Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1954 · Page 27
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 27

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1954
Page 27
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'-^^XS^T^""'^^J!l^^^^^i'^^f^^^ Thursday, October 2ft, 1954 STAR* MOPE, ARKANSAS By Ed Stropl If Chkk ¥«•*§ O7ARK IKI SOMETHING H|' WILL HAVE TO COME 0UT OF tHERE NOW IPN A>1 COULD JUS 1 FIND MAH SUIT BEFO' HOTHEAD FINDS SOMEBODY'S COM/A/'/ Oilt OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 8y Michael O'Moltey and Ralph* Lant v»C FLINT / OW A PLOOff 1 PHOWEC7 IT IM! 'Answer to Previous Puzile ' SEEM SSTTINJ'OUT OKAY IP 3 LST VO!) OP. r HE-RE AM5S? THEKES AM9i4AMCEg COPS, PIS CKOWP I'- 1 PROMT OP THE HOTEL. I WOW'T EJE NO SIP, JtMMV KWOW AWVTHIMe THERE A WHOLE A00UT TM£ CAR / WE£K..,t7OM'T LOWS T i KEFFLE5 MOT COMKJA ROT IN) A CELL/ l^/ls!? 6i * nt ~ ot &^MI?, . . ssss^yll^! r^Ssi N,,- ^> ife-fewk AS '"~" ; " $f|$eid ester l i Measuring 37 Spotted device 38 Fabulous wood 22 Ransom animal 23 Timbrels 36 Vestige 26 Number 41 Assistants .;, i .H,,i.c«uicn. U wn 0 28 Unclothed 42 Angry 5 litptorehousa 30 Daybreak 43 Victim of Mfcmpefes (ab.) (comb, form) leprosy iJT&ttehuat* • 31 Near 45 English river 0"Biblical 34 Apostle 47 Italian city 35 Fortifications 49 Raced By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES ,y.s»;!ivj'.?V» /inT-rt. PIMP THKT BLONDE UP SM A HILL, "BACK WHEM"— \ IT HASM'T CHAM6EP A BIT SIMCE THEN. AMP I AGAIN! A KIC> COLJLP BE v BUT FOR. THE HILL THAT ' GREW ON : HIT-ANP-P.UM DRIVER IF .IM TO . CLEAR fAYSEI-F 1 . BETTEK JOT POWN EVERVTHINS I CAN RECM.L THAT MAY GIVE ' HOPE! PEPENPS TO PULL YOU K.-V-1 6ELF TOSETHERl r, YOU'LL QUICK!./ FORGET M.E A. CLUE .-. ACCEPT OUR WARRIA6EI With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE / A MAM OP YOUR UP EV6M A HAIR Of MOSTACHE TK& OF 1 H& MAM WHO HAMLET , FATHER ' By Edgar Martin AND HER BUDDIES *Wt S\\S ~\Q WE. fN A MEDICINE 5 AD, OVi S^ft^ OCCfi.<5,\0^'=>, l BUGS BUNNY SEND YA MY T'MORREKi MY BACK'S V WHAT BUSTED, BUT PARE YOU- YER SINK'S /SOINS TO AUL. FIXED, /DO ABOUT PETUNIA' •) REPAIRING . By Hershbergei FUNNY BUSINESS By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP OH, MY GOSH ...AND STUCK HERE WITH HELP OSCAR, /-VOU'RE BOX OF CIGARS ,LE'S-eO/ ONVOUR WRONG?! DUNNOV LOOK '? payday!" By Galbroith "Some car, Pad! Yo^werejlomg_70!" PIE ? Nadine Selzer By Al Vermeer PRISCILLA'S POP WELL; HOW DO i LOOK? IT SEEMS ONUV N F.AND NOW YESTERDAY THAT | SHE'S GOING PRISCIU-A WAS JUST A LITTLE GIRL..- TO PARTIES AND WEARING HIGH . . Copr, 1854 br NEA S4rvk«, Inc. T. M. E.g. U. S. P»t OH. 6y V/ilion Scruggs TH6 STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE PISGUSTED.'NO WONPER THERE'S MANY CROOKS SAW THAT SPY TAKE THE SEAT gFXPUi? CAR, -SOU 1 KNQW.VEEY WELL YOU FPBTHE^J 'W !, SPORT/11 M IT TO THE r^ YOU'RE RI^HT, ym««W by styling Ysy'ft wpjwssjl $9 «at Itwwt wsftr W'J „ '^^ff^i'^^f'tsKr^ 1 ^ 1 •&f*-- Thursday, /19S4 HdPt ft, ,HeU»f,, ARKANSAS The Lowdown Jon the Real iMario Lanza By BOB THOMAS Injunction Against Dierks Strikers HOT • SPRINGS I* — Chancellor Sam W. Garratt has issued a temporary Injunction against the striking Dierks Forests Inc. workers at Mountain Pine, Ark. A 15-page petition filed with th3 chancellor by Dierks Attorneys more engineering innovations than any model since Pontiac was first produced in 1926. the new car has 109 outstanding new features. The- fleet new bodies have a tew 1 , site anilined silhouette.' The'' frolit- end, accentuated by the massive dual impact bars and grifle bat has the modern appearance of A jet plane air scoop. The headlamps HOLLYWOOD W) — What kind ; yepterday charged union members if a man is Mario Lanza? w jth "mass picketing, acts of vio He I.Hes. is a person of lusty appe- and not just fcr fr.nd. Ho |\vorks hnrd, plays hard nnd sings rath song as thoupht it might bo Ihis last. His conversation is as Iforcomcnt as his .singing, full of Ibr0c';d Italian gestures and punch- led across with earthy expressions. In igljs capacity ,for enjoyment of [human pleasures. lie is much Ilikc Enrico Caruso, who has been |his idol for most of his 33 years. Having been reared in poverty, lario enjoys the luxuries that his