Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 9, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1894
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: '^Wv : ' :: '^ r '^':"v^ f %:'V;"'"' : .'' '''^f^^^^^^f^^^'-^^^-Ti-SZ-' j-f,:;-'--".-.-., MAJtCtf Oi 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 6 couponi of different <1at«* uid 10 emli MCUPII the currant number of Art PorUot- Ion. S«e aa»ertUwmf>nt. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 9.1894. NO. 59 The Hard Times Ike agitation of the silver question, nor the fate of the WUgon Bill have impeded our progress And Why Not? Because the G^u^re-o of our friends and patrons Mave vo'ed imam nou )y "Aye," as to the strength and desirability oi'inu 1 eadv and itcent purchases. Our line of Spring Dress Goods, Silks and White Goods, Trimmings and Laces, Our now Hosiery, Underwear and Gloves never met with such unat imous favor from every one that saw them and learned our very low prices, You, who haven't visited us yet are most cordially invited to the ever bus THE TARIFF BILL. The Senate Subcommittee Reports Its Work. BEE HIVE, 315 Fourth St., Wiler & Wise The Keeley Institute, Mf\RION, IND. For the cure of the Liquor, Morphine.Tobacco and all other drug addictions. Absolute Freedom, No SafftriDg, No Sore Ans, No Impairment af tie Health. The Institute at Marion, Ind., is authorized by Dr. Leslie E. Keeley, and the treatment is jcfentical with that given by him at Dwight, ills. "Write for terms of treatment and other information. . , ,...., All correspondence strictly confidential. THE KEELEY INSTITUTE CO., Marion, Ind. SUCCESS AT LAST H The World Moves; Sclenct Is Triumphant! But Its greatait triumph IB in the cure of dlMMe. ftnd Us greatest «uo. oeii (i APOSLOLI'S trantment lor Diseases of Women But to be •ueooBtful It muit ha applied by th»*kll)falhandof the SPECIALIST. The Physicians of The Logansport Medical And Surgical Institute Have heen using this treatment with the GREATEST SUCCESS and by ita use have, In thl» vicinity, restored hundreds of suffering women to heslth and happtnes* after physicians had failed. It ii not patnful and no expo«ure If Decenary. Thej alto treat all Chronlo and Private DUeam. COHSULTATION FREE. CALL AND SEE THEM at 417 Market St. Many Changes Made in the Wilson Measure—A Duty on Sugai— Free Iron Ore Killed, ACTION KKGABDimi OTIIKK ARTICr.RS. WASHINGTON, March/ j '8.-|^Th.(! tariff bill at. amended has been reported to tho senate finance committee and given to tho public. H represents the deliberations of five weeks. The chief changes in tho bill by the senate committee are in the sugar, whisky, iron and lead, the duty on the first two being; advanced and the last two being taken off the free list anil put on tho dutiable list The smart advance in sugar, it is charged, ncco tints for tho smart advance in t.he market on Tuesday. The time for the bill to go into effect, save in a few, specific instances, is ox- tendedjrom Juiio 1, 18tM, to June NO, 1894. There will be more changes before the bill gets through the senate, and more when it gets into conference, but there is good reason to believe that the bill as it stands now n-ill become .\v without many changes. The bill may possibly bo reported to :he .senate-by Saturday and debato begun som* time next week, but it will not pass the senate before June" 1, if .hen. .The income tax feature is left in .hebiti.- The Now Amendment a. Thp .changes and comparisons with the-bill as it came from die house fol low:. :• - Suifur mil aliovc 80 decrees imlnrlscope lest 1 cerin>«r pound; for every additional decree or (fictloH-hot tlbovc 90 ik-ftrees. MIX) cent ad dltftniY:-oJbisvo 90 ivnii not above SM, 2-luUccn per defcree;' above 9l)doni-ees it ciuly of 1.4 coats ad valorem. OR women's and chMrt'n'B dress ffooJs, coft llniutiH, Hallun cloih. liuntlnK und cbodir ol Blnillur de«crlptJon not npt«t;Jnlly provided for In thib net, 35 per ctut ud vulunm. 