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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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4-M SUNDAY Crtfiune FEBRUARY 12, EES ELstudillo Estates Home The "Surry," the model home established by the Fred T. Wood company in the Estudillo Estates tract in San Leandre, has proven popular among the many Eastbay residents who have inspected it. The home may still be viewed. Rockwell Apartments Now Completed At the southwest corner of Foothill and Twenty-sixth avenue. I with gas ranges.

Frigidaire electric refrigeration and the Murphy type Rockwell and Nelson have completed this $150,000 improvement, wall bed have been installed. Financed by First Mortgage Some are electrically equipped apartments, while others are equipped Bond company. 1HUGHES, BEACH INOW BUILDING COURSE OPENED I FOR WOMEN IT THE HAVENS iM NOIES 1 r- "JIome-Makerr ly Wirk-ham Havens. Inc. line tu.ines women are no I tj A notable development taking place in the block bounded by Sacramento, Virginia, Short and Lincoln atreets in Berkeley, is well underway by Hughes and Beach, Oakland builders of homes and apartments.

This enterprise will total 21 five and six room homes, nine of which are already completed. A description reads: "These homes comprise various bungalow types with elevated bedrooms and finishes in buff, brown, white and green stuccos with roof lines trimmed in varied colored Spanish tile. Completely modern in every respect of both decoration and housekeeping facilities their charm appeals to everyone. Noticeable are the large windows of the I -tmm i tl New Weather-proof Jamb The hew jamb, designed and manufactured by Harry T. Parker, owner of the Parker Lumber Mill Co.

of Oakland, has been de-0 signed to eliminate all rattling and leaking, as well as doing away with the necessity for using weather striping. iDELMESl ON DISPLAY IN ESTUDILLO longer a novelty, it is not generally realized that 60 per rent of the money spent in the United Stntes 1 spent by women. Rusiness has long ago learned the necessity of special training' for buyers, vet there lias been apparently but little attention given to instructing and aiding the largest class of purchasers in the country." Thus comments a recent statement by Wick-ham Havens, Inc. It is added that! "It is to meet this need that Mrs. Hattie Jewell Anderson, manager the Junior Sales ilepartment of Wickham Havens.

has organized a free course. In the Fundamentals of. Modern Business Practice. 'to be given to women only in the Wickham Havens auditorium this month. In announcing- this course Mrs.

Anderson says: "The home-maker as well as the business woman has a definite relation to the business world and it is her duty to honjclf and her family to learn all she can about the laws of business procedure. are interested in helping Women to learn enough of the fundamentals of business to protect themselves and to increase their earning and buv-ing power." These courses will be given February 16 and February 17 from 2 to 4 p. m. Well known authorities on modern business have been engaged to address the classes, and all are cordially invited to enroll. Registration of all members of the course must be" made at the company's main office on or before February 15.

"It Is expressly stated that there is no obligation placed upon those taking advantageof this offer," Farm Bureau, Selma; Cotton, W. E. Camp, director TJ. S. Experimental Farm, Shatter.

-A mlttee, Fresno Chamber of Commerce; Growing Quality Fruit, R. Nielsen, president Fresno County fiPARTMEHTS Wcger Arms Apis. Mazda Apts. Fpliraim Field Apts. Aladdin Apts.

Rockwell ApU. BY K. ROCKWELL AND R. NELSON USING GENUINE FRIGIDAIRE i Conference Held At Fresno Realtors dealing principally in agricultural lands gathered at the Hotel Calif ornian In Fresno on Saturday, February 11, to confer on Important matters relative to marketing form lands of the state, J. Bradley Clayton, chairman of the Farm Lands Division of the California Real Estate association, presided.

The conference consisted of a morning and afternoon session. Prominent men from all sections of California appeared on the program. The program consisted of: Introductory remarks, by B. Clayton, San Jose; welcome by Ralph H. Andrews, president Fresno realty board; greeting by Ed.

Fresno, vice-president California Real Estate association; the State association, by Hal G. Hotchkiss, San Diego, state president; Progress of California Real Estate, Glenn D. Willaman, state secretary; Profitable Dairying in the San Joaquin, F. F. Showers, Madera; address by Parker Fris-selle, chairman agricultural com- The Fred T.

