Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 29, 1928 · Page 38
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 38

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1928
Page 38
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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, JULY 29, 1928 NO. 29 . VOL. CIX : - 4- r t SPLENDID IE An mm TERPIECE Sponsored by Oakland Tribune, Furnished By Schlesinger's; A palatial residence, embodying the latest in fine home construe- tion, will be built at Claremont Pines, the exclusive new subdivision of the York Company, Inc., It is announced. The home will have many exclusive features, being the first of Jts special type to he erected in the Ensthny. U will be known as the Oakland TR1B-UNE-Bchlesinger home and a distinctive name, embodying Its Cas-tilian character, will be announced lor the residence next week. The home will be built according to tho design of Frederick H. Reimers, noted Oakland architect, by C. Dudley De Velbiss, well-known Eastbay builder. , Throughout the various phases of construction descriptive articles and photographic reproductions depicting progress will appear In the Oakland TRIBUNE, which is sponsoring the home. During construc- MAS - tion and subsequently, the residence will be open ,to the public. Upon completion it will be furnished according to the "dernier mot" by B. F. Schlesinger & Sons. Great M care wag taken in the selection of the site for the residence, which "I Occupies a prominent corner in the "la-act overlooking the Clanemont golf course and facing the Golden Gate. C. Dudley" De Velbiss states that great care has been taken in the election- of both the sub-contractors employed and the materials which will enter into the construc tion of the home. Particular attention will be paid to quality and workmanship and every phuse of construction will be carried out under the direct supervision of both builder and architect. The home will contain many features not heretofore reproduced in' East-bay residential architecture. Each room will have a different type of floor, and the walls will, in each room, be treated in a different texture and color of California stucco. Frederick Reimers, the architect. In commenting upon the design of the home stated: VTho- MediterraneanTf y pe WarchT" Itecture was selected to conform to the contour of the site and to the general rolling nature of the terrain. The house wUl have sixteen rooms, each of which will be Individual. It will have a ballroom, library and smoking room, three garages and five bathrooms. A particularly attractive feature LOANS PLENTY OF MONEY OR IMMEDIATE OANS ON NEW CON STRUCTION. . REASONABLE FLAT PERIOD--AND PERMANENT INSTALLMENT LOAN COMBINED. Prompt Service . Reasonable Costs Assets over $23,000,000.00 ' f : tzd iv l (Head Olfict, Salt Laka City, Utah) C. H. McEntyre - District Manager 1929 Broadway . ' Oakland G OOD N. Estudillo Estates has more to offer you than good homes at reasonable prices on a convenient purchase plan. It offers you and your family the kind of associations you want? V ' . ' . . . ' Attorneys and executives from many lines of business are choosing Estudillo Estates. It is HOME to .them notr - just a piece of property bought for speculation. Visit Estudillo Estates TODAY, and meet its residents. -Look through the homes now on sale.1 You cannot beat the values pffered roomy houses, large lots, complete improve-tnents. transportation1 and excellent climate; '" ."TT". redTood .company Trarj Ofticv: Foothill Boulevard at Ktndillo Avenue Phone San Leandro 1200 This beautiful home, in the best Spanish-Mediterranean style of architecture, is sponsored, from its inception, by The Oakland TRIBUNE, and will be elaborately furnished by B. F. Schlesinger and Sons. It will be erected in Claremont Pines, the In Montclair Highlands Showing attractive . residences built, according to the design of Hamilton Murdock, for Raymond D. Callahan and Paul Pause, II will be an outside fireplace. The Mediterranean character of the res idence will be further enhanced by a series of walled-in courts, ter races, and the lines of the struc ture will be vividly brought out by hand-made, j-ed tile roof. The halls and library will have floors of colored, hand-made tile and the doorways will be arched and heav ily paneled. The Ianascaplnir nr the grounds will be particularly attractive and will" be uarrieu out under the supervision of Johannes Reimers, noted landscape engineer, It is -pointed out that this will be the largest and most expensive residence of this type ever built for demonstration, purposes tn the Eastbay area and was financed by the Pacific States savlngsg ana Loan company of San Francisco. Construction is o start immediately and it is expected that the residence will be completed ana furnished by November I. E1QHBORS inc Main Office: 1801 Franklin Street Phone Lakeside 0242 i ..-Si? i;;.;;-s ' f 'i0ff jf:' ' :- i'"f 's V fS:-s':i ' ?V ; " ';: ' ' " ' - ':'i: ' ; '" '" To Exemplify CITY'S TO BE PICTURES The development of the Piedmont hill section is nowhere better exemplified than In. Montclair Highlands and adjoining property. Dally new instances are recorded where homeseekera are won over by the scenic charm and appeal of home life In this residential district. Frank Epperson, . who has for many years made a study of Oakland's growth, and has been compiling a large number of colored slides showing the early development of this city, announces that he will make a public showing of Fifteen-Year Term GROWTH SHOWN Flat3lkYears MORTGAGE GUARANTEE COMPANY : 1404 Franklin St. Glencourt 7241 242 Mill Bid;- San Francisco Palatial Home exclusive home Reimers, noted widely known columns b f The IT NEW CAPWELL ST Foundations for the new. Capwell department store at Twentieth and Broadway have been completed by the P. J. Walker bompany, general contractors for the project. Of solid concrete delving far Into the ground, they will be of sufficient