The Hancock Democrat from Greenfield, Indiana on July 12, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hancock Democrat from Greenfield, Indiana · Page 4

Greenfield, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1923
Page 4
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THE HANCOCK DEMOCRAT. THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 12, 1023 The Hancock Depcrai' berg Rible. It could not be replaced, and the Uosenbach Company -will take no chances on bavins it damaged or lost. It is also insured for $43,500 to insure its safe arrival. New Orleans easily retains its rank as the second port city of the United States. I tee 5300.000 to the participants and Mr managers oi a ugut 10 iifiiut . i ..1 ..: 1,;.. t.n yoHnded t7 line iieavv weigiic ciuiiui.iuusu.ii ui me W11.I.1AM MrrrilKi.R. j world, then it is time to begin open- J. r. MITCHKl.R - Publish, r and Prop. inK up tne asylums and let those long-J. K. miithki.i.. JR. - -v.... i,f H;i,sei I)(,lMlle t.ome out and mingle Terms of Subscription j wjth lU(ljr kitu A more wiW imi im- One conv. rxr nnnnm, in a.1vaie. .$1.00 j , . . , vi,o.i n.'.t it. a. i-.. ...-... l I practical scheme could not be imagine cos y x muutus j jni,( (llan trying to boom a little mud To Snh8cribei!S : Kx cry effort is Point? ,, . ,. ,. , ,. ,. , made to have The l ixix-rat l. ii v. i ! bole called Shelby, Mont., by putting t.. aii yaris of the ennty n M;i!' i on a i1(,avv weight championship and Subscribers who 1" tint rivcivi' tli.-n t;iwis r('irhi.-ly. ir hav any -.iu.-o f..r guaranteeing the champion and his mm plaint, will oblige us by reporting i . th.' ..-imp. i manager such a huge sum of money, i-im.ucf. of a-nirfss ill n.a.ip T, challenger, indeed, was not guar- prompilv. but fniii-sl must Kive the tm.s"i ri.'o frnni u - "v" to pnteed anvthing but a small percent-winch such rK-im- is direct. .1. in it.1i t . , . . . i . . ,,.. . to revive att.-mi.-.. ufsv "l the gate receipts and as things . , . . ff,,, turned out did not even get anything I-.iterfii fit the pest" i ice .ft .r'n- . field. I ini., as M-taimi -c i.tss m. 1 1 1 .. 'that way. Tin old platitude which MOklMSON- 1'HUXK N(. 11. goes "He that halh shall get more." P.KT.I. 1'Hom: X". n. v,m u,i,u good and Dempsev would who was implicated with Cox, was . , .' , . ... ..held. also. Monday and he was found iao r.'i't'!. .'ii lie' onuuiii . mans Cox and Rogers Receive Same Sentences. Although all of the witnesses had testified in the trial of Irwin Cox for the sale or disposal of intoxicating liquor, the arguments had been postponed until Monday. These were heard Monday and Special Judge Robert Reeves found the defendant guilty and assessed a fine of .$laO and IL'O (lays at the penal farm. The trial oi Carl Rogers on the same charge, Tli' American government is a big advertiser. It has spent $1. Sen. nun to sell war material by advertisements. idea of an independent fortune win tilt r lie had won or lost and Oih-boiis would have got nothing either John H. Ko kelVlb-r was si years way Th".- cow-punchers and the 1 last Sunday. the rise of a other inhahiiauts of the town are game they arc in the hole to the tun., df ab. nit v o ,,,, Ml(i ;in, they h.iven't (i.iri'. d. but they are foolish. n.w figure in plutocracy at lietron our old friend is leading a qui- -t life at his i 1 iilt. t ry . slate. Local Family Friends of Gibbons. Several years ago Marion Scott and family lived in St. Paul, Minn., where the elder Scott kept a grocery store. His son managed a gymnasium where Mike and Tommy Gibbons and Billy Miske trained (luring their earlier fighting days. All of these famous St. Paul boxers were young men, yet to make their mark, in those days. Indeed Scott gave Miske his first fighting outfit of trunks, sweat jersey and gloves when he was just a young man who, full of ambition, hung about the gymnasium. The Scott family came back to Greenfield, their home town, recently but as one could imagine, they were all wrapped up in the fight which Tommy Gibbons pulled off in Shelby, Mont., on the Fourth of July. They were sorry that he did not win an out and out vic tory but were all glad that he showed the grit and sportsmanship which won for him a "moral victory" over Dempsey, although the huge walloper was given the decision on points. Mr. Scott, who is the pro guilty and given the same sentence by-Special Judge Reeves. In the argument for Cox, the defense stated that the liquor found at the garage where Cox was in charge ' .. ........ I... uas . iu.., ... accepted idea of a '-pug''; that he was wanted him out ot tne garage e ,1(.m;m wilU a wie aml lamiiv, argued that the apnd m the buttle , - which Lyle stated that he purchased. i , i , ,-; - , ..II. i.lII t i'O'U i:..iir. ii. u tv. I'. w..- Streets May be Fixed Up By Machine. Two men representing the Avery road and street maintenance machine spoke to the City Council Friday night in regard to the purchasing by the city one of the Avery machines. They claimed that it was a better, cheaper and more efficient machine than any other. They wanted the council to set a date for a demonstration of the machine. This would have obligated the city, however, so the matter was referred to the Street and Alley Committee to fix upon a date when they could go first to some other city near here, using an Avery machine, and see it in actual operation. Something of the kind is absolutely necessary and if this machine proves to be all that it is claimed to be it may be adopted. It will cost about l,C0O and will keep the roads in smooth condition without wearing them down, it is claimed. The regular business of the meeting was disposed of. Councilmen Thomas and Snyder were absent, but prietor of a restaurant in this city I Councilman Snyder came in after roll stated that ht1 knew Mr. Gibbons well call. The claims were allowed and and that he was not like the generally the requisitions were granted. The i lerk was authorized to issue warrants to Mr. C. M. Kirkpatrick and Mr. J. Halsall. for half payment on Pre-id.-nt llii-.liig l.a-. roved hi- abdity t" dri. a ad a 1 p,..;io . u w -: far be h I e '; una! (. KeaaM:. -d p . stl. . .f late tea point thus V. th. A bi:M dog has a blind courage that , e. yet when attack; large for him and -'ii from Cox. was not proved to he w his k. v. since it had not been opened and iting his parents here at this timt Republicans Fear Ku Klux Klan in Indiana. The Washington. U. C. correspondent of the New York World in discussing Indiana politics says: Republican leaders are viewing with increasing apprehension the political situation in Indiana, where the spread of the Ku Klux Klan, with its threat of obliterating party lines, has already put thte State in the '-doubtful column." It is asserted there are more Ku Klux members in Indiana than in Texas, which sent F.arle R. Mayfield, Klan nominee, to the Senate. The Klan gathering at Kokomo on July 4 was termed the largest in the history ot the organization. G. O. P. politicians here have just awakened to the menace of the Klan. as the vote of Indiana may be essential to the reelection of President Harding. Word is being brought to Washington that the Klan has virtually swallowed the. local lloosier Republican organization and a substantial portion of the regular Republican vote. It is alleged that there are Klansmen among the Republican State office holders and that the Klan is determined to prevent the election next year of any native born Protestants. Keligioas issues have figured rarelv duinping grounds. The dumping j in past campaigns and Catholics have grounds of Mr. Kirkpatrick are to be ( boon elected frequently to State of-used only for inorganic matter, such t'ices. .-in.:.. , i f wiitii-o- i-linni'Mfi in ttio I pa s set 1 a 1 ( 'U! lot stipaiiu an. i .asp . , , . wire etc.. while the tllinin- I AVI;-,, tl, u.., . 1 a a . ...... ............ II i.l I t.wt in, ,,11 V !!' - ... . ""l- " I"""".."' O.II lb III... ;:" '"u,Ml"" '' " 1 " " , " , ",- ; h.-en mat, aging one of their theaters i ami eharaeT-r. i.yie is a con.iou - u. A , . . i ! p't;d, l.t ill the Now ,l erk World asii the loihoAing q u. -s ; a a : If 1 bin y Kofi shoald be .do. tod I'l-. M.l- nt and then s.,a . o;.e should; ,n.g t. r i is. s she ait .ek until he is killed, v. a. t' la- old la I !r ed to altai k it at all v, e ay ho is a fool. However. th. v, 1 ;! all other niorta I oral agent, who bought the liquor from CoX. lie Soiled. t get ei(it!lce tO COU" ict h'.'a. llis main argument in try- I in St. Paul for a few years. James Postol Hurt in Accident, .laiiies Postol. Gilbert Worland. L nig grounds ot .ir. na.sau are to oe j through the Klan the normal Repub- used eniv lor organic mailer. lean id.iralitv ot ... will l.e lost An offt r of the business men below j should the" Klan bee. me an issue the hotel, on Hast Main street, i'oi"! among . the Negroes and turn anv three extra pedi stal lights on tlie considerable number of them from t i ... 