Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1954 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1954
Page 16
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-£»t^%S5fe<l> " *•"•• V" C*~j-"! -.i...*.g?,»:5ff;3r" ^ !^ __ ^ ^rj-J ,, _. ~ v CT?^ j s j ^ " " *£* v MOPE STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS t Tailor Sho* JERWORK Moving Calf «d for deep eep Freexe CLASSIFIED "S.Jtet Se to 5ffic6 few fiefore Fabllcatidfl WANT V^ RATES -RESSIS Hide Into Innenprlm , Phont 7-8211 SMtiMMb ,»* tthefi ttotamint 6f» ar .60 .75 ,.90 IvOS 1.20 1.35 1,50' if WdnM Jp to 19 16 to 20 $1 to 25 '.6 to 30 U M 33 36 to 40 II to 45 I* to 50 Thr«* 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 SIX Day* 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 OfW 6.00 7,50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Layawdy Open oh TRIKES - BIKES AND DOLLS OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 t.'m* <- «« I** I"* 3 tin** «.—..«—« 6Cc per nch 6 time* 50c per Inch Rotel Jjttoted olxJv* are for con- weutlvd Insertions. Irregular or skip- dote ads will tdke the one-day rat*. All dally Classified advertising copy Will ,b« accepted Until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. Th« publisher reserve the right to rtvlse or edit all advertlsementi offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initial* of on* or more letter*,, groups or figures such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star- will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors, ore Called to our attention oft«r FIRST Insertion 'Of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star of Hop* 1899; Fran If27 Consolidated January II, 192f PublWied every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING co. C. .£. Palmer, Preildont Atex. H. Wakhburn, Sicy-Tm. at The Star Building •'212-14 South Walnut'StrMt Hope, Arkania* d ncome Fund able from .Alex. H. Woihburn, Editor & Publliher Paul H. Jonei, Managing Editor Jeti M. Davis, Advertising Manager Ceorge W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at MM Post. Office at Hope, Arkansas, •nder* the Att of. March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance): •y carrier In Hope and neighboring towns- Par week -••,•„•?;!• Per year 13.00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, and Miller cogn- 85 , „ 1.60 2.60 4.50 One month Three month*. Ibc months „.. .'On* year ..........'. ' All: other mail- On* month t. 1.10 Thr«* -months ~ 3.25 llx- month! t .6.50 Qpg year «.. , 13.00 " N«fl AdvHtliln* R«pre»entotlvc«: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick •Ida., Memphis '2,' Tenn.; 505 Texas •onk Blda, Dallas 2, Texas; 360, N. onc a., aas , . /MUMgan, Ave., Chicago [, HI.; 60 E '42dftiSt.,- New York 17, k Y,.; J763 ., 'Penobscot Bids., Detroit 2, Mich.; Twmlnal Bldo., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member ef.The Associated Press: The. Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon of x all the local' news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Funeral Directors For Sole By ELINORE DENNISTON ] perfurctory words of sympathy. THE STORY: Greg Seavef, 26, "So, like you, 1 am more interest- wishes to give Up .a job with a ed in the present than in the fu PEANtJTS and popeorn. C. Spring, 12 miles southeast on Highway 4. Emmet. Route 1. 22-6t 00 SACKS Lion Brand Ammonium, Nitrate 33.5% Nitrogen Pellett Form easy to put out $3.20 per sack, now is the time to put it on your oats. MCWILLIAMS SEED STORE 26-Qt future for a job with a, present, and he goes to see Wadts Dag gistt, who answered his ad. Greg confesses that working for his step father isn't such a bad' Job, but he wants something h'e' seems to be missing. Wade apparently is a ;ure; and, like you, I've been tig tiring that there must be some- something I've ftian lyziid, of.... means, but he Is para* an invalid. IV 'ANSY plants. Very best, large •flowering. Mont's Seed Store. . 