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Eldon, Missouri
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State tax decision Mounting appropriations have exceeded the capacity of the state government's general revenue tax structure 1 to meet revenue requirements, making a tax increase, probably a large one, likely, Missouri Public Expenditure Survey said in a report released Wednesday. Appropriations for general purposes this fiscal year exceed revenues by $67 million- million for operating purposes and $35 million for capital outlay, the report said. The deficit is being financed this year from an accumulated balance, but next year a continuing source of additional tax revenues REAL ESTATE Grandview Investment to Darrell Havener and wife, 176 acres in Sections 26, 27 and 35, Township 41, Range 13. Roy McNeely and wife to James Hatfield and wife, 140 acres in Section 18, Township 40, Range 14. Inez W.

Mudd to Marge Gilmore, et al, part of southwest quarter of southwest quarter, Section 32, Township 40, Range 15. George Schulte and wife to Albert E. Hegg and wife, parcel in Section 3, Township 41, Range 15. Zilphia Luttrell to Floyd De Graffenreid and wife, 21.9 acres in Section 29, Township 39, Range 14. Lee Mason and wife to Mary P.

Wood, Lots 7 and 8, Block 14, Jemphreys Division, Aurora Springs. Porter Gibbs and wife to Juanita Daugherty, three-fourths of an Section 23, Township 42, Range 14. Harold Reichel and wife to Davenport and wife, Lot 60, Block 11, El -Donna Subdivision. Inez W. Mudd to Clint Johnson and wife, part of southwest quarter of southwest quarter, Section 32, Township 40, Range 15.

Victor Wilde and wife to John Stuckenschneider and wife, part of Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Ortbals First Addition, St. Elizabeth. Bobby Morrow and wife to Millard Scott and wife, 8 acres in Section 1, Township 28, Range 13. Delbert Imler and wife to Raymond Deppe and wife, tract in Section 14, Township 40, Range 13. Leslie Wisuri and wife to Jere Wilmering and wife, Lots 16, 17 and 25, Lake Village Subdivision.

Darwin Hendry and wife to Ora Wyrick, et al, parcel in Section 23, Township 40, Range 14. Donald James Peckron and wife to Phillips and wife, Lots and 8, Block 4, Thornsberry's Beach Subdivision. Ephraim Atwood and wife to Jack Myers and wife, 125 acres, Section 18, Township 41, Range 15. Raymond Enloe and wife to Julian Wood, Lot 10, Block 1, Glo's Addition, City of Eldon. Sherman Abbett and wife to Kenneth Abbett and wife, parcel of land in Section 26, Township 40, Range 13.

Loyd Gene Gamphor and wife to Aubra Johnston and wife, 1 acre Section 3, Township 41, Range 15, A. J. Schulte and wife to Nile F. Stone and wife, part of southwest quarter of southwest quarter of Section 22, Township 41, Range 15, Don Farnham and wife to Lena Miller, Lots 2 and 3, Block 5, Lombar's Second Addition, will have to be found 1 to finance the level of expenditures that has been reached, the report said. Any above-normal expansions of state services, will additional further revenue enlarge re- the quired, the report said.

Such expansion, it noted, is embodied in proposals being put forward to provide greater aid for schools with economically disadvantaged pupils and to share school costs on a 50-50 basis between the state and school districts. Supplying state aid in an amount equal to present local tax revenues would require, added state expenditures approximating $90 million annually, the study said. In future years it would cost more. Several other expansions may be in prospect, the report said. It noted that formation of additional junior college districts coupled with mushrooming enrollments may bring faster than normal increase in state aid to these institutions.

The federal government is turning over more of the cost of medicaid to the state government. And the state government is considering providing education for a larger number of medical students. The report also noted that, without an accumulated balance, revenues will also have to be provided to finance the state's building program. From $20 million to $60 million annually has been appropriated for this purpose in recent years, a total of $213 million in the last 10 years. The amount placed in the state budget for building purposes will need to be substantial, the report said, regardless of whether current revenues are utilized or a bond issue is employed.

If a bond issue plan is adopted, revenues will have to be provided for interest costs, which are at a high level, as well as for debt retirement, the report pointed out. The report said it is too early to determine the precise amount of revenue the state government will require, but that it seems apparent that the amount will be substantial and that a major source of revenue will be needed. Taking into consideration the taxes Missourians pay to all governments, the report said, the most logical choice for a principal source of added revenue is the sales tax, Missourians, the report said, are paying 12 timsales much in income taxes as taxes. Of the taxes paid by Missouri taxpayers, three--income, property, and sales- -emerge as major sources of revenue for general government purposes, the report said. The income tax, which is largely pre-empted by the federal government, accounts for 67 per cent of taxes paid by Missourians.

