Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 2, 1954
Page 4
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Jt^ i v ,'yWf.V.' s^pp/ir jp g 'TI?B$$gf5t^^^y;7*^ M$lr«^* HOM ITAt, HOP!, AURANIAI it tiiii -*" A tail , its Mfaw pttti lor (h« ded write-to vets* McCarthy, ftb* Cohrt, as tt&Arthtir 4hd Mrs. n. INCREASES * 285 PRESCOTT NEWS N6vtmbei' 1 Circle 3 of the Presbyterian Chtir* cH hfis been postponed until November Sth due to the "Wings Over Jordan" program Monday night at the First Methodist Church. Wetfnetday November 3 The Tri-Service Club will sponsor a bridge arid canasta party on Wed* nesday afternoon at 2 o'clock and in the evening at 7:30 at the teenage jClUb. Tickets will be one dollar per person and the proceeds Will go to thcv Polio Foundation. Make your plans to attend now. Thuriday November 4 Th'e,-W: C.'YcHit will mdel pri by Mrs. Cuss McCaskill and the cut prize by Mrs. Basil Munn. Mrs. J. V. McMahen and Mrs. John Oann were guests. Other members present included Mrs. W. S. Regan, Mrs. Harold Lewis, Mrs. H. H. McKenzie and Mrs. Dudley Rouse. A djplectable dessert course in 'the Halloween motif was served at the close of the games. Mrs. Russell Moberg and Mrs. Bill Dail spent Wednesday in Tex- arkaha. Laborer Held in Slaying of Young Girl BEAVER FALLS, Pa. Wl A jobless laborer faces a hearing today on a murder charge in the flaying of 16-year-old Helen Jean Bryant, whose partially disrobed body was found covered with leaves and dirt, on a hillside near her home. n ii'jiiic. ,,... *i ,< „ : , Elijah Thomp'sph; Jr., 23,^ a;neighbor of the 'slain' 'Aliquippa tl*6.> high school sbtjhomore, was arrest" ed Saturday;fnlght about, iz hours after the girl's body was discovered. Her head had been crushed. The information charging Thompson, a Negro, with murder was filed by Police Chief Matt Zvonar of Hopewell Township, where the slaying occuired. Coroner Margaret Sanders said there v/ete indications that an attempt had been, .made to rap? the girl, but she snid there is no conclusive evidence. Dist. Atty. Richard P. Steward cf Beaver County has declined to go Into details about Thompson's arrfest. .: Chief Zvonar said he believes Hei£ri rjeahv/was killed Monday when. 1 i 'She viras reported missing arletf-leavlhj^hdme for; school. The girl jhad t6 Hydlk alorig a narrow path through a wooded area to reach her bus. Meanwhile. 100 miles southeast of here at Conrmaugh, Pa., state police and Cambria County authorities contained an around-the-clock investigation of the pre-Kalldween 'trick-or-treaf slaying of 6-year- old Kren Mauk. The youngster's nude body wa: found in a cemetery early Friday. An autopsy showed she had been suffocated by clothing or some other bulky object, Coroner Joseph Govekar said. He added the g had been criminally assaulted, One U. S. railroad used mor* ,han three million tons of coal last year. • The United States has 17 beet sugar factories in 16 states which produce 1,800,000 tons of sugar a year. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Crcomulsioh relieves promptly because it goes into the bronchial system to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomulsion has stood the test of trillions of users. CREOMULSION nlicvta C6«g»i«, Ch«it Colds, Acute Bronchitis Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. John T. McRac. .. YtteTUtVty INST REFERRED ACT 285 Ss& f i '..'/ HEAR ARL HINTON 34-H /i- , t > L - fi ' .-" SV« .J.. * *V*- «•! , t i i ii tead County Farmer * v ~ i f ' * * •* * i and Stockman. ; - • ' l> ./. -' Vi 4 , i • £ j&w,^' ,' 1 "" ISpeqk This Eyehing MONDAY Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Pederson were :thc' "Wednesday a'nd Thursday guests of Mf. and Mrs. Herman Ackermann in Little Rock. Bennett Family Named Farm Family of the Year Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Bennett of loute 1, Prescott are winners of the "Farm Family of the year" award in Nevada County sponsored by the Agriculture Jpmmittce of the Prescott Cham- jbr of Commerce. Judges, visited farms of the participating families Monday and the Bennett family was de jlared winner after Judging on the following points: Communist life, family food supply, land use, anc farm.and home improvement. RIUV ner-up was the:Qlynn McDonald family of Route 3, Prescolt. The Bennett family will resent Nevada 1 , Gptfnty in the District judging which will be held between November ,1st and 20th. District winners will ,go on to the state competition.