27-3t 0 ACRE farm with large house, north' of Emmet. Mrs. Tom Gar- *ett; Prescott. PHone 209. 28-3t 947 JEEP Station Wagon. Radio heater, overdrive, good condition. Sale or trade. Phone .7-4597. 28-3t For Rent LOVELY air-conditioned one and two bedroom apartments redecorated inside and out. A nice place to live for reasonable rent. J. I. iLIEBLONG REALTY CO. Phone 7- 2228. 5-tf Greg did not know how to talk to people. Right now he ought to be handing out a smooth lino. Bright talk. Well, he just was . not a talker and Daggett could take it or leave it. Greg never acknowl edged to himself that he did not talk because he was afraid of giving himself away. Literally. Not that he had any particular secrets. It was himself, his own inner life, that he was afraid'of sharing—or betraying; he was never sure which. Dagciett did not seem to mind the silence. His eyes had lost their defiant look, though they were still not watch thing missed.":J ' V!''! Greg watched Wade Daggelt in concern, saying in his mind. "Take it easy, boy. Take it easy." "My idea was to get in the car and just start out. See what we can find. I'm not sure we 'can do it, of course. After a certain age you don't see much you aren'i ready to see. We can't tell until we try. But there are things on somewhere." Camdeti Rolls Up 47-7 Score Over Bobcats The Hope Bobcats were soundly smashed last night by a powerful Camden Panther team by the lopsided score of 47 to 7 in a district contest. Hope played a fine first quarter, holding the opposition scoreless but folded in the second and Camden ran wild, scoring 28 ponts to lead by that margin at halftime. With George Jordan, Brattorvand Nail racking up long gains and passing almost at will the Pantlv ers mado 19 points in the final half. The visitors rolled up a total of- 462 yards on the ground and in the Top Radio Programs NEW YORK UP Selected raeiir) programs for weekend: Tonight: I Sohirday, defofeer 36,19S4 -' -- "• " " Suit to Bar Bond Issue Is Voided FORT SMITH, W - A suit, filed in an effort to void a S1,1UU,- 000 bond issue for conduction 0:30 P-:e NBC — 6-30 College Quiz Bowl; a now lake, has been Dismissed- for "lack, of prosecution. Voters approved a $1,100,000 bond in =pecial election Sept. 7 of a new lake 7:30 Boston Symphony; Wee King Music. CBS 6:03 Miike Way for Youth; 7 ' Gunsmoke Western; Herb Shrin- Dance; 9:05 Ozark Jubilee. air. "What kind of things?" Greg asked with native caution. "I don't know." For a moment Daggett sounded forlorn, a very neat, plump old man, helpless in his chair, with a big vibrant voice. He ran the fingers of his good hand over the chair arm and then they gripped it hard. "You see it's not much of a job. You'd have to be a chauffeur, attendant, and listen to the old man talk. I don't Hope scored on an 80 yard drive "*«» trusting; like~a weil-manneredl need a lot of waiting on but some. :h dog that would give you the L. > tAoni know-well, there it is. .,=, "r .,.„ J~,K? „>,'!„„« „_ Eighty a week and expenses. I benefit of the you behaved. Then Dafjgctt, HOUSE jacks, Wire stretchers, Post hole diggers, Tarps, Reaves Bargain House and Pawn Shop, 205 S. Walnut, Phone 7-2471. 18-1 Mo. NICELY furnished 4 room apartment and bath. Private entrances 7-3407. 23-tf FIVE room home with bath on large lot. Phone' 7-2532 or 7-2894. 212 S. Washington 28-3t FOUR room unfurnished house. 