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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 33

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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JULY 7, 1929 AG UJ LAR APTSy 01 KILKARE HAS BIG WEEK-END Shady Spots in Kilkare Woods Trees abound in Kilkare Woods and there are many cabins as pictured here, nestling beneath the trees. The property is near Sunol, at the head of Niles Canyon. Aguilar Lake Apartments Located at 468 Stow avenue, just off Lakeshore. and built by F. W.

Durgin Construction G. Aguilar is the owner. There are three and four-room apartments equipped with genuine Frigidaire and colored Spark ranges. Inspection is invited. DELLEVUE- ST 5 'ITED IPTS.

POPULATION ARE COMPLETED 1 A3 SUM) AT I ESS 0 AVE. iirmrrr nnn mm y. 'A Th week-end population of Kil '1 1 tM Practically evi-y trade that comes under the heading of build kar Woods averages in excess of four hundred people, according to ing Industry has It fore or men at present busily engaged on the i estimates of C. S. Finch, salea man.

finishing stage or tne oeauinui Jtellevue-Staten apartment house, 'Announcement Is made of' th opening of the Aguilar Lake apart ments, locsted at 468. Stow avenue Just off Lakeshore. The F. W. Durgin Construction Service waa the builder, and G.

F. Aguilar ia the owner. A description rends: "The Apullar Lake is of English; style of architecture, executed in white stucco, with an antique cop-perlzed trim. of th ager of tha scenic property near Bunol. This does not Include, Finch explains, tha many plcnlok era who visit here for their Bun at Bellevua and Staten avenues.

It is a beehlv of Industry, with hard-p-ood floor workers,) plumbers, plasterers, painters and decorators In charge of various floors and apartments. "We are well within our schedule," said Harry Sommervill. tha Kred T. Wood company represen day picnic Of th mora than seventy cabins that hav been completed, scarcely a week-end that all are not overcrowded. "All cabins." state Finch, "that were for sale at the start of this niruuiure ntu ueen bo piyanneu that th Individual units express a home atmosphere.

The design originated in Beverly Hills, and this is believed to be the first apartment house to present this idea in th bay region. season nave been aold. aa well many lots for which new cabins are contemplated in th near futuro 'itr Jf? i i I 5 Vila's. fail ml i ,4 1 r'A EOF tative, "and August 1 will sea this work practically completed. We Hav a larga forca'of men at present both in tha building Itself and working on tha construction of the large and complete garage building, adjoining the apartment Th advantages that Kilkare has xnere ar tweiv apartments, six of three room and six of four-rooms, available either furnished or unfurnished.

Facilities include New Store Opens The new Zultori itofe which hai been opened at 1 3 1 1 Washington itreet, Oakland. Below (left), J. W. Grow, store manager, and Jerome J. Lewis.

Pacific coat representative. steam heat, genuine Frigidaire, col to offer are not only those of the average mountain cabin sit property, but proximity to the bay oom. munlties as well. The fact that it is practically only an hour's drive house. "One of tha features that will 'S ored Epark ranges, electric washing and drying equipment in th publio laundry, and a solarium for appeal to the occupants of the Jellevus-Staten will undoubtedly be the beautiful entrance.

Her we from Oakland into th property has mad Kilkare popular a a summer sun baths on the roof. All rooms. home tract the entire season, and have given the building Its Spanish including the baths and kitchens, hav outside windows affording 1 i. key-note. The decorative atone work rises up to the fourth story as a week-end tract in th winter.

Th road leading Into the property ar excellent by way of Nile Canyon, turning at the Sunol maximum sunlight and taking full advantag of th view across th lake, the parks, th downtown district and the Oakland and Piedmont foothills. In th furnished. apartments furniture selections depot into the Kilkare road, which traverses th old glnbad canyon Into Kilkare at its upper end. We hav completed fine club houses and an excellent concrete swimming pool for th use of property will be mad in co-operation with the tenants. "Ou faith in Oakland ahows Itself in our new stofe," stated Jerome 3.

Lewis, Pacific coast representative for Zukor's chain-stores, featuring ladles' dresses. He said: "The store which we have opened at It 11 Washington street represents an expenditure of 185,000 In decorations and furnishings. Expenses were not spared in making it worthy to rank with the leading retail establishments in this city. The interior design was taken from a prizes-winning store of on of America's foremost architects. The general scheme is art moderne, 'The rental system will ellmlnat all extra charge for gas or light lng.

these being Included In a flat owners, and spring water is also piped to each cabin as it la con in delicate tracery copied from an old Spanish Castle, and forms a handsome entrance. The massive and beautiful grilled entrance door is of wrought-lron, over which will hang a Spanish lantern fixture, completing the period treatment of the entire entrance. "Passing through this door the vlHltor wlil be attracted by the beauty of the main lobby, with Its Spanish arches and grilled balcony; lis imposing and highly ornament-: ed celling and walls of east Traver-: tine. Her the floor la of a rich tiling. "Too much stress cannot be laid upon th location of this building.