'On tlolhttig, ready mad. 1 . mnJurllclcico/ Ing apparel or evurj; ilf.surlption, fulls wovoi; und plusuRS und uihur pile rubrics rind iuiiuiiona ul fur, 40 per emu ud v:ilor(Mn. (Wil •on hill ;&per i-elil.) Mlgur St-liedul*!. The portion of Hie Mil repc-allm? the «u(?»r bouniy Is k-rtlntact and tlu; fullunliig ])rovi«lo» 15 liMurwiJ : "All BUgurH, luiik bottomx. ;-lni|)6 at cane ting not above fi6 decrees by tfeo polarldoopo abttll puy a duty or ^ cunts per gal Ion;- mdlofcscis' le«lln(t above 50 decrees uliall puy a fl-tily ol *'flent» per gullou. Vyhiiky-, -H.IO pat palloa, untl Ilio bonded perlotiTa extended from throe to eiRht ycnra. Iron^'bre. including jnar.(fonltt>rou.H iron ore, MHO tnb!8rb«8 or residuum from burnt pyrites, 40 cent.1 pcf too. (Wllsun bill free.) Iron In ^plK s - Irou kentludite, apleffolelden, ferro BjUeoQ, WV t per cent. uJ valorem. (Wil aon bill, HO percent.) All Iron la «l»b», blooms, loops or other forma more advanced loan pig Iron imd IOSK finished than Iron In bars, 25 nflrcont. ud valorem, (WU- ion bill HUH per cent.) Bar Iron, rolled or hammered round Iron, 111 colls or rods anil barn or abapea ot rolled Iron, 28 percent, ad valotem- (Wll»on bill 25 per cent.) Beams, girders, joists and all other shape* of Iron or awel, whether plain or punched, or flt- ud for uie, 85 per cent ad valorem. (Wll*on bill SO percent.) Boiler or otter plat* or etcel, except **w platca hereinafter provided for, not thinner Ihun No. 10 wire gauge, shared or unshared, and akelp Iron or «tool, tbearcd or rolled in groovei, W per otnt ad valorem. (Wilson bill Wptr cant.) ffortfagi of Iron or steel, or forged Iron or ateel oomUned, H per cent, ad valorem, (Wit- aoo bill« v*r o*at) Hoop, baud oracroll Iron or Heel, 30 per cant, ad valorem. (Wllion bill» per cent) Railway bar* made of Iron or ateel. and rail- war bara mad* in part of steel, ralla and punotud Iron or awal flat ralla, 2*tt per cent ad valorem. (WlHon bill sopor cool.) Coal, bltumlnou* and anale, 40 oenti per ton; ooal or alack or oulm, it oenw per ton; oak*, It p«ro«nv ad valorem. In parafraph ill tbe provtio that the r,e- duotion provided for aa to «h*«ts of Iron or steel thinner than No. » wlra taut* *h»ll talu effect on Ootobtrl, ISM, Uitrlckea out, u )• •no a Ilka provlao In parafrapb 1*1 relating to tin plat**, terae plaMi and tofnera' tin. Boiler or older tub**, pipe*, ilue* orauyaof wroufht Iron or *W*1. W per cent. »d valorem, (WlUon bill. M per cent.) Caat-iroa pip* of every description, W par cent fWllaon bill, *p*r cent) In paragraph IN ahaen and nolaaora are add' edto tbe llat or artlolea on which a duty ot 4k per cent. In levied. Wood, lorew*. 80 per cent. (Wllaon bill, 36). Gold and allver leaf, 80 per cent (Wllaon bill, ».) On webbings, goring*, luapendera, bracta, twltlnii, blndlnga, bralda, galloona, fringe*, [Imps, cord*, oorda and taaaela, drea« trim- Ding), lacea and embrrtd«rt«», head nets, but- <m* or barrel button*, or button* of otber ormi for taiael* or ornaments, made of wool or of wonted, H per cent ad valorem. (WUion 111140 par cent) The provUlon In tbe Wllaon bill to the effeot that "on all rat** of dutr the woolen aobedula. •zo*pt in carpet*, there anall t>e a reduction of percent, ad valorem, to take effeot July 1, •ft, and thereafter of a ilka amount on July I, l#7, 1888, 18*9 and Itoo reapeotlvelv," 1* trlektn out. £*ad Or*. Lead or* and lead dron, tuwfourlh* of i •at per pound. Provided, Thai »llrer ore and i 11 other ore* containing lead ahall pay a duty f thrw-fourthn of 1 cent per pound on tt* ead contained therein, according to aampl* nd Miaj at tbe port of entry. Pen*, metallic, exoept gold pen*, 80 per oent d valorem. < WU»on bill, 16 per oent.) Manufactured article* or ware*, not iptolally nrorided for In tat* aot, oompojed wholly