Wood company, report that a number of artistic new homes are how open for Inspection, daily and evenings. These include the Surrey, a home of English architecture, situated In Estudillo Estates. The other is the "Budget Home," situated in Durant Manor. Advanced ideas In architecture and construction are embodied in these two model homes, according to Chester Swain, subdivision manager for the Fred T. Wodd company.

Swain said, "The Surrey is furnished throughout by Breuner's. It contains six spacious rooms and its loration. Estudillo Estates, means that it is in an orchard setting. We have transformed the choicest cherry orchards of San Leandro into this fine subdivision and have1 left many of the cherry trees intact. The rapid advances and great improvements made during the past year in Frigidaire equipment for Apt.

houses, enables the owners i i. i. A rSPWN kfjt 7tl Contact CMISSIONER WILL ENFORCE N. E. Rockwell and Henry Nelson, owners and builders, announce the completion at Twenty-sixth avenue and Foothill boulevard of the Rockwell apartments a three-story brick and stucco building wilh t4 two-room and 15 three-room units.

The exterior, of blended buff brick with Spanish tile roof capping and the large selection of shrubbery placed about the building, give an unusually attractive appearance. At the rear of the building provision has been made to install a playground to be equipped with slide, sand box and swing for the children. A descrip Ul U1U apai Lilian UU11U119 IVV the demand for this modern con-Ij venience. Less inconvenience, less expense for installation than ever fine subdivision is reached by before. ffitis modern Ictnvm coIkcna-titkFrigidarit' mJflukcjbwdtQS BROKERS' ACT Only genuine Frigidaire offers a complete line of both air and Electric Wiring Water cooled condensors.

Remarkable economy of operation. tion reads: 3j or the Rockwell Apts. driving out East Fourteenth street to Estudillo avenue." It has all modern advantages, is close to transportation, schools and business district. "The Budget home has five rooms on a site 40x100 feet. It is of Spanish architecture, a credit to Durant Manor, which is a highly improved section of East Oakland.

This home has been furnished by Schlesinger's and will be pleasing to families who seek home and comfort at a moderate price. It is reached via East Fourteenth street to the Star auto factory, then east on Durant avenue. Wo invite inspection of 'our tw-o model homes." The first large commercial dairy in California was founded by I. C. Knowles in San Mateo county at Colma in 1853.

He was the first man to serve San Francisco with milk in a really commercial way. Frigidaire Corporation I ZARWELL 5 r-. ELECTRICAL A Product of General Motors "The first floor of the building Is floored with hardwood while the second and third floors are car. peted wall to wall. This arrangement Is to accommodate those who wish hardwood floors and to Insure that no disturbance can reach other tenants.

Twelve of the apartments are equipped with hot point rapid heating1 electrto stoves, the others with gas ranges. Steam heat, genuine Frigidaire. circulating hot water system and Marshall Stearns wall beds are among the equipment. A laundry yard is adjacent to the basement laundry In which is an electric washer. Individual lockers are also in the basement CONTRACTOR AND ENGINEER 2622 Central Ave.

Telephone for QfiQI 1962 Broadway inrormationMaRestae wvrw onkinmi, California JJJ Onkinmi. California ALAMEDA living rooms and the numerous Phone Alamtia 3942W 3 windows In every room of every State Real Estate Department will vigorously enforce the sections of the act referring to brokers being required to give pub-Ho notice of their places of business and their solicitors or salesmen conspicuously posting their licenses. Particular attention will be given to solicitations from store doorways; also from auto courts, bungalow courts, hotels, apartments, and stores. Frequently managers of such businesses secretly hold salesmen's licenses and as an act of friendship advise newcomers and friends about real estate investments. The law requires that all stationary places of solicitations of this nature be designated as the branch office of- the broker for whom the solicitors are employed, and a large sign conspicuously displayed giving such public notice will now be demanded.

The solicitor's license must also be posted on the wall where the public may easily see it. The department has set out to WAVWWawWiWWi'Mi WAVAVMVWVWVW.VMW.VAViW.VAWV. home. The garages can be entered from Inside the house; there is a large storage basement and a cement floored washroom for each one. Each home Is individual in decoration, some featuring textured and an incinerator.