1 'oig t' exH.ill! a way tne liq.ioi, v 7na. wait and Wm. P.ingham. of .li,,,,,.,! The offer .i... i ,;. - tb-.t Gov ' , m" ' "- " i " ii''l"'i 'avail i am i ue oiau-. some u"u v j this city, while driving west Saturday , ,u ,iav for the pedestels if the city j loaders say. will be certain to lion turn u i who . ; i ichor l u..n it bo ta'i .-;:! 1" i'.s; ut . Ille!t pro. e. d llgs'.'" WoUhl h ' are not'u:iS !'!'' "'-'"''"us hvpothesis ' " ' " "" "" 'niLin on tne .National road in 1 osioi t- v m install the lights and maintain 'n "'"'I 1,1 Rogers. Horace l.yle , Fu,.(i s, Were crashed into bv a them This is the wav most of the te-;i;ied that li" had stopped at the ! ln;j(.hiiu, driven i,v Lewis Schneider. 1)V,w,.m lights were installed. This gara-o across in. m the car barns, on v h() vv;ls ..j.j lo j under the iu- matter was voted upon favorably by H1 1:"h nl '""' al!il K;-,'1's w:,s j iiuence of l.quor. Postol was badly tu, council and the lights will be in- I staiKiing in font. ue asKoti n an;-;,.,,, i.;c,i ..,i ... titc1..: ,. ... inc.- the m.nor-l , ,,,,, .,..,. ,.,., P "L " " ' i " ' i i . . it . ...... v - , . - . . ii i f ' f ' k i rv in is ell :u ill . i MfiiiTi'i ii'ik v. ir m nitt.rvK i . t..(. - .. . .. 1 1....J .,,w-m ,-o ,1 J ihoi ' . " T ! ' " " M " ' j .s tlllt. ill Hill. I V .11 . ' , i ' I I , o I . i - 'l.t on o ' O .i.i.' l : ill n OO . 7. II. l.t .,11.. l' '11 i,i pr.op. f ihoir mistakes ai d it may be for the b"t, for the r.-st of the sail." s w eet -tl isposit iollo.l tribe of wilt do the admittiiig for .nd it lli;iv be over into the liemocratic fold. Just bow- far thte Klan has entered the Democratic ranks is a matter of much interest to the Republicans, but there has been no tendency to put a Klan label upon the IVmocratic or- !!! Th.- I in ha! boat r. si, ,,.s ... . r. coi.!s s p , ) , . . , , v , . : the I top: ,P-,i tl;,- total ,Uo oil cols . Cadion-aai ; lid lb'- to!..! g I'e--f w ha h tl:e ot n- tuep.t w ill lako pi pel- cent. Jack lioiaps--v got about .s :,i,. .'on mi! of his third lM...oi..i w hii. h btotight his total to i' . ; " . " . 1 ' . just more ihaii th.- pl'l-.. !Vl 1! !s I el bo ly el o los . that they w; .1 right. nine (1 .'' hiring t: nidi of immigrant: va re necessarv m His leu arm. w n'-ti to'gers nau ans..ei u in hk. Sebticider was .mn'.nsi' from the i .., , i..ii..t l.v the ti, i.-.. i.. ,. . '!!,1"''v''- 1 " '"' I-.-nl " : west and struck first a machine dnv- j health officer, was read ami referred strength in the Ho.wier elections last ;'';"" ''a1'-:vV,'!;',.nl'i',n hy 1:Khanl I;- rr!rian- 1 the Ordinance Committee. fall, bat the fact that the organiza- tia.i wlaie ,-..ii,-is.n-. wan --; York street. Imlianapolis. who bad; The Mavor reported upon his action tj,,n is so ,ronc in tho State wa! Uo .-: ."ill r...a. .....on.-,,. ...... . .. ,i.a arv T,-te an. Helen Stel'l- ,!,! t liquor ir..-ido and that th. v in regard to the leaving ef poles in n,lt sensed bv Uet'Ubli.-an loaders gen- t v.. also of Indianapolis, but his ma-' ., i i,.v. etc.. )IV the Hell Telephone Co. ,-. llv until " !.. ;.im!.nc.....,.m tb-.t V . i -1 - i .(I f . s f Oi.ii l . I , i I . I lliil 1. ill- , ..1. ...... it i,ii. t I,.. t. iiO'.. lii-l'.i il" ,' s , . . . ... , i.i. i : . . l . : , . . '" '"'.""' . ; .ciiino gian.-eq on ana ui.i ei l.iueiThoy had written. He sani. m answei , i;, .publican State Chairman Lvons had -'!'bis took place. in speaking ot .fodnoed some iron, a .,ai. w 1 ch w a , lh,.,.,, Ilit ,ho Posted ma-; , his i..,,cr and had stated that all ' -signed from the Klan and denounced ... .. . iitiM,. inch-., ii,, .tn.-i' a.altiocall .- i-. , , i . . , , l:.!a tip. . . w XotK World says: Utio " "' ' ' , , : '.pine w incil nan come up aim ton- ()! tlie l.oles were removeu oiu oue , it ie it.iu a oioi..i.:t .,,.,1 s;, I,,...", 1:11 niie mi i-nii- . , ,.