Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1894
Page 2
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USED BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. POND'S EXTRACT Subdues Inflammation. Checks Hemorrhages. Relieves PAIN Invaluable for Catarrh, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Piies, Chilblains, Sore Throat, Inflamed Eyes, Toothache, Earache, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Crip, Colds, Hoarseness, Bruises, Female Complaints, Etc. BOTTLES WITH BUFF WRAPPERS. SOLD ONLY F«c-slmil TESTIMONIALS: Erica SO Cents, / . ' — u I htwc , Mo. ot i-fdcci . 1 '— Dr. A, up knnwn t:s value piles, luutl.c priiux 1 ; in all I'onnsot hcm- ,. COLLINS, Came- Catarrh. Have been u constant sufferer lor yi-ars 1'roin severe colds in head ami throat. Tried most cvc-ry known remedy. 1'ond's Extract reliever! me v.-onriermUy, ;»mi liiiscnccted alinoM ;i Mdieal cure."-FREUj:KIC E. 1'IN'CK. New Yuri; City. &tov,O1j»O r^^/f G ic '" oplitl'.aiKiia. A_7CTJ *^ *— *j[ *"&* I like it sumueli for sore eyes."—Rev. M. JAMESON. _ — "I stronfrlv rci- I OlfTIf^flPCC nmrncnd Pond's L«CllllCIICO^» K, t r:ict forliimr- ncssand use ilcoiislantly."~MlCH.-\i;i. DONOVAN, N. V. AiLletic tlul). —" Pcmi's Extract li.-is benefit by our inm;Ui> in many cases of bruises, and lias ajwav-. proved very beneficial."-LII I I.E S1S TEKS OF THE POOK, New York City. f\ — "Had my left hand were! V Kl 11*11*5 burned, and IOM thn u'-n't *-"** «»O» it completely. Secured n— lief by use of Pond's Eitroct in ni-dvc hours."—Mrs. A. SHERMAN, New Vo:k Hemorrhages. —"Am troubled with Hcmorrhan<-s-f"'" lunpr«, and find Pond's Eitract ihc-mlv remedy that win control them." — <-> >'-u. W. WARNER, Summon, Fa, The Hnn. JOHN C. SPENCER, bte SMIT- aryof War and Secretary of the Treasury, wrote as far back as 1848 : " It is a remedy perfectly invaluable." Stnil for our Book (maiM free). It will tell you all about U. USE NO PREPARATION but THE GENUINE with OUR DIRECTIONS. MiXEfMCTURID ONMT I1V PQHO'3 EXTRACT CQHPANY, 76 Fifth Avenue. Hew York. Three daya Is a v^ry short ittne in which to euro a bad case of rheuir.a^ tl»m; but it o«n be done, if ibo proper treattneot is adopted, as will ba seen tythefollowing frrm JemesLambert, ojf N«w Brunswick III. "I *a» b»dlv afflicted wttb. rheumatlem In tbeblps Mid IBKH, when I bought a bottle of •hamberlain'a Palo Balm. It cured me in three dajrs. I am all right t«- d»y; and would insist on every one who Is afflicted with that terrible dls- ekte to u§e Chamberlain's Pain Bvlm Md (jet well at once." Fifty cent hot. tlei lor »ale by B. F. Keeslfng, dru^- «*•*' • What Will Oo It? Medical writers claim that the auc oeigful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non irritating, easy of application, undone that will reach the remote •ores arjd .ulcerated surfaces. Tbe history of the efforts to treat catarrh i» proof positive that only pno remedy has completely met thcoa conditions, and that Is Ely's Cnam Balrii. This Bale and plefcaant romedj ha* mastered catarrh as nothlnp etsu has ever done, and both phyetcians and putlcnt-i freely concede this fact. Our drupels keep It. The VMnB or coin*. | The value of gold coin Is In Its weight; the'value of silver coin is the fovernraent stamp en U The value of i Stminons' Liver Regulator is the relief, it '(fives from biliousness and sick headaoe. A 25-cent package of pow Her has permanently cured many a ene. ' We have heard men say "I would give $500 to have this approachlm? •baldnets arrested and u healthy growth Of hair produced." This desirable result Mil surely be brought abput at trifling expense by the use of the Excelsior Scalp Curer and Hair Pro. 4ooer to be sold byjigeou In this oUy. It your bead clem ? Have you a