Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Page 7
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W^^i lV MbM, f rtOJty, 6aldl.gr SI, |*^*«,V~"Ki-p~ t*Af»tfl-p,A«th< ^'"ffsfior |tin. ttfat .rjstjihct • on hlg farm re IS yfears, priffiafity to the fact that futures levels wore toft VftoS«f««y Active at the de . ,',-lew lots mostly tit) Is and L2s. ,.l&.4fiS&J , , numWus others allUidtt*d attractive rather thatt fe- ->a- Jteclirt& any imprdVemettt in sales textiles. Hospital, School See! More Mom LITTLE ROCK M Th sas State Hospital and Late afternoon prices were 15 versity's School of McdSne Arkan- Uni- . inristJy pickers oh 240 Ib «p: 4401tO*lb io«(Jo id mostly 19.23; 400 Ib sows d^|pv|t*'•**•*'•> -""i^as" **»*^«w**• ••> Icrrtt - *aX tfirecior o! of Late afterhoOu ^>i\.^c, ..^..^ -~ versiiy s ounuuj ui j»i^*.«'»nt: 'to 55 cents a bnle higher than fec ,j, more than six miion .i^eo lh»- ••ai'SU.!| Kr8 ih additional funds |om 195F, Legislature. Members of the Arka At the Medical School tha grout) was told that an increase of a rriillioh a v M a half dollars for the two-year period would b-2 needed. Dean Hayden Nichols said that if the money is hot for'thcorhirif; the school's new 450-bed hospital, built at a cost of nine million dollars, will have tc be operated at half its capacity. He said the old hospital is Another Fire in Missouri Priioniir JEFF.ERSON CITV i*l second fire in three days in the women's branch of Missouri's riot fhp tuau; s nuiiivvv«=> wvi.^.-i-- -— -—— - ^- -AJI *c Ume* grldUjte;'-lW'S40 Ib 19.35-the previous close. -. Dec. 34.j6, »Bine..Brauv,. <« ,._, . . March 34.95 and May 35.19. jfows steady '5lo 24 loweV; iwn 17.75-18S8; 'heavier AND CHICAGO W/ wedther irt PROVISIONS A return of -wet Midwest 'sal off a movement in :otmty jail." The highway patrol head said one of two troopers on emergency duty at the woman's branch had cheek- td the sewing room a few minutes before the fires were discovered and everything was -in or der. All the windows and ddors were locked at th'at time. . Sut after the alarm was sound ed by a trooper who smelled the smoke, a doorway to the first flooi of the old building was found un Crap Harvest Near Completion in State / LITTLE ROCK (ffi The harv- estirtg of major Arkansas crops is nearing completion, and agricul- fii'ral cbnditions throughout the rtate eeneraJly are godd, the Fed- fral-State Crop Reporting said today. Service islative Council pre-sess o fthe General Assem told by officials of the th ,.. w -W.»Ot boars 12 b'6-'l5.W>; prac brdad buyl^ movp ^ n l, "' S ' J ^ tutions" yesterday thai ttcalty -Sornplet ectcaranbd. ibciw and corn on thei Board A, ,^ , ^ m be rmlin S nOO- calves 1 20- slaueh Trdde today. Other f fains od- • * Sers'S heS oponed fair-tvartced n empathy with the two *'*•* " ; .. . a *. . «MH^M *-v-if>1tkrd6f f*rr>r\& [is Leg- arm were insli- larger K ,. for conrtructiort of the new hospital w.'il be needed, in the future of operating funds. After visiting the new hospital, commented, "This is nice. I just hope wo actively: full steady to strong; .. __>«* *6.T>.A* .f..' . throughout ly sfllrs, choice steers .,.,...«-<».„.,.., loatt mostly low prime 20 BO: commercial 4"d good floors 13.00-32.50; clloiee mixed yearlings 22.50-24 30; "coYnitier.cial and good hcifWs and mixed yearlings 16.00-21.flr: utility rtrld commercial cows 9SO-11.50; fe"w a 12.00-2f>; cannor and cutter i-ows .0.509.00; 'shelly eanHers 8.00 Sown; utility and commcrcia 1 bulls JLftO-13.00; canner and cutter bnJto Veal- high .