-and, vie for cash prizes in the Farm Family of the Year program sponsored by the Arkansas Press Association, the Arkansas Power and Light Company and; the. Memphis Commercial Appeal, in cooperation with the agricultural agencies. •Mr. and Mrs. Bennett will receive, the Arkansas Press Association "Certificate of Honor" as rdsult of their winning • the county title. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McRac of Houston, Texas returned to their home on Wednesday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. ike Avery. rep A. E. McGuire who has been the ;uest of his daughters, Mrs. J. B. Walker and family in Nashville, Tenh. and Mrs. H. R. Rosson and family in Columbia, Tcnn., has rc> turned home. Mrs. L, B. Helton, Johnny and Michael, who have spent the past few months in Prescott, left lasi week to join M-Sgt. Helton at Fort Campbell, Ky. They plan to leave the first of December for Germany where they will visit Mrs. Helton's parents. Mr., arid Mrs. C. H. Tompkins and' been C. . T. Called Tompkins have to Jefferson, City, Mo., on account of the death of Judge Roscoe Conkling, brother- in-law of Mr, and Mrs. Tompkins. I Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wooley, and Mrs. Watson Ward and Mr. Mrs. Dale Ward attended the Ice Revue in Little Rock Wednesday night. »\: ') Qyeii....,KXAR II poY. : Adv. -paid (for *-!'•'••; br Carl"HintPn i " j 1 ".'- Mr*. Dallls AtkinV Hottest To Wednesday Club 'Mrs. Dallis Atkins was hostess lo the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on Wednesday afternoon. A /colorful mixed bouquet of autumn blooms graced the living room mantel and arrangements of dalhais and roses were placed at other points pf interest. •JEhe .high score award was won Mr. and Mrs. William Wiseman have returned to their home in Houston, Texas after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peachey. Mr. and Mrs.' Paul Harris announce the birth of a daughter, Donna Lynn, on October 27th at the Cora Donnell Hospital. There arc tw,o types of calorie; ,the ; kilogram''"calorie enough heat 'to raise the temperature; of 2.2 pounds of.- water one degree centigrade"—-is -1,000 times as great as ,the..gram calorie. This Is How You Can Join BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD BLUE CROW for Hospital Car. •LUI SHIILD UT TODAY , UiMainSt, Uttli lock, Ark AS AN INDIVIDUAL: YOU and your family may apply for Non- Group m«mb«r»hip If you are under 65 years of age. MARK AND MAIL THE COUPON BELOW, AS A' WOUP: If you work with w employ 5 or more persons yog n4»y bf eligible to enroll 91 a group member NO AG€ LIMIT « MARk AND MAIL THE COUPpN BELOW. AS A'MRM PURE^U MEMBER: Vour County Farm Bureau' offer BLUE CROSS, BLUtTsHIEtD now from November 1st to Delit NO AGE LIMIT- CONTACT YOUR LOCAL FARM, BUKfeAU OFFICE NOW/' ' - ' MAIL THIS COUPON NT LET THEM FOOL YOU... The right to vote is the foundation of Democracy. The right to have your vote counted honestly is a fundamental privilege and an unswerving responsibility of free gov- » ernment." 'Any man who claims knowledge of how you voted — without, due process of law — makes himself liable to criminal prosecution, including both fine and imprisonment." ift Every tool of the Machine Politician's trade, including tricks, threats and misrepresentation of facts has been employed in a desperate attempt to elect the pupet candidate who will serve only the selfish interests of the political bosses. THEIR THREATS ARE LIES! You will not be denied the right to vote in future elections because you place the needs and best interests of Arkansas above the greed of the political bosses! You may vote for PRATT REMMEL for Governor without fear — safe in the knowledge that YOUR VOTE IS SECRET. They cannot take that away from you! Vote For ARKANSAS... And GOVERNOR Pol. Adv. Pd. for By Verne findall, China.. jRemmel For Govenipi Campaign, Little Rock, Am. TONIGHT ON RADIO HEAR PRATT REMMEL 8:00 to 8:30 P, M, All Stations To City Subscribers: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by • 6 p. m. and a special carried will deliver your paper, i^^^^^^^^ u^g^oUUUJgL Hope »•,—. <M^^^MlBfc Star 18-23 ttmlgM, " 24-htnifs eHdtti At s a, High 64, tiOW 32, < 56TH YEAR: VOL 56 — NO. 17 Star of Hope 1899, Press 192? Consolidated Jen. 18, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 19S4 Member: The Associated Press 4 Audit Bureau «t ClfcolAtlbrtl Av. Net Pdld Clrcl. 