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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 25, 1954
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5? 1 vv HO M STAR, MOM,' ARKANSAS ' Saturday, October 23,19S4 open ftn* Aut CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication ltl Moving . WANT AD RATES Alt Wont Ach ora payable '" wJvanc* fcut od« will b* dcceptod ever tr>o feiephorw Orid efccorrioaa- Hort ofeuril* allowed with the un- tJersttindil'i9 fhe account is poyobl* ythert y.*t«rterhen* i» rendered. Dumber On* Thr«« Six One }f Word* Day Dayt Days Month JO to 13 .43 .90 1.50 4.50 '••6 '.o 20 .60- t.20 2.00 6.00 'I-'-to 25 .75 1.50 2.50 7.50 '« to 30 .90 1.80 3.00 9.00 il to 35 1.05 2.10 3.50 10.50 6 to 40 1.?-0 2.40 4.00 2.00 41 lo 45 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.50 16 to SO J..™ 3.00 5.00 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY I time : ?Sc per inch 3 times 60c par Inch 6 times SOc par inch Rates quoted above ore tor con- teajtiw insertions. Irregular or skip- date ac!s will takd tha one-day rate. All doily classified advertising copy will bo accepted unlil 5 p. m. for -publication tha following day. 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Mcmbar af the Audit Bureau of Circulations SOhscriplion Rotes (payable In advance): By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns— Psf vresk ...- ; , .25 for year 13.00 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, jLaFayotte, Howard, and Miller counties--: . • One month ,„ 85 rhroa months.. , 1.60 Six months .: 2.60 One year _ 4.50 ' 'All. other mall— Oftd month - Ttirfea months ....... Six months .....„;... Ons year . , ; ,. : PARTS ' ... , . -67 West p^CfOmplete Part* nd Ford Troctors Co. .. 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 Advortlslnfl Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Slda.i .-Memphis 2, Tcnn.; 505 Texas Bank Bklg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. - M)!.-hlgari Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42J St., New York IX, N. Y.J 1763 Porwtecot • Bids., Detroit 2, Mich.; Bids., Oklahoma City 2, ' . .-.. Member of The Associated Press: Tha ...Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication "Of all (lie. local -news printed in this newspaper, as wall as all AP news dibputchcs. 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Wnlmil, Phone 7-2471. 18-1 Mo E unfurnished rooms. 2 miles on Rosston hisnway, Mrs. J. W Canip. Phone 7-2929. ' 19-3 ROOMS, Vl-. block from town. Rate reasonable. Mrs. T. E. Urrey 310 West Division. Phone 7-3574 22-3 NICELY .furnished 4 room apart ment and bath. Private entrance 7-3497, 23-1 EsfS-af© for Sale Bobcats Win 45 to 13 Over Gurdon The Hope Bobcats defeated the Gurdon Go-Devils by a score of :5-13 at Gurdon Friday night. The Go-Devils scored first when Vendon Hayes raced 65 yards for a ouchdown in the first quarter. The ry for extra point was no good. In the second quarter Lindy Pate crashed through the middle frem he 5-yard line for the first Cat ally. Try for extra point was no ;ood. In the same quarter a Go-Devil )ass was intercepted by Steve Marar who ran 40 yards for a touchdown. Paul Iluddlcston booted the extra point. The halftime score was Hope 13, jtirdon 6. In tho third quarter on the open- ng -kick off Wayne Johnson ran 75 yards for the Bdbcat's third touchdown. Try for extra point was no good. After a 40 yard advance Steve Vtarlar passed 30 yards to Marshall Roe. for the locals fourth touchdown.. Try for extra point was no ;ood. Gurdon scored their last touchdown when Vendon Hays ran it over from the 8 yard line, after a 65 yard drive. Jimmy Neal kicked the extra point. The Bobcats scored three touchdowns in the final period when Bruce Drake crashed through the middle from the 5 yard line. Duke also made the extra point. Duke made the next touchdown on the same play from the 4 yard line. A pass from Duke to Huddleston accounted for the extra point. Roy Mullins made the last touchdown, as he ran around end froin the 