„... midwest crirps. Trading was active i jump thd 10 cent daily limit several occasions. The marke Dr. E. H Crawfis, sulirinten- dent of the state mental iospilal, told the council members jhat he certainly can afford it. f CHEERS FOR BOTH NEW PORT, R. I., (UP Rear There was ho damage, except that done to materials stored in the room where the fires brok-» out. and no one was injured. Hugh H. Waggoner, superintendent of the state highway patrol. aid Jive or six fires were sel in;personnel aboard the basement sewing room in an since Sunday Two Arkansans on Crashed Plane WASHINGTON (ffl —' The De ferise Deparlmenl has lisled two Arkansans among 21 Air Force a C47 missing t;ld administration building at the women's prison, which is about a IHJU OllUUtlJ. . , The plnne was en route to Man ston, England from Rome. VAIS aided by a minor amount of export businers and report o£ • a gcrid incjiiiry for flour from foreign countries. Sceral whenl, corn, He -,aid mopl of Ihe mow; go to increase salaries of or the would pHa 1 rs''s'la V rf'^and'To"ref)3f build- Washington. :l 1 ,y . "We'r egoing to make an Listed as missing are: 1st. Lt. John W. Warren, bard of hus- C. Warren, C-O Southern State . In its weekly report on farming, the service said the cotton harvest f s three-fourths completed, and hat most of the rice crop has :een reaped. The supply of agricultural labor generally is adequate, but there still Ss a strong demand for cot- ion pickers. Additional rain is needed for these crops which are planted in the fall, thn service said. . The livestock industry, hard-hit by the summer drought which dried up pasture lands, is staging a .comeback. The report said re- ccbt rains' have revitalized pastures, and that the heavy marketing of cattle has shown a slight Jngn. Crawfis said salries and increased if the hospital them and put them in the C 00-10.50; good and choice ers mostly 1&.0033 00; fow choice and prime 24 023.00; few h5feh choice and rime 24.00-35.00; commercial to low good vealers J13.60-18.00; culls .00-100. Keep 2,20; ^mdortone^ of trade weak bdt- ho'/ early snips except fo\y slaughter e-,ves slnndy at 3.C04.00, ocerai wnuiu, tum, .u«y.=> """'.,,—. „ , „„:„!!., soybean contracts set new season- tain its staff of specialis al highs. Wheat closed Va lower to >4 higher, December *2.31i/ 4 - 3 ,a. corn 2V 8 -23' 8 higher, December $1.56%1/2. oats , 'A higher, December )2'/ 2 83 ) rye -1>4 higher, December $1.35, soybeans 6 to 8 cents higher, November $2,84'/ 4 - 1 / 2 . T. Sgt. Sterling F. son of Mrs. Elizabeth - £,ld, Paragoukl, Ark. . Fitzgerald H. Fitzger- decline. Malaria kills about 750,000 people in India every year. gWiate and r-W POULTRY AND RODUCE •CHICAGO (UP) Produce: Live poultry: Market steady; trucks. Chicago poultry board price Changes since yesterday: Hens: Hybrid, bnre"back, Ifig- horn, No. I, 12i£ cents a pound. Heavy geese 18. Butter: 797,494 pounds. Marko unsettled; 03 score 57& cents ! pound; '92 sco'-e 57; 90 score anc 89 score 5C>'i; carlots: 90 score Dd: 89 score Sii'/i. Eggs: '/!)?.981 cases. M a r k L ste'ady. While large extrat, 60-69.0 ^er cent- A and over 40 cents a dozen; mixed larga extra? 60-69.9 per cent A and over 38; mediums •jK)i69.9 per cent A and over 21; standards 28; current receipts , Sii-ties 19; checks "" NEW YORK STOCKS MP 1 The ... r .,— improved in the early afternoon 'today after a hesitant starl. , ' * <• Neilher tho early lag nor- Iho foiloing „ re^ovqry ere very great, btit the pj&rk^t to)>}t'6t higher look as it foiled along. aiouncl , points Pa ira troopers Dropped to Crashed Plane WASHINGTON- . tfl The hus band .of former "Miss Arkansas" Pamela Camp Warren has been listed'by the Defense Departnienl ES one of iwo Arkansans aboard o missing C-47. Firsl LI, Jbhn ; W. Warren, formerly of Lillle Rock, and T. Sgt. St.crlinR F. .Fitzgerald of Pai-a- gould were aboard the plane, the Defense Departmenl said. The plane, which was en roulc from Rome lo Mansion, England, has aeon missing since Sunday, Mrs. Warren was chosen "Miss Arkansas" in lf)47. She is Ihe daughter of Dr. Dolph Camp, pres- ident'of Southern. Stale College at Magnolia.^She has been living with her parents slpce Lt. Warren entered the Air Force in 1950. Lt. and Mrs. Warren met white Mtending Little Rock 'High School, and weie married in 1949- They have one daughter, thr,ee-year-oid Lynne. Mrs. War.