Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1954 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Page 17
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.j.-viJ;^ ?py; -/i^.: • v J^mmm WtfMlftfr Ocfober 27, 19M * ' ; ' '''", * "X' "'' ' , deleto 2?, 1*14 t, Faubuiin _ — l?«e|>tlHican candidates tat AMtansai swffig lod«»y ir frre-electiafl- week -speeches attd fAt Orval Fftubus opposes B$m Pratl ftemmel in the election. LitUe ttoek's young ;rti&yor, plans t6 Wind [ »f Arkansas' ?S counties fjaubus* home coun Saturday, .today; Crlttenden morrow; Mississippi, , Clay, Thursday; Ran; Cfirroll and Madi; , Pulaski Nov. i ecmb ' aaleg and places for Appearances were not Howevet, Jim Bland, 'campaign, manager dur- lalt ( ,i,summei' I fi Democratic pri- fy'Sflid Fallbtis will make per- lai»peararicei o^er the state. 6 v *aiti the Pemoeratle can- a number 1 of radio isielevlsion speeches? ilshdi ' said tape "„ Recordings tffSat»ihe DemotJflftic State iVcntloa will be broadcast, also. "% • UNQEft TOO ' • 1V flfCAm, (UP) - Usually aus^ i> Sen. Paul H. • Douglas (P ^limbered'up his* singing voice *$Jcampai{ta 'rally at the Sun cifjjElectiic' 1 C6,- ( plant hero yes- ,pias s Whipped* off a coupla JOB t ,> "'of, M Vou Are My Sun p.;and theflygpt down to bus!*$._,...«-,_''_. '.n-^.,i i— issues j-frame construction farm building costs ?, Man save up to half the coat ol ,Ki)g and mainUiiiinK your barns, iltry-houses, machine sheds, etc. farm buildings, solidly by Koppers Pressure„,,.,-. Poles, need no founda- f'tequire less lumber, and eliin- **' H need,for costly skilled i ' u . ' i for more information about « construction and Kop- sure-Creosoted Pole*. GUNTER RETAIL > LUMBER CO. .,..fr*PJi. 7<3W5 442 E. Div, PRESCOTT NEWS 26 MembiSi-s of the first Methodist Church will have "family Night" on Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. October &f Mrs. Balils Atkins will be hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Mrs. J. B. Hesterly ( f Hostess To Spiritual Life Group Thirteen members of the Spiritual Life Group of the First Methodist Church met on Wednesday morning in the home of Mrs. J. B. Heslerly for the monthly meeting. Mrs. Hesterly called the meeting to order and presented the study on "Abundant Living." The mceling adjourned with prayer by Mrs. Hesterly. Westslde H- D. Club Meets The October meeting of the Westside Home Demonstration Club was leld on Wednesday afternoon In .he home of Mrs. George Teat with twelve members present. The president, Mrs. Harry Kce- ley, presided and gave the devotional that was followed with a song and., scripture readings. Mrs. Keoley told of the gifts that were donated to Hie Livestock Show in Little Rock to be sold for Ihe 4-H Club House in Fayetteville. She also stated that the club received $5 for their booth at the .Nevada County -fair and that $81 was realized from the quilt and nffihan Hint wns sold by the club. It was voted to give $25 to the swimming • pool fund, During the social hour games ive.re played with prizes being won jy Mrs. Robert Peachcy and Mrs. C. J. Childers. Delectable refreshments were served. The November meeting will be field in the Spears, home of Mrs. W. F. Pine 'Garden Club Meeting ' ' ""• The home of Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr,, was the scene for the meeting of the Southern Pine Garden Club _ on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Archie Johnson was co-hostess.' Mrs. Jack Kartell, president, opened the meeting with prayer Roll call was answered with favorite garden color combinations. After the minutes and reports of officers, Mrs. B,/A. Warren gave the program and spoke on "Design Color and Planting Plans." There were twelve members present and Mrs. John Pittman and Mrs. Dan Pittmart' Jr., were wel> corned as new members, The hostesses dessert plate. Served a dainty Mr. and Mrs. Ike Avcry, Miss Mcdius Avery, Blu Avery and Mrs. Kenny McRae of Houston, Texas have returned from a motor trip lo New York City and the Smoky Mountains. Mrs. N. R. Nelson and son, Leonard Lee, have returned from Dyersburg, Tcnn., where they visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Pope. . Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ingram are enjoying a motor Irin lo points in Kentucky and other places of interest. Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Weiss of Granite City, 111., were the weekend gucsls of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hcs- terly. Huey Garner, has returned, to El Dorado ater a 'weekend visit with his mother, Mrs. Roy Garner. Mr. and Mrs. • Guss McCasklll spent the weekend in Fort Smith with LI. and Mrs. Bob -Robertson and were accompanied .. by their grandson, Bobby, who spent the past week with them. • • . . Mr. and Mrs.., Kenneth . Reaves have had as their' guests,- Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Laney of Dangerfield, Texas. ' R. E. Lindblad has returned to DcKalb, Texas, after spending the weekend with Mrs. Lindblad. Court Docket •Municipal Court oil sas October 25, 1954. City Docket Chas. R. Stout, Passifl stricted zone, Forfeited bond. Benjamin Dennis, Faih right-of-way, Forfeited bond. L. C. Stuart, Lucion Dq Speeding, Forfeited $5.001 *>.'• in a rc- 5.00 cash e to yield i.OO' cash glas, Jr., ash bond Paul May, Thomas FlflU/.-Drun kcnncss, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. .ssault & Annie Mae Williams, Battery; Plea guilty, finfl $10.00. Virgil L. Upchurch, No&tate car license, Forfeited $10.00 clsh bond. Thomas Cobb, Hazarcloij"arising, Forfeited $10.00 cash bonl. John S. Strickland, Driijng while intoxicated, Forfeited $&0|o ahd 1 day in jail. I Paul Mays, James T. Wast, Driving while intoxicated, Plm guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in jijil. T. M. Jones, L. C. Stuaflt. Running "Slop" sign, Forcitcd 4.00 cash bond. ; Sarah Bishop, Possessing untax- cd intoxicating liquor. Fop: ted $50.00 cash bond. ' Owen McKinley, Eli/yi'b«lh Whit- Icy, Disturbing peace, Formed $10. 00 cash bond. '"' j Mary . May, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. i Mary May, Evelyn Taylor, Disturbing peace, Tried, .fincl $50.00; suspended during good-'beijavior. Lavert Thomas, Carrying a pistol as a concealed weapo4 Tried, dismissed.. ' f State Docket ' j Bobby Cpnley,. Failure |jo yield right of -way, Tried, fined $25.00. Jack Hill, No brakes pn auto, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. . ' 1 J. E.. ; Bowman f/ .Hauling |or hire 37 Senators to Be Elected Next Week By UYL C. WILSON WASHINGTON (UP—) Thirty- seven senators and 432 members of the House of Representatives will be elected one week' fro'm today to complete the membership of the 84th Congress. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, Republican, and throe Republican House members were elected ih Maine iai%S$p'tember. Maine also fle&ted Mi "'iSterhocratic. governor, Edmitffd-'fe. Mrfskin. Republicans have acknowledged a Democratic trend in some areas and various polls reflect such a condition. The poll consensus seems to be that the Democrats are likely to win control of both tho House and Senate. The expiring 83rd Congress was elected with President Eiscnhow er who ran far ahead of his congressional ticket. At the opening of the 83rd Congress in January, 1053, Republicans had merely courtesy control in the Senate and small actual margin in the McNeil Elected by Auto Dealers LITTLE HOCK UP) — Tom S McNeil of Rogers yesterday was elected president of the Arkansas without PSC authority, $100.00 cash bond. Forfeited!House. The division was: Senate: Republicans 48, C. O. Miller (O. R. Tanner, Driver), Lessee-Shipper being party