The property tax, which is BOOKMOBILE STOPS The Thomas Jefferson Library System bookmobile schedule: FRIDAY, SEPT. 27: St. Elizabeth, 9:30 to St. Anthony, 11:30 to 12:30 MONDAY, SEPT. 30: Mary's Home, 9 to 9:30 Tuscumbia, 10 to Wm.

Huhman home, 12:45 to 1:15 p.m.; Ulman, 1:45 to 2:15 p.m.; Brumley, 2:30 to 3 p.m.; Keethtown, 3:15 to 3:45 p.m. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 2: Sherrill's Store, 9:30 to 10 Iberia, 10:30 to 3 p.m. HELLO ELDON: Homer Abbett, Eldon, was welcomed to Chicago by pert Sharon Kristie, official convention greeter. The local businessman was in Chicago to attend the annual Mobil 011 convention at the Palmer House Hotel.

Over 1,000 dealers and their wives, from all over the country, wholesalers and Mobil Oil Corp. executives attended the Sept. 19-21 convention, the first to be held in Chicago since the yearly meetings began in 1957. A series of business panels focused attention station on problems confronting the nation's 250,000 service dealers. Entertainment included a fashion show for wives and show featuring show business headliners Phil Ford and stage Mimi Hines.

TAXES PAID BY MISSOURI TAXPAYERS TO FINANCE LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT 1968-69 FISCAL YEAR (Amount and Percentage) 523 MILLION PROPERTY 9.8 290 MILLION GENERAL SALES USE 3.6 BILLION 5.5% INDIVIDUAL CORPORATE 196 MILLION INCOME PAYROLL TOBACCO ALCOHOL 3.7% 67.5 283 MILLION HIGHWAY USER 5.3 442 MILLION MISC. 8.3 almost exclusively a local government tax in Missouri; -accounts for 10 per cent. The sales tax, which is the state government's largest tax source, accounts for 5.5 per cent. An additional cent of state sales tax would yield about $100 million while an increase of about 75 per cent in the state income tax would be required to yield that amount, the report said. It is sometimes contended, the report noted, that sales tax should not be utilized as a revenue source because those with lower incomes expend proportionatley more of their income on items to which the tax applies.

That contention loses significance, the report said, when the sales tax is considered in the context of all taxes, rather than in isolation, because it is a minor element in the way the total tax structure affects taxpayers. By far the greater part of total taxes is paid in the form of highly progressive income tax rates, the report said. The report said that the state government's quest for more revenue will be against a background of the recent federal income tax increase, increased social security taxes, rising property and other local taxes and considerable inflation. It noted that social security taxes are scheduled to increase again in January. it said, "are cogent reasons for the state government to exercise restraint in establishing the level of expenditures for the coming year and in taking actions that will affect state expenditure level in the future." Total taxes paid by Missouri taxpayers have more than doubled in.

the last 10 years, the report said, having risen from $2.8 billion in 1958 to $5.3 billion this year. Taxes now take 35 per cent of personal income in te state compared to 27 per cent 10 years ago, the report said, TILTON S. LONG DIES AT BRUMLEY AT AGE OF 97 One of mid-Missouri's oldest residents, Tilton Serville Long, 97, died Sunday, Sept. 22, 1968, at his home in Brumley. He had been a resident of the Brumley community all of his life, and, for the most part, had been engaged in farming there.

He was born near Brumley March 5, 1871, He wa married April 2, 1896, and he and his wife, Alma Arvilla, observed their 70th wedding anniversary six months before her death on Oct. 9, 1966. They were the parents of six children, one of whom, a daughter, Agnes, died at the age of two years. As a young man, Mr. Long joined the Christian Church.

He was a member of Brumley Christian Church at the time of his death. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Beatrice Miller of Iberia; four sons, Willard L. Long and Millard S. Long of Jefferson City, Ralph Long of Brumley, and Ray Long of Eldon; eight grandchildren; and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Funeral services for Mr. Long were held at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Christian Church in Brumley with the Rev. L. Freeman officiating.

Burial was in the Robinett cemetery, Pallbearers were Johnny Porter, Kent Crane, James Long, Serville Long, Marvin Davis, and Eddie Miller, Arrangements were under the direction of Walter Hedges Funeral Home of Brumley. State General Revenue Fund Appropriations 1958-59 and 1968-69 Fiscal Years $592.320.270 Total $322.039.852 Education Mental $74,308.243 Health 5196.010.816 $87,563.032 Welfare 819.814.134 All Other $108.409,149 195800 1968-69 Per Cont Vane Fiscal Year Increase TED RATED AAA The One Best of Weeklies America's ABC, ELDON Advertiser SERVING THE. LAKE OF THE OZARKS AREA MILLER COUNTY OFFICIAL LEGAL PAPER AND MISSOURI AMERICAN PRESS NEWSPAPER SERVICE, REPRESENTATIVES mps ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES Entered as second-class matter on June 11, 1894, at the post office at Eldon, Missouri, under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Published by THE ELDON PRINTING Eldon, Mo. 65026 WALLACE G.