food grip on »U your Interests and a boundless energy. In your blood r You can fcave both If you observe the pre eautlon to take, when retiring for the night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans By i*«.time you get to work next day | you will feel as » you could u 1 : iraln Of oars. Be sure to get the small •fze. The Baby's Besi Friend—Motion's Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief and cures croup, colds, oollo, and par. tloularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. Keesling. Only 25 «enU p«r bottle. There are two totally distinct types in Japan, which mnv almost bo Haid to be each other's opposite. Tho first, which the Japunosv; thomselvbs call the Chinese or Corenn,- is the more common. Those belonging 1 to it have round faces, flat noses, full checks, rather thick lips—\rery pretty ones often—and very good white teeth. Those belonging to the second, or true Japanese typo, huve long 1 anil comparatively pale facen, now arched like the beak of a bird, thin lips, larpro eyes with not vary strongly markod eyebrows, teoth-moHtly pood, always very white, but often long and irregular. This is the aristocratic type, .which when at its best i» really worthy ot admiration. To' be called handsome a Japanese must belong to it, whilst those of the Chinese cast of countenance are never moro than pretty. Strange to say, the moral character of tho sections of tho community differs ns much as dbo« thwlr nppoaranoo. I have noticed that, us a general rule, those with Chinese faccH arc pay, liiuirhinR-and restless, full of careless' pood-humor, whilst the others arb silent, indifferent,' melancholy, sometimes even dismal"—Harper's Weely. Tin, Ag«d to tin) front. Do not lot the grandmothers any longrcr think they arc retired, and sit elcar back out of'sight from the world, feeling that they huvo no relation to it. The mothers of the last century are to-day in tho senates, the parliaments, the palaces, the pulpits, tho banking-houses, thu professional chairs, tho prisons, the aittishouses, the company of midnight brigands, the cellar's^ the ditches of this country. You have been thinking about the importance of, getting those 'two little feet on the right path. You have been thinking of your cftifd's destiny' for tho past eighty years, j'f It should .pass on to be an octogenarian' 1 That to well, but uiy 1 subject' sweeps'a thousand years,- a million years,.a quadrillion df'yeari 'I cannot stop »t on& cradle; I am looking at the cradles that roach all arpnnd th'o world and across all, times. I .am not ; writing of mother, c so .particularly In this article; I.am writing, of .grandmother.— T. DeWitt : Taln»ag.e, in Ladies' Jlome Jontnal. —Clerk—"Thjs is called the bureaTi trunk, and I think will suit you eic- actl.v. It " Customer—"It can'tbs fixed-so that you would havq to unpack it clear to the bottom if yould.puttho wrong things in first?" Clerk—"No, no; every trny is separate." "Well,. It wouldn't suit; it's for my wifa."—Inter. Ocoun —The British government nas Deen furnishing Muckingharo palace with an entirely n«w driiiniiKe system and has redecorated it inside and improved it generally. At present the palace, with its grounds, IK estimated to be worth $30,000,000, aside from its valuable i*rt collections. WAR AT EAGLE ENDED. Striker* Couf.r with Authorttlw ttnd Will Proliably Ro»nme Work. CDJUILKSTOS, W. Va,, March B.-iiy request of a committee from tho Ouited Mine Laborers, the organization to which till tho strikers belong, a conference wus held at Eagle between representative.