Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 1954
Page 9
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HOP I SfA*, H0M» ARKANSAS Wednesday, October $7, 1954 —.....,..,.-.,—,,.-. butchers and shippers . Higher than Tuesday,' ._ lots good to, prime 19.50 Bo 6arijr saleS to r.iacfcef-9; eSJgftffig stead^; rence of the rumor West Germany rnieh't buy some of this RI am. Whfcat - - ANB P66vl8tbNS I*) grains te- !& fmii datttlT 4,566! cfilves 1,060; ter sl6trS " covered after an early sell off on the Board of Trade today. Soybeans lagged on the recovery stiove, suffering from profit tak- Irtg after yesterday's sharp up- i6lr5) electloti i-iSttifltott,! M "(Stow voting m& *%& and heifers opehinl 'jwurd ihrtist. .uwj few sales' ab6ut-6tead>\' ;TJ-adihg proceeded tews rnoderateiy'active alia fully) sliny pacfe. Lack of hedging pres steady bulls ahd vealets tlh-'\ tire brought a little timirl buying f . r *i . , ~ *. I--*-- •.««.? 1st lAit* ... .1 A 41... *_«..l..jil 4 **+.*+,A »1*« fit-itoU ftahged'i early sales good to low Choice" dteerB' 2000-24.00; few Mm ^ artd, good heifers and Itiixed yearlings 17.00-22.00; util Hy.and oortirtie^cial cows 9.50-13.00; tevtt 12.50; dahnor and cutter cows mofitiy 8509.00; few 6.00 ahd shel- iy kinds belowj utility and eotn- iWcisi ' bulls 11.00-13,00; cariticv and cutter bulls 8.00-10.50; good and ch'oiee vealors mostly 19.00 2300; few' 1li«h Choice and prime 24G035.00; commercial to low £dod 13.00-1 -.CO; culls mostly . .0 hfi'ep 1,200) opening sales wool Lego! Notice (•ftePpABD^CONgTITUTIONAL BE, ri" all the Elected- and ic Const!- ,-nsas. to». , r,v«o-|**veht «* proposeu as an awcndi..-,.. stHufion of the Stete of ind lifrSn; Wing sU^m'"- cleetors ot the State so rtieetton « the ' next\ „ turn MM .RetrfesentHtlvas ators.. If ft -majority of\ voting • thereon.. a{ such . adopts such- nmcnornent, shall bfecome. a part of tutiOn of .the State of; A wit" * v SECttOto 1. Th4 JSJcecUu^ .- ment of this, State shall cenSl^J Governor, Lieutenant ^Governor',;, tary ot'State,-Trdasufer of State. .'--.. tor 'of Stale. Attorney General^ «nd Contmlssioner, ol , State Lands, jt'O v Whonii shall keep, their offices; atv Beat' or Government, ahd-'hbld tl: offices for the • term' of two ,y e t-i and uritiU their (successors are elected rand OUalltled. ' ' * "._,'_. ' SECTION 2. .The annual salaries-of 'sudh State officers. -wlAcb shall be paid Jo.! monthly installments, shall be •* *< The .Governor r the *um«r Fifteen Thousand. Dollars (WOO-OO):, toe, Lleutettajit povemor, the sum of Three Thousand and i Six Hundred'Dollars, .($3,600.00); (the Secretary of ,S*°** *thd sum, of Seven Thousand nnd Hundred 'Dollars ($7,200,00)-. the'T urer ol State,,, tho i sum • of S- ., ---, Thousand -and r Two Hundred. -JJollaM (»7,ZOO.OO); the .Auditor 'of ,S •surri of Seven 'Thousand ,'Biiu i,* Hundred Dollars U«7,200.00); 'the j( torney, General, ^the spin • of _^il at a rather the market toward the finish. Jtyc showed more strength than December cltfsed c-lc 03.22$2.23, Higher, corn ' un- Chart^ed. to % higher, December . ~ _ . _ friwer to \'n higher, December S2" 4 '/ fl , fyc iy 2 to 2 cenUi higher, December Sl.37',i and soybeans 1 to 2'/ 4 lower, November $3.82-$2.83. NEW YORK COttON NEW YORK ifft dotton. fu- lures in a harrow range today; with hedging and liquidation off set by trade buying, Switching from' nearby December to later mcTiths continued fairly active. Late afternoon prices were 2ii cents a bale higher to 10 cfcnls Dec. 3^.61, March 35.00 and May 35.36. rest of th elist on a 1 recur- lower than the previous close. AND ROBUST CHICAGO <UP Produce: ;• Live poultry: Market barely rteady. 17 trucks. Chicago poultry bosrd pries changes since~ yesterday: Commercially grown springs: White Rock 26 cents a pound. Vour.g geese 20. Turkey hens 32. Butter: 570,927 pounds. Market irregular. 