1103 Foster. Inquire at Franks & Son. Garland Pate. doubt so long as who had apparently been thinking about' what Greg had said, asked, "Do they treat you right?" "Oh, yes. They are nice people to work for." . "Then what is wrong?" the old m&n persisted. "Nothing is wrong when you come right down to it," Greg ad milted.' "For a man of my type I'm sitting pretty." "What is your type?" "Run of the mill. Average. I'm Hie guy they mean when they talk about 'the man in the street'." "So you are sitting pretty and you don't like it. Why not?' 1 The nurse came in, walking hard on the rubber heels of her flat shoes, shook a pill out of a box into her scrubbed hands and gave with Wayne Johnson going over. The Bobcats gained 240 yards running and passing. MBC TV. 7:06 Gi-idon Victory MBS 7 True or False 3 Chicago Theater, "La Tosca." Sunday: NBC 4:30 Dennis Day; 6 Radio Tribunte; 7:30 Barrio C rnig. CB S 1:30 N. Y. Philharmonic; 7 Our Miss Brooks; 8 Edgar Bergen and Charlie. for construction ybove Fort Smith. J .. .John E. Harris, attorney for the plaintiffs, asked - Tor the second time — a continuance ot the trial but was overruled by Circuit Judge J. Sam Wood Thursday, Frolics. MBS — 10:30 a.m. Review i ng in ana immune. *,*u~ —- . „„,.,,. i ABC - 11:30 World Tomorrow; ster.d 20th A»«vvsisaty. 1 4:30 'Greatest Story. "Pearl of [Bandstand U. A. A, 9 Dr. ibUX Great Price"; 5:30 Jimmy Nelson IGiT.hr.in. • THREE room house for colored family. Liehts. water and sewage. Phone, 7-2894. Miss LiUie Middlebrooks. -26-3t 25-3tj Daggett a glass of water. He swallowed the pill and the water and Ehe marched out again. He wiped his mouth, and looked at Greg. "Florence Nightingale crossed FURNISHED 3 room apartment. Private' bath and entrance. Newly decorated, 419 with Nick the mented. Blood," he com Phone 7-3138. 27-4t Greg laughed. He felt cpmplete- ] y at ease now - as though- he- had o£tcn betore sat in lhe wing chair across from the old man. It was NICE duplex apartment - three * r.ooms and bath. 'Located at 404 West Fifth'street,' Call. FOSTER REALTY CO. 217 South Main Phone ,PR 7-4691 Wanted To Rent A THREE bedroom, house. Phone .7-2821. 29-3t Taken Up the way peoole went on talk You just i?new him by some sign you could not explain. . "You -aren't married, I take it. Engaged? Got a eirl?" ' Greg shook his head. "No danger of that. The right one didn't want me and I don't like substi tutes, not even a reasonable fac similie " don't suppose it would appeal to you. Don't hesitate to say so." Greg looked at it through his stepfather's eyes :an end to his job with Grain's' Canned Cornbruad end the hope of being vice president and eventually put out to p^s- ture on a pension. A chauffeur. An attendant on a sick old man. He looked at it through his own eyes, which was more difficult to do. He was so accustomed to see ng what per.ple pointed out to him that he did . not know how a picture really looked. Perhaps it was time he found out. "Have you planned an itinerary," he asked, "or shnll we just follow our noses?" His con science gave, an outraged yelp anrl abandoned him. . Daggett hitched himself up straighter 'in his chair. A smile tugged at his twisted mouth. "There's .a place I. own in tho AVe'f.t. I V/P.S born there. Lately I've been thinking of it a lot. A rugged sort of place, not much like this." His good hand indicated the impersonal living room. "In a way it died before it ever got of to a go.bd start. And yet, looking back, it seems tc me it had a sort qf-for a dead place I'll wager good 'money it's still more alive than.those graphs of yours." Greg realized that he was afraid to go back, afraid to measure the bright memories against the reality, . . •.'