Bathrooms are tiled with full recessed Pembroke tubs, kitchens and breakfast rooms rlumbing and Heating Inslaltatwn Vm for the COLONIAL HOI CIPLETED FOR ERVIN HOWELL plaster walls, others bright patterned wallpapers. Arched doorways have enameled finishes. Tnree-rooni apartments have bedrooms with bedroom suites Instead of the wall beds. Closets are large and are used in many or the dining Hardwood Floors for the Rockwell Apts. 4 by Rex Floor Co.

i correct this frequent violation, and brokers employing people at their permanent places of other occupations as instanced above, or whose solicitors flit on boxes or at tables in store doorways must give the public, notice in due form that it is a branch office. Continued violations will result in the broker's loss of license in acordance with section 19 of the Real Estate Act. rooms and living rooms. All have hardwood floors. The bathrooms commodious.

The majority of the apartments have street frontage are tiled, with corner tubs and while those lacing to the rear nave CO. the advantage of afternoon and eve showers, all fixtures of guaranteed standard porcelain. Furnaces are Rockwell Apts. THE SCOTT CONTRACTORS 113 TENTH ST. Hardwood and Pine Floors.

Machine Sanding Satisfaction Guaranteed ning sunshine. Hallways are large with ornamental Iron decorations, and additional light supplied from light wells. Wallpaper selections include tapestries rich in old gold, reds and browns; some of blue patterns and others of Japanese grass In Berkeley Gardens Lakeside 1299 2468 65TH AVE. Elmhurst 1579 cloths. installed as well as automatic water heaters.

Street work, sidewalks, lawns and shrubs are included in the quoted prices. Construction is guaranteed against faults or defects. Special attention is called to the proximity of this house group to the within walking distance so that students can be home for meals and during the longer study periods. Prices are stated at from J6500 to $7500. Transportation is excel "Furnishings and furniture have been selected and arranged by a prominent decorator.

The drapes of damask are brightly colored ana TV hung on ornamental polychromed wood poles. The furniture com prises decorated bedroom sets in lent with San Francisco trains along gray, green and ivory, with bed, IB for the Rockwell Apts. Comiletton of a two-story Colonial home by Ervin Howell In Oakmore Highlands was announced yesterday by Harry E. Lelmert of the Walter H. Lelmert company, owners and developers of the property.

The new home represents a new adaptation of the Colonial style In that it faces the side of the building lot rather than the street. This arrangement makes for greater length of the building and does not destroy or hamper the beauty of the design. "We are particularly proud of the type of homes that are now under course of construction in Oak-more Highlands," explained Lelmert. "These homes represent the latest artistic note in the construction of homes. It has been our ambition to make all the Lelmert developments distinctive in the matter of homes which are built upon them.

In Lakeshore Highlands we feel that we have achieved one of the residential show placeB of the entire bay district. In Oak- Sacramento street, and the local lines also convenient. dresser, and chair. The living rooms have Chesterfield sets, combination tables, writing desks, smoking stands, lamps, all in mahogany. An additional decora tion is supplied by the landscaped mantel mirrors of "plate glass.

Windsor chairs match the walnut table in the breakfast room. The kitchens are equipped with all SUPERIOR TILE PRODUCTS CO. 2725 Shattuck Berkeley 3048 more Highlands we are undertaking to make it even more attractive from a residential standpoint than Lakeshore Highlands. This is possible for the reason that there are more attractive homesitcs in Oakmore Highlands; there is a greater diversity of beauty for in Oakmore there are knolls, rolling country, and even ravines that lend themselves to the various types of home construction. utensils and dishes.

Frigldaires have metal cabinets." Nelson states: "A low rate for (WAVWWWWAVWWW electricity is assured by the installation of a master meter for the entire house. Furnished and un W.V.V.V.WAVV.SW.V.W i MARCUS furnished apartments are available with rentals ranging from $34 to 5 Painting and 5 1 J62.60." Steel Ornamental Iron and Fire Escapes for the ROCKWELL APTS. by GEORGE E. ZINSLEN 3130 Cutlibert St. Frultoale75UW A whole block of these homes, under construction at Sacra- jnento, Virginia, Short and Lincoln Streets in Berkeley $6500 to $7500 Close to the University 'T'WEINTY-ONE 5- and 6-room homes, nine already completed.