Ibrilliant voice has provided. He llives in a West Los Angeles man- Ision rhSt rambles almost pnless- [ly down terrace after terrace. There are seven TV sets, a pond |with hundreds of goldfish, a swim- ing .pool that would float P cabin frfcruisCp.' a formal garden and a SMlennis court He rents the- plac<! |for a reported J2.500 a month from film star Norman Kerry. Royalties from phonograph r'ec- lords, which reach astronomical [heights, allow tho nonworking Lanza to live so lavishly. On the court is a regulation [sparring ring, and it is Mario's Ipride and joy. When he showed Ime around, he hopped up en the Icanvai and. peppered the punclv ling b™g with the skill of*n po. He Ispoke glowingly of his new friend. iRocky Marciano, who has prom- lls-'ed to train in the Lanza ring Iwhcn he rchirns here. When Ma- |Hrio goes to Palm Springs he has |the ring collapsed and gent to join Ihinn at the desert resort. Mario is intensely loyal. He will (recognize someone who gave him la helping hand a decade ago, even (though 'he hadn't seen the person ince.A He nas a robust sense of humor. |His house backs onto the 13th |grecn' of the Los Angeles Country Clt\b. Whan a golfer gets ready for |a crucial putt, Mario sometimes emits a booming "Fore!" that Icould possibly be heard on Cata- Ilina Island. It's said that the golf- |ers are unnerved for clays._ Mario is conscious of his great _ picketing. leiice, threat^ of violence, Intimi daiions, coercion ar.d trespSssinig on company property." Chancellor Garratt set Notf. 5 for a hearing to determine whether n permanent injunction should be issued. i. Peace Chances Better Than a Year Ago-Ike The *A\\ New 1 '55 Pontiac on Display Friday Pontiac makes its biggest bid for ._. r r . __ .--.-. the medium price market with an (display a bold new treatment with ftll new body and 180 horsepower futuristic atr .crescents above them. ™,*,t,. n ^ -«AI,»- IT^O ««„!«» *„,. 10. Twin silver streaks, a popular tea- dealerships across and at ttempstead Hope. WASHINGTON (UP President Eisenhower today expressed belief that the chances for peace are better than. they. were, two years ago. Mr. Eisenhower took the 'position at his news conference that the , main basis for peace, is to3 overhead valve V-8 engine for 19 65. The "all hew" 1955 Pontiacs, featuring completely new panora- thic bodies and a Strato-Streak V-8 engine, will be shown for the first time on October 29th -at Pontiac the country Motor Co. in i The Strato-Stteak'V-S engine artd new bodies heaH an impressive list of new features. The 1955 Pontiacs have an exciting range 'of modern colors and "Vogue" two-toning; exquisite interior styling; panoramic winshield and increased glass area; functional jewel-like instrument panel; powerful 12-volt electrical system; newly designed frame; new Vertical king-pin front suspension: larger brakes; improved ride and handling and attractive accessories combined with a tremendous num- »er of mechanical refinements. The Pontiac for 1955 incorporates ture of Pontiac' s "dream cars," the Bonneville Special and the Parisi- enne, sweep back .from the radiator grille 6t the 1955 Pontiacs, terminating at the cowl-wide passenger Compartment air In all, -12 body styles are Offered this year by Pontiac. the engine develops 180 horsepower, reaching maximum torque at low engine speed. Hydraulic Valve lifters, a harmtf- nic balancer, and a completely Jna- chined anti-knock ' combustion chamber with large quench areas add to the silent operation. of tho Strato-Streak. Several "Pontiac firsts" contrl bute to the high performance stan dards of the new engine. An idea flow pattern pressure-suction crank case ventilation system forces wat er vapor and harmful gases fron- the crankcase. It utili7.es two air Lion fd f ufther ' Expand Nsw Plant ORLEANS Iff) Lion Oil !o. of El Dorado, Ark., sets its sights oh further expansion after dedicating a SO-millisn dollar plant neat New Orleans yesterday. T. -H.