Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1954 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1954
Page 16
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'«? "'" '" l H 0 P I Sf A* A R R A N S A S Wednesday, 1§54 o6e hrist . ..I66late 6tore -iij^ai A. .j: .—^ ^.^. PUD Must Be ifi Office bay Before iPubiicaUott ;v^.Abllim , I For Sate it II W 33 16 to 1 40 H to 45 U to 50 90 .03 1.20 .35 1.50 1.BO 2.10 2.40 2.?0 3.00 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 . Laydwoy Opert on TfclKES - bIKES AND DOLLS . OKLAHOMA, TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY, CLASSIFIED DISPLAY < t.'Jn* ...... ............. ..... 75ft p«f Ineh 3 tlnwi .,..»...«,. ....... ».. «0e p*r nch 6 tlmt .......... . ........ ..... 50c per Inch Rotes quoted obov* ora tor con- MclHIve msertlunl. Irregular or skip. dotn dds will toks the one-day rat*. All dolly elasilfled advertising copy will b« accepted until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisement! offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted 'initial* ef orw or mora letters, groups or flgWes such at house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors m Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then far ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 PANSY plants. Very best, large flowering. Mont's Seed Store. 27-31 LOVELY, air'-conditioned ,one and two bedroom apartments redecorated inside and out. A nice place to'live for reasonable rent. J. I LIEBLONG REALTY CO Phone 7- 2228. 5-tf ESTERN SHARES : Jli|birt and, ^t,H,ullr,9. (ONES Hope Star tt«r of MOM 1M»; Prtii 1*27 Oonielldattd January If, 1*2* Publhhedi every Weekday afternoon • STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, Preildent Alwu H. W«»hburn, Sccy-Trae. at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Strctl . ' Hop*, Arkaniai H. Waihburn, Editor & Publlibtr Paul H. Jonet, Managing Editor JMI M. Davit, Advertising ManagM Gtorge W. Hoimer, Meeh. Supt. 10AM GLASS nstalled, wholesala. Entered 01 second clan matter «t Hie Post Office at Hfff, Arkaniai, under the Act of March 3, 1197. Member of the Audit Bureau ef Circulation! Subscription Rotes '(payable In od- , . vance); ' ly carrier In Hope and neighboring i towns— Per week 25 Per year , 13.00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, 'Howard, and Miller coun- On*< month •...,„. Thro* months fix months .„. One year , ............... .. ..... 85 _ 1 .60 2.60 - 4.50 f i All other mall— > One. month,;....™... ........ ................. 1.10 • Three months ............................ 3.25 Ilk months^ „ .............................. 6.50 Onk year ....,..;..... ..... ...... ............ 13.00 ' Hafl AdveriUInf Representatlvts: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; 1602 Sterlck •Ida,, Memphis 2, Term,; 505 Texas . ianY Bldo., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. ,42d St., H«* York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member ef The Associated Press: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon of all tho local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE ; . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . , . PHONE 7-212 ' • AD-1 Mo. TFI Sweepstakes Won by 66-1 Lohgshot NEW MARKET, England 'Jl itihstrel, a 86-1 longshot, won the 12th Cambridgeshire Handicap to- lay : in a fourhorfe photo finish. An trl.«h sweepstake is based upon hi srace. '••' PEANUTS and popcorn. C. E. SpHng, 12 miles southeast oh Highway 4. Emmet. Route 1. 