Various bungalow types, in bnff, brown, white and green stuccos. Finished washroom, large storage basement. Entrance to garaga from inside of house. Furnaces, wood, coal or gas. Automatic water heaters.

Beautifully designed and finished. Construction guaranteed. S. F. and local transportation at the door.

HUGHES BACH, Builders Cor. Virginia and Sacramento St. Telephone Thomuall 3436 MERRICK Dealers In SUNSET PAINTS 5 The Finest Wallpaper Showrooms on the Coast, 14th and Jefferson OAKLAND i Decorating for the Rockwell Apts. Geo." M. I Goodman OH CO.

REPOEtTSMANY HOUSING LOIS Lighting Fixtures i I Plastering W. A. CROLL 5851 Brann St. Elmhurst 577 Superior Design PAINTER DECORATOR 1336 107th St. Elmhunl 3047 NEWARK, N.

Feb. 11. Investments by the Prudential Insurance company of America during; 1927 again were directed in large part toward real estate mortgage loans, this phase of the company's activity being disclosed In a report issued here today by Archibald M. Woodruff, vice-president under whose supervision it Is carried on. Built-in Cabinets CONCEALO FIXTURE CO.

2009 Livingston St. Andover 1030 Plumbing J. M. DALE 264 24th St. Olencourt 1613 Builders Hardware for the ROCKWELL APTS.

from SMITH HDWE. CO. 929 BROADWAY Electric Fixtures JEWELL ELECTRIC CO. 3915 Telegraph Piedmont 1316 III IMC ROCKWELL APTS. from jC GREENHOOD ELECTRIC CO.

2088 Broadway 3 The total loans made In this fields Construction Safe, Reliable, Secure, Economical Speedy, Satisfactory The new office building at 3 1 st Ave. and E. 14th Streets represents the last word in Earthquake and Fireproof Construction, at very little more than wood joists. Go out and see it. You will be surprised.

Erected complete in less than sixty days time, after signing of contract. Thomas Keenan Architect; California Builders' General Contractor. (Two buildings). Judson-Pacific Co. Oakland and San Francisco The largeat tteel contracting fabricators in California Brickwork i Oakland 3685 5" Cleneourl 6845 tne Hardwood Floors CY.

PERKINS 1523 Wellington St. Fruitvale 6203-J Finish Lumber STANDARD MILL LUMBER CO. 534 Second St. Oakland 4089 W.WAW.Wi'JWWAVM during the rear were 23.39G for the sum of $206,917,728.90. A significant feature is that $159, ll.

896. 08 of this amount was in- housingoans ln the-United States and Canada. These provided 23,944 dwellings and "1345 apartments for the accommodation of 45,480 families. In addition to these, there were 307 loans on city property other than that used for residential pur-nosea. for a total of $27,115,172.50.

Rockwell Apis. V.VW.WAW.V.V.V.V.V Window Shades Cabinet Work of All Kinds Hardware B. SIMOtf HDWE. CO. 639 Broadway Lakeside 7816 Painting and Decorating GEO.

TRACY 3436 Storer St. Fruitvale 5608 R. C. Traylor for the for the ROCKWELL APTS. LARSEN 5 Rockwell Apts Sash and Doors WATERFRONT SASH DOOR CO.

Second and Alice Glencourt 6861 Rough Lumber TILDEN LUMBER MILL CO. 400 High St. Andover 1000 There also were 3800 farm loans for a total of $20, 89,660.32. The loans made on dwellings and apartments during 1926 totalled $155,500,000, thus 1927 shows a gain In this field of $3,612,896.08. This Is in keeping with the repeated declaration of Edward D.

Duf-field, president of the Prudential, that he could conceive no better way in which a company having funds to Invest could place them than in contributing in some way to the effort to enable all American to own their own homes. I 877 33rd Street OAKLAND A. J. KENT 4956 Fairfax Ave. Fruitvale 8090 Window Shade Co.

2277 E. 14th St. 5 Andooer2986 tlumboldt till GOLDEN GATE. SHEET METAL WORKS 1515 Fourteenth Avenua FruUvaU Xvjwjw VmWJVMWMWA AW. 1.

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