-:'.' "We 'could keep it in mind," the younger man suggested in a casual- tone. - OAKCKEST FUNERAL HOM •INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND' & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2l2 ,AD-1 Mo, TF HERNDON COENELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 lor our agents A23-1 Mo. FEMALE pointer bird dog with brown spots. Frank Schooley, 201 Edgewood, Phone 7-3323. 26-3t Notice Instructions olland Balers hone or Writ* CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet and 'toe. Katharine Windsor, 104 E: 14th. Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo. For Sale or Rent SO YOU ARE Disgusted Something moved behind the old man's eyes. 'But that was in another country and besides the wench is dead,' " he quoted unexpectedly. '.'Is that why you want to make a change?" "Because of a girl? No, sir." When the old man waited, Grocl added slowly, "I suppose I don't really believe in it. That kind of security, I mean. 1 It's a sort of Arkansas Football By The Associated Press El Dnradc C, Texarkana 0 North Little Rock 15, Pine Bluft 7 Little Rock 14, Central (Mem thia) 0 . . Bussellville 20. Malvcrn 13 Fayctteville 20, Joplin. Mo. 7 Fordycc 7, Magnolia 7 (tic) Eogt-rs 12; Springdalc 7 Newport 12, Searcy 7 Camden 47, Hope 7 Benton 33, Jacksonville 13 Bytheville 7, Clnrkstlalc, Miss. 6 Van Bureau 20, Hai'rison 0 Forrest Cily 21. Stuttgart 20 Smackover 32, Crossett? De Queen 9, Horatio 0 Dicrks 34, Foreman 18 Conway 34, Atkins 8 Lake Village 20, McGehcc 12 Stamps 0, Bearclen 0 (tie) Huntsvillc 24, Siloam Springs 7 Augusta 7, Harding Academy (SenrcyV 6 Prescott 26, Blevins 12 Marainna 20, Hughes 6 McCrory 13. Bald Knob 13 (lie) Pin-is 27, Dardanelle 0 Booneville 40, Clarksville 0 Warren 22, Monticelo 0 Sheridan 26, England 6 Bauxite 38, Bryant. 0 Hamburg 30, Star City 19 Earle 24, Osceola 20 Ozark 35, Alma 0 Nashville 6, Mena 0 Mansfield 14, Waldron 13 Hartford 20, St. Arme'E (Fort Smith) 7 Dos Arc 25, Hazen 7 Lonoke 14, Beebe 0 Euclora 18, St. Aloysius (Miss) Two days after Greg handed. in his resignation, the office seethed with rumors. Gregory Seaver had had a ^better offer: he had been left a an independent income; he was going to marry a rich woman. Eventually, the rumors trickled back to him, but he told no one the truth; Now and then he had a - mo gusted. "You are tired of answer- |l'U slick to this job until I'm 65. ing ads only to find they are just Then, if I am still living and con a lot of bunk or maybe you are'ditions are the same ' "" ~ already employed and are dis- Bomb has missed me, TWO Business buildings on Front Street, next to Pool hall. If in- terpgted, contact A. S, Williams, 300 E. 7th. Texarkana, Ark. Phone 7.5860 or 22-6608. 19-1 Mo. Wanted ||^f9f*rolCo. Call UDPUIBROOKS Jr. Night Phon. WANTED. ..'TOBUY One inch rough green ©ok Lumber — regular lengths and tie siding. Fpr prices and specifications write — GURDON LUMBER COMPANY BEIRNE, ARKANSAS gusted with low pay, long hours, Strikes and layoffs. Or you may 'be disgusted because in your present position you have no opportunity to advance in salary or responsibility, If that is the case you should know about our company. Believe me I do not have any fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme. What I . do have is a booklet prepared especially for you entitled — Money and You This booklet will explain to you the earnines and opportunities that you will have with our company right here in Arkansas. If you desire to change employment or are presently unemployed drop a card or letter to — MONEY AND YOU, P. O. BOX 1488, LITTLE ROCK, AP.K. The book will be sent to you and free of charge. 