Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1954
Page 18
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^ASv '"V l , K " ±* „ ~ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ARD ELLIS lit About Your PRESCOTTNEWS Ut, «Wl W*. 3^ 1. fififfcls h6notv eft their 4fittght*r, Mdfita with a their horf>8 tft Tue> flay **tetti6oit itf cetebrate her fifth opened garftes Ml>l iirl "tfri. i; 4 SfcWtK »6Mf bjr Christmas. PlaftS Were discussed to have a benefit sale, the date to be announced later. Mrs. Laverhe Ward had charge cf the prderam and presented Mr. Bill Ward, mayof, Who gave a wry informative talk on "Our City Government." He talked about the affairs and laws which govern our cily. Following the program, clever Halloween games were played with Mi's. Joyce Bright, Mrs. Tommie Hern and Mrs.,' Vernice Hubbard winning prices.' Delicious refreshments Were served by the hostesses. birthday. After Uife gifts were jslayed on the lawn *nd were woh by \Valt«f Nelson and Richard Dates. 1?he refreshments table spread be- arrives. C £oad stock used 'radiators "cars and iSajvage Co; »4-i^ r <est;3rd Street with a white embroidered .cloth was placed oft the porch and centered With «t Jack-OJantern filled with yellow and white mums. The white birthday cake was decorated in orange and topped with white can* dies iri black cats and pumpkin candle holders. Favors were Halloween hats and artlit palette water colors. Mrs. Bemis was assisted by Mrs. Dudley Cordon. Guests included Carolyn Haltom, Emily Oates, Phoebe Johnson, Susan Ward, Anna Gordon, Betsy Jane McMaheh, Jennie Gray, Ellen Me- Hae, Johnny Reynolds, Richard Oates, frank Anderson, Mike Smith, Walter Nelson, Frank Grayson, Larry Jameson, Kenny Formby, Jimmy Franks, John Ed Watkins, Joe Escarre and Andy Bemis Charges U.S. Agencies Join TVA Enemies WASHINGTON (UP) Gordon before the Senate Anti-Monopoly subcommittee. The subcommittee has been looking into the controversial contract which has been approved by the government, but not signed. Under its terms, the Dixon-Yates utility group, composed of Middle South Utilities Inc. and the Southern Co., would build a ste?.m plant Clapp, former TVA board chair j at West Memphis, Ark. to supply man, charged today that two gov- power to TVA to replace TVA- erhment agencies have joined with delivered power to atomic energy TVA's "worst enemies" in the con- commission installations, troversial Dixon-Yates power con In one of the sharpest attacks to iract, in a planned campaign to de Slrcy the Tennessee Valley Authority. Clapp, long-time TVA official, whose term as board chairman exj date on the proposal which has become an JFSUC in the political campaigns, Clapp charged that the contract is a bad financial ar- Major and Mrs. Edward W. Davis of Chicopercc Falls?, Mass, announce the arrival of a daughter, Mary Susan, on October 25th. Mrs. Roy Davis of Prcscott is the paternal grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Oglestay announce the birth of a daughter on October 36th at the Cora Don nell Hospital. jrange '•u~ « ment for the United States. Can't Find Addresses in Tax Book HOT SPRINGS IT) George Earnshaw, Garland County campaign manager for Republican can- S.OPO nieces of campaign literature mailed to persons listed in (he 1954 poll tax bo6k had been returned. Enrnshaw said the returned moil bore the postal markings: 1. No such address. 3. Unkown at this address. 3. Address incomplete. 