6 Mos. tndlrig Sept. 30, 1954 — 3.S37 Arkansas lo ^ £ef Firs) Hard Freeze Tonight By The Associated Press Arkansas is due to get its first hard freeze of the Winter tonight, with the temperature scheduled lo drop as low as 18 degrees at some points. he mercury droppSd to the 20's at some spots early this morning, but the light sno'.v predicted for Cub Scout Awards Given to Members of Pack 62 Cub Scout Pack 62 in its recent meeting was attended by some 75 boys and their parents. Mrs. Robert Mitchell and Mrs. A. B. Enoch had charge of the games. During the program various problems were discussed and it was Forty State Inspectors Move in on Hope Next Tuesday for a 3-Day Fire Safety Campaign Forty inspectors, all members- of the Arkansas State Fire Prevention Association will arrive next Tuesday in Hope, November B, to assist the Hope Chamber "of Commerce and the Fire Department hel<rNov B i ln conducting a three-day city wide H at the Presbyterian Church. The following boys received achievement awards; fire safety campaign Mayor John L. Wilson, Jr.. has officially proclaimed next Tuesday " ~ ' NovemWolf: Charles Beyerly, Thomas McLarty III, James Paul Hutson, the noithcrn part of the state failed Ronnie Slephenson, David Waddle, to appear. Minimum last night temperatures reading included these lows: Faycltcville 22 degrees, Gilbert 23. Walnut Ridge 24, Newport and Ozark 25, Batcsville 26, and Morrilton 28. The U. S. Weather Bureau at l$Ue Rock predicts continued.cool weather through Sunday. .Occasional rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday nights. Arkansas last freeze • was in March. !Terry Verhalen, Larry Lawrence, Earl Bruce, Dan Jones, George Jones, Preston McLain, Mark Peace, Mike Hudsepeth and George Wright; By United Press Election day dawned co'.d and raw in much of the nation's East today, but it was good voting weather in the V/c. c l. The Canadian cold wave rtlsK- iBg deep into the South, was expected to have some effect en th3 size o£ the vote turnout. However, party lenders differed on what, if any, effect the weather would have on the outcome. Most of the northern Midwest was under a snow blanket today and raw snowy weather was ; peeled as far east as Now England and New York state. The cold wave dipped i.'.to North fjwi Alabama, Texas and, Louisiana fln"d readings in the tees stretched frcm North Dakota, where' it was eight above at Jamestown to, northern Kansas. Skies were clear and roads were good in most country west of the Mississippi; In New York .City the predicted damp, nippy weather was expected to hold down the metropolis' normally heavy Democratic vole. However precidcd snow flurries .<B8ght al?o cut the GOP vote up- Arrowpoint, Roy Allison, David Stewart, Charles Brown, Sammy Brown, Dan Jones, and George Jones. Days" here in Hope. The visiting inspectors who will be divided into teams of two, will ae accompanied by local firemen as they call upon every business establishment and visit schools and other public buildings during this three-day survey of the entire community to discover and eliminate fire hazards. Murder Trial Recessed by Election By WILLIAM NEWKIRK ' CLEVELAND I.