93 score 57'/ 2 cents a pound; 92 score 57; 90 score 56'i; 89' score 55 V 4 ; carlots: 90 score SOP; 89 score. So'/iEggs: 0,002 cases, Va m a r'k-e t steady to firm. While large ex Iras 60-69.9 per cenl. A .and ovor 41; mediums and over 35; rent receipts Chec"ks extras 60-69.9 per cent A and ever 6069.9 per cent A standards 28; cur- 23i'/ 2 ;. dirties 19, Studio Accident Fatal to two J'T. CARSON, Colo. I/H A truck load of phosphorous left after the filming of a car movie exploded a killed two men yesterday. A thild was inlured critically. Killed in the vilolent blast were Louis Sarkas of Enciono, Calif., and Royal Lowe .of Van NUys, Calif., both about 45 and employed by Warner Bros. Studio. Paul Zbok of Colorado Springs, var. injured. The men had driven the phos- phot Us, used for battle effects in ;he Korean War picture "Target Zero," sv.'ay from the main build- ng area to dispose of it. Officials Said Sarkas and Lowe were ih the Iruck when it exploded Zook was aljput 20 feet away. The cause of the detonalion was unknown. Stomach:Uproar Gttfa$t,$oothing relief with PIRCY MtDICINI *f OHI.Y TIMI October '27/1954- HOC I STAR, HOFti A R I A N S A I SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. find 4 P. M. NOtlCE—I am now Bar-B-QIne Ray's gfand prize Grade-A chickens exclusively. They are tender, hickory smoked juicy and Delicious, Try Onel BURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores i P*« i^V* " T f *• V^ i * ' " A $&K*SFSS& ®&tysM3^ »arnc^ viciic*a»» > fcuc ou... ThbMsand.pollars ($S.OOO.OO); -..- pommlBstohefr of'State 'Lands, ^he .-, of .Six Thousand Dollars ($0,000.00). • f SECTION 3. The.-above mentipnetfN State,vOHicetB^sh.a.« , be • elected ' ,bx the, qurfifledf. electors r of the, State «t,, • large at the time of the regular general election t forv voting for Jnc"h' Bers of 7th'e /GerieraV AsseYnWy; • M* • returns of. each'election ther«for,»n»" t fbe! sealed .'up. separately 'apd trans-, 1 mftted to Ihe'aeal Of,government by .the,,ret(irnlng officers.not later- th«n f ithe last - :day of , November of . 'the year In' whlfch' the election' Is' held;, antl- shall -bd :dlrected,'to the 6pe»k- er; of ,the House of Representatives;.' The Q&eral. Assembly shalU convene afe; 'speojpl-7session /on- the Ursfc M6n-' f^ay- w December., of the.iygir W' sWntBhA^*, members of the' p<WW s Ass|n^ly/aro-elected and 1 shall be tf session' for a <• tferJdd .not to 'ex. ceed, three days, unless, called > tow, jspeciaj, sessloiv by the Governor, At? 'iuch ^session" of the General Assem- sbly,' «and upon both < Houses being, organized, the Sp?aker of the House of Representatives ' shall' open and , publish the votes cast and glyen.'forj each of *, the officers hereinbefore, mentioned, in the presenqe of both Houses- of-'the General Assembly, The. person having'the highest number, or jv votes for each of the respective of*, fices shall be declared duly elected t thereto; and shall Immediately, be-, gin his terto of'office; but If, two, or more 'shall be equal, the higr in votes .for» the same office, one them shall be chosen by a joint of both Houses of the General ... sembly, ,and> a majority of ajl the members elected shall be necessary to a choice. . v <^, SECTION 4. The General Assembly 'shall meet fin regular session of itx- ty (60) days, which need not- be continuous, at the 1 seat of government every two, years on -.the fir«$ Monday In February of each odd numbered year until said time be changed, by Ia\Y. - The members of ,the, General Assembly shall receive as<thelr salary the turn of Twenty-four Hundred Dollars <»2,4PO,QO), , except the Speaker of the JHouse of Representatives, who shall •• receive as * his salary Twenty- five Sundred and FJfty Dollars <<«,- B5000), ,for eaph period pt- f two (2) years payable, at such time and • In such manner as the General Assertv bly n»ay.determine; and.in addition to em* salary the members ot the r General • Assembly shall receive Ten- Cents UOc) per mile foe .each' m(l«,, travelled In. going < w and yeturnlh^ from the seat ot government over the most direct and-practicable route; and provided, further that when, said members nr« required to attend "»n extraordinary or special