Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Page 18
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Elb tost 'V There",1s '< at . least. : >> ' ! j)pss\hjfity tHa '$hot one |••;of : 'the: Jour '*/> rhajot bowl "contests, Rose,' ^Gorton" ' Su§ at- nnd Orange- will be played Ihis New Year's pay; between two imclefealod teams. The bowl chair man who presents even one all conquering eleven will count him self lucky unless he wishes to dip own among teams of loss than major standing. He would rather ie first. The only chanco tho granddadcfo f the bowls, the Rose, has o howing an unbeaten team rests 01 Ohio State's ability to knock of ts three remaining Big Ten rivals plus Pittsburgh.' That is a toug land to fill UCLA the only unde feated member, of. the Coast Con fercnce with the season only ju.s past the- halfwfiy point, is not eligible for the Pasadena classic this 8 MONTH old white -faced ste§r EC Brand on right hip. Rewa Phone 7-3527., • RED Plastic billfold on Highwb 67. Finder kepp. money but i turn papers to Cecil McCorke, Hope Route 2. „ 25 3t Salesman Wanted Coach Shakes Up Lineup of Sagging Texas By JOE BENHAM Of The Associated Press Spring denning came to the Um /ersiiy-of Texas Fix months early A reform movement started Mon day by Coach Ed Price already iad two new faces in the LonK- horse' starting lineup, with the promise of more to come during he week's workouts. Paght Guard Ben Woodson and right tackle Herb Gray were the first two of what Price said might be a long line • of Longhorns ^ sent to the second team for failur.e to Rive their all for the Texas cause this year. . . Price said he "anticipated (further changes in the starting eleven. That, however, was just one story about the sudden switch cs. ' . The Austin, Tex., American, in an article by" Mark' Batteuson said only, five" members of the year. 1 Similarly, the Cotton Bowl' at Romping Porks in National Poll By HUGH FULLERTON JR. Of thi Associated Press Ohio State's Buckeyes.'a collection of football players with rosns in their eyes and maylmrn in their hearts', have replaced. Oklahoma as tho No. 1 college team the opinion of the nation's jorts writers and broadcasters. They earned the honor crushing /isconsin 31-14 last Satv.rd.ly while Jklahoma WHS sliding listlessly hi'ough a 21-0 dccisbn over Kanas State, 1 Oklahoma- had been on op of The Associated Press poll or three weeks. Oklahoma collected 10 move rstplace votes than Ohio State 74-04 ' but the Bucks edged head' on the second-place ballot-?, f which GO went to Ohio Stale and hly 49 to the Sooncrs. '.The final count, on. the usual 10-8 etc., basis gave Ohio State 858 points and Oklahoma' 1,834. UCLA, with 45 firsts, was right behind with 1.800 points, nnd the surprising Arkansas team fourth f uestlay, detofcer 26* ~. ** -/< y *••''- inr -7v *•"' ' V '' EXPENSIVE OOORSfOP BEVERLY, Mass., (UP) Peter Clarizia is looking for the thief who rtole the doorstop from his apart ment. It was a large clay piggy bank containing SI,000 in quarters. in s'o'hie quarters To understand the fallacy of that theory, just ima.gin<5 the millions of babies, who verb brought up on milk The millions of puppies, too Many of the p-pr had worms, it's true bill lei s not blame their good, healthful milk And let's not Uston to every passing straneer who wants lo advise us on our -los's card Listen i'V WANTED AT ONCE-Rawlqigh ler'Mn Hope. For particulars sjse A. L. McBeth, 355 P'ine St., Stamps, Ark., or write Raw' leigh's, Dept. AKJ-641-R, Merrtp' •••his,'Tenn. 25-lt Dallas cannot offer an unbeaten host team unless the remarkable Arkansas Razorbacks continue to outs-cramble five' more muscular opponents, • including three South west Conference members. Only one other team whose claim to greatness is undisputed, Oklahoma, appears 'certain now to sail ihftmgh unbeaten.. >Qne might. guess that the Sooner s would 'show up again in the Orange Bowl at Miami, except ..that they; are not eligible. That would leave five vacancies to, be filled among .the Orange, Sugar, and Cotton classics. With Maryland already twice beaten and once' 1 tied, and Colorado vhich apparently 'had bowl aspirn ions, knocked off by Nebraska h° bowl selectors will have ' to dp •-•ome tall looking. What the flock of lesser bowls, led by the Gatoi Business Opportunity " ....... '•'« iirvice All other moll— ^ One month .. 