to improper lease agreement, Tried ined $100.00; fine suspended. G. W. Siler (O. R. Tanner, driver) Operating for hire without PSC authority, Tried, fined $100.00. Loin Burton, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Demo crats 47, Independent 1. House: Republicans 221, Democrats 212, Independent 1, vacant 1. The division in the 83rd Congress as il ends: Senate: crals 40, Republicans 49, Independent 1. DemoHouse: Republicans 218, Demo Fred Mo'rrison. Drunkenness,! crals 212 ' Independent 1, Cacant Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Warren Nesbitt, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, lined $50.00 and 1 day in jail. Mrs. Silbert Brosius, Eluis Pyland, Giving an overdraft, Dismissed on payment costs; check paid. Lonnie Haley, Assault & Battery, Dismissed. Civil Docket The Toggery Shop vs. Bernard Moses, Sr., Action on account for $45.40, Judgment by default for Plaintiff for $45.40. The Toggery Shop, vs. Hcrshal Martin, Southwestern Packing Co., Garnishec, Action on account for $49.69. Judgment by default for Plaintiff for $49.09. 4. Independent Senator Wayne Morse .of Oregon did not vote against Republican organization o; the Senate in January, 1E53, but he has announced that he wil vote next January with the Democrats on, organization of the ale .of the 84th Congress. Derno crats, therefore, need pick up only two Senate seats to obtain an 01 ganixational majority of 49. They need six more House scats for ar crgenizatinal; majority in the 84U Congress. Spiders arid scorpions are zoolo gically similar, being classified as arachnids. . Automobile Dealers Association to succeed John H. Bale of Little Rock. McNeil was elevated from the office of first vice president. Russell Marks of El Dorado wa! elected first vice president. Here's i-Ozan Creek Moore Bros. Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7*4431 WED. RED HOT SPECIALS CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE 1 Lb. Tin 98 *•! Lb. PURE PORK Made in Our Store ,^^ ^^ SAUSAGE 39 c Lb. COLORED 4|| ^% J% OLEO 2 b 39 c FRESH COUNTRY EGGS 25 Dot. J NAHHOW8 DAM f Complet^d Chanel Improvement • 1 " •••}'.- .•••.' -:;!': i '• Proposed Completed Miles s#s .<• i v^ , 'V2t UPSTREAM LIMIT OF FEDERAL PRQJKT f lurfreesboro "|1 • P °\ i t BestKnown Home Remedy For suffering of Rub on Relief.,.Breathe in Relief T $t f - -^ , "f^," J — - ~~'' — /» ,• " Mod newsjor party line customers... I In most sections of the city, we can now offer one .and two-party lines immediately to the first customers who apply. cm enjoy the extra convenience of a Jiue pf; your own, No sharing. No «' With a one-party line your telephone fej Veryes you a»<l you alone, the instant you need it. Jf you now have a four-party Jine, perhaps family has grown tp the point where you *'»eed one or two-party service. With tin's batcr 'grade ot\$erviee, you and members of your -family will he able to place and receive calls and wore easily, e ^ost of one-parly or two-parly service -surprisingly low, Why not get your gppli- GA|,k THi TEliPHONE BUSINESS OFFICE Was Offered $100,000 for OneAfternbbn By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD I/Pi. —,.How would you like to earn- $10(0)0 for an afternoon's work? {impossible, you say? Yet Mario Lanza claims he was offered such a deal. ",. ' ': "When I was in Palm Springs last year," said the bulky tenor, ';my;, agent came to me with v ,|ri offer!' from the Metropolitan O'p- era ;H6use.' Rudolf Blng offered mf $100,000 ta-sjng one opera on one nf theiiSJSRpvys,, to be sent to various "theaters 'throughcut the country via theat^^^. trfevlslop.