Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1954 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1954
Page 21
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icons m ;ia Subject lignaties 1*1 tr. s. cttp- i|o£ctiW tire reported id Ribjocted to a series of "ndigtiiUiJs" by Soviet ''to,th«* latest .ihcidehi Atnefrfrdn Embassy ftdfcrlteod fobe the rea- AJftbasfcadof Charles E. Moved to seek the per- (?6&tl0ti of foreign Mln* Isle* Mriatov* tesentJaiiy Bohlen IS tcfteernlid td oWairt greater re sp*cl' fttt- the rights of hfs embassy Stall! attd greater regard for theft safety* ^tale Department officials de- clindd ,to discuss previous incidents involving diplomatic immimty but It was leftfftid thai there hap been a series of these minor clashes. Most, 11 not all. were said to stem from picture taking by Americans. Cameras have been seized, film confiscated and in some instances diplomats have been detained even though they were photographing subjects permissible under Russian regulations. The most recent incident carno Monday morning when Mrs. Karl E. Sommerlatte, wife of the sec- Ex-Mayor Returns to New York AirttlUrmtnl ere I sit... fy Joe Marsh There's a "Familiar Ring" to Rusty ' § j^ • ANGELES a;p) — O'Bwyer, former mayor o£ Now York, returns to the Eastern city by plane toddy for his first visit there since 1951. The former U. S. ambassador to Mexico, who testified here recent y before a House subcommittee nvestigating Communist espionage n Letin Amciica, said he would spend "four or five days" in New York With friends. During his stay hero he visited with singer Ella Logan, 40, with whom he has been romantically inked. The 04-year-old former diplomat, who now has a private law pros ice in Mexico City, has refused ,o discuss corruption that existed n New York City during his term as mayor. on one boy !n,town who it's tMne^Ume. It's I'sdoingandworksthisway: s.'r'? *•* > r> . * ^ 4 < apti to be al- around town on bike •. JHis dad iCSneiandlebars I . , ..., J it each time Cleaves" homfe. Then when focsr ciffj Rusty knows rie;td gct^homc for dinner !»*>"*• From where I sit, we can all use some sort of reminder now and then to keep us on our toes. The Brewing Industry, for instance, provides its retailers with a "wake-up" reminder through its. Self-Regulation Program. These businessmen-are only too glad to co-operate voluntarily. And by doing so» they keep their places clean and neat. It's certainly a sure-fire way to "ring in" community good will, too. ,. Jr ,., rjWj?'? : lK^Vlcansal*6i«lsion, United States Brewers Foundation, 1954 World production of paper is about 50 million metric tons a year about four times what it was 40 years ago. ond secretary of the embassy, and Mrs. rfouEton Stiff, wife of. the assistant naval attache, carried a camera on a walk near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Washington and Moscow accounts differ as lo what happened. The Washington version: The two women asked permission to photograph some Rursian women. When this; permission was refused, a man suggested that they should go'to a nearby workers club where there was a photographic material they would be interested in. At the club two Soviet Secret police agents forcibly prevented them from leaving although both presented diplomatic identification. Mrs. Sommerlatte and Mrs. Stiff put up a fight to get away. After about an hour they were rescued by Sommerlatte*. 'SPECIAL •X, LGERS COFFEE ' ' isco ^AT!?SowN" KEMIX / (No Limit) Yellow White, and Devils Food, -;.