Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1894
Page 3
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A RETIRED BUSINESS WOMAN. A Page From Her History. THE ELECTBIC LIGHT. The- Impiircmt oxnorlonrcs of others nro nt.Ti'-silrw. Tho following la no uxcupllon: I li:id IHII-II tri>ul>lo<l wltli lionrtcli-jinu.ij.il .--i.rs miirh of tluvt lit™ very seriously, ror VI- VOIIIN 1 w.-i*tniMi-cl by 0110 pliysli-lun rim- , inat wo niive mnhnsly. I was In business, bit obliged to • Report of itaa Committee HbawtDK Tb«c tue Clir C«M Hare * 10.000 Per Year. The special electric light committee made Us report Wednesday evening. By that report it la shown that the city can get Its light free thus saving $10,000 per year and that at the same timo private consumers uan be fur- nlshed at one- half the present rate. •No booda will bu issued, tho city being able to pay for the plant in five yoara with the aama payments made for thy last flvo yours lor lic nt - ' l '°° following- is tho report: To»li« Hon. Major ami Monitors of the Cuuncll: Gouuutnon: Your Kiecirlc Light Uurmuiiiuo 10 wnom was referred tue mutter of preparing plnnu and epeoiti- oauons lor tue uruuuun of an electric light plant lo be operated und owned by the eity, would ruspocifully report " ir careful tnv68tlt[a- ri-uru on inn-omit of my lioallb. .- -<|.MMI tolil my friomls that I coiilil rot, 'imml.h. My foot mill limbs wcro bndly ".""'l-n -nidi VIM Imlooil in nsci-lous condition ivhi'.n ft Kimf.liimtm illrnctoil ny iitti-iilioii l» Hr Miles' New Hoar: Cure, null snldtliut liK -M.-r. who h.-Kl lx.ua iifllioti,-d wlrli licurl. tll>~ r:i..r, hail IH.-I-II cui-cii by tlie remedy, mid W! "J :i:.-,-iln ft strong, huiilUiv woman. 1 ])(ii'(:liasi'(l •i un.Uituf tin) Heart Curu. awl '» '^ ""!' M, lioiir artor tnklnjr tho llrst doso I eoiiKI f.-i-l ;i di-cliloil Improvement In tlioiMreiilalloij ,,f i,iy blo,xl. Wlion I Imd taUen throo lies*-; ( -,,iilil move my ankles. sonii'tliiiiK 1 null n<• doni! for niont.li».]iii(l my llmlw had been r.wol- Irn -f> loni: that they suurnod almost ]int rim-il. lii-fiirn I h;id t.-Uii'ii one bottle or Mio !Si-w ll.-itrt'Cun. the t-wellliiB lm<l nil l-'ouo down. | with V. dII was so nni.:h better that Idld iny own , work -On my nsromtnuiKhnloii .-i" others are. inking ih,l» viilu;iblc> roim.'<ly."-Mrs. Jl(Wi", :3t«i W. Hiirrl-viri St., Ohlca^o. 111. •l)i- Miles' New llewt.Ciire, a<lisCovr>rypf an • •minontsnt-cliillst. In heart diseiiM'. i«sold by i '-eel to mas wo na»o mmi ^i«>~.-- —-- •A" jihy- ! 'lion prepared plans and specifications >I livo'i ou for ado. Home" and bi» jig flaming 1» only excelled by Kitty Morton, who is an expert. Clever song* are Introduced by Mr. O'Brien and Lillian Ward, a aoubretta Special attention Is given to acenio and mechanical effects. A. large crowd cheered the play yesterday and last night ns enthusiastically as if it were a new attraction ALFONSO CAUGHT IN THE ACT. ' » I Me Heal C'o.,EIkli!iPi, lnd.,(iM ; ivo'int. ofnrlei-. Jl p<jr bottle, six hollies for I ha |f •:,. o'.Jpre-i iirei.ald. It Is positively Iron from nil oni.itt.-s or dilute emus ilrus> It's the Part of Wisdom. Tltmw ninv he li:irl and nim:cy ulo-o tint vi- '' . ) .. mid will, at VKIT clns' IlKiira- to «rt ihf money. Cuine :m.l sw what yon can dd wltli llttlo raiint-y. I am nnxl""" Ul so " llc " an!y watolk-s lint "tlH-r awl*. i.la«n'ii'l.-i. ClutHs. allverwar... S|,.-.'lad.-.