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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 1, 1954
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MOM STAR, HOP Ei ARKANSAS November 1/ Monday, November 1, 1954 MOM STAR, MOM. A ft It AN ft Al ^ -i^MJJ 111. bg| .i run largest ianuaryi I&o3; fairly active: . ana gilts is to mostly 2s 8& Score carlots: 60 tcote 57, . , 12,028 cases. Market unsettled on top brades. Steady on others. White large extras 60-69.0 liyS-" fUlU glltS' 1U IU IlJtJHUJ' *** w**«s* a, TTIU.I.%, *«i.^v- ws*v* «*.; «w ««.« than Friday's average; sows i per cehl A and ever 43 cents a B " to 2o lawpr; fmlK choido doipnj hiked large extras 00-69.0 ib 19.6D-S5; latter paid free- per cent A and over 39; mediums "f«"-lbts choice N6. 1 a'tid 2 amt 80-88.9 per cent A and over 24'/ 2 - ti'ti rt W choice No. 1 19,85; 330250 Ib .CO-iOs few 280 270 Ib 18.75-lfl.OO: W 12CM46 Ib IBSS^S; sews 400 Ib owri l?,g5<-18.dT); lerfitly 17.75 own; heavier sows 15.50-17.00; drfe m'bstiy Ii.50-15.00. Cattle ,50p,' calves 1,700; mod- rately active, demftnd for shipper HtCreSU as' Weil • as packer, but elatlvely little done on- steers; a ew IbftdS choice full£ s-tendy 4 00-25.25) modest number sales on omrrterclal and choicii mixed teers and heifers 19.00-2?.75; cow^ pehed -about steadj. fl.50- !00; cannrrs and cuttois. 65006; bull$ and vealers unchanged: tillty and commercial bulls 11.003.60 ';few heavy fat >ulls 10501.00; cahner and cotter bull* 8.00).SO: good and chpicc vealcrs 8.00-33,00: a few high choice and rime 35.00; commercial and low bddCvcalerS 13.00-17.dO; Culls 8 000.00., " Sheep 2.000; opening sales spring mbv steady 4 ) scattered sales good prime, wooled -skins 19.00-20.50: llv -run still un*pld; aged sheep unchanged;, slaughter ewes' largely .004.00^5 - . . • ( 'P ; QULTRY rWlCAGO (UP) hove . some car ryl ngchoice No ( a ; Standards 29; current receipts 33!-' a ; diMJee 19; checks NEW YORK STOCKS NE W YORK .Ml The Stock Market maintained a steady position today on the eve of the elections. Gains and losses spread out over a rather narrow range of a point either way with many leaders hold ie unchanged. Tobacco stocks vrer ehigher right from the statt. No other major group had a pronounced mcw- ment either way. PRODUCE Prbauce: Rumblings in Monday's Grid Wash By WILL GRIMLEY NEW YORK Ml — Monday's football wash: "Spre the ord and spoii the child" is an ancient precept which also must work with thick-necked football players... Tom Hamilton kicked three Pitt players off the squad for cutting practice and Pitt rose to beat favored West' Virginia 13-10.. Texas, which had nine members of the team booted •' out of the athletic dortnctory a.<= a.dis- ciplinary measure, played one Of its best games in tieing SMU 13-13 ... Georgia , Tech, whose Coach Bobby Dodd suspended five players for violating training rules, led Duke 20-0 in the third period before Duke rallied to win .in the final 30 seconds 21-20. Rulings in State Supreme Court NEW YOfiK COTTON IfEW YORK UP Cotton lures displayed early easiness today, with losses extending to 40 eents.,a : bale on hedge selling and ., liquidation, slackened, the the pressure market improved T ^. r poijltry: Market steady to .rm.'25'trucks. " • Chjcago poultry board prices: Hens: Colored over 5 Ibs 10 cents »hound';' colored 55 ibs and un- erf 19; hybrid, bareback, leghorn _J xV-i o ih*y ' rock, iiomewhat'on trade-buying and short covering, Switching opo ations were active, with -spot firms transferring hedges from nearby December to later months, particularly to the May position. late Qfterpoon prices were 30 cenls a "bale" higher* to 25 cents lower, than _the previous close. Dec. 34.37, March 34.75 and May Supersititious-7 It was in the 13th game thnt the worm turned for IMttle Xavier or Cincinnati which had gone 12 games wthout a vie tory before downing unbeaten Eos- ton College 18-14 in perhaps the year's biggest upset... But Kansas lost its 13th in a row, bowing to Kansas State ?.R-6.. Davidson cracked a 13-year-old Home coming Day jinx in beating West Virginia Tech 51-G.. And Purdue's Lenny Dawson Ihrew hits 13th touchdown pass of the year, as .the Boilermakers whacked Illinois 28-14.. Purdue, incidentally, rolled four straight Tn- pne in each period. Lit?LE ROCK tfP)_— .The Arkansas Supreme Court today handed down these decisions. Virginia F. Williamson, vs. Charles. Hdnry Williamson, appealed from Crittenden Probate Court, affirmed, Elizabeth Palmer vs.