<PI An election day recess today delayed a decision on whether James R. Manning, a convicted sex offender, should bo removed from the jury picked for the ?hcppard murdcn trial. Informed sources, however, indi cated Manning, would be replaced by an alternate juror and the tria would proceed. A declaration of a mistria was not thought likely. The controversy swirling about the real estate salesman the past two days has almost overshadowed the real issue in the trial: Did osteopath Samuel H. Shoppard, 30, beat his pregnant wife to death last July 4 after a purported affair with Susan Hayes, a pretty hospital technician? This is the state's allegation, which Sheppard Series of Career Assemblies Held at High School A series of Career Assembles are being conducted at Hope Higl School this year for the benefit o the Juniors and Seniors. The firs program was held Thursday mbr ning, October 28, and devoted tc the discussion of Civil Service oc ctipations. Guest speaker was p. C. Goodwin of Texarkana, Examiner in charge of this Civil Service District. He talked on the opportunities existing in this field both within and outside the continental limits of the United Both Political Down to Wire All inspectors will be easily recognizable. They, will be'wearing white jackets on the back of which is the official trademark of the Fire Prevention' "Association, a big red skeleton on horseback, the Fifth Horseman, symbolizing tha ravages of uncontrolled fire. In visiting Hope business' establishments, these teams of inspectors and firemen will survey the premises and discuss with the building owner or occupant such ... .... An Ohio sn'ovv storm,'which piled Yesterday Asst. Prosecutor John J. Mahon demanded '^hi'B| Manning be tosred off the jury oh 'grounds he failed to reveal a crime in his Voting Today May Reach *45 Million By LYLE C. WILSON From Our Wire Services WASHINGTON Voters, turned cut in multitudes that may top 45,000,COO todaj to pass mid-term judgment on President Eisenhower's Republican administration. The poll takers figured the Dem•^rats on top in this congres pional election year. Thicr consen su: Democratic cor.lrol of the House and, perhaps, the Senate in Ihe 841h Congress. But the Republicans v/ere no despairing and the Dsmocrats were not indulging in any prema lure celebrations. Indication were that the trend will not be definite for hours after the pells close. It was good voting weather in up to 10 inches in Cleveland su- background. Defense Atty. William burbs. yesterday was dying down, j cforritran immediately demanded proof that Manning was a sex offender. With that trial was recessed until tomorrow. While Judge Edward Ely In in would not speculate on what course the trial will take Monday, it was believed he would refer to this Ohio law in deciding the Manning question: If before the final submission of the case to the jury, a juror becomes incapacitated or disqualified, he may be discharged by the judge. Court sources said that would enable the judge to discharge Manning and replace him with one of the two alternate jurors selected yesterday. the West, but raw and mean in the Midwest and East. The Easit's nas ty weather vas not, however, keeping the voters away from the polls. Many precincts, in fact, reported heavier than usual balloting. Early voting was heavy in New York up 16 per cent in some pre cincts, an average of 10 per cent in others. Samples from ether parts of .the country: early voting heavy in Massachusetts, Rhode Islurid, New .Vjampshire and Vermont. In North- Wn Illinois, a little above average, downstate brisk to much heavier. In the voting Maryland and Virginia suburbs of the voteless Dis trict of Columbia heavy to very heavy. Heavy turnout in Denver and Pueblo, Colorado's biggest counties. Man Convicted in Shotgun Slaying DE WITT Wi Walter Baxter, 44, yesterday was convicted of first degree murder in the shotgun slaying of City Marshal Burt O. Burbank. Conviction on a first degree murder charge carries the death penalty. The Circuit Court Jury returnee the verdict of guilty after three hours of deliberation. Burbank was shot to death wiu'le investigating a reported disturb ance at a DeWitt boarding houso A shot fired from inside the scrcer door of the house, struck Durban!' as he walked up on the porch. The defense contended that thi officer drew his pistol when h< reached the house and as a rcsul of trouble which the defense; said Baxter had had curlier with Bur- conditions or recommendations which may improve the property