Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAP'S Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. Our New Spring Goods are neat and tasty. They are ready for inspection. Our prices are within the reach of of all. Suits made to order from $20 to $6O. Special Attention is called to our $20 and $25 Suits made to order. You should have one. Call early and avoid the rush. Tucker & Young, The Pearl St. Tailors. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 9. A Color** Leetuer. I,s»t evening at the Cloott St. A. M. E. ohurch, Prof. L. E. Christy, editor ot the Indianapolis World, the •rgan of the colored people of Indiana dellrered an able addren before a large audience. He lectured on the progress of the Negro race, taking the scriptures aa bla guide from which be made liberal citations. Ho nsde many valuable points for race elevation and Impressed all within the sound of his voice with the vital Importance of the object for which he Is giving bis Ufa work. Mr. ChrUty ii an eloquent and entertaining pint- form orator and Is one of tht> leading race men of the West, and the colored •ontingont in Logans >ort greatly appreciated the treat they had last evening. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Sign Painting—J. C, Beatty. Dr Hollo way's ofllce in the Progress block, corner 4tb and Market street*. Advertise! If your business is not worth advertising advertUe'it for sale. —Printers' Ink. Go to the Grand Jubilee Concert •ext Monday night at the A. M. £. Church. Admission 10 cent I. The solo by Mr. William Bailiff that WM rendered so One last Wednesday night will bo repeated Monday •ight, also the duett by Mrs G. A. and Mr. William Ratllff. Still several hundred pairs ladles •aa French kid button shoes, all stj les and makes, worth up to $4, at ilz«s from 1 to 3, |1.50— A. G. Jenkines. assignee Otto Kraus' estate. Mrs. Nettie Cotner. wife of Lewis Cotner. of Jefferson township, died at 6 o'clock yesterday morning. The funeral will be held from tun Crooked •reek church tomorrow at 11 o'clock. The concert given by the A. M. £ Churcb Choir on Wednesday night will be repeated Monday nlgbt next. The program which was an exceptional floe one, will be made more interesting by the addition of several •ore jubilee selections. CM lUeetlnic Tonight. The clti/ons who signed lor gas tor- rltory will meet at the council cham ber tonight for organization. The necessary amount has been subscribed and Is about to bo Invested and every signer should be present. YODB NAME 13 PRINT. of • Per«On»l Character €uu» ••mine liogauiporten and Tbelr Friend* Supt. Gardner was at Royal Center yesterday. Miss Nettle Felker has • returned from a visit at Bloominpton. Mrs. Loe Traut, of Terro Ilauln. IB visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sampsel. K. M. Landls, of Washington! prU vat« secretary to Secretary of State Grcsham (» expected today on a visit to his former home. • Justice Geo. W. Fender went lo Kokomo yesterday where he etiolated laat evening at a meeting of the Elks there in his capacity of District Deputy. Mr. W. T. Brown, secretary of the Warren Packard Lumber company of Warren, Ohio, is spending a few days in the city, tho guest of his daughter, Mrs. Douglas I Hobbs. Camden Expositor: John Guard of Logansport. is here this week attending his father, while hla mother, accompanied by Charley, returns to Lyons Station to pack their household goods for shipment to this place. Rev. Guard Is much Improved. . n«van~rox w»«di»«. Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the residence of the groom's father, Mr. Wm. Seven on North street, Mr. Harry Bevan and Miss Lizzie Vox of Anderson, wore united in marriage. After a brief visit here, the newly >edded couple will begin hougekeep Ing at Anderson. Tbe-nodrm War Commends Itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually wbat was formerly done In the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the s stem and break up colde, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy. Syrup of Fl$i. iNOTHE TRAGIC CHAPTER IN THE MISERABLE AM) TRAGIC CAREER OF PHILLIP PETRIE THE SUICIDE. III> lia»l Crime of Suicide Precerded br Hie More shockluic Oue of Wife Muriler—JeiUoii»v Prompt" an Uu- bxiluuood mind tun Dreadful Meed— The Horrible Ducoverr at «l»«* Corner of Hpcar and Thirteenth Streets YfHirrday ITIoruluU-'I'lie murdered Wife l/ayn for Ituya Undlirovorcd-Tue Latent und Mont SboekliiK Chapter