Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 29, 1954
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*?*? HOPE STAt, HOM, ARKANSAS rope's strategic heartlarid, & country whose eastern half is occupied by the Red army, his prom ises to be a firm and influential voiCeY ; So Adenauer comes to Washing- MNNtSToN JftV: Grsa Seaver, 26, _____ &*$ fe MmfctfcMfl In i>,ii iffliiSlrtB. He Is Wbrktnfl *j. . CfflW, V Witf _> db'efih'i want iH'jbrl tit hand, an; ¥dVehement oN 'bunfl man Wl'itf a Job with a Job with a present." fit answers to ,..^o....» letters Wdre offers ; : hous J 6-to-house canvassing on The third was for his apartment if he .to; nlove. The fourth was thought his a restless hopeful that to- something .,., ,,„—._,.,.- Written on a^y-3Statl,6rfery,r.,wlth the name 8Be ? Dagigett erigraved at the top '"'LHan address; " in the Waldorf 8rs» i ,"Come id see me Friday "ig af 9." It 9 read. Greg was >t6,i6sS this after the others ' 'reflected that he had notiv so what could ^walked' «t> Park Ave- evening, after stop., __e v oyster bar at Grand If Station for dinner, the L-e ' S', gleamed like a tower Jre'eiugiass. As always it seem- p8f<3ireg4o balance precariously jllenderlglass lego. Unending 5 *ra "traffic, were spewed out of &«.M,''s,*'i4i,a tunnel-at v 45th ton today as a bigger man he was on his last visit. Comes to U. S. for Talks By eo fot Jamet Mariow i* | than That was in April 1953. Soviet Premier Stalin had died not long before, and the whole world wondered if a change in Russia's attitude toward the West might follow. Adenauer was one of those who cautioned against too rosy expect ,n^ of/Vine ifeft&xaved aded .and unloaded big* hotels whose theJr arms New York looked (prosperous and assured. *-" waited in the lobby , Towers to, bo an;o n Mr, Dagget's apart- man< about the adver- ie;' wondered why he _;AthisV Perhaps Daggett practical joker. Instead, he Daggett is'expect-' opened by a mid- in the uniform of 'Aurse., "You the young £V "-voice was" as' starched ;jcjap. t ''You, may ' go in." 'I'a'hdiwhen he had (passed ^clpsea the door behind iff.?- '"?• '< ijroom ,was pleasant, with a i$gv 'arid somber draperies iacross the windows, a dav- ':;a\Wd'« comfortable chairs. "'"" 'e*' flowers in vases on on' the mantelpiece ^'em'pty, grate. An arm,'drawn, UP Pear the fire- jjanjljithe'man who sat in it iJ<?Wn'f a '.highball glass and 'sg'come toward him. in 1 the room had been on so that his face was '/illuminated. Greg's in- 'to look away but he leJifDaggett without a break efnofta >i!o AVAC ctpariv. WASHINGTON m — "Mr. Ger- mnhy" comes to town today. Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of tne Federal Republic of Germany, might reject that title. And a great many of his fellow Germans might have misgivings. The idea of Wrapping up a whole nation, or even half a nation, in the person of one man seems to have perished there with Adolf Hitler. Still, "Adenauer is a symbol of the new Germany to most other Western countrie s. S ince the deaths of Ernest Router and Kurt Schumacher,, he is about the only West German political figure whose name is widely known in the United States. He occupies a dominant position too in the eyes of Western political leaders , who deal with Germany. It is a respected position. Secretary of State Dulles went out of his way, in addressing Monday night's televised Cabinet meeting, to praise Adenauer as, a "great statesman." Many of these political figures can't figure out who the Germans have to fill Adenauer's shoes when, inevitably, the time comes for someone else to become chancellor. And Adenauer will be 79 next January only Winston Churchill among the West's political leaders, is older. Churchill will be 80 Nov. 30. In a re,al sense Adenauer can bo Called thd "father" of the new West Germany. He directed the drawing-up of the basic law which set up the Bonn Republic. Actually, this law is a constitution but Adenauer prefers not to use that word until such time as it can ap ply to a united Germany. '•'• Just when East and West ;Germany can be brought together under such a constitution, nobody in a responsible post cares to predict. But Adenauer like Dulles, British, Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and most others who were involved say that day may : wejl have been brought nearer; by the agreements reached in the past lew weeks at London and Paris. By means of these agreements Germany changes from an occupied country to a practically sov* ereign' member of the Western defense system. That means 12 German divisions, some 500,000 men, along the Iron Curtain by the spring of 1957, if all "goes according to plan. 1 ' It also means a voice' for Gcr many in all the cold war planning of the West. And as the voice .'