^J wtl ,-In New York, Bing '*t(«iq|ccl making- the._offcr and added: * h Whp is he? Oh, "that film tenor.;! .heaTd; a few of his records the .'other day" I hardly know the maW^and I'm not altogether sure I ,w<j|uld want to. I do know that none of our singers would sing for luch chicken feed as $100.000." Actujally, Metropolitan's reported top for a single performance is about $1^500, averaging perhaps less than $1,000. Lanza said he turned down the offer. He said he'll accept when the money is $150,000. but he added: ' ' "Money, it- t is nothing. •• Absolutely nothing'' to me. But unfortunately, money is the standard by which you are judged in this business." i Concern over m'oney is one of the principal causes of Lanza's two year ! retirement'.afieAbijing on top of the show business world. He had been earning a million a year, yet the United States slapped a iien on 'his earnings for back in come taxes. The blow added to his emotional upset, "The government claimed I owed a quarter of a million dollars," he. j-cporicd^—"In the . past year, I have • paid them over a tiuarler-million, but.I am. still behind, according to'„them. I' still must pay income tax on the money I, earned tp_ pay them?" His entire' $40-,000- che'ck for his TV debut Ihe celebrated "roc ord session" — wont, t<j Uncle Sam. ••''' "But I am very fortunate," Lanza said. "I n six or eiijht months of work. I can wipe out everything I owe." ,; Judging from his offers, (hat is no idle boast. His agents report that he has received deals of "much more than $50,000, a we.nk from Las Vegas casinos. Lanza will not consider them. Ho is opposed to pinging in ixight clubs. How is he going to recover his financial stability? He is starting with the TV appearances. He does one Thursday and another Nov. 18. He.plans to make personal apoearances in a few weeks. He will start off with dates with symphony orchestras in the East, singing a few songs on (he program. A full-scale concert tour will follow after he makes a movie. His agents say ,' a movie deal will be announced any day. "Whatever I make will be for. 50 per cent of the profits,' Lanza raid. "§evera,J studios have been perfectly willing, to "go for such deals. They said I could write my own ticket.' . .. • Lanza said that his fans have remained loyal throughout his layoff. The-mail reaction to his TV appearance.-wa? mountainous, he faid, "That's one •thinisj J didn't ne gjest while I wasn't working the fans, lie said. "I insisted that the government allow me the expense ol severs} secretaries to ^ns,wej S.. A' •'/. Motor Trend magazine shows Mercury is LOWEST COST CAR O IN ITS CLASS 10 OWN Co-op/ NASHVILLE .1 K.-fJfg - • vi-j , ' <;«•* >« lvf{ \tf^ V y$ l "% Delight C L )ko!ono %! K </ r—S ^ .Ceyton r > Curtis U, ' .* V $6 M 1 '^* ' ^KXvi ' tif*^5& v^r^-f W'$&$ i Ip^r Native; S'.' "9t% "% CM "" -j-^*"~~~~*-^i / > r fc.. Ji/ ^^ *-*0*^nV,t^t^Smirhton A ^ ' ~ 'GURDON - l '^-«l W'^^-viffiU *VH\E Ml*. S T E t~t _\ \ ^^ •~>~± 't *r C Blevins 167 ' . • . > : UPSTREAM,LIMIT Of FEDERAL fkOJfCT Sought' rv • T • * wi ^r* Springs F VJESGQTT -1 ml ^ -^*, M s .f* D A ^ HOPE -/.rr- I '•>"-•'. i $535,000 Job to. Be Launched Soon By Corps 01 Engineers (Mop orJ t»»t i^leu^! ijf 1*1 FLOOD CONTROL IMPROVEMENTS ''•> LITTLE MISSOURI RIVER, OZAN AND TERRE NOIRE CREE^ ARKANSAS SCALE CN'-I^ILCS 13-car test by leading automotive magazine covers all costs of owning and operating a car—shows Mercury • "'''* ' has 1 lowest cost per mile in its class! What-does it really cost to own and operate various 1954 cars? Motor Trend magazine decided to lind out—in probably the most detailed study of Irue car cost ever made. All the costs that go into car ownership were covered, including depreciation. Thirteen cars in all price classes were compared on a 10,000-mile basis. It was a survey that duplicated—as Motor Trend points out—"an average experience of a car owner in the first year's operation and ownership of a car." The results as reported in the July issue: Mercury leat all cars tested in its class for loiv oivnersMp