Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Page 3
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i j^-f J \ f- e . ^ ? ] fl? i v ^ 1 / J ' *"\ t ^ " f ~^-"* "* L &r '- • %t .,. 7~ t rfcfH" -,-(' v Vi»£ 1 ?*jSP MOFI *TAk> MOM, AtRAMIAI Jicans ign Push 'the M6ps frim 4mpatgfi to to be thfil NOV, T •• „ ia the to plnl OOP stratd iri whose ans think elettioti victory, rt eonnfeetffctii and Mew 'tfoo-dsrf&eaking totif hlto tetfl Jho strategic Stoe flrst tttttb in Uic cam* ..t, Richard M. tfi* ted ^ he was- 5 , peeling off _.;an<rih<m prdcefeded w fottfle* tmldeftt' Truman lattack, " -74 Cllnirmam-Lfeonard the l £lehioer«Uc ^*lnfltrUiti6nt K Jof the crowd.!' - 4 lrVlhg,M< tves, Ml&pubitean itftrltt c&ndtdaVi In key Ntw ried a sensational bribery this Democratic foe Hftrriitian/ v '$ , f ; > femberats met^the slipped Iplean drive tyith burd-hl Signing by^tho party,'B (' J ' / '''' ' *' '' *"•<"••<• - • • .), hqlisi the ! st«mp *iil.i 'While his- gel v ^5en, Lt Lyhdon B. John ^was'Vs^eHuiod't Alber .v ,', 'sejiedule'd t appear -| Ohio. Pennsylvania ^respectively. > . "'VAtr 1 . Elsenhower's tou id'/ officially, as 4 ;non po: their • candi £0ost,JMr/Eisenhower, wll Dav/s Lodge of Con i reelection a. vh'6', candidate 1 Menus This Week in Verger School Verger High School lunch menus for week October 25-30lh: Tuesday — Spaghetti Dinner, Cabbage, Carrot and Apple Salad, White Bread, Plain Cake with Chocolate Sauce, Milk. Wednesday — Pinto Beans with Beef, Combination Vegetable Salad, Oatmeal Cookies, White Bread, Milk. Thursday — Liver, Rice & Grayy; Carrot and Cabbage Slaw, Peach Cobbler, White Bread, Milk. Friday — Salmon Croquettes, Cranberry Sauce, Marshmellow Potatoes, Turnip Greens, Com Bread, Buttcer Milk. '£JT... " The Negro Community brbriho Items to Mtu Turner M Hleki Funeral Horn* mlgHt not express himself In headlines:, but he always talked In-C^tal > . .' . . > »** 'DENNIS'TON ,, It-wiis''tndrni^g. Taxis, swished through .Centraltl'ark South, their . '<kt,P t 1 »«•!••*. i t , . lit „-_ windlhVd "wipers moving, like me- teofdl<?gical'';pendultlms' be a t i n g tinfci. 'for Vthe, 'rain. Water dripped down, !the 'nose* of the statue in front-'bf tfie'Plafca and on William Shalte'spear'e,'' standing on his ballet. dancer legs jn the Mall m Cen- tral"B'firk. . , ' Fh'rther ' ihside the park something, rhdmentous ' was happening. Anyone braving the wind and the ,'have seen ,the eprth . through ithe crack there emerg'ed* the first yellow crocus. oracle. K Akciich In ,a speech IBllattelphia. He said k that |a1jj%should Mr, Truman IPhis Democratic "dpo- : ''en"trUstbd With the America's see- ithe termites who are pr gnawing nt us fro'm his President, who Jump; ctay v on a 1 new nine-bt,ate tswitjg, s/ abo attacked !5feyenson. 1952 *,Demo BJdential candidate, and sen of I he ADA','left democratic patty/' • ,Dem6eeatlc ifeft wing in a<, sncc B9Us. , His office « here fstatement paying ^ rei? a 53 ,perce.nl average, than die esident Truroa'n ui lus congress. -' ' cited-a re^rl Ay ' vice organization; Lshowed tnot from 1947 ? ; Truman got 40,2 j>e His legislative propo$a. dongress., Mr. i, Elsen fayerpge in tho pant Vwo •pi said was 65.9 per cent. Vinmp that fadt-rimriii hfead- blocks to the cast, on he right " side 'o'f the city t but thS wrongv'pfcijt "of the right _ side, a bel, shrilled,- in ! the apartment and Jreg ' aw'akehed^ frowning, rpseht- :ul j? a* t»,bding- -wrested from his rbh Tfte',. silent guardian "inside .mi^d 1 , ' wmch > made him look up ir^rn his' Newspaper alUhejigh subway ..s'&'lion arid arpused hirr a 'few' seconds before the alarm . went*oft oh week days, ^reminded' lim^that it' was Sunday morning and tthe.re , was no , need- to hurry. But;Greri<was''hounaed 4 by a r<?- lenfles's » consijiehce that - stalked ' PRESCOTT NEWS The Community Club will meet Monday. October 25, at their regular 1 meeting place Asking all members to be present and on time 7.30 p m. ' I a Bryant-coached squad. But tha* outfit pretty well redeemed rUeli by beating Texas Christian m the Cotton Bowl. ' The lone Aggie victory was over Georgia, and Georgia right now leads 3 the Southeastern Conference race. So Arkansas leads the Southwest Conference. . . h-m-m. "1 still have confidence in these Aeeies." growled Bryant. "They have plenty of determination, guts c,nd character and I still think they'll beat somebody." ' But in "taking over" the team, Bryant said he would not tolerate "giving up on the part of his varsity and issued this nctc of warn'""It's past history that about this time of year some folks players begin to give up. If anyone on my teams shows signs of giving up the rest of this season they'll be disassociated with this outfit. BAN LIFTED ON FILM MANILA Ml President Ramon Magsaysay last night lifted the ban on the Hollywood film "Viva Zapata" and approved it for general iclease throughout the Philippines. Although shown in Manila it had been banned from release in the provinces on grounds it "tended to craele unrest." Monday Octobei; 26 * •*•"*»)«• :The Prescott Band Mother's ,CJub will meet Monday evening at 7'30 at the home of Mrs. Roy Loomis with Mis.'Ezia Milam co Jhostess " Tuesday October 26 Members of the Fast Methodist Church will have "Famfly Night" on Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. Wednesday October 27 Mrs Dalhs Atkins will be hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Gaiden Club met at Roadside^Park on Highway 67 N for the OeHobei meeting and the, afteirioon 'was