- Meta Dillard, Searcy County Circuit Court, affirmed. , Coy Storey Vs. Circuit Judge Henry W. Smith, writ of prohibition to Desha Circuit Court, granted. Ernest Cunningham Vs. Albert CuninRham. : Fulton Chancery Court affirrned. George E. Harris vs. Nabprs Shaw. Polk Ch'ancery, Court 'affirmed. Revenue . Commissioner Vance Scurlock vs. Sam R. Clark. Hot ! Spring Circuit Court, reversed and remanded. Charley Jones vs. State, Crawford Circuit, affirmed. J. J. Brown vs. Frank Headlee. White Chancery Court, affirmed. Mrs. Clyde Orem vs. Robert Moore and Robert Moore vs. .Mrs. Clyde Orem separate appeal* from nd-N6V2 Springs: Colored, white •lymouth rock, gray cress ' " and , white cross' 17;"bafeback 13. Fryers; Colored, white rock and jlymouth rock 18; bareback 13. Broilers: Colored, White Rock, ;tay cross and Bareback IS. - white cross 18; Capons: 7 Ibs and up 32; under Ibs 30.' ' ,_ Olof roosters' 12. 'TUckey hens 33; . Buttep: 1,170,719 pounds Market steady.! 83 spore ,57'/ 2 cents a scprc 57'/4i 90 score spy 4 ; S5.00. has been in the Pacific Coast League for 20 years. PHILADELPHIA (UP) Arnold Johnson, one of the Kansas City bidders for the Philadelphia Athletics, announced that he was "still optimistic" as to the chances of moving the team to Kansas City. The American League had okayed such a move. BlythevilSe 'Crash' May Be Mirage BLYTHEVILLE MB An "unusual sunset" and the vapor trial left by a jet may have caused aj report of a plane Crashing in [lames near here. A search by ot least nine Civil Air Patrol planes was celled off today. CAP officials believe that people Wh6 reported a plane crashing in ilanies late yesterday apparently, sa\v a jet trail, backgrounded by the unset. : ' ! Officils said that a wooded area seven miles west of Blytheville was thoroughly searched for signs of wreckage. A couple living east Of the Blytheville Air Force Base said they watched a burning plane as it fell to the ground about 5:45 p.m. They said one chute appeared in the skv as the plane fell. They raid the plane fell "west of Blythev.ille." Five CAP planes from this area and four from Little Rock are searching for the plane. There have been no reports of missing military or civilian aircraft in this .area but Officials said the plane could have been a civilian craft which did not file a flight plan. • Evangelist Comes to New Orleans NEW ORLEANS, (UP) Evange list Billy Graham told some 61,000 persons at the end of h-.s 28-day c'ursade yesterday that he had "fallen in love with New Orleans.: The statements set off applause almost unheard of during his whole because the revivalist had .said earlier he felt "he was in the middle of hell" while driving on famed Bourbon street. Be-fore Graham and his party left for Houston, Tex., he said "1 have fallen in love with. New Orleans and its people and I cer- Lainly hope .we can return to this city .some time.' ' • 'He will relax at Houston Until Friday when he will speak at Bay- lor University and receive an honrorary degree. He then head? for the West Coast for short engagements. His next major crusads will be in Scotland next February. Oficials said 00 persons answered Graham's call to mak'e a do- cisions for Christ at the close of the Sunday sermon. Ths total at-« tendance for his New Orleans' revival, not including 25,000 in Ba- jton Rouge last Monday, was 341.* 500. IETY i Phone 7-3431 Between S A. M. and 4 P. M. Boyle is soon' asi possible." ' itfiSl'jBp'wcrs added] "Before V 9pm0ito a'tifial- decision, v>c want see 1 how the babies react," JOHNSON PRINTING CO. 4 1, Printing 1 Office S, m?- « 9 GRAIN. AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (ffl Soybeans piled up gains as much as a nickel or more in active trading on the Board of Trr.de today to add to last week's rise of 14 to 18 cents a bushel The rdst of the market tagged along into the higher price territory Helpful to corn was a report that Japan wanted 1,400,000 bushels from' the United States after futures trading ended for the day. Small 'amounts' of ttfe grain were taken over the weekend by the United Kingdom. Wheat closed unchanged to >/> cent-higher,- December . $2-.23%- 1 ,4, corn was %- better, December 1 '3 1 /<t-%. and rye was 'A-l'A higher, December '$l:36-$1.36V!i, soybeans were uncharged to 3T centt high: eq November $2.98^2.91. Wheat: None. New corn: No. 2 yellow lake 1.51«>, No. 2 yellow J.S2 1 /.; No. 3 1.46-51; No. 4 1 39"/ 2 35; No. 5 1.28-38%. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow track Chicago 293. Oats: No. 1 heavy ehite 87^-83'^; No. 3 84'^. Barley nominal: Malting choice 1.3u'-'50; gpod,,1.31-39; feed 1.10-35. .._,,_ 6pen Annual Convention Wed. HOT. SPRINGS iffl The Arkansas' " Educa-tional Association will open Its '86th' annual convention here 'Wednesday night. Tho sessions will continue through Friday. The Association is the states largest professional organization. Between 0,000 and 7,000 ure expected^ to attend tlie conventio. Speakers will include W.iur i ne Wafcef of Austin, 'Tex., piosident of the National Education Association-and director of tocher relations and certification with the Texas Education Agency. Eddie Erdclatz, Navy coach doesn't mind calling a spade a rhovel... "They-re big . and tough but they're no better than we are.'' Eddie said glumly after Notre Dame had beaten his navy forces 6-0. Ohio States Woody Hayes complained that northwestern 'threw in a slick football in their game and he.had to ask officials to "rough it up" as umpires do cials to "rough it up," as umpires do baseballs.. Northwestern's Bob Vojgts said it was just n diferent make ball and not responsible lor his team's 30 bobbles in the first five games... Ohio State fumbled five times but won 14-7. NEW YORK .UP) County Cork's all-Irish hurling champions defeated the New York All-Stars 7-8 to 3-10 in the annual St. Brendan's Cup matches. KNOXVILLE, Tenn., (UP) Joe Michelini of Chicago wilt attempt to set a world outboard speed record today in the Class X and Fhydroplane divisions of the Na- ;ional Outboard Association competition. Bill Tenncy of Dayton, O., set a world speed record in the Class C hydro division yesterday with a time of 68.441 mph. Monroe Chancery Court. ; forme* case reversed"" "and latter case affirmed in joint opinion . : 'George " Franklin vs. Revenue Commissioner Vance Scurlock, Pulaski Circuit Court, a'ffimed Calendar t Monday November 1 Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. of tho rst Methodist Church will meet onday, November 1, at the home of Mrs. Albert Graves on South Washington street. Mo K^ie ioiTOay, Band Auxiliary will meet November I, at 7:30 pi m. In Cannon Hall. The executive meeting willtbe at,7 o'clock, . , Continued from Page One Tom Dewey on election eve in 1943. Restlessly tossing, Ed wonders for the 1.000th time, "why did I ever feet into politics it's the November 4. at 7:30 p. m. for an'most thankless business in the election of officers and installation world?" He thinks of how he ceremony. Friday November S The Hope Unit of the United Council of Church Women will meet Friday,' November 5, at 2:30 at the First Methodist Church. The strained his own finances to get into the campaign, the member of friends he put the bite on, the strangers from whom he solicited campaign funds. "If 1 lose this one, Mama, may be we'd belter move to another INCREASES vote AGAINSTA« 285 Vote This Way AGAINST REFERRED ACT 285 Pol Mf. f»ld by y. J. TBdl Sports in Brief By United Press NEW YORK UP) . Foxcatcher Farm's Parlo romped to an easy victory in the $35,550 .Fircnze Handicap at Jamaica Park. Riverinn ran second and Spinning Top .third. NEW YORK (UP) Jockey Hed ley Woodhousc was recuperating at his home today from a mild concussion suffered when he was thrown from his mount in the eighth race at Jamaica Saturday. Woodhpuse was released from Physicians' hospital yesterday after being kept there overnight. CAMDEN, N. J. (UP) Sum mer Tnri finished nine lengths ahead of the rest of the field ' to win . the $269,965 Gardfiii State Stakes Simmy a 51-1' shot -was second and' Flying; Fury third? ; LAUREL, Md. (UP) Elizabeth's Landau 'tested the Laurel strip for the first time yester : day in preparation., for Wednesday's $65,000 International and completely, satisfied Trainer C. F. Murless that he was in "prime condition" foiftthe race. LAUREL, Md. (UP)' Due De Fer, one of the nation's outstanding 3-year-olds; captured the $15.000-added LGaureJ Spi-infi Handicap. New Dream was second and Staffordshire third. • • . PERTH, Australia (UP) Australia and America tied with one