22-6t 00 SACKS Lion Brand Ammonium Nitfato 33.5% Nitrogen Pellett Form easy to put out $3.20 per sack, now is the time to put it on your oats. MCWILLIAMS SEED STORE 20-Ct Betsy Rowls Leads Field in Texas Open FOftT WORTH, Tex. W A hot four-Uhder-par 71 let Betsy RawlS of Spartenburg,' S. C. lead the 'iclcl into the firs! rounds of the 19th annual women's Texas Open Golf Tournament today. Miss Rawls, mel Mary Nell Weathered of Dallas in the open ing match play. , ..... Trailing the medalist were For Rent HOUSE jacks, Wire stretchers, Pos hole diggers, Tarps, Reaves Bar gain Mouse and Pawn Shop, 205 S. Walnut, Phone 7-2471. 18-1 Mo NICELY furnished 4 room apart ment and bath. Private entrances 7-3497. 23-t FIVE room home with bath • on large lot. Phone 7-2532 or 7-2894 212 S. Washington. 25-3 MacKinnon of Savannah, Ga., ahd Betty Hicks of Manhattan Beach, Cr.lif. Both posted 76s over 0,209-yard T layout. the Amendment FOUR room unfurnished house-. 1103 Foster. Inquire at Franks & Son. Garland Pate. 25-3t THREE room house for colored family. Rights, water and sewage. Phone 7-2804. Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. 26-3t FURNISHED 3 room apartment. Private -bath and entrance. Newly decorated, Phone 7-3138. 419 South Elm, Continued from Page One peeled -that Gov. Francis Cherry would be defeated for a second term Democratic nomination. Following tradition, Cher r y would have serve a second two- year term and then retired. Tho amendment, if adopted, would have applied first' to whoever sufe ceoded him as a result of the 1956 Democratic .primaries and general election. But Faubus beat Cherry for the nomination, and now whoever's elected next - Tuesday has • a 'two year term coming up and a chance two years hence at a second term of four years. That is if the pro- pored amendment is adopted. There has been no organized campaign either for or against tHS proposal. There'll undoubtedly be negative votes from some Faubus opponents and perhaps from others not .necessarily against Faubus who don't want to give, anyone. .a : shot at six years in the governor's office.. Proposed constitutional amendment No. 44 is the simplest-,-and' shortest of the four measures Razorbacks in Secret Session forA&MGame By ADREN COOPER ' FAYETTEVILLE UP) When tho word got around last night that the Uiiversity of Arkansas Razorbacks were holding a secret work- cut for the third straight week, there must have been a tremendous surge of 'speculation among followers' of 'the Unbeaten Hogs. The average amateur, grid expert with tongue in cheek must be wondering what clever, intricate plot Coach Bowden Wyatt is planning to -ure against the unranked, undermanned — and pos j siblj' underrated Texas Aggies. .Will tho Razorbacks surprise their foes with a quick-kick? Tailbacks George Walker of Rison and Buddy Benson of De . Queen have dene it in every game. •Will Henry Moore try to split the middle on a fullback trap play? Moore has never been known lo So anything else. Will Benson .try to use his speed to pick up .vardage: arour.d" lite ends? Buddy' does-, this - so often ... . ,..- . ...