Spqnt planting 11 is apd bulbs flowering j |liubs, The park is a project of -the club Democrats Have Organization Meeting The Nevada Chapter the Rose Garden -Club Meeting Eighteen membeis of the Rose Young Democratic Clubs,', rift Aik anscts w^s oigamzed 1 at Piescott leoehtly ilt a clulner meeting'at the Lawson Hotel The following officers" ' were elected T J Silvey, president, Funeral service for Felix Howard will be held Monday, Octobei 25, at Lonoke Baptist ,Church in Tex-, arkana With buraal in Salem Ce metery Time 2pm. DOUBLE DUTY—-Politician-farmer Fr'anklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., "fazes'Wistfully at the $85,500 Hereford bull'at a public,auction in Romeo,'Mich. The sale was held to clear a 2500-'acre farm ln v order to make way for a Ford Motor' Company proving ground.; The Junior choli , of Rising Star Baptist Church \vttj reheaise Monday night, OctolJer, 25, at 7 30 The senior ancl f jfinloj; choirs of Gaiiett Chapel Bhptist Chuirh will icheaise Tuesday night. October 26 at 7 30. ' . , j: Da"le Lelia Ledbetter, McCaigo, vipe ,pi(?sident, secuetary-treas Senior choir of Lonoke Baptist Church will lehtai'se Tuesday night, Octobej 26 at 7 30 Choii No 2 of Bethel AME Church will tehearse Tuesday, October 26, at 7 30 p m , hlm/fikV.an F£l mpn pursuing a criminal. • S*fotti' 1 morning to night it pjfod#pd"- r 8t him, sneered at his accOmpllsjfeients.' quds.tiqned his lOlivevbJeUfcvcd,"the. worst qf hup' As. hjs'jsleepy lids half closed, i. 'A&isKi 0 t,i,k^ bh,d9k liim firmly his fe champagne, Imperial Tokay An envelope was tucked under the broad satin ribbon. ''Happy birthday, dealest boy You'll find a little booklet m the basket telling you "the proper temperatures for seiving the wines Don't throw it out.' Little items like these arc important for a man to master They tell people so much about his background. Mother." Greg slipped ( the note back into its envelope and. after a nudge Y- ™ fiom hib conscience, pulled ouut the reminding him booklet on wine and laid it on lop urer, lepoitei, Mrs. J T Worthington Purpose oi the club is (1) t En- ouiage membership in the .Young Demociatic Club of Arkansas^ (2) SnCouiage citizens to go to the oils and vote a D^mociatic^tjcket, 3) Encouiage democrats ,to vote he Democratic ticket, (<) To bet- er assure the National Democratic possibility oi winning a iDeioocratic Congress at the , ,-cpmjng General Election (5) to mute as a Democratic parly and perpetrate an 'organi- sation thatjvould be m readiness to assuic thaf our"p,arty wlllpc^ Uie majority pjyrty-both It5tnliy' i and nationally. " . .. „ ,, he had not checked, of tho ncwbpapw - „. eaay a .a,, on Utfe.tOWe. He mifeht-be bleeping | chair. Ho told hunbcli loyally tha alf>c morriitjg and. as hlb it was a lavish gift; probably cost > pointed J oiit for tKe « s m » ch as hc car - ,that paid, a §350,000 bribe Mjklyn judfeeMn .the J920-J 9. poUtipal stprrp. Hah "complotoly, and denied any know 1 - uc^ bribe, and »c> yes ot ,a ! "bat)eles* attach ut'he ajways,talked in ^personal honor and inte Rizley, iassis- ifcretjttiry of Agriculture and '|er Republican House mem- djallenged n statcmeat by fejes.Kefauver (DTenn.) thaj '' has suffeied under the jln a statement released there^wds noUi- aji^ing i for ' a „ thanjpoafjng in 'efgej,ic. Jt{»n won't Up•••••• " 'Man Went much as he earned m a week The fact that he did not like wine was not important. After all, hi mother wab tiymg to give her hoi i>ome social polish. While he wailed the coffee to perk he took a shower and shaved squinting at his face in the mu With a face like that, he - Nelson-Hill Post''No.! 427 will meet Tuesday night, Octpbei 26, at the legular meeting place All members please be prd&ent and on time at 8 o'clock jJedrBryant GettingTeam 7 for Porks COLLEGE STATION, Tex. W) Texas A'&'M. Coach Pan Bryant ing over" the ' football :'tearh," was glad to have it 'and/had faith "thai the boys .would beat somebody,' It was a little on 'the,., facetious side, since Bryant, obviously Was taking a poke at those' who-ride only with the winners!- But -'Arkansas might note and got the'idea it could run into a peck; df-trouble Saturday night \vheri--tHe'- night-flying Razorbacks 1 ,'.leading'' the ••SojitU- NOTICE! It is dan^erowt to let from common cold hung on Chronic bronch itis may develop if your cough or chest cold is not treated.Start quick using Crcomulsion as directed, /s Creotnulsion soothes raw throat and ** chest membranes, loosens and help* expel germy phlegm, mildly relaxes systemic, tension and aids nature fight the cause of irritation. No narcotics; For Children get milder, faster Creomulston for Children in the pink and blue package at your drugcountcr. CREOMULSION r*)i«v« Cought, Ch«it C»ldj, A««*« BroochUii said" today he was officially "talc- j west Conference race.."'-.play:; fthc 1 • • • Aggies on their home field..'.-: : -\ the;-Demonstration Agent, Mrs. Farilla •' Smith. Mr. Fleming and LL. Phillips -of Little Rock. The agents gave a demonstration on up Bryant obsc'ryed' : - th,at.y'nobody else wanted the team sb..he-would take it. •• . • ; • ;,^ ; i "It's always 'our'..team'-when i bolstering a couch which was com-j we're winning and going ,good ! but p'leted • in-two hours. Mrs. Smith! nobody has asked me how';^pur pave' directions on making foot- team- is doing. It's'always;-'How's Churchill Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday, October 19, at the home of Mrs* Adalme Cheatham at 1:30 p. m We had with us gave directions on stools.' There were two other visi tors from other clubs. Mrs. Jannio Trotter of McNab and Mrs. Pearlene .Cheatham of Marshall. After .the^meeting .refreshments was served.