or ID art of any metal and whether partly or wholly lanufactured, » par oent ad valorem. (WU•on bill, W per cent.) In the Internal revenue *ectlon 1* a n*w pro- l*lon directing the president u Immediately otlty tbe Hawaiian goverament that th* Inlted State* will terminate In twelve montta the treaty with Hawaii made In 111*. No ohauge I* made In tbe rate* fixed by the Wllaon bill on Imported tobacco. Wool and Manufactory of Wool. Paragraph 27>—"On wool of tha ineep, hair ot he camel, goat, alpaoa and other like animal., a tbeform-o'irovlng, roping or top»," the Wl|. on bill U changed to a* to make only one rat* f 88 per cent ad valorem. A like change la made In the paragraph relation to -woolen and wor«ted yarn* made wholly r In f»rt of wool, womted, th* hair of the camel, goat, alpaca or othnr animal*, and tbe hole put at 81) per cent, ad valorem. •On woolen or worsted cloth*, ahawln, Unit abrlca, not apeolally provided for In this act, "pit oent. ad valorem. (Wll.on hill 40 per °Toe paragraph relating, to blanket*, hat* of ool aid flannels . 'or underwear and fell* for ape'r-maklng »nd prlnMng maohinea t. tanned »o *» to malro only one clauldcatlon where the valuation 1* mote than » cent* p*r raona and the duty for all la left at H per cent. JukT or of bcul jniiT, iiiolntlu, C:)iic«n- tr»tcd mohida, concrete :iml Mncentruted ab'jvo 80 dufi-ecs ahull i«y u- duty ol 1 cfiij; ]jcr ))i)Und. ui.tl ft'" '-Very :ul- diiiotml iicgrcu or fi-actiuu ur ticprcw miovu 80 rtnJ not ab.ivu W ilet,'n.-e.' aBuv,u by Uie volariscupc- >.Uiiil jiay 1-WU ot a ci-nt per pouna niiflitlutmt.iuia :i[iuv'<: Wi aim not ubovo yd aoRrcuH tor every atldithinai desrco or fructlon of a ck'gi-ee alioivu by Ihe polsrlacopo lest shall p.iy a duty of 2-100 of u cunt p>T pound additional, anil above i)ii dogrcuH by |)o;urin«>].i! U'st »)wll day a duty of M-io c*-nts per pumul: mol:ns(^ Hliall p:iy a duty of li cent;; P'T Ka'ilf' n '- molnsscrt H l >llu^ liltovc 00 iloK.-cos .^luvil ))iiy a Uul^ cf < cetim piM-pillion No otiujr i.-lnni., i (.-M are mado 1 Karlhcn ttll'l (iluttnuurr. Plain ln-Ick Is IncruitscJ from -0 lo '& («.'r cent. Umlecoruujd cliina. pni-c^-lain an'l crockery aro iiK-i t-ascd frum :C) to -10 pf;r ccnu; uiui decorated china, purcclalii. nrn-inii'iii*, etc., an; in- crciihc;! frum -W to 45 IIC.T ci-n;. Flu'.!', (jruuii and uolnrei'.. moiik-il tir prcn ; ,('il, and flint uml I'.ino i;l;»-,s\varc, liicl'JJini; Dot- tles, VIII.IM, dumLjolins ;tnJ c;iL-lioyrt i^oviircd or I uncovered), whrihw Hllecl or i;ii!l[!rO. mill I whether their contents bo ilutinblu or fron. nut I epecially pi-ovi'lijo; for in tlii-s ,u;L 4.) perccHl. i ad viilorum. (Wilsoi: bill aa por cent.) Ail arllulcH of Kluns. cut, ecirrlvi-il. pahited, colurrj. printed, stalu'-M, ilcourau'rt. silvort-d nol Including pl;uc xhiritt t^ih'fu'tnl or asH piauit*, -IJ per cent ml valnreiu. (Wllaoi) bill •%"> pnr cell I.) All KlaxB liolUcx. ilcCBnlcrs or oilier vessels. or articles' of fjlasK. when cut, ouf;ravi;il, painted, colored, printed, sialnial, etcli'.'d ut otherwise orniimcnied or .lecoratvd, oxuepl BUcuHKhave Rround n<ick« and Mumpers only, not cspnclally provUlcd for in this net, including porcelain or opiU t-hisvwnrc. W per cent, at) va'.orem. (Wilson bill, 35 percont.) Unpolished cyllnrtvr, crown ana cornmou window fflsisp, not exco'ciing 16 by lit Inches, square. IK cents per noJiul tWIlsnn bill I cent) Above that and not vxeuiuling :'4 by 30 Inches square, Hi. cent* per pound (H'd.son bill JX contK.) Abovo that ami not exceeding 24 by 3d Inches square, i!4 cents per pound (Wlitton bill, 1?« cents*. All above thiu 1?» cents per pound. (Wilson bill, !«.} In tho Btone schedule the only chan»3 is thai of (jrlndstoaes from H.7J per ton W 10 par cent ad valorem. Rooflnu blates increased from 1C 10 '•!