Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 10, 1894 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1894
Page 4
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John Gray's "CORNER" ON SOMETHING NEW, VIZ: 8H£EJ'S Ay I) PILLOW CASES. A FULL LINE OP THK ABOVE GOODS, WELL MADE, OF GOOD MUSLIN. JUST AT WHAT THE GOODS COST IN THE PIECE. P. 8—COMK AND SEE THEM. NO HUMBUG, NO WALKER STOCK. NO DECEPTION—NOTHING BUT SQUARE BUSINESS AND STRAIGHT GOODS. DAILY JOURNAL Published every day In tb« w«ek (except Monday by thd IXMMNSPORT JOQHNAL CO. Price per Annum Price per Month S6.0O - 60 THK OFFICIAL PAPER ov TUB CITV. [ Knf«re<Jns sfeaml-clniif matter ;it the Lograin- port Post Otllce, Kobruitry 3, 18S8.1 SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 10. r, Henderson & Sons OF FURNITURE, flND UPHOLSTERS. Ton can't fool 'em any more, Benjamin. Now honestly and candidly doea the Pharos think it can deceive any of Ha readers into bollovincr its false a'ate- monts and that Councilman Boyer wa« able to outvote Mayor Read and five democrats? EIHTOK STKAU'S new work "If Christ Csmo to Cblcafio" is now In prons, The reputation of the celebrated English editor, his abrupt stylo and the striking title will no doubt the book ID great dpmand. : *o. 320 Foflrth Street, LOGANSPORT, IND. . fACTOKY: «os 5,7 and 9 Fifth Street, jt-j.,-1 u - i -- __L-- •* FREE HEADING ROOM, Owen Dally and Evening, 616 Broadway. Welcome to All. f. M. BOZER, D. D. S. DBNT18T. ke "Hale Painless Metnod" used In me tilling of teeth. ttftoe Over Stare National Bank »rner Fourth and and Broadway MlSS MAHtgLLK JOSTICK, 8 port girl, now of Chicago, has in press a work entitled • 'The Love Loiters of a Wordly Woman " Mies Justice is unfortunate In her choice of title since a work by Mrs W. K. Clifford, issued by Harper Bros, in 1892, bears that title. Her Logansport friends will await the production with interest. THK uUi'/.eus of Lopanuport have raised fa. 000 cash which will be paid over for paa territory. This shows that they menu business. Those who havo uot yot subscribed for their fires should do so at ooce. The pas office Is open every day and tho committee is waiting ou those who are not jet in. It will cost you nothing to s!pn if you don'tgotgaa it will savo you many dollars each year if you do. THK New York legislature has piiss- ed a law making a newspaper statement libel only when actual malice is proved. This is a atep in the right direction. Newspapers are sometimes imposed upon in the matter of nowg and aro always fllad to make correc lions when errors creep In. There is no reason In making papers as liable for errors as for malicious misstate- monts. THEY'RE AFTER HIM. Jndf* Jouklni May lie Iirn>ntlffat«l b/ • Con(rr«M«loB»l Committee. Judge James 0. Jenkins, whose action in issuing an injunction restraining Northern Pacific employes from striking- mny l>o investigated by a *pe- cial committee, of eonpross, has been for year* one of the prominent democrats of his adopted state of Wisconsin. lie lias a high ivpnl:it.i<m us :i lawyer, ami wus mini;.- tinn-s honored by liis party with iiuiiiiiiiit;i>iis to post.s of honor. Tile uniy I'leetiveutfiei: hoover hold, ]ii>»vn-r, iva.-, that of city attorney of .Mihv.iukeo, wlii('h position ho occupied from («>.'; to 74"/". Jiidjro .lenkins was born at S;ir:itogu Springs, >'. Y., on Jumwy IS. l.s'M. His father was ii cousin of lion. Worth, one of the Jierocs of tho Mexic-an wiir. and his mother w:is the daughter of Chancellor Reuben 11. \Val\vorth. ouo of the distinguished lawyers of New York state. Judge Jeiilfiiih .studied law in New York city and was iidinittod to the bar there in 1SS"i. Two years later he re- tno i oursoivcn, cH-leut it und the England Inuludvil, untl compared ns ft with Iho real ol u-.u wui-kl o ur jxjpulutlon Is ci|iiul to 715.000,000. ••1 runout, us compared with En g i» nl , IMOlf as a. niurkctour people m-u ixiLlvuli-nt lo BUO,OW,. UOO. AM couiiiirod wii'i Uicn.