.of a much strengthened country in Eu- ations. We thing in must not reject every- advance," he said in a speech to the National Press Club, "but we must also avoid promoting any attempt to destroy the Little Girl Dies Ploying in Cave SAN" PEDRO, Calif. W) When 8-year-old Joseph del Fuente went to play in the cave the neighbor hood boys had dug, he took his 4 yearold sister along yesterday as a special favor. She wanted to see it. The cave Mary Lou was fo6f collapsed and buried alive. Jo seph dug frantically and finally pulled his sister out. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Korimo del Fuente, carried her home, but a fire department rescue squad could not revive her. unity of. the West and its unified front with regard to Soviet Russia.' 1 Mitchell in Pledge to Hike 'Standards' By NORMAN WALKR WASHINGTON (/P) — Secretary of Labor Mitchell has pledged "any government action nccer,- sary" to boost employment and living standards, carrying out the "prosperity without war" theme to which the Republicans have pitched their campaign to win control of the next Congress. Following President Eisenhow er's lead, Mitchell told wide television and radio audience i last night that 1954 has boen "the most prosperous peacetime year in our history." He lashed out at "politicians try ing to get your Vote by distorting facts "and trying to scare you." He said that while there was some prosperity during the 20 years of Democratic administrations, "it was built on the suffering and tragedy of two wars." The Eisenhower administration has brought about peace and in crea singly prosperous times and is working for further economic iin provcment, he said. "We are looking forward to more jobs, more procluction. and a high er standard of living for all Arner icans," he said. nation "We Republicans are commit Baby Lives But the Mother Dies BTLL1NGS, Mont. l# — A 25- yearold Powell, Wyo., mother who gave birth to a daughter here last Thursday, died yesterday of bul bar polio. Mrs. Donald Singer, paralyzed in both legs and an arm, was brought here and placed in an iron lung Oct. 19. Two adys later her baby was delivered by Caesarean sec- ted and determined to keep the people of the United States pros perous and to take any goverr ment action necessary to expanc employment and haVe an ever higher standard of living for al" the people of the United States." Tony Curtis Mayor of Universal City UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. UB ThiS legally incorporated town ship, wholly populated by Univcr-> sal-International Studios, has elect ed actor Tony Curtis asj^its mayor. He beat out Maureen O Kara by two-thirds margin o£ the 2,000 votis cast. Mamie Van Doren was elected honorary police chief and Mara Corday, honorary lire chief. Mayor Curtis was quoted as saying: "I'll keep the Dior look off this lot." lion. an The infant is being cared to in - incubator. • ace, his eyes steady. .de|Daggett was paralyzed, his ^ylsted as -though a giant |h'ad; pressed, against his left c/J, moving his features to the ffifle watched Greg with an £Ksipn' th'at,was partly dread, "an0e.iHe spoke and his deep and resonant, re- n{j;.'an unexpected and ardent '—'".'burning behind the dead face. "Sit down Make yourself comfortable." He reached for his highball. "Oh, fix yourself a drink. You'll find the stuff over there," and he indicated a well-stocked bar in a corner. fetC •' - _M "'*,«•' ;•-"Pruoe Lover CAKi .With fruit icing ! "'Applesauce | CAKE , i, s Blueberry 1 £' "Brawn'N' Serve / Roll* \i fre^rj Daily *Jl. Iff BAKERY 5, Greg topped some scotch into a glass, added ice cubes and water, taking