-, of the strikers and the military and eivil authorities. The miucrs will probably re.Mmie. The operators all say that iv-nmption must be at a reduction. Company 1C, from thin c'ity, relurn.'d tu-.liiy. A (fairs are now regarded as scUii-d so far as riots are concerned. __ STRUCK bY AN ENGINE. Two \V»iiu,ii at Itirinluclitim, Ala., In- Juriul on ft llallroml Track. IAM, AUi., -March 8.—NOWB rcauhiitl lu-re that a south bound passenger train i>" tho East Tennessee, Virtfiiiiu <t ('tvrtfia, 1 mile south of Talludii, run down a buggy occupied by -Mrs. G. W. .' nctreas and Mrs. Strong-. Mrs. Strong was injured internally and will die. Mrs. Andreas wus seriously injured, The horse was instantly killed ami the buggy smashed to (pieces. . Stile of u Ilult Line. WEST Svi'KHKiit, \Vis-, March 8.—The Bolt Line niihvuy, vvliieli riin.s around the city stud coum:cls with the Dock mills and eievntors at the east end, baa been sold lo this Northwestern Coul Kiulway company, wli.ch io building' tho hirsjcst Coul dock iu the world on AliniUo buy, for »^."iU,OOU. It is claimed that thin is a move by President Hill, of the (Jreut Northern, to make connections with the mi;ls and elevators at the cast end. Lodger* Koutod Out. DICTIIOIT, Mich., March S.—Fire broke onl »t i o'clock a. in. in a building- on Cadillac square, the upper Hours of which tiro occupied by about forty neffro lodgers. It started, in the sccoud- story hallway and is believed to liavo been set afire. In the panic amoug tho lodgers Thomas Settle sprang from a third-story window to the pavement. He wus severely injured', but how badly is not yet known. The damufo was light. New countltutlon fur Uawall. WABUixaTos, March 8.—The- preai- dont on Wednesday sent to congreus the latest correspondence in relation to Hawaii, being three letters with in- closures from Minister Willis, covsring a period from February 10 to February 18 inclusive. The important feature of the correspondence is a statement that steps hare been tivken to provide for ft new constitution and new form of government for Hawaii. Furnnld Held far Trial. SAN FRANCISCO, March 8.—Walter Guy Furnald, the eastern crook who is accused of stealing $10,000 worth of diamonds from a pawnbroker here, lias been held for trial in 85,000 bonds, Mrs. Garner and her son, who were arrested with Furnald iu Los Angeles, were discharged, as they were innocent victims ol Furnald's schemes. IMml Aftrr Urlnktnir * Toalt. NEW YORK, March 8. —Five minutes after taking a tablespoonful of wine as a toast at a reception iu honor of the wedding engagement of his son, Joseph Backer, of Kusenbayn, N. J., died iu terrible convulsions. In accordance with Hebrew customs he was buried before sunset The cause of his death has not yet been determined. Mr. olmdplone la Better. LONDON, March 8.—A bulletin issued by the physicians in attendance upon Mr. Gladstone announces that the dls; tlng«ished statesman has improved in health. Mr, Gladstone's temperature wiiti said to be 99; there has been no Increase in the bronchial catarrh 'and his cough is quieter. . Jf» 'lime !!• Wa4 Han««d. COLVMUVB, O., March 8.—-John Gcsoh- vfilm killed his wife here Wednesday night, stabbing 1 her w.lth. a butcher kuifc because she would not live with him, he having refused to work. Five years ago he killed his brother and served a two-ypar term for it. OlobratlDK Nual.Uow'a Natal Dar. NEW YORK, March 8.—Oen. Neal Dow^ the champion of temperance, will be 90 years old March 20, and the event will be celebrated in this city by a great national meeting to be held in Carnegie Music hall on Sunday afternoon, March 18, at 8 o'clock. ID » B«««lT«r'i Hand*. NASIIVIM.I, Tenn., March 3.