session, cj the General AssemWyi they shay re- ?elvo In addition to salary herein provided, Va» s«m of ,. Twenty IJollar« ($80,00) pwday for each day they are required to attend, and mile* ago, at'toe same rate Herein provided. " ' ~' : SECTION S.. There Is hereby created • Joint ad interim committee o»,th.e General Assembly to be selected from Its membership, as may b.e provldw •to law, for the purpose of conducting research Into 1 governmental problems and making audits of State agencies, Til* XJeneral Assembly »h»}l ffif the amount of per 41em and expenses ojf committee member* »nd 'tie compensation and expenses erf th* ommlttee's employees. SECTION 9. (a) The General As- embly shal} from time to time p.ro- ••••i Jor tt»« salaries a,nd compens*' .. ol the justices of the' Supreme urt and for the salaries «nd ex- HBCS of ti»e judges of .the Circuit 000 Chancery Courts Pi this St»te; " " • that sucJv salaries and com- of the^ justices, o* , ft« C . QU /J *i n 5- th * &$**£ LEWIS - McLARTY'S HARVEST STARTS THURSDAY MORN!NG-8:30...BE HERE EARLY!! 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Co-hostesses are Mrs. Leonard Ellis and Mrs Gus Haynes. The Friday Music Club will mee Thursday night. October 28, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Harold Hall. Poplar Grove 196, Woodmen Cir DRIVE IN THEATRE • FINAL NITE • FIRST HOPE SHOWING! IT'S SILVANA'S FIRST AMERICAN-LANGUAGE HIT! Adult Entertainment SILVAN A MANGANO The Fiery beauty of 5 Continents! - AND VITTORIO G ASS MAN • Thurs. & Fri, ; « le members, juniors and drill earn will motor to Teicarkana. 'hursday night for the Southwes- ern District Convention. Saturday October 30 Brookwood School will sponsor Halloween Carnival Saturday night. They will serve a spaghetti Upper beginning at 6 o'clock. The carnival will start at 7:30. Paisley school carnival is scheduled for Saturday night from 5 until B o'clock. Supper will be served in he lunchroom beginning at 5 p. m. This tarnival is sponsored by he P. T. A. An invitational Halloween dafle* will be 'held at the Country Club Saturday night, October 30. Dr and Mrs. A. L. Hardage' and fir and Mrs. Emmett ^Thompson ara hosts. ests to the serving table. Mrs. Gib- Son Robertson and Mrs. Henry P. Robertson Jr., served the indivldt- Norma Jean fisivid, Richard McEt- roy, Lelanfl Pant,t)ayid Lewis, lie- fa Callicott, Bert Walkei% Jtortald tial cakes and punch. Mrs. Jim'Walker, Larry Powell, (Jary Po- Robertson was in charge of the = well, Charles Dudley, Barbara Po- guest book, Others assisting at the well, Charlehe Wiggins, and the The Junior Misses of Poplar (rove 196, Woodmen Circle, will have a Halloween parly on Saturday night, October 30, at 7:30 in the W O. W. hall on Walnut street. Sunday October 31 All Wesley Club members who plan to join in the UNICEF Halloween Drive are requested to meet in the church kindergarten at 4:30 o'clock Sunday aftrnoon, serving table were Mrs. Oeorgo Murphy and Mrs..Jack Fielding. Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Fielding wore bronze pom pom corsages. All bther numbers of the house party wore single white gardenias in their hair. Approximately 150 guests attended the reception. Among the out of tdwn guests were:Mr. and MrS Coy C. Waldron, Fairlawn, New Jersey; P. A. Toilett, Mr. and MrS Perry TOllett, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Corbell. Mrs. Wiley Jones a:%' Billy, Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shirley of Nashville; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Webb, Mrs. Robin O'Dell, Billy Bohannon. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Mendenhall, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Floyd and Mrs. James L. Lessel, of Mineral Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hicks, of Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. David Coy Cook, Mrs. Ed Cook, of Lewisvllle; Mrs. Earl Sigler, Arden, Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mack, and Joseph C. Waldron, Kansas City, Missouri; Miss Juanita Waldron, Lawton, ma; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Green, Ozan, and Mr. Ervin L. Waldron Fulton. wo supervisors, Mrs. Nettie Wig i ;ins and Mrs. Pat Faris. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Robertson Celebrates Colder? Wedding Anniversary . Mr. and Mrs. Henry Perry Robertson, Sr., entertained with a reception at Hotel Barlow Sunday, October 24, from 3:00 'to 5:00 p .m. in celebration of their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson were married October 20, 1904, at Center Point. Arkansas. For the reception Mrs. Robertson chose a navy afternoon dress with satin Ltrim and • pinned an orchid at her shoulder. • Guests were greeted at the door by Mrs. Doris Dunn and introduced to the receiving line which included Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, and their eight children: Mrs. Oscar Tate; Tex'arkana; Mrs. Oscar Greenberg, Hot Springs; Mrs. Harold Stanley, Jackson, Mississippi; Fred, of Hope; Henry Perry, Jr., Timpson Texas; Gibson, ' of . Little Rock; Clyde and Jim Robertson of Houston, Texas. Mrs. Dunn's corsage was of white gardenia's and tube oses. ' . . . The serving table was covered with an imported lace table cloth over gold satin, The flower arrangement was. gold mums'interspersed with bronze and gold pom : poms', interwoven With gilded gold, wedding bells further carrying out the theme. The arrangement .Was flanked with three branch -crystal candelabra holding gold candles. The three tiered wedding cake; was decorated in gold and green and had a miniature bride and groom and '50th Anniversary; 1 • on -the top tier. - •"' ': . '*. '• -'. Mrs. Fred Robertson and Mrs. Clyde Robertson directed the gu- Cosmopolltan Club Meets Tuesday In Broach Home -The Cosmopolitan Lou DenVie G. A-s ' Meat Monday On Monday afternoon, October 25, the Lo\t Demie Junior G. A. ot the First : Baptist ChUffih met at the church to continue their work on Community Missions and For« ward StejSs. It Was announced that the next meeting would be held Monday, NoVembejJ 1;. in the home of Jean Page, 606 Johnson street, at 4 p. m. The title of the program will be "What the Road Signs Say," and the following will take part: Dora Ann King, Sandra Galloway, Jean Page, Tommye Power, Mary Allct» Caston, Mary Virginia Bowden, Kathie Barr and Sharon Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Entertain With pinner At 6:00; p.; m., Sunday, October 24, Mr. and , Mrs. Henry; Perry Robertson Sr., entertained all ol their family with a turkey dinner at White s Cafe. There were 35 present. Other dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Webb., Mineral Springs; Mrs. William Edwards Nashville: Mr.-, and Mrs. Coy C. Walden, FairLajVn, .'/New Jersey and, Mrs. ' Club met Tuesday evening, October 26, in tha home of Mrs. R. L. Broach, with Mrs. L. B. Tooley as associate hostess. Mrs. Lawrence Martin, president, presided over the short bus iness session. Mrs.. Virgil Keeley presented Mrs. Ed Dunlap of Nashville, who reviewed "The Mind' Alive" by Overstreet. Refreshments were served to Id members'and one guest, Mrs. Dunlap. Mrs. Ed Dunlap Presents Book Review at P. E. O. Meeting Chapter AE o£ the P. E. O. Sisterhood met Tuesday afternoon, October 20, at the home .of Mrs. Jim McKenzie. Arrangements of roses and celosia were used in decorating the living room. • . . The president, Mrs. McKenzie. conducted a short business session. Mrs. W. Y. Foster, chairman of the Cottcy College committee, gave a report of the tea given for the girls of the Senior Class of Hope High School on October 12, Mrs. F. C. Crow gave the treasurer's report. For the program, Mrs. E$l Dunlap, a member of Chapter AM of Nashville, presented a review ' of "Snowflake" by Paul Gallico. The hostess, assisted by Mrs. L. D. Springer, served a salad plate with coffee to the members'and guests, Mrs. Dunlap, Mrs'. Lynn Harris and Mrs. Virgil Keeley, Still On// lot Millions Always Carry TUMS! Turns relieve gai, heartburn, acid indigestion in record time. No water, no . mixing—take any* where. TUMS FOR THI TtMUtT •DODGE Has Done It BETTER WAIT! FLAIR - FASHIONED.. .Coming Nov. 17 B, R. H AMM MOTOR CO. WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY ALL DAY NOVEMBER 1st Junior W> O. W. Circle Has Halloween Party The Junior members of Poplar Grove 196, Woodmen Circle, met Tuesday night, October 26, in the W. O. W. Hall on South Walnut street for a Halloween party. Pictures were taken of the group, and games were played. Square dancing followed. Booths were set up and each member's fortune was Refreshments of iced drinks and cookies were served to Linda Ro ; gers, Sharon Faris,. Pam Aslin, Gorgeanne Lowe, Jo Ann David. Pamela Faris, Jerry 'Rothwell. Betty Beard, James Boyd, Iris Cannon, Perry Boyd, James Powell, Janey May, Jo Carolyn Lewis, Penny Roberts, Freddy Smith, JoAnn Turnage, Danny Powell, Workers ' Su'h'd'a^f School Class '' Meets Mrs.'Gradjf H^irsCbhmn'd Mrs. Le i| :Smi.th Wet e . hbstes'ses : to the Workers Sunday; ' School;; Class o the Garrett'MetnOriai Baptist Chur ch on Tuesday night; C October 26 in the home ,]of Mrs/ Hairstoh. The meeting \yas:operied with thi singing of a- hymn,: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus:" Mrs. B. M Hazza*4 led in -prayer. An inspirlni '' - r was ''giyen; by -Mrs. Smi th from the 49th • chapter of Gen esis. Mrs. Dalton 'pragoo; presiden conducted a short, business session During the social: hour, the hos tesses served icfieshments to 1 members and one Visitor The next meeting will be heli m the home of Mrs. Gladys Ton nemaKer, with Mrs. IVory Robert. as co-hostess. Oglesby 4-H Club Organized A 4-H Club was organized o: Tuesday, October, 26, at Oglesb; school, and the following officer were elected: Piesident, Carroll Rowe; vice presidj&lflAcea Rogers; secretary Charles Brown; song leader, Vott me Edwards; reporter, Sammj Stewart; Vonnie Edw^rjls, led $He group In singing "Aitjerica;',' afterwhich th group was divided! The boys forestry sa ety, tractor* care -and cattle. Th gnls made plans, for the jfear. Mri Wylie, , »a\ counselor, asked eag girl tp bfirigU'wo state license pla. es to 'the 1 next meeting which wi be on November* 23.' ' ' Coming and Going Mrs R. D. ' Moore and daughter Charlotte, Mrs. W. L. Dfcxon, Mrs Jewel Moore, Sr , and Mjs. Char ley Tate motored fp Little Rock a Tuesday to see the" Jae JJolhes. i > r *f>j} yo ». 1 ^ A , ffvji- * r- ' Hospital Notes Branch ' Discharged: Mrs. S, K.'May, R 3, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. D. A. Maroon Rt \, Hope, Mr. E. P. Martin. Rt 1, Fulton, Discharged: Mrs. Amanda Ro geu, Rt, 3, Hope. j NOW.. ..ANP SAVE! All the employees of the B. R. Horqm.Motor Co., and their wives will attend the showing in Little Rock of the NEW 1955 PQD£E, Monday, November 1 st, DODGE Hos Done It... Better Wait! AnH-Reds Have * Mexico Posters ClT¥ «& — the antf- ommiinists have fin edge ih the atlle of the ijosters here, The battle, tetveen anti Commu- rt posters and the leftist who teftr iem down, ts fought over th-: uatemslan question. Hundreds of osiers, purporting to depict dun emalart atrocities in the time the Red-tinged government iere, have boen appearing daily. y the folloMrig morning. But the e mutilated and illegible, ut the ext day fresh ones are up. By now the Communists have bttndoned efforts to tear them aJ own, Ocassionally they will crawl "Yanaiil propaganda" in lue pencil on the posters, but it « a- weak effort, The posters now o up and stay up until they are overed by a 'hew crop. LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 6 appointments for the working girls Latest Half Styling Phone 7-5850 112 S Main Rilth Hoelscher Janell Roberts REG, 12 SIZES ! 0 Get these fine Dorothy Gra> Winter Lotion* now . . . before winter roughens your slciil * * . ftnd be nioney ahcatl, tool HUSTfRY WEATHER LOTION, a top to toe body imoother. Counteracts chapping, fcelps keep akin soft all tvinter. 12-oz. bottle. IPICIAl PRY-SKIN IQTION. Doubles 95 powder base. 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