-en leave Magnolin Gains ient , to le 1 d s p e s ' •• ere throughout the list. , fractional , aircraft? y?eKe down St tho ftart while the steels acted bettor Both were in the forefront of yesterday's' decline. In later dealings tJSday the steols posted good vgaiijs to between 1 and joints. Aircraft? \vqcre> mixed in fractional ra'nge. l YOBK COTTON (ffl tollon twr'es were stcrdynoday^pnced by aggressive hade buying. Mill cov- -ing operations in futures v/ere at- . Had soon planned to to join her husband,,,a jel pilot,, in England. ^,1. Warren was a graduate 1 c of tho University of Arkansas. Sgl, ,'FilzqiTiild's rnolhcr, Mrs. Elizabeth H Fitzgerald, lives .-'at 61 7 Third" St. in Paragouid.•-....-': NICE, France (UP) : U. ,S. Air Force scm c*i\ \iOi ,-, ^v «,. ,. t .^..—«-.»«. r ^,. v i SundnsJwilh 21 airmen' alDoar officials conducting a K C-47 ..rn.issirig,,. , day oi i ae^W«-pajmtroopers "dropped on a/mountain "Where wreckage contribute TIME or MONEY for Governor please come by in *,HeodquarteVs (Next door pk)) or ,coU Jelephpne Np. ! WlLL.be o meeting cf Remmel's l $! CpmjpoJgn Headquarters fl* ock Wi?d*&day n\$M. If you ; to prayer, meeting/ please come •"•" Everyone is inyited. We -PCI, .by f, .C,. Martin, .Chapman for Governor Campaign has-been spoiled. IG — — — v.-u iu, uaotuiiu on MoXml L'Aulrp: ion, 40 miles north of.'Nice, after rescue plane radioed it jspottej ; wreckage high on Ihe blokes of ie Alpine peak. About SI American aircraft carried' above the. snow-capped 3 along With French Navy and Force planes in a ' •'maximum ffort" search for the C-47, rniss- ng on a flight from Italy to Eng and. There- were , constant repprts of vrcckage sightings in .France's 'aircraft graveyard" .which con used and hampered the search. 'A U. S: helicopter pilot. ,« who ook a look at the .wreckage on YTojnt L'Authoin reported he be ieved it was not the missing American plane. But French and Ameiicnh rescue officials felt It would be necessary to make an on-lhe-ground jnVestSgation with paratroopers to be- certain. U. S. Navy planfes from Italy and three Canadian destrpycrs searched the Mediterranean on th.; possibility that the C47 could have crashed into the mt. * . • . An Air Force spokesman at Wiesbaden emphasized that botn the .pilot and co-pilot of the missins plane were fully qualified airmen although they ..had desk jobs at Mansion Air Base, England, and made the flight to brush up on their llytng technique, "^^^^^ -if >w • - , > , _»__._. ^*. _• $1.074 to $1.68S e HUNDREDS mor« with our CHALLBNO. D.AU I, -• I.,.!!' *'^ . •''--- ' A«_"•"—; *. .^.^. _M|^>.i •-!•» Mft^k - .COT I,%^ ( ,a0l ilRs., k -- •" ^m&™mm*%i_ NASH MOTORS. &&£ .it l t m, , *•<, t&il^ 1 You always get "ttgger Savings and "More for y$ur Money" at your Store. Friendly And these money savin (values iggly Wiggly .n addition to You receive a valuable "S&H 1 Green Stamp on every dime you spend at Piggly Wiggly. DOUBLE "S&H" GREEN STAMPS WEDNESDAY (on purchases of $2.50 or more). PRlds EFFECTIVE ALL DAY WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27th I RYI>^hb* •-• "~ -••' --.' . .-..*->- r-™«, BEST MEAT IN TOWN CLUB STEAK Lb. GROUND DEL MONTE CRUSHED PINEAPPLE Size 2 Can OLD.DUTCH CLEANSER Reg. Can SALAD, SHORTENING CRUSTENE PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER, 4 19 C\T ^\ P* .1 IZ u • •%*Sf ' Jar w*^v« DEL MONTE SLICED PINEAPPLE Size 2 . ' O-T- Can Mm I C SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS SUNSHINE HYDROX COOKIES WATERMAID RICE • 17c LUX SOAP 2 Reg. Bars LUX SOAP 2 W 23c SHEEDS CUCUMBER PICKLES Jar 25C BEST PRODUCE IN TOWN COLORADO 1 Lb. Cello Bags POTATOES 10 SURF Large Pkg, 30c BREEZE .<• '< J v4 • r -vi% s SOAP LIFEBUOY 3 Reg. OE-, Bars /DC 1? Oz. Can LIQUID LUX 39c Can SHPRTfNING SPRY 89c SOAP UFIBUOY 2 Path ^% ^\ — Si?e .