-isi.or tUo world, England Inclined, w« »rn ,.,ju:ii aa lk nl! ir;;oi to 715,000,000, These ilp;nrvs morn ,imii justify tho f.iljccllviw or tin- K-iKli:.!,i:i;in, ami i|i c . C ,,I<1 fuel* of imiijicmatlr.i SHI-IMS.! i:ius;i!isiiis or rJiviuric." No dcmourul ha* ventiiiv<l to dispute the accuracy of Jir. lUiuf,, figures or to challenge th(! (-(inclusions lu; draws from them. All li:.'y ,}„ j. s to S ay stol- iilly lh:it thi! Ainer-ciin inarlcet docs not amount to inui'ii ;:iii! Uiat ji\vill bn a strokf of goful IniMin-ss tii ii tu roiicli out aitiT Asia, Afrii-a inlands of the sea. Hut tho business man, wii.h J[r. Keed's h'tfurcs before him, will M>O that eoinmon sense dictat.es lirst iinci foremost the firesorviition of this great Ainuriain niarl.-i;t, Inr Americans. White it is tbrira they c:inni)t suifi-r, whatever happens, jf, retainiuy; it, they can also reach out and invade foreign markets, so much tho belter. lint the essential point is to keep what we have and not to throw uway the meat we have, no matter how attractive the shadow I may be. Americans, if wise, will not, I sacrifice the custom of their own well- i paid citizens to compete with the liu- ) ropeaus for the poor tru.de of orientals i and Africans. —Chicago Tribune. Highest of all {• Leavening Bower.—Latest U. & Gov 1 ! Report^ Baking Powder ABSOUflTELY PURE f?OUGH ON Tho JJlJY'Ol of DPII THE FARMERS. 7',-irl.T llrttirin TIME TABLE Tut Journal IB not concerned about the Pharos reflections on Couaoilmati Boyer's honesty fince the Pharos ttatements have little weight with the community and Its hatred of tho entire council la HI concealed. Its efforts to misrepresent public matters and to put the burden of its (also- hood a on a republican when the democrats are in the majority In tho couDcll Is a little too ridiculous. uOGANSPORl •1CT BODini) MW York IzpnM, <Ullr •(in air * Toledo to.. acpt 8udw 11M a m Moommndttlon for «mii,'.l.'.~.'.!.'..'.'..'. 1:16 p m WMTionrD, luMu liumi. 1HU lOiflsm iwonmodstlon for W«rt IJfu in luCltj n.,«uept Sundiu 3*1 pm N _* 1— dflopm ., Lotfmiuport 4Mtw««o JLogMomport and Cblll. murr BOUBD. A««BnodaUoii,LMT8,«u8ptBaiKIaf. 10.00 «ra iMOMOdttloo, I*«TB •• " 130pm wmt Botnru, uMmodsUOn, arrlTe, noept Sundv, *:10 a a •tManodttua.imm, " " 8 it ft n Tho Pennsyivunla Station. [jfennsylvania Lines.'! Trains Bun by Central Time AH TOtl-OWK : MOM IXMAXHI'OIITTO L1UTV iKHITl Iff Oolumbu*. ....... *l!l.ao » m • 8.00 » m 8.00 •» .... . and LouJ«Tl:»..*l2.40a m • 3.18* m at and OUowo. — • &l»»m 1120 am ._ . and OMlnMU....t B.4Bam tn.app m Point tot Chleaso ...... 1 9.1B » m f 7.1S p no • »nd Colombia ........ J 8.00 a m \ 4.!» p m and Hnn ......... .} RM • m f 1.10 p n uaM Lauitrtu«...'il» p m * 1.86 p • and Mntr. ......... f 7,30 • m HI 4B a m _ and Otn«liiMM...*U.aspm * 1.50pm aodColmalNi*... ...... • a.aopn • 1.96 pv hla and H*w Tark..* 130 p m • l.» p m andChloaio ....... • 1.80pm • 115pm ' ud cSittto^.,.* 3.10 p m »ia.io p m Bldmood ..... .t 180pm tu.ooam . Bradtoid .......... t «.aepm fan on and Plttatamb — f «.»p m fttl6i w and New Totk..f 4.80 p m -f U.U p to dOalM«o ..... \tMftt{iiMnt VtanZ.. -Hup m V 7.46 »m I, A. M«CULLOU«H, Tlokct Awnt, Logantport, Ind, THE tariff bill ha* at laat been submitted to the Republicans of the Senate Finance Committee. It shows Important charges. The whisky men have secured an extension of the bonded period and tbe sugar men have secured an additional duty. Thus whisky and sugar are looked after. The rumored changes in those itema caused millions of dollar* to change hands and If the democratic members of tbe Finance Committee did not profit by their knowledge it was because they were honest. The bill will not likely pass the Senate and It would not bo surprising to see democracy defeat it, acknowledge that the McKinley bill is suited to the needs of tbe country and go before tho country on some other issue. One thing is certain, free trade Is doomed and it will havo no place In any party platform for the next twenty years. JUDGE JAMKS G. JENKINS. moved to Milwaukee inn! took up the practice of hi* profession, in which lie soon acquired !i high reputation. In IBCa lie was elected city attorney. In 1S7S ho was nominated, hy the democrats for county judge of Milwaukee, but declined. In 1877 lie was offered the demoenitic nomination for