match each in. the first round of the International Lakes Cup Golf competition. LOYD L. HUNNICUTT, Evangelist . REVIVAL SERVICES FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH NOVEMBER 1-7 Daily — 7:30 a. m. - 7:30 p. m. Loyd L Hunnicutt, Evangelist Alpha Delta Chapter of the. Delta Kappa Gamma Society Will meet Monday, November 1, at 4:30 p. m. with Mrs. P. L. Perkins. Mrs. Horace Fuller will be associate hostess, ••; program theme. "Building Lasting j^tnte," he whispers to his wife, Peace" will be carried out in a pa-j who is equally sleepless, geant and pantomine which has| "Oh. shut up, Ed, .don't.! talk been planned by Mrs. W. E. Tolle- silly. Go to sleep.' Tuesday November 2 JJiH' VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night at 7:30 at the hut. Hostesses are Mrs. Alvin Willis and Mrs. Kathleen Deloney. and are asked to bring "Parcels ot Peace" consisting of warm clothes or destitute children, and household linens and blankets for home- ess people and refugees. Wednesday November 3 The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mark's Episcopal Church will meet In the home of Mrs. J. D. Barlow on Wednesday, November 3. at 7:30 p. m; TJSjirsday November ,4 Hope Chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet THursday, Prune Layer CAKE' wjth fruit icing Applesauce CAKE Blueberry PIE • Brown 'N' Serve frfSh JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 5, Main SUNDAY FORT WORTH, Texas '(UP) — Betsy Rawls of Spartanburg, S.C., defeated Betty Hicks, of Manhattan Beach. Calif., to win the Texas Women's Open Golf championship for the second straight year. SAN DIEGO, Calif. (UP) Lefty O'Doul resigned as manager of the San Djego Padres, the Pacific Coast League champions. O'Doul Legal Notice i; ST ,i.y.^.i vipJH', V? PoU-fram« cut* f «rm building josts IN THE HEMPSTEAD .PROBATE COURT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF W. G. McMULLEN, DECEASED C. D, WALKER, ADMINISTRATOR NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That C. D. Walker, as administrator of the estate of W. G. McMullen, deceased, has filed his petition in said Court asking for authority to sell the lands hereinafter described for cash, free of all encumbrances, at"public sale »t the front door or entrance to the Court House in the City of Hope, Arkansas, said lands being situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and described as follows: The North thirty (30) acres of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NWV* SWW of Section Seventeen (17), Town- ihip Ten (10) South, Range Tweiity-five (25.) West. &y'order of said Court, said petition will be heard by said Cbur| ar the Judge thereof, at 9 o'clo9Jt al m.. November 10, 1954, in the Court 'Room in the. Court House in the.. City of Hope in Hempstead Cdftaty, Arkansas, IN TESTIMONY, WHEREOF, I have hereunto set, my hand and the seal of said Court on this 21st day of October. 1954. ' HARRY HAWTHORNE : Clerjf 'of Said Court Pet, 2.5, Nov.4 ''"'" Legal Notice 7676 In the Chancery Court o< Hempstf ad County, Ark. If. .R. Hall vs. Margaret K, HsU .... . ,. ergir^ K. H«U warned \9 *PPf »r in UJJ5 POUTt in thirty djy* s^d anjyef PfcWf, «• J»: my JiftWl »pd t said cqvu't t^is 9 da.y of k Hope, Arkansas November 1,1954 W.S. Atkins Hope, Arkansas Dear Mr. Atkins: I have been looking forward to something from you for somie time and here it is, the advertisement in Saturday's Hope Star on the Democratic Party and the backing of Orval Faubus for Governor. It has been prpven beyond a doubt that the Democratic party is a ballotbo*$tuffer, Therefore, I am voting for Pratt Remmel, I am ashamed of you. You also got 33 misguided individuals to sign this. These are each an office holder or candidate for office, and I repeat I am ashamed of you* Yours very truly, N. P, O'Neal N G E R * -LAST DAY * — FEATURE TIMES — 3:45 - 5:23 - 7:23 - 9:23 It's a HOWL as AS Yell Breaks loose! \sjjfm, N tio I»DIO nctui Dick POWELL -Debbie REYNOLDS |» "Bil>y Boy" Cartoon • News of the Day week in the home of Mrs. Harrell Hall, with Mrs. Talbot Fcild. Jr.. president, presiding. After the business meeting, Mrs Sam Strong presented the follow- ;ng program. A piano solo, "Sonata" by Haydn, by Mrs. McDowell Turner; Recordings of Mojart by Mrs. Oliver Adams; current events reported by Mrs. H. A. Spraggins. Refreshments were served to 18 members. * Tuesday ONLY THERE'S A PRICE AG ON HER KISSES! ,!