- ."''... Friends of Mrs. Alma Coleman will regret to 'know that she is ill in'a local hospital. your team going''this'sc'Ssoh"" said the man whos in his : firs.t_ l9sing season of a 10-year coaching;.career. He nlweys finjshcd, , ahoa.l in nine years .at Maryland ;and Kentucky. . •' . , .....' . A&M h^s won only. one o"ut of six. At'Kentucky, in 1951'his team had an 8-4 record and those four losses were the previous high for The Heating Season Is Near. Let Us Estimate Your Needs • Forced Air Systems • Recessed Heating Unites • Suspended Unit Heaters • Floor Furnaces HARRY W. SHIVER PLUMBING - HEATING Phone— 7-2811 Mrs, Glenn,Hdiretcm HpstesS To . '„ v '47 Bridge, Club ., of lAw. ston wab the scen6 ior,' ang of the '47 Bridge' Club' 1 oa Wednesday afteirioon ^ 'f, The dimrtg table was« centered with a pumpkin fille4 wi{fi"bcrries The ijigl: one could commute on the month in and month JOP naUoiittl committee Sacfminlstratlon fa$ t op rhorp decline in farm at Started in the last two f ru nian because Twenty .minutes of 9. The bell rang again and Greg swung his feet off thc btudio couch and into his slippers, groping for his lobe. While ho punched the bjitton in tho kitchenette that released the bell in the downbtuiis hall, he lUn his fmgeis thiough his hair and tied the robe aiound him, March 30 It svas his buth- day. Perhaps his mother had le- membored Aftei all, she icmem- bered quite often. And once she had even come to the apaitment to see what soil of "atmospheie" Gain Iment Stores fl 1 ) Department store EJ?Mh Federal HP- last \voeif showed a sain over U>e coires- of 1053. he preferred to his house in Montclair. steptathei's '?aeral Reserve Bank of attributed tho increase l cpotov weather and a j» Umini; of seasonal area gain, with 17 were wp 13 .. Rock Ark,, 5 per Lpuis, t> per cent in divtrjel cjtles. com : 1 per c«nt in il>o past per cept gi eater period. Tftc were the Gregg went back to the living room and took a quick inventoiy, regretting that it was too late to make up the studio couch, He make an effort to see the place as it looked to his molhei,, although he knew fiom hei s-ilence on that visit thai she resented the shuUbiness, the secondhand futm- ture, the Venetian blinds that shut put the sight but not the sound of the Third Avenue elevated. It jc- mlnded her of the old days, befoic she had become Mrs. Horace Crain wh,en she had been Millcent leaver, man led to Greg's father. Compared with the 20-room Qupen A*\ne house in Montclair, it wfcs jioihing to boast of, but he liked it because he had found i; himself, bought his own fuimluie, pqid his pwn way, Feet climbed the iJfth flight of stairs at thp plodding gait people always reached at that altitude, somephe knocked heavily, 9pu,n.e<j -the door. A panting • grunted, "Some climb! Server" At Greg's nod WQ hjs arms a basket £&yerv$" with, cellophane and tied jnariimoth, bow of red satm ' ~ • Tl\e thing during the ycais when, to please his mother; he had lived at hjs steplutliei s. hoube in Montciaii Now and then, lie was introduced to men who were familiar to him because they took the 8:11 in the morning. There was never any recognition in their faces. "Gregory Seaver" they would say. "Oh, Horace Grain's stepson." No one ever needed to ask who Horace Crain was, Grain's Canned Cornbrcad was served up on the billboards of the nation asv;a tasty substitute for the scenery they concealed. It was the subject of a singing commercial on the radio which ingeniously introduced the voice of a can opener. The man who thought of that was now high in his agency and generally regarded as being wellon the 'way to a da/iling future. Horace Crain was only waiting for an equally worthy vehicle to present his product to 'the television audience, having discovered what a nuisance it is to turn oft a commercial on the p;we won J.41U J,U£U QtjlU v= ( pj, Afct: lAypb^ i VYU11 by Mib. John GannJi?nS?tia cut pnze by Mr? J V McM^hen A dainty dessert course wai served to members Mrs Jrjfrljlelson, Mib Dudley Gordon, 'Mrs, Sob Reynolds, Mis R E Y/arbiough Mrs. Charlie Gray, Mrs. B. JVIcMahcn, biidge guebtb Mr? j R', Beiuis, " Scott, Mrs*! C , R A DeLamar, Mrp Mrs. C. P. Mrs. -William '"Dates, Arnold Jr., Mrs. Gann and tea guests Mrs. Edward Pryson, Mis L R, Tiuaey and Mrs Smith. Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Logan, Mrs. T. C. McRae Jr., Mrs. D, L. Mc : Rae, and Mrs. E. M. Rowland were Wednesday visitors in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gobdori have returned from Idabel, Okla., .where they have been the guests-of Mrs. H. L, Lowdermilk. ind He Jeered. "She screen, . In the company of his vigorous, dogmatic stepfather and his absurdly young and decorative mother, Greg felt like a mongrel, •vaguely apologetic for getting in the way. He supposed he must be like his- father, who had not fitted in anywhere either, and who had not, in Horace Grain's capitals, Made the Most of His Opportunities. Greg was afraid of the future, In fact, Greg was afraid of a great many things, Life itself was a wary business of walking a tightrope, cxxpecling at every moment to lose one's precarious balance. The only safety lay in following the rules, in doing what was expected. Ho set the basket of wine hot- tcs on the floor to make room for Jiis breakfast Iray and reached for the first bcclioju