4. Moved, no forwarding address. Earnshaw said he had talked both. with Postmaster Paul E. Francis and Tax Collector Ray about the*matter. "I am didate Pratt Rcmmel, charged!Owens here yesterday that 500 of nearly!making no formal charges because I believe the evidence is msuffi engineering standpoint. He testified that juci own connection with pired last May, made the charge He said it is "unsound" from an ed at arms length.' it. iciing from his h the early s, he doas not was "ndgotiat- , cient for such action, but I think the matter deserves some investigation," he said. About 40 billion light bulbs have been made in the United States. ana si'iiicuutu ^ *"*-• ----- eral appeals court upset the con viciion on the grounds that h should have been tcied m Mary land, because he was a prisons at Ft. Meade at the time of in original indictment. i — •«••«••••• SaiuKloy, Ocfdfeet- 30 Provoo Revindicated on Ceven Charges BALTIMORE Prcvoo, once a W> John clerk in San Francisco bank, has been reiiidict-- ed on seven charges c£ °^' c '-J" acts" of treason in World War II by collaboration with the Japanese. A onetime Army staff sergeant Provoo was convicted of treason in New York in February iJ-vi -•-—>-- fea* Friends o£ Mrs. L. L. Mitchell will be glad to know her condition is reported satisfactory following major surgery at the Texarkana Hospital, Texarkana. V ' J Layer K£..:.',/ - tr^fnfit icing,. Band Mother'* Meeting Prcscott Band Mother's Club held their October meeting Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Roy Loomis with Mrs. Ezar Milam Co- hostess. Mrs. Doug Ea sterling, president, presided at the business session and the minutes, of the last meeting were read, by the secretary, Mrs. Frank Gilbert. t It was announced that the club had purchased 10 new belts which were needed by the band, The concession chairmen, Mrs. Huey Milam, Mrs. R. C. McBrayer and Mrs. Welter Connell gave reports and had a display of flavoring which the Band Mother's Club is selling. It includes pure extract of vanilla for one dollar a bottle, and lemon, pocoanut, and angel food which sells for fifty cents. Anyone interested in purchasing any of the flavoring may do so by contacting Mrs. Lewis Connell or Mrs. Wallace Sage. , Mrs. Easterling announced that the Prescott Band would leave- by bus Saturday morning, October 30th at' 6 a. m. for Shrevcport where they will march * in the Jxndsiana State Fair 1 Parade. Accompanying the 'band will be Mrs. H. C, Vandiver, , Mrs. Doug. Easte'rlmg, Mrs. Max Kitchen,, Mr. Wallacin Sage, and Mr. and Mrs. Clive-McCJella'nd. It was suggested that the'Junior and Senior Band appoint ,a committee to work with Mrs. Frank Gil bert and-Mrs. Lewjs Conne^of 'the Band Mother's Club 'to help keep the uniforms in good, qonditiorj. . , * Cokes; and Cookies were served by the hostess to }6 members; ,, , The November rnqe'ting will be held at the home of Mrs. .Kucy Mjl- am with Mrs. Walter .Connell. Co- hostess. ' , Rev. .and Mrs. W. G. Bensbch-g were Monday visitors in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Logan are spending the week in Mineral Wells and Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Gene Lee spent Monday in Texarkana. - i . T BAKERY Mrs. H. A. Loomis and Mrs. Roy Loomis visited Miss Fay Loomis, who is a patient at the Texarkana Hospital, Texarkana, ; on Tuesday. Big Market Crash Just 25 Years Ago By ED CREAGH For James Marlow WASHINGTON W) Just 25 frome construction 'farm building costs .Mrs. Dan Pittman Jr. ,' Hostess to '37 Club v ' / The home of 1 Mrs. Daft^ Pittman Jr. was the scene for the' meeting of the '37 Contract Club on Tuesday afternoon. BCfcction arrangements of fqll blooms decorated the rooms arranged for the player's. The high score, award was won by Mrs. C, P. Arnold Jr., a guest of the club. Mrs. Frank Haltom Jr. was a lea siiest. A tasteful dessert course was terved. up to half the cost of iiteirfog your barn*, ^tKFbte l> by. Hoppers Pressure- J -~ • peed BO founp&» lumber, and,(Mro$&,*"*• RETAIL CO. 7-9495 44? IE. Dlv. Mayor