In Criminal Auuulii •S SA Logansport ha» had many shocking tragecies in itn uir,tory, but, in all the criminal annuls of the city is there none moro compicuous than that which was brought to light yesterday morn, ing and which follows as a sensational sequel to the remarkable suicide of Phillip Petrie, whose decapitated body was found on the Wabarh truck ea&t of the city limits Wednenday morning, the circumstances and surroundings pointing to a deliberate plan of eul~ cido. Tho shockingly mutilated body was taken to Woll's morgue and pro. pared for burUl. For obvious reasons it was not taken to his Into home, at the corner of Thirteenth and Spear streets, else the dreadful double tntgedy would have been soott er disclosed. It was thought that Petrlo's wife was vi-iUrg 1 he:' daufih- tor Mrs. Alice Cantner at Burrows, the having announced to u neighbor tLut she intended going there the first of tho week. That eba had not been seen since Sunday gave substantiating weight to this impression and a tele« pram was sent to her at Burrows an« nouncing the tragic death of her husband and it was expected that BOO wou d arrive yesterday morning-. She did not come. She had proceeded her husband ot: his long journey and the troubles which bad BO often brought tho Potrie family affairs into the police court were at an end. Yesterday morning a woman who hnd had on previous occasions an opportunity to observe the violence of the Potrles' family rows went to Undertaker Woll and . advised the opening of the Petrie house and an Investigation of tho inside. She had observed before that Potrie in the violence of bU family quarrels had been wont to destroy furniture and tear things up generally and, aa the nulgtbors bad hoard sounds of fierce quarrelling between Pi trie and his wife Saturday night, »he suggested that tome thing might bo found on the inside of the bouse to lend a clue to the suicide. Upon her Importunities In tho matter Mr. Woll and Officer Luosford drove up to Petrie's house, having secured from Coroner Busjahn the key to the homo which bad, been found in the pocket of the miserable suicide; Upon entering their sense of smell was greeted by an cdcr which was only too suggestive of some horror, and upon entering the bedroom on the second floor an awful sight met Ibolr gaze. • On the bed which was broken and torn giving evidence of a fierce struggle, there lay stretched the body of Mrs. Petrie, The entire reserve stock of Shoes and Rubbers, including springy goods ordereb before the assignment and stored on the second and third floors of the Otto Kraus Clothing Store, making the line Again Complete, IS NOW O^ SALE in the Shoe Store adjoining the Clothing Store. EVERY BODY CAN BE FITTED. The stock is much the largest in the city and the quality and variety the best. ALL ODDS AND ENDS have been sold, leaving: best Shoes unsold. 50CENTS Reserved Spring Negligee Shirts worth $1 and $1.50. Choice of all for 50 CENTS The sale of OVERCOATS on a six month's credit at HALF FORMER PRICE will continue until all are sold. The Hats and Furnishing Goods stock and Trunks are still complete and seasonable, being composed largely of Reserved Stock, held back in order to first close out all strictly winter goods* A. G. JENKINES. Assignee Weather anil xliglitly Yon Had Better COME TO FLEDGEl) TO BUiT TOUR HATS INSTEAD OF GOING TO A P,,ACE WHERE • THEY ONLY HAVE A, FEW TO SHOW" YOU. WE HAVE A GREAT VARIETY AND ABE ALL NEW. SHIKT MAKER. HATT«B AND FDBNI8HIB horribly discolored and shocking in the extreme, tho decomposition of several days having effected a horrl ble change. Lying on a feather bud and covered with the bed clothes and in a close room nature had begun rapidly to obliterate the human evidence of a shocking tragedy. The body was not so far decomposed, how ever,as to conceal the marks of strong fingers on the throat and it was ovi dent that the woman had met her death by strangulation. Coroner Buejahn was summered to take evi dense In the second of the Potrie tragedies and his examination sustained the evident impression of murderous strangulation. There 'we:e, however other evl- dances of murder than the physical evidence piesented by the appearance of the corpse. Petrie bad loft wit. nesses to his act to bear testimony after he was beyond the reach of human justice. There were found in the room three notes from him written upon scraps of pap«r, partly in English and partly In Gorman, evidently