of the Sunday paper, The booklet on serving wines tumbled Jnto his lap. For a moment Gieg flicked t»e pages; then he made tho first rebellious gesture of h,{s Jtfe, We Jwp the booklet JU1 tWPi - hjj Lt. and Mrs, Bob Robertson left last week for' Fort Smith'where they will make their home,. Lt. Ro- burtson has recently completed 1iis buiiic officers training .course at Fort Bcnning, Ga., and will be an instructor at Cump Chaffee. Master Bobby Robertson remained for a visit vs'ith his grandparents, Mr. lind Mrs. Guss McCuskill.;': Mr. and Mrs; J. J. Pederson and son, David Allen, of North Cowden, Texas, have arrived for a visit with her parents, Mr.. aVid Mrs. Allen Gee. is my "To me the satisfaction of supplying people with quality merchandise and service is the outstanding reward of . running a hardware store. There are high industry standards for the tool*, appliances and supplies that I handle, and in selecting merchandise for my customers, I make sure that my stock meets these riyid requirements To keep people reminded of my store and sen-ices and to announce new merchandise, I use newspaper advertising regularly. It's an effective way to send the neu-s about my store to the people in this community. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. White attended the American Bankers Association Convention -in Atlanta City last week and are visiting points of interest with ,a party of friends in New York City and Niagra Falls. Mrs. Earl Gordon ,has returned to her home in Salem, M 0 -, BfteV a visit with her 'brother. Hap Powell, Guss McCaskill and Ray renco of Hope attended 9 ship committee meeting at the Prb ebyLcriagn Church in Cumdyn on Thursday evening. They \vcrc Accompanied by Rev. and Mrs, G. Bewsberg who visited AH businessmen are aware of the standards of quality, weight and measure thai are used in evaluating the merchandise which .they buy ind sell; It is.also possible to buy newspaper_ advertising on the basis of definite standards, ndmely, the information in the reports of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The A.B.C. • is a cooperative, nonprofit association of 3,575 publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies, Its purpose is to provide advertisers with audited about the newspaper is q member of culalion of its publisher, members. At regular intervals'the A.B.C., of which this newspaper is a member, sends an experienced circulation auditor to make 'a thorough 'inspection and audit of our circulation records. The FACTS thus established are published in an A.B.C. audit report which tells you: How much circulation we have; where it goes; how obtained; how jnuch people pay for our paper; and other FACTS that you need in order to KNOW, what you get for your advertising money. Advertisers ore invitistj to oik fSt a copy of our latest A.8-C. report. FISHING B9AT M,l , TOKYQ a Japanese fisfrliij with g5 • crewmen f. h 9«^ to$'s$f/ jdj^i^ry ;>H| • -1 .- ' To City Subscriber*: If you fail to get youf Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. rrt. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 11 Star of Hope 1699, Press 1927 Consolldotcd Jan. 11, 1929 H6P1, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, Lower Prices J0r Food Drops tost of Living in WASHINGTON (UP) A drop food prices lowered the na lion's cost of living by three-tenths of one percent from mid-August to mid-September, the government reported today. The bureau of labor statistics .^said it was the sharpest monthly wrop since last November for both food prices and the overall cosi of living. Food prices declined 1.' percent during the month. In a statement accompanying the price report, Secretary of ,La bor James P. Mitchell said ithe average American factory Worke in September "could buy rAoro goods and services with his tike home pay than in the same mantl of any previous post-war year.' t ile said the average factorj orker earned S71.8G a week in September, an all lime high fo that month. His take-home pay, as suming three dependents to b counted as lax exemptions aver aged $66,78, also a record-high fo September. Mitchell said the average work .er with three dependants was abl to buy two percent more goods an services and the single wovke four percent more in mid-sen than two years earlier was still under The list of judges and clerks for lie November 2nd. General Elec- ion, which was published in tha Jopc Star last Saturday, contained the name of "W. A. Spears" as one if the alternate judges in the Beard's Chapel Precinct. This was an error on the part of the typist vho prepared the list for us. The name shoidd be "Herbert Cliamb- ess," not "W. A. Spears," it was announced by J. A. Davis, Secre- ary, Hcmpslead County Election Commissioners. Error in Judges, Clerks List Better Picture in Employment Painted by Ike By RICHARD E. MOONEY Me Tearmment boom way. "The risr> in v/agc • rntos in the past ye;ir lias oflsct thn drop in the length of the work week," ho .In addition, the stability of consumer prices has made for confiocnce. a major ingredient of a strong and growing economy." woman Must Serve oh Jury Despite Plea By WILLIAM NEWKIR K CLEVELAND I/HA woman who iursl into tears and pleaded to be Italy Formally Takes Over Trieste By WEBB McKINLEY TRIESTE I/Pi Italy took ove Trieste today in a rain-drenched bill fervent celebration mlu-kin the end of nine years of British American control over thi? long disputed Adriatic city. A bitter wind and slanting rail wariied out a series of cerernonie scheduled for the formal change o command. But a cheering throng of Tr este citizens broke through polic barriers when Italian army, nuv anc; air force units marched int .he city for the first time sine World War II. Thousands pressed onto th waterfront to hail a five-ship Italian naval squadron as it steamed into the harbor. Their chdcrs noar ly drowned out thc roar of 24 Ital ian air force jets which swept across the city's grey skies. The formal end of the Allied Military Government came at .10 a. m., with a proclamation signed by. .British Maj. Gen. Sir John Winlerton, Allied military govern- WASHINGTON Prcsi the A«t«e!a»»iJ f rt« . 