VERNON, Publisher -MADOLYN MCFARLAND, Editor DISTRICT SCOUT CONCLAVE HELD MONDAY NIGHT A district Scout conclave with Scout leaders from Versailles, Eldon, California, Iberia and Cole Camp participating, was held in the upper elementary building in Versailles, Monday night, Sept, 23. Bill Schupp, district Scout executive with headquarters in Eldon, served as chairman of the meeting and in his preliminary remarks outlined the purposes of the conclave, as follows: 1. Develop close harmony and understanding between chartered institutions and the local council. 2. To understand the of the Boy Scout movement and how Scouting can help each institution meet its objectives for youth.

Receive up-to-date information about national and local Scouting programs of emphasis, and objectives. Exchange ideas on the uses and integration of Scouting into their youth programs. Improve institutional sup- Lake group on Bagnell (continued from page the towns lying along old Hwy. 54; Better turnoffs with left turn The possibility of electric signals; Renaming old Hwy. 54 (the route) as Recreation 54 or Business than U.

S. 354 as it was designated new 54 bypass was opened. Speed limits. The committee met Friday night to late its presentation to Highway representatives. Included on the committee are mayors of the four towns in the Williams of Lakeview, Charles Lakeside, T.

DeGraffenreid of council and district organization and program, 6. Obtain the help of presently chartered institutions in organizing the whole Scout family and additional Scouting units in theirs and other like institutions. 7. Be recognized for their effective use of the Scouting program and their assistance to the Scout council or district. The keynote address was given by the Rev.

Walter Simpson of Eldon, whose theme was, "Strengthening the Great Partnership." A film, "The Institutional Representative," was shown. The scope of the conclave includes Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorers. At the close of the session a "problem session" was held, during which each leader was asked to describe Scouting in his particular city. Injured in accident at building site A mortar man was injured in an accident at mid-morning Wednes at the site of Southwestern Bell Telephone new building under construction at North and Oak Sts. Frank Leishing was taken by ambulance to Still Hospital, Jefferson City, He was mixing mortar on ground on the north side of the building when a scafford jack fell some 30 feet, striking him on the head.

LAKE OZARK LIONS WILL CONDUCT BOY SCOUT DRIVE Eugene E. Gamble receives certificate of achievement Eugene Gamble, of the Gamble Distributing of Osage Beach has received a graduation certificate of achievement awarded by the Scotts Technical Institute of Marysville, Ohio. Included in the week long school attended by lawn specialists from 16 states were classes devoted to the identification and control of weeds, insects, and diseases, latest cultural procedures and the newest scientific lawn equipment, Instructors were the research men of Scott and Sons. Gamble joins the more than 2,700 registered lawn counselors trained at the unique institute. Mrs.

Gamble accompanied her husband and visited friends in Columbus, Ohio, TREE REMOVAL and topping; evergreen trimming; power spraying, lot clearing, Licensed, Bob's Tree Service, Eldon, Mo.392-4598, 21-1 3. 4. 5. will take suggestions dam bypass to state 1) and Marion Clayton of Lake Ozark; Bob Cochran, president of the Horseshoe Bend and Robert J. Shaidnagle, executive director of the Lake of the Ozarks Assn.

lanes; KEEP SAFE DISTANCE EX. 2-6107 Me Daniel Cleaning and Supply JANITORIAL SWIMMING POOL SUPPLIES SOAPS PAPER CHEMICALS ELDON, MISSOURI September 24, 1968 Dear Friends: Having sold my business, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your past patronage and for the kindness and friendship that you've shown and given me. Friendship is a wonderful thing, and I feel that I've gained lots of wonderful friends among you over the past years. I sold my business to a couple of young fellows whom many of you may already know. Their names are Gene Payne and Ron Butts.

They will continue to call on you, and I feel sure they will serve you well. To those of you who still have an unpaid balance, I would appreciate it if you could pay it soon so that I can get my books and everything cleared up as soon as possible. Purchases that were made up until the seventeenth of this month are payable to me and those made after that date are payable to Ron and Gene, who haven't changed the business name. Statements will be sent by both the new owners and myself so that you will know to whom to pay what. Again, I want to say a big "Thank You" for your past patronage and confidence in me, and wish you all the very best in the coming year and all that Singerely yours, beys are Roy H.

McDaniel The Lake Ozark Lions Club again will conduct the local annual Lake Ozark Council, Boy Scouts of America fund drive for the Lake Ozark area commencing with a kick-off dinner Wednesday, Oct. 2. Robert J. Miller is 1968 finance chairman. Bagnell Dam 54 rather when the formuCommission Brown; the area--C.

T. Wilson of Lakeland,.

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