Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 10, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1894
Page 2
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Netiee t« CoatraoiM*. The Board of Sobool Trusteea, of the «ohool city of LoRansport, State of Indiana, will receive sealed proposals for the const ruction and entire completion of a no* lllgh School building lor aald city, until Tuesday, the 13th day of March, 189-1, at 12 o'clock noon. Bids to be opened at 2 o'clock at tho ofllcoof the architects. Bidden) are requested to make their proposals as shown in tho schedule. Drawings and specifications can bo seen at the ortico of tho architects, Krulsch & Lnycock Stato National Bank building, Lopaanport, Ind., on and nftor February 21. Tho ouccosidfiil bldfler will bo required to ontor into a contract with tho Board within ton (10) days from the time bo is notified that bis bid baa been accepted. To inruro consideration each proposal is to bo accompanied by a corti • fled bank check or approved bond made payable to tho order ot tho treasurer of tho school city of Lo- Kat sport (J. T. Elliott) in the sum of two per cent, of tho amount bid, as a guarantee that the maker will enter into contract and bond stipulated within ton (10) days after recoivln/j notice of acceptance of his proposition. A failure on tho part of the contractor to enter into contract and file a satisfactory bond within tho time natnod will forfeit the amount of the above chock and all ripht nod title to tho aaid contract. The Board reserves tho right to reject any or all bids, or any parts thereof. JAMES P. MARTIX, Pros. V C. H ANA WALT. Suc'y. jKHt; T. KI.I.IOTT, Treas.. School City Log-ansport. Logansport, Ind., Feb. 19th. KhMimfctiKin (lulikly Cured. Throe days is a vtry short time in which to cure a bad case of rheumatism; but It can bn done, if the proper treatment is adopted, as will bo seen bytht- following from Jhmes Lambert, of Now Brunswick, 111. "1 was badly afflicted with rheumatism in tho hips »nd legs, when I boujiht a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cured roe in three days. I am all right te- day; and would insist on everyone who is afflicted with that terrible disease to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm and Re! well at once." Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. F. Koesling, A NERVOUS WOMAN, What She Thought Autul Norros. Tho nerves uro tbe most important part of tho aystom. If they uro woi k, tho person us run down, tirod, languid and dooe not feel like domp Hnythin^. She cnn sieop but llttlo, nor mind wanders, hor appotllo is Rono and what t,ho can out does hor no g-ood, This is just the condition Mrs. Mllo Griffith, a well known Indy of Moretown, Yi., found herself In and tho reader will mo by tbn following letter that »hs kuo\v what to do to got well. ••About seven years ago," be says, "1 wab taken with vory tovoro nor- vousneas and could not work I could but jurft druf,' around. 1 aUo had tho asthma badly 1 «&" so nervous that at tlmeB f could not lay in tho house but felt a? thouph I must po out in thoBtreot and ruu. I had no nppolite and what I did eat lay heavily on my stomach and somOtimeH distressed mo severely, I had sosn Dr. Greenw'e Norvuru blood and norvo romody advertised and hciircl it most highly praised, and lie- termioed ut onco to take this medicine which was so favorably spoken of by evoryb- dy. I had only taken it a short time wher, I began to feel tho good results from it, and I am now entirely cured of nil my complaints. Wbal Will Wo ICT Medical writers claim that tho successful remedy for nasal catarrh must •a non Irritating, easy of application, and one that will res,oh the remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of tho efforts to treat catarrh is proof positive that only one remedy has completely mot these conditions, and that Is Ely's Cream Balm. This safe and pleasant remedy has mattered catarrh as nothing else ha* ever done, and both physicians and patients Ireely concede this fact. Our dniffgiets keep it. Chicago citizens ID tbelr desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: In discovering by actual measurements that there are iom« lady residents who can wear .shoe* twelve Inches long. Your Wood needs regulating ID spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" i» nature's own blood purlfler. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 80 centi. For sale by W. H. Porter, pre- «orlption drugjfiit, 826 Market street bogaasport, Ind. The Valve of Coin*. The value of gold coin is in its weight; the value of sllvec coin is the government stamp en it The value of glmmons' Liver Regulator is the relief it gives from biliousness and sick headace. A 25-cent package of pow ier has • permanently cured many a ene. _ We have heard men say "I would give $500 to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result w 111 surely be brought about at trifling expense by the use of the B«oelslor Scalp Curer and Hair Producer to be sold by agents In this city. Is yoor head oleai f Have you a food grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy.In your bloodP You MO have both if you observe the pre- MUtion to take, when retiring for the might, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get w work neit day you will feel M. if you could u 1 >• train efc*r». Be sure to get the small The Baby'i Be»i Friend—MoLlnn'a Onion Syrup gives immediate relief and oure» croup, colds, collo, and par- tieularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. ¥. Xeetllng. Only 9,f> •Mats per bottle. Karl's Clover'Boot, the new blood purlfler, give* freshness and clearness totheoomplezionand uures oonstlpa tlon; »5o.. 60o. and I* BoW by B F.Keeillng-. Kamp'i Balaam will rtop the ccu«J •lonoe xt:s. MH.O ••I was so confined to the bouse that J could not eo out evenings at all to any amusements, but DOW can po when I "p'easo. When I commenced the medicine I weighed 96 pounds and now have got back to 132 pounds. I coughed and wbee/ed BO that I would almost fall down "Nobody could sutler any more than I did, but now joy asthma and nervousness are entirely cured and the medicine that did it was Dr. Greene's Nerrura blood and norvo remedy. I eat and sleep well and do my house work an comfortably as ever. I heartily recommend the Nervura to all. ft is the moat wonderful medicine I have ever found." There aro thousand a of -women suf* fering just as Mrs. Griffith was. They aro to nervous they can not control themselves, they have no power to throw off that terrible down-hearted, discontented feeling and many feel as though they would go Insane. Are you afiicted in this way? If so you will surely be cured by using Dr Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. It is the most wonderful medicine in the world to cure disease, and it is just what you want. The spring Is always the best time to take this medicine. It is the discovery of Dr. Greene, the most sue- ceselul specialist.' in curing nervous t nd chronic diseases. He can be consulted free of charge, personally or by letter at his ottlce 35 West 14th Street, New York City. A Fortr Mile Ride. K. R. Swetnam, of Fairfax Station, Virginia, says: "A parly came forty miles to my store for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and bought a dozen bottles. The remedy is a groat favorite in this vicinity and has performed some wonderful euros here. ' It lg intended especially for coughs colds, croup and whooping cough, and Is a favorite wherever known. For sale by B. F. Keosling, druggist, The Midwinter Fair Excursion tickets via Pennsylvania lines good returning until July 15th. The special low rate excursion tickets to San Franolico, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and other California points, now for sale via Pennsylvania lines will be good returning until July 15, 1894. Excursionists