cost per mile — beat all cars in the test in every class except for one in the so-called "low-price" field, v » *• • -» * And, remember, for all its economy, Mercury has. a new 161-hp overhead valve V-8 engine. You enjoy the easy handling advantages of the only ball-joint front wheel suspension in its field. And you get a car that holds the "class championship" for resale value. • **mr •>•<( Best of all, you couldn't pick a better time to buy a Mercury. We are now offering special year-end deals that top any we have ever made. Come in and see! The Negro Community . Or bring Items to MlH Turmr at Hlcki Funnral Horn* Pine Bluff opi Saturda-y, October 23. Mrs. Mary E. Watkins, mrs. Nathaniel Deloney, Meredith Watkins and Roosevelt Neal motored to Mt, Pleasant, Tex., on Sunday, October 24 to visit relatives and friends. , t . The CME Conference will con vene in El Dorado Wednesday, October 27-31, at St. Vester CME Church. The Rev. F. D. Adams is host pastor and B. J. Smith of Chicago, 111., is presiding Bishop. Nelson-Hill Post,No. .427 will have its regular meeting Tuesday night, October 26, at 8 o'clock. (RH HP ' HH 'PmBJII iW W ,--^B^^' ^BB^^ ^W WW *ff. p~w- IT PAYS TO OWN A ,'t mlw the pig television hit, "TOASf OF THg TOWN" w'th pd ^Hivan. §unday evening, THE RECORD PROVES IT 7:OQ, St'atlpn KCMQ^TV, Channel 6 American Legion Ladies Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, October 26, at the regular meeting place. The Guernsey Colored School will sponsor a Halloween Carnival Thursday, October' ?8, at 8 p. m- The public is invited. Mrs. Cora'L, Smith an4 son Stan,ley are visiting relatives and in LitUe £ock. Funeral services for Mrs .Bettie Cornelius will be held Tuesday. October 26, at the Baptist Church in Fulton with Hicks Funeral Home in charge, > The Hopewell P. T! A. is sponsor ing £ Pre-Halloween party Wednesday, October 27, at 8 p. m. for the adults only. Admission is 50e pei couple and 25c single. The public is invited. There will be lots of fun for .everyone The Yerger Band Mother's club will meet Wednesday night, Octo ber 27, at the regular meeting pla ce and all members are asked to be present at 7:30 Strong Tea Brought Change in Will LONDON (.« — .Mrs. Ada Biggs ked her tea "so strong that a mmse could dance on it," her son old a probate judge yesterday. The son, G«orge. R. Dodd, said is mother cut him out of her will ecause during the postwar ration- ng days the tea at his house was ot quite that sturdy. Mrs. Biggs died in 1951, at iO, fter making a new will which left most of her money to charity. The court voided the new will m the ground that she w.*s un- ound min« at the time. It ac- epted a previous will made >n ?44 which divided the 18,500- pound ($51,800 estate between )odd and his sister. THE TRADING POST 321 S, Laurel Hope, Ark. Mrs, Ine* Cannon has home after spending several 4«ys visiting relatives a.n4 Weni<J? U Chicago and Joilct, HI., and St Lou,is, Missouri. Professor WiU V. Rutherford., W, Hicks, Sylvester L,»w§W». N, H. 4^Representing Yerger s N. il. A Chapter at 'the District IV meeting last week, in Carnrten, were twclv girls, .advisor, and club mother. The 'theme <pr the meeting wa 'Peveloping getter Leadershi. Through N. H, A." Ozic Mfarje Wi: Hams; vice-president of the distric member of yerger's Chapi- ded over the movning sessio wgch was qujte interesting an very Mme^, AJma ^eys, State Ad vls«r« ^*ye fegjarks i» the morn ing session. was. s.ejTYed Jn ^hp ^in?o gym^sium at noon sion consisted of a style show, short film on family living, and^remarks and announcements by Miss Keys, installation of officers by the President, Teretha Williams, Tejar- kana, The closing ceremonies Now The Pay Is Over," lead by Eunice Monroe was . given, by » Chapter. Verger will beihost to , trict IV meeting *ext year and tfte National Convention, will be .held at A- M. & N.. College, Pine »iu«, Ark., in June 1955. .' There were 21 chapters present, total in attendance 486. Those attending the aU day trip were: JSunice Monroe, Shirley Robinson, O?ie Williams, O«pne Pen- flls, I4»ry Nelson: Ppllie Or^Ae, li>rqn,e Straughter, Lqis Thpm^s, priggs. Vivian Woy4 English, V The .construction of the?, flood-control project for the Little Missouri River Basin was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 18 August .1941. The project includes: The multiple-purpose Narrows Dam and Reservoir, completed in June 1951 Channel improvement and leve.e repairs on Terre • Noire Creek, which was completed, in April 1948. Channel improvement on the. little Missopri River below Murfreesboro, Arkansas, qhdpn the lower 15 rniles of Ozan Creek. Funds for the construction pf the, cannel improve' ment wbfk on Little Missouri River ond 0?on Creek we/e included in the fiscal year 195S appropriations, qn^ the Vicksburg District, Corps of (;na,inee,rs, is now enbqgid in the preparation of plans and specifications for the work. It is expected that a contract wij.! -b^ let for the improvement within the next few mohthg. The work on Little Missci^r) excdvqtion of o total of 3^cfic moyth of. the river qnd the fn for Coring one) snogging pf. *h$ th^ mouth of 0?on CrieK to the v The improvement on Q«90' vgtion of ?0 cyt-offs lo^at^ 15. These two prgjects will flood-control imprgYeme,— Bpsiri, qnd will provide ..... against floodJng to opprox floo<J plqin dpwnst^— L — partial protection 73,0,00 acres, Th? tetal ive.r, will consist of the 4! cut-offs betwfeen the .jh #f, 0*an Cr!$k, ar$ 'dClignnel ybstream froT» '•'•^ -ofMvrfrlWfero. Cpnslst? of the its mo^th mile Both Parties Given Some Good Advise By ED CRAGH For James Marlow WASHINGTON '^Advice to the Pemociatb: Keep plngging, Adlee to the Bepublicans; Quit groaning. These words of counsel have gone out in the closing days of the longressiopal election campaign from two 'men pretty high up in 'heir parties President Eisenhower for the GOP and NaUonal Chairman Stephen A- Mitchell for he Democrats. If the Eisenhower and Mitchell statements told the whole story, there would be no doubt the Republicans are In trouble, and the Democrats riding high, witn the ejection only n days sway. Party leaders, evpn presidents, don't always gauge the situation correctly, however. pe?ltM> their campaign statements are 4c;sifned for a specific purpose in this case, to build a Ure un4er party Workers. Sych stiternsflts doa't necessarily reveal the sneaker's private opinion ot who/? aher the, Present spoH? at « „„ rally in J*ew VorJc yesterOay a - that saw hirh w«4e. u *'" ipjp the thick of the „-, Ue hp,4 done b^pre, ^ fgct> for tUe their faces this way." What tho GOP needs, spid Eisenhower, is a "fighting hear^" the kind Jack Uempsey had ••/hen, alter being belted put of the ring by Louis Firpp in 10?3,. Jjp came back and knocked Firpo halfway home to his nativa Argentina m the secor^ round. k 4 _ The President wasn't saying the Republicans are on . the ropes, much less out of the ring entirely. But Jus picture of a glum GOP in need of more back bone, was in sharp contrast to the picture Steve Mitchell was painting of the Democrats in Washington. Mitchell said victory is "\\ithin our grasp," »ut the ( pemocF<*ts con still boot tho election, lie- saw, by relating too ,„„,„ t "I am deeply disturbed,' np went on, "by reports of voter apathy and Democratic complacency. The two together cowW spell victory for ihe Rpuublionns," This is something new lor Pemocrats, TJiey haven't -been troubled by overconfide|»ce !&e first two FranWia p. terms. The Republicans to J^eve est«Wshea 9 r-vetcpnfi^enGfi Jo W|§ Wtter regret, beat them, ,< •> -,» campaigning in ?t»te botb partis to cature

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