-, and Novvltlw. I am »pnirorlli.'l.ytl"biir«iin.l 1,^0^., Clndni.atl Ohio. Call and Sftia sinid! sani|ili«. I). A. HAUK, JKWKI.Ktt AND Ot'TICAN. DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING. MAK H 9. Xresh fi-h at Rolbormol'H. Don't fail to hour the Dr. Tanner lecture tonight. To Joseph Nowmoyor and wife, of Spear street, a son i which wo now ouomlt to jou for adop I lion, und hope to bavo tho entire vote ol t-ils council in favor o( same aa we think ihat overy memoer should be d.oply intorosiucl in securing (or his • constituents a bettor light and more of It at a nominal oust. Compared with tho inferior light you got now, and illtlo of It, at an enormous cost which tbo city hud to con'end (or tbo , last olovun years, in that tlrnu nearly $90.000 for this inferior li«hting wo could hnvo had our own plant with double iho number of lights and havo paid (or it yours ago und nut cost tho city is sum of ifCIO.OOO This mpnoy wtsp'iidout monthly out of tho general fund. This, misjht have been used in making payment for llio purchase of cur own plant on the b»mu baeis an wt intend doiasjnow, thereby eecuring to th-i city an oloc rio light pUnt with double inn amount of lights and a savins of $10 000 a year. If any one doubts tho truthfulness of this statement your committee, can with cur- tsiinty show him that this could bars boon done. • But from i ho worninfT of tho parties int rested in the present plant. influences wore brought to boar on tho Council i« January, 1890 whereby they secured a contract from the city foi 'live years at tho exorbitant sum of $100 for each lamp per your, doublo tho amount that other cities were paying for lamps at that time. This contract alone on account of over charge lor light eoft tho city $25,000 calculating lights at $100 per year which should bo #>0, therefore you can judge what tho city will eavo In maklnc her own llRht when wo can dpmonstrato that it will not cost for lighting tho streets of tho city a dollar. To verliv this statement your Fifty cents f.jr *1 Oxfords, at tho Kraus a»»ipneo sale. Price muslin sheets and pillow cases at the Bao Hive. A sale on them today. Ladles' $1 Oxford ties 50 cents, at. tho Kraus assignment sale.— A. G. Jenklnes, assignee Money to loa» at the Cass County Bu'ldlng & Loan office, over Mrs. Marshall's book Btore. Fifty cents worth $1.60, sprlDgshlrts from reierve slock. See Otto Kraus' •ihow window.— A G. Jonkines. Come to the temperance meeting toilght and hear one ot the most Inter- e»Unf lectures ever delivered In Lo gantport. yto Other medicine baa equalled Hood'i Sarsaparllla in the relief it <rlT«» In severe cases of dyspepsia, giek headache, etc. '.Treasurer Hoffman has -announoed his candidacy for another term. Frank BUey is out /or tho democratic nomination foe Clerk. Dr. Tanner fasted forty days. During that time nothing paiaed In hii sjtVem only jure water. Come and hear nil lecture tonight. S«e the Trade Palace, BUOQ beautiful new iprinff dress goods, silka, sat, tlaei and white goods and trimmings. Only complete stock In the city. Otto E. Long; near Wheeling, met with a serious accident last week. While chopping wood the axe slipped and levered the leaders of his left HIT' LI7V^ll>T »••"« " Committee respectfully submits to you tbo following computation of roooipta and expenses estimated to run said plart, TUX FIHURW Cost otplunt for 180 arc lights and S.JOO lu(Mni!**sc«*nt liimpw .^ • Interest per jeur on Investment» P fl J „, 1 Krintoniient per jm'r at in per ' er' at "house $75 per 1 Kroper'iithouw t'O •p^mmitirZ 1 Kngmeer at house $75 lor four "Foil' 1 Brook", Detected t» U>« *** of Burelarr Gtri'Hthe foH>« t Win" uiid l« L.iided In Jail. It Is thought that a greater part of tho potty burglaries'which have been committed in Logansport will be sifted out by the apprebenHioo y outer , day norning of Alfoneo Brooks, a colored loafer and thief who has been no end of trouble to the police i.. times past. "Fon" was caught in the act of burglary. He was fairly taken by the police and will now likely got what he has so often escaped betoro, a term In tho penitentiary. A few minutes after 5 o'clock