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Send name, age, phone, and resume 'that might Qualify you for'con- sideration''^. Greco, Inc., Box B first' string all - linemen were reasonable sure of keping theii posts. -The Daily Texan, campu newspaper^ reported that niiv players had been ordered to move from Hill Hall, the athletic clorm ory, as a disciplinary measure rte paper emphasized that Gra nd Woodson were not among th nc ' The demotion of Gray and Woo on drew this comment f r o : rice, "Gray was not in satisfa ory physical condition and Woo on'.s performance was not as goo s we' thought he could do. rice's statement was a turnaboi rom pre-season ratings which lis d Gray as a probably All-Ame ca selection and Woodson as tl onference's most brilliant sopho more lineman. Bob Flinn a 205-piund 'junior ivas moved into Gray's spot and ,angford Sneed, a ZOOpound jun at Jacksonville, will wind up with this time is fringe benefits.' Ike Hopes to Make Find! Vote Drive % Hope Star. 23-3t Arkansas Also Fourth on to reputable* experienced breeders, yes Best of all, heed the advice of your veterinarian., who is devoting a iifelimo to keping animal's, healthy. vith 1,351. Ohio State was fourth last week, while Wisconsin was second tc Oklahoma. UCLA which walloped Oregon State 61-0 polled'a much' highei vote than it did a week ago in retaining third place. . Arkansas, a "team o destiny which came from nowhere to Ink" the Southwest Conference lead Eihd then knocked Mississippi fron the ranks of the unbeaten, jump ed from seventh to fcurth. Arm rose from ninth to fifth and Wei, Virginia from 10th to seventh. The new order, after the firs four; is Army, Notre Dame, Web By NORMAN '; NEW YORK, (UP) UCLA7 football CLASSES to tap., pcrpbat^ic, ballel »Wd .fob! ^ Catharine'<Windsor, 104 E, Uth. Phone 7-3327^ ""' 22-1 rno. For Sole or Rent TWOi Business buildings on' Front Street.' next: tV Pool- hall, V in- terestedj contact A.. S. Williams, 300 E. 7th,- -J-exarkana, Ark. Phone 7-5860 or 22-6666. 19-1 TMo. FARM and ranch land — 70 acres 4 room house electric lighted barn and out buildings. 103 acres, 4 miles Hope; 2 houses, 5 & 6 room.s with .elestrif ity and water in houses,- 1 ; Buiape gas, barns and other fanp buildings. Ever lasting water through pasture. We have these .and other; farms large or small -to: sell. '• >. ', -R, D; FRANKLIN COMPANY 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. 18-6t highest scoring college team in the nation, is! No. 1 sport in the ratings today in a surprise shako up, with. Oklahoma and Ohio State By JOHN L. CUTTER • WASHINGTON (XJP Th White House said today Preside? Eisenhower'hopes to make a fin campaign tour before election da but it not sure .yet•/whether..-, his work schedule will permit ; it.' The chief executive was reported to be considering a flying trip on Friday and Saturday'' that would take him from New England into the south as far as Louisville, Ky" and into the upper Middle West. ....,'... .,; The White House would, give no details of the trip under consideration except to say that a top in' Michigan, where Sen. Homer erguson :(R-Mich) is running for ~" "Mxtipn, is part of the itinerary Male Help Wanted APARTMENTS — .choice investment property. Four Unit brick OVERSEAS Jobs. High Pay. South America, Alaska, Europe. vel-paid, 'SeUt-addressed, stamped envelope brings details. Dept 44A EASTLANP COMPANY, Box 1406, ffs Angles 28, Calif. 25-lt tied for second place only three points behind. It was the closest weekly contest for first place in the five-year history of the United Press ratings.,. Oklahoma, which lopped the rat ings for the three previous weeks, received the largest total of first- place votes from the 35 leading coaches who make up the rating board. The,, sooners attracted..! compared to 10 for, Qhjo;.state anc eight for' U. C.' L! ! A. ' • ' ' But Coach Harold,. (Red ,-San ders' Bruins, -who: haye payejrage'd apartment house, Close-in 2 near i y 44 points per 1 giJme ih' acli blocks business district. Can icving six straight victories, Wonted p^fTflrpf 1 *- IPi tit WANTED TO BUY One Inch rough green Ogk Umber —- regular lengths and tie siding. For prices and specifica- tjpns write •«*• 6URDON LUMBER- COMPANY , ARKANSAS be bought at a real bargain and financed 20 years. TWO unit apartment - Cose in. Just been re-conditioned' priced f or., quick sale. 1 Small down payment, balance monthly. HOMES — 6 room modern home. East Third st. Nice neighborhood. Close to business; district, Also grade school. Owner leaving city. Will finance :•— priced to sell. . . II cieved a greater tq|a.l ^of. secont " 5 ROOM home. Attic Fan, carport, large storage room, Peep lot, South Hervey, Financed FHA. $44.00 per month. Will sell equity for $700,qQ,.