- 4*3 C LUX FLAKES Lprge *)Qm Pkg. 4VC TH| PURIX --' ; 10c Mt^t M i f . f _ j_j_ _j . v Jt J HOM Sf Aft, MOM, AW ARM! Calendar Tuesday October 26 Thursday October 28 Mrs. Basil York. Mrs. Royce Smith and Mrs. Sid McMath will be Kathleen Mallory Cir^ of flg ^—^ ^^^Sr First meet al 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, October 2G. in the home of Mrs. Horace Hubbard, 212 E. 10th. » ie Cosmopolitan Club will meet s'day. October 26, at the home of Mrs. R. L. Broach with Mrs. L. B. Tooloy as co-hostess. The Fulton Rose Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Ed Will. Tuesday, October 20. with Mrs. I. E. Ocloni as co-hostess. Wedneshday October 27 ... P. T. A. District 13 Fall Con- ince will be held in the Texark- Arkansas High School, Wcd- •'hesday, October 27. Regislratior ihvill begin at 9:30. All officers anc 1* members are urged to attend. The Gardenia Garden Club wil leet Thursday, October 28 . m. at the home of Mrs Hogg, 412 Easl 14lh. Co re Mrs. Leonard Ellis and Mrs. kis Haynes. Friday October 29 The Friday Music Club will meel 'riclay night, October 29, at 7:30 it the home of Mrs. Harold Hall. Mrs. Graydnn Anthony will be hostess to Ihe Lilac Garden Club on Wednesday, October 27, al 3 p m. Thursday October 28 The Jell B. Graves Sunday Scho ol EJHass of the First Methodis Church will have a potluck suppe and parly on Thursday al 7 p. m Air members are urged lo allcnd. The Spirilual Life Group of Ihe Emmet Melhodisl Church will sponsor a week of prayer and self denial, Thursday, Oclober 28. at 2:30 at the church. 8, at 12:30. DOROTHY DIX Amanda Tinkle Circle Has Meeting Meftday The Amanda Tinkle Circle of the First Baptist Church met Monday October 26, at the home of the circle chairman, Mrs. Gus ttaynes. Each member participated m the devolional by reading a verse o{ seferal montns ago. nc »".« j— scripture, afterwhich Mrs. Frank! broken off w jth a girl he'd gone Douglas led in prayer. Mrs. Haynes i wlth for three years. He said he Girl Meets Two Boys Dear Miss Dix: I met Martin j seferal months ago. He had just Jn Dear Missbix: 1 am a married man of 32, >lth three children ancl Boyle Me m^ & * , V * * rh£»<3e, specihectmftxfcfuitfts, 1 * » *. , &-tlSj. i*J •>*#*••.* Douglas led in prayer. Mrs. Haynes , wlth {or three years, HLC saia ii« of 32 ,j ln mree ch udren ana of humor, ne SHIU. , «. f -.,-. conducted the regular routine of, etm i ove d her, but they broke up - sw(J j wife Las t year ij 8 good Joke, and when ir^> _n.eei business, and named chairmen ofi because ne ither would give m af- jr | in Austra ii a , who is here they rarely talk at ^ ut CL- in T» .i,oc an... .. —t ;"*«>i. o i t._i4--J n!M- nlnclnetlptil or OOlltlCal maiiei.S. know what they want they don f meae, fP 6 / 1 "" 1 ^ 1 '?,^"""^ ^ftett* usually bring 6 wife Rlong And b* invoked tot. ™™gf/SJL3SS5 their styles change slowly. | would supplant P£Mf* tojgj -There have a wonderful sense Irt counties «£ ™*»S222» of humor," he said. "They enioy the various commiltees. It was an- and singg. We exchanged pict- nti u uif y . j.-m-.,/ ... cle'jinsticrtl or political matters. The younger clergymen today ...a taller arid more muscular than those of 30 years ago. You run more'and more 6 footers. The . Before I met Martin. I had been nounced that the circle would spon- nounced lhal tne circle wuuiu spun- Before l mev ma run. * ••"" ure s, and Iwe corresponauu quiu> sor the Beginner Sunbeams. go i ng ou t with a boy I had to meet r ' larly . j£ w ife has been very arc At the conclusion of the business, secretly s i n ce my parenls didn t huft about ^ s bu , l see no harm tho: session, Mrs. Dannie Hamilton,! approv e of him because our nation-: Jn u j ul ^ to get letlers frompnlo .v.ueinn di.riv rhairman. discussed i „,!,!«<, «, 0 rp different We finally, — . __.,.£.«„, MV wife Ihinks I;ave session, mis. i^ttnm^ "~ ' • approve ui nun w^v.s»v.~~ -— mission sludy chairman, discussed i a1ities wer e different We finally forma'ily. the' double breasted suit eree, espeflally since you admit . -,as taken the place of the long led him to believe. I was in : wilh coffee lo 13 members guesls. E. S. A. To Saturday October 30 Brookwood School will sponsor a Halloween Carnival Saturday night. They will serve a spaghetti upper beginning at B o'clock. The arnival will start at 7:30. ana lea mm iu uc»»»-»>- - ~. .you aia nui icu u«= s" 1 •>"" —•• love wilh him. My parenls l«« d | mal .,. ied . y^ aren 'l being fair eith- him and when we progressed lo tne, er to ymu . wi f e 01 . to the Auslra- staee of discussing marriage, 1 j ii nn lass, liyou wanl foreign mail, c.. o. M. iu stage ol aisuubsius *»*"»'— *A 1 Jlan lass, n-you wetni. AVH-.