8 yard ilne. Try for point was no good. The Hope line as well as the backfield played an outstanding ball game on offense and defense. Hope made 23 first downs. Gurdon 13. Hope got 412 yards rushing, 110 yards passing and was penalized 50 yards. Gurdon got 149 yards rushing, 71 yards passing and was penalized 40 yards. SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson Miss XXXIV Wister and Mrs. Hilton helped old Mrs. O-swald into the drawing room, fussed around her for a moment until she was settled. Mrs. Kit and Mrs. Golslraj) sat side by side, a combination of forces against hostile elements. Agnes Argylc, more comfortable in her usual clothes, sat beside a rather subdued Philip Stoncman. "It is all right for everyone to leave your wifa?" Miss Wisler asked. Jim nodded. "She'll be all right alone." He stressed the last word Mrs. Oswald said, "Have you progress to report?" "Yes" Jim Dunn said. He added bluntly, "I have found that Angelica Jones was murdered. One The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Homo of you in this room killed her." There wa? silence broken by the sibilant sound of indrawn breath. Mrs. Oswald said, "Nonsense, Angelica was killed by the fall of the elevator. Your own secretary vouches for that." "What Miss Wister told you, Jim went on, "was that she moved Angelica from beneath the weight of the elevator. She didn't tell you that Angelica was killed with re- blows of'a handy pilch A revival is a program at the Church of God in Christ. Missoin- t.ry, A. Powers is the speaker. Tlie Clouds of Joy Gospel singers of Wichita, Kans., will give a musical program Saturday night, October 23. The public is invited. Eld. 0. N. Dennis, is pastor. Felix Howard of Texarkana died in St. Michcal hospital Thursday October 21. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Altar Gift Club of BeoBee Memorial CME Church will meet Sunday, October 24, at the home o£ Mrs. Sarah Hamilton at 5 p. m. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will meet Tuesday night, .October 26. at the regular meeting place at 8 p. m. peated chunk." Sheriff Agnes interrupted, "There wasn't such a chunk. I looked. There was no chunk with blood or hair on it." "Did you look in the furnace?" Jim asked. Her silence was all the answer he needed. He could try his blurt. "Miss Wisler put the lethal piece of pitch in Ihe cold furnace for safekeeping." Mrs. Oswald said, "I do not think Miss Wister had better say anything more until she has an attorney." Jim ignored hor, wont on. "When Miss Wister came out o. f the basement, her car was being moved, being driven down the road from the wide place \vhero the creek comes out of tho cliff. It. was be ing moved for two reasons. One, the killer did not want to call attention to the CI-COK axit. Two, the killer was in a hurry to /.jot back and retrieve tho lethal pisco ol pilch. It couldn't bo found, by- cause Miss Wisler had hidden it And there wasn't time. Breakfast was to be at 7." Johnson of San Francisco. If his investigations proved to his satisfaction the death was accidental, it was accidental." Mrs. Oswald said, "Huh," in disgust. "For a moment there I thought you might have something." Let's prove Mrs. Hilton's innocence. Mrs. Hilton, you were Santa Barbara at the time?" Philip Stoneman looked at his hands, but spoke tip. "I'm not proud of the fact. But she was in Santa Barbara. She was with me." Mrs. Kit went on quickly before she could interrupt, further. "Was that the reason you. decided your brother had been killed accidentally?" , • "No." Philip, said. "I decided hal aflcr I knew the Carlsons well enough to understand the reason or Greg's prints bc'ing on both jsed glasses. He was having him- elf a party by himself" "Clearing me doetn't clear Mrs Kit," Mrs. Hilton pointed out. "No,' Jim admitted. "But Mrs. Kit's firm belief that j-ou killed Grcgoiy clears her in my mind She hired me to come up here, to get something on you, and for her n-otcction. She was afraid of you -ihysically." Mrs. Hilton said easily, "Well Football NORTH side (3 room borne excellent .condition. South .side 3 bcdroon home, gnrajje, extra nice. Eas side 5 vooai home good condilio; 150 x ZOO lot. West side 5 roon home across the street from school. We have these and other homes to sell and the price is right. FARM and ranch land — 70 acres 4 room house electric lighted barn and out buildings. 