strength to carry a twelve-story building, which will be the ultlymte height of the store, The structure now being erected wilt be four and one-half stories in height, including a basement and sub-basement. The laying of steel has already begun and it Is expected that the steel frame' will rise In the near future. More than $400,000 is being expended fori structural steel. The Capwell ' executives awarded this contract, comprising 5000 tons and the largest contract for struo-' tural .steel ever let In Oakrand, to the Judson-Paclflo company, a local concern. This Is a departure from the usual method of sending large steel fabrication contracts back to eastern mills. The new store, which will be oc cupied by Capwell's in August, 1 929, will be the largest department store In the west. As a sign of their be lief In the destiny of Oakland to be come a great metropolitan city in the future, the store executives have expended considerable addl tlonal money in providing excep tionally strong foundations. It is contemplated that in the future the new store will be built to twelve stories in height, -this ranking with Marshall Field in Chicago and Wanamaker'a in New York and Philadelphia, and making It one of the largest department stores In the world. Indicative ot the desire of the store executives to provide appoint. menta In keeping with the new store, representatives of the arch! tects were sent to Europe to make a thorough examination of the ap pointments and fixtures of leading continental stores, ana the best Ideas will be incorporated into the Greater Capwell s. these scenes this afternoon at t o'clock without charge. After, tlx' pictures are shown the Pause 1928 model" view home will bbe thrown open for public Ins pec tion. All of the latest features that make a modern home are on display , Bus transportation will be provided free of charge from Mont clair business center to the exhibition home via the new bus line, It Is stated. The event will take place at the new Fhiltn building, corner Hamp ton and Moraga roads. Drive out Moraga road or Park boulevard or take Montclair bus at Fortieth and Piedmont avenue. STEEL IRK RE STARTED Construction area of the York company, according to, the design of Frederick H. Oakland architect, and will be constructed by C. Dudley de Velbiss, builder. " Each phase of construction will be fully described in the Oakland TRIBUNE. Steel Construction Begun With completion of the concrete foundations, the steel frame for the greater Capwell department store at Twentieth and Broadway is being erected by the general contractors, P. j. Walker company. The new store, which when finished will be the largest department store in the West, will be formally opened by Capwell's in August, 1929. The steel is furnished by the Judson-Pacific company, Oakland. v t j Vl fir MODEL HDMEflCTIVITY IN O N M A R K E T DURANL MANOR Among attractive homes of-the Eastbay which are open for public Inspection, Is one offered for sale at 1723 Cambridge drlvefn Fern-side, Alameda. Strlptly modern In its appointments and signified In appearance and setting, this beautiful home adorns a highly restricted resldenoe section of Alameda. A description reads: "In the midst of a carefully planned environment with lawns and shrubbery, rock pool, stepping stones, and tall stately oak. trees, this Spanish home is a model of convenience and decorative charm. Comprised in it are a large reception hall with tile floor, a living room with beamed celling, a dining room ot which the French doors overlook the pool and fountain, a commodious kitchen with modern equipment such as an electric refrigerator nad plenty of cabinet space, a large breakfast room, three bedrooms, two baths, a full cement basement and a double garage. "The main bedrooms are located on second floor, each having a dressing room with pedestal wash-stand. The maid's room and bath are on the lower floor, sun porch has also been provided. Electrical and plumbing fixtures are of best quality, the house being heated by electricity throughout." It is announced that this home will be kept open for inspection to day and during the coming week TO LEASE Usually attractive new ttore; 50x95. Skylights, rear windows. In the center of most rapidly growing business district in Oakland. . Ideal location for a market. 1 CENTRAL BANK BUILDING GLENCORT 6200 f i m, ft f Completion ot the two homes now under construction In Durant Manor by J. B. Grubb will bring the total Investment in homes for that community up to $160,000, according to the Fred T. Wood company, subdlvidera of that property. These two homes are the first unit of a group of ten planned by Grubb, who is said to have selected Durant Manor because of his confidence In the Fred T, Wood method of development. Durant Manor is already well developed, following the policy of the Fred T. Wood company of proceeding, early In the history of Its tracts to put In complete improvements. Street paving In Durant Manor represents an Investment of $82,000, It Is stated, with a further outlay for sidewalks, sewers and other improvements. The location of Durant Manor has been a big factor In Its rapid development, officials of the Wood company point out. It lies between East Fourteenth street and Hollywood boulevard on Durant avenue In a district which is growing rapidly In residences as a result of its strategic position with reference to the Durant, Star, Fageol, Chevrolet and Caterpillar factories. Thousands of dollars are put in circulation each week from the payrolls of these and other plants, and the result has proved beneficial to that part of town. Industry Bright Spot In L o cat Situ at ion By HARRY HARDING. .237.261.85 in comparison with total Vlce-Vrcsldcnt American Trust Co.Tdeposits as of January 1, 1928, of- Gone a-fishinK." It would seem as if this sign had been hung out oy local ousmess tne past two weeks. This Brw! s e ason ot the year, it is true, is usually vacation timer It would be difficult