/ SHELLEY WINTERS BARRY SULLIVAN UNIVEB5A1-IN7ERNATIONAL PICTURE ON OUR STAGE Friday Nite, 11 p. Instead Ed gels up. goes to refrigerator and mekes himself a sandwich. He follows it with a slug son. Mesdames Crit Stuart, Jr.. and C. V. Nunn, Jr., will present the worship program, and special music will be rendered by Mrs. Haskell Jones. Women ot all de- pirin. and lies down again. Soon nominations are invited to attendee clozes off and begins mumbling Governor's Race Continued rrom Page Ona publicans and Democrats to keep Iheir members in camp, have revolved around a now-defunct Communist-branded college and Arkan sas Power & Light Co.'s request for a rate increase. Both issues contributed greatly to the heavy barrage of charges and counter charges hurled in the recent bitter Democratic primary. Although Remmel has shied away from trying to make political hay at the expense of Fan- bus' former connection with Commonwealth College, a group of anti- Faubus, pro-Remmel Democrats have repeatedly charged Faubus with misieprescniing his past. The Citizens for Clean Elections Committee, headed by Dr. George Branscum. a Little Rock dentist, of milk of magnesia and two as- quotes Fpubus as saying his con- Friday Music Club "8,306. 8,367. "Quit couling sheep,' demands his wife. "I wasn't counting sheep, was counting voters,' says Ed. He begins to think of what life .will be like if he wins the elec- jliori — the 847 supporters who nl- The Friday Music'Club met last ready have asked him to get jobs Coming and Going Mrs. Myrtle- Casey Anderson has returned from a visit with her brother in San Antonio, Teas. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Thornton of. Helena, Okla., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell. for their relatives, the 560 picnics, union dances and family reunions he will have to attend each year rnd "address a few brieC words." Is it all worth it? On that thought his exhausted mind at last sinks into slumber. But it is fitful. He begins to talk in his sleep and when dawn comes he is mumbling through is favorite speech for the loth time: and, if elected I pledge you that o new broom will sweep clean forever the Augean stables of our. "Wake up, Ed," says -his wife, thaking him and feeling sorry that she has to. "Wu have to hurry i'or the polls.' As her haggard husband climbs into his clothing, he doesn't feel like a saviour of the people. He hardly cares whether "he loses ot wins now. All Ed. really wants to do is to Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Russell, Jr., and son, Charles Randolph, of Dallas, arrived Saturday night for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell, Mrs. Lois Russell and other relatives. ncction with the Communist school has been cleared by the FBI. Faubus denies he said this. Saturday night Eaubus displayed a telegram from Sen. Johnston (D- SC) of the U. S. Senate Post Office and Civil Service Committee 'he telegram said Faubus had been leared by agents of the Civil Serv- ce before he was named postman- er at Huntsville. Thp telegram nade no mention of Commonwealth ollege, however. Democrats hp.ve made no secret 3f the fact that Remmel is mar- ied to the daughter of Harvey C. louch, one of the founders of AP&L. The power company found itself n the position of n political foot- sail last summer when it asked for a $3,900,000 annual rate increase. Taubus rode the issue hard dur- ng the primary campaign, charg- ng that Cherry could stop the increase, if ho would. Remmel recently sold his one shnre of AP&L stock. When the state Public. Service Commission threw out AP&L's rate increase request .last week, Rem- mcl said he was "delighted." He also said he planned to re appoint Gov. Chcrrys Public Service Commission. After spiking rumors that he go to a psychaitrist ask what dnd of Madness ever led him to aecoine a political condidate —anc .hen spend the rest of the days on the doc's couch catching upon his sleep. Hospital Notes MAD DR. MARQUIS" and His From London! Julia Chester Admitted: Miss Bessie Trimble, Washington, Sarah Jones, Fulton. ••' Discharged: Miss Jimmie Ann Storar, Lewisville, Mrs. Lester M. Patton, Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. Walter Anderson, Rt. 1, Hope. Branch Discharged: Mr. Paul