his time so that he could legain his equilibrium before he had to look again at the man with the twisted' face. Someone else might write a blind ad and walk into an adventure. It took him; to land in the Grand Gulgnol. He brought his glass back and sat down opposite his host. He was sble to notice other things now. Wade Daggett was in his late sixties and overweight. He sat with his plump left hand folded over the smaller, thinner right one Greg steeled himself to look up impassively and • meet the old man's eyes. They watched him warily, alert for the first sign of flinching or distaste. ''What's your name, young man?" "Gregory Seaver, sir," ' " "Friends call you Greg?" ~"~ "Yes, sir," The older man seemed uncertain hew to conduct the interview. To avoid making the old man uncomfortable by looking at his face, he glanced casualy around the ropm but its impersonality dc* feated his attempt to learn anything about Daggelt beyond the fact that he must be a man of rneans. "What's this Job you are so anx ious to get out of?" •Vi i- i'te •frame construction form building cost* Greg told him and the old man's lips puckered and straightened out iagain while he listened. At his first appalled fiance Greg had thought that he would never be able to look at the blasted face without wjr.eine land yet he was already more interested in the man than in the Deformity, "It's not really a bad Job as jobs go," he concluded. ''And they have a pension system." That's security," Paggett pointed out. "I know it Is." Greg's conscience sniffed indignantly. He ignored it. 'Somehow the idea of struggling along just $9 you can be put out to pasture" You want to do your grazing now. Is that it?'* ^ But that was, not it either. Greg did not want things easy. He just wanted to get somewhere. The troubje was Jhat he dl4 not Hnow where he wanted to get, A$ it was, he fejt like a donkey pn 9 with a wisp $ hay in front pf him. He kept plodding but he neyer pa,u8ht up wjaf i,ha hay. "- 1 44 «$ ktjgw. h»- MGGLyWCTSWEET Frozen Focxt Swing right in to your friendly Piggly Wiggly store and stock up your pantry with delicious, easy-to-fix foods. You'll find your favorite fruits and vegetables at all time low, low ' prices . . . So fill up that pantry now! Remember, too, you "save you spend" with valuable "S&H" Green Stamps on every dime you spend at Piggly BEST MEAT IN TOWN MRS. PARKER FRESH GROUND BEEF WILSON'S KORN KING BACON OMAHA BEEF CHUCK ROAST MARGARINE 2 35 c Lb. 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(On Purchases p* $2.50 Pr nwe) BEST PRODUCE tN TOWN FLORIDA JUICY rr I Oranges' 33< GREEN SOLID 4c ».i*c' ;••, To City Subscribe: If you fail to get youf Stdf please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 14 ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1954 Star , WMAtHtB *8f ml ft A JUk jfcKfif aiternoon, et tfiffi ft.. !o%«»st ifi-SS ttr tifc Sttutlu '• £ftperifn«ftt Stalioft 24-hoUrs High «0, Mttnbti: r.fM Atiael««d »-rtW fc A«|l» Sintfttt el Av. Hit fM Clfel. « Mot. tn4tn« S6M. 30, 1954 3,537 ; ^- Police 'officers examine wreckage minutes after Harry G *»W Ciller, 60- but were not Injured seriously. — NEA Telephoto •; : Candidates in finish Flurry of Accusations By The Associated Press Two busy candidates' entered the home stretch of their political cam paifiris last night with charges of ^character assassination" and govcrnor "^Machine politics" while . ballots 1 p rnjt j Amendment 45 Would Set Up Inauguration a Month; Hikei Salaries of Stqte Officials (This is the third in a; series of measures which will appear on the general election ballot next Tuesday.) ' By LEQN HATCH ' LITTLE ROCK W> Ydu probably ^ expect that Arkansas' nsw cast in n college campus - mock clcctio prematurely "settled the issue." ••-.'