Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1954
Page 13
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*>v lp?>> «" r* * is-•«;*«•« \ ,i)'>« IM^r'wfl -, t 1 ^ ' *" '* w * r •A-,-"*' , ( HO?E STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS IF YOU HAVE IT ?^? jB,6fCLOCK BEGINNING OF THE END-THE FINAL WIND-UP HOPE FURNITURE LOCATED CORNER E. 3rd and S.MAIN IN HOPE, ARKANSAS NOTICE At these ridiculously low prices. No Hold Orders, without deposit. No approvals—No Phone orders. All Sales Final. AGAIN WE ASK — PLEASE BE PATIENT ON DELIVERIES. HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! LAST 4 DAYS I i SALE NEARS THE END! ODDS & ENDS FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS LlnoleumV,9 & 12 ft. widths at . 8c ilt yuuuo »—invicMdif j«* w i*- i ulnlay Linoleum slashed to^. A r8"go<- at".... i „• -i leiKeihs.'rordered sacrificed at, . , eaters,.out they go tomorrow at only . , ti3**-L.* —i 1 gold Thursday at' ... , , ,,w. v»»»,..,..-, your choice at ild'fif Wardrobes' slashed to ".. "\ts,l5 -drawers ,out -they go .,. flK.ChVsttslashed to ..,'< ., !p,ks,- odfthey go tomorrow at only awer.(Chests .slashed to .... , . . le'or-Mjihoeariy.'.TWIn or full size, Pineapple poster Beds at ''Thr&'wRugs sashed to .», .'.„_. > 'hrowiRUgsf out tfiey, go Thur. at only .„„„„,„ . 1.99 & 2.79^ 1l!95 12.95 4.50 27.50 16.95 21.50 18.75 21.95 24.95 2.98 FANTASTIC & UNBELIEVABLE THAT PRICES WOULD BE CUT SO DEEP ON THESE FAMOUS NAMES! CAVALIER MENGEL, MORGAN, DREXEL, WHEELER, LINCOLN, DAVIS CABINET, SANFORD 'KARPEN, DEUTSCH BROS., ARMSTRONG, GOLD SEAL, BERK-LINE, HICKORY' KENMAR w El MAN, BRANDT, FRANKLIN, SHOCKEY, JAMESTOWN CAB^NET'CO.! C B -ATKIN^ ENGLANDER, -SEALY, SERTA, MAGIC CHEF, and dozens more top .furniture names. WE WERE CLOSED ALL DAY TODAY — WEDNESDAY Getting sold merchandise off of floor and slashing prices on hundreds of items not sold, again, again and again! E RESUMES TOMORROW MORNING-THUR. 9 OCLOCKIN A •*; 2:98 Csjze^lcleal for clothes, *'" '^-children.'While Regular 229.00 & 325.00 2-PC. Living Room Suites t i One group. Shopworn but new ordered sacrificed. ppKLamps frjgdlcolors. looks Ijke a 7.95 ING; ROOM S $?i 'Ji,'}'>A> ti_. „- J. ni Values to 19.95 27x54 Throw Rugs Beautiful colors. Both cotton and wool, Out, O QQ they go at .........i .&*»;/Q ANOTHER BIG CUT IN PRICES YES . : . We have ripped, cut: and slashed prices on practically everything left in the store AGAIN to get the job done . . . A SELLOUT OF ALL SURPLUS INVENTORY! Truck loads .of furniture have been sold — much remains to be sold. Hundreds of sensational bargains — in every department — on every floor. Many prices far below our cost.. If you ever had an opportunity .to REALLY save on furniture, this is It Prices are so .low in many cases they are abso-luttly fantastic. You just have to see them to believe it! ': 'profits absolutely forgoten as prices slashed to a record low, making this the greatest sale in our 56 years of business. .,,... • , ,• Thanks a million t'o all our friends and customers for all the business so far done . . . It's amazing- fantaTttc.We st"ll have too much'merchandise, a'Hd it is going at AMAZING LOW PRICES -I ! I A modern merchandising miracle. '.-.'. .':. ; x Values to 9.95 18x27 Throw Rugs Ideal for door mats. Wool or cotton at only Regular 14.95 9x12 LINOLEUM By Gold Seal and Armstrong Out they .Q QC go at ....:....., 7.37*J One Group. Yal. to 3.25 Window Shades Odds & Ends. Some shop worn. 69c» 98c Reg. 119.95 5-Pc. CHROME DINETTES Ordered sold regardless of loss ZLQ QC at only W.7.;7<J TES jfpH^^id^AWpy.Beds, 2-Pc. Suites & : ^ Beds by'lnternational, Karpen, Deutsch pptCf'^jfc, •>'"' 't £Sofa> Beds,, out they go . , •• 49.50 9,50;Plq,stlc": Sofa Beds, sacrificed »...