•""* 25c 3 Lb. Can Lb. Can SILVER MIST FLO With 25c coupon in each sack. Also in pillow case. 25 Lb. Sack « STOCK NUT iiS*5V "*" ( i '•* ~ J * J •*! U f |>TTED MEAT !SC9 • /. • . RACKERS JET SIZE . !j|pfr. ^^ -^ ___^______^_ iiii _ iii __ I Pkg. Can Lb. Box Dozen M6ATS AMS Lb. 39c MAWK, TRAY PACKED ACON u, 59c MAXINE SOAP Made by Swift and Co. Regular lOc size, in food saver bag, 10 Bars 59C .USAGE SWEET Lb 25cl POTATOES 10c plOGNA^ u25c T ffj ENS Bunchl0c ^St^ilS Oft T'BONE I -™^ -^ , -^ PEAK Lb. 39c . , RK CHOPS u> 59c 35c FANCY RED APPLES Lb. 15c HNS YELLOW RIPE BANANAS 2 Lbs 25c ^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•W^^^^^^^^^^ ^- ^^ ^^— ' ^^^^^^^ •JIWII ||^F ™^F ™ ^^ Ira&iftY and MARKET wM*i»lii^wlfJlj!i,v;.IIr >f ^ •; *" W **« HOPE STAR, H 0 ARKANSAS , October 28; 1954 CANDY SPECIALS WRIGLEY, DENTYNE OR BEECHNUT CHEWING GUM PLAIN OR ALMOND HERSHEY BARS Pkg, .of 20 HALLOWE'EN CANDY WORTHMORE _ _ HARVEST MIX S 29* of 24 WORTHMORE CANDY COim 14-01. Pkg. WORTHMORE MILKY WAY, SNICKERS, BABY RUTH, BUTTERFINGER ^^ CANDY BARS JfiS 89* ANGELUS PLAIN OR COLORED MARSHMALLOWS CRiSPO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES JANE PARKER FRUIT CAKE JANE PARKER POTATO CHIPS of 24 2 us- 35* 23c H-Lb.' 1.2.7 WOKItimUKfc -^ _ JELLY BEA&iS V". 25* WORTHMORE HARD CANDY WORTHMORE ASST'D JOLLY ROLLS WORTHMORE MARSHMAUOW 14-01. ..... Pkg. VALUES FOR THIS WEEK-END Special! Assorted Flavors! SPARKLE Gelatin n* 5* TOMATO SOUP 4 "A;- 37« ANN PAGE mf^.1. MAYONNAISE QI T 49* ANN PAGE mWfj. TOMATO KETCHUP 14 B°,T l/< ANN PAGE PREPARED _ • , -k -• . SPAGHETTI 2 "£"• 25* ANN PAGI 9 OZ. Pkg. 20-oz. ..... Pkg. BOB'S OLD FASHIONED ANN PAGE STRAWBERRY . Pkg. ...of 60 434 PRESERVES -^ „ 3 '£ ANN PAGE 12-or. POPS.. Pkg. PRESERVES PEACH PLUM . • , i.-b. OR PINEAPPLE .................. .Jar SUITANA 8Oz. Pkg. 35c BRACK'S TRICK or TREAT ia% -°" I Pkg. 354 STRAWBERRY JELLY vw? m fll. 19* Butt Portion Shank Portion Center Slices SMOKED , HAMS u, 43c .Lb. Lb. 89c A&P's ANNIVERSARY MEAT SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAK SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF ROUND STEAK SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF STEW MEAT SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF HAMBURGER MEAT Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. -•"•N LIQUID BLEACH Qt. Btl.. PUREX ....... ..17* ^: 6 ± ..... 29* TOILET SOAP IVORY Medium Bars. TOILET SOAP IVORY Large Bars: HILLS-0-HOME FROZEN FOODS Libbys Strawberries 12 cS Chopped or Leaf Spinach Libbys Orange Juice 2, Cans 2.7C TOILET SOAP IVORY Personal Size. FRESH CRANBERRIES JONATHAN (TRICK or TREAT BAG) APPLES FLORIDA ORANGES Lb. Lb. .Bag . Lb. Bag See A&P's Anniversary Values On Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ICEBURG LETTUCE CALIFORNIA • CARROTS 2 CALIFORNIA PASCAL CELERY sS 15c PIE PUMPKINS Large 1A-. .Head IUC 1 Lb. Cello Pkgs. Large Stalk 2 Lbs 15c DETERGENT Ivory Snow 69* Giant Size SAFE — MILD Ivory Flakes Large Size ................ IDEAL 2 1-lb. Cans Saye On Your Favorites During the October Cheese Festival! /^ JANE PARKER MILD AMERICAN DAISY OR LONGHORN K PLANTERS COCKTAIL PEANUTS 35* 8-oz. Can CLEANSER Sunbrite 3 PK, 25* BORDEN'S PINEAPPLE, PIMENTO OR OLIVE-PIMENTO 5-OE. Jar Halloween Layer Cake ICED LIKE ' TFCd JACK O' LANTERN Each i ^ T SPECIAL VAlUCt JANE PARKER PiACH Pll .-'- E « h SHORTENING Swift'ning 3-lb. Can. SALAD OIL JEWEL Pint Btl., 35' EIGTH O'CLOCK COI c 3 JANE PARKER GOLD POUND CAKE .