can select any route from Chicago. For particulars apply to J. A. McCullough, Ticket Agent. Lo- ganaport, Ind. •— lo T* indUMpell* ml one Vmtf For round trip, via Pennnylvanla lines. On March 13th and Hth, the round trip rate to Indianapolis will bo one lowest first-class fare from any ticket station on the Pennsylvania lines in J Indiana account the Prohibition State Convention. Tickets will be good to return until March 16th. Apply to any Pennsylvania line ticket agent tgr details. AMKCHYJN -BOMB. The Eternal City Menaced by Bomb Throwers, An Explosion in Wh'ch Eight Person* Are Injured — One of the Victims Dies. I'AMf. 1 IN TIIK ITALIAN CAITI'AI.. KIT.MK, Miiivh !i —During the sus.sion of piirll!ii!icnl Tliuiwliiy iiftenioon ;i torrent <»' Ilium; Kii'lilrnly Micmed to entiM- UH? window, fuiloweil immediately by 11 frijflilful explosion. The lumps were u.xtingnisheil, the Hour Ux'inblod its if shukn/i l>.y ;in curth- (H:ul;c, and the snioku o£ burnt powder \v:is siiffiiL-atiiip. A Iximti had exploded ;it the coriior of the parliament building foundation and Uio sidewalk was ripped up. Kiffiil pi-i-Kuns were ivounrt- cd by Iho explosion, including onn woman. Six of the wounded arc in the hospital. Three of them are in a serious uonditii'n and one of Ihnn is reported to be dying. The Tribuna surests th.-il, Urn explosion was inlendiM a 1 ! a, warning to the deputies in view of the impending discussion on the demand for the prosecution of tlut tiuciulist 'li'piit.v, Do Felice, mi u charge- of iucitinjr the revolution in yicily. The l'u|i«! AliiriiirO. The aiiarohists have .sjjruiid throughout tlii; uity, and particularly unioiiK the workinprnien, lluxoands upon l.hou- sund.s oi' circulars prescfibin^ 1 tin; bomb as the only und int'allinle remedy for the ills irom which the poorer classes are £tiff<rri : n£, r . The pope ib deeply interested in tearnii 1 ,^ tht^ eiri. j uiiK,l.:incL's of the <'.\p!osion and has directed thul inquiry be made ini.i.) the doiails In- attaches of 'tins Vatican for bi^ own information. His holiness is anxious t.o keep thoroughly informed of the developments the present anarchistic activity and fears that in Die rvi:nl of :t political cnsia the valican itnoif luay be endangered. It is stated that the holy falher is seeking from the government guarantees of the safety <>f the Vatican in any evDjit. UO.MK, .March 9.—One of the men taken to the hospital after being 1 found wounded on the I'ia/.za Di Monte Citorio, after the explosion yesterday pveninsr of a. bomb in front of the chamber of deputies, is dead. FOUND DEAD. The llodj of mi Holr In SUOO.OOO Taken from th*» M«lilf. PAIIIS, Tilarch 'J.—The Journal de Paris asserts that the decomposed body of u young man found in the weir ;tt Suresiics, on the Seine, was that of Edward Webster, whose mother, -Mrs. Theodore Conkling, lived ut 64 West Seventeenth street, New Yo^lc, and who disappeared on New Year's eve. Young \Vebsterwas the only son of tho late John R Webster of the New York produce exchange, who, upon his death flve years ago, left an estate of about 3400,000 -which the missing-lad would have inherited on attaining his majority. Edward Webster ivas oniy IT years of ago and weiphed 180 pounds. He was famous as an athlete. SHOMM3PKCULS. The prohibitionists of Wisconsin intend to make a vigorous state campaign this year. Itoundlcss, the famous race horse, broke a tendon at Little Koek, Ark.,and may never run again. Henry Treeto hanRed himself at Oshkosh, \Vi.s. He was fls years old No cause is known for the act United States Senator Aldrieh will resign his position if the next Rhode Island legislature is republican. .Mr. Cleveland is preparing for a vigorous assertion of the rights of the United States iu Central America. The .seventh annual tournament of the Wisconsin Firemen's association will be held in. Tomah, ,Inu c :;«, 21 and 22. 