—The Nicholson hotel of.this city, one of the largest and best known in the south, has gone into: the hands, of a recelter in consequence of a bill filed to secure the payment of » mortgage of 190,000 beld by Louis A, Bath, of New York. CURREN1M5VENTS. Capt. Benjamin Thompson, of Kennebunkport, .Me., is dead. He was two months more than 100years old. John 0. Tangeman & Sons, millers at Talmage, Neb., failed Wednesday. Liabilities, J^O.OOO; assets, 19,000. Republican state executive committee decided tj institute suit to set aside tho Illinois senatorial apportionment. Dvunlten theatrical men of .-ival companies fought on a Wubiush train in southern Illinois. Several were hurt. Two hundred delegates from Michigan liaptist Sunday schools and voung people's bocieties are in session at Flint. Lewis II. Kvans, of Marcngo, O., sued the Lake Shore railroad for t'~f>,- 000 for personal injuries at Cleveland in ISil'J. Delegates from lioslon labor organizations met to form ;i nrw political party, The meeting ended in u biltur wrangle. Trial of the new battle ship Indiana at Delaware breakwater was successful bej'ond the expectations of the builders. Sugar refining shares again headed the upward movement in New York stocks, and scored a net advance of 'A% per cent. Catholic archbishops jm- i SMI ing diplomas to institutions that contributed to the success o£ Uu; world's fair educational exhibit. Cooperation of the Canadian government in suppressing the operations of the Honduras Lottery company in this country has been obtained by tin; pcist oflice department. PATRONS oF"lNDUSTRY. A SyuuiMli of Tlinlr I'lntlorin Adopted lit Toj.Kiio, O., March 8.—The Patrons of Industry supreme council on Wednesday adopted a declaration of principles which presents tho radical side of many Icadinfr economical questions of the day. The coalition of agricultural and labor organizations for political power was urged; woman suffrage indorsed; election of president, vice president and senator; by popular vote urged; abolition of all classes of middlemen, brokers, commission men, etc., recommended; postal savings bunks demanded: national bank issue of scrip denounced; recommends that greenbacks be issued to <:qual the valuation of the nation, increasing no faster than the wealth does; government ownership of all means of transportation demanded; manufacture and nale of all intoxicants denounced, and th» referendum system in all important legislation demanded. UlDKbniuloii Han » ItlK Fir*. BI.V-CHAMTO.V, N. Y., March 8.—Fire destroyed the old electric light plant on Noyi-s island and the four-story brick block adjoining, owned by K. 1'. Stephens ami occupied by C. B. Smith, Jr.,-ft Co., ci^ar manufacturers, and the Binghamton Lithographic company. Both buildings were entirely destroyed. Total loss, 875,000. Two Uli'a Drowned at Flttnljuruh. PITTMJUIMH, !'«-, March 8.—A boat in which were four men was swept over dtun No. 1 on the Monongahela river and two ol" the men were drowned. Tlie wife of one witnessed the accident from the shore and in her frenzy jumped into the river to drown herself, but was rescued. The meu Killed by an Klpctrlo Car. DENVER. Col., March -8.—Mrs. Sol Wertheim, wife of the oei-retiiry of the Hyman Importing company of ihisoity, was run down by an electric <';ir on Curtis street and kilien. TIM- ear was bowling along at a very rai<id rale. Vlolatnl t.hu Allru ijibur l,:\*v, Toi.KDO, O., Mareh s. —C. li. Choti- evert and C. Hoisverut, lumber mur- , chants of Quebec, Canada, w«r<- bound over to tho federal grand jury, under bonds of H,003 each, for alleged I Tiolations of the alien labor law. linn Klllid, rlvii Injured. RIIIOKWAY, 111., March S. —liy the explosion of an engine at George Kelly's •awmill Wednesday »ftf>rnoon diaries Caldwcll, engineer, and live other em- ployes were badly injured. 