written after ho had choked his wife to death They were all of the same tenor and while mostly of a ran bling and Insane nature conveyed his sense of jealousy aa the motive for the crime. Tho fragmentary writing re iterated the statement thnt »he had lone disgraced him and that he dud put her where she could no longer trouble or dlegrace htm. Ho also dwelt on her unwifely reia'lons with other men, some of whose name* were mentioned. In those writings he dc clared that -peace was no longer possible and that he wou'd end all. Ho made a request that they be buried together and willed that hie property bore and In Garmany bo given to his daughter?, by a former wife, at On ward. Wbut property- be has l« not defflnltely known. It'can' not- be much. His suggestion of property in Germany probably refers to ezpecta tions bo had from the old country. Toe letters together with other papers of the uxorioide and suicide were taken by Coroner Busjtinn. Owing to tbo condition of the body tho remains o,f Mra. Petrio were burled yesterday afternoon.' It has not yet been determined jupt wheo tbo mui'der did occur and may probably never bo known. There WHS a bitter quarrel butween Putrie and hie wl/e Saturday m'phr, ibe dl» cord beifg heard by the teighbors. OQ iunday the quarrel wai renewed, It is not unlikely that on Sunday night the trouble was again brou'gbt up and that Petrie waited until his wife WHS asleep and then proceeded de'fberate.i 1; to choke her. She muit have struggled fierce and long from th condition of tho bed on which she la covered up, he probably bavin thrown a cover over her to hide from his sight the result of his irsane act Ho was Been about the house the early part of the week, coming and going as usual and nothing unusus was noted in his conduct. Uo prob» bly facod the situation until Tueeda; night wl eadriven by At spair he wrot the last letter and walked up the Wabash track to end his miaerabli existence aa before described. Tho murdered woman waa 46 yean old. Sbo was Petrie's third wife and had herself been married before io Deer Creek township, having children living there Her maiden name was Oaldwell. Sho was married to Petrie by Justice Edison October y, 1889. Petrie has two daughters by his former marriages, both daughters living at Onward. Miss Ida Potrlo arrived vosterday in response to otlicial summons to appear before the Coroner's inqui-st and WBH heart broken at tho double and i-bocking tragedy. Phillip Petria was born in Paris a little moro than Mj years ago. and was reared in Alsaoo, receiving eurly education in (iennan. It is not exactly known when he came to this country. Ho will bo bmisd today,buv it had not been determined last oven. inp whether ho would be burled hero or taken to Onward. Daniel Fogleeong, one of liarrboa townchip's most substantial farmers, bat) moved to the city to retire from the more active walks of lite and Is living on Oaage street, We»t Side. Family Hour $1 35 bun.—Rotherroel una LOOK HEREl V you want to buy or sell a house lot, If you want to buj or sell a farm, If you want to buy or seU a store If you want to trade city property fct- a farm, If you have any cheap horn** for salt-, Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. 1 and 9 Spry Block, Ldfrawport, loci The lady manager* of the Homo the Friendless have secured the brated Ladies MaUloeo Musioale of Lafayette to give a benefit concert for the Home at the Baptist church thi* evening. This association of ladies das gained more than a local celebrity having achieved tho distinguished honor of securing the prlae for slng- ngat the Columbian Exposition. The program tonight will comprise One of the finest musical treats Lo* 'ansport music lovers ever enjoyed. 'atronize the benefit. OBI (or OB Peru Republican: HOBBD looms up? with a candidate for congress for the lleventh District, Tho HOD. H. X. jeonard, ex«consuf under Harrison's. dmlnistratlon, to London, Ontario. le IB a hustler and % a wide-awake Republican, HU industry and energy DOW no bounds. The Hepublicane of ho llth district night go farther end are worse. Don't fall to attend too tiraxd Jubi - ee Concert at th» A. M. JL Cburct Monday night. Maicb llth. GENTLEMEN. We want your trade for anything In our line. OUB NEW GOODS f - For spring and summer your inspection, are ready For for STYLE, WORKMANSHIP, AND PRICES, We are at the FRONT. CARL W. KELLER & CO. 1 1

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