-•• ... Mock Baseball ! Dynasty Near End By TOM BRADSHAW PHILADELPHIA UP) — Earring unforeseen developrrtphts, today marks the final hours of the Mack bareball dynasty a half century cf Philadelphia Athletics owii- etship by Cornelius J. McGillicutl dy. Tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. the own- err of the other seven American League clubs 'gather in New York to vote on sale of the A's stock to an eight-man Philadelphia syndicate. If their .vole is favorable, and Arnold Johnson notwithstanding, there appears little chance it will be otherwise — the only Mack contact with the Athletics will be a one-ninth share in the club retained by son Roy Mack and the title of honorary president be stowed oh Connie Mack Sr. that, -.by'- the fourth . quartdr, must fesl'like htf has'heen rtu running Railroad rails become unusually slippery in damp weather because at such limes, a very thin layer o foil aften spreads over the rails. Taken Up 27-4t vhich will be on the Tuesday bal- ot. . Besides the formal introductory matter, the proposal consists .of FEMALE pointer bird dog with brown soots. Frank Schooley, 201 Edgewood, Phone 7-3323. 2G-3t Notice SO YOU ARE Disgusted After trying to find suitable employment, vou have become disgusted. You are tired of answering ads only to find they are just a lot of bunk or maybe you are . alrt-ady employed and are disgusted with low pay, long hours, strikes and layoffs. Or you may be disgusted because in your present position you have no opportunity to advance in salary or responsibility. If that is the case you should know about our company. Believe 'me I do not have any fly-by-night, get-rich-quick .scheme. What I do have is a booklet prepared especially for you entitled — :hree- brief sections. Section 1 says that the governor,, shall'-serve- a four year term and may not succeed himself. "Provided," the section adds, 'this amendment shall not'-'apply :o the person elected as 'governor at the general election to be held in 1954." •-'.'.--: That is another way of 'saying ;he amendment, if adopted, .woiiV :e effective until the i.956 ;V;e%? ion. Section 2 is the part which says! the governor isn't to take part in any campaigns except his own. And section 3 is 'the customary repealer of any conflicting constitutional provisions. HERNDON CORNELIUS • 'BU.RIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South .Arkansas. Call 7-SS05 for our • ' agents A23-1 Mo. Instructions , olland Balers M ^Tractors B ' -" 1 or CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet and.tpe. Katharine Windsor, 104 E. 14th, Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo. For Sale or Rent TWO Business buildings on Front Street, next to Pool hall. If interested, contact A. S. Williams, 300 E. 7th. Texarkana, Ark. Phone 7-5860 or 22-0066. 19-1 Mo. Wonted lTES |te Control Co. &.JNSVM9 Inipeetlon Call IPPLEBROOKS Jr, Night Phom Money and You This booklet will explain to you the earnings and opportunities that you will have with our company right here in Arkansas. If you desire to change employment or are presently unemployed drop a card or letter to — MONEY AND YOU, P. O. BOX 1488. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. The book will be serjt to you and free of charge. 25-3t POSTED. No hunting or trespass ing on my stock farm. 2 miles rrolt* WANTED TO BUY One Inch rough green Ogk Lumber — regulqr lengths and tie siding, For prices and specifications write — GURDON LUMBER ., COMPANY BEIRN5, ARKANSAS south of Hop. May. ihtp -old friejidsV a1l"-day. : His -average: better' than, four .'yards 'per carry. • • "• , •".'•.•' •''"':.'.• " ; •:•: •| -•Will Benson, .• the 'boy -who 'can't pass, .complete passes? .. He lias completed better., than CO per cent Of his tosses.' ...'