8ome of them will probably die. llntr) Iturnrd. PEAHDDV, Mass., March S. —The old Lvnntield hot,:!, with a dancing hall and a large stable, situated on the Newburyport turnpike, has been destroyed by tire. Loss about f2'J,OUO. Onilu, I'rovlmonn, Ktc. CHICAGO, Murch 8. FiiOi'K—Wsw in modnraio Cpm;tnd iuid sU'ttJy. Winter—!>»icnw, »s.d0^3.lj; »ir:iiKl;is, i l.BU: low Rrailus, H Wiil.VO. S]>rInR—Fatur.ty, SS.^Oj^.i.tW: Mlrrtk'hli*, H^.yiHi^il. AJ: l^iicra', ?1.7,"» ; tti'JJ; low criKlu.l. U.Wi»!..W; K« ! l Uo(t. s'l.^jj i J.ftU; Hyo, .:i<l*<»U.5tJ. • WHKAT— Modorau-ly active anj uuscIMcd Caan, OT^ii&Bv:*;: Mny, WTa^OO^t 1 ; .luiy, 01 '; t £ (,'uitN—Opi'iieil ilrrn, now Busier. No. i uml No. S Yellow, IljJJc; No. 3, a>-; 4 'c. ^n(l No. S Yellow. 3. r )Jic: .March, '^'iC Illnli-r Wuy; May, OATS—MoJt-rali; lr:Lilliiij: irrcfiilnr and higher. No. - citsh, oO^nillO^c: Mny. &J\t$ 31^t; July, SO.ij.'.'OHtC. rjaiupliw In Rood ilcir.iuiJ und hlglier. No. :t , ^'I'ilii-il 1 /:^: N»J ^ Wbilc, Ul>,a3:!ii:: No. -, £lii*3l!n;; No. - Whin. 1 , fl^ia iifKris POHK—'ftatlliifc- very light ;in<l ;>rlccs HteiiJ.V. Quolinluus rmiKCil :il tll.WAll.tKl •fjr ^-ttHli rcK'Jlur: !ll.»6i4ll.t» fo:- .Vay, mm HI.i».til.70 far July. LA«l>-Marki>i .MJoiU'rim-ly nctive am' lower. Qiiotaiions riUlKtJ i^t SO.y-ii 'irf D74 (or c;ihl',; *«87'/4&lxi>-'/« tor May, :«»1 t8.B!44tO.,fru mi- July. .LIVE J'oUi.Tiiv—Per poimJ: Chickens. I'll DVic; Turkeys, !<ii'c: J>uc>s, X'a.lOc: (Ji'i.-se, »3.0e<ao.OO per ilosoii. BUTTBH—Crcawnory, ma'-^'; Dairy. 12tfSOc: pucUiiiR i* l ock, y^iio. OlI.S-Wisconsin 1'riniii Wbflo, T'.;r; Wntor Whllo, "He; MiuhlRim Primu White, Mis:: Wa ' tcr While, He: lurtlnna Prime Whllo, Sfic: U'u- tcr While, HJio: lleiidiiglil.. 1» ti-tit, SHc: Oas- ohnc, 87 deij's, ll'Ac; r< JCK'S, fi 1 ; NiipSthii. IB LKJIIO'HS—Olstllled »ptrlls sieaily nn ino basis of tl.15 per gui for llnlslied i;ooiU Minnie 31. Kcyter Patask.nl.-i. Ohio. Consumption Checked Obstinate Case of Catarrh Local Applications Failed—Hood's- Sarsaparllla Cured. "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: —I ought to make known my experience Hitli Hood's Sarsaparilla, SO Ibit others afBicted may learn where to find a remedy for that serious and ob.stluato disease, catarrh. It troubled me seriously. Ibodkdall aching; sensation in Die top ol my liC.nl, and tha usual discharge from UK* nose, I l>ecnmo SO' bad Ui:it mornings I could dti noihinKlmt bawk and spit, My IUMK* ^\-ri- ;ilso beinp rapidly »f- fccwu, Bnd fiad it imt liei-n for Hood's Siiraapa- rilla, I \vouhl liuve fi!lc<l A Consumptive's Crave long ago. I have taken about ten liotttes ot Hood's Sarsajuirllla, which have cflectn»l)y cured me. Before resorting to this medicine, I used all the catarrh reiiUMlics. inlialanu and local application, 1 hcunl of. None seemed to i Hood's"P»Cures ' roach the seal of the disease. In f.ict I grew worso while uslns tliom. I own my cure U> the blood purifying imwers of Hood's Saraa- parilla." MI.V.MK Si. Kr.YKjut.ralaskala, Oaio. ; Hood's Pills cure all liver ills, bilious ' jaundice, indi^silon, sick headache. Me, NKW YO)iK, M:irch a WHKAT— No. 2 rod opened firmer but »( noon on light demand market was wcik- M»y, MK'ii.MHe; July, (W^i4«9 rj-l«c; December, . COUN-NO. 2 steady. May, 425-l«»«?,c. OATS— No. 'J dull bii>«iea<ly. May. K>!i«4» track while Stale. MWinKKi:: truck white Western, SKSHWic PROVISIONS— Heef quiet: family Sll.ooa HOD- exira mess. WOO. Pork quiet; new mess, fi3.»3I3."i: family, a 1100441 4. SO; short clear, I »,.'*>.» 14 SO. Uird — Prime Western i team, S7. :<r>/i uslce<'. Tol.KUO, O. . March & WHKAT-Qulet, "»»y. Nft. 5 cash and March, ii9c: May, dClVic; July, <53c. Conn— I-'Irm. No- - C »B''' 4Tc; Ml >'> 37 ^ l:> OATS— Klrro. Ciisli. 31 we. RY«— Slc»,ly. Cash, 5uo. CLOV««S«I>— HUrtier, quiet. Prime cash and March, ttlWi April, M.i4;, October, UfS bid. Given u Verdict rur •S.OOO. El,dl!f, 111., March 8.