to prove that t h e- 'ufiuaLf", number of people are out' 'of town. Apparently, however, the fact that the schools will open some what earlier than usual this year has resulted in a great many hahry. Harding. people who ordinarily take their vacation in August, changing their period to this month. This situation, probably more than any other reason, accounts for the dullness that has prevailed in the local retail trade. Notwlthstand-vlgorous efforts made to equal last year's sales figures, the department stores and houe furnishing stores report that the public responso has been rather listless. It is probable that with the greater efforts nec-es- lo. t W -'Jf sary to maintain volume, most of the stores are finding difficulty In keeping profits up to standard. a a a Industry continues to be the bright spot in our local situation. We heard early in the year some talk about over-production and keener competition, which might unfavorably affect industry nation ally. But, Just as a great many of the national organization have been reporting a prosperous period for the first six months of the year. so many of our local industries have been reporting Increases In volume, with orders on hand that augur well for the next few months. As a result of Industrial activity, the unemployment situation an far as Oakland Is concerned, has stead lly improved except in the con struction field, in which there are still quite a few idle. The proposed agreement between the peach growers and the runners Is of real Interest to this territory, because of the many fruit packing plants located in Alameda county. While the decision to pack only the finer grades ot fruit will naturally restrict the total pack, nevertheless the estimated park of 13.000.000 cases would Indlrale that the local canneries for the next few months will be operating well up to capacity and keep nctlvely employed a great number of people. o o o A very Interesting shift In Oak land bank deposits is revealed by the June 30 statements. Total deposits ax of June 30, 1928, for thel city of Oakland amount to $189,- 'SSs' LOANS UP OF VALUE. per cent 3 $188,619,945.15. The gain, small; as it is, ia better than, expected in; most quarters. Savings deposits, however, drqj)ped in this period from 130, 3S1, 089. 53 to $128,900,-059.81, notwithstanding the fact that the interest credited to re- . positors' accounts approximated $2,000,000. In a period of active home building, sayingj deposits are often reduced through investments in real estate, but as we all know, there has been no great activity in real estate the first half of this year. Nor have we had any business depression. A probable answer is in the fact that during the early part ' of this year eo many people who never before purchased securities, withdrew their savings balance for investments of this nature. For the week ending July 18, the -Oakland clearing house reported bank transactions of $62,027,058 and for the same period of last year $58,058,347. For the same week bank debits aggregated $54,835,-7fl(l as in comparison with $49,203.-416 for the year previous. Clearings likewise continued to show a gain and for the week amounted to $19,-859,916 as against $17,810,180 for the eame week of 1927. una Although there seems to be greater Interest in real estate lately, ac- ' coraing to prominent realtors, this Interest has not as yet crystallized in actual transactions. During the period from July 1 to July 23 this year, the trust deeds and mortgages numbered 1227 as compared with 1 430-for the same periqd last year. The value ot trust deeds and mortgages recorded amounted to $7. 196.382, whereas in the first, twenty-three daya of July, 1927, these totaled $7, 905348. Reconveyances' reported in this time numbered 12U nnri fni lnaf Venn iT.1i:7 A number of leading architects report their offices are very busy with plans for new constructions. some of which already have been announced and on which work i expected to begin shortly and also on prospects that as yet have not been announced. Froth these Indications we might expect as the year advances greater activity than now prevails In the building industry. The construction of homes has been lagging in recent months and whether any Improvement In this field will be sufficient to result In a -total volume materially in excess of last year's figures is problematical. . - If the building permits for July nre to show a gain over the figures for July of iast yearnsome very -large permits will have tq be filled the Inst few days of the month. For the period up to and Including July 23, 388 permits were issued in the aity of Oakland, representing a value of $1,137,638. For thVflflre. month of last year 550 permits were issued, with a total value Of $1,-868.271. Beautiful Home For Sale -The most beautiful home In the most highly restricted section of the Fernside Tract is now ready for inspection. It comprises large reception hall with tiled floor, living mini with beamed celling, dining room with latest finish with French doors overlooking a beautiful fountain; kitchen is the last word in modern equipment with plenty of cabinet space as well as a large electric refrigeratory has breakfast room that is a dream; also has maid's room . with separate bath. 1'hR uitilrt baa two larc tod rnoma with drrxtitng Moni attached that bar pedealal wault atauds. Tbe aim porch la- a aim porch 'In vcr? r " , Hi't. 'J'to electrical and plumbing fixtures ar tue lt mmiaj can iny. Tha b"UH la neatM b.r electricity thrunxhout. It baa a full cement la.emect and a double garage. A ' great dent vt care baa beea axercid lu la; lag out Iba grounda. Tula. wlllHMit ciceptloQ, la tli U!n geMt baricaln la Alameda. It f!l be open for tnipectioa today and all Ihla week. For aal bj an Alameda ttealior, or call at I72S Cambridge Drive, in Fernside, Alameda. TO Tl r or installment Jamieson-TcY.!:-Willoughby Ccr;. 372 17th Si CZ2 e 10; I 11 Li

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