gov crnor of the states but declined. In 1870 lie accepted the nomination for tin; same ollice anil received a large vote, reducing' cnnsidcnibly the usual republican majority. In 1880 he was voted for by tho democratic members of the legislature as United States senator from Wisconsin. In the same year ho was nominated by the bar of tho .state a.s a member of tho state supreme court. In 1880 President Cleveland tendered him a place 011 the bench of tho supreme court of the District of Columbia, but this honor was U!NO declined. In 1SS7 ho accepted the appointment l»y President Cleveland as United Stales judge for the eastern district of Wisconsin to succeed Judge Charles K. Dyer, who resigned. When Judge Walter Q. On-sham accepted President Cleveland's invitation to enter the cabinet as secretary of state. Judge Jenkins wns offered the seat on the bcncli of the seventh judicial circuit tlitisiiififlo vacant, <ind lie necitptod it. (Us decision on the question of closing the world's fair on Sunday : caused much comment., both favorable anil adverse, throughout the country. ,)y<l£v .'eiiK'ins is u mini of wide culture and profound learning, both in the law and in scirnoo iiml literature. Mis wife was the only daughter of Judge Miller. and their home is mu> ot the centers of culture aad reiim-r/iofit ill on Price,*, ! WL- have in this country the M'nKular ' situation of whcatsellin^ :it very much thft lowest point urul the largest niim- bcr of people in actual wuiitof the necessaries of life in the history of tho 1 eounUy! The farmer in UK- northwest ; jfots barely forty cents a bushel for the : wheat, lie evolved from the soil with the sweat of his brow, and still the consumers of what ho. grows cannot obtain the means to buy bread. It is nii- other illustration of the fact that cheapness is not the. only tiling that people want in order to be happy anil prosperous. The man who is out. of employment, or is employed at low wages, linds it impossible to buy flour though the wbcKt out of which the tlour is made is selling at below cost of production. The objective point of many reformers has been cheap goods. They have had no thought beyoud get- tint; what they want t'beap. Cheap wool«ns, cheap coltonsand cheap foods. And all this time they have forgotten tho other part of the proposition— cheap labor or no labor at all. Thousands of working men are now able to understand what Mr. MeKiuley meant wden ho said that cheapness was not the greatest 'blussinp they asked for. They were indignant over this assertion when they voted iu 1S«2, but they are less so 'now. Now they see the- truth of it and they feel the hunger for the old order of things. Under democratic tariff reform wheat has fallen to its lowest point, and still men are ou the vor;jc of starvation iu all the large cities.—Iowa State Kcgister. THE HOME MARKET. Hin T*(l«tr Kz-.>I>e«lH>r Reed'l Flirtiron on Nttuatlon. The democrats say that the Wilson bill will enable American manufacturers to compete successfully with other manufacturing- nations in foreign markets. Hut that bill which is to stimulate the exportation of American poods will by the admission of the democrats themselves stimulate the importation of forelg-n goods. If it is to produce tho revenue which they say it will the importations of competition poods will bo so increased that millions of dollars' worth of American- made products will no longer find -a market hero. If one is to bo found for them it will have to bo abroad. The I CLEVELAND AND HIS PARTY, Origin of tho Trouble In thfi Democratic The trouble between Cleveland and his party Ijepan as soon as he was inaugurated. It was evident within tho first twenty-four hours after lhat event that he proposed to do exactly as he pleased, without regard to the wishes of those by whom he had been elected. He took oeeasion at the very outset to let it, be known that he did .not expect to consult the party leaders or to cultivate amicable relations with •• them, llii attitude was thatof a man serenely confident of his own power to have his own way, and thoroughly determined to meet all opposition with unconditional