- Barton, board chairman. said the company is planning more construction on its 1,393 acre" tfacl 14-mitee upstream from here on the Mississippi River. lie described the new nitrogen ous dhomical plant. Which drriploys f.bout 400 'workers, as the greatest Single- manufacturing expansion in Lton's history. • The plant can produce up to 300 tons of anhydrous ammonia daily. inlets, one on each side of the engine, which also serve as oil filter caps.' - • • A reverse-flow gusher - cooling system is used to cool the head and block. It is unique in that it directs water from the radiator to the cylinder heads, the hottest part of the engine, and then to the block. _The Slrato-Streak's "quad-gallery" full pressure librication system was developed by Pontiac to meet the rigid requirements for supplying oil under pressure, to the ' moving parts'. McCarthy Asks the Same Old Question WASHINGTON <UP> Pen Joseph R. 'McCaithy today asked his longtime . antagonist, Aimy Secretary Robert T. Stevens an old question: Who promoted and honorably' discharged foimer Ma^ Irving Peress? t He 'reminded Stevens in a -let ter tha$ the Army had promised "months -ago" to order an investigation .to find those .responsible but that . "up "to dflte vie have not received the information/' "You did send a list of names of some 30 officers who had con tact with Peress or who were in his command,'' the senator wrote "Significantly, you omitted the name of the individual who signec Hie honorable discharge as wel as the name ,of\hls commanding officer at the time he was pro motcd and the time he was hon orr.bly discharged." The • discharge : .of Peress, Queens, N. Y., dentist who re fused to tell .McCarthy whether he was a Communist, touched off Me Carthy's now-famous dispute Will LITTLE R6c£ oft of Directors fcflhe AfkirMt Et(B» ndmic Cotincil-Stete Cawttftti^r 8J Commerce has telegraphed a Vote >f confidence in the IHtegfiWL A Hnmiltort MoSeS to S$K$ ^filRttQ x.angcr (H-ND, 'chairrian of file Senate Anti-Monopoly, .Sub^cortrntt- ^ »- « t ~> -s-- • Economic Courte Backing Moses «*•• &te\en<? and the subsequent Arm# McCarthy hearings, ", \ McCailhy's allegedly abusive questioning of Brigr Gen. Ralph W. Zwicker. PeresS fofjtner coitt manding officer, also" -Was one 6 the things for which fc Senate dohi miltee recommended the senator's censure. McCaithy today accused the committee's 'chairman, Sen. Ar thnr V. Walking. (tt-Ulah,) 'ducking" his invitation to testify on Dicker's responsibility fof JP ress' promotion and discharge. He said he wants to know why the group said in its cestire te port that the .general, was not- re Fponsible for either actipn. An pi onused to keep inviting Watklni to submit to'appear before hi: investigating subcommittee sonv lime, even if it has to be>afte: the special censure session of tin Senate next month. fhe tt«ii fct tne infe* INSI •tut - A k ^* "'it Flf ^ ^ ' Vfe LEONARD ELL) Insyroifiide/X Ivoices and speaks of it with al- Imost a reverence. I have heard Ihim Ay many times: I "It is a sift of God. I cannot Itake credit for it; it merely passes through me. That's why I must Icherish it and-give .it to others." He believes he can sing better .than anyone alive, and there are |those who will agree with him. One of these is his vocal coach, iGiacomo Spadoni, who spent 23 I years with the Chicago Opera I Company and has worked with all Ithe great stars, beginning . with |CariH»>'. 'A tall, stooping, white- Ihaired man, he sits at tho piano I long hours while Mario sings. I Mario said he would sing for Ime, and stepped behind 'a podium I next to the piano. I "I'm going to sing from 'Otel- llo,' " he explained. "Most people I would say I was foolish. Tenors I seldom attempt 'Otello' until they I are 40 years old, it is that diffi- maintain the great strength of the free world in oposition to what lie called the great menace of communism. On other foreign affairs, Mr. Eisenhower said: 1. This is mot the time to hold top level talks with Soviet Premier Georgi Malcnkcrv or with the Rus sians ot .the lower diplomatic level He said that when the appropi-iate time comes, ani3 if the Russians' are sincere we will talk with .them or anyone else. : \ 2. The free world constantly must try to find , out if there is some lessening cf 'what he called Russian intraclibility arid chance? for negotiation. But ho said he saw no evidence that the fanatic followers of the Communist line had changed their tune. , 3. He did not believe the recent series of Soviet nuclear explosions indicated any'change in American- Soviet relationship in ithe atomic energy field. (The concensus has been that the United States is still far ahead.) 