yesterday morning Officers Morris and Hiokoy, we--o standing OD the corner of Fifth and Market sfeets when they heard the crash of breaking glass. Looking up tbo street they saw a figure in the act of climbing into the door of Kreider's Hfth street erocory through the door, out of which the glas> had b«on broken. Tbo police mado a rush for tho spot and tho man hearing them coining jumped back and darted around the corner o to Broadway, running up tbo street at a record breaking speed. At tho first alloy ho turned, the policemen in lull chase, firing their revolvers as they went. Tho fuaailado amused that entire quarter of the city and many a night-capped head was poked through opened windows to ascertain tho cause of all these gigna of war. Brooks, for it wa^ ho, turned at tho intersecting alloy and ran bdck toward Fifth street, attempting to hide in tbo nooks 'and corners of the blind alley back of tbo ware houbos on F.ftb street. The police wore not easily thrown oil tho scont and Alfonso was nabbed and escorted to his old quarters in tho bastlle. . A discovery was made in a bar n on tho alley between Fifth and Sixth and North and Broadway yesterday which Implicates Brooks in the /. jit burglary a few nights ago. Brooks is wont to sleep in this biro. Yesterday there was found a quantity ot plunder, including whisky, tobacco, a cheese, etc. and a key stolon from /Colt's place. When Alfonso was captured he had his pockets full of clgare and his stomach full of whisky. During tho same night some oho broke a ,;lndow in the roar of Nelson & Myers' office and made themselves at home on the inside, the remains of a spread evidently made up largely of liquid refreshments being found in the pri. vato office of the lawyers. A BIO n»MAC!E SUIT. Adamago suit for $50 OuO was filed Wednesday in the buporior court 8t Indlanupoile Htralnst tho L E & W. company by Wi li»m Wright. Tho suit IB »n outgrowth of tho breaking down of th« bridcre near Peru a year af?o lust. January in wbich a patsseDgcr train wont'into tho W-.busb river killing and injuring .» numbor of people. Wright., who is a tr.ive.linfj sal. 8man, claims to havo smtiunod ecrious and i-ermanent injurio-j through tho ne£- liwnuo of the defendants. In JiD'iary 1893. bo was a resident of Indianapolis, und on January 16 bought a ticket to Peru, Tnil., over the Lake Erie & Western. He ;ivora that while the train was proceeding northward and when within a short dl-tanee of tho town of Peru, iho cur in wbieh ho was soati-d was thrown frO'Q the track, crashing through a br.dgu »nd injur ing him so-iou-,ly. Bufo.-o the ac-l- detit ho ivad able w aura a large «um of monf-y cauh year, but ho now al- legUM tnal ho ,$ piermanenlly Injured and is unnble 10 attend to has uess. Ho dumandi tho sum of $50.000 and all proper relief. Tho new Pan Han'. !e passenger station at Marion will cost $15,000 and will bo a credit lo tho city. Pun Handle pa^ent,"-r conductor Ki) Gardner is convjiloiicing f:'uiu a lonjj and tedious siK-.ll of ricknoss. Ono-haif of the ciiRincers who went out on a strike on the lvjhij;h ValiHy road. Novombor IS. havo been roin- of Four Reliable Prescriptions Are Nature's Great Nerve Vitalizers No other needed when these :ire properly supplied. When not provided, the nerves are robbed of vitality :ind immediately suffer. Sucli neglect continued throws the whole nervous system out of order—brings on Nervous Prostration and ;i Ions tniiii of terrible diseases! Now you'll undersum* when we say that wh:it these prescriptions nre to healthy nerves A* Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer ^ . is 10 nerves which have been starved, over-worked and deprived of sustenance. You need this Vitalizer if your nerves don't respond readily to Nature's restorers. It is the right thins for shattered nerves, and being right i> free irom harmful druRS. Price. $..oo a Bottle We offer $500 £SJ'« ™- - . coiii.iins Mo harmful dn:i; . .