-i,5..i, , 1... i-,.o.ovo. im- .' (111. . ...... . I . .11 l U U II URI1 II I1U1M 'V I.. . i - A. we i-o :!.!; i' may be hi-t as w.i; to laiaember that I ej,,,.. ai iv llUeed '; pnb!: bt -.'" '. I'."l.'"l" .hi; i:- th.- : ).! . a p opihs p: i,,r to M in !; !. pe'l. w 'ah- this ;id!n:tiistra-tifti ot.iv I ::p- a r. ,;.i, tiun " -i ' of tho cases referred t Washington for decision is that of n P.riMsh subject, belli 1U Rn-sia. who came h"fe v.iih his wife ; , two children, who Wei-,- born in Africa, Tlie quota for Afr:. a was . x 1 . i ! - d .Mon.l .v. -a. ;d- !vank sum. i.onian with him. Rogers ."t ery; IrhipHv with l.b'. h.' said, and ga". siuer;i i i . No one suiiereu any nau . niediatidy. o-.iaries lei P'ostok who was knocked; ,ti,i, ,,n the N'ortll Street. r.lanS lum liquor in a pint bottle and set t' tincoiiscious and for a time was in a : and specifications was post poiioti on riet" on it. although i.yie gav e n.ui , h , , .....);.;., 11,. is one of the pro-! ., ,,.o ..r the r;,,. that the original s. prietors of the Paradise Confection-' estimate had been turned in with the j u , a. ciictr.,- A t ; u- a v .tPi imp! iatai-r at, r u;,d r the ;ip.p.,h e,uot.. .v :i- and . ! are bai'red r case, whaii .oii.iip.s an Armeif an , ihpior. u a napt.ier int;ng. t 1 seventy-five cents lor it. he staled. Po.geis. i.yie said, told h un nun i. (,,.v in tl;is citv. His car. which was - r,.vised specifications, instead oi a re-i,r ,. ; a.cttlc t -'"I C"x ;,n -:i:!,llls (" : new. w:,s badlv damaged. is,Ml esi inmte. also. j ia-dh, ia- i;:.-j,,! on the P.ridges. tarm and tnal , )r Alk.n w.,s idled and gave first! Thl. luatHr of repairs at tho Water j ;,,r ,tu. ...j,,.. x la-. !.!'. toihl come the iu'XI th.v and-.,n. tll)1 a(.rj,i,.m iUippened near Phila- ; Works and oi a fountain on the cor-j .p.-,o-. t,v "s- a I t n aa.ioi.s o, laa.oi. i . .-.. ,,..ii,1)i: :-in the automobiles w(-re M-,in n, St .-to streets was ', :',....,'!.:. Success Grades Sent Out. . n-.P r.-l.-m lb o'-sh scat te - county s-!;,,,. teacher their ic.-.-ss gradis" la.t w . k. i h:s is a k' vi tne tcach-:os wo'-k stand a ha siaiahng pe-a!. ca.-h ' . " . b:,-ii a. Meet .iu ... and -lilted. h, ,t tne 1 Oil 1,1 . lillH . ,.e .. . . ,;M.r 1 tak. n to Monger's garage, m hn.-ider , ,.,.;,.i iv,i i,. the Light and ater com-,-, 1 1 orosied and liiit in i:iil and tlie i ,i.i.. i, - naii i-.-iipolis headqiKirt. rs ',.., . ,,. ,i.,v he managed lo get' -.-a.. ;-..-,,f i:,me Mora 11 as';,;. the sen. i.scl Up la w t: opt : - w h 1 1 II w : ; ' i rat . ii .- f - ; i! " .t ...n p.i! la national d- bt -is v i. !- Harding 's ,.: iag a.:., nis - . w (;.-(! I iota.. ! . . d b, h tried twice last r The P. !!-. i State- ; !al Us- I he qu- ,ta was fib, 1. in t :i iiiortimg. Tl hall h.e went oil that :':!:,.. .1 e n d, 'as b, in oil t!.;.( th, tp.I old tan... would last foiov.:-. lb- W l oto !,; O o to t i, i-- e!'t', -, t 117 -.-! !'S a::o. c.uata. 11T nig upon th.- f i'-t Itldo p. d' in e 1 ' lies..,' '! . - - , at t 1.1 W ,11 be . - lob rated b T.eo'Tls as t o t ' . ; it , ngi.t i . !- i -s in. d : de'.: . 1.T1 ... t of d oti,.n to It oiu-ht to be s. ! --.n-p a nd i . :;).' . w ,t'i p. ! t s. una-, be! s. l,, up f;rs and a ' a ua in, t a-:! s. from on.- .-nd of t i. . i on' i in til to l la- other, fr. !: this taae torward foi .- ,-nno! . ." P.. mid on tlie L'-Jd of .llllle. a h :.:au - :.n "! was creaieii ny hp i '. ,1 baM,- boTWeen I.yh' and Kog- s attorney. Mr. i-am-vin. or m'.i- i, ;,, p.. ....pi tip. 17th of Julv aipohs. d irtnc the cross-examination. . . . , si of !a.- w itt'.esses after l.xle. W no ipgat S.-iur-iav. I: was ailmitt.-.l -s-j ..s prita ipal witness of the stale, t. r.iity. Scarcely had (lap, passed th.- were en the raiding party and corro borated the evidence nl'd W here It was en a band oi s-.i"". signeu u ; a fir. man lroui the tirst waiu was(. Ward KleU h. r. until his trial, on th- ;-,,. ted and upon th" rc-conimenda - ; ; v., ci-,---es of driving while intoxi-. . ,. .1,0 fire dei.artnient. Key Lnr-.. . ..led. : i!.. King Ah -ani 1 ! t a ' n u ' -s ;a t . r p i 01 p'llllic lllioxica; inn, wen,: W il S alia...!. It'll 111 llis ii.uc. 1 . , , , CelP.eleiy deeds were made out to,..;, the following: Kmmoiis Goble. .b'hn 1 ( Aavlor, la. 1 1 01 1 11 1 1 , -vinos a , o;i u ri nee m ..':; v. an . n, iim -- sbelbv and Ic-orge W tne : n , 1 ,1 tow.