defiance. This has been his policy, and the consequences are easy to see. He has estranged all the prominent democrats in the country by his studied contempt for their advice and ; liis resolute refusal to grant them rea- j sonublo favors. The administration is without tile support in congress that is necessary to carry out its plans and purposes. It would have been defeated in all of its undertiikiuga but for the help magnanimously given to it by the republicans. Nothing- that, it desires can be obtained except by a fight. Its <|uer. That is what his party expected him to do—that i.s what a party alvays expects its president to do; and it i.s ijiiitc safe to say that his party docs not indorse the methods that he has adopted and. the means that he has used for tho accomplishment of his objects. Ilis popularity with the democratic masses oas steadily declined during-his present term, lie went into oflice under the most fa.vorable conditions for increasing his reputation and malting a signal name fur himself iu history, and in less than a year he has thrown away all of the i^ood chances with which lie started. Tbe opportunity of his life was missed because lie lacked the ability lo compre- be:-,d and improve it, and the man who llins blunders in politics or in any- . tiling else' eaniiot hope to escape dis- iisti'r sooner or later.—St. Louis (I'.obe- llcnjoet-nt. j D R IF T~ OF ~O PINTb N. ^i/"'l.»y what representation or mi.s- p-priiscuta-tioa was Mr. Cleveland in- dueed to appoint acuckoo of the whisUy trust to his cabinet? And why does ho keep him there?—N. Y. World (Dem.). CJ7"The president has had his attention called to the fact that the constitution provides that certain appoint- I ments shall only be made "by and with | tin: actviee and consent of the senate." | —Indianapolis Journal. j C^There is nrach gossip as to rep-jb- lican presidential possibilities for IS'Jd, | but. not a word c'.ini'er'.iing democratic | candidates. The brethren of that faith j <lo/i't seem to care to ele'.'t.i<ineor fora' Jicfcing.—Toledo nia.de. j CJ7;-'^l)'.vnocr*:U,s have i-n^ :ulvocateu ' "a tariff for revenue only.'' The Wi!- ! MID bill i.s not that It hid. It is a tariff for poverty and distress uniy, and, as the secretary of the treasury says: " Will fall short, of raisin;}- revenue the first year by I7. r >,000,fl00."--Chicago Inter Ocean. t&'If the Wilson act turns out to be | as bad as the country expects, it will be I on the statute book, only three years, for the republican president who takes bis seat on March •), !!-'J7, will call the republican congress which comes into existence at the f,auie time in extra session to r.epeal the law. • Uut if it should not be as bad as this it may live four years ami be liilled in the regular session.—St Louis <7)obe-Demoor»t t3TThc next time the democratic party elects a president it will be sure that he is a democrat. The democracy will not leave it iu doubt whether the declared and definite policy of the democratic party, or tbe indefinite policy of a mere individual, is to rule at Washington, One year of Clevelandism in the white house has effectually cured them of the disease They will now return to the old way of party government.—N. Y. Sun (Dem.). unique ami at.iructJvv w.j n.ivc jcci-m,^ seen i* a •.-nmbinat.ion of pln.sii :*nn tapestry: the ground work is of plain plush, design beiji"' \\''>rl»VM O"l- in a tapestry weave, th' 1 principal warp be. ing '•> heavy jt'ild ihrcu'i: 'he n'Miuj; Used are. pinks, iilr.c..-. greens; ni.ssov :iml (MTU. The combination K r i Vl '-s ai> ojJ'eet of juniih i-i'-lin»-^N and by v:n-;ed inanipnlatio!t :i'V^v .is u»neli possibility of. design. !1. is I'our.'i ihal fashiona ble —aini,ni^ means ID sj.ii-nd u-ith iiiiHiiu^ 1 tho ;i!tra ]>••(> pic who lliivi; ,iiii limit—thai Ilif oMi'T tnrtU'.'iii!-s is ''/-"Iv To he ivpl.'jeei' Itv :'. mere ( v \p<'Ns':v<' I'trm. '.lutiH'ly, cut tj!-,i-s an.', -jinn ir'r.-- -,h:i.U-s. H ..-;ui n-uiilv b<; uniicrM.'.-"-! :»:it, oflVi-ii- ,.( v.:c'r, richness iu;iy li" 1lins s<-cinvd: ;i- r.,? u-'ufl'.' r <>!' i 1 "' ' ^ ''I prov,. ,."'iir(.'iv ^;^t:^f:l(.•t(l!•y i-•'• :i i.