-Miss Addle Wilson, who sued the lilgin City.Rail- way company for t'JS.OOO for injuries last June when a car went over ad embankment, was given a verdict for Ms 000. —Flossie—"Mamma, is papayoibg to be a waiter at that big dinner. tonight?" Mamma— "Mercy! No. What in tnVworld put such a funny idea in your Tiei-cr?" Flossie—"Well, I heard 'him say he'd R.ot to go early so's to get the toasts r»,ady."—N: Y. Herald. . Cajleb BragK brop'a'Dekrt. CmpniHAiJ, March, 8, — Cal«b S. Bragg, of the old firm of Van Antwerp, BraKK * Co- now th . e Amerloari Book com'p'dtty, of New York,' Cincinnati and '•'Chicago', dropped dead of heart 'dlieaiw 'on a Perin»yl»«ni»' train, while on^i*' way from : New York to thi» city. Ha Was Vo years of ajre And leave* several otiildrea and a fortune estimated. *£ ! '" ' ' _ Killed by FaUlac from • Brldr*- JurrituBONYrLLK, In'd. ," March 8.— Houston WWrkg, 10 y««rs of a^e, lat« Wednesday afternoon .fell from th« LouisvlllB A Jefferaonvillo bridge »pi prbaeh, a aiitanca of Tb. feet, and WM • killed. ' _ _ Lookl uika a suicide. DKTRorr, Mioh., March 8. —Frederick Swan was found floating in .the river. Hl» two coat* and hat were found upon an. adjacent wharf, and, all »PP e |jV;.' ances Indicate suicide. Swan was ouoa employed by the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance company.' The Mnalleit or Bor»«* The smallest horse in ekistence b«- • longs to tho shah of Persia. It ta ~W4, Inches high and wears gold shoes worth 820 each. ..._ . • . KNOWLEDGE Bring* comfort and .'improvement, and tends to personal enjovnwnt when rightly used. The many, who «ve.bet. tertbW'otlilsrsana-enjoy lifemoio, with lew experiaitiire,' by. ,;nip« womptly •daptin^the wortdV -bert ptododfi' to thft needs of physical, being, will, attest the YBlue to' health of the pure li Ma^iye "prlnp'ples embriiced in In the form moat, accept^ ant to the taate,,tiie refrc»hin K wjd Wily benefioial properties of .,» perfect, laiatire: effbctuaUy cleansing the «y»tem, 'dLipetlfng cold*, headached and feTers •ndV permanent y curing constipation^ ItLiTiyen satisfactiott to £%>»•>!«! met wfth*he approval of the medic*! ^irofewlon, becauM it acts on the Kid- Seyl^Xlver and Bowels without weak- emngthem and it is perfectly free. from every objectionable substance. • SyVup of Figs i» for Bale by.ftll.drug- whoi* name so the name, well informed, •ooept «ny Buhetitute if Fig Syrup , - w.ll noft l.lve Muck. OiiCAGo, March a HOOB— Marlict ralhcr acUvc. Opened stroDR at 5c advance, bin a wnakcr fcellns »oon dcvolopeil. »nd the-- Improvement won lost Salon ranged at H«oa409 for Pigs; If 0*95.05 (or light; HMiftlM JdrVounh packing-. K»J Ki.6.00 for mixed, and K1i.a6.00 for heavy pack- ini and pulpping lou. • , latrly acUto avd rctiliDf Urmer. prices S«iao blgber. ' fo» fair to Kood;, tS.BD.nS.S5 for Mmroon to medium dot; «.»»**. *> 'or, fculelier.' steew; *^lfiia for Stooker.:. IS)l«ai« for Feuded; ,»|.>»4t» forCowi; K.M93.W for Belfera: «1.(»a».«0 tor Built: B.6W.7* for TKu* ftOO'or V»»l CalTei. .'.". • • «jire or It Is «f,vlt«i Imjj6rl»n«ithat It »hool* tw nndrt- irtood 6f penons'whow kldn'eyi ire IwcttFe, tba thUcpDOltlohofitliljigs^-flnsJlJ inouetlve ot itate of tlieoritnni where luehKngs in «h* balance. Blight's disease, i'labei««, albnmlnurl »-, their miituipp »te«ei arid"alHi8Te» lAial t*»aiene» They often baffle the most prnctliie* medical skill »nd th» Diprt. jpjpri Ted ren«rleR ot »»Bt«rli medicji, "Biit opposed at" tie outsel— that Is lo BOT, when the kldneil offgln t» rilacb&ige their functions luacllvely- -with' Ho-let'.et'tf Btonmcn Bitters, iba dange-ons tendem j l» checked. T useful, 4^0, Is tlilB household medicine lor fli alln>*nt» ot common •ocurreoce— constipation, blllousnens, djhpepua