•'•: Will Wyait come^ Up with a new razzle-'dafcrie ' rilay? ' (No : : As far as offensive' strategy .is concerned, the Hogs are not very fnysterious. The • Arkansas offens-2 is like a locomotive: You. know it's coming, hut you can't stop it. Wyatt' s old-fashioned single /wing, plus a lot of- old-fashioned spirit, has -'produced "five old-fash- Icncd victories for 'ihe'Hogs. ' The blunt offense of 'the I-ro.gs pqems to be based on the theory -tfiat if you cut out .the . raxzle-daz- "ije. you ctit 'out the mistakes. • ' ^However, Wyatt. is riot opposed Jcj deception. The ^boss of the Hogs I&E been knovvn to work an en- tifc; game "setting up" an oppp- n(}nt for a knockout, ipunih; '.. and his bOys have, been knov/n to de- vi^e variations of .= simple plays while on the field. ' ,-, JAgaihst. Mississippi, Benson ' ran 'around, the ; ends. time after, .time. On third down, , with six yards Miss backs. A big difference, of course, was the help of the 'second unit received from "first-' stringers" : 13ud Brooks and Car- jjerjtcr. For the first time in years, tho Hogs will "outnumber" • a South west Conference foe when they meet the "-Aggies. :Some say that the Cadet's-famous '12th man' 1 the roaring Cadets will take Hip the slack. Strong Camden Team Comes Here Friday Coach Lawrence Martin is preparing his charges for perhaps their toughest game of the season lere Friday night when they entertain the Panthers of Camden. fcamden as usual has a stout team that has only lost one game this session and that to a Big 7 foe. North Little Rock, by a sin gle touchdown. The Panthers hold victories over Fairview, Hot Springs, Malvern, Texarkana and Crossett. Oddly enough they bare-1 ly managed to get by Crossetl by a 13-6 score last week, a learn that tied Hope two weeks ago. Hope hasn't had a winning season although most of their losses have been by close scores. For instance DeQueen and Fordyce nosed out Hope -and both o£ these teams are undefeated. The Bobcats lost to Fairview by an extra point and to Smackover by two touchdowns, their worst defeat. Sinne then DeQueen smeared the Bucks by two. tallies, Fairview gave Magnolia the battle of its life and Camden had a rough time beating Crossett. The Bobcats will be bolter off physically than in the past three Wins Race But Can't Collect CBANSTON, R. I. ••& Aft , thony J. Morretti called a Cranston resident yesterday and placed a $10 bet on a horse running'. -at Suffolk Downs, Mass. The horse, Flyir.g Tuck, won and paid $205.50 on Morretti' s bc-t but Morretti won't col Icct. He's a police inspector and he placed the bet merely to gain evidence against the bookie. weeks. A half dozen key players have seen only limited action due to various bruises. Nix may t>a back as will Huddleston and the plunging Bruce Duke. Second center Purtle may get in the game after being out a month, Herndon is still questionable while Johnson, although bruised, will play and Honeycutt will return to tha line after a two weeks absence. All these boys are still sore but Coach Martin believes most 6£ them will see action. If they do Hope will be a little stronger than at anytime in the past three weeks. In every game outside of Gurdon the Bobcats have been heavily outweighed and Friday night will be no exception. Despite this disadvantage the Bobcats have never given up and fight right down, to the wire and the scores will "indicate this. , A large crowd Is expected Friday night. : Weeping Marilyn Continued from Paee One nine months wo were married." she wept. The actress testified she was der the care of a doctor' • be of the strain of her unhappy, needed for.,a first down, Benson started to-his left:in the familiar end run maneuver. Preston Carpenter went-dowhfield as usual: to block the Old Miss halfback. Carpenter :faHed-:a' .block and' ; then stepped .past^tncT'-'Rebsl. halfback into the clear. 