6 MM. Royalty for Junior H|necoming dent Eisenhower last night an lounced a 400,000-man drop in ur mployment and predicted a _ rf e ord-shattt 'ng jump in nations Droduction in the next 10; years He revealed new government figures showing that the number of jobless fell to 2,700,000 this month 400,000 below September and the first time this year that the total has been less than 3,000,.00 He also declared he expect? America's total annual output . to climb 40 per cent "in less than a decade" to a record $500,000,000.000. Evenly distributed ho said this would theoretically amount to an extra $3.000 "for every American family of today." Mr. Eisenhoer spoke out in a v.-cck before the crucial congressional elections. The speech was labeled "non-political" but if amounted to a clashing countcr- iiftnck against Democratic claims of economic dangers" and charges that the administration has failed to come with them. "I believe that it is high time in this great, growing productive lane', of our.;," the President said, "to put behind us the rash fears that for so long have haunted Russian Talks After Germany Settled, Dulles By MERRIMAN SMITH Dog Brings Help to 'Struck' Boy NASHVILLE, Tenn.— <#» LUtfe Tom Gambill hadn't been caught in the chimney long before his Irish terrlor Mike brought help, but it took flretaert 2& hours to get him out. The 7 - year • old boy became wedged in the chimney of an out' door grill yesterday, LITTLE Not long afterward, Mike's whimjW en ther Surest Parts of S WASHINGTON tUP) — Secre'l pe , irt g attracted the attention at . „._,_ T_I._ tr,,.,^,. -n,,iin, the woman who was caring for the GambiU children. The log, led her to the grill. Then firemen and policemen were called, r.ome among us fear of war, excused was seated anyway tod,ay us a juror a'l" the'murder'..trial''of Dr. Samuel H. Shcppard. Answering questions from defense counsel Fred Ganv.one with seeming poise, Mra. Gcnevieve A. Pelsay suddenly looked fixedly at or of th Trieste'territory's Zone A. The idroclamation was read ovc.r Trieste Radio. It was the lirst day since May 8, 1945, that Allied soldiers had not been in the city in strength. At noon, the red, white and green Italian national colors rose over Unity Square, the heart of the citj'. Five minutes later, Maj. Gen. Edmondo de Rcnzi, the new Italian military governor, issued fear of unemployment, fear of our.•elves. fear of the future. Certainly,- we know now that one such fear, the fear of a ralr/.ing depression, can be safely laid away," After 20 years of war somewhere in the world, he s-aid j ths nation can look forward to peace and an "exciting" growth in the economy that will bring "a steady rise in the living standards the handsome first time. osteopath for the „„_ by Skippy Bryan Tuesday. November 2. will be thejfta'j for these younu ladies who have been selected to the royal <*uri for the Junior Home- cVmlno contest. Left to right i nfirst ro«: Sandra Hobbs. Caroline Cox. Sheila Foster, Jeannette Fincher/Sm Houston; second row. Kitty Jones, Lanelfe Fuller, Carolyn Strortg (co-queeiti and Georgeanna Lowe (co-queen), Mary Eppler. Genda Huckabee; third ?ow" Be^efyn Ba" Judy Kay Wright, Charlotte Brown, Linda MOP,,,. p=V - Helms; fourth row: Bonnie Easterlmg, Judy Robins and SC- bf 1.11 of our people." To spur progress thr Then the blond biscuit company employee lowered her head and, with tears brimming in her' eyes, umbled in her pocket book for a iiandkerchief "I would like to be excused," she said, her voice choking. "I would not like to be on this case." Her sudden outburst followed this Question: "Is there any doubt in your mind that Sam Sheppard as he sits here in this courtroom is presumed to be innocent?" She shifted her eyes from thc ceiling to Sheppard, the the tears ^tarted to flow. * Mrs. Pelsay was a replacement for Gerald L. Liederbach, a mailman who delivered letters to the door of Defense Alty, Garmone. The state, using its second peremptory challenge, thumbed Liederbach out of the jury box. an, .emotional greeting to . , inhabitants on their return 'to Italy. The American troopship W. >G. Haan pulled out shortly afterwards with about 1,7CO U. S. troops aboard. The people momentarily dropped their greetings to the Italians. With cheers, waving flags and honking of horns along the waterfront they bade farewell to the Americans. Oglesby Halloween $ Party Saturday; Chicken Lunch Sale Oglesby School's annual Halloween festivities will be held Saturday afternoon and night undei sponsorship of the P, T. A. llv regular carnival for students anc their families will be held from 7 to 9 p. m. Saturday from 11 a, m. to 2 p. '*.