25-3t and The I'll have food and shelter until I. die. All the logic seems to be on their side. Only," Greg looked up and saw that Daggett was waiting. Ke rubbed his forehead with his hand as though trying to stir up his thoughts. "Look, suppose you die at 50. You've lost your old-age security-you've lost your old age! IS West Memphis 33, Piggott 0 Wynne 21, Helena 0 Carlisle 27, Cabot 0 Magnet Cove 33, Ark. Deaf School (Little Rock) 7 Elaine 21, Barton 13 Biitesville 26, Walnut Riclge~ 0 Clarendon 37, Cotton Plant 7 'or it besides." He was a persistent old man. ;nd all the living you gave up "What kind of living?" "I don't know exactly," Greg said. "I'd like to find out what I car. do; see what there is to choose froin. I'd like to meet new kinils of people and do things I hadn't expected and see how I could han die a situation if I was up against it. I \s'ant" "A glimpse at the other side of the moon," Daggett suggested. He fell silent, sunk so deep in his thoughts that Greg waited, not wanting to disturb, him. menfs foreboding when he realized that he was deliberately cutting himself off from the only way of life he knew, but luckily he had no leisure in which to concern himself with.what he ought to have done'. There were a lot of arrango ments to be made and they all fell on him. Already he was on Daggett's ..payroll'and he had been given a month's salary in advance. "I always pay in advance." Daggett assured him when he protest ed} '-'Ask that • flat-footed angel of mei-cy. A man with a tricky Heart can't afford to rely on paying his bills when they fall due." Each afternoon, as soon as he left the offipe, Greg -plunged into activities that proved to be unex peptedly fascinating. As a result, the hours that he spent on his job were as much of an anticlimax as the wordless farewells which one waves from a train window after everything has been said. Now the end was in sight he marveled that he had stuck it out so long. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New Yor, Madison Square Garden Vince Martinez, 148'^, Pat- erso'n, N.J. stopped Carmine Fiore, 147, Brooklyn 7. Philadelphia Bobby 'Singleton, 130, Philadelphia, stopped Jimmy Thomson, 119, Scotland, 4. San Diego, Calif. Sal Perea, 157, San Francisco, stopped Willie Vaughn, 159, Los Angeles; 4. Football At length he stirred, folded his plump left hand over the withered right one. Greg was .beginning to POSTED. No hunting or trespass- rec0 gnize the gesture as a signal ing on my stock farm. 2 miles t na t the old man was about to 'Thanks. JElbertj su( , a j c and that he instinctively led to hide his defoimity when e knew that he would be look- d at. "Well, now," he said, "I've got kind of proposition. Not what ou are looking for, probably, all I eon say is that it south of Hop. May. 26-61 Lost RED Plastic 'billfold on Highway 67. Finder keep money but return papers to Cecil Hope Route 2. McCorkle, 25-3t MALE and female beagle puppies, 2Vt months old - black, tan and white. Lost in Beverly Hills area. Buddy Mhoon. ?8-3t or woman for part time aales Must have ear.. Experience Fost Pfltee Box, 250, Hope, Ar« , giving name, address s«tf number Jo* app.9intm(?»t- 30-41 Salesman Wonted WANTED: A good reliable man to supply customers with Rawjeigh Products in Hope or North Hemp stead County. Write JRawJeigh's Pept AKJ-B4W?7, Memphis , " 3H OH«rfd SALESMAN -wanted to sell the fa mous Amana ^ree?ev and Fo,o< Plan. Also S^le^slady on par SMSP T^W^g furnished *. Even so, he had to become accustomed to liberty little by little, He wore so many invisible shackles imposed by' his dominating stepfather, his mother, his tiro- conscience, hjs lack of faith in himself, his distrust of any