'He Caught Benson's pass without /breaking .stride in a eq-yard gqalward gallop .Wat. gave Arkansas the touchdown it heeded to whip Ole Miss,'Wyatt said the play had been tried' : only once before the oie: Miss game. • i .''A. ..similar ;• play, worked against] Baylor. Moore liad been .-hammer?; ing' '.{he. right side of/the Bear line. iScbru faked a'.drive into tho lino, and:- Tailback: Gebrge'^W'alker shot a ;pass to.Carpenter. ir.Jhe left !lat -that whs good for 30 yards and a TD. -However, -on that one, parpenter; had ; to dodge .tuckldrs ---' ; ' ' " ' , riage. AskedVby her attorney, JaiK ry Giesler, if she tried to mak* a go of the marriage, Marilyn f*- plied, "Yes, I did." She said there was no nity property nor children froi» the marriage. ? Before the hearing, Marilyjj- twisting her white gloves, sat neri vously in a chair and posed for a small- army of photographers. TOD Rcdio Proa rams NEW YORK grams tonight: Selected pro NBC McCullei) Quiz; 8 Groucho Marx 9 Greal sfclt's' easy to- see.-^whiy'/the, quick kick'- seldom fails, to make opposing,.teams nervous.';-, jfi an opposing fpan fails 'to' back-up '. whe.n he suspects a kick', ,th.e ball igoes over head, an'd .-rolls -for. valuable wtH little chance-.-fgr ' a rvinback. ; If he 'chooses-to back up,.' it leavea his, team, with a 10- rtian defense. - .. •Perhaps the best device used by Wyatt thus;.'far; is' the "two-unit" ^ystem. With two teams of almost, equal 'ability,.- Wyatt can al teji'nate them: every .quarter and keep everybody fresh.' Gildersleeve, CBS Tenr Thanks. Elbert 2G-6t Lost RED Plastic billfold on Highway 67, Finder keep money but return papers to Cecil McCorkle, Hope Route 2. 25-3t Boyle ncssee Ernie; 7 FBI drama, "The Eighty Grand Exit"; 7:30 21st Precinct. ABC 7 Jack Gregson; 8:30 Whiteman Varities. MBS 7:30 Sentenced, police drama: 8:30 Farnily Theater Loretta 'Young. 400th program, Mar. 4-tf Repairs, 15-1 140. Cominuea rrom Page One cause he needed dough. You always write better when you're hungry. "It's much harder to write unless you have, to do it to meet bills. This is still no problem on me. I always mftnage to have a few bills that need paying. "But if you get good money, you've got to do a good job to tsnrn it. I hate the guys who go to Hollywood with the loot-and- sccot idea, who grab all the big dough they can, do nothing, and iheii loave town complaining it's impossible to do creative work in the Hollywood atmosphere, "I loved Hollywood. I had myself a real ball out there." At 18, "alter being thrown out of most of the good schools in the East," Qeocge became a bit actor on Broadway, confined to lines guch as "Madam/ Dinner Is Served." "I was a horrible actor, but I stage tech- I knew that Hfllp Wonted wanted to he said. 18 I couldn't write anything thai ge.e. popple woul4 pay At go Gerogs I vvatcho4 hea.v6nl of a radio shpw, the home n\$ Burned o,ut •The team" •second .unit . "Benson's seerned to; be slightly weak on defense in early games tliis, year;-but Wyatt bolstered that platoon with the addition of fivst- g{ringers' Bud Brooks and Car- pent?!' and that team held like a rocjc against hard-driving . Ole Legal Notice novels, and turned out gags and comedy sketches for Martin and. Lewis, Peter Line} Hayes, Robert" Q. Lewis, and many . other big comedians. "I was an Army private for three years, digging holes for telephone poles, for the Signal Corps n Eurohe. When I got ovt I ha'd, two really lean years before thing's :urned better." It was at his wife's insistence that Axelrod wrote "The Seven Year Itch" in 195?. He did. it ii> 14 four-hour sessions at the type.