(> per cent, ad valorem. Kcepi tho Itieome Tax. The Internal revenue section of tho bill cove» the Income tax, with many verbal but few e«- flonti'i! changes. It manes a tax of Been Is on every paok of playing cards, fltmllar to the pro visions in Uie Wilson bill; a tax on all tobacco, cigars and cigarettes weighing over thret pounds per 1,000 it pnr 1,000 Paper clgarette» weighing; leas than three pounds per 1,000 paj 11 per 1,000, and ot tbo/e wrapped In tobacco M) oeu»?er 1,000. ' ^"-^':^- •'•» - -. Ht»»e RobtMd Oat W««t. MII.TON, C»L March8.—Newareached here that the Angeles camp ettfre from thin place was held up Wednesday afternoon by two masked men U mll«« from Elk Horn station. Tbe treasure box was rilled and the pMieng-en were also relieved of their valuable*. AD extra staffO and ft (ingle rig were iJio stopped! The passengers in the were robbed but the occupants of th buggy managed to hide their valuable*, i>« Fnnec on Trial. KALAMAZOO, Mich., March 8.—Th trial of Stonewall J. de France, th« alleged swindler of many' bank throughout the country, be/ran In th circuit court. Be is charged with nt teringr a forged draft on the Firit national bank of Kalamacoo for 112,500 on November 31, 1801. Officer* from Chicago and 8t Paul are lay ing for hi] in the event of his acquittal by prov ing an alibi Two Brother* 6*nt«u>e*,d. ANN AKBOB, Mich., March 8.—Tom Jonci was found tfuilty in the circul court of assault with intent to kil Deputy Sheriff Peterson, whom he shot through the hand while resisting arrest. Judge Elcne sentenced him to Jackaoa for twenty yean. His brother Iiring Jone*. pleaded guilty to grtMi larceny from the P§i Upsilon fraternity home and w»» *rnt to Jackson for four years. On« Lit. Lost. STONKBAM, Masa,, March 8.—An unfinished building on Main street fell at 8:15 Wednesday afternoon, killing Na- ;h»n Loud, 71 years of age, and injuring several other*, William Brooks, 19 rear* of »ge, being badly brained, rfany people -were pa*alns;ou the street at the time and narrow escapes were numerous. A weak cellar wall is believed to have been the oause of tha collapse. Whit* fU*l*n* M Hxnator. WABHIXOTON, March &—At the morning session there was presented to the senate a letter from Senator White (dem.), ot Louisiana, recently appointed associate justice of the supreme court of the United States, announcing hi* resignation as senator, to take effect next Monday. Convict 8«!<led to L>«atn. JOLJJST, 111., March 8.—Thomas Larin, a convict who to DAN GOES FREE. The Jury Acquits Coughlin of tba Murder of Cronin. End of One of the Most Famou* Criminal Cases Known in the World's History. COIIOII1.IK NOT GU11.TV. CnicAQo, March 8.— Daniel Coughlin has been acquitted of complicity in the murder of Dr. P. II. Cronin, and thus cndn cue of the most noted criminal eases known in the world's history. When court assembled. Judge Tuthill read his instructions to the jury, and that body at once retired. Juror liruce «'as elected foreman. Closely ifuarded as the jury- room was, no news could be obtained WITHIN OUK BORDERS. Information of Especial Interest to Indlaniaua DAMKI. COi;«HJ.l.S'. of the manner in which Die twelve men vt-re cuiisiii.uring' their verdict. However, n'uout 4 p. rn. word was sent to the judge tliut a verdict had been rt;;u!tii'tl. The jury shortly afterwards filed into the court-room, u.nd presented its verdict, which read as follows: "We, "the jury, find Daniel Coujrhiin not ffuilty as cliiirjjed in the indictment.'' After beinff polled the jury was discharged, and Coughlin WRS tlie recipient of congratulations from many of those present. He said he had felt confident of an acquittal all through the trial. The case has been on trial for more than four months, and has cost Cook county in the neighborhood of $100,000. PASSED TH~E~~HOUSE. bad three months more. „, Bprve, was scalded 'to death by a bursting steam trap at the Joliet pent- trntiary. Found ID tlta Clilcu^o Itlver. CHICXQO, March 8.