103 acres, 4 miles Hope, 2 houses, 5 & 6 rooms with electricity and water in houses, '.Butane gas, barns and other farm buildings. Ever last. ing water through pasture. We have tlie.se and other farms largo or small to sell. R. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY 100 SOUTH MAIN ST. 18-6t By The Associated Press Little Rock 21, El Dorado Fort Smith 14, Texarkana JOAKCKEST.- FUNERAL HOMF ——-----~— INSURANCE ... AMBULANCE APARlMIvNiS 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest arid Oldest in South Arkansas. Gall 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. Instructions CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet and toe, Katharine' Windsor, 104 E. 14th. 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Mrs. Leona Bailey and son, Samuel, are visiting their husband and father, Sic. Samuel Bailey El Paso, Texas. Jim waited then for objections. and it was Mrs. Oswald who i;u them into words. "You're insinunt ing it was one of tho Hires of u: here who killed Angelica. Philii Stoneman, Mrs. Hlton or mysol And that's silly. Tho time element." "I've broken that alibi," Jim said. "With my wilV;:; help. Help which almost killed her, because someone recently had moved three stones which partially closed the way, the short cut to The Spires." It was obvious Mrs. Oswald had known of that short cut when sl.e deserted the subject. "Who poisoned' me?" Jim smiled grimly. "You're sure you want the answer?' well, Mrs. Kit, so all this time I've ;ccn giving you credit you didn t deserve." "Furthermore." Jim went on Mrs. Kit is in love with your sen She would have done nothing to jeopardize that relationship, re gardloss of what you thought.' Mrs. Oswald said, "You haven' dismissed Angelica." Jim got up, walked over and re trievccl the plastic case. He dump ed the doll out into Mrs. Oswald; hi p. Agnes Argyle made a stranglei sound. "What's this? What's this?" th old woman demanded. "Where di> those trinkets come from? "Look at tho money,' ,11m said "Look at the letter to Angelica. I that bracelet a trinket to you? "But I didn't Inks" Ihe old in There will be "a -School Carnival given at the Clow Training School. Friday evening,-October 29. at 7:30 p. m. Plenty amusement for Mrs, Lela Flowers is sponsor. all Auxiliary of Mt. Nebo met 'on the regular meeting day. Mrs. A. W. Powell taught tho lesson using as her topic "Unanswered Prayer." The devotional was by Mrs. Beddingfield. The minutes were read by Mrs. Nevymon Hollis and approved officers were elected for the ensu ing year president, Mrs. John Laha assistant. Mrs. Poindexler. teacher Mrs .Portes Gelly asst. Mrs, A. W. Powell. Sect. Mrs. Buy mon Hollis asst. Mrs. Horrol Burncs. Treasurer. Mrs. Don Laha asst. Mrs. Olie Formby. Correspondent Sect. and. reporter, Mrs. B. C. Powell ' asst. Miss Lola Powell. Group dismissed by Mrs. Portes Gillcy. Students of population believe the number of people in Tibet has been decreasing because of the large -number of celibate monks and the practice of polyandry — a system under which two or more brothers have one wife. woman stopped abruptly. Her eyelids dropped down over her fierce eyes. She said, "But Miss Wister, Mrs. Kit and Mrs. Gelstrap?' Jim realized srddenly that the old woman was fiyhlin;! against certain knowledge. She knew who had been in a i3o.sition to add n booster shot to the small amount of poison she had taken. "In the first place," Jim went on, "there was a lot of groundwork to do. And, for' the clear picture, it was necessary to .have a grasp of many elements. The; Cnrlson Conscience, Angelica's apparent giving up of her husband, ;md the California death of Gregory Stoneman, Philip's brother." Mrs. Hilton interrupted. "Why