from a.fire safety standpoint. A small booklet contains suggestions for remedying .such fire hazards as may be found to exist. The Hope Chamber of Commerce and Fire Department is urging all building owners and occupants to voluntarily correct as many of the fire safety recommendations made bv visiting inspectors as rapidly as possible. Compliance with recommendations is not compulsory, it was pointed out. But in undertaking this campaign, the City of Hope this week is competing with some 20 other .midwestern and southern states which have undertaken si- miliar town inspection campaigns under the sponsorship of their local Chambers of Commerce. We want our clean-up record to put Hope on the top of the list of these 20 cities." the Board, of P£rectors of the Chamber of Coriv merce emphasized "by having a high percentage of voluntary compliance with recommendations which these visHIng inspectors may make." Building owners or occupants at he time their properties are sur- eved will be furnished with a list of fire hazards on their premises and with recommendations for ,her correction. Immediately fol- owlng the three-day survey all mildlng owners or "occupants will be sent postal cards so that they can report th» corrections they lave made so that these correc- ions can be credited to the Hope compliance percentage. Tabulation of corrections will be handled for he Hope fire-safety committee by larl S. Smalley, Executive Secre- :ary of the Fire Prevention Association. The red skeleton trademark, 'The Fifth Horseman," was adop ted by the Fire Prevention Association, President Roy Atwood explained, because it so aptly fits with the other four horsemen of the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelations of the Bible, who down through the ages have been the scourge of mankind, namely, war, famine, pestilence, and death. Fire, the "Fifth Horseman" takes more than 11,000 lives in the Unitec States and annually destroys close to a billion dollars worth of pro perty, most of it through needless fires. States. He also brought with him Mr. Jennings, Postmaster at Texarkana, who made a very interesting talk. These programs are under the direction of the Vocational Guidance Department and are based on the results of an Occupational Check List administered to the students during the first week of school. Other Occupations to be represented in monthly programs include Teaching, FBI Work, Automobile Work, Engineering, Nursing, Clerical, and Social Work. It is felt that these programs, in bringing the student face to face with people in various Occupations may be instrumental in helping students decide on their life's work.,, WASHINGTON (UP) Both political camps fought the crucial mid-term campaign down to the wire last night with election-eve appeals by President Eisenhower, Adlai E. Stevenson and Vice ident Richard M. Nixon. ]Vfr. Eisenhower formally endct the GOP campaig with a r\ca for a big voter turnout. He did not call directly for a Republican victory but said the election will "affec the''national life for the next tw years and even far beyond that.' Stevenson and Nixon would u on sharply partisan notes. With his 1954 presidential chances possibly riding on the elec- tiori iouctome, Stevenson accused the-Republicans of reaching "new depths" in politics by trying to divide; the nation. He said they had failed to earn a mandate to con r nub at the helm pf government. Ni'xon called for the election on Republican Congress to carry orward the Eisenhbwer program of peace and prosperity." He said his is the only way the nation can e sure of smashing the "Comrnu- 1st conspiracy." Mr. Eisenhower, following Nixon .1 a half-hour television appear- nee, urged his listeners to call 10 erspns today to make sure they ote. lie- said Americans face a great decision" 'in determining Voting Over State as Heavy as Expec But May Set a Honor Society Candidates Little Hope For Lives of 42 in Crash NEW YORK (UP) The possibility of finding any survivors arnong x the 42 persons aboard a huge Super-Constellation mising or a flight over the Atlantic dwindled [reiftest combined^, air,-§ea searfih «s in .history for the Navy trans port cut the air arm of the Search operation in half. Instead of the 200 planes assign' ed originally to comb a 120-miJe vide strip of ocean from here to he Azores yesterday, only 100 jlanes will cover the area today A naval spokesman, "'however. said the officials had not given up all hope that survivors v/ould be ound. pday. Officials conducting one o£ the Saltonstall Key Figure in Contest BOSTON (/Pi The bid of Sen Leverett Saltonstall (R-Mass) re-election is one of todays fo: key bank, Baxter fired in self defense. Baxter's attorneys arc expected to appeal the decision handed down in Judge W. . Waggoner's Circuit Court,' h(p Together This Set iaside a time each week •«• * time -apart from the "busyn0»«" of Jiving. You'll find more jo>_ in each day, if you give some time each \\eek to woisnip. Published as « public strvict in c«- operation wM W*« Advtrtiting 86 Re-elected With No Opposition By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON t/B Eighty-six candidates won major offices with- C'lit opposition in todays election.!. They include four Democrats elected to governorship'.?, Democrats unopposed for Woman's Death Termed Suicide LOS ANGELES Wl The death contests in the Republican fight t> reUiin control of-the U. S Senate Saltonstall is opposed by Stat Treasurer Foster Furcolo, a for mer member of the U. S. House who is regarded as the stronges •contender Saltonstall has face- since he won the Senate seat 1 1944. Republican Gov. Christian A Herter is in an equally tight rac fo'r a second, term. The Demociv tic nominee for governor is Sta!. Rep. Robert L. Murphy, his party' legislative floor leader for the las session. Along with those close contests the result is in doubt in the can paigns of three members of th U. S. House two Republican and a Democrat for re-electioi House Speaker Martin (R-Mas is running for his 16lh term i Congress. His Democratic opponen is Edward F. Doolan, whom Mai tin defeated by 45,000 votes tw yeais ago. Hep. McCormack (D-Mass) Dem ocratic whip in the U. S. Hous< is unopposed for re-election. vhich party will control the 34th Congress. With his wife, Mamie, seated be- ide him in the television studio lere, the chief executive said Americans who don't go to the iol}s will have an effect on the lection "a negative one." "Xou owe it to yourself, you owe t t§ your co'untry, you owe it to oul? children to turn out f-nd vote omorrov," Mrs. Eisenhower de- •larfd, "There is no such thing as litting out an election.' Stevenson wrapped up the Dem- oc^ft'tic bid to win control of Cpn- grelb with a 15-minute radio broa d- casfefrom New York. He said the Republicans "had been "disloyal to traditions of- constitu- ByThe Voters turned^ v out' w large numbPi-s v, places in At&anSas ing to early* 1!>ft! points , reportea "ydtlrigff$ "60 per cent Wnor , The 'stato's<Sdi,ttXJ ble, taWbt&'lee both local issfies active •waged ' Little the precincts' fo"f»Nbrthaji shewed that.Votinif 8 heavy as-dttttofeltheJ In the state DlmocratofiU mary last Au^loM? Rock, show,e voters h Ing, com time, on. Aug. ' , — Photo by Skippy Bryan Eleven candidates for the National Honor Society 'are from left to right on steps in ascending order: Billye Wiluams, Mary Ida Adams, Emoene Fuller, Jack Keck, Juanfta Gilbert, Gall Cook, Joanne Russell, Charles Bright, Sybil Worthey, Judy -May and John Taylor. ' . , •ior&l • democracy by a\-;political campaign of denunciation: and smear. . Once again, Nixon was a major .arget of the 1952 Democratic •standard bearer. Referring to Nixon's speech of a few mir.utRS ear- ier, Stevenson said: •'Tonight, I have even heard the ,-ice president of the United States, ,vho not long ago was for sending American boys t ofight in Indochina, claim that peace in the world an achievement of the Eisen- administration. We are, • I 'ear, reading new depths in the pur suit of office." He lashed Republican candidates or being "unable or unwilling to campaign on their record" and said they had "played on fear, mistrust ond suspicion, exploting t h o s e things that devide rather than those things that unite our people." ' Nixon, who carried much of th> load of the Republican campaign struck at Democratic critics who have been "sniping" at the admin- istratipn. He also accused the Truman administration nf taking too long to recognize the Red.threat in Asia which, he said, resulted in the Korean war. "Twenty months have passed since President Eisenhower took office," Nixon said. "Thp result of his policy has been a great, dramatic achievement. The war in Korea has ended and for the firsl lime in 15 years the world is at peace.' 