-'•"• The Democratic nominee for governor Orval Faubug ,'••; delivered a radiortelevision speech in Little Rock' and his Republican opponent, Pratt 'Remmel, talked at Corning at a dinner in his honor. Faubus chnrged that the oposi- tion was preparing a ''last-minute" .designed for -"character • as "Unprincipled men have been known to strike at a candidate's family during (fierce campaigns and I anticipate some attack in this quarter ctcr the weekend Faubus said. Remmel pictured his opposition as "machine politicians" attempting to "manipulate the election machinery and intimidate the- vot crs." . , /* Meanwhile Remmel achieved a . , /A Meanwhile Remmel achieved a _. . „ Tigurative victory at the University T ,^ be it Orval Faubus or Remmel "••— will be man- grated next January. ' 1 >'">' .';"; ! ' As things are right 'now you're absolutely -correct, but 'there's a proposal on next :Tuesday*£ general election- ballot which, if adopted, could push up that Inauguration more, than a month. .The : measure jsi prf>pps.c;d" constitutional Amendment No.- 45 and changing the date. for the governor and other elected state-Officers ' to take ' ' office-'-":is'T^ust^ln'e'^f.-'a' number of varied items it covers. 'The proposal, .among, other things, would increase 'salaries for officials and' legislators, change the time for the General Assembly to meet and reduce the number of justices of the peace. The suggested amendment calls for the Legislature to meet in' a maximum session of three days in be Spring Hill PTA Sponsors Carnival on Friday Night Spring Hill P. T. A. is sponsor ing a Halloween Carnival Friday ght, October 29, in the high chool gym. The event will begin beginning on the first Monday •December. This year that'll of° Arkansas when. 749.. college stu dents turned out to vote in. a mock election conducted by the Arkansas Chapter of the American Collegiate Politicul League. ; .. Students voters gave Heromcl a 178-vote edcse ovev Faubus at what league officers described . as the heaviest balloting in the annual the mock 'election of campus citizens" Ei- Cherry. got five. A . Continued on Page Two The Legislature at this December session would certify the election of successful candidates foi state offices — a formality it now performs when it meets on tho second Monday • in January. • The officeholders, including tht governor,- would 'begin their terms "immediately" upon the legisla live certification. • .-••-.•• •'••'• After its .bcif meeting, thn Icgis latiire would go.ih.ome and wouldn' come back to Little Rock until UK first Monday in February- Legislative proponents of tin measure say the proposals for an a twt befor hav event since 1952 when .-— the election of President )'• icnhowcr. The University vote tallied 460 for Remmel 282 for Faubus. Coach Bowden Wyatt received one -_;.--_ , „„- uration . i_ * t f*.-. T7 1 *iirmi c wdiJlCl IlltlUKUl vl tiUli write-m Vote while Gov. F " nl ,months interval .'th... f*vioiM*v n nnthor * vritc*in ciinciiciQ vG I,,,,. , 11 i^ncrij, diiuim.1 _ .y«- ..... _..^j. (he legislature meets would ivcral beneficial results: The new govcrnor could prcpar his legislative program as gover nor rether than governor-elect. H would have the facilities and ai thoi-ity of'the office. The tw months lapse would give him tim tc get organized before the legislt Hire meets in contrast to the pres ent situation. where the Legisla tun; convenes and the governor i Inaugurated practically simultan' ously. And the time a "lame duck governor remains in office afte <»Piney Woods District Group to Meet Here piney Woods District Committee ^^y.....^ *„ ,.. M ... — T Meeting will be held in Hope, Mon-jhis successor is chosen would b day, November 1, 7:30 p. m. at the reduced. First Church. The governor would have a tw Donald Nunn, District Chairman, year term .as at present. There th ifgquests that all members be pre-.measure conflicts with Propose ~---i. *_-- iu_ *,,-n,.,.,;,,rt ^icnuccinnf 'Amendment No. 44 which would n ,titute a four-year term. If bo Continued on Page Two •»*>, Envoy's Wife Is Recalled, U. S. Bows to Soviet WASHINGTO N (UP) The United States bowed today to So viet demands that Mrs. Kal E. Sorhmerlatte, wife of an American diplomat in Moscow, leave Russia because of p. scuffle with Russian secret police. State Department Spokesman Henry Suydam said Mrs. Sommr- latte's husband, second secretary in the U. S. embassy at Moscow, is being transferred to Washing- Ion. Mrs. Sommerlatte will accom pany him, Suydam said, addinc that they will leave Moscow in lh<: next few days. Suydam said "it was clear tha Mrs. Sommerlatte had to leave tlv Soviet Union since the Soviet fo: eign office insisted that she ii persona non grata."' Suydam said that inasmuch a jSommerlalte's regular, tour of dut; would have ended within a fe\ months, it was, logical that n should leave Moscow now with hi wife. Suydam emphasized that Som merplaltc's transfer is no rcfler tion on him and that he is regar d as an exceptionally capabl loreign service officer. Meanwhile, other State Depar ----„ . 