—The body of -A.. p. Donnelly, of Belvldere, III, who disappeared in this city, w»s found lii the river o,t the Lake street bridge. , Kr«»tlllnker« Pr<it»»t- '•"! WASHiifOTOH, March I—Freethinkers) have acnt lu a protest ajrainst the house resolution providing for recognition of God in the constitution. Th* Pension Bill, Carrying • JBI.OOO.OOO, I* Adopted, WASHINGTON, March 8.—After five day* of debate the pension appropriation bill carrying J151,000,ooo wa» passed Wednesday afternoon without a division. Throughout the debate there had been no criticism of the amount carried by the bill, debate: being on the one hand confined to an assault on the manner in which the present commissioner of pension* had administered the office and hi* alleged unauthorised suspension of pensions, and on the other to a defense of the attempt of the commis- •iooer to purge the roll* of those who were not entitled to a place upon them. All the amendment* to the bill, save one, that of Mr. Pickler, to make the report* of the examining surgeons open to the inspection of the applicant or hi* attorney*, were defeated. They all fell under point* of order that they wire not germane. The cftie which attracted most attention was that of Mr. Enloe, to repeal a portion of the provision included in the act of last December to prevent the suspension of any pension, except on thirty days' notice, so a* to permit the suspension in case of prima facia evidence that the pensioner had procured bin pension by forgery, perjury or other palpable fraud. This amendment waa offered at the auggestion of Commissioner Lochren himself, who, under the opinion of the attorney general, declared that if the act of last December stood over $500,000 would have to be paid ont to suspended pensioner* who were proved beyond all question not to be longer entitled to the pensions they had been drawing. Mr. Outhwaite, the chairman ef the committee of the whole, however, ruled the amendment out on Mr. Martin'* point of order that it was not germane. More Oolrt UOM to nurope. N«w YORK, March 8.—Indications point to gold shipments on Saturday, The amount may reach $3.000,000, and in all probability the whole or greater part of the gold will be drawn from the treasury's vault*. Future shipment* are likely also to be made upon the •ame condition*. D>t«b. Troop* Ix>a*. TIM UAQCI, March 8.— Dispatches have been received here reporting that fighting has taken place between the Dutch and the Achinez near Melaboeb, in the Uland of Sumatra. The Dutch loss amounted to five killed and seventeen wounded. Zclla In • New Itoln. , N*w YOBK, March 8.—MiaaZella Nicolans, of 940,000 check fame, haa closed ten weeks' contract at $800 a week with Manager Keith to appear in his variety theater on Fourteenth street in a variety sketch. ' f Wanu to Be senator. .LOUWVFLME, Ky- March 8.—It was ormally announced at Frankfort Vednesday night thatGov. John Young irown will be a candidate for United >tates senator against Joseph C. 8. Want S6.OOO tar F»l«e liiiprlioDmfiKt. ANDKUSON, Ind., March 8 — Damage suits ajfgreffatinR fO,OuO were filed Wednesday airainxt Serg-eant Larva and Patrolmen Smith and J'riteh- ard by William, Willis and James .Stanley. They grew out of tins arrest of the plaintiffs aL tbcir homu Sunday night The men. were taken without a warrant, Itept forty-eiprlit hours in jail and then discharged. One was dragged away from u sick wife. Each policeman is made defendant in a f 1,000 damage suit brought by each of tha three Stanleys and the city is named codefendant Chief of Police Welter was dismissed froi.i the force one \ve«k ago'on charges implicating him with tiie abduction of Kthel Kinox, an 8- year-old child, from the (Jo)unibia sc-lioul building. ,ludgr* CUIIrtt Hcoreii thft Jory. Cuovv.v J'OIXT, Ind., March 8.