1>. II. Isenx, ex-city treasurer of New Whateoin, Wash., was fonud K"ilt,y of embezzlement of 500,000 of the city's money. Rev. K. Mat'Iv'eiU, Kmporiiim, Iu, has received a fortune by the will of an old woman, whose spectacles he picked up. Minnesota democrats have petitioned the president to appoint George )./. Becker to the vacant interstate eom- missionership. A loff train ou tlie A. ,1. Niejnor lumber camp's track was wrecked near Waldo. Ark,, Tlmr.'.day. Thomas Smith, manager, was killed instantly. | T\vo monster mass meetings held at j Troy, N. Y., iltiiioiinceii tin: irrejfiilari- ; tics of election clay and the murder of j Robert Ross. A committee' of safety is ' to In- appointed to prosecute njfenders. j A convention r,'presenting twent}"- ! on*.: cv/untit'.s in (JC"ixia- iiuli.jr.sed Con- \ fjressiiian II. ('•, Turner for United ' States senator and asked the dcnio- [ cratic part}' to accept him as its candi- ' date. I Frank Sehrn was arrested at Jlocli<-<- ) ter, N. Y., on the charge of causing the j death of Anthony Wadal, \\ho was I tripped up in a practical joke and fatally injured :n the ti^ht which followed. Col. J. T. Dong-hine, of Chicago, reports specimens of tfold ori! from the Cochiti district in Mew Mexico as assaying from S'>. r > to $HS to the ton, and thinks it may prove the greatest mining eamp ill A meriea, llrltUh Troops nlanimcrfla, LONDON, March U,— The British col- nma operating: in Assam against the tribe of Abors has been defeated and is retreating on Sadiya. A force of 'MO sent to the relief cf the column was also forced to retreat. A detachment of thirty men were massacred, all perishing;. The position of the main col- RHED ON BY REBELS. Brltlih Flat Aral* Iniultwt >» tlie Harbor of Klu <le Janeiro. IjONDosr, March ».—A special from Rio Janeiro says: As the tug Isabel, flying the British ttag, was steaming in the outer harbor she wa.s iired upon by the insurgent, steamer Victoria, the hhot passing through the Isabel's ilatf. The Jsubel stoppeii immediately and the Victoria, by signal, compelled her to come alongside, which sli<! did. The Victoria tools off one of the crew of the Isabel, pressing him into the insurgent service and ordering 1 the tutf awa>, Tho matter was at once reported to the Hi-ilisli authorities, but as yd they have taken no action whatever. Death of It Noti-ll Smut. STOCKTON, Cal.. March !>.—.lames S, Walker, the noted scout on the plains for many years ana recently :t showman, died here after a short illness. The deceased was well known in the .Indian territory arid was an intimate friend of Capt. I'nine, of Oklahoma, He, with a surviving brother, haii recently planned ;i trip lo Kin-ope with u -."'rt west, show. THE MA.JiK.KTS. <:ruLll, I'rovlfUonK, !•:((-. Sim. A. K, lamer Jimh's Mills, Ohio. Kl.tjl'lt— Tliu-i: is il f:iir" local aiul doi Urujallii lilH 'In- '.'xporl i:i4ll is lu;llL I' Mi-udy. Wiiiti!!-— 1'iitrnK J^s0j.:i.li; »im>i *'J .'iU*6-.'JO: clcur.-,, Sv.t'Uji-.JW; Hi:i-{i:uts, tl. 1.80; luw i.'1-iiiU"-. ! I .'Uiil.rU SprinB — P.lU t:i -..oa,,i.i«J; stniit-.'iis. si'.»i«L- (W: liaSicrs'. ijj'iii; low grades, >i.40»i.au; H.ni Uop. »i J.M: H.vt, ,.Z*IU,~M. ' WHKAT- MoilrrlU'.-l.v :u'tivo:imi '.ouv St rai ned Nerves Palpitation of the Heart and A General Break Down The Good Effect of Hood'a wa* Marked and Permanent. "C. T. Hootl & O., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: — I was taken ilown st«k last December, ;iml liccamo very weak with netrou« trouble, palpitation of the hrart, and ;i gcoera; breakdown. Iliad a Rood physician, bat l»o- Rercd alon^ KOttlni; no l>cUrr. J could Mt up only about li.ilf .itl.iy, until the isth of Marcb, when I concluded 1 would give Hood's Sarsapa- alelv ^cuvi! ;unl li w. .','c i:uiVr W;iy; W, -'ic ur.diT. M.iv, mv-r No. ^ Nix it :K- t:ii- , :t7 :> it.l"''ic: MRk*> mi Adlgnment. BOSTON, March 9.