4 _j 0 _ ment officials . said (he . United | found m a cemetery early today WINNER — Ernest Hemingway who brought clipped clalr- Ity to a generation of American letters with savage tales of bulls, bitterness and bravery, won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature with his story of a noble old man and a fish.—NEA Telephoto PSC Dismisses Electrical Rate Request, Orders 'o'clock with a dinner in IB lunchroom. The prices of plates are 50 cents lid 25 cents. The dinner menu in udes chicken and dressing, Eng sh peas, mashed potatoes, lettuce omato salad, • cranberry sauce, read, iced tea or coffee,>and cake r" pie. . ' The carnival booths will open at :00 o'clqck. This will include many ifferent booth's. , ' _• A Halloween Queen and King rom the upper six grades will be rowned; also a Queen and King rom the lower six grades. After le crowning ceremony, each class r interested group will participate n stunts. This will be the final vent of the evening. The P. T. A. will sell hot dogs, :ake, coffee, ' and pie during the mtire carnival. States has no plan to break rela- ions with Russia despite "serious" new friction between the two countries as a result of the Som- merlatt'c and other' incidents. 'They made the statement in nn- swor to questioning about a remark of Sen. Margaret Chase Smith (R Me) that she would not be surprised if :U. -'.Si-Soviet-'.'•" relations were broken "at; any time by ei thfer side." She had just arrived in Helsinki from a visit to Moscow. The United States had protected 5n strongest terms and Moscow had countered 1 by branding Mrs. meiplatte undesirable. Som- As far as the State Department could determine, this was the first time any nation had ever branded the 'wife of an American dip lomat personally unacceptable. ~ ' "" Smith' refused to —*-*-•• sent for the-following reports by Operating Committees; latest reports .on Finance Drive; selection of norm'nation Committee for 1955 Piney Woods District Officers and plans and preparations for Annual' District Banquet for all Scouters for Piney Woods District. Listed are members of the Piney Woods District Committee: Donald J unn, District Chairman, Claude yrd, Vice-Chairman, Haskell Jenes, Advancement, Chester Ander son, Leadership -Training, Clyde °C'Tj?S ri S£J5r%- WU-'^Svice. -sometimes com lis, Committeemen; Elmer Brown, P la(in> r Rill Routon. Clifford Franks. Joe .. VY Sunday School Clinic Well Attended The Southwest District Sunday School Clinic held with Central Baptist Church, Texarkana, this week was well attended. Mrs. David Frith ot the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church presided over the Class Officers Group and presented the Rev. Gordon Reddin as speaker and instructor. Others from the Garrelt Memorial Church were: Pastor, Elbert O 1 Steen; S. S. Supt. Paul Church, Lloyd McClellan, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mcl^inney, Mrs. Ruth Johnston, Mrs. Eula Roberts,-Mrs. Tom Duckett, Mrs. Ivory Roberts, Mrs. Ivy Mitchell, Mrs. Y. C, Coleman. Mrs. Wade Warren, Mrs. Dalton Dragoo. Mrs. Esther McLain, and Mrs, Minnie Davis. Elder R. O. Stark accompanied the group and attended the Clinic. INJURIES FATAL ' TULSA, Okla. I/P) Mary Jane Stone, 65, Rogers, Ark., died here today of injuries received in a traffic accident eight miles north of Rogers Oct. 17, Mrs . Stone was -moved to . n Tulsa hospital two days after th? accident. er her statement about a possible break in U.S.