McClel- |lan, Hope, Mrs. Hattie Powell, Rt. 1, Hope. .Mr. and Mrs- ..Saner May of .Route 3, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on October 28, 1954. Admitted: William Ray Faulkner. Rt. 4, Hope, Ezell Burton, Rt. 1, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Charles Richardson, Shreveport, La., Mrs. Garland Johnson and baby boy. Hope. Mrs,r Ulice Miller and baby girl, Stamps, Mst. Ronnie Harris, Gurdon. Weather Is Continued from Page One lands with ice early iri the day. Wilbur Shaw, former racing driv er and president of the Indianap olis Speedsvay, was one of thre ;nen hilled Saturday when thei plane crashed in a snowstorm noa Decatur. Ind. It was believed the men were trying to make "an emergency landing in the storm when they cracked up. The Chicago Weather Bureau reported, meanwhile, that the area had a total of 12.06 inches of rain during October, the greatest on (terms. By ELINORE DENNIStON THE STORY: Greg Sedver, 26, has burned his bridges behind him, He has quit a relatively secure job with his stepfather, the vigorous, dogmatic Horace Grain, maker of Grain's Canned Cornbread, and is going to be the chauffeur of a wealthy invalid, Wade Daggett- Wade and Greg will "just get in a car and start out" to search for adventure. Greg has just broken the news to his mother and Horace Crain. VI Horace Crain was unexpectedy quiet. He stood up, a big man with iron-gray hair, a ruddy faco and moderate good looks, looking down at his stepson who stared up from his low chair, feeling at a disadvantage, though there was nothing new in that. "What do you plan to do" He added stiffly, "If I may ask" Greg did not attempt to make the picture any brighter than H was. "I'm going to drive a man across the country." Crain prodded, "Aud then what" Did you check with Dun and Bradstreet" Greg shook his head. "All t know is that he hasn't much time left. He wants to gel out and see things while he can. He lives alone at 1 a yard long. 1 dropped his suitcases" 1ft th« M went int* the IHflng ffcHH *K& called room service td.&rdef ditt» nef< When he had settled hlrtwfeli with his highball M 6bserved Datf- gett's expression with suspicion^ "What have fmi beeft a£ W* The paralysis that had twisted the od mafe's face prevented hirfl from making more thaft a Slight smile but his eyes laughed. "1 got rid of Florence Nightingale today. She left you a list of instructions the Waldorf Towers. No one but a nurse with him. He's—a nice guy," "Waldorf Towers,'* Grain said thoughtfully. Me grew more cheerful. "On his last legs. No family, apparently, or he wouldn't be tak- "Good. I'll bone up on it night." Daggett was Complacent, *'Oh, no, you won't. 1 burned It." With his good hand h* tapped a small ing you." His. tone indicated that [box on the table. I take thesi! no one would take Greg except as (three times a day." He fumbled a last resort. So'you get along i n his breast pocket and produced '" a small glass phial. "It 1 have an well, do you? If you play your cards right—" "I'm not after" his money, It that is what you mean." Greg's voice was unexpectedly angry, His mother put out her hand attack, you break this under my hose." He demonstrated. "No neec to worry because, l£ that doesn't work, nothing will." Early in the morning they drove "1 don't know." "Do you." Grain asked, "see any Future in it" His irony lay heavy on the air. Feeling guilty, Greg mumbled, anxious to check him. "Darling;" ! to Long Island to pick up the trall- she warned him in distress, "you er . p 0 r his last fling Daggett had shouldn't speak to Horace like hnspn a mammoth trailer with 'I don't suppose so." "Bit old to be Skylarking Around, aren't you Drifting—" Crain let the word settle on the air like smoke, sketching with a gesture of his hand Greg's future: drifting—down and out. "There won't be much skylarking," Greg said defensively, because he had to say something. Somehow, he could never talk to Crain about what he really had on his mind. They had always ond- «d by clashing over side issues. "He is old and paralyzed." "Do you know anything about him Is he in the Social Register speak that. He didn't mean what you thought." Her forehead was puckered like that of a child who is being undeservedly punished. "Didn't he" Greg $sked. Crain refused to lose his temper. "Perhaps," he said politely, "you would cara to tell me what you are after" Greg surprised himself by laughing. Since he had got the whip hand over his conscience he hail surprised himself a great deal. "The other side of the moon," k* would run against Faubus as an independent Gov., Cherry has r.tayed out ot the campaign. Ha has not campaigned and has not said how he will vote. But he says. 