&" » Meet Tonight ..... drifted along with his ideai h hot wUe men in otlier coun The Beta Rho Chapler of Ihe Ep-j J , ouW marry. However, I Followers of hobbies — stamp ... .. <i t t ..— Midi" w ** ^i w«..«w- ii__ *-*4_ ii***-"»'* v *. _ • ... , coat for daily wear, and the throe button jacket with natural slwul dors is even .more popular. The old The Beta Rho Chapler of Ihe H,p-1' we would ma rry. W° wevel '; tr ies? Followers of hobbies — stamp silon Sigma Alpha sororily will have i m heaft stm belongs to the ot-j collecting ;hd cness , for instance a combination business and social, . what should I do? Go a- _ ca) . ry oi'ihighly interesting cor- meeting Tuesday night, (tonight)!"^, ^ d rtarry Martin to please ondenc .: with fellow enthus- ._ ,,_ _ , _* njr Cnllv Ar>r1rou7G ; ** ca . • .,__ «.. *oll nim 1'. : ,. . ,__.._ « UnUKw ihlc Paisley school carnival is scheduled for Salurday nighl from 5 unlil 8 o'clock. Supper will be served in Ihe lunchroom beginning at 5 p. m. This carnival is sponsored by Ihe P. T. A. Cub Scout Pack C2 will have a ve.ju' important meeting at Garland Senool at 7 p. m. Thursday, October 28. This will be the last meeting of the scout year. ^HH^^MHiH^Wl^^^^^^^J DRIVE THEATRE • Tonight & Wednesday • FIRST HOPE SHOWING! Miss Arnold Complimented Mrs. Jim Smith enterlained wilh a miscellaneous bridal shower al her home on Thursday night, October 14, for Ihe pleasure of Miss Carol .Imogene Arnold, bride-elecl of William Joel Cox. During Ihe evening numerous games were played, and refreshments were served to 21 guests. Miss Arnold received many nice gifts. IT'S SILVANA'S FIRST AMERICAN-LANGUAGE HIT! "Passion toils and tumples through "Bitter Rice". —N. Y. Times,, "Silvano Mangano" Is XXXier than Both Mae West and Jane Rus, se ll" _ Walter Winchell "Bitter Rice" Imogene Arnold Becomes -Bride of William Cox Spite is in the home of Mrs. Sally Andrews at Oakhaven. Afternoon Ceremony Unites Samuel Barnett and Margaret Sue Gilbert The wedding of Miss Margaret j spite another is Sue Gilbert and Samuel Dean Bar-, premise jn whic nell was solemnized on Sunday af- lernoon, Ihe Iwenly-fourlh of October, at three o'clock in the First Methodist Church of Hope. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fletcher Gilbert. Mr. Barnelt's parenls are Mr. and Mrs. Ray LaRue Barnell of Camden. The ceremony was performed by Ihe Reverend Virgil D. Keeley before a background of while slockj and gladioli wilh jade foliage in pedeslal baskels. On either side of I the altar were seven branched candelabra entwined with plumosa fern. Prior to the ceremony, Mrs. Benjamin Hyatl, organist, presented a program of nuptial music. During the exchange of vows, she played "Liebestraum" and Clair de Lune," and accompanied Homer him and my folks, or don't love him. Sometimes I fh"only reason I encourage Martin was to spite Ihe olher boy. T. R. Spite Is Contemptible Answer: Marrying one person to . 1 ~*« ' t e»i i j "i, ***fci"-^ — n to please eondenc .. with fellow en thu« tell him I'. astFS- If , ou have a hobby, this i»-*i£»e T 1661 ' ','. r '11- I* 1W»-ifir»rf' t( ;mplible at any but as a s wuld blind you to good points, and magnify would establish — y;j-- sehool districts. wKt«i\ ere not limited in the a millaae which may be voted. l For assessment at "rharkel value.' the proposed amendment Vr«vides that the state boatd "Shall classify propoity artOtdtng lo type, use theieof and frtcOVHe • therefrdW and prepare and prescribe a nj«« cd or formulil for «Se. . . m aPf tcrminlng the market Volue , ,i aronerty or classes Of property.. The proposal al?o wftltld retjlilre that budgets be aproVcd by voters for counties, municipalities ana s-chool dislridts before any „.', Itibjfect ttf Senate. , . • teief H' (Kit* ios A^GK iipsel tiled B •tr Mr and Mrs Cly'de J. Arnold, I Jones who sang 'Ah Sweet Mystery Sr., of Hope, announce the marriage of Life," and as the couple knelt of their daughter, Carol Imogene, at the altar, "The Lord's Prayer, to William Joel Cox, son of the late The bride, given in marriage by his bad ones in time. There