-in show th;ii ihis r.-mcJy . Opium. Cnf.iini 1 , or othe Free Sample for a.nvinoinR trial,** dni""i<ts. or if not foun.! at deafer! m.-.v^he oM.niuM bv writing us- x Close 50 (stamps) for postatje. If in doubt arni.l y our .^J" h ' e ' staw y0ur case end tlie Doctor will give free advice. All welcome. AUTJR.SS THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Albion, Mich. or 42 Dey Street, New York For Sale by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. N TED-GOOD WORKERS To Canvass Mitchell's Garment Cutting School. 600 ^ 5 per cent depreciation wear wi<l t<wron machlnerr ...................... *W In-ursnee perjw ..... ..... ........... — " J Incldenta » w th Jll waste ........... •;»•• *" Oo«]wnlituralgas.or lour months IJM ' "tuVeii'pM Wr _^M» IHCOMM. 3,000 incandescent lump at SGo '" mODtb A Friend of the Nc Mr. John K. Gowdy, chairman of the Republican state central committee. M an old newspaper man, fully appreciates the worth of printer's ink In politics, as well as in business matters. In his talk to the committee chairman, secretaries, candidates and others in the New Tremont hotel parlors yesterday, he urged his hearers to favor their home papers In all matters of printing. He reminded them that, while the commltteemen and others worked during the cam- palgn, the editor worked for the sue- cess of his party continually, not a day or a week passed but the home newspaper had something good to say (or his party; that it was ever ready to defend the party candidates against all charges. And from personal experience, In days gone by. he knew .that very often while the successful candidate was feeding on the choicest lecture was forcible, conclusive and stealcB an a rOM ts every day, the poor up to the times, creating a very vivid | edltor who was instrumental in impression on his audience. His sub- j g eour i D g the position for him, was con- jeot was "Loaded Clubs and Loaded tent ^ ( eas t on Uver. The county $13,500 WM. DOLAK. M. C. WADB, S. B. BOYEK, Eleotrlo light, committee. The Niamey Meeting". The attendance at the down town temperanje meetings last evening was large as usual, the capacity of the hall being fully tested. Mr. Stanley's General foreman Tbqs. An'tin tho Pan Handle shops, v.-is in IVru yesterday intending tho funeral of Judge Wai tar. The seventh international cn,il?r- once of tho rallrO'id department ol the Young Men'? Chri-suan a^oc'alion will bo huld in Nuw York city March 29 -April 1. Pan Hand a passenger train No. 21 was two hours and ten minutes late yesterday on account of iho engine breaking do.vn on one of the eastern divisions. Agent Newoll of tho Wabash reports tho sale of fifty tickets yesterday to Peru on uecojutof thu burial of Judgo Walker. But one lawyer Was among them, members of St. John's Com- raandery K. T., forming the bulk of ttio delegation. With tho taking effect of tho now time card the afternoon State Lino train will not stop at Elinor but run through to Pooria, making close con- nectione with tho T. P. & W. The Pan Handle will then have two through trains to Pooria. Local ticket agents report the sale of tickets to bo fairly good but not as good aa last year at this time. From all over the country comes the howl that sales of tickets to Chicago are less satisfactory than for many years due undoubtedly to '.he late fair. Pan Handle engineer Chas. Lee is recovering from the effects of being overheated while in the flre box of his engine a few days ago. The grates gave way and he was compelled to drop his flro to readjust them. He will .be ready for service in a Jew days. The Pennsylvania railroad's annual report shows fross earnings on all lines east and west of Plttsburg for the year to be $135.059.787 65; oper- atlng expenses. $95,491,55892; not earnings. $89.568,228.73. There weie 135,514 388 tons of freight moved and 85,152,089 passengers carried. The railway tax cases will come up in the Supreme Court at Washington nil ,-„ ' * "•' " ]p , a 1J(ir r., ( ,r tailor «v8t.ein. ^ a caU o« or E, Mitchell, 216 Third St.. Logansport, Indiana. Or, J. L. 