> This home is worth the money. J. I. LIEBLONG HEAJWY CO. 7-2828' . . . , 8i'3t and third plafce" votes than revals. As a result, UCLA had 30 put of a possible 350 points whil Okladoma and Ohio State each ha> 3 01 UCLA, ' which crushed Orego State, 61-09. last Saturday had ; 1 •yotes for second place, nine fo third, and one each for fourth an 10th places. The Bruins ranke third for the two 'previous week afles being fourth and second fo the first two weeks of the seasoi UCLA,' rated an excellent bet t retain the Pacific Coast :Confnrenc championship although nqt elfgib' for the Rose Bowl because ; it'wei last yeai', California nc eing dR The Unit'ed^r«is,Jearned from her sources that^Sc ^ gents already had made lary plans for the President "to isit Boston Saturday, stopping for n hour and a half at Logan Air- ort to address a GOP rally. In Minneapolis, Minnesota Re- ublican National Committeeman Jeorge Eztell told reporters the Vhite House had advited him that ' "un- or took over Woodson's spot in Tuesday's preparations for xhe Saturday meeting between Texas and Southern Methodist at ,Aiis tin. Scrimmages were scheduled following light drills Monday. Other training camps reported everything from indoor skull sessions, at Arkansas to a heavy two hour workout at SMU. Arkansas stayed indoors due to heavy rains and spent the time studying defensive patterns for use against T«xas AS:M Saturdaj at College Station. The untaeater Porkers were reported in gooi physical shape following their ri crsoKing victory over Mississippi SMU had only one doubtfu starter — guard Jimmy Smith as the Mustangs opened the woeli with their. longest drill of th year, a two-hour session on run ning plays. , Halfback L. G. Dupre was rated a possible starter for the first time in three weeks as Baylor got .rea dy for TCU. The running star, out With a leg injury, and the other Bears heard . scouts say Texas Christian is stronger at every po sition than last year. Reserves worked against . m- eligibles and freshmen using Ar kansas style plays in a 30-minute scrimmage at Texas A&M. Coach Paul-(Bear) Bryant told the start ers their', lossi to Baylor last week was their best game of the year -••^oach Jess Neely? schedule: lengmy -RQrimmages. Tuesday anc Wednesday" ;t.£ter a light workou Monday in which- HO, tojd the Rice Owls they looked "spotty,'.' in thei victors over Texas last; week? Nee ly said running plays will be em Virginia, Wisconsin, Purdue lirmi (Fla. The leading teams with lace votes innparenthcscs: 1. Ohio State (64 2 Oklahoma (74) 3. UCLA (45 4. ' Arkansas (16 5. Army (1) 6. "Notre Dnme (1 7. West Vjrginina (6 8. Wisconsin . 9. Purdue 10. Miami (Fla. (G) •Second 10: : ll.j Michigan J3. Missisippi 13 USC- 14. Virginia Tech (1 15. Navy 16. Duke 17. Texas Christian 18. 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Oklahoma faces the bi gest obstacle in its path t oanother Big Seven conferenie title. yfrhe'n it .plays Colorado .while Ohio State incuts Northwestern in the Big ""en, ' ' /' '' Oklahoma 1 beat a weak Kansas State team only 21-0 last Saturday Ohio State scored an impressive 31-14 triumph over Wisconsin. Arkansas and Army moved up o fourth and fifth plapes., respecti vely, to fill the spots occupied prpviovfely by lm?\ Sati^day's upset victims; Notre Dame, idle t laiit weekend held sixth. Wisconsin dropped from- seeped Jlo seventh place, while Purdue, Southern California and West V}«ginisi sdvanc visit to his state is'also er consideration.'' White 'House Press Secretary atnes C. 'Hagiprly ^tplfl reporters hat Mr. "Eisenhower, would like o make a final pre-election tour d!) encqurage. a heavy vote in .th«j cohgressional 11 elections next Tuesday, if 'his work will permit. Hagerty, had told reporters last light that' plans fot the last-minute :6ui' had not been discussed with .he President. Tpday, h e reported that the proposed trip was put up to Mr. Ei- renhower this morning by mem- oers of his staff. : He said Mr.. Eis.enhower indicated he would like to speak to the .people and the workers or tho Republican party to. see ; that everybody gets out and- votes on election day. "Any determination on whether he makes any. such proposed swing will have to wait a day or two days," Hagerty