are two Ihings you must thrash oul thoroughly in your own heart and mind; no one else can do this for you. Explore this theory intesrest in Martin is come to the the only fain thine to do is dismiss him. Second, examine carefully your feelings for the other boy. Arc you rnallv sure you still love him. or are you chasing a romatic will-o- the-wisp? Your friendship with him based solely on secret meet and it's quite probable that me clandestine feature of the association was what really made the romance thrilling Your parents reason for objecting lo him also comes into the picture. If his nat- iasls. If -ou have a hobby, Ihis s a way b furlher it. Writing' to a single gi-1 and pretending to be a single mm is dangerous Dear iviiis Dix: I am 22 and a widow wih 'three small children My husbard's people have ' never helped mewith Ihem, yel Ihey ex peel me t( bring Ihe .-youngsters to see thorn, t don't particularly feel like Visilifg them, bul 1 : would like. ELLEN wide-brimmed hat has given way to the homburg. "Most clergymen today want to find a sensible compromise somewhere between the broadway drape irtg patJent at General a- .result -has . his InftbJllly W WllclU UCVW^v,i» n.«- _._,-,- v » . ^ j^ jji't; shape and the'out-of-date 'where s lutp 1hc it.-, *»«..,-.^.«O * 1r^r*lr ' * I TI^ J^. i. erty taxes are levied. The tax rate in eachuinstance would be >> sary to finance the approved et If a projected budget bo rejected, 'the expenditures for llc p rcred i n jt year, would ccnsti "• Op"efl K . After S aptfol i9ar» the corpse? 1 look. Orthodox rabbis provide a spe dial problem, as they abide by tho I lull: inu uuiie^" . , TJnd'oi- the proposed amendment. ie stale would be prohibited from 10 d ° Answer:. By taking Ihe /children to sec theii grandpai'ertts and olher relalivfes, , you might awaken m your, .iriaaiys a f ceiling • of responsibility "tSVard Ihe tols. In "all' fair ness. give : them a chance'to re deem thenselves; it they conlinuc *- III t l*i v*u»'..n»t »'«- *• -• Biblical injuncllon "Ihou shall nol wear a mingled stuff, linen and wool toficlhcr." So Duffy rips apart rabbinical suits, replacing the linen with s'ilk" thread, which like wool i? i animal fiber. Duffy estimates he han outfillod nore than 30,000 clergymen, has yei to meel a dshonesl one. Only death or a long disease has evei kept a clergyman from meeting his bills. The only/exceptions were six im posters, all of whom, Dufty re marked cheerfully,. "went to jail.' The day I visited "Dufty's. Tav ollectinK a property tax For umber of yenrs the General As mobly has not levlad a property nx, but it rtill has lhat authority. e to show-Udiflerencc.to the welfare of your family, it's easy enough to stay away from them Massaciusetls grows 60 per cen of Ihe U. S. cranberry crop. ^L., one of his''customers was th Most Rev. Paul Yupin, the G-foo; Chinese archbishop of Nanking. "The Communists have con dcmncd me lo death,' -said Fathe Yupin, smiling. • "Unlike the Jai ancsc did, however, they jut n rice on my head. All lh,e Cottj nunists want is my h cftdlf — tb "' don't want to pa,y for it. ; • •> AmonK Duffy's former customers s Pope Pius XII. who bought n opcopt during a trip to. the United Slates when he was Cerdittnl 'Pn Diiffy ceasures a note sent hit by the >latu Rev, Ambrose* Hylnm the famous chaplain who^'butl -The Church - of thn God' Thief inside the walls of Dannermoi'a Pr Will you please send me a coup' of cassocks for my> alUr ,boys? it read. other iifeis L.IVO -1.U1-- • t»»rf ' «*»•-- l tr "One is a 48 Ion? and th 44 regular. Both . >&r i r APR! II • Thousands th*y h Vtfced mu icsl-surglcnl thwi 75,000 act has ia^moct ih« Tio ointment «P fa«Aft»ti ,Thorn(on Mn IU VVlliiUill U <JC1 WUJ\., aun \JL vnv- j.ub%_ ~ -- • " — Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cox, Sr., also her father, wore a waltz length of this city, and the grandson of kown of white antique taffela fash- Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Helm of Hope. i°ned wilh a princess bodice. The The double ring ceremony was skirt was accented by deep folds, performed