^» .JK, t Sf.^,jL. } .s'ofag.gt on |y 69.96 99.50 . l feo'fas at only 179.50 199.50 qufthey no » .... ,' 79,50 /roMght Iron Modern Section at 79.95 -Ann Sofa, slashed to , 89.95 2-Pc, Living Room Suites go at 188.50 246.00 3-Pc. SOFA i jetton makes a bed! 1 sold for only 119 .50 Ql2if?c,'J,Iy|nB Room Suites, choice of "tf colors >._i ,1 | Famous Virtue Chrome "•anid Wrought Iron DSNETTES FINAL SLASH IN PRICES! 113,60 5-Pc. Chrome Dinettes, out they go 44.50 Dinette Table' &'.3 chairs all for ...... . 44.50 Chrome Taple &3 chairs, sacrificed at 23.50 Picnic Table & Benches at.onfy- 16.95 Stainless steel t'op utility- table at 227.50 Bamboo Table & 4 chairs at . ..... .. 34.50 5-Pc; Wood Dinettes slashed to , ...... 69.50 5-Pc. Wood Dinettes go at ...... 25.00 Wood Kitchen Utility Cabinets at 48.50 Utility Cabinets for Kitchen, wood, at ............ 14.95 119.50 5-Pc. Chrome Dinettes at ..... . .................................. 69 - 50 137.60 5-Pc. Chrome Dinettes slashed to ........................ 79.95 129.00 5-Pc. Chrome Dinettes ao at ..... ................... '. ....... 89.95 169.00 5-Pc. Chrome Dinettes at . ..................................... 119.95 54.50 Dinette Table w/fold-away seat at ................. ... 24.50 59.95 9-95. 14.95 13- 95 4.95. 99.95 14,95 29,95 8.95 89.95 awtS'rs/Mohair Living Room Suites go at 89.95 IpOALove.eeat w/matching chair at only 99,95 " "j^po. 'Rafich Ook Living Room Suites 99.95 9 2rPc. : Dewt8ch Bros, Living Room * Suites at ^ „ 399.95 'fciPo, (VJaple Living Room Suites at 164.95 2-Pc. Sectional Sofa hy peutsch Bros. 384.95 Decorator Sofa by Karpen at only 294.50 'Hide-Away Beds w/lnnersprlng ..__JL a\ . . , 159,95 §pf? at only . 149.95 GO REGARDLESS OF LOSS FINE CHAIRS Roonj by Tell City, Karpen, ej&-Lf ne, , and others, Style' Plastic Platform Bookers at , ,, k Ohalr f pno^an slashed to Oco, Chairs, out they go d , , , m Q<?o. Chair ordered sold * Ocp. Chairs plashed to 49.60 24.50 9.95 29.95 14.95 6.98 8.95 24.50 Chairs go at ifity,Chair? ,one lot at hannel iapk Chairs slashed to Jatfojrn\ ^Booker & Ottoman at only 69.60 >i?)9tf«r.m iWsJ«f & Ottoman at only 44,95 ~" tfpr.m'Rockers, one group at . _..w_.. .. ^ (ub Chalrs at 29.95 39.95 19.95 29,95 24.95 19.95 89.95 99.95 8fifl?R"*f only *" '79.95 IP Chairs In Plastic at 89.50. Ifltyprm Roekers 90 at S9,95 4*95 9.95 9,98 4,95 9,95 12-95 GLASS Large selection Drexel, Westwood, C. B, Atkins, Hickory DINING ROOM SUITES It breaks our Hearts to see such low prices on such fine furniture. 99.50 Expandaway Desk, makes large dining fable at 69.95 94.50 Expandaway Desks slashed to 64.95 177,50 Round Ext 1 . Table & 4 chairs at 139,50 265,50 6-Pc. Ranch Oak.Dining Room Suites at 179.95 319.50 Large Mah. Crown Glass reakfronts go at.... 274.50 419.50 9-Pc. Mahogany Dining'Room'Suites go at .... 319.50 717.50 9-Pc. Mah. Dlnlna Room Suites by Hickory at 599.95 489.50 8-Pc. Mah.Dining Room Suites by HICKORY at onjy .... . '. 389.50 52.50 Corner Chinas, add, slashed to 29.95 115.00 Drexel 1 side Chairs, I arm chair, set only.... 79.50 12.25 Dining Room Chairs go at ;...!..' 7.50 124.50 Prop Leaf Ext. Table & Chairs at 89.95 HUNDREDS FINE BRANDT and WEIMAN TABLES Prices Slashed to Ribbons Lost 4 Days! 36.60 Blond Mah. Coffee Tables go at 19-95 16.85 End Tables, out they go.at _ 10.95 26,75 Mah. End Tables .slashed to 12.95 15.00 E,nd Tables, walnut, slashed to 4 8.95 29.85 Lamp Tables ordered sold at T 17.95 41.75. Walnut Inlay End Tables go at ...J, 24.50 18.60 Mah. End Tables ordered sold at 4. 