—James B. Billiuga, boots and shoes, 110 riummer street, factories o-t Marlboro, has nasitfned to William U. Allen. The cause of the failure is stated to bo poor collections, losses in the manufacturing department and shrinkage in .profits during the past three years. The indebtedness is stated to be. about $100,000, and nominal assets about $70,000. Shnt bf a Friend, OKLAHOMA CITY, March 9. — John Mosier was shot and ivilled 12 milM jiouth ol this city Thursday night by Jake Collins. They had been to Norman, and became intoxicated. When they reached home Collins abused and beat his wife and Monier tool< her part. Co'lins turned on him and killed him instantly. Collins was arrested and is iu juil at A'orman. (:h]i:<!ftt> Cniulng- ID to Itegijteiv Los A.NIIEI.ES, Cal., March »,—Ollicia. figures show that only 8,000 of the 1H,- 000 Chinese in the Seventh district, embracing Los Angeles, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Uarbara and Orange counties, have reffistered up to this date under tlm iJeCn-ary act. Applications for registration are now coming in at the rate of IflO a day. Shippers Aivurdod DHKnatfCft, ATLANTA, fla,, March 9.—Judge Speer, of the United States court, has annulled the enforced valuation which railroads placed upon the crop of perishable fruit lust year und awarded damages to shippers. Killed by Dynamite. ST. JOKSS, K. K. March 9.—Word has reached here of a serious dynamite explosion on hoard the sealing steamer Walrus at Green pond. Two men were killed outright and a third seriously injured. ^___ Glnn • Verdict for SS.OOO. ELGIN, 111., March 9.-Mta» Addie Wilton, who iued the Elgin City Bail- way company for |!5,00fi for injurie* last June when a car went orer an embankment, was given a verdict, for »8,000. Hizlnc M»de • Criminal Oflenl*. ALBANY, N. Y., Afarch 9,—The senate committee on judiciary without n dU- aenting vote agreed to report Senator Coggeshall'r. bill making hazing a criminal offense. llurned a Ht»«t to ueatn. LBBAWOK, Jnd., March 9.— Anthony Meek, a wealthy farmer, became enraged at a steer for tearing down a fence, and, driving it,into a pen, poured oil all over it and set It on fire, bum- ing the animal to death. The grand •tarr n taTeitfgftttn* the affair, 1 Koitobary to Drllne HI* Policy. LONDON, March K.—Lord Kosebery, the new premier, will on. March J7 make an address at Edinburg to delegates from tlia liberal associations of all parts of Scotlanci. Upon this occasion, J-iord Koseberj is expected to make an important pronouncemeot of the policy which the new ministry intends to adopt. will MeHi >I»K>" Hutmr. NEW YORK, March !).— The New York Mercantile exchang-e, at<i meeting held Thursday, decided to appoint a, committee, to report next. Mouitay, to map out a policy i'or u National Dairymen's union to tight Armour & Co, iu the sale of oleomargarine and imitation cheese. -, __—____— ..— p-luutU in 1'ciiiinylviinla. Wti.KKSBAitBK, Fa., March U.—The Susquehanna river has overflowed its west bank. The low lands for many miles are under water and the electric railway lias been compelled to abandon traffic over its new line to Kingston. Lfervntiaut wui*. HUNTIXGTOX, lad.., March 9.—Adam- nge suit in court hero was decided in liivor of the defendant Oliver C. Hiu>ty impugned the reputation for .chastity of Mrs. Dorothy Pinney. The woman sued liim for >5,000 for slander. Hasty produced sufficient evidence in court to prove what he bad.said. CultX — MutVr :t:)>J Sit. ~ YiiJ <hT. No. :t VI.-'.I July, SB'.ji.'SVsC OATS— l-'lrly actjvi: :nnl lower. .N'o. - rash, :in;Vui:w ; 'Ai;: .Mity. ^'iiu-SH 1 : Ju!.v. -sv^-- 11 '--- Sumplers In KOtxt d'.'nmnJ ;uui lo\\i-i- No. .1. ;<i. t>jo ,c: No :l \\Uiu-. si'^aai-.ic: Nu. •_>, 3114 JI'/ t c; No. ^ Wblte, WluXil.u MKss.i-'oHK— Trading f;nrly uciiv*; :mti pi-ices lower. Quotations rallied HI 51 1.H5&I 1.57 S for cash rck'uiui" III.Miail.Wi for May, und $II.46ail.riJK 'or July. LAKD— Market moderately actlvu and IOIVIT. Quotations rariKt'tl al JO 90^6 fl.i for carili; W8'J'.iao.S7« for May, acd Hfl.TJa.H.fO for July. LIVK l- > olll J TKV--l'r.r l>ouccl: lUlicliCnt;. i'd ty,o; TlirkCJ'H. ftftTi:; Ducks, CttlCi" (Ji'OSlt. J3,OOa8.CO per iloxcii. Bcrrieii— Creamery, ri&ilc; Dairy. JlnjaOc; Puckliiff Stock, 8jlO!ic. Oii-s-'-Wlsconnln I'rinii: IViiilo, '^'". VVatc; White. 