4. He would not state his views on sending an American ambassador to the" Vatican. He said he had expressed his views so emphatically and so often that; reporters would only have to go back and check his word?. (It was recalled that he has said he does 'not think the time is proper to send an ambassador. 5. Declared -basic'-American for eign policy must be kept on'a bipartisan or non-partisan basis. But he acknowledged that it >is diffi cult to keep it out of politics. He personally rejected any attempt to make basic foreign policy a parti san issue. , ' 1 I f > H/' S'^ ' r * * } LONG TIME AGO SAN FRANCISCO, (U P)— Clifford M. Dowding, who has spent 36 of his 56 years in prison, was arrested again yesterday on a rob bery charge. On the way to jail he told 30- year-old Policeman George Jefferies: "Young man, I was doing time before you were born." FOR QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty at all times: Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 ;u m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN cult. I am just a baby, but I will sine it. I will let you judge." He explained the plot and then sang two arias, with maestro Spadoni offering a falsetto Dnsemona. It was a performance that would have cost many thousands on TV or in the concert hall, but Mario sang his heart out for an audience of one. He sang with great force and clarity, hitting a high C that seemed to make the windows rattle. As.I sat and listened, I again became conscious of how great his gift is. It is a voice that is heard once in 'a lifetime, maybe in a century. Perhaps its greatness has been too large a burden for one person to carry. B.ut Mario showed every sign of having overcome whatever mental- troubles he has suffered in the past. I met him when he first came to Hollywood, and he is much th'e same as he was then like a highspirited race hore eager to show the world what he could do. It could be thai the Mario Lanza story is really just beginning. ''s-f 1 - \ ^ i' ' STEEL GONSTRUCTIQN Sheds, Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings ^ made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. CALL ... PR 7-4683 ^? w for complete information. ' ' DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. . . IP^ik HB Bp •§ • ^i ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NIW Now ypu wn hove yowr Hanit to mee* modern convenience? gnd new fixtures. All <?n I - •• a • • ' V? > $ A&gl'J'kff^v'>.:.i y j -jf. with the ISa-HP l ' f~f ' i rkl 11 / 1 1 ^ > t *jA*>'EH'il J ' • ' H: iv .'i' '^ i i,'jn i - » ~^r "TT^^S' *. • "'"'" ife^afe * c '' ^ - ?t''/,«'' i *i '•, I* > u il( I ^ * s- f> Jr. i •" ' '' f ?-"•«, V^S H ',. . l^^-^X^Ur^: 1 ,1 <~ « . l» .• Mr&u/J&i-S *''"' ^,/* r - r t^^^y, fciii^X^kAii' mfr. ^^i r,f!2*-^%li^ wy&&.i! > >i'*teA w^m¥-& 1 >&j/*ffim C '«>«,' * i*tfSV' STRATO-STREAK V-8 You'll get the lift of a lifetime when this ajl-new V-8 pours put its 180 horsepower. Every fea* ture is new from the multiple jet carburetor to the advanced antk knock combustion chambers. Here's "out-front" performance that fUte the miles with thrilte-w proved for outstanding depend* ability and economy by over 8,090,000 test miles', PANORAMIC BODY SHOCK-PROOF CHASSIS Take another look at that huge eifpanse of Safety Plate glas?,, ; that new panoramic windshield j,. the dream-car design of the front end , . , the smart cut of the car-length fenders. It'e a masterpiece of modernity-^thia lower, roomiejr ^Pdy by FisJtjejf wwith interiors,, color-keyed; ta the Vogue Two-Tone body hu^s, lift toW t9 » The '55 Pontiac chassis is a catalog of all that's pew and be3t in advances, A heavier "X" frame for both the ••Chieftain and Star Chief. Bigger brakes. Recu-culating ball steering.Tube*" less tires, Wider-spaced parallel reap springs. Vertical king pjns. Here's every finest feature adding up to smoother ride, greate? pafety, e*tra driving ease^ A GENERAL MOTORS MASTERPfECE-Att-NEW FROM THE . * ,*^|r?f ?•• ' '"/'V-"/^'' '"' ^tMi™-*' ^'^''^'-t'Am .< It's here-tje jpto tomQrrpw Pontiac fpr 19 cai? ^>-surely tfira,, ^,,^- m >,t f »5ih4 * -VisJ 1 *'- rtS&M

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