'RICHARDSON. State A K '«.-nt, Indiauapolis, Ind. Of\LL ON Wf\LKER 6c Rf\UCH. 420 BROflDWflY, FOR flNYTHINO YOU WflNT IN .fifty cent* on the dollar of actual «oit li the A. G. Jenklnes assignee prloo for all classes of merchandise. fle* the Otto Kraus ipeclal displays /or priced The demand for the Journal's World's Fair Art Portfolios continues. Many are now getting number one. Knmber two Is out but a f re> h supply will be on hand tho first of next week. JDeteotlve John T. Norrl'i, wko was «onlned In the Peru jail has sent tho Sheriff of Miami county a meat chopper to that the prisoners will no long er be compelled to endanger their jaws on Miami county beef. The old house at the corner of Sev- eath and Broadway, the site of the contemplated new High school building, Is now on its way down the Seventh »treet hill, and will be lo- «ated on the city lot below Race street to be occupied as the Home of the friendless. It will be improved and Sited up in good shape for the pur- p««efl of thli charitable Institution. jeot _. Bottles" and upon thli line he presented some very plain object lessons. There were more than twenty names added to the list of pledge efgnera last evening. ' At tho meeting tonight Dr. Henry 8. Tanner will deliver bis popular leoture on his celebrated fait of 40 days at which time an admission fee of 10 cento will be collected at the door. ' ( The ivy «••«'Of the drama which will hold the boards at Dolan'n this evening the Indianapolis News of Feb. 27 said: That picturesque Irish drama "The Ivy Leaf" In which Smith O'Brien, a young comedian of much merit, has been starring for several year*, reappeared at the .P«k thrrtw at the matinee yesterday. Thero was also a night performfnoe. The chief beauty of tho drama, which is af the usual type of love and intrigue, virtue and villainy, is In tho Irish ballada which are Introduced and the clover dancing. Terrenoo O'Connor as Teddy, the piper, plays tbo bag pipe with good effect. Samuel Norton, sings with li dicrjus effect a long, "There are Momenta When One Wants to be at tent to feast on Uver. The county printing, so far as he Is able to do it, should be given to the home publisher.—Wabash Plain Dealer. A Nice Blr«Ud«y Present. Yesterday Ex-Councilman George W. Palmer celebrated the 45th annl. versary of his birth. In the evening he received a birthday present which not only pleased him beyond expression, but elevated him on his birthday to the dlgnlfled position of grandfather. This was brought about by the arrival into the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Bolt of a flne little girl b»by. Mr. Palmer's former alder- manlo colleague, ex-councilman Dr. F A.' Busjahn conveyed to Grandpa Palmer the official tidings of the ar- riyal of the little stranger, and the double birthday was duly celebrated. married. TraUng-Flllett, at the Baptist parsonage March 7, by Eev. W. H. H. Marse, Mr. John B. Trallng and Miss Ida Pearl Flllett, both of New Waverly, Ind. ^ Quaker headache capsuls give relief in ten minutes. next Monday. The Pan Handle is one of the roads chiefly interested In the case and Is one of tho Instigators of theauit. If the railways win freight trains several pick upa and short locals are in service and when business is , good have all they can handle. John H. Barnes, toaster mason on the Pan Handle returned from English Lake yesterday with twenty, two ducks and three geese which he had shot. Duck hunting is pretty good now and that favorable resort will Soon be well filled by Pan Handle employes. The Wabash will this year expend considerable money In replacing old bridges with new Iron structures. The contract has already been let for a new Iron bridge over Eel river at Logansport, to take the place of the wooden bridge, which has stood there since 1872.