<i)rn. the school mothers will servp ' a special chicken dinner with dressing and all the 'trimmins' at a dollar a plate. The lunch will be se>i-ved at the school but wll be delivered to those who can't leave their jobs and businesses during the dun- ch hours. For tickets contact the school office and they will be delivered. Nozarenes Start ** Revival Wednesday The fall revival will begin Wed nesday night, October 27, at the Church of the Nazarene, and con tinue through November 7, Rev, O W. Eudaley pastor of the West Sid' 18 Additional Counties May Be Quarantine LITTLE ROCK \ffi — Plans to include 1U additional counties in Arkansas' cotton quarantine area have been announced by the Slat" Plant Board. The proposed quaranti"" cxton sion which will be discussed in a public meeting hei-e Nov. 5, were announced after thc pink boljworn- vas discovered in Yell Coxinty. Paul H. Millar, chief inspector said the pink bollworm also was 'ound in Clark and Logan Conn ies last week. Eight counties n ready are under quarantine. The quarantine extension woul include Craighead, Calhoun, Da las, F r an k 1 i n, Garlnnd, Ho Spring, Johnson, Pope, Sebastian Logan Scott Yoll Polk Montgom cry, Pike, Clark, Ouachila an Union Counties. When the worm first was disco Hi o Slc .^, he urged a seven-point program calling for such tilings as eventual tax cuts, expanded trade, and more highway build- inc. Mr. Eisenhower conceded that "some unemployment" mars the economy this year, "our most prosperous peacetime year in History." But he said the number of jobless has been steadily declining and:that the outlook is good. , 12 Branches Open to New Enlistments M-Sgt. Herman W. Smith of the ocal U. S. Army Recruiting Sta- ion in thc Hope City Hall has an- lounced that the Army is now of- ering twelve different branches of ervice to men enlisting or reen- isting. These branches include the MiU; ary Police Corps, Ordinance Co Airborne, Corps of ?*$»£$„>, nal Corps, Medical others. Men Amendment 43, IsChange^ in Xssessrpnt Method or Tull Value' Plan, Up?t^the Voters lary of State John Foster Dulles made it clear to thn world today that the United States may agree to new eolcl war talks with Russia after tho new agreements on German rearmament have been l-aiificd. In an unprecedented televised meeting of the President's cabinet, Dulles said "there may be a new basis for dlfcussiott" with Communists "When we' create, we hope we will, a position of solidity and strength for Western Biirope." , 'At least we can hope, he idded, "that then there can be I alky more satisfactory than those that exist when thc only object of the Soviet Union, is, by trick oi device, to try , and break up the European, unity." Tho extraordinary cabinet meet ing was called last night to drama tixe thc Paris agreement for en listing West Germany in the P.i ropean Defense System. With th congressional elections only a wee away, Republican leaders hoped would help win votes for the GOl For the first" time In historj Americans across the nation wei invited via television to pull U a chair at a business session i the green-carpeted cabinet rooi at the White' House. t As soon as his top advisers ha r-s«embled around the coffin-shupec mahogany table shortly after p m., President Eisenhower briskly called the meeting to order and introduced Dulles. Dulles, -Waving a pencil for cm; phasis" and referring occasionally ±"" * - --V- ' * -ti , t 1 4-Urt -ft»«rt India Calls for Halt to Arms Making By TOM HOGE UNITED NATIONS, N. Y, I 'he long U. N. arm's debate u-nrcd a close today'with n call by -India for a halt on weapons (This is the firbt of a Series of measures which will be on the general election^ Ballot. LITTLE ROCK — W How are you going to find out what 20 pel- cent of anything is, without knowing Inty value of the thing itself? serve as the central idea behind the so called "100 per cent" or "full value'' proposed constitutional amendment which will bo voted on at the general election a week from today. Nobody now gives the proposal formally proposed constitutional amendment No. 43 — a ghost of a chance of adoption. Gov. Francis Chery, thc man most Closely identified with it in the public mind has been defeated for a New Hearing for Youth and Dog MQNROE. La. Iff) A new hear be held for Joe Cooper to notes; carefully traced the world's uphill rtruffle to build a strong defense system in Europe. The :> agreement finally reached at Paris; he said, was an achievement that ; "history will not soon >ior" get." production until a worldwide dls- u-mament pact can oe reached. India's V. K. Krishna Menon, ast speaker listed in thc debate ;ought the floor In the 00-na.tion Political Committee to present hit •ippeal for a standstill agreement, The Indian resolution Called on the U. N. Disarmament Commission to study ways ot setting up an "armament truce" • pending agrce-ment on a dlsarmamentJ^on" vention. Menon previously -urged a halt in the production of ,atomic bombs until measures could be set up to eliminate them, But -nothing ever came of it. r Tho resolution circulated amon£ delegates last hlght alco called on the General Assembly to recess in December instead of adjourning — so it, could reconvene quickly if the Disarmament Commission issued a report requiring Immediate severe weather a 100-mile north and tip: the stete., '. The forecast thunderstorms area GO a line froni Ridge fror The Wea 1 that the vote thtind' tornadoes. By The Jlfa The geherarjv rains whlctVfell' night and 'tod: bring winter/,' lor the Morei recorded ^. points,'"l3\it,thet: in oihc^areaSti Hai < rlson r had' ! i. Fayette-Vtllej'lhadj Hill reau The cooler thei thermol intd sas. been, forecast's the state. """ Candid action. thBJ$ll-year-Dld boy who liberated at gunpoint after his school locked 'ttie' animaT in PTA District to Conference, closet; Murphy Blackwell, the boy's at torney, said Dist. Judge Howell Heard notified him a'hearing had been tentatively set for Friday. . Joey has been in Training Institute Jfr"* *^ - . .