-Russian relations was based on- the Sommerlatte' case. But she said she was well aware that she had made a strong stats ment. Officials here said they considered the case extremely serious but at this point, not sufficient cause to break relations. They have taken the position repeated ly that such drastic action would rob the United States ot a valuable listening post in the heart of the Communist world, a post this nation would sorely miss. Court Rules Funds Con Be Withheld LITTLE 'ROCK (1P> A Pulaski Chancery Court ruling that trustees of the Donaghey Foundation have a right to withhold funds from Little Rock Junior College if the college converts to a four-year institution will be appealed to the state Supreme Court. Attorneys for the college Board of Trustees today filed the notice of appeal. Chancellor Rodney Parham had indicated how he would rule on Oct. 4, but the formal decree wasn't handed down until yesterday. The decree held that the board of trustees of the Donaghey Foundation "have, in all things 6-Year-Old dirl'sBody in Cemetery JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — The nu3e body of a 6-year-old girl —blood running from her mouth — was found in a cemetery early ' today hours after she disappeared while playing Halloween, "trick or treat" games in her neighborhood at suburban Conemaugh. Conemaugh Police Chief George Fetsko identified the child as Karen Mauk. He said her face'was bruised, "blood was running from her gmouth and there were other marks on her nude body." Earlier Deputy Cambria County Coroner Richard P.. Wilkinson said there were "no visible marks" on Karen's body. Wilkinson ordered an autopsy but said'the results may not be .known until later today. Steve Steffish, a member ,of the Conemaugh fire department, found the body near the entrace of a cemetery about two miles from the jtafi of Karen's parents, Mr. and TST-William H. Mauk. Freezing in Many Parts of Nation By United Press The Weather Bureau today predicted freezing and frost in parts of the state tonight. Partly cloudy skies were expect ed this afternoon, tonight and Sat urday, and the forecast said i would be colder tonight with fros in exposed places if the sky clears and the wind lays. The forecast also called for low temperatures tonight of 26 to 35 in the north portion and 30 to 40 In th south. Specifically lows tonight Wil be in the mid 30's to 40 in th central, southeast and southwes sections, in 'the low to mid 30's i the northeast and in the mid 20' to mid 30's in the northwest pp tion. The mercury dropped to within three degrees of freezing early today at Newport the coldest spot in the state. There the temperature was 35 degrees. Other lows in eluded 36 at Batesville, 37 at Gil bert, 38 at Fayetteville, 40 at Camden and Arkadelphia, 41 at Ozark and Pine Bluff, 42 at Dardanelle, Flippln and Walnut Ridge, 43 at Morrilten, 44 at Little Rock, and'45 at''Fort Smith. BIG DEAL — Hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton holds checks'In- volved in record $111.700,000 real estate deal In which he purchased the Statler chain of hotels In New York Wednesday. Hilton signed his name to $57,584,150 check In foreground, said to be largest single payment ever made In a real estate deal. — NEfc Telephoto refunds to ^fcus Ihey-ha which V utility . The contention" 'ftit' staft that :tf!$; dmend "a-'Jiip sued by a ! .prc missionersT ner by whic^ base thBt:il r th?f,' Mrs. Mauk said the' child wore a white • fals'eface and a paper hal The paper hat was found near, the body with shreds of the child's clothes. The Halloween mask has not been found. Mrs.' Mauk reported the child missing about 9 p. m. when she did not return home. Police said the mother has not been able to identify the. other children Karen joined when she left the house. Earlier in the evening the little girl had been playing with a cousin, Paul Lindenberg, 6. But.Mrs. Mauk said the child returned home after that and-then went out again. Conemaugh firemen and neighbors organized a searching party after the child was reported missing. Firemen blew the siren to summon help. Cambria County Detective John Reed and Sgt. James Blair of the Pennsylvania State . Police -said they have not been abole to establish cause of the death. However, Cheef Festsko said an attempt to molest a 14-year-old high school girl was reported earlier in the evening. Fetsko did not identify the girl but quoted her as saying she fought off 'the man and ran. Fetsko said the girl