1 Arkansas Weather For the period Nov. 2-6: ARKANSAS W—Temperatures 5 10 degrees below normal. Norma minimums 40-46 north and 46-58 south. Normal maximums 63-73 Cool throughout peviod. Precipita lion generally heavy with rain four Senata seats, and 76 Democrats and 2 Republicans sent to the House of Representatives without a general election fight. Several other candidates have no major party opposition but must out-poll minor party opponents to win. Maine, which had its election in September, selected a Democratic!week with 10 of 11 winners, miss- mainly Wednesday night Friday, througl All Around the Town By Thf Stir Staff Mrs. X. B. Miller of, near Hope won the KXAR football contest last governor, a Republican senator and ing only SMV-Texas tie Of Mrs. Maiy von Elm, 46, wife three Republican House members. of George Von Elm, the gofer who beat Bobby Jones for the national amateur title in 1926, has been listed as suicide by the coroner's office which said there will be no inquest. I Dr. Frederick Newbarr, county' autopsy surgeon, said yesterday i-he died of nocotine poisoning. Roy pro- with A. Ford, 29, Von Elm's tege, who had been drinking Mrs. von Elm and was with her when she died last Wednesday, told police she drank from an insecticide bottle which he taed t oknock fiom her lips, Fprd is bed in $3,000 bail on a mojals charge fried after Di. Newbarr saiji thp autopsy showed pf sexual payers W v Morning Service Is Added to Revival . The Rev. Lloyd L. Hunnicutt, pastor of Central Baptist Church of Magnolia, is delivering messages nightly at the revival in progress at the First Baptist Church. The Palmore Dupuy still leads the contest for the Cotton Bowl trip, with an average of nine winners per week . . . . Don Webb.is second and Mrs. A. J. Rhodes is third with about 50 contestants close behind , . . there are four more weeks in the contest. This week TV game patrs Te* as against Baylor starting at 1:45 Nov, 13 Alabama at Georgia Tech at 2:16 EST, . . . Nov. 80 Michigan H.enderson State pledges include Teachers James sell of Hope, Phi Lambda Chi continue through' Billy Newt May pf Emmet Rt meeting will Sunday. Tuesday a. m. woiship began to afford students Kappa Two, Sigma Phi Epsiion Don at Ohio State, 1:15 EST . . Nov. 25 Missouri at Maryland at 1:45 EST. . . . Nov. 27 Army vs. Navy at Philadelphia at 1:15 EST and.Dec. 4, Notre Dame at Southern Methodist at 2:45 EST. Kirk James, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fay James, is a reguar member pf the Southern Methodist Mustang Band, in, his freshman ye»r, Sailor Held in Slaying ' of Little Girl JOHNSTOWN, Pa. W Sgt, 'ames A. Blair of the Pennsyl- r ania State Police said today, n one-time merchant marine seaman engineer will be charged with murder in the Halloween •'trick-or- re.at' slaying of 6-year-old Karen Vlaxik. He was identified as Harry C-os- •sa'rd, 39. Sgt. Blair said he lived n the "immediate vicinity" of the Vtayk home in Conemaugh, a. community of about 8,000 on the out- ikirts of Johnstown. Asked about widespread reports .hat Gossard had admitted the slaying, 'Sgt. Blair replied: "No comment. 1 ' "•'•"'. ; Blair said Gossard is being held under hoavy guard on a charge of "suspicion in connection with the murder." The nude body of little Karen was discovered early last Friday in a cemetery about two miles from her home. She had left home the previous evening on "trick - or- Ireat tour of the neighborhood. Dist. ,Alty. Fred Foes announced the srreft of Gossard shortly after midnight. He paid G.o s s a r d "has been booked on suspicions" in- connec tion .with the...slaying of Karen Mauk last Thursday night. Karen was making an early round of thp neighborhood in/her-Halloween, costume. -•;..