1 awing along Grand avenue, the rental. The only additional charg structed. Electric lines furnish electricity for both cooking and lighting pur poses. Tne property is open for inspection at all times, and picnic tarried out in color blendlngs of spots are allocated to visitors who come out." savoy green, with mulberry-toned drapes and carpeting. A mezzanino that enlivens the appearance with its fanlike stairway and artful bal and Vershel Co, would be for telephones, If ordered.

"Th Aguilar Lake Is reached) by way of Lakshor boulevard, turning cast on Wayn av.nue, short blook Stow avenu. In spcctlon 1s invited." POFCTjAB noveltt. OA of th nswer vegetable to attract attention of producers and conaumr in California recently, la Italian green sprouting broccoli While It Is a relative of caullflow er and cabbage, it la a distinct product. It form a head consisting of a cluster or. cluster of blulsk green flower heads.

vlHltor turns in on Staten avenue, by the new building of th State ustrade is a thing of beauty and usefulness with its well-appointed Automobile association. The spark Zukor, it was further stated, personally selects the majority of all frocks. He Is assisted in this by a New York buying organization and bv Paris renresentatlves restroom. Benjamin Zukor of New York ling waters of Lake Merrltt, th greenery of Lakeside park, and the City waa present at the opening, Zukor stated that he was pleased with the reception accorded his under the supervision of Dorothy Honis, who is recognized in style centers aa an adroit Judge of dress fashions. second store in California and that other stores would follow as soon as suitable locations could be ar ranged.

According to Zukor, hi first store opened 12 years ago in New Tork City, filnc then expansions quiet of this charming residential district form a striking contrast to tne bustle and activity of the city, "This effect has been heightened by the manner In which th apartments hav been planned. From the time the visitor gains th entrance hall of an individual suit, all thought of being In an apartment house Is lost. Her are stately rooms, beautifully proportioned, 1 reached from an attractive hallway that lead to th various rooms. In each of th large living rooms ther I a coal and wood burning fireplace, forming one of th center features of the room. have extended from coast to coast.

For Central Square Proposed "drive-In," market for Idora park, now Central Square, by Hamilton Murdock, Oakland architect. This type of market has proven very popular in the south and will soon be adopted here, it is stated. establishing Zukor's dress shops throughout the country. j. w.

Gross, local stor man ager, came from Los Angeles, ac I I cording to Lawis. Where he has been associated with leading stores such as Haggerty'a, the New Tork 1 Industrial Future For Pacific Coast Advocating greater cooperation between Oregon and California in attracting Eastern tourists and manufacturer to th Faolfio Coast, Herbert Cuthbert, manager of Advertising and promotion Portland Chamber of Commerce, declarea that many Easterners fall to appreciate tha fact that th Pa-clflo Coast, besides being the "playground" of is also destined for the greatest Industrial development In th country. Cuthbert was a visitor at th Oakland Chamber of Commerce. Cuthbert has had mors than 26 years' experience with tourist travel work on th Pacific Coast. He predicts that th shipping center of th United Btates will shift from th Atlantlo Coaat to th Paoiflo, and that th Coast States will take a prominent place in th industrial world.

California's, ase dvtdfld roughly Is: one-half mountains, one-fourth I (BERKELEY A I I 1 C3i BITO IFOKTUW1 Wm, GAG I Mad in Oakland 2 I Used aII over th world! cultivable and desert, one-fourth arable. FRIGIDAIRE Tha best refrigeration service any wy you look at it Insist on tht Cenuina ItutaUei In Agutlar Lake Apt. FRIGIDAIRE CORPORATION 1962 Broadway LAkM 863! RI0W Benefits to Telegraph Avenue Through Sub-Dividing of Idora Park a ORJ TJDHE HEftDiTT (DF 3 "SOminuUs to CTiAN FRANCISCO Aguilar Lake Apts. 468 Stow. Ave.

nr. Lakeshore Individually homelike apartment open for inspection today. Modeled after the newest Beverly Hills type. 3 and 4 rooms, furnished and un furnished, from $65.00 up. Rentals include all electricity, gas, heating, and water charges.