placed the scene of the attack two blocks from Karen's home. Figure in Kidnaping Found Shot ^ST., LOUIS I/P) Joseph- Costello; ' ,ex-feonvict" and" foi-me'r' president of the Ace Cab Co./ who 'fig ured in the investigation into the missing Greenlease ransom mt*n ey was found shot and seriously wounded at his home early today. The 48-year-old convict told police Lt. Thomas Hale that he /as cleaning his .38 caliber re- olver about 3:30 a. m. and the evolver discharged accidentally. The bullet entered above Cos jllo's heart, in the left side of is cMest. Costello told a reporter just efore undcroing an emergency op- ration at city hospital, "I wish t were three inches lower. I don't arc what happens to me any ,_... it is expected jfe/i*)® i MA J. * "* <"">v "fiff*"* ' s •**• , f ^A^rM'f The company had *,cont commission, s Ousted FHA Head Given Year in Jail WASHINGTON Wi Clyde L. Powell, ousted assistant federal housing commissioner, wjis , sent tenocd today to-s'efye^ a' year in jail lor .criminal cojitqmpt. »_ of i The f stau.,.««»MJHI the comirtisflionfappa' relied <ln jli -•*•"--'* that' trie 1 but be w,»...,.,.y... |<e . / -ij.-p-! the rate base^andstlja done, ; AP&I»^v/ earnmgS ^(lairj mennsrrejebtioni tentfegj •'" ^ e sentwosc' U. S. Dist. Judge F.,Di<?kinson,.;L.etts who ruled that Powell hjWV"^! Military Service Discipline Is Not All Bad, It Might Just Be What Your Youngster Negds By HAU BQYU MORGANVILLE, ,,„„ Routon, Clifford Franks, Joe Keesey, Leland Womack, Jimmy Miller, Gl en Ward, Noel Nash. " ^Arkansas Weather for the psriod Oct. 39 to Noy. ?: i in Canada, buffalo or leopards in *, N. J. !.?• Par. Africa, because he cherishes tho son is drafted for intense fealing of aliveness that comes in* moments of danger. He .also operates a $12,000,000-a-year want my boy to duck electronics firm, and gets a simi- e country- But it doesjlar thrill hunting down the solu such a terrible waste of tion to an intricate problem in en- time, now that we are at peace. And he's so young. He'll be surrounded by all kinds of temptations. It's so easy for a kid his age to go wrong." Whenever I hear a father or mdther carry on like this, I feel gineering. As a friend said of Lavoie, a dedicate its new auditorium Sun WmthioD Mass toy who won sue-;day, October 31, at 2 p. m. The Rev. cess thT'h.rd wav? Clifford Palmer, Pea Ridge, Ark. uprth and 46-60 south normal itnums 63'7§- Colder weekend , t}p or no precipitation Ipdjcated iKiaiia • $*i*m»*v* v*»» * (* "-T •»..>< ,..--, ^ blew Hke telling them the story of Steve » ^U8 hUvoie, His oajfer is an example 1 ' - - ""-"-^fervice, far from can help him get Jlast Texas: Agrees Tempera,tu/.e,$ hi? feet on the real goal in life and find a but acted in good faith and in accordance with the'authority and power vested in them by the deed in trust." The judge ruled that a four-year college would not be eligible to receive income from properties owned by the late George B. Donaghey. The junior college presently receives about $75,000 per year from the foundation. The foundation trustees threatened to withhold funds if the college board insisted on converting to a four-year school. College officials filed the declaratory judgement suit in an effort to get the respective powers of the two boards defined in court. Anderson Church to Dedicate Auditorium Anderson Union Baptist Church, two miles south of Spring Hill, will British Also Recall Pair From Moscow LONDON (UP) The foreign office said today it had recalled two members! of the British em bassy in Moscow because o "trouble" with Soviet governmen officials. Recall of the two embassy mem bers was announced after Ihe Lon Detily Delfigraph reported thej ("knocked out" several Russian po had Hcemen in a brawl that followed Hale said police first learned f the shooting when Costello's vife, Barbara, called to report, he ad been shot in their home, Costello was found in bed, wear- ng blood soaked pajamas, and he pajama top had a hole in it, Lt. Hale said. The hole appeared o be powder-burned, Hale. said. Costello's wife,; toll police her msband compnnied that he .didn't eel well whon he awoke early, and asked her to get him a bowl of cereal. Mrs. Costello said she