-•«* JANE PARKER PLAIN, SUGARED Box OR CINNAMON of U Lb. Pkg. Lb. Pkg. NABISCO FANCY GRAHAM CRACKERS NABISCO PRiMIUM CRACKERS ^. JANE PARKER Angel Food f AM E UI1\E Regular SWIFT'S CANNED HAMBURGERS .Can ROBIN HOOP I i HOPt STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS November Issue FAMILY CIRCLE MAGAZINE Now on Sale Still only...... ^C $250.00 IN MERCHANDISE, PRIZES AND COUPONS TO BE GIVEN AWAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY i No Purchases Necessary ,~.. Need not be Present to Win —- Just Come in our Store and Register. Grand Prize Drawing Saturday 7:00 P. M. — Mystery Prizes Every Hour 10 A. M. to 6 P. M.Saturday. ROBIN H FLOUR SPECIAL PRICES \ ON ALL SIZES Campbell's cream style 6 No 1 £ F\ Your best bread buy. Cans OVC KROGER BREAD Fancy, chunk, style. Buy 3 and *ave.o No -i- ^\^\ Fresh, spicy. 3 cans 99C CINNAMON ROLLS 6 303 f\f\ P'sln or suqared. Cans 99C KROGER DONUTS 4 303 tm jf\ Nabisco baked. Cans 79C HONEY GRAHAMS 2 20 L°vs37c STAR-KISTTUNA Kroger, Whole kernel. YELLOW CORN Totem home plenty.savings GREEN GIANT PEAS Van Camp's finest. PORK & BEANS Kroger's 100% pure coffee. INSTANT COFFEE Del Monte Brand. PINEAPPLE JUICE Del Monte Whole GREEN BEANS Del Monte Green. BABYLIMAS Del Monte Yellow CREAM CORN Country Gentleman. CREAM CORN Del Mont'e Early Garden. GREEN PEAS . 6 Oz < 1 £.f\ Swift's Asst'd flavo 1.69 ICECREAM 46 Oz. Can Swift's Asst'd flavors. ICE CREAA/ Orange & black. 4 300 Af\ Fine for cooking. Cans 49C HOOP CHEESE 6 Oz Jar *\ r* Orange & black. ODC JELLYBEANS 4 303 f\f\ Bag makes mask. Cans 99C ASST. TREATS 4 303 f\f\ Bag makes puppet, cans 99C ASST. TREATS 5 303 f\fl Plain or Almond. Cans99c HERSHEY BARS 6 303 Of> Milk choc Cans 99C HERSHEY KISSES 5 303 f\f\ Hershey Choc. Cans 99C MINATURES i- Gal. Ctn. 25c 25c 534 Oz. -OQ Pka. X.7C CALIFORNIA RING CAKE FRUIT JELLIES MARSHMALLOWS Fresh, tasty, a real autumn taste treat. Kroger Brand. Packed in handy 4 jar cartoon, 4 Kroger's. Delicious in Hot Chocolate. Each 10 Oz. Glasses 14 Oz. 29c 39c 79c 25c LUNCHION MIAT PREM SWIFT'S for Babies - ..... - Ji KARQ WAFHE SYRUP FLOUR 25 Lb, Sack 1.95 LAST 10 DAYS! TO WIN YOUR HEARTS DESIRE GET YOUR ENTRY BLANK NOW AT KROGER Pon't fail to enter this big HEART'S DESIRE contest. Many valuable prize* or your Heart's desire to be given to the IwcKy *'"""• JT.» AN ARKANSAS CjQNTiST , , . FOR ARKANSAS KR06IR CUSTOMERS, 'M^^WW' FIRST PRIZE SELECTION UMIWH • Trip fer tws to HPWSU; $3,000 Charge account; Nash Metropolitan, I^OOQ in home fwrnishing?; Speed beat end motor; or 0 i f»r yewr f hiW, S^ISuS^Fl^^IEi^^iS^^u^S^^ lit E * AVONDALE Green, tender, heat with butter and serve piping hot. • Priced low at Kroger. 303 Cans AVONDALE PET MILK CORN MEAL scon rvh l . -i. ><>V fl -S'-t \ »" -}>l, .4fe»fe^fe^ Capital Pride Kroger ; „. -vC f ^^-:." t -*^v*v-..^- .^ ^^i^Ff!^mm§ •ride, 10 to 14 Ib. avg. Buy a fulLKalf ha"mr^|>f^ •' gef your share of the choice'center/sHces^v^fc® JLJL, " , v-Ht., \ t >' r* tj ^&Ltim Full Shank Half Pound Full Butt Half. Pound. '*"! " j£** ••; '' ; 'H s . r ^ \A Whole Ham Lb. 53c 10 to 14Lb. "M &$ w\'v '^W^H. Arkansas Maid or Swift Prem. Tender, sliced Skinless Franks tb 45c Pork Liver Swift or Ark. Maid Bologna Spiced Luncheon Lunch Meat Lb. Lb, End Cuts — Top Quality 35c Salt Meat Chpice" Center Cuts 49c Salt Meat 23c 25c 33c Enjoy tK ^ vf " ageing. v All excels weighing and California grown, Urge 48 size heads. UTILITY ' POTATOES 50 u* 1.49 Each , U. S. No. 1 Carefully Selected. RED POTATOES Fancy, Red Eglls of Luscious Juice. EMPEROR GRAPES 101*. 45c r GREEN 2 ^' 29c

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