saadi Mr. Eisenhower could not leave before sometime Friday, because he has a lunch here Thursday for Dr. Konrad Adenauer, head . of DOGS phasized as the Owls.iprepare t play Vanderbilt here Saturda night. , TUC will start Harold Pillard, 190-pound sophomore against Baylor Saturday at Fort Worth, Coach Abe Martin announced at Rorne'd Frog practice ' Saturday. The extra point specialist will replace Bobby Dike, the top ground-gainer among conference fullbacks. Fans Gobble Up Hog-Rice Tickets LITTLE BOCK Arkansas Wrong Idsas It's remarkable how many mis- onceptions about doss used to ex- st but encouraging to note how many have given way to a saner •iewpoint within a comparatively w years. There ars many of us who can remember makng it a practice to have a bulky block of sulphur in otir dog's drinking pan at all t.mes. The sulphur "kept his food pure" and had other miraculous effects Then we woru told by those who should know that the dust-catching block di-i notihng of the sort. Sulphur we learned, Isn't even soluble in water And so v/e threw the sulphur away and our dogs \vere left with nothing but ure, cool' water to drink, which s just what they -.vanied anyway. Then there was the one about meat having the inevitable effect f making a dog "vicious" Some icople wouldn't feed moat at all, ir in such small quantities that heir poor pets were on the vnrge >f malnutrition and couldn't have un after the mailman if they had ried! ' Feed puppies milk. Heavens above, don'I you know that milk causes worms." That, was a mi'k y-held belief, and it persists today Prune Layer CAKE with fruit icing : Applesauce CAKE Blueberry PIE Brown 'N' Serve Rolls fresh Daily JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main 217 S, WMh St. PR 74681 Token Up the West German _ government and makes 3 major political speech Thursday night from Washington. $5(^000 Suit Against Hotel ed. to take over the ( la^t ( thre» berths among the top 10 m that order. MEMPHIS '*> • infS J Little Pock hijs.f,iled a $BO,OOQ dam BOSTON, 'Mas?., (VP, ) ?yd Jordan, wh'ose Harvorfl bail team Iws won* only one 1 game yi .'W plea? ng age suit against a h.otel %ere. Vines, associate director of thb Arkansas Agriculture Extension Service, claimed his back was m iured and' his shoulders strainet when a Hotel King Optton. elevatoi last pDeo. 17 fell 10 floors before being checked by a safety device at tl\e bottom of the shaft. Vines' fedwal court suit ,jn4s that .fee hp^ W,a.s at . in loading the. elevator with mor than l*.passengers.. . of, St. Razorback fans yesterday stormed two sales stations in greater Little Rock to clear the board of nearly 8,000 reserve seat tickets for the Arkansas-Rice contest still two weeks away, The last ticket was sold by 2:1! p. m. Allan Berry, manage,!- of Wa: Memorial Stadium here, said 3,00' .general admission ' tickets (en< zone) would go on sale Saturday Berry said Saturday's sale wa not &n attempt to "deprive out-of towners" but an effort to dispens with the confusion "we experienc ed in 'conducting a day-of-the-gam aje for the Arkansas-Ole Mis aine last Saturday." ! All indications point to another ellout for the game scheduled for SIov. 6, Berry "said. Stadium and University school officials were host to a full house qst Saturday, for . the first time since the stadium was completed time the NOTICE I have recently purchased the T. 0. 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All on 12 Easy Payments O No Carrying Charge *lfl!% Down Payment Balance Monthly . , \* ^ f - *"' T '' y'jft 1 " *" , V l f "^ t 5 "tj ,» V /'j Jue§|a^ j&efakr Sj t 'stOMDII TV-Radio Star ACROSS DOWN f 1 Star of the 1 Handle i air waves, 2 Bamboolike I Francis grass I 7 She appears 3 Narrow way on the 4 Expunge { •of quiz shows 5 Seine '13 Approached 6 Paradise . I 114 Spotted 7 Explosive ^ISLeStive 8Smrr d • j 24 Small Island 49 Gathering V bo | y substances 25 Cease ! 16 Freebooter .^ea nymph ils CompS'Snt" S^fen ! 29 British Coins " TexUe "f aonSK partner in 1 31 Above ' Engineering liF^tTnHiP, 1933-1934 32 Back of neck (ab.) 21 East Indies tennis 3 3 Geraint's wife 53 Pronoun 9iTiniP« doubles ' 36 God 'of love 55 Holding device o= io nn championship)42 Thoroughfare 56 Wild ox ' «h7Tv« nf thrPP 12 Saintes (ab.) i 46 Female ruff 57 Grant . shows of three ig 0egs 48 City in 59Sea(Fr.) ! Networks 22 Doctrines | Colorado 61 Ribbed fabric j ,^28 Seaports (ab.) 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