Turn off Lakeshore on Wayne Ave. and a ihort block to Stow Ave. Inspection invited. th way from down-town Oakland to Berkeley, ia very near." "Central Bquar 1 being Improved a potential business and apartment hous property," states C. P.

Murdock, vice-president and general manager of th Realty Syndicate company. "Th fact that some S3, 000 people resld within a one-mil radius of Idora Park gives an idea of the growth surrounding this property. Report show that many homes In this area ar being altered into flat and duplex houses to meet increasing population and rises in property values. "This, coupled with the high percentage of occupancy of all dwellings, show the great need for apartments in thla district. antlctpat great development No location is mors ideally situated for a great market, a theater, a super-service station, and many other types of business.

A them will be adopted in arohiteo-tural treatment that ill make such development artistlo and modern." California In 1918. In th federal census estimates, had 4.S66,- 000. The state controller places California at approximately In 1029, The state's population in 1920 waa 426, 000, making It the seventh state in population. Here i the greatest ODDortunitv in vears to found That Oakland's business growth and progress, already wall started out Telegraph avenue, will select this great thoroughfare aa a major business street now that the last barrier has been removed, namely, old Idora Park, which has been subdivided Into city lots and placed on th market by th Realty Byn-of th company. It is pointed out dlcat company, is th statement that: "Tdora Park, now being old under th nam of Central (square, ha tor years presented an impassable barrier to business and residential growth.

Located in the heart of Oakland's downtown district, this property has been held Intact while th city has grown up solidly around it on all four sides. Today this tract of land, six city blocks in extent, has been swept Clean, graded and subdivided into 143 lots, and is being improved to meet a class of development which will make it one of th most outstanding and up-to-date business and apartment hous districts In Oakland. "Mwibin of th Telegraph Avenu Development association, property owners' associations, merchants' associations and various Improvement clubs have unanimously endorsed th Realty Syndicate company's move In placing Idora Park on th real estatoj markert this time. Charles Tru-1 man, president of th Telegraph location in Greater Oak land is as close to San Francisco as Central Squarewith its 30 minute direct service. Central Square improvements include concrete streets, curbs; gutters, standard electroliers, shade trees in apartment house area, water, gas, electricity, sewers, and all wires conduited under ground all included in the purchase price, real estate fortune the last downtown, business property subdivision the Bay District may ever see-Central Square.

Business sites and apartment sites on terms within reach of every purse. Prop- erty you can build on for immediate income or hold for the greatly increased value each new building will give. Here is opportunity not only for the wealthy but Jot is property -to with every advantage of location and Built by F. W. Durgin Construction Service G.

F. Aguilar, Owner ake Key System, Claremont Avenue Development association, at a recent meeting of the officers facilities in the very heart of Oakland. The road to train, to Telegraph Ave. Walk Vi block to tract of ice old Idora Park entrance. of that organization said: "We regard th subdivision of Idora Park as on of th most significant steps in the progress of Telegraph avenue that has been made in recent years.

It comes at a very opportune time, nig Busi ness has already chosen this major innunv open nun i tome to Central Square and investigate what it offer, you today, Butineuutet tOQITI' ulowat Apartments gQQ artery between Oakland and Berke. OAKLAND Downtown ley. William Fox has built oaK-land's largest theater on Telegraph i Business Center t.p HOG AN co. I LUMBER 1 1 Millworlc, Sash and I Doors I Frames, Cabinet! Second and Alice Sts. 4 Oakland.

Calif. I i Phcmi CLmowl 656 1 i ELECTRIC FIXTURES and ELECTRIC WIRING or iha Aguilar Lake Apartmenlt by KERR AND CLIFFORD 3525 E. 14th St FR mtvale 4409 FINANCING OF HOMES AND APARTMENTS No Brokerage No Commissions GUARANTY BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION 1759 Broadway avenue. H. C.

Capwell nas duiu Oakland's largest department store on Teleppraph; one of Oakland's largest office buildings, the Latham Square building is located on this street, and one of the city's largest markets. Every block, to the Tl i Fully restricted and sold on easy terms. Berkeley city line, is partially or entirely devoted to business. Telegraph avenue has been widened to meet a flow of traffic that Is in creasing by leaps and bounds, and one of the latent modern improvements, the Installation of th city's largest typ of standard electroliers 1440 Broadway, Oakland, GLencourt 5040 Tract Office Telegraph bet. 56th 58th, Ph.

OLympic 2720 out Telegraph, forecasts th great ftur development to com, in day when Telegraph avenu will be a great business artery, solidly built VP with business kewM all.

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