10.95 10.95 Mah. End Tables slashed to .'. 5.95 21.60 Mah. Leather Top Lamp Tables go at 9.95 184.50 Leather Top Drum Tables slashfd to 154.95 84.95 Gen. Mah. Weiman Cocktail Tab/les at 69.95 69.50 Leather Top Weiman Step Tables go at 64.95 97.60 French Provincial Weiman Tables go at . ... 79.95 18.35 Lamp Tables go at .' 6.95 9.25 Mah. Sewing Cabinet; slashed/ to 2.98 37,50 Mirror Top Coffee Tables at • . 10.96 18,60 Mah. Whatnot Shelves ,»t . . . » 11-95, 26.50 Mah. Prum Tables slashed/ to 12-95 13,7,5 ),amp Tables, out }hey B.O/ ,. 4.-9§ ,..«•. *" Regular 39-50 Innerspring MATTRESSES Or Box Springs;' ; iOut they go:Thur.:at ,... >!-;+:.: .../,.. 19:95 .Very Large Selection WALLPAPER SACRIFICED J/2 PRICE Regular 235.00 Queen Ann SOFAS Shopworn but a teriffic value Thur. at '. Cavalier, Drexel, Mengel, Davis Cabinet, Morgan, Wheeler, Lincoln and Others BED ROOM SUITES ONLY 34 LEFT — SLASHED AGAIN! 59.95 69.95 89.50 99.50 89.95 Regular 139.50 4-Pc. Modern BED ROOM SUITES These vanity suites must be sold regardless of loss ELf\ . 3 w Regular 185.50 Nat'l Adv. GAS RANGES Ordered liquidated at this 1 OQ-50 low price Thur. morning .... 107 Regular 5.98 & $.98 Slightly Damaged CARD TABLES Out they go Thur. morning at oniy 2.98 Each Large Group Shopworn But New LAMPS Most have beautiful bases but need new shades. Sacrificed! 12.95 6 Way Floor Lamps go at 7.95 12.25 Table Lamps ordered sold, 1 |pt at only 1- 98 18.50 Table Lamps, 1 group at only .... 4.98 6.40 Boud.otr Lamps, slashed to only.... 98c 37.50 Table Lamps ordered sold regardless of loss •. 6 - 95 27.60 Floor Lamps, as, is for only 1,98 26.10 Bridge Lamps slashed to only .... 1,98 DOZENS UPON DOZENS LAMPS AUl. KINDS AT GIVE-AWAY PRICES! NOTICE We cannst guarantee, tha? the items listed vfo v WY»rtfwd^hereio wjU ^...fvailabl? itWli . t?*^ »a*,,^ &• »M»..»tiw 4 **: %-?: 119.95 4-Pc. Blond Vanity Bed Room Suites at '159,50 4-Pc. Blond Vanity . Suites slashed to 175.00 4-Pc. Modern Twin Bed Double Dresser Suite 192.50 4-Pc. Vanity Bed Room Suites go at 545.00 5-Pc. Solid Mah. MORGAN Vanity Suites at .... 349.95 289.50 4-Pc. Limed Oak Modern Vanity Suites at 199.95 .139.50 4-Pc. Modern Vanity Suites at 59,50 J234.50 4-Pc. Modern Vanity Suites slashed to 149.50 I3I8.50 7-Pc. Ranch Oak Vanity Suites at 199.95 135.00 4-Pc. Maple Vanity Suites at 79.50 492.50 5-Pc. Solid Mahogany Double Dresser Suites 364.95 498.50 5-Pc. Gen. Mah. CAVALIER Suites at '. 374.95 494.50 5-Pc. Solid Walnut WHEELER Suites go at... 394.50 828.50 5-Pc. French Provincial Solid Cherry Double Dresser Suites, distressed finish at 9nly 698.95 669.00 6-Pc. Solid Mah. Vanity Suites .' 449.95 Largo Group Englander Sealy, Serta MATTRESSES LOWEST PRICES SINCE 1932 49.95 Nat'l, Adv. Mattresses slashed to 31.50 149.50 Foam Rubber Mattress & Box Springs, set only 109-50 34.50 Innerspring Mattresses slashed t'o 19,95 44.50 Full Size Innerspring Mattresses go at 24.50 99.00 Box Springs & Mattress Set. Nat'l Adv, at .... 59.50 69.00 Box Springs and Mattress, slashed to set... 39.95 39.50 Innerspring Mattresses, slashed to 29.95 49.50 Twin Nat'l. Adv. Mattresses at 37.95 39.50 Twin Mattresses, Nat'l. Adv., go at' 29.00 79.50 Box Springs & Mattress, set 55.90 39.50 Box Springs or Mattress, innerspring, Q one group at only • 19.95 OVER 100 FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE. ALL MUST GO! Walnut, Mohogony, Mople, Pine DESKS-BOOKCASES Greatest Sacrifice of furniture in 20 years 118.75 Kidney Pesks, sjashed to .. 