Ward Guest of • B. & P. W. Club The Pres^otti Business and Pro> fessional Woraens Club met Tut'-s- day evening at 7:30 at the horne pf Miss Sue Martin with Mrs. Hu^h McDanfel and Mrs. Theron Wilson, co-hostesses. \ Artistic Halloween dccojattons were used throughout the rooms There were 27 rnernbers arid four guests present. Guests wercs Miss Lorfitta Bailoy, Mrs. A. M. Rettijf, Mrs. Ida Martin and Mayor Bill years ago today the bottom fell out of ,lhe New York Stock • Exchange. The echoes of that spectacular crash.,, still; rumble around the world. '/.' ,. : •'•.',•' '•• -•'••';-' ' . ' • ; . For the market crash of Oct. 29. 19?9, heralded the greatest depression this country has ever known. It engulfed-the United States in - a worldwide economic morass that, proved a breeding place for the seeds. of World War II. Here at "'home, the depression swept. FrankJin D. .Hoosevelt and the New; Deal into office. Perhaps . as important as any other effect, the crash and the depression did something to the American spirit. They didn't, as they seemed for a time to threaten to do, make Ihis. a nation of pessimists. But they did, perhaps permanently, dampen a notion that Americans were :destniy's .tots that this country :Was. somehow exemnt from the woes that were always besetting foreigners. And .of course that time of shaken values and bruised faith had this added lingering effect, among plhc'rs: it led some Americans to n belief, rudely shattered for most in the years; to come, that the Russians had come up with a system which worked better. All told, that Oct. 29 was a memorable day. Maybe it should be observed each year. Not a day of rest, as a holiday would be, but one of deep if not prayerful meditation, which is hard work indeed. Ward. The business as' conducted by the president, Mrs. Marie Chamberlain. Minutes were read and approved. Reports were heard from the different committee chairmen, Mrs. Lottie tfeiff, membership chairman, read a letter from the state membership chairman, psking each member to secure a new member W Annual Foil Sale of HEREFORDS Texas Hereford Association NOV,6,W4 Daingerfield, Texas 56 LOTS 33FSMALIS 31 HPRNEP jnes will b§ represented; RITURN, r~"- 38/ 34 Actually, the trouble didn't start Oct. 29. The market brolce sharply as early as March of that year. It bounced back swiftly hdw- ever, and its very recovery served to discredit the few skeptics who kept .asking how long this crazy spree of paper, prosperity could continue, On Sept. 3 1920, the Associated Press average of 60 selected stocks soared to an all-time peak; $157.70 a share. By the middle of that month the pveraee began to drop, however By October it was skidding several dollars each day, Oct. 24 ctiH known-as "Black Thursday" saw the skid become a headlong tumble. A wild rush to sell wiped -nit five billion dollars in stock values in a single day. The bottom finally fell out five days later—25 years ago today. The nation was a long time recovering. The Democrats say they saved it. The Republicans say it never was really saved, except by war booms, until they got back in office. .The Democrats say, conditions aren't too gopd, r.jghfnow t if you want their opinipn. The Republicans say things were never better in tlpe Of P^,a,9 e J ,• One thing rhpst experts agree on the natjori; isn't likely Ip havs another m&jtH* ^f-pi'^ssip^i. i What's to "ftop anbtfjer 1929' type boom and 'bust? £ 'number of 'things: tighter reins on speculation, founder values of stocks. Above all, perhaps, a long period of sobriety on the part of ' the American peopjle a realization that another gambling-on-the-mar ket-spree might end UP in the same kid of post-1929 hangover. So most experts say. But not all. J. Kenneth Golbraith, the Harvard economist, asks himself in the cm- rent Harper's magazine if 1929 can happen again end answeis: "Of course." Never underestimate, says GaHjraltU. the ability of people to make fools of themselves when they think they see a chance to get rich.