'I am a Democrat." Both candidates predict victory for themselves. Faubus. a former postmaster at Huntsville, has had a vpried career in his 45 years. Largely self- educated, he also has worked as a rural school teacher, a lumber worker, a county official and newspaper publisher. He was an executive assistant and later highway director under former Gov. Sid McMath. Remmel. an insurance agent before his election as mayor of Little Rock, comes from a Republican family of long standing? in 'Arkansas. His great-uncle, the late H. L. Rcmml, was for many years Republican national committeeman, and ran for governor himself. He was defeated by Jeff Davis, the only governor who ever got three Violent Deaths in Arkansas Total 10 By The Associated Press A Negro woman was stabbed to death and two children run over by cars over the weekend to boost Arkansas violent toll for the week ending Sunday midnight ten. record for any month in history- 11.38 inches in August, 1885. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK Iff) Selected programs tonight: NBC 7. Best of AH Music; & Don Voorhees concert; 8:30 Band of America. CBS 6 Tennessee Ernie; 7:30 Talent Scouts; 8:15 Mr. and Mrs. Noith. ABC 6:30 Lone Ranger; 8 Sammy Kayc Serenade. MBS 7:30 Broadway Cop; 7:30 Distinguished Artists. HORSE SHOW . j i •" Sunday Afternoon HOPE COLISEUM • Admission FREE • Time 2:30 .• '(• Enter Horses at. . . TOM WARDLAW'S ... on Main Street Asks Fund to Probe Dixon-Yates Deal WASHINGTON, (UP) The Son- ate anti-monopoly subcommittee, which has been looking into the controversial Dixcn-Yates contract, is planning to ask Congress for $!,• 000,000 to finance that investigation and others. Chaiima William Lanvcr (RN. D.) and Sen. Esles Kefauver (D-Tenn.) issued a joint statement sayng they will ask for fund* when the 84th Congress meets next January. Earlier they had indicated they might make the bid for funds at the Nov. 8 special session of the Senate. • The subcommittee has been hold- ny hearings on the Dixon-Yates contract and on other questions Three proposed constitutional imendments and one referred act also will be on the ballot. Juror Issue Bypassed in Murder Trial Mary Toomer ; Harris, 29, was Ltabbed to death on a country roacl near Scott yesterday. Sheriff Earl H. Jackson said-; a 39-year-old Ne- grom man, J. C. Lipsie, told .him he pulled a knife on the woman after she slashed him several times with a knife of her own. Lipsie was treated'for cuts on the face and arm. • .\ •:•' Six of the week's deaths due to violent circumstances were attributed to .traffic -accidents.. Another was attributed to suicide, one to homicide, one to industrial causes, and one person died under the wheels of a train. Delia Scott, 7,. the daughter of Mrs. Gladys Scott of Route 2, Malvern, was killed yesterday after- moon when she ran in front of,, a car on Highway..67 near her home. Six-year-old William Golden 'Fowler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Connie Fowler of North Little Rock, apparently failed to see an oncoming auto late Saturday though his mother, standing on the opposite side of the highway, called to him to stop. The child was killed instantly. said. "You are so like your father! * Millicent cried. "I am in dcspali about you, Greg. You can't expect Horace to find another job foi you." "I don't." Greg assured her "And I don't really mind being like my father. He must have beca rather a good guy." After that, there was nothing 'much to be said. Crain, gathering his dignity around him like a Roman toga, went off to his stu«ly implying that the fate of nation depended on his labors. Absently he picked up a crossword puzal and took it with him. Daggett had bought a trailei Because he liked the old man i great deal, Greg was ashamed t confess to himself how relieved h was. that he Would not have to X in and out of hotels and restaurants with him. • He was to spend the last nigh at Daggett's • apartment so tha they could make an early start th next morning. After lie ha CLEVELAND The Sheppard murder trial temporarily bypassed a legal dilemma over a juror with a purported police record today, and went ahead with the business N of finding two alternate jurors. The disputed juror, James R. / /WE . 