-' "We expect to file a charge against him later today," he said. He said Gossard was unein- ploye and lived only a block away from the .Mauk home in. nearby Conemaugh. • State police said Gcssard's auto has been impounded as possible evidence, They said tire marks were discovered near the cemetery where Karen' unclothed body was found early last Friday, about six hours after she left home, Th« cemetery was two miles from the .Maul residence, Karen left home in one of hoi mother's old dresss, a false facp and an old hat. Part of her cos tumc was found in .a private ga rage near her home a short thru before her body was discovered. Beside her lay a pitifully small return from her "trick or treat.' at 7 3Q moming'Ruggles of Hope, Kappa Sigma Jeiry SuttoR of Em- ¥> Wi £>A1*£S MV-£jM*4 VV* *»•••»•-" — ' ^ -- 'f ---- - ^ -r- TT ^- ^- »-. . - , . T _ - w ^ TV« and business men an oppoitumty met, Phj Lambda Cm . . . Jonnny to attend A nuiseiy is. provided Cox, Dickie Lauterbacb, and Guy "" evidence pf j5ex.ua} #er-yer5jpjj v i& ejecting nuisj? for jne set ";v<Wx Vy r VV '^''^y^' r'^f^K , 4t the night meetings. Earl Bailey Mostey pf Hope, Sigma T^u Ga<n service?, Crosby His;OJjl Program HOLLYWOOD W . __ t .,„ „ v ._,_.,.. Crosby is rptuihing to radio Jack JJ7 Walker has been piom,Qted [Carting Nov. 22. He will be hear Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Walker pj Hope have jeceived woid their son tour apple. bag of candy and The little girl's body was bruised A coroner's report said she had no been criminally assaulted but hai died of suffocation. to sergeant j»t Burtonwood, Eng- Final Blast Candidate LITTLE ROCK (UP) , Dr. jcorge Branscum, firing a final olley at Democratic gubernatorial omince Orval Faubus, said late, esterday that the candidate ns 'attempting to mislead the people but trend". cast. the 1952 'general jglect .400 in ,the}iS6Q'elect" 'imist b<?' "••"•"•• v »"nW'» l " ose vote 'clearance' he seeks" issue. on the Branscum, a Little Rock dentist vho is chairman of a "Citizens for Clean Elections' committee, dis- 'layed a telegrem frcm the Federal Civil Service commission vhich stated that a thorough full ield investigation was not ' con- ucted of Mr. -Faubus by the Civil Service Commission prior to 'his permanent appointment as post- naster at HUntsville on Dec. 12, 052." Branacurn said Faubus claimed uch clearance in a speech Sat' irday night 'then he quoted Sen. Olin Johnston of South Carolina as saying the Civil Service Commis•ion "conducted a thorough inves- igalion and cleared Fqubu? both or security and qualifications," So, again we find Mr. Faubus .ttempting to mislead the people vhose votes he seeks. Brnnscum said. "It will be recalled at he run-off primary election, stated he had been investigated ~.nd cleared in the Commonwealth College matter by the FBI and Other federal agencies. Two weeks ago, the U. S. Department of ice informed us officially that rjei* ;her the FBI or any other' .hat department had cleared Mr. The statement continued, inusl be concluded now, alter the ,>fficinl statements from the U-S, Department o? Juttice and from .he Civil Service commission, that Mr, Faubus did not make any di3' closure of his presence at Com-- Tionwealth college, a school the Department of Justice the Tinman administration, claredhad been Communistic,' Violence Continues in Algiers Last minufe 'ftpptfals^l made, 18$ IMgJl' g, Fsuj}\i5,;,4§, XLGIERS. Aig« via ( more fire bombs were thrpwn 4n the Algiers area early today 'i a now outbreak of terrorism. • Police reported only pne of the bomljs went off,' ftpwever, e^uaihg little damage. Early yesterday ,&0 bombs and fire bombg »/ere exploded in scattere throughout AJgeris. and wounding ^Q -in, j?<jss,essiprj, J ,, ,. „ ,x The ?rench jgoveromeot kapsas mpdgrn. The B?pwb,l t« land He will leave for State§ NOV 18 and, be stationed Fort Worth, Texas following Monday through Friday on CB from 9:15 to 9:3C p. m. It will be th,e same type ojf gram that 8kyroPHet?4 tl»? fiU to f&ItlB ' &f»

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