^'frt-frn past . . . three weeks. ,>-"=^ rm °£ Protest ' . bianch- es are a<=- o£ 8° mg to thc t O f th^i- choice upon completion o£ I.J.CIT basic training. There are also 17 different army .technical schools open at the present time, The Army is now giving enlistees 10 to 14 days leave to come home after the first eight weeks of basic training. Those enlisting in the near future will be able to be home during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Under the new reenlistment bonus bill recently passed by Congress, men reenlisting in the regular Army within 90 days from date of discharge may draw a bonus up to $1200.00, depending upon then- grade held at discharge. For full information on the above items, Sgt. Smith may be contacted at the U. S. Army Station, now it ,, „ -vanui the '1953 Legislature pSrlt there and there's no way to iake'it off. The proposal, as everyone knows, is concerned with the assessment of real estate and personal property for tax puiposes, At present a person is supposed to list all his taxable real and personal property with the county assessor at 20 per cent of its actual value. The 20 per cent figure is not fixed by statute, The law says tho Public Service Commission shall pet the percentage of value for assessment puproses. Twenty por cent is the ratio currently in use. Eventually tho taxpayer will t'e-t n tax bill bused on his assessment. The total, besides fixed road and roll taxes, will represent so much to the county, so much to iho s?hool district and so much to tho municipality im he believes in an in CDrporated crea. All charges sviil Sheppard Case Has Already Gost$19 / 000 CLEVELAND The Sheppard Wlien IIIU WUHU mai ><"^ « — - -.- ««,-,= PitV ercd in Miller and Hempstead located m ttie ^o^_^ Counties in 1053, quarantine- ruins SlEr M Howa™ ev^ perio^r ^ Lake Huron was built .iifsye-tte and: Columbia Counties, in 1855. . set up to include Little The Soo Canal between lake Su- Big City No Different From Smaller One, Every Group Has Favorite Meeting Place Nazarene church in Wichita, sas will be the evangelist. He has served as pastor of th following Churches'. Carnegie, Okla- Jioma, Federick,Oklahoma, and 'i/Emporia, Kansas. He is an outstanding pastor and evangelist. ' There will be special $lng.Jng ' By HAL BOYUE NEW YORK Wl — Every occupation or hobby group in Manhattan has its favorite meeting places. The college crowd holds re-unions "under the clock" in the BHt- moi'e Hotel loboy. Actors hang out at the Algonquin, Ralphs an Saidi's. ' . . checker players cluslei ous twin lions at 41st street and Fifth Avenue. The "tavern" is the clerical A* partment of Rogers Peet Co., : clothing firm. The department' has been run for SO years by Frank Duffy, who probably knows more clergymen than any other man in America. He travels 40,000 miles annually and outfits some 10.000 priests, ministers and rbi. bs based on millago that is so iv.finy mills for each dollar of valuation as represented by the taxpayer's assessment, the late de pending on whore he lives. Everybody pretty gene rally gr?es that a true 20 per cent val- ation is as rare as — v/ell, as nr<j as a 50 per cent one was vhwi that'rate was in effect. Iii actual practice a citizen can foss just about what he wants o : al what valuaton he wants to Assessment has been called, not n ptly, a "voluntary pledge." lome citizens undoubtedly paj •njre than their fair share of prop- taxes, other pny less anc others perhaps pay none ai committee appointed by Gov [jerry to study the admittedly in UUUa4 ^% v»w^ " ^..,-_ - *Urt nue, professional bums on the Bowery, -Army men at the Astoi-, mere w... ^ ^-.» f iivmvn at the Hotel L«ingl°", «nU each service. Services will 'beginI politicians at the men's bai of the said Duffy. promptly at 7:30 p. m school at .9:45 Sunday ning. with the evangelistic at 11 o'clock. The public is tp attend each of these specif S9f- Waldorf.,, too. ' vices. ew a rendezvous often m« et , at 9S w?ny refer street fv»m lh3 PuWip Wbmy'i fam- murder case already has cost more than $19,000, not including the fees of Chief Defense Counsel William J Corrigan, Corrigan said yesterday the family ot Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard has Dfiid about $4,000 for court reporters, special stenographer and other expenses. Not included is the $1,000 paic" !or bail bond and fees to be pak' foi; a private; investigator and oth er attorneys, Frank T. Cullitan, Cuyahoga bounty prosecutor, said expenses incurred by his office total abou $l,f,00, including those of state wit nesses and fnr trips by investiga tor's and .lawyers. SI ill to be added are court cost such as jurors t$5 daily), wit nesses (S3 daily and transcripts The biggest single bill was th one for, $13,200 which Cleveland police handed suburban Ray Vil 1/ige for handling a large part o the investigation loading to the in tiictment of the osteopath, Mr. McCarthy Says Two Were Prejudiced By O. MIUTON KELUY WASHINGTON L1-I— Sen, Me Carty (R-Wis.) today hurled whether he could outfit a Buddhis priest properly, he said: "Certainly, although I don t kno\ what would happen if he went ou without trousers and tried to con- yiee the nearest cop he was a " 3< Duffv "aid clergymen were i el-liquid continue as at present. _.r.r,.? e a sy to please because they [After the certification had been ^uitable situation recommended j "prejudice" charge at Sen. Wa Tat assessment be at '•markeljkins (R-Utah and two othei- men alue" the "100 per cent" or ull" designation is net used. This jggostion and others were em- odied in the proposed constiui- onal amendment. A state Board of Equalization ould be set up to supervise work E the elected county tcix assessors nd see that all property was list, d on the tax books. Until the state board had cerli- ed that proper ty in a specific ^ * •#! Cam p T. A. District fal eference «.