7V4c: MiclilKim Prlmu White. »;,«; Waler Wliiu;, 'JC; Judlaoa J'rinio While, 8,^c\ VVa- i«r Whlio. S-^^; HwMlllBhi, US IPSU 8iiiv Gasoline, K (icif's, Jliic; 71 dug's, l*c; Naphtha, (K deg'H, OliC. Liyooiis— Distilled spirits stemly on tu« basis of si. 15 per pal. for lluishcrt ?ooils. NKW YOHK, Mari'.h WHCAT— No. a red, wcnlcnr: roUI«'t atnooti. M»y. I'SJiitWc; July. WJjiaMm', OoiiN— Nu. ~, ijutet :kinl c^ltr. .M»y, 4'^ rllla a trial. WJien I hail used it a short time, I could get up and go all about the lioii.^c all day. I liave novfr enjoyed perfect hnaltli, but am now takinc my fifth bottle of Hood's Sars»))a- rilla, and know it lias helped me wondertuSy. 1 linve useil Hood> Pills, and think them «i- cclleat." MjiS.A.K.I.ANiKR,Bush - sMill«,Oblo. OATS— No. ", i^uli atul ounicr. Moy. track whin- State. SSa-'-t: truck white \\'<;»i- ern, 3Sj*4'^c fBOvimoNS— Huef, heavy; family, Sll.ooa 11.00; eilra HIIWH, SIMKJ. Pork, e»sy; ne* mess. il3.»eia-.>: family, «H.(WC(JI4.5U: short dear. SH.aO-iAlHSU. Lui-0. iluti: priaw Wcsiern lUuum, i","-',: ]njn:fn»l. 'I'OS.KDO, O. . 14 Art- a 0. WHBAT— Quiet, "•uslur. No. i cash »nJ Mirch, MSc: Way. (W^c: Julv, flic. Co«H— K.iny. No. - Cdsll, oTc; May, W!»i'. OAT8— Firm. No, - cash. .'));»c J>ii3; -No. i! white. 3Jo. KYB— SteaJy. Casli, ,'HV. CLOVIMKKD— Higher anil active. Primo cash 4»d M»rch. »5.-t.'<: AprtL ».« united; Oc. tuber, uri blit. LIT* S took, CHICAGO, March ft HOGS— :M»rkoi active and llrm. Prieea veil maintained. Soles runted at HWffli.M for Pica: U.80a^06 for IlKbu. 14.10*170 toi rouk'h packing: M.BO.I&.0& for mixed, and UTS^t.M for hCftTy packing and shipping lotv. CATTU— Market tatriy active and ;he fcclmc dull. 'Prloen lOOUe lower. <Jooutions nulled <f riesaS. 16 fdr-cholec to exn-a shipping tteen; K00ft<."6forgood to choice do.: (S. £634.00 for fair to K00d; ; »2,»a3.Si ror:oowtnon to medium do.: K.SOo.S.30 for butcberV Sutm-' for Stookera; IS 103! to for Feeders: Sulli: 600forV»»l Calvea or Trias Sveers, : aml « Hood's Pill« act easily, yet promptly and; efficiently. <«> Hie liver and bowels. -V. The Trouble Over. A prominent man in tovrn c-.xt.0ai mod the other day: "My wife bus heea wearing out her life from the effects of dyspepsia, liver cotaplaint ant) ;E- dig-estion. Her catui hstlled the i-kill of our best physicians. After using three packages of Bacon's Cftlery King /or the ne p ves she is almost entirely well." Keep your blood in a hea'thy condition by the use of this proat vegetable compound. Call on Bet Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and fret a trial package free. t»rge- sixe 50 cents. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. x ror Over Fl«r ¥««r» Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup hau been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for iheir children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Ik will relievo tho poor little suflere? immediately. Sold by drutfKlots In every part of the worjtj. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Bo euro and ask for 'Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" an* take no other kind. KKOWtEDGE Brings comfort and improrement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. .The many, who live better than others and enjoy life moit>, with lew expenditure, by more promptly .adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to .health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the; remedy, Syrup of Tigs. Its excellence is due to Its presenting la the form most, acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and tru ly beneficial properties of »perfect lax- atiye; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently, curing constipation. It has iriven.aatisfaction to mfllipnsand met