-a-d rest 1 - eVlPU ,w cr l.aiia towar.l sell,,,.! prop- lor il i:: -p. . tor's des!- when an Armenian who arrived on a ship which came found. An interesiing statement m l.vle's t. stimonv, was that Kogers i .'t(i quarantine two and one-half mill- j pipl him that he (Rogers and New- uies behind the King Alexander ap- ton I '.ridge's wife had 'been making , 1 1, : .,, . i whisk. 'v ever since a week after- ill . Oil.. I I 1 ... 111.. 1.1 1,11.. i. i irate understand . 'o c .' 't- ! v r as-.r-, ..a the reported plans True, .loh Idaton. as pp.. t cssi, ,p. w as s, nt to the- penal farm nteial word laid H" n received ; v ( ll,Ii,i ,y 0f 11!aking li.iuor Wa- b ; ; t . ' a Ida i v. I I',.;., u.iaiii:-!.-!! thiii tne Armenian , ,.n his f irm. It will !. r.-niT.H'ere .la I 1 w a. , x'iau -to,' a.nd ll'a Ait... ni.i 11 w as biirr. Most of 1 V. 1 ' a p 0 a r a p t s . st.-rd.-.v w. : (ieliuat a-pl thai I'-ri.1.-'. s and his wile were :ir- I n si .1 i he sun.' day. as w ere 1 ox ami rs. wllell il sail, inasa. con. ..s and liquor were found on his -l-.tld V ; " !'' Death of Lafayette M. Talbert. .Icpartm. r.t br taking i prominent resident 1 .moiiimowh. a;!. piicd co'.",'t cx-1 Gataveite M. 1 a men, uieu iasi i-nu.i , btrti-iTi Aiid.-i s, ,,; .aid j after an illness of several w eeks diiiet; p. 'ho ,-,,.,(; 1 acl caused by heart trouble. ,-re,. a, T .M-, u hhl. TM.ii' Mr. Talbert. who was ''- years old. '. Ti.c con;n:)ssio", ..-s 1 v i.nown throughout his community nd bv manv of the older resitieiiis in, . '1 t lor Hie nest citt. ;' 1 ti.a can rc n : - ! tl. t liiak. ii go.- i-s-- three 1" -ni ; , '-. . j: : i - li'anw.a . e. O . 1 a the Ian r Miioticlnn and Scotch-. p n d 1; w . aid pave the' llan.-ock county, as he had spent most . 1 1 .. 1.: . W . n-i-wl .in 11 ;iml tt-e Aiee a a i s, , a i a 1 . 1 a s 1 i nie it. 01 1 . e . n-.i"-.i !;'r c -nniy ; icinit y. ... . ... . ' a ! ; . r 1 nc 1 . no ' 1 wi ,.l, a, lalitics that make e-,.t IT ii tc.'Cll. '1' r . v :t fair 1 radc ".!:ich arc graded : ' -. a " p. r ecu'... ' li'-s in. ails he ilitv ,'i lus tcach- ':' Jra.lcs.'"" ' Death of Mrs. Jessie Tweedy. 1 , pa a w n p s!,OV S. e . ; 1 o! food is stead. !y m ports to the 1 lep.irna. nt aa-u who arrived on the Albania. Prominent :r:topg the h.ffr was John Cameron, of Gre.-nm k. Scotland, who latt'ied ii battered handbag and a fine 11. w golf outfit. When he reached the PaT'ery. Can. .-roll walk.d to the nearest guard. "Where." h, ask.-d. --js the 1 ear. st public links'.'" R. In- raiding party. i s. w hen on the stand, denied thai no was not employed at th" east i t ;-,d garage but at Mount's Garage. i ( He stilled that, however, he some-( h limes did some work for Cox and was-;, , ... ....' -. often tmi.s about tne gaia-e. ... , game the same story that Cox did. j x;.-v : which was that l.yle and the woman I ,. .. pan;, , slaved in the car and drank liqu 'f ; . ! le w i'.s prominent m in.. if'airs of the ctmmiinity in which he v.i : -; lie lived, lie was a 1111 mber ol the M. .xl rs. .l.-ssi- I age died ... - 1. ., 1. t!H v rc- 1 P ciiurch at Morristow n. morning. Julv 4th. at her 1 -:n- :-,igl:vav o !ii;;iina'i ! He is sur ived bv the widow and Rushville: Karl t. . . ,-. 1. 1 o.P, n ,.1 ado. and : tour sons. Arthur, ol ,,,;';!, Mi.ntsvdh- ..ikc. a iri'.c ..a! i ! ami Carl, of Morristown: and Wade pa paved b 1 of Indianapolis: and one sister, .xirs I Michael Yarling, of Shelhyvilie. n p ! k c . 1 ! o a anv. home three miles northeast of Green- 1 . 1 . . 1.1 le.s II, ,,.! Li le,t,, 1 Solid! lUill I.Xie 11.1, 1 Ue, e, n.. 'the carburetor when tne generator p the Kemocratic nomination vv ,.yl.. had b i.U'd that, i ,, id. nt in P'L'l. Assailiiig iho however, during the cross-examina-: R. i ieialli of 1. ' from all p. .its of th.e country show ; : a s f,r .lum . P'J ',. w . re high-.-! th.i!-, for May . as w , !1 ;S from 1 to 7 i r . li! higher for the sum. r.op'h hi-t . In . o'ap.i:at;. .p. 9 tls!,.s fep !a and .1 Ulie. liahteep of l xx. ntx three , a t 'a , .- , o i,s s '. e . -e ;!', e 1 . i ' ! 1. g Up I o " p.-f . ! t I !! . op; pa t 1 -oil V. it h .1 Uiie. R . J ' . ' " ' ' " ' nV"U: !V"' ,..rx, out ox, r the ititer.iat.otial sit U I-! W st ified that he bad tlischillged Uo--- el tx. i;! ':,!',-.' m:p-s p.i r, .,s. d . . I ,. some time ago lor pillermg and " b T p. r .. at. N'exx York's in. tease xx a - " p. r . 