novelty, that he approached the unknown as cautiously as a lame man does an icy sidewalk. He had toyed with the idea of a last-minute" telephone to his By The Associated Press Miami (Fla) 75, Fordham 7 Richmond 7, George. Washington } ' • The Citadel 14, Wofford 13 Memphis Navy 68, Central (Mo) 3 ' Marquette 14, Detroit 13 Ottawa (Kan) .l'4j McPherson 12 Prue (Neb) 52, Doane 20 Hastings 21, Nebraska Wesleyan E Bethany (Kan) 6, Friend* (Kan) r> I V/ashburn 41, Southwest ern (Kan) 6 Sterning (Kan) 28, Luther (Neb) Denver 19, New Mexico 6 About vould take you away from those graphs, Break up the .monotony." 1 Greg was aware that the old man ound it hard to describe the job because he \yas afraid, that it vould not be good enough,,, "Tho thing is, I'm tired of sit ting in this chair. About as sick as you are of figuring how many people eat cornbread. I am tired of having that asceptic bulldozer order me around like a grenadier with a mother complex. I've got some time left, maybe a few months, might even stretch it to a year or more, depending on how live," He hastened, on, 50 that mother or even a letter after he was gone. Instead, he made his confession face to 'face, which was the hard way. He^ went to Montclair, brushed and neat, wearing tjie dinner jacket on which his mother insisted. He was glad there were no guests. .' '.JI've resigned at lhe office," he bj lifted out in one long breath to his 'mother and his stepfather. ' "But, Greg darling," Millicent The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Ml»» Turner at Hicks Funeral Home The senior choir of Lonoke Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night, November 2, at 7:30. The senior and junior choirs of Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will rehearse Tudsday night, November 2, at 7:30. (JraiB protested Greg \vould n,ot Help Wonted 45. Millicent something of a miracle. She \yas more nearly be-vutiful than sho- had been at 30 and s>he did not 1 look much older. Her hair, with' a little assistance, was still dark, her wide brown eyes were appealing, her nose sm&li, her mouth fuH. h er shoulders creamy In a 'strapless crimson velvet dinner dress. Her manner was a &hade more girlish than U hail been JO years before. Behind the voice, which was plaintive and youthful, she was saying silently, 'How could you do this to me?" "Why?"-Horace_Grain ? If- "*'W h y didnt yjow discuss, it with to ho.uaelme fii'St?" Junior choir of Rising Star Baptist Church will srehearse Monday November 1, at 7:30 p. m. Choir No. 2 of Bethel AME Church will rehearse Tuesday, November 1, at 7:30 p. m. , utter Mrs. Effie G. George and Mrs. Sarah Hamilton are attending the CME Conference in El Dorado, Arkansas. .Wholesale or Retail e ARKANSAS BLACKS • ROME BEAUTY DELICIOUS • RED DELICIOUS GOLDEN • STAYMEN WINESAP CAGE EGGS RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET T ° HOLLYWOOD, (UP) Virginia June . L.ee, who ; as Miss Hong Ifong was a runnor-up in the Universe contest, sr.ys she Will -marry Roger A. Glasby at Muncie, lid., Nov. 25. Miss Lee, who announced her forthcoming marriage yesterday, P a,$ she a.nd, $iasby 901 West 3rd Phono 7-9933 STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings'and Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. CALL... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you con have your Home Rewired to mee't modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments! No Carrying Charge -10% Down Payment Balance Monthly CATHERINE and PRATT OPEN HOUSE Sunday, Oct. 31 - 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. ' AT HEADQUARTERS GRADY MANNING HOTEL • LITTLE ROCK <• EVERYONE IS INVITED * Ad. Pd. For By Pratt Remmel, Little Rock, Ark. ([ARKANSAS CITIZENS JOIN... PENNIES FOR PROGRESS \ Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters is what it will take to carry the Benimel Campaign to a sucessful close. It's an opportunity for everyone in Arkansas to contribute to a campaign fund. . . just as everyone in Arkansas will have a voice in government when Pratt Rcmmei is elected Governor. WHY IS THIS PLAN NEEDED? Because Pratt Remmel has not made any campaign promises to special interests. Because he has not promised awav vrmr TAX DOLLARS, the usual BIG CONTRIBUTION CHANNELS HAVE REMAINED CLOSED TO HIM. This campaign has been financed with small contributions. * IT'S YOUR STATE and with Pratt Remmel as Governor, Arkansas will function for the GOOD OF ALL ITS CITIZENS, PRATT HOP! STAR/MOPI,ARKANSAS Sofurddy, Ofifofeer 36, 1954 OKAY- I'VE GOT PLEMtV.QF CHANGE HOLD OUT YOUR re; HAT UNSCRUPULOUS i PRO FOOt&ALL SCOUT IN TH' , BUSINESS/ HURRY UP 1 'CAN'T HOLD THE BUS ALL DAY/ By J. R. Wlilfami RIGHT )^? WHUTRE YOU LE<5 ^7 YAWPIM'ABOUT? BROKE" \ WES IS PRIVIM' ^ LEFT j\ TO TOWN! AFTER AR.M \4 WORK TOMIdMT OUT OF M. AM' WE GAM GO JOISJT.' llr v IM AW SEE TH 1 &OC.' YOU WUT.' W THREE { YOU SOT THATHOS5 B-BUSTED.' CIMCHEP / 1-HEARP UP TOO / V 'EM POP.' TIGHT-MY HIP'S BUSTEP AiSIN.' Answer 1 Previous Puzzle' •—T-^-"^ I- «W«»™ ra»WW Philippine Parley 5 Fiber knots 6 Fear 7 Norwegian I Philippines are largest „ ... . . Broun In 8 Note in .-—group in Guido . s scal g ArJhtLl a ,*« 9 Obtain Arch P eago _. 10 Piece of track Island in Philippines 13 Less heated 14Oleic acid ester 15 Flee • 18 Allotment 17 Qreat Lakes 25 Bear . canal 18 Onager 0 Conducted 1 Ransoms , 25 Open sore 26 Assault 3S Harvest 33 Mongoloid 12 Dispatch 19 Compass point 21 Mend 35 Before 22 Comparative suffix 23 Witticism 24 Traps 45 Present (prefix) month (ab.) 38 Symbol for 47 Withered cerium 48 Wharf 40 Water,vessels 49 Augments 41 Article - : ; 51 Presidential 42 Rigid nickname 43 Feminine , YMTfe^V^^^^^.- : r 9M by NEA 8«nrtc«. Irta. T. H. .Mt. \), WASH TUBES 26 Permits 27 Vehicle. 29 Asterisk 30 Facility 31 Very (Fr.) 52 Brythonic sea god ', 54 Abstract being 55 Rodent i . COMB-IQl^fefilXmiMUgg VBA.H'. BUT Y WHBM'SME-PROVB-IM'' appellation 44 Masculine appellation THIW&OM} WHERE- VOU AMP WUSTERl AMD I fcDMT MOT1CB/HBR, IB I TOD LOOK SERgiCE, SHB 6TIU H^P J5IKTY MlL6 DRtVIMOlVHBR.^LSai^)' 34 Leather thong 38 Goddess of vegetation 39 Deductions 43 Roof finial -46 Individual 7 Health resort 50 Former : capital of Philippines 53 Sea nymph 56 Firearm • 57 Trapped 58 Changes 59 Compound ethers DOWN u 1 Frosts, as a cake 2 Middling 9 Crazy (slang) 4 Winglike part With Major Hoopte OUR BOARDING HOUSE yELL, WELL,«0 THATS CANVAS WHAT i£ •ipOTS AND HEK BUDDIES \N\TU THE STAMP Getvi MICHELANGELO. By Dick Turner CARNIVAL 8UGS BUNNY HE AIN'T IN THIS TIME! 5 ' HAUU DOWN LAPPER M)SHTA "XNOYVO FUNNY BUSINESS By HersKbergM ALLEY OOP ••^"•^•gANP I'M TIRSP/ AWRISHT. AWRIGHT, IF H , ^AND I PON'T^\OF YOUR / VOU DON'T CARE, WHAT H WANT TO HEAR ANV ) HOLLERING I HAPPENS TO TH 1 OL' MORE ABOUT THE /ABOUT HIS/GENTLEMAN, AT LEAST TIME-MACHINE \ LAPV A I CAN GO 5EE HOW ' PCXKT ON IK^M/ !. M. H.J. U. t. P.I. Oft. eifT.MM t>y NEA 8«r>(«t: lig.' ' "They say that's nothing to the way he carried on before K the college de-emphasized football!" By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES "Pardon me, lady, but I'm a dentist and I noticed a; •'"' | bicuspid missing on your goblin!" ' ' PIE By Nadint FPJSCILLA'S POP He's worried thit we STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI ^Sfftgtorf^ REMMEL GOVERNOR

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