|i:('sl ion Unit on.,7 ei- Kj:-i,.-;:t-tf v. ill ik-oiJ,-. •• ;'iil-..i!-UT.-r. Dr. Kilmer's SWAMP-ROOT MKS. GERMAN MILLKK. , Mich. Saves Another Life ! INDIGESTION AND HEART TRODBIE CURED: Suffered for Eight long Years! MILS. M1LLEU SAYS :-"! had been troubled for eight yearn with stomach and heart difficulties." 1 lived ittonUy on milk, a* everything hurt me fio. My kidneys and liver wen- inatcrrililestate. Could neither fclcep ttor c«l. 1 buil been treated by the best Chicwtii doctors ami elsewhere without any benefit, •whatever. A3 a last resort I tried your SWKinp-Hoot, and have only used thn* bottles. C»n now cat anything, no mutter •what. Nothing hurt* me, aud can KO lo bed and (ret a grood nlghti sleep- »w«»P* Koot cured tut. Anyone doubting tbi? statement can -write, and I will gladly ftMWCT." nalc«— O«0 oontentl of One c, It you «ro not IwiirflWKl, Drac- will n*»»& torou U">l» American manufacturers whipped in, worst enemies are on the side that is their own country will have to defeat their victors in some neutral country. In order to reconcile the people to tliis transfer oi the home market from responsible for its existence, and tnat should bo anxious to promote its success. The meatiest things that arc said about it come from those who worked Americana to foreigners, the democrats j hardest to win the democratic victory VANDALIA LINE. triOi)» Be. Bnn, l>ug»n*port, I no THI RVKTB. , ltt» A. M. For St. JOMpb. . M. •• SmthBwil. TO» THI 80PTB. M U. •*. Son. 7.H A. M. rot Ten* HmnU. ••• • UOP.M. " •OUir aoept Oontaj. Var WDDMe Tlm« Cud, Urln* nil mini MM •OMK, ini tat toll tafOnnatlan M to ntw noatb cut, Me., » dn« ,|, r, EDGEWORTH, Agent, THB Journal believes in fair play. It doeti not like to see tbe Pharos misrepresenting the democrati In the council and alleging that they aro led around by the nose. It does not like tbe Pharos statement (bat they are led ground by Councilman Boyer. The council U democratic with tho vote ol Mayor Bead. Mr. Boyer is not a hypnotist. Tho democrats in the council aro not fooU thougb the PharoiRaye they are or that they vote for dishonest measures. A tewer lead* from the ,'ffllU of* Councilman Dolaa to the river. To use the Erie avenue sewer Councilman Dolan would havo to put In a pump as the Krie avenue sewer is about six feet above the level ol his foundry yet tbe Pharos and its follow. era allege that Councilman Dolaa wag diihoneet and favored the Erie avenue sewer from motives of personal inter est. Such are the «tatemeits that tho Pharoi relies material. on /or iti ' 'seelc to minimize its value. They talk ol it3 limited power to consume, as compared with that of the (jreat outside world. In the .American market such u petty one, then? Read wha cx-Spealcer lieed had to say on the subject: "That in this country nil tho workers have boon got ling better wUB<'8 thun ebcwhcru i the very reason why our market ia the tout In tho world antl why ult nations of ihe 'world »n trying to Uroak Inio it. Wu do notupprodut the na'.uro at our marknt ourselves "We ttro nominally 70.000,000 people. Tfist is whut wo arc la mere numbers. But as u marko for manufactures and choice foods we fire poten tl»Uy 300,000,000 as com pared with tho next bes union on (ho. ((lobe Nor la tills difficult to prove. Whenever an Englishman eurna II an Amnrlcan rums fi.ao. I xpeak within boundi. tioih can go I ihe food Ibat keepii body and sou' together and the iboltcr ivbicti too body mus hare for W cents. TaUo 00 ocnts from II »nd you hove to c«nu left. Toko that same 00 oentg from II. W and you have H loft, just two and a half times »» much. "That nurplusKian be «paal in eholuo fowl*, in house furnishings. In fine clotbes and all the comforts of life—in a word, in Ibo products of our manufactories. .That mallei our population as consumers of pt-oduow, »» compared with the English population, £00,000,000. Tbeir population Is 37,000,000 ».