4. — ' Israel Coble, aged 7(1. a merchant of Mcta- mora, cast of here, died suddenly Thursday afternoon. Mr. Gobi? was once a prominent politician, h-iving been a member of the stare legislature , for several years many years ago. j While, in the legislature h<? introduced and after a bitter fight carried the law appoint ing eotmly and «T.I;I> superintendents and giving uniformity 10 the Indiana schools. He wa* the 'minder of the Tndiana school system. - ' Tin- Midland Road In Trimble. Brnxil, Ind., Sept. •).— There .was filed In the circuit court u case asking* for the appointment, of n receiver for the Chicago it Southeastern Eailway company, otherwise known as the Midland. The title of the case is Kobert. MeHetb vs. The Chicago <t Southeastern Railway company. There are altogether 100 plaintiffs who from time to titne have received judgments against the Midland, which stil! remain unpaid. The judgments will amount-to $r,.ooo in all. Wabash, Ind., Sept. 4. — Wednesday night at Hopewell. Lagro township, this county, occurred the death of James Russell, Ire oldest settler of Wabash county. He was born in Kush county, October 24, 1S11. and came to Wabash in 133-!, walking the entire distance through- the wildeiness. Mr. Russell was a great hunter, and at the old settlers' meeting here last year said he had killed 2,000 deer and one 'bear in Wabash countv. ' I'opulffttK p»ll to ludorio. Kensselaer, hid., Sept. -I —The populist congressional convention for the Tenth Indiana district was held "at Monon Thursday. A desperate effort was made to have the convention indorse the democratic candidate, but the effort failed and a committee of nine, with F. T. Craig as chairman, was appointed to proceed as thought best for the interest of the party. The meeting wns addressed by J. H. Ttirpie. Straivborrlei in September. La Porte, Ind., Sept. 4.—Otis Bur- lingamc, living near this city, marketed eight quarts of nice strawberries here Thursday. They were picked from incs that bore a good crop in the regular season last spring, and-this second crop is as good as the first. Home grown fresh strawberries in September are considered a great curiosity. Trapped by -Mocked MarJrlHif. Anderson, Ind., Sept. 4.—Miss Helen \Iuneuburg, who came here from Chicago a month ago and married Dick 3randis. whom she had known but an hour, has been deserted, and it turn* out that her marriage was a mock one. Girl Commits Suicide. Martinsville, Ind., Sept. 4.—Bertha Bailey, the 19-year-old daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. Milton Bailey, of Monrovia, ommitted suicide here by shooting. he had been sick and was dcspond- nt. the Third Arkansas cavalry of union white men, was promoted to major and commanded the regiment until nearly the close at the war, participating In most of th battles in- Arkansas-under Gen. Steelc. In 1SC2 'he was married to Mary Bee'cher Mat terson and has five children. He ha's been on the executive committee of the nationa. council o£ administration. G, A. R,'. for three consecutive years, was elected department commander- of Nebraska by acclamation in 1SJO. He- is also commander of the Loyal Leglon'of Nebraska.] Placed In HH.idn of Receiver*. Topekai, Kan., Sept. 4.—United States District J'ydg'e G. G. Foster Friday lore- nobri, upon the applioai ion of ihe Gi/ard Life'Insurance Annuity and Trust company of Philadelphia, placed the J. B. Watkins Land and Mortgage company of Lawrence in the hands of M. Summerfield, and J. B. Watkins, of Lawence; and John F. Switzer, nf Topeka, as receivers. The liabilities TO $1,.'>00,000, consisting chiefly of debenture mortgages on Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa. .iid Texas farms. Lancaster, fa.., Sept. -i. — executions 'or ?14,S50 were issued here Friday igfiinst Salindo, Kinports, of Ephrata, rading as Martin Kinports, eigar.,man- ufacturers. The firm did a large busi- :ess. Inability to collect outstanding 'ills is given as the cause. . Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 4.— Gov. Bradley 'i-iday' morning 'comrouted to life im- risomacnt the death sentence of An- honyAlcorn-Yonlored), of Standford, -M' irs father. ; . : Full* Three Hundred Feet. Vinccnnes, Ind., Sept. 4. — Peter Rnnce met a most horrible death Thursday by falling a distance of over 300 fpet in the shaft of the Prospect Hill coal mine. He was night watchman at the mine. Ill* l''lmt Rlilc on the Curt. • Waterloo, Ind., Sept. 4.—George Ireland, living in the northern part o£ Indiana^ rode on a railroad train the other day for the first time in his life, when he attended the county fair in, this .city. Foul Fbiy SospcoMHl. Jlnllidaysburg, Pa.. Sept. 4.' — This community wns slnrtlcd Friday'mortl.- itig by.thc'intclligence th'at Rev. T.'F. Ki.-.'vor. pastor of the Lutheran church, and John .D. Love, a well known-merchant, had been drowned Thursday night in .Tuniat.a river, five miles below here. Their bodies were found hi shallow water. Friday morning.and.nsboth were good swimmers, grave suspicious of foul play have-arisen. Hum jiml nor**>* Burned. TTarrisliurg, Pa- Sept. -I.—The barn of . A. T?ippcr;nan. at Mitlerstown, was jurri'.'d Friday morning with three inrses and several carriages. The large liippon'nan tniinery was also on fire, but f \\-iis saved. Two other buildings were ' burned. The loss is estimated at?S.OOO.' I,«»t!icr Frtct-ory Burned. Newark. X. .'-, Sept. 4.—-Zeigel. Eise- nnn A Co.'s leather factory was burned ^riday morning. Loss. .550,000; insurance, $30,000.' '' ' 'j''_ -'_ i' '"'..;

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