'DELIVER B&B SUPER MARKET DIAL 7-4501 WE FEED THE PARKING METERS ^^ PONT PASS THIS UP 5 FILL YOUR DEEP FREEZE FRESH COUNTRY 3 Doz. FRESH PRESSED •elating to monopoly in he ield. power Ate too much? well, where's your rollofTUMS? manning, a real estate-agent and father of three, showed up in his regular seat this morning, hench- ing forward in his chair and new- cusiy staring straight ahead. The prosecution says Manning failed to disclose he was convicted on a morals charge 11 years ego and this could mean having to start the trial of Dr. Samuel H. Shepp'ard all over again. Maning's paster, Rev. G. R. Naumann, appered in the court this morning, too, and talked with Judge Edward Clythin briefly before proceedings began. The Rev. Naumann, pastor of SI, Luke's Evangelical Lutheran church, told reporters Manning wants to be excused "with as little legal difficulty as possible." "He'll try to get off the jury wilhout any commotion, if that can be done, said Naumann. He, added nothing conclusive came of his conference with the judge. As he sat in his seat, Manning rocked nervously back and forth. The state says his morals conviction involved activities with a 15- year-old boy. .gnd tha,t he received a suspended sentence. Sheppard, who is charged with clubbing hi? wife, , Marilyn, to death, appeared to be in an expansive moo.d today. He smiled frequently, Only 20 of the prospective alternate jurprs, appeared today. Four were not fpund'and one. w^s ill. Before today's s proceeding started, Assistant County Protecu- tor John J. Mahon said he would ask Blythin to unseat Manning on grounds he testified at his morals trial. If' that is true it would show Manning lied while being seated on the jury. He said then he had never been a witness,in a court cass. Mahon expressed belief he "a chance' his request will granted and the trial of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard can continue without being started over again. Dr. heppard .is accused of slaying his wife on July 4. FREE Stop by our office and •get -—for FREE — a book upon which you may ;take an inventory of your household goods and personal possessions. 210 S. Main [Roy Anderson & Co. INSURANCE Hope, Arkansas hosen a mammoth trailer with icture windows covered by Ve <T« He Csfrtfi the Heating Is Hera Let Us Estimate Needs t Fofe&l A!f $y§te»| * Recessed H Unites , lk ^ • Suspended Unit • Floor HARRY Wi PLUMBING - HIA' , Phone — 7-2611' DODGE has done it... better wait! Flair- Fashioned., coming Nov. 17 B. R. HAMM 209 E. Second Street ARKANSAS CITIZENS JOIN :§i f PENNIES FOR PROGRI Pennies, nickels, dimes and quar^ersrfJk whatijtt;,jy*l» carry the Remmel Campaign ,to">a/successfuliclpse^ Lai 4- j v"*- *!.**•* !»*•»*•* ^r^nf^ff^-ta" '. ~r* —i A »» i Jia'A "J opportunity for everyone.in Arkansas to contnbute> ? tp|« paign fund. . . just as evfiryone'ln Arkansas wiir'.naVeji in government when prat^R«5mrhel is clccted-GoV^r"* ,.••* ' ' ,7 Because Pratt Eemmel ha£ not made HAVE REMAINED CLOgfep TQ HIM, This \cam been financed with small contributions. " *• " " ' ^ IT'S YOUR STATE and with Pratt Remmel as Governor, Arkansa* will function GOOD OF ALL ITS CITIZENS, ELECT PRATT R E M M E L , Pol, Adv. pd. for by Verne Tinfoil, P.O, NOTICE—I am now Bar-B-Q!ng Ray's grand prize Grade-A chickens exclusively. They are tender, hickory smoked juicy and Delicious. Try One! HURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for the working girls Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 112 S, Main Ruth Hoelscher Janell Roberts When Acid Indigestion Strife**, a handy roll of Turns in pock« «r purse can be "worth its weight w gold." For TMP« give top-speed relief from gas, heartburn, sour stomach—yet can't over-silkslize, can't cause a^jd rebound. Turns require no water, no iniring-^take them anywhere. Get » foil u>o»y, p *c<w»"i'cof— vetf |0 jl FOR DUALITY arid DiPINPABIUTY Let MI fill Vital Prescription! Registered B/ugalst on duty at all time?: Call PR 7-34?4 fpr r $p«dy 4 m. to 7 Pi <J?|iv$ry from 7 Crescent Drug OKAY, SID| DID THAT NOWWHATf

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