1. 1 As i oTp pa roil x ; t a tie Ixuisicy, i a ( ,ri -n friends p- n M . p c xx ii - .'!, t-r v, ;i nay i -, 1. 1 .' 1,;. I nun died ill Hie iiouie oi ins ,. i a, .!,.,,- le,,i nil i ttiem o o! .. . .!,, . . .... o , li,-.- vis'.-r tor in Kniglltsiov. n, mm i ion .-..u . .... ! ll .o . ...... ,.. '' 'l V. . ' ....'A. . . .. ,,, ; ,lilc , .n.mlipr mtor Oscar W. Underwood, of proof of l.yle s i.eiud.tiem. in. i Mr-. .' -k - II - -!'. r, -t r.c.r .l;ini..a. .xir. ;ninu. ue mm ... w..o .... "" .;- lad asked him to tlx j i ; ,. 1... .atfcriaa Hon a car-i of years, coming neie 110m ai. ,,.: hj. back, which do 1; .-c.'l rvsp. .ml lo trtaiinci T. and be m c- Iliad m a x.-rx ..-p. -la c.' lop. hi-', v Ihua-a-p hxing ab. .ut idxc r.v.lo ; h x est ihs plii.c. ha d , ' cattle i ii. Id. of Pti!it"s disease. She had been seriously in tor .about eight, wtjoks. She is surxived by her bus band and two children. Kdna and Xn.'ili : her mother. Mrs. Julia Hunt: Death of Former Resident ;two brothers, John and Harley Hunt. A lormer resident oi mis io, Maxwtdl: and three sisters, Mrs. Al ba! ring f l'i' -,,!--oosi-,ti,n f..r its . i , , t ' , i 1 1 '. t i o 1 1 . when 1 .a ni b kin asked him about f o-eigii po'.ii V. rnderwood att'Tt d lia so 'nras. s. presumably iis the key-th.- issue ha- intends to it. Rogers iiiai i.yie aim un woman were not . ntirely sober when th. v left. I show ;i inaction .- .i. . Tv... .a... i no owmr oi nie loiiiis. v .ui.i. cniTti us. ;,m. ng eahh- h-d! to take charge ot a section on tne Peiinsvlvania railroad, but b ft Greenfield when b" had attained an age which compelled him to retire from , , ... ...1 llntir..iUi thirteen active worn ana reuuiie.i m . moh ..... He went to the home ot ins iiauumei, tioti: anv ot! r at conn! rv today" OecaUse im- handling booze. He stated that had ;i jug which lie thought run- xx c. k 1 r. -in t"..: x r-I ... iug a vi rx viil- h PMh tin- :m of f ... i h,st la New Yoid. so IP. !' ;th Was r tad i . .st M per cent It : . hiskev in his car at the Camp sp... , .; ,a ; 1 T . . I ' ' . t ' I ' sa . s Th. I : .,. !1' ! e." :,:,:: . i : ! I it-, the a-. un Smuhsopa t- In-titu: X e s fi I I X . is i s, lie i'f by Id Ab Idiited Stat- s N iag with the co' '. h ti.c, Was', t N- w Yo: k World. .:; lo-.,:-,' It- ! a, i-t o: t I r.ade piiida oiiS s, 1. nt.fie pap- Hrdii. ka. of the n:,l Museuta. deal-of the I'Vrs, h.air v o p a n isolated position, its uns. h'ish lained w P. .spam whim ,he war tl.sed and its I only throe w.-ks b.-tore he was dis- ,,. , itlau-ged and that during the latter great potentul to est ablish j s ai .t o f th(. Winu.r had re- !"!::: p.! t peac - but we haw done , ,linu.,j to the c;unp from a trip to : ..thb.t. and are 'ha-. g notliiag to aid. Craw fordsvilh' and had a large still ,. -.1 ..- . i, i ,o ,.- -, (Oil- i. 1 m IPe nat iv l-lill Ol ll.e .lUi.'llliinii'.. s- . p. r.dy ed so far a: t dir.-. t am is , oti- eT iP-d t : ;n e t'iid not know where he took il. stilted, or Low Rogers disposed of Special Judge Reeves waited un- W I'm t . dim t in respeit to ' til th.-' .-nd of Rogers' trial to give his ta i is it'll i 'II x o s las. jiui unii pi - a a--- l ..I is. .x , . an I e-iip, oi . ,rc id. Id, arc the ,t-i eid parous "' a line boy babv which arrived at tl.v tr home l et Sin "k.v mo.-uma. Moiiar and bab. are gttfii'g d'-'-'-i id"1 . Merri-Toxxp Sm:. Lays Off for a Day on 69th Birthday. To-he. is th, i'o:h 1 iru ho of J. J. S'ae-kh. ol th ei'y. x,'o i em . i th.e s.i rip.iircrs 01 tic- i.xii.t. x l!ct Mr. a XX I 111 Knigl.TSlow ii, i.itfi . The funeral was held at his daughter's home, in Knightstown. Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Describes Methods of Growing Rice. The Kiwanis C lull was addressed Luella McKenzie. of Wilkinson: Mrs. Maggie Watson, of Willow 1 '.ranch, and Mrs. Hazel Rash, of Markleville. The funeral services w a re held Friday morning at the residence by the Rev. 1 '.it nor. of Warrington, at 10 (.'