and nervowoww. U In a 'sRfegutird ng.tnst rmUarttt aU n*erts «br«nlc rheamutlsm. Ohamberlili'i lye wd SkU la a certain • ura for Chronic Sort Byes, Granulated Eye Lide, Sore Hip plea, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sai. Rheum and Soald ^ead, »6 cente poi For sale by B. F. - Kee8)Ing, OWIM8. For putting » burst) in » flnebeAlth) .condition try Dr- Cady'i Conditlor Powders. Thej tone up the system, *1^ digestion, curt 'lo*« ' W mppetite relieve oonttlpatlon, correct kldne; riew^iUe-to »tt^ olfl-'Awrwbrkwd horse JS oontt per pMk»»fe. For sale bj 8. F,' Keesllnlr, *tutl>b\. '•''•''' They WBBitke •*«- '• • "The people of lhi» vicinity ioiiet on having Cb»m»»»)*Ui J » Cough Remedy tod do not »»nt any other," aay» John V. Bishop, of Portland Mille. TBWli-rlitrt. Tbejr know iV'tft b« 8bperl<rt '-» *"? «>t nBr ' nr oolds, and as a preventive and cure forbroiip; mnfl why should »bey not Intlitniion having it. Fifty cent bot tla»,for sale by B. F. Keeslin?, gist. 'I'll* Tutiiblo Oyrr. A protninuut man in town exclaimed the other <ln\: "My wife h»s Veen wi^arin^ out her lifi from the effects of 'dyspepiiii. liver complaint and indigestion. lk-r on so bellied tlio ckill of our best phy-iubuis After using three packapt-s-of Bucon'a C^leri- King for tho ntf'ves she is almost entirely well." Keep your blood ic a hea'tbj condition by tbe uae of this rroat vegetable compound- Call on Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and pet a trial package free. L»rgc size 50 cents. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor la. Fur Over fifty Yeua Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup ha* been used for over fifty years by * millions of uiothure for iheir children while toethinp. with perfect anccew. It soothes the child, softens tho gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. IV will relieve tbe poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by drug^ioto in every part of the world. Twenty-five oenis a bottle. Be sure and ask tor •Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. A Horrible Railroad AecMeut Is a daily curontcle in our paper*: alse the death of some dear friend, who~ hai died with oonsumpttoo, whereas, if he or she had taken Otto's Cure for throat and lubg "diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier and perhaps saved. Heed tho wkrnlngr If you have a cough or any affection Of the throat and lungs call at Be« Fisher's, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial bottle free. Large size 60 cents. Whm Baby tr»i tick, we ga« her CatUjrla. Wben »ho *M a Child, she crkxi for O»*orla. When abe beciime Mtaa, «ho ctimg to CaMorfc. Wh«n «he liad Cl)ildr*n, ibe c-»'*tb«>i OaMotia, California Fruit Laxative it aature't own true remedy. It combine* the medicinal virtues of California frultt and plants which are known to hare » beneficial effect on the human cystero. Although harmless to tbe most delicate constitution it Is thorough and effective, and will afford a peimanont oure for habitual consiipatlo* aad the many disorders arislnic frott ft weak or inactive condition of tb» kidneys, liver, Btomaoh and bowel*. For sale by all U yoy are 'raiMiMl jln .TiWity «r strength by illoeM or*ny other OMIW, w» l-eoomoiend the UM of this Old rt Wine, the very blood of in* grape. A grand tonic for nursing Bothers, and those reduced by wart- ing disease. It create* strength; tm> proves the appetite; nature'* ow» •emedy, much preferable to «rug»; guaranteed absolutely pure and over Ire years o/ «ge. Young wiie ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Insist on laving thin standard brand, it oosts no more. $1 iu quart bottle*. Bottled by Royal Wlno o >r ale

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