* American to Recuperate in Poland.$•' By ROB-RT BRANSON VIENNA, Austria,. (UP) — Ifer- mann Field, the Ohio arcnltect,,re leased ye^te^day' from" a 1 jail' in Communist 'Poland, today ' advis- LITTLE -„ election ^'exactly kansas' ^tv^q^riv,-., ^ governor'/keptVoft *>$$Sffy£ ivtt II tod a v'.i if ' " i! --Ki"^ S Hall today'.'^ ,, ,,, Republican^ PrattfJlei w lH^;\ha^4sUe& state's, oountfesHfcyj^i! > «. . V f » . i il. *.*»J **- * rXansas Senior .— ighlight of the conference will be session on "Leadership Training tid "'.'Program Planning" conduct- d by 'Miss Denna Kennedy, field worker for the national P. T, A. Registration will begin at 9 a. nv unch will be served in the school afeteria for sixty cents. Adjoura- nent will be around 3 p. m. District 13 consists of the follow- ng counties: Hemp'stead, Howard. afayette, Little,"Elver, Sevier and d his'wife'j< in'-London 1 that he _,^,A^ L £tjji J9ui±.'(,r^»—1-i.J '(4^W*»t-a filler, All unit presidents, officers, halrmen and members are urged o attend, Jr-SrPTA Starts Membership Drive Junior-Senior High School P. T A, Is launching a membership drive !or members this week with a goa of at least one membership for each student, enrolled in the schoo system. , , Parents, grandparents and. othei •elntives of students .are asked to loin the organizution. Membershil :lues are only fifty cents each, Nejv members cati send dues to the school or contact Mrs. Jim Cole 01 Mrs. Frank'Hor'ton. TH'EVING POSSUM DALLAS, Tex., (UP Deput Sheriff Glynn St. Clalr shot a thief ;n the act of stealing a lonf of arpad from a grocery store yes terday, The victim—a waddling 'possum. Reports reaching Vienriat' r'from ( eliable sources said the contact with Field was made "after mid-, night and outside the American "mbassy." But beyond that there, was no word on the whereabouts of Field one of four members of the Meld family who were swallowed up one by one behind the Iron Curtain in 1949 and 1950. The fate of the other three miss' ng members of the 1 family still s shrouded in mystery and Com minist silence, , » • f , * "There was' no explanation of why officials of the Warsaw em ncsy met Field "outside the embassy." Arkansas Fugitive Taken in Calif. BERNARDINO, Calif, Wi A fugitive convict from A.rknnaai svns captured near Vlctorvillo, Calif., yesterday, , Capt. J. F. Miller of the San Bernardino sheriff's pfflce identi lied the man as 24-year-old Blass Stephens. He said Stephen's was driving a cai reported stolen Opt- 16 at Stuttgart, Ark. The car be longs to Lyle T. Minlch of Gillott, Ark- Stephen sand Richard B. WlV Jiams escaped from the Arkansas j-tate prison farm ot Tucker two weeks ago. Capt. Miller said Stephens told him that he and Williams parted last Sunday. at the State*. J?ox'flunte.ri ^TQaorrb^'Sa^uSM -' All Around the Town •y Th« §Ur itaff Her dent-Pf died late last nl&fit an Funeral ' 2, P- metevy. .'Arrjnj charge of Hemi Newly elected 4-H Club officials' at Washington school are; Troy Watson, picsident; Ronnie Hatfield, vice-president; Betty Hulsey, secretary-treasurer; Barbara Wester, reporter Audria Hatfield, song bers of a special six-man com mlttc ' which has recommended that McCarthy ba censured for certain of his actions as a sen- f-tov, Tljjs was the first lime McCarthy hag leveled a bias accusation directly at members of the censure .committee, although lie has indicated he felt Chairman Watkins and Senators Edwin C. Johnson (D-Colo and Ervln (DNC) leader .... at Guornesy the 4-H youths elected Waunitelle Powell, president; Levetta Jeans, vice- president; Doris Jean Ferguson, secretary; Janice Melver, reporter and Mary Ann Thompson, song leader Billye Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mis. W. A. Williams and Sandra Robins, daughter of Mi', and Mrs. Lep Robins, will sejve as pages for the state convention o| the United Daughters of Confederacy at El Dorado October W-m .... i . , Billye and Sandra will be p?ge$ Ivom the Pat Cleburne Chanter of of Alpha Tau Alpha, agriculture education honor , , . Bun-ell is a senior find pient of a John Rust FQUJW; scholarship, 'a memb,er Of the WRV versity's dairy judging tepm — repent)y won t(?g honors in Uonal judging congest, » Ul, also of Alpha seta, ftoqc-rary puiti,ive f>-atej-oHy, the ounty was equalled at maiket wore against him. In hi;, falue assessment piocedmes Continued o» Page Continued on Page today, jfie mentioned only Watkins by ns»me, Wsikins could not be reached Hope Purrell been Initiated a> 4* Sodcaw charter uld no e reace (QV comment. 'of the University pf AnkWW dust'ry CJwb, A§von° m y A|V! students' A pai-ents are Mr. ;W»H : Pt,toe JtoWrt . tab^ap. Mi'5, Qntee Douglas, Ip^^l NefiTO ed a 25-ppund Robqefe to tte Creek bo^tpnis whil? jgujyrre> t toWi* ing last % # " ' ,»j«$H* *A I. i'tfi K 4 i A- ^*v ( 'rMV"K?*' ^&m''^ •-•*%i a

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