Sunday morning, the and the neckline was complimented seventeenlh of October, at nine o 1 - by Chantilly lace re-embroidered clock in the pastor's sludy of Ihe wilh iridescenl paillelles and seed Firsl Baplisl Church, Ihe Reverend pearls. The bodice was covered with a filled lace jacket made with a S. A. Whitlow officiating. EXTRA; COLOR CARTOON >. *\. wmuuw uiiiuiuiiug. — •>. . The couple.'s only allendanls were high neckline and fastened .with Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Don Smilh. tiny lace covered bullons. Her fin- Mrs. Cox is a graduale of Hope gertip veil of silk illusion fell in High Schoof and attended Southern misly tiers from a satin hat trim- State College . in Magnolia. Mr. med with seed pearls. She wore Cox a graduate of Hope High pearl earrings and carried a cas- School served four years with the cade bouquet of stephanotis and cen- armed forces, two of which were tered wilh a while orchid. For the spent overseas. He is now attending traditional "something old" she Baylor University at Waco, where tucked a handkerchief, which is an Ihey will make Iheir hpme. ;.%;.«'. heirloom of Ihe groom's family, into her bouquet. . Maid of honor was Miss Carol Jo Justice of Camden, Ark. Miss Ann UUIUVio ukUJ i,»»^- j--— ionality was Iheir only cause for frowning, Ihey weren't being reasonable. But perhaps they saw ot her drawbacks they didn't acknowledge to you. . Marriage on the rebound is certainly not doomed to failure. Tn fact, T doubl if there are many mai ried people %vho haven't, at least a puppy love affair in the back ground, and many have survivec heartbreaking disappointment. O course, all former loves must bf> forever pigeon-holed in memory never, must even a mention crop up. So, to sum up your dilemma, from the meager details thai any one letter'can give', I'd say if you truthfully examine your feelings for the former boy friend, you'll find they aren't as deep as you've New super-refined gasoline gives morept STARRING SILVANA SILVANO The Fiery beauty of 5 Continents! - AND VITTORIO GASSMAN The Year's Most Talked About Movie! Rehearsal Dinner Given For Barnett" i — — • Gilbert Wedding Party Ban- and Mrs. Joy Crumpler, both Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barnell of of Hope,, were bridesmaids. The at- Camden, enterlained wilh a rehear- tendanls were gowned in idenlical sal dinner Salurday evening, Octo- waltz length dresses of autumn ber 23, at the Barlow Hotel in Hope, green taffela, fealuring flared honoring Iheir son, Sam, and his skirls and filled bodices wilh "V" fiancee, Miss Sue Gilbert. shaped necklines and cap sleeves. The dinner table was decorated They wore matching bandeaux and with a beauliful floral arrangement carried colonial bouquels of bronze of slock wilh extended decoration chrysanthemums, of leather leaf. The candlelighters, Misses Nina Miss Gilbert wore a Irousseau and Wanda Thompson, cousins of frock of brown winter;cotton with the bride, were dressed'in gowns matching accessories. Her corsage of frosted blue and dust rose, fas- of yellow rosebuds was tied with hioned on'the lines of Ihe olher at- brown and yellow ribbon. tendants. They wore wristlets of The following members of the pink pom asters. r -^r em wedding party and family were Robert Thomas Barnel>fr M.em present: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence phis, Tennessee,, served his brotn- Gilbert, parents of the bride-to-be er as best man*"' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilbert, Rev. and Mrs. Virgil Keeley, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Jones, Mrs. Dell ^ '.""" . . • Thompson, Miss Ntaa Thompj^ Hammond^ Louisiana. been imagining. However Martin of your uncertainties, and ask his lechnic College and Soulhern Slate College, i>ow —win refines out, the r "dirty-burnmgi.--- -_- T ^m^^^^^m^mm^ maker in high-compression engines. 