- » »»* COTNE™E. THIRD & S. MAIN "SERVING HOPE & VICINITY FOR 56 HOPE, ARKANSAS iTO •• _ •• A. M i.«.#;? ->>^''-.'AUv'Cf^ DOORS OrWPROMPTLY AT 9 O'CLOCK MONDAY MORNING A CONTINUOUS SHOW RIGHT UP TO 8 O'CLOCK MON. NIGHT SALE POSITIVELY MONDAY NITE at 8 O'CLOCK gggmmQGB8KBSE3'BBB9 Up to 9.95 18x27 Throw Cotton or wool. Ideal for'door mats go at .... Regular 45.50 Boudoir CHAISE LOUNGE Sacrificed last day at • Regular 179.50 Karpen CHAIRS Wing back. Slashed to only Reg. 99.50 Englander MATTRESS & Box Springs, Floor sample. CQ QC both for only +/Hr» jr*J Reg. 113.50 5-Pc. Chrome DINETTES Out they go Monday CQ QR morning at .... ******* Regular 84.50 Nat'l. Adv, CEDAR CHESTS Slashed Monday low price *T*T»«*J\«/ Regular 419.59 9-Pc. Dining Room Suites Mahogany. Out they go OQQ QC Mon. at . Jm7w*7*J Regular 12.95 6 Way Floor Lamps Out they go Monday "7 the last. day at .... / » Up to 3.50 Values Window Shades Shopworn but a terrific value Regular 18.85 Modern Table Lamps Ordered sacrificed Monday at this low price ........ CELEBRATING THE LAST DAY OF THIS GALA EVENT WITH A 52 VALUABLE PRIZES FOR FREE! The first 52 people in our store Monday morning will receive a ticket — Somewhere in the store is a surprise prize with a matching number —• when you match your door ticket with prize ticket — call a clerk and it s yours for free. Sorry, children not eligible. Some of these prizes worth $20.00 and more! Join in the fun. Be here early. Store is jammed with hundreds of bargains left in every department. Now is the time to buy your furniture and save as never before. Our greatest sale in 56 years! Lay r away for Christmas. Regular 24,50 Wood UTIUTY CABINET Your choice of 2 styles white they Regular 5.50 BOUDOIR LAMPS Several styles your I QCJ choice Monday at i »7C/ Regular 159.50 4-Pc. BED ROOM SUITES Limed oak Slashed Mon. to TALBE& 4 CHAIRS Regular 124.50 Drop-Leaf Mahogany. Table extends. All ^Q QC 5-Pcs. only .... / ".7*^ Reg. $9,00 Not'l. Adv. MATTRESS & Box Springs bpth going , OQ Monday at «*9s* Reg. 195.00 2-Pc. SOFA BED SUITES Ordered slashed to this low QQ C A price Monday ,yy^*J\J Reg. 24.75 Uph. OFFICE CHAIR With chrome arms. Out | <J QC j(-goes at .. |*»t:3 f *J' Regular 19.95 Hi-Back RQCK£RS Shop worn but ,\yorth more ,than our pri<?e .. Regular 19.95 Boudoir CHAIRS Your choice while they A last at *°l Regular 229.00 2-Pc. Living Room Suites Choice of colors. Out they go | Monday at .... * Regular 14.50 WHAT - NOTS Mahogany. Slashed Monday to Regular 10,95 Glass Top COFFEE TAPLES Ordereel sold '".• regardless of loss at .-.v.'.' •-'•'••• Regular 37.50 Hi-back ROCKERS These overstuffed rockers shop worn but new. Out they go Regular 69.00 SOFA BEDS Ordered sold Monday Regardless A A of loss at ....-*f*l. Regular §9.50 Uph. Choir & Ottoman Ordered sacrificed at this amazing TQ Jow prige Mon. I Tr Reg. 159.95 3-Pc. SECTIONAL SOFA Ordered Sold Monday QQ C A morning at .... Jr'jr f*J\J Regular 549.50 6-Pc. BED ROOM SUITES Solid cherry. Out they go Mon. at .. Regular 229.50 2-Pc. Living Room Suites Ranch Oak. Slashed to low of.... Regular 229.50 4-Pc, BED ROOM SUITES These vanity suites go 1OQ Monday at.... 1^:7. Regular 37,50 Mirror Top COFFEE TABLES Out they go 10.95 NOTICE Buying activity has been so fast we cannot guarantee all the items advertised here will still be in the store when you come here, x Space does not permit us to list but a few of the bargains. Every item In our 09re on gale,. 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