98,50 Solid Cherry Desks, out they go 131,00 Solid Walnut Desks .slashed to 189.50 Mas, Organ Desks, go at 100.00 Mah. Desks, ordered «0>d at . 813.60 solid WalrjWt Fj-enoh Provincial Q? - • w/be°k P»ses at v 83.95 79.95 112.60 159.96 174..95, NATIONALLY ADVERTISED APPLIANCES Magic Chef and Other Famous Names 259.75 Deluze Divided Top Gas Ranges,pastel colors at .... 332.50 Divided Top Automatic Gas Ranges slashed to 185.50 Gas Ranges, out they go at ...: 319.50 Divided Top Gas Ranges, ordered sold at :.., ..:.•„..:..''.'...'•;.'. 115.00 Apartment Size Gas Ranges slashed to 199.95 .299,50 139.50 249,50 79.50 89.50 359.50 198.95 129.00 Office Size Refrigerators go at 479.50 18.5 Ft. Upright Freezers slashed to 259.50-8'/2 ft. Refrigerators go at only VERY LARGE SELECTION Juvenile Furniture Grandparents Shop Here and Save! 2.75 Childs Red Rockers slashed to 1,98 17.50 Childs Plastic Plat, Rockers slashed to 12.95; 14.75 Hi-Chairs,-out they go at 10.95 16.95 Hi-Chairs, your choice at 12.95 . 24.95 Plastic & Chrome Hi-Chairs slashed to •-.... 17.95 26.95 Maple Drop Side Cribs slashed to .... 21.95 49.50 Deluxe Drop Side Cribs go at 39.95 7.25 Car Beds, out they go tomorrow at .... 5.95 17.50 Kant-Wet Mattresses slashed t'o only 13.95 11.95 Strollers, ordered sold at only 9,95 24.50 Play Pens ordered sold regardless of loss at : ; 19.95 Hand Carved Solid Hondurous Mah, VICTORIAN MARBLE ON TA&LSS, IMPORTED 174:50 179.50 88.50 119.75 89.50 ' 77.50 189,50 112.60 1Q9.60 Ladies Victorian Chairs, Deluxe' Carving, slashed to ..;....:...:...:..,.... 149.50 Gentlemen's Victorian Chairs, PelMxe Carving at •^•'•:... ] •. 149.505 Nant'ucket Rocker & Ottoman for '..;..• 64.95 Marble Top Coffee Tables go at oniy 94-95 Round Marble Top Lamp Tables slashed to 69-95 Debecca Pavig Chairs slashed to .... 54.95 Large Round 36" Marble Top Coffee Tables at -. lp¥,&9 Marble Top Qvaji Qpffes Tables at 87,§Q Victorian MarbJs tofl eem,met|(? Ta.biej at -•» ; « **•» , detetor 27,1954 HOPS STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS New Chevrolet Offers First Engine PRESCOTT NEWS ;he guest of.Mr. and Mrs. McFarJane, Pronounced mechanical advances plus new riding comfort and a complete re-styling of bo'dies give Chevrolet for 1955 its ; most spectacular .model announcement. No major part of the car has been overlooked in the broadscale improvement program. Driving ease and riding comfort benefit along «,with the creation of fresh automo- ™'llve design. •' The accomplishment, says the company, has been possible only because of a thorough job of product re-engineering and the tremendous new plant facilities Chevrolet adds this year. • The 1955 models will go on display in Hope at Young Chevrolet Co., and at dealers showrooms nationally October 28. From an extraordinarily long list -of new fea- , .tures th'e public will see at that W'tlmc, these are particularly outstanding: 1. First automobiles in the low- INSURANCE... AT A SAVINGS • Fire • Tornado • Automobile • Liability • Casualty LEONARD ELLIS Insurance Agency 108 East Second Phone 7-2221 P. T. A, Study Course A study course for mothers 7th and 8th graders was held on Thursday afternoon at the Home Ecbhomics building with Mrs. Edward Bryson in charge. The study,was presented from a survey on "Problems of The Home, Community, and School" that was 0 £ two directions, going to the residence portion of the town on th» cast and the business portion on the North. Last night goods and merchandise were scattered fot many blocks oversown and tb» militia was ordered out to guard them. Wires were down and the Mr. and Mrs. William Hays of Okolona were the Friday guests of Mrs, W. O. Hays. • made by the teachers, Mrs. Craig and Mrs. Tippett, of the 7th and 8th gradfc group. An interesting was held. open discussion Mrs. Tompklns Presents D. A. R. Program Eighteen members of the Benjamin Gulp Chapter D. A. R. met on electric light plant would not run for fear of injury to pedestrain* (Oct. 22, 1904.) Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Martin and Judy Gilbert, Mrs. Edward Bryson and Ed, Mr. and Mrs. D. L McRae Jr., Mr. and Mrs. H. H McKenzie and Jim, Mrs. Tom Bamis, Miss Bittey Semis, Mr. and Mrs. [Thursday afternoon in the home of i Mrs. Frank Haltom, Jr., Dr. and - • — 'Mrs. Jack Harrell and Amelia, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bright were among those from Prescott who spent tho weekend in Little Rock and saw thp ice revue and Ark-Ole Miss game. roses Mrs. Berry Hesterly with J.. W. Teeter co-hostess. lively arrangements of and mums blended with the decorations of the living room. Thn regent Mrs. C. H. Moore, called the meeting to order with the members taking part in the ritual and singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Mrs. Teeter gave the President Generals message. It was reported the Good Citizen had been selected and the name would be revealed at a later date. The chapter will plant trees at the cemetery in memory of deceased members, On motion of Mrs. S. O. Logan, it was resolved that the chapter send to the Highway Commission a resolution concerning tho preservation of the Old State House in Little Rock against the construction of the proposal Riverfront Drive in Little Rock that will cause damage to the building that the D. A. R. wishes to preserve for future gen orations this priceless historical land mark. Mrs. C. H, Tompkins read an in< teresting paper, written by Virginia Mcadowcraft, Extension Directoi at Bacons Indian School, on "Metamorphosis of the Vanishing American." Mrs. Moore closed the meeting with the poem "America," A dessert course was enjoyed during the social hour. Mrs. Mildred Dickinson and Mrs Omar West of Hope were the Saturday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Durham. the . in Major Bill Ward attended Arkansas Municipal League Little Rock Saturday and was elected one of. the vice president. Mrs. C. H. Tompkins spents a part of last week in Little Rock as M. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway of Rosslon were Saturday visitors here. Jack Stivers has returned to t University of Arkansas atter> spending the weekend with his mother* Mrs. B. C. Stivers. The Negro Community . ring Item* to Mil* turn** it Hlckt Funeftl Horn* Mr. and Mrs. Sammy McHcnry of Fordyce were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Sard McHenry. Jerry Dalrymple, a former Prescott resident, received a plague at half-time of Tulane's game with Georgia in New Orleans'Saturday — a plague. certifying him as a member of Football's.Hall of Fame in recognition of his powers as an end on the Green Wave teams of 1030-31. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dalrymple and Carl of Prescott, Mrs. J t B. Dalrymple, and Mrs. WoodroW Berger of Little Rock and Bill Dalrymple of Memphis were present for the presentation. Friends will regret to learn of the sudden death of Emond White at his home in Kermit, Texas. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wat•son White Jr'., of Prescott. Hopewell P. T* A. is sponsoring a Pre-Hallowcen party Wednesday, October 21, at p. in. for adults! only. Admission 50c per couple 25c single. The public is invited. There will be lots of fun for everyone, Mrs. Erma Adams of Washington died at her borne Monday,. October 25. Funeral arrangements are in complete. Pfc. Bennie Warren of New Brunswick, N. J. is visiting ills grandfather, John Moss, and other relatives, Mr. ahfl Mrs. Bennie Langstort ol Chicago, 111., have returned to their home after spending two weeks visiting Mrs. Ruth Langston and Mrs. Ellen Murphy. •.Mrs. Thelma Evans of San Fran cisco .Calif.,.has retiu'nad home at ter spending several weeks visit ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. lie- Arkansas' Draft Quota Announced LttTLS fcdCK Ufl Arkaftsas draft boards have been asked for 28 men as their part of the Oe:ember quota for theS Armed rorees. Col. Hansel T. Winters, state di- •cctor of Selective Servicet said 'our physicians and three dentists will be inducted in addition to the general quota. DroiitH Committee to Visit Arkansas LITTL ROCK iM Robert T. Hall of the Federal Drought Com* millee was scheduled to Visit Clay, Craighead, Crittonden, Greene, Mississippi and Randolph Counties todny, Hall visited Arkansas County yesterday. His lour covers the seven counties in Arkansas, which have applied, but not. received federal designation as drought disaster areas wis Jackson and Mrs. Bama Evans. Jessie and Monroe McFaddcn have returned to their home in Flint, Mich., after a brief visit with relatives and friends, Mrs. Susie Turner and Mrs. Mildred Ogburn of Flint, Mich., are yi siting .their sister and aunt. Mrs Minnie Brown who is ill at her ho me in McCaskill. Queen Mother Spends Quiet Nighrin N, Y. NEW YOUK Oft*after a quiet evening in 'ft* gtf« burbs, Queen Mother Elizabeth fulfills today the first social gagement of her tttree-wetks visit to the United States, Her schedule calls for a lunch In her honor given, by the diah Club. She possibly may go sightseeing in the afternoon returning to the seveivacre estate of Sir Pierson Dlxon, her host, for a"family" dinner tonight. Later she and her party planned to at tend the Broadway musical ''J*a jama Game." ' When the liner Queen Ullzabetl docked 13 hours late yesterday the queen mother went direct!; to Sh l Plcrson's estate in neflfb: Riverdale, Where she dined with her host and hoslcss. Sir Picrson is Britain's pcrmamotit delegate to the United Nations. As the flag-decorated ship moy ed slowly through the foggy hrir bor late yesterday, flying queen mother's standard, she Stb6( on the bridge chatting cagerlj with the docking pilot. American photographers and porters, carefully briefed in ad vance on royal protocol, which In eluded no questions and no a] proaohing near the queen mother Prune Layer CAKE with fruit icing Applesauce CAKE Blueberry PIE : ";...- Brown 'N' Serve Rolls fresh Dqily JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main The following item was taken from the files of the Arkansas Gazette of 50 years ago. Prescott — A most disastrous fire, which originated in the warehouse of Levi Francisco, destroyed $75,000 worth of property in a few hours yesterday afternoon. A fierce wind spread the fire in Pole-frame construction cuts farm building costs • You can save up to halt the cost of erecting and maintaining your barns, poultry houses, machine sheds, etc. Pole-type farm buildings, solidly supported by Koppers Pressure- Creosolcd Poles, need no foundation, require'less lumber, and eliminate the need for costly skilled i See lis for more information about pole-frame construction and Koppers Pressure-Creosoted Poles. GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. Ph. 7-3495 442 E. Dlv. price field to reflect the 'dream car" influence of the General Motors Motoramas. All roofs have been visibly lowered with a corresponding reduction in hood and belt lines to accentuate a longer, fleeter appearance. 