don't you come out and call that death murder? We all know it was. That knowledge won't go farther than this room." She glared at Mrs. Kit. "And wo all know who killed Gregory. You did that! You weren't oven satisfied on your own honeymoon, Had to have another man, My leavings You filled in, didn't you, M:-:-.. Kit, when I had • to go to Santa Barbara?" Mrs. Kit had found some remains of her strength in the shelter of the Carlson Ca.slle. "You There, was a long moment o silence. All eyes were fixed on Mrs. Oswald, and everyone noticed the first tremor of her hands that held the letter. She lot it fall ir.lo her lap at last. Jim said, "Angelica tricked the lot of you. She only pretended to give up her husband. Her whole motive in returning to your care was to get even, to amass enough money so she would be independent of you forever. 1 don't know how she did it" Mrs. Oswald waved that aside. "Enough trinkets lying around that wouldn't bo missed. I have apparently underestimated Angelica." She looked at Agnes Argyle thoughtfully. Agnes said huskily, "I Pent Angelica that doll. For her llth birthday. No one else Knew." •Don't, be stupid, Aggie, Mrs. Hilton said. "O£ course I knew who sent it. One goorj reason why I told Angelica to destroy it. I rom the pile and blows were ruck." . ... Mrs. Oswald's black eyes gbt- ered, but she made no interrup » on. , T- « "There was tine Iher, --Una vent on, "to arrange the accident « vngelica was pulled beneath t.iejS •levator, and th2 heavy weight* /as raised and dropped on her iody." "Stop it:" Agnes Argyle's voice vas hoarse. Only one person here fills an he requirements," Jim said. "One jerson delighted in inflicting cor .oral punishment, one person wore „ bathing suit, still wat from re- jlacihg the stones in the creek to ,top up the underwater entrance, ivhcil we oil drove no from The^ Spires, and one o£ you at least is^ acquisitive enough about 'small hings to send over word I was lot lo catch any of her fish." Jim wet his lips. He switched his eyes to Philip Slcneman, ' In our story, you and Mrs. Hilton lad the same idea. The idea of checking to see that the boat had not been used?" "Right." Philip said. His eyes vcrc watchful. •Tell me again," Jim demanded.^ "I went lo Ihe boatnouse lo check," Philip recited. "Mrs. Hil „.. was there already: she had lad Ihe same idea. She touched he oars to make sure they wore v.'ct." He turned suddenly toward the woman. "Remember how I . scrubbed your hand wiih turpentine. 'Out, out, damned spot,' we said." Jim held his own palm up for inspection. "A part of the stain on her hand was liko this one. ' <R Yes. The hard part to get off. What is it?" "Pitch," Jim said. "You you killed my girl! ' Sheriff Agnes' voice was terrible. Mrs. Hilton backed away from her. "Keep away from me. Noth ing can be proved. I want rny lawyer." Agnes laughed again. "Lawyer? You'll need no lawyer." Mrs. Hilton turned and van from the room, slammed the door be-» lind her. Agnes moved quickly.'' )im caught her. held her. won't yo far," Jim said. "I've locked my cat'." They made, a .small knot of pea i pie on the lake shore. Mrs. Hilton | tiad rowed out 50 feet, sat in the thought she had. Angelica always minded.' "Not always," Jim pointed out. 'Sometimes Angelica only gave the appearance of among. She didnt destroy it, but hid it carefully in her secret cache at The speedboat's stern pourins; gas into the tank : 'Come back." Jim called. Mrs. Hilton flung the partially^ emptied can over the side. "It's not fair. You have to make this an accident too. You ha\'2 to. You can still do it. She shouldn't have stolen all those things of mine. Mine they were all mine! 1 * She waited a full minute for the reply. Mrs. Oswald delyivered the Carlson judgment, delivered it harshly. "I trusted you. Yoti tried to kill ms. No I'll not cover up for you this time." *. v Mrs Hilton started the motor. «• Jim Dunn missed Agnes Argyle then, even before he made out her figure, across the lake. She had hurried to the cavern entrance, had gone through tha