* writer. ' , After four hours | just pooh out," he said. Today George gets $75,000 for a movie script, double that amount if he furnishes the plot, t)Q. He is currently polishing up a new musical, ,'The Rogers and Hart songbook" and hones to white "five or six of the greatest plays in the history of the world," then becomes a producer. "There comos a time when yotf can't do it anymore." he said. happens to every writer. He .wears out. Or at least he gejts tq t point where what he writes longer pleases himself, and 1 th the money alcne isn't enough. It's time to quit. "How can you tell? Well, it's tho 17th nprnlng in a row ttlft PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 44 5E IT RESOLVED by the Senate el the State of Arkansas-, aod by the House at Representatives, a Majority oi all the Members Sleeted to Each House Agreeing Thereto: ' ' the following iafhereby proposed amendment to Tthe Constitution ot the State of Arkansas, and up- ton being submitted to tho electors 'jpf the State for approval or rejection at the next General Election for Representative and Senators,, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall" become • part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wit: SECTION .1.'IToro «nd after tb« adoption of thii amendment, the term of pHipe o« Govern^ o| t»* State of Arkanias ehaU b« fgur years and tbf Governor »h«U pot b« eligible tp succeed himself. >-• Provided how- »r.'this amendment for . Thji, is the big every writer .|h,e knows «y»r. 't to &» «t * person elected the 0«ner«) a» Governor ^"Sft'sm"^^!^^^* Gevwnor be prohibited from ,«j>Wog an «ci part or using hit office in favor or against any candidate tor < not apply •Soyernor p« held ** •ffccftY* da [ except self Is pf«c«. M»,» or Cen^riM IB19C oniy"*wher« tt»« Goveropr''1 ---. ... a pwidldate,.U| which, event, he «m b« authorized t»^ hp actJve fa hw ftehaW, A vtolaHon of this sec-"-", b« a misdemeanor from i Gpvernpr^ shall havt no from arrest, prosecution and ou convictlen. h« shall be , JSSS, JfW ?iv«_ Thovsand THE PEOPLE OF ARKANSAS HAVE.... FAITH IN PRATT REMMEL ....BECAUSE They know : Prat-t Rerrimel is an honest man. They know his campaign is backed by honest Citizens whose sole interest in this campaign is honest government. They know Pratt Remmel is without obligation to any organized pressure group. His strength lies in the good people of our state. They know Pratt Remmel has 'a sincere de- side to give Arkansas Good Government. He has a deep love and respect for his state, He has a lifelong ambition tO'imake^ Arkansas a more righteous state in which to live, work and worship. Pratt Remmel's own .life has been an example of Christian Living. Every day of his life can stand complete inspection. If Pratt Remmel is elected Governor, Everyone In Arkansas will be able to look with pride on the Governor's Office. He will set a living example of honest Christian govern- .ment... the kind bur forefathers fought and died for. PRATT REMMEL IS THE KIND OF MAN THE GOOD PEOPLE OF ARKANSAS WANT IN THEIR GOVERNOR'S OFFICE. PRATT REMMEL WILL GIVE US ALL GOOD GOVERNMENT AND GOOD POLITICS SO THAT WE CAN PROUDLY HOLD UP OUR HEADS TO THE REST OF THE NATION. THE CQQP HONEST CITIZENS OF ARKANSAS WANT PRATT REMME1. FOR THEIR GOVERNOR. WHEN PiOPU LIKE THIS SIT THEIR MINPS TO A TASK, THEY GET THE JOB PONE. THEYWIU,., ELECT PRATT GOYJERNQR Vi Ocrdbe^ yt, 1§S4 StAK, HdM, Af ItAMSAS LliMLs SLONDIE If CM* OUIRIRI •'IHII'C THAT WAS YOU-' v " VOU FELL OUt OF BED WHAt WAS THAT AWFUL CRASH ? HOW CAN A MAN SLEEP AROUND WITH ALL tMAT NOIS6 ? "~>^Wf$«i| , , f . OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wllllami Wfe'RtAULSfeV MOW EVERYBUDDV WIUL THINK WE'RE MAIOS/YOU'f? BRIkUiANT. BUBBUH/ Clothes-Conscious ACROSS 3 Disparage 1 Waistcoat 4 Beginners 5 Outer 6 Covering for garment the head ' ij; 9 Number 6 Yellow alloy *' 12 Partner ' 9 e l ps 4 , 13 Operatic sole 8 Judgment in 14 French coin • choosing 15 Dinosaurs „ dolhes 17 Wile 9 Drivers 18 Enter 10 Unbleached 19 Narrow land u w °ody f . r " its connection 16 Oleic acid 21 Sow ester 23 Goddess of the 2° Biblical 1 daWn oo?5 OPhet 24 Girl's name 22 Occurrence ft 27 Prayers 24 War e° d ol 2& Pierce with a n Greece ,. knife 25 Remove 32 Tell 34 Dairy product 36 Football team 37 One who bellows 38 Withered 39 Afternoon functions 41 Droop 42 Musical ,*jl syllable 44 Narrow reef . 40 DUpute 49 Rye fungus : 53 Exist ' 54 Change position 56 Dance step i 57 Atop 58 Mind t 59 Abstract being 60 Stalk 61 Female "I sheep (pi.) DOWN I Flower holder \l 15 18 W 32. 3b 38 % W *• 59- I 25 47 3 1i> U 4 /I '^ y> SIR") • to Previous Puzzle. i |t=iNj|i=l |p>|A|N|e|ul»l; jNEA|R|E|P||O|C|B|L.|O|Tr l g E N r lTl g f"4^J ' \ K A I T I5I : IT|EIS|T|E|R| IslplRiE |A|O|I 26 Vigilance 28 Small piece 30 Bewildered 31 Floating ice • mass , -.• 33 Prevent - 35 Stocking • supplier 40 Landed property' &•' 27 'M iji 54 b T w i 13 ^ il y) M V- 3 $ ^ M 10 i)ii..• 7 m '& . 34 37.. S ">: 43 Flying devices 45 Vestige ^ "46 Sleeveless',;,, '.gariiient ;i ' 47 'Algerian -.blty 48 Dispatrtlea 50-Chew . •: 51. Monster, '.:'••' ' 52 Golf mounds ,: ,55 Gypsy man 8 ^ ^ ib :*' 1?-; 20 ^ 1 ft-;- w> W; 9 |IO "« 7 11 50 •> ' . , do ; 51 ••-' II •- 31 i 1 Si- • »7 FOOTBALL.' OUR. >-*".,/ WWM f-ULJ I bS«l_l_.' C3IKI $',; (V • '& TOO TfclCKV.' THEY V':, 'O'/) GOT COMIC STRIPS* y/ ft/1 'A PASTEP ON THEIRS, V-rii'X AN' WHEW MY TEAM <!'-•-. »J>_ GITS INTERESTED s__THEy HIT US. LIKE T7*f~JiBKA A TON OF SAAM/ HE'S ALWAYS C3OT A BE6F.' '' ''' //;> " • - - •- .. WOEEY WART . ....... t ,, t . s .,.,. ,, OUR BOARDINCi vie FLINt OP THE f^KK t=OK 90MWIE 0LUB... WASH TUBBS ABfcUt JAy-WALfcBR*/ UJT<3 HAN eApiry^^S 1 INTO -THE Mara. ^kX Btrrfa,~lnn.''T. M. B« .U.^^t-iit Pit. ' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. Reg. u. S. Ptt OH7 Copr. .1954 by NEA S«rvlc>. Inc. "Well, off hand I'd say it was a sample of some of my secretary's spelling^" • GLANCES With Major Hooplc SM. , l cotM\\6s\o*eo To DO AN TRAIT OF ARB.'—AMt> Fe\M MOMSSl .VfUi PARED . OH, HO? TO CHOOSE'FfcOMi'He AND HER BUDDIES TO WORK OKI/, KNOWS STRONG BUGS BVNNY „,< f' ••• FUKMY BUSINESS By Herahfeergei "Mom got it for me to go to a masquerade party!" \ PIE By NoJin» 5eli« PiRHAPS NOX BUT / YOJ KIDPING? IF rr POES SET l-WHr, COCP BLOW -fiOSH.OOOLA.OOPS } OUT OF HANR V HI5 TOP A RIGHT... WE NEVER /COUUPNT WE WINPJ MILE HIGH.,. ,/'SHOULD HAVE < IT UP RISHT QUICK v INTERFERE? IN ) BY]TURNING A, POC'5 ROMANCEUrtW DIALS? ..> r --'iZ/Qf 1 «WWt" 3JH.-v'. * ^ ItfjggSligf^ t J V-' i- 1 *-J^ ^r• — - Y ^~-'JM^T*"^ 10- • JOB DONE RIGHT.,. YOURI GOTTA, TER QL' EUSTACE ANYWAY, I GOTTA, V HORSE AFTER QL' ^ "I tpld Junior to make a c^rfepn copy (f hit £QI! the 5toQk market so yoy qowl^ pais it ftrpupd •j'-^-'-^&^j* A^"V ^Mi l\\ . ', 'S POP .:,/...-^». PERHAPS HE SHOULD FOLLOW THAT RULE.., ALWAYS GET UP FROM STORY OF MARTHA ^ISTSJIS W§IP5

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