-) consumers of products which one century aK r o wore i>uro luxuries, while our population I»equivalent to BOO,000,000, "jr this Is our compitrlRon with England, what is tn« canipariiiun with the rest of tflo world, whoso murkou our committee are so eager to havo In exchange for our own? Mulhall Rlveh certain ntaUnilcs which will servo to make tbe comparison clear. On page 36b ol bla •Dlctlonury of S lulls tics' he snys iho total yearly product ol the njuliu/actorios of the world »ro 4,474,000,000 pounds, of which Iho Unlwd Stat^.j produces l,443,uoj,ooo pounds. "W > produce ono-thlnl and tho rest of the world, England included, two-thirds. The population of tbo world '.» i,&oo,ooo,oao, of which *o have 70,000,1)00, which I«UVCB 1,430,009,000 tor tbo re»t o[ mankind. We UHI- ull our mnnufiictures Plthf cgulvalcnU 1 ' them. Honco we arc equal of IS9!2, arid who have least sympathy with anti-democratic doctrines and interests. This situation is a peculiarly unfortunate one for Cleveland. Ilcbasmore , . at stake in the case than anybody else, misery.—San 1- ranciaco Chronicle, THe Party ot I>«(I<-H«. The democratic party is clearly entitled to the designation of "the deficit party." In JS58 it made a de6cit of 125,675,071, in 18511 it ran behiud 818,578,847, in 1SWQ it was short W,00i, 154 of the amount required to meet all the running expenses of tbe uoverumenk During- the war the deficits reached two and a half trillions, but the democracy was clearly responsiblo for these short- apes, as thoy^ compelled the Reneral ffovurnment to expend extraordinary sums to put down the slaveholders' revolt After 1805 und 4own to July, 189.1, there was a steady surplus, bnt since Cleveland's assumption to power there has been u (steady ducliue of revenues und an increase of expenditures, which lias brought about :i condition of affairs similar to that e.\islJD<r when liuehanan was president. If the trouble stopped at a government deficit it would not be so bad, but tbe democracy has brought a general deficit That is to say, there is a dcliciency of enterprise, a deficiency of work for the worldnpnian, a deficiency ot money and the only surplus we hear of is a surplus of hard times, poverty and Dr. Kilmer's PAKILLA LrvKB Pnxf •re the best. 42 pi la, 25 cent*. Has made many friends. > Why? Because it is the : best and cheapest liniment sold. It kills pain 1 [SHLV0TIONOIL: !: is sold by all dealers for 2Jc j (> Substitutes arc mostly cheap imit»- 4» lions oi good articles. Don't t»k* ^ tlwm. Insist nn KCltinf: SALVATJOW Oil-, or you will be disappointed. ^ rUCMil LANGE'J PLUGS, Tilt G««t T( VnCwV f ntirlotn!—Ptlc« 10 Cl«- >'-">' The men. who aro antagonizing him havo little or nothing to lose in comparison with.whut he may forfeit; and. tho wonder is that he persists in a course that is so manifestly inimical .to his personal welfare. It is all very well to say that he displays remarkable courftffe; but he displays it in a way that falls far short of practical wisdom. The re*ppn»ibiljt,v for the unpleasant ieellnjr. between other conspicuous democrats and himself is largely his own. He could"have preserved peace and harmony if hi had cared to show »friendly spirit and "to stoop a little . . now . and then to con- HOME DECORATIONS. the tMtfft I<le» lor Hriilitrulng Up (lie HonnhoM. We occasionally we pl>in wood furniture of pine and hemlock, finished by the use of bright stains, green or reddish brown, applied freely with a brush and wiped off immediately, s» that the prain i.s brought oat to advantage without any attempt being made to imitate a superior wood. After the application of the stain tho work is finished with two or three coats of varnish. . .In uoholstery stuffs one of the most STORAGE. large or •11 For storage in quantities, apply to W. D. PRATT. Foilard & Wilson warebtHMe. Highest Honors-World's Fair. D OLiN'8 OPKBA BOCSE, W», DOLtK. MiliiOHl. Wednesday, March A Production CelebraMd Throughout tbc Engtlbh -p«*klnt World. MORRISON'S PJIODUCTIOX OF owder The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammoai*; No A ! «tn. Jscd i^ MilV^'ns' of ^ofiiis—40 v " " **••' <2t' f '' '- FAUST Ton« of Macnlftoenl Se*n*rj. Worlds or klflcirlcRl Barprttfs. Oceans of Wonderful KffMU. TBB TREAT OF X UFSTIMS. 5>r««enWd bj a (rent oomp»n», 1I1S8 H06ABEL MOBEI8ON ai MlKUVtWR. Prtc«. , He, «nd St.

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