'you thousands of extra miles of full engine power ', .i*-*—•*»•*•«*" F5j>. V*- ' Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. W. R. King of Mem • phis, Tenn., Mrs. Will McClung of Morrilton, Ark., and Mrs, A. ^ Hamby of Prescott, '"iwer^-^cent guests'of, the TrmvW^sters^f 'It- Mrs. Joy Grumpier, Miss,, Wanda Thompson, Miss Ann Barr and Mrs Florence 'Hyatl, all of Hope; Mr and Mrs. Carl A. Sanford, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Barnell of Memphis, Tenn.; Mr. Fritz Darouse of Hammonds, La.; Mr. Jim Hogg and Miss Carol Juslice of Camden, , aa we at jiiai«^r «.it_ •» Ushers^ere'Charles W. Gilbert brother" of Ihe bride. Jim Hogg of Camden, and Fritz Darouse of guests ' Washington, J. J. 'Roy of Ful- TODAY ONLY FEATURE TIM_ES SAENGER TOO MANY MEN'IN HEt-UK TOO MANY LIES ON HER UPS! Paula Was Bad and Beautiful... JohnFORSYTHE Edward 6. ROBINSON Maicia HEN DERSON'Kalhleeo HUGHES Yesterday" 3. Woody Woodpecker The bride's mother chose a roso platina Juliette original with which she wore a matching rose jeweled hat. Her gloves were white and her olher accessories were navy blue. Pinned at her shoulder was a pur- pie-throated orchid. The bridegroom's mother wore a blue lace dress and matching hat sprinkled with rhinestones. Her accessories were black and she wore white gloves. A purple throated orchid was pinned at- her shoulder. Immediately following Ihe ceremony,, a reception was held m the church parlors. Mrs. Wade Gilbert greeted' Ihe guests at the door_ and introduced them to Ihe receiving line which included Ihe bridal cou- le, Iheir mothers, and th" *"«* s llendanls. Arrangements togk were placed Ihroughout >arlor. Oul-of-lown guests for the Barnett-Gilbert wedding on Sunday afternoon were: Fritz Darouse, Hammond, La.; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Barnetl, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sanford, Memphis, Tenn.; Miss Thula Barnell, R. J. Barnell, Mrs. Rulh Chronisler, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hogg, 'Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Juslice, Mr. and' Mrs. Robert C. Burns, Mr. Lynn Wagencraft, all of Camden Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Hardee, El Dorado; Mrs. D. J. Brouillelte and Jeffery, Mrs. N. C. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie W, Ear- nesl, Preslon and LaCrecia, Texarkana, Texas; Miss Connie Hill, Miss -Fiona Amisaus, Glynel Buchanan, Ed Brutenberg, Hot Springs; Mrs .L. D. Fletcher, Ozan Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Barr, Aunelle and Ru- ,</ <<'^ ',<Vfc c< *£ '*V Ihis lamp is burning the TAIL-ENO"of gasoline which GUlf refines Qj} netle, Ruslon, La.; Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson,.Okay; Miss Brenda Hill, Saratoga, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jackson o£ Magnolia. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Clark attended the Arkansas - Ole Miss game in Little Rock, Saturday. IT™*"""-— i —tv*. * V " 4-1.1 'f'Y-fi.t-'ot yB^-aWaKVESiT'S * «-* v y place, r|mots^ L r e efe% $m , i "j ^«2 i.iKaPa/Hifrp.renceCauiKSUl aboveJjMj The'bride's lable was covered Hospital NotgS - while net decorated wilh white I lowers and „ vilh a wedding bell, he penler oJ! Ihe lable. mnch bowl was !lowers and -t sss May Rl. 3, Hope. Maw iy*rs. •P"""*^ *'7tv*"were Mrs. I liamson, Hope, Mrs. J. C. members of the paily were m ^ Emmet. Albert Spears Laroy Cameron, Btow I^»MWo^< » .^ cjfogby| H t^HSs^k^ ; S Hope ' M " bride. Ambers of the party wore of while charcoal giey wmtei black butlons, and white gloves, and . 01 chid at her shoulder. *-- a wedding trip to Monterey A »vo, and other points of interest _, Mexico, the couple vyUl be»t home in Hammond, La, where Mr. H. H. Elledge the arrival pn Oct 24, 1054. Chester ; Mrs. Pan Green, Hope « «„, Fans, Rt 3, Hope, Mis nb Evans, Rt. 4, Hope, Mi§ Ann Stoiar, Lewisville Wm H Stmgley, Blevins, Hope, Mis. Earl Stuart, v Bagley, Hope, Bennett, Rt. 4, Hope, I, Hope, fleet cars. . Though spark plugs normally wea cleaning or replacement a^er 5.000 to P^* try gun (««*?«*;«? «*jH»¥ vwrfF**"?*" - v-f r ? wlw 4riyirtg nwtPrtsttlto VPtt« iM-^M tone** a* pAm^n , v Inst^ *Wt „ fl ' . ft . ft r _ t /- *it*m~t*it-itm c /' J t * : 'V COMPLETELY NEW J

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