short cut. She stood there on the end of the Spires. It lay there for years, until Angelica had need again for a secret place. This time to hide the proceeds of the sale of the 'little articles' snc picked up. And someone missed those; articles -and started following Angelica." Mrs. Oswald muttered half to herself. "Twenty thousand when j-.he could have had her share in millions.' "She chose her husband instead," Dunn remarked. "Circumstances rule out Mrs. Kit and Mrs. Gclstrap in the death of Angelica. Since Gregory Stoneman's death know better than Hurt Who^ would v/as accidental, since both those women believed firmly in Mrs. Hii- JUST .Sii,"i(!.!)() cash and balance o monthly terms will buy this thre jvar u!il modern, two bedroom hi >mi', hardwood floors, attic fun, Hour fnniaef, screened porch and' r.'irp;irt. Possession in 30 days. CALL - FOSTER REALTY CO 217 S. Main St. PR 7-10U1 22-3t Bethany 13 tie Carthage Missouri galley 41, Northwest Kan 13, Ottawa Kan. Ill 51, Central Mo, C Opportunity DFK'JTMK distributorship for Na tifiual Manufacturers who pioneered :;ii(>ei';niarket self-service greeting card display cases. Im nx.'dinU' rash income. No .st-lling or vending. Just delivering to Wholesale accounts. Complete program furnished 'by trained specialists, $300 revolving inventory capital can net excellent monthly .spare time income. Send name, age, phone, and resume lh;it might qualify you for consideration to Gree»>, Inc., Box B '.'< Hope Star. RAFTSMAN COMING HOME AUCKLAND, New Zealand raltsman who drifted from Peru William Willis,' 01-.year-old U. S. ftsman who drifted frpm Peru Okla. 7 Central Okla 14 sketch. Tomorrow night's will be a takeoff on "Lucy." offing the home lie fo a gangster. Costars: Clair Trevor, Richardo Cortez. "I'm going to try and do satire," Darson explained "It's the thing 1 like to do best, and I don't think there's enough good satire on TV. At first wo were going to do takeot't's on other shows. But then I realized I would bo hurting some friend's feelings if I did. So now we're doing more general things. "I think we have a funny approach. But of course-. I can be wrong. I£ the show lays a bomb tomorrow night, I may change my way of thinking." There was nothing satirical 'ibout the loud-mouth character know better. You, with your alibi An alibi you doubtless paid f:u- handsomely. Maybo it fooled the Sim Francisco police, but it didn't fool me." Jim looked at the women's faces, saw they held doubt, realized how completely tru3 Stoneman had been in his belief th.it the Carlson women believed Gregory Stoneman's death was unpunished murder. Okla 18, East Central Arkansas Tech 9, Little Rock JC Denver 27, Wichita 14 Southern Utah 20, Westminster Utah 7 Carson Starts New TV Show in New Style By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wl Jack Carson Jim said, "A I'i'.'m boliof in an unpunished murder r.'ialvo; an actual killing much simpler. Particularly since you Carlson \vomen tire spoiled to the point where: you believe ordinary laws do not apply to you. I-'arlicularly when you have the Carlson Conscience. A convenient thing, a cover for out- and-out selfishness which h a s •cached Iho peak." Mrs. Oswald chuckled "I've icard similar opinions of the Carl- ions expressed much bettor. Why starts a new career in TV tonight and he'll be presenting a new Jack Carson, No more the loutish blowhard who i.i the butt of all the joki!s. He'll be playing more or less the real Carsona big, liijfcy follow v/ith a clevcri almost ironic sense of humor. Every four weeks, Carson will Carson used to play in the Warners 'ilms with Dennis Morgan. Jack las been trying to cut away from those portrayals for the past fnw vears and has just about managed u - • . He went to an extreme m A Star Is Born," in which he plays a noncomic role as tha hardheailcd press agent who helps put the skids under James -Mason. Carson doesn't think he was a heel in the film, but others disagree. At any rate, it was a juicy enough job to get him mention for a suppoiting Oscar nomination, something