2. First V-8 engine offered on a Chevrolet in 35 years. 3 Higher horsepower ratings and hew quietness and smoothness In two "Blue Flame" sixes. 4. Integrated body and frame design. 5. 1 Front and rear suspensions revamped. • 6. Increased safety through greater visibility. Every car window of safety plate glass-front, rear and side — is larger in 1955 Chevrolet bodies. 7. Optional overdrive. 8,'More electrical power. A 12- volt electrical system will furnish ample reserve power for the ever- growing demands of accessories. 9. "Dry Air" ventilation. This feature involves an archshaped plenum chamber that channels fresh air from a slotted cowl vent. Drainage from the chamber prevents any water from reaching passengers, even in rainiest weather. 10. Tubeless tires for increased safety. 11. Smoother power application. The torque tube drive is replaced by a hotchkiss drive to deliver .power more smoothly to the rear wheels and to provde a "flatter" ride in combination with the longer springs. 12. Easier steering. From power steering, an Improved version of which is available on 1955, Chevrolet has adopted the recirculating ball-nut gear and combined it with a relay type of linkage that increases smoothness and reduces driver effort. A more rigid wheel coupling and truer geometry is also claimed. STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and' Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. CAUL ,.. PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO A NIW POLICY! Ngw yoy eon hqv? ypyr Home Rewired ' modern conveniences ana new , AH en 12 Easy Payments Low. •. and behold! ie motoiwuc ' «| - i thevrolel for Chevrolet and Genera||Motors took a whole new look at the -p-and just look whg| happened! A , | ( j fr \ FIRST SHOWING TOMORROW! ', * e t , 'I $JS$ "' 'P^ V lJ , -r ,,„, n)W 1 . r ?| - »'' (< H **b ,,'3 Bel Air Sport Coupe-one of 14 new Fisher Body faeauf/es in three new series. , M rV$ The valve-in-head V8 as only the valve-iii-head leader can huild it! Now Chevrolet, the leading builder of valvc-in-head engines, introduces the "Turbo-Fire V»." It carries the V8 design to a new high in efficiency with its high horsepower (162), high-compression (8 to 1), high performance and surprisingly high gas mileage. Available with blandard Irans- nu6sion»'or with the extru-cosl, options of Overdrive or Powerglidc, • f You can choose from two new sixes, top! ', ; •* j i$f f Chevrolet also offers tlio Jasj; .word WC wx-uyliudcr performance «pd asojHomy I, There's a new "Blue-Flamo J86'* ! with PowergUde and a-new "J 123" with eilhop 8lu»tlar4 #„,,.,__,., pj Overdrive, ' • " . * f t •' Can't you tell just by looking that GJiov»olet and General Motors have come up with a completely new idea about the low-priced car? The idea is this: to build a car that offers the very newest thing in styling, the most modern features, the finest kind of performance and the highest quality of manufacture—all at a modest price. It's something that look a lot of doing and that only tho world's leading car builders could do. Everything's new in this Motoramic Chevrolet from its lower top right down to Ufa tube* less tires. Come in for the most fabcjnwtiug visit you ever made tq an automobile showroom! The motommic than a new cay—a new COHVVJlt Q{ „^P ^^ip^ ^1^ • W

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