wfthith* approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them owl it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Srrnp of Fiw is for sale by all drngi glstain^Oc and $1 bottles, but it u manufactured by the auifornwFig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package also the name, Syrup of Rgs, and teing well informed, you will no», •coept any substitute if oflerw Haani.it! A haunted bouse In thete practical andun- romantlc days It sometblaR of a rtultr, bat KB Indlvld'ial haunt«'l w Ib tbe Ulw» tbat hi all- ment l« incurable \t a personage fwqu nttr met with. Disbelief In the ability of m«dtclne to core Is only a mild form of monomania, nlthongli In noroecixM repeated falltiiee to obtain rtlief from many dltletent lourc^t would almost »tf DI to justify tbc doubl. HiwtrUWs Swmach Bltttr« 1ms demonstrated Its iiblllty to o»er^ome dyspi-p sis, conitlpstlon, Hvottuid kidney trouble, innlar- lal complaint and ntrvousnens, and HB recorded nchlevement In the cut-mire lino ou«bt at iMst to warrant Its trial by any one troubled with eltuer of the above nilmmts, even altt ongb. his prwlo, s efTortx to obtain rcmeillal aid ba»e been trnltlivn. l,R«l with |iersltt»nce, the Bitters will conqn« tlie most obntlnnte cases. Bj« aa« gkla Is a certain « ure (or Chronic Sort Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip plee, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sali Rheum and Scald Head, 2A cents pei box. For sale by B. F. .Keeeling, 10 BOHSI ownm. for putting a borso in a fine boa] thj condition try Dr. Cady's Condltioi Pdwders. They tone up the •jBtetn, aid dl^eitlon, cure low of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidnej disorders and destroy worn*, Rivlnp new life to an old overworked horse j» i ointt .•per.-pMkm*- I»r sale bj B. F. Keeillnif, Tkef -The people of thU. Tlcinity Insist on having Chamberlain'* Cciflb Benu- edy and do not want any other," saji John V. Blshdp. of Portland Mtli§. Indiana. Tbat is right. They know it to be> superior to any «tber for colfls, ana ana preventive and cure for croup, and why Should they not iniitt upon bavin* U. F»»7 eent bot- ties for sale by B. 1. Keeelingr, dru«- ' M *<»•!»• *•»«• A Horrible Hallr«ad Is a daily curonicle in our papers; alac? the death of some dear friend, whelms died with consumption, whereas, If ho or she had taken Otto's Cure for throat and lung diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier and perhaps saved. Heed vhe warningr If you have a cough or any aflectioa of the throat and lungs call at Beti Fisher's, 311 Fourth street, sole a/rent, and get a trial bottle free. Large size 50 cents. When Babj- wat lick, we (fa-re ber Ca*ori»i When »be TTM a. CbiU, «h« c™d for Cfcstoiia, When the bwaime Mi«, «he clung to Or«orf«. When the bail ChiMren, she irvtisroi OuCofix California Fruit Laz&tiveis nature 1 * own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California. fruit* and plants which are known to hare » beneficial effect on the human system. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it is thorough ami effective, and will afford apetmanent cure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or Inactive condition of the kidney*, liver, stomach and bowel*. For a*)* by all druggut* at 40 oenu a rattle. Children Cry fbr Pitoheft Oattof la. Children Cry tor Pltch«r'»CattoH«, taae'n Kveryda, If you are reduMtt in TiuOitr ••" •treaftli by I1U«H or any ether OMMC, we reoomn«nd,.tb« ;«>•• «f thii OM yorv Win*, tb« Tcry bl»«d of the gr»pa: A grand tonic for Buraln^ mothers, and those reduced cy wasting disease. It createt strength; improves the appetite; sartre's ow« remedy, much preferable to irmfr, guaranteed absolutely pure asd ever five years of age. Young wii« «rdl- narily sold it not fit to HM. In»Ut OB h»Tlng this standard brand, U «wt« no more. $1 In quart toitl**. Bottled by Boyal Wive o x ale f \

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