—Tk« Lake county grand jury that was . drawn a week ago Monday to in- vesugatft the Koby race track and pool selling at that resort, and instructed at the lime they were drawn that II would uot b:; necessary for them to visit that resort, but to summon witnesses before them to give testimony upon the subject, visited the rvsort Tuesday, accompanied by Sheriff Frederick, and accepted tlie hospitality of the management. When they came before Judge Gillett Wednesday morning, shortly after lie had read a Chicago paper con- Laminy an account of their visit, his honor was ivratliy and gave them a severe roasting. Say Chicago AuUiorilli>« Ar« Lux. I.VDM.VA!><>;,;*, Jnd., Marc)) 8.—There) is considerable speculation here regarding the real result, of the visit of members of the state board of health to Chicago and it is said in medical circles that tbe reticence of the board is caused by a desire that ita plans, which are not fully matured, may not become known until it is ready to take decisive action. It is stated that the committee found a laxity in dealing with smallpox in Chicago which astonished them and that a member of the board will visit that city from time to time, and if the... suggestions made last week are not acted upon by the Illinois authorities the threatened system of inspection of trainii leaving Chicago will be enforced. Cruibvd Keneath • Loud of Ston*. JKFKKRSONVII.LE, Ind., March *,— William Bowman, a thrifty farmer living near ijt. Joseph Hill, 10 miles from this city, late Tuesday night was killed instantly by the overturning of a wagon loaded with stone. He was driving the team of horses unattended. A few hours after the accident Bowman was found pinioned between tie bed of the wagon and blocks of stoae, and by the hardest effort was extrl- oated. Ulna/led*?'* NueeiMaar Klaetwl. RICHMOND. lad., March 8,—The executive board of the Werlea orphama* home, a joint Ohio and Indiana institution controlled by the Lutheran Bjnad, Wednesday elected Her. W. I*. Uolle, of Upper Stndiuky. O., superintendent. Tb« late superintendent. Rev. John Dingledey, was removed ler inhuman treatment of the inmates nd was fined tl.OOO by the court. An Endowment cl •I.OOO.ooo. MANCHESTER, Ind., March &—Ihl Ncrth Manchester college and norm] school of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ has received an *M- dowment of 81,000,000, the trwtaec formally receiving it March a TMf fund is to be used for the education «f tho worthy poor, especially JOUDJT «•!»• ifcters and- ministers' children, a»4 U open to all denominations. CboeUwa ACT** to the PUB. W'ABiHH, Ind., March&—Indian Cra- miasioner M. H. Kidd, of this city, waa is on a vacation, has been summon** to Mnscogee, I. T., by a telegram aUt- ing that the Choctaw* have oonMftied: to negotiate with tbe Dawe* comaria- sion looking to the abandonment «t~ tribal relations and the acceptance •' lands in severally. FrohlbltlonlaU K»m«< •> County Ttahct. VAJ.PABAISO, Ind. March 8. — The prohibitionists of this county Wedureda? nominated, the folio wing county ttekett Representative, J. E. liall; clerk. A, M. Virden; auditor, U A. Kirk; tree* uier, Charles Lembke; sheriff, Jok»McAlpin; recorder. J. W. Whittoek; commissioners, Charles Longshore mut George Cbilders. Everybody la Attar a JOB. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March &—Martin V, Spencer, of Fort Wayne, tke newly-appointed state pension t g :1it, arrived here Wednesday and was immediately besieged by applicant* fo* office, lie will have twenty-seven positions to fill- Took » rmim SHELBYVJLLB, Ind., March 8.—Tfce »• year-old child of Dr. J. W. Rocker, ol this place, got into hut prescription/ case and took a large dose of morphia*) pellets. It died two hour* later. Glory of Fink Mink FMSM A war. WWAMAC, Ind., March 8.—Tho numt- of the celebrated marsh in this township is Plnkaaoink and not Fink as published.

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