(lock. The body was interred in the laden cemetery. George McCarty. of Fortville, in charge. Four Hurt When Auto Overturns. Morristown. Ind.. July U. Four persons were injured Saturday, two of them seriously, when an automobile in which they were riding overturned in a ditch two miles east of here. The riouslv m.pireu are i.iarence utt. last Friday at their regular luiu-neon. . c-ovington. Kv.. who suffered a f .achy Dr. .1. M. Meloy. of this city, who ,nrf, of Ih( sk,,n ,in(, V;. ()n who spoke entertainingly of the nielhtod.s ; ,Vn. (1 ;1 i,rn!.u,n rii, an,j ,,tiu.r jn. oi growing rice in the South, describ-1 -,,.;,. s Hdw ard Wilson and his mg the dilterent processes i.i cum a i (iaolt(.r .Mahb-. also of Covington. lion w bli the rice had to go t', received minor injuries. The acci- ,'..r i -ecu 'li! . .'111'; ope v. :! ::,'!i! :i policy . i -f ci m ii i ion. w it bout! - of i' i. in. ip. n and w. re !'.!.! .-!' o'd Aim-ru :oi families, 'i l." peal 1 r. Hrdla ka finds. .1 rate t. hie f.lf I 11 It T' still ill't t h t : ip r- :' ,is. and pa st . -f aii is the a;, s.,! pe htUiaTte. Among - u ; t; 1 no:... :. ho found li'tle d.f- fef !a in !' e t 1- ,pp 11, X of Id'Cld' S ami bripa't p a. l ut ! h- a ; f ; r..,h noiiiiced both Cox and Rogers guilty of the . barge against them and gave anything that gees to make a man a j ti.c-m both the same sentence, man. or a gov.rntm -nt a go .-in im nt . f me and l-" days at the penal farm. We seem to be jst observing ; , t, d i 1 -" h '-rough lambkin, their attor-' , , , ,. j nev. p raved lor an appeal to the fir ur-dim.g. at bast so far as the public ( (Ujt r(,url- anpe:il bonds was is p, rmitted to know . Never in all s uxod by Special Judge Reeves at $."" e-;r history ;;s a nation have we oc- : -ach. .Hi,.',! a rr.oiv negative position in i Are They Trying to Cut Expenses? the affairs of l-'.urope than we do to- j The timst. es of the Indiana re'.'or-a v -,, eoati.'.ie to .irjef .low '. lnatorv. near lVndleton. viewed the st;-. : m. ;,nd the roar of tlie cataract can b, heap, aln-ad." Mr. S: a '-.h' is wed kr.-.wn at-'ft here p r ' a'e'i.ty t-1 Tiike pr..v r: ",:1 t:;--ilc--'s , -.-ate. :s. Mc xxou tliric . r p .-.f pri a-s ,.; L ipiiPieii i. ip h, rcetia'y. He st:'i has ;hc v'tn who: In- ; i-ixs to make ht i.nd't n.'C xx a:" f . ' dance. !!is sop,! ii a; lu- did n 't kT!"W-v. h.-ri hi- father was. h:d t'ait lie an-t ein: -, ih;s i a-rni-ia that he was sixty-pin.- years old. and tliat for op,-,- he was t" kit. -ok off a dav and c. 'cerate. ,oa O.i :n-VP I'M X 1. : , , , it., it.i I. .. i is ueioie u coin. . .......... dent occurred w iit-n n. . iiuiik. win. e e-.v Melnv was ill tne lice eouuiix Wi,,,, ,1,-iviiv. tl. iar. nllHiititPil til ra?s pi star i Winter and is well acquainted 'i'h another automobile. jibe rice-growing business. The chair-1 . . man of the program i re. ay u '' , Speeders Arrested on National Road. George Kettig. Indianapolis Times. .. I Five of the six fined Monday by Xol ksx ihc Id W h.ish r, ! -ri.a'n;l-! justice of the Peace llainey of Irv-has brcipaht a srat against t nc 1- incton were arrested on th.e National Traction I". .ir.pany m this city to 'est .,,, east, between Irvington and the sni stion in the discrimination of j Cumberland. They were: Roderick rat. s and inks Sooo damages. , MpCormaek. Milton. Ind.. $13..r.n, speed h. r some time it has been, cheaper t" j thirty-eight miles an hour: K. J. purchase a ticket at any point -n the : wipfs. :VJ 1 N. Noble St.. Jl.V'rt, doing ,eh.s-la,L':.p.sp.'rt tiiv.sioe lean fortv; James Wuliams. Westcott Ho ax cr ip' the ::.,,i cetd- s of t 1 " !"a ,:'' r- known as Maarin Rible x , : v sixteen nam Ims I, el bh ' d w lia l.;' t "He out of . x I ry .. a ... a ..... . i.. .s il i , i e u ,oei la' i.i s i tail l ; I t y aa s t- i I. a ,r : cue out ot .-. ry 1"" h .s hair that is trulv bin. k. ( in blond hair; one out of ewrv twentv woim it Ims red hair: one out of 1 i has solid black hair. Those in between are in the nia- .. Ind -AlmosT i.d wheat ::-!-. C, ee" hae hccll bii.v work .tone there so tar, and decided;,,.,.,, ti . (, v jH ,:. .. Vi... dii-n- .:. i ii;t'. ims in in ue ii'iiii."-. i a st-a r.o.n w md .;. .pn I pail laborers by fifty. Additional in-' h" . da.,,...', ., kna'p v. -riia! a; " ' mates w ill be brought to complete the j i," "'.,.( lr',-a,pamd, at aj dav Si-.n- e first book, building, as most of the heavy work j (-'a. ,,u.;;'c"'a mm-h.'r i'f pi ever printed ' is finished. am,-, ami d;,am tcrs Ik-It a-! in the work. 11 copies have! T!:t' foundation nas been completed , p:c!i ,nc xvh,a; :,.'