leard a shot, rushed upstairs, and found her husband .on the floor, >lding: the revolver. She said she called a doctor, but the doctor, after examining •' 'asked her to call police a party. The incident occurred short!, before Labor Parly Leader Cle ment Attlee, former British prim minister, led a Socialist dele, tion into Russia on its way visit Red China. The Telegraph said the Britisl and Soviet governments "hushe up" the crawl, which, it saic showed the Russians treat Britis diplomats easier than they d j nJne .witnesse ' fully, deliberately and contum% ciusly" disobeyed his order, that Powell answer specific questions put to him by a federal grand The grand jury is investigating charges of bribery and. mi«!onducf in the Federal Rousting Administration (FHA). Powell had charge cf a multi-million dollar, mortgage, program which has been under fire. exfffnjn'edro, sWWtMfof^wesm ^w^wW motiqr||for|^Js|n«isa, If. ^the^cpnjmissig against I'jRffB^ts^j , and have him 'taken pital. ' to the hos- Brookwood Plans Fun for All at Halloween Carnival Plenty of fun for everyone is promised at the annual Brookwood School Halloween Carnival Saturday night. Chicken and spaghetti supper? will be served, starting at 6 p, m, for the price of 50 and 25 cents per plate and hamburgers will sell for only 15 cents. Entertainment includes real live pony rides, Jot-'em-Down stpre, Guy Grigg and Andy Andrews as Lum and Abner, costumed youngsters and games fov the entire - ily. , NOT SCHOOL SUPPLIES BRAINERD t 'Minn, (UP) — county Attorney Arthur Sullivan says he will investigate charges that the Riverton school boaid bought ice cream, Christmas candy and prizes for a.pTA mewling and "charged the purchases to Magnolia Banker Pay _» _ "... ,» ,» f mm for would inationj wh Unanimous order "in the He said effect vW issued poal The to inplude, l iri; jor costs ' gress, , T pany- - r .^.^ without*the,*.. T .,.- . struction costs^, we. i cbles, tl ' -'-"---^ Willis cpmpany, record of .i order by a prev OTWF . ers, The, prflfjji i entitle4 to' 0^. its capital •"'] banker Ky, W. C. Partee, ., . . who entered ttwoughbred racing only this year, paid the top price Q| the Kceneland fall sales of yearlinef yesterday. He brought a brown colt ' . by Ambiorix-DemoliUon,' consigned by Godfrey pf Nw fapiijtjes, pdeftsspteu Hote^re&lyifi'^A cess the hard way: "He is a guy who's never really happy unless he's walking some kind of a tight rope " This is Steve's raga: "I \vas a problem phild in high school. Never in any big trouble, thief. will be guest speaker. Box lunches will be served at noon. The Rev. Connie Horton, of Arjcadelphia Js pastor, . but always Jrt some Wnd of mis, f." heart-to-hear* tall? with a sym convinced Stevp pathetic silver ... at 53, i§ about ajjW ^WB^"**"**^ »">» —!•>-• -"•"-'.?•'( 'm mmm^ w m' wtw,«?» ^M^ffi^J^ * ' ' T Vlikes'to hunt LiearsK Gontinuadran^alge Tfajfift ' ; > ! .»-/i :ni- ..,,i. i? about aji*»<? iyfOitw Ml time. Althouh MONTGOMERY. FROM Ala. START Cir Americans. The repercussion which 'followed detention Mrs. Betty Jane latte and Mrs. Frances Stiff.' sonnel in Moscow. The foreign office, in ing th,o Telegraph's report, clined to disclose the names of .... two slugging embassy staff mem bers. A spokesman said they cuit Judge Eugene Carter t granted - divorce yesterday to a dUsap- Iritm-l ' tl»t*n ' llfVlrt /»H O I'tfRH \\&] pointed the> ' who charged with sdwjtery rn,arrie4. her the •junior ernment service., Both employes were leave Russia by British dor Siv William, Slayter th-f janitor supplies and wall paint. All Around the Town •y Th» War itsff According to the statisjics^bur i Africa, cau in LiWe Rock some 31 babies . players w$ \»V$ to )5 boys .-,.,•/ white e>r boys, eight Negro fiiris eight Negro boys- Hope, Arkadelphia, Camden with the 9 to n a. r The school Hope student, Miss Sara Marie Lauterbach, at exas State Cpi Women is a pledge of realized a gross Pi-, social club night's "P" team gamt, she is the daughter,penses of relere.es, of Mr. and Mrs, p. P, fcau.terb.as4 profit of only Airman Fjrst Plass p, J son of Joseph ha? b*en assigned a? a gjjreyeport J««h State. no longer

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