— Lafayette Courier. This will be news to the people of Logansport. The Wabash has no bridge over Eel river here and no wooden bridge over tho Wabash river. 9100 Howard, >100. The rwder of this paper will tw P. learn ttmtthen i« at IwwFone dmuM ience has been ahl* to cure In all Its Cure M>fCtal Notice. A8 I am desirout of relieving M* curing suffering humanity of catarrt, liver complaint, rheumatUm, dyspepsia, and all dlsea»e» of a nervoiw a»A debilitated nature In either sex. until March 25th, I Trill treat all afflittte* with the above diseases free of chart* with the exception of a Tery small fee in certain cases for medicine. I do this for the benefit of many p*»r •ufferera who are in need of tre»t»«it and are not able to pay my toMMr prices. J. W. MBRKOLL. M. D., D. M. * A»'t, 411 Broadway, Lo(fan«port, In*. the State of Indiana will be out an immense sum of money. The suit will consequently be hotly centasted on both sides. There are nlnoty-flve local Railroad Young Men's Christian Associations in the United States. The total membership in eitlmated at 23,000. About one-fourth of the expenses of the different associations is contributed by the employes of the roads and the balance of the expense is borne by the railroad companies. The Wabash Railroad company reports gross earnings for February of $862,915; decrease $167339. The New York and Ontario and Western reports for January, gross earnings, $257.099; decrease, $10.389; balance, $57,271; Increase, $15.283. Tho gross earnings of the Louisville and New Albany were $172,288; decrease. $47,326, It is estimated that local freight business on the east end of the Chi. cago division of the Pan Handle baa increased threefold in the last ten years. This Is chiefly due to the many Industries in the gas towns. In addition to the regular local FOR TRIA8URKB. 1 will be a candidate for Treasurer of the eltj of L5»nSpor£ lubject to tH« will of the Hepubll- inCltf Nominating Contention^ Loraniport. Ind., February 13, it can C1W Nominating Convention. Loganiport. Ind,, February 16,1894. •c More sickness is due to a nervous system, than all other caiMM combined. Dr. »Vhe«ler'8 NerTe.Tt- talizor acts directly on tho nerre •!•tern to restore perfect health. 8*1* by Ben Fisher. UmchlB* •**«• t» Kemp's Balsam will wop ihe oMf* «t once WONDERFUL! The Remarkable Cure of a» Arkansas City Street ;Com- misstoner. 1 had an stuck of La Grtpp* the 18Ui **_**^ oerober, complicated with WnsUlll*; *•»•«••• to my bed one w«*. Tb * phyaiclooa «««• •*• ^ My breathing was Tery labored ;h«d • aw*a«»« sensation at times; my cheat bad longa "•» *W Logsnsport, Ind,. March 6. J89< Handle Factory Wood for Sale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of tho city. Mail orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo St.. or P. J. Kimmer. After the ball Is over, aft* the tostt "«>. Aftertuedancers tewing, »"« «"> "»" "• to this irWaoias City, December 30th. 1891. Four "C" bas cure! Aathms, BronchlU». monlft, anrf Ulcerated Towllltn. In W™P°*«" li it DIFFSBENT, Is MORI rowiRFOi. and «mr» InfactlsasDIFFERKENTfrom any other kBC remedy M molasses Is different from rtnegat n IsaRKVELATIOS. BET OP "•'' ™ u «™ rasx The BSSKSCK of the contract l». ' JTDST GIVE SATISFACTION or monw BEN FISHER.

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