.;,,. ,,,,,,-p- ha. lor tne comnineii (lining nan. Kiicneii i ,.t a, .!-,, one reTnatn- liind refrigeration building, which is! d rain t hi ing in private iiule'.-thms in F.urope tiie largest building in the group to , T,, '.i,','." .',,untv ; xx. IS netlcm last WeeK 111 l.ondun bv ' o niu.i. i ue nospuai ueeii soul a "t mage to inc irgc. of every tourteeti women h;is c .... ... r . .- v, Y ,. f , ed and the two industriiil buildings. , i power nouse. tieienuon nuiiding ana ; Thus l.ihle is the Gutenberg j u.mdrv llavo h,.vn finished. National Figure Present at Farm Bureau Meeting. Dr. 1. I., (iiesotp w ho rci"-cs, -ats the lory, leaving an. at tne .leiiersonvnie , turc, w reformatory. we said Dr. Kosenhach's associ- r.cs receive d Till severe cuts i... ........ .. i. c . i. 1 '"' ate. It will be brought here bv Philip water grays and those with no hair H. Uost-nbiu h. who boucht it at Sotho- ,:t all. One in .very 2nd men has pure bv. lt hft hrnllrhf af.rnss il'-n both f. .rearms this week when the w hite skin, w lu reas one in fifty worn- " ; 0 t r,, ,:,. s! ls ' " u"- ,'t" ;l ca-c- l'n which " .-,.cc..,.i, n'UM.uun. Mff. pc resting his dhows. s;tvc wav trunk. Ordinary methods of packing , and shipment will not be risked on "o'.o. i ue x.iu.'i.i.i'i.i; i, nue win ie intr.ree wet-Ks it is jiiannett to nave i ! pi-can oi Amma! I lr.shan.irv "t the on its way to New York within three I inmates at the Pendleton reforma- j United States Department of .'gricul- n can claim that distinction. When supposedly sane, rational neo- ple so lose their balance as to guaran- Sucb an imPortant book as the Guten- The public library in this city has been redecorated ami is very cool and inviting during these hot davs. pres. nt at tne regu! meet- mi: of the I'.randvwine township barm i'.nreau Tuesday night. Hector Gibson gave a heart-to-heart talk upon the relation of animal diseases and their control, to the human race. This talk was very interesting and profitable to the large number of memiK-rs and their families present. Advertise in The Democrat. i tp i l. ini;', ,,f ih:. ,-itv to and th.-n buy a ticket fi'o'u here to Indian;;;,, dm 1 he rate 1 't t wa en has 1 c p ma compel hi. .ii. rc and tne ea; Io.a to fight tel. Richmond. Ind.. hm'h doing forty-five miles: Omar Peele. Lewisville. 1 ; Ind.. J1....1U. doing torty mie-s. and li:'c j Ronnie l.yster. L'." X. Fast St.. flS.r.O. doing lortv miles. I -1 , . i' ee 1 i d;' ( las- of t"'c 1'ra i-; "God help the Surplus: ! v Mtahodist h.pis,-. ,pitl Smi.'av .-!i... 1 j (From the Washington Post. Semi-i' mi ,,-,-o- ., t'a hi'-nc ,.f Mi-. m i ! Official Organ of the Harding Me re l-rtdiiv nn:bt m n.:i- t "t one .1... .:.,.r, Mi.s ',-!5,- rnohh xx ho is ,pe.;s were Mr. and Mrs. Ihiui i'.row n George Harvey, Ambassador to the - n.'i Mrs 1 T. I'.i itn. A miscchanc r s j Court of St. James's and Albert I). r uas held. i Rasker. former chairman of the Ship- 1 ' I pinff Hoard, have engaged first-class I'orn. to Mr. and Mrs. ". O. Scan-j passage on the Leviathan, sailinsr bng. of . 'aktown. Ind.. a b a'p. - daugbder. July 4. They will occupy premier who will be known as laicanor. M rs. I suit es. which ha ve two bedrooms with Administration i . James J. Davis, S. crotarv of Labor; Scan'.ing is tlie daughter of Jclf Patterson, of ibis city. He is very proud of his little grand, laughter, who was born lulv S. Miss Harriett Strickland, daughter "t Mr. and Mrs. Harry Strickland, of this citv. will be married tonight to Paul Hatics. of Charleston. W. Va.. who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lattie Hancs, of this city. Roth of these young people attended the Greenfield High School and arc popular in this city. baths, living-room, sun parlor and 1 reakfast-room. and are listed at f l.tC.d for a one-way trip. W. I. (Harriott and wife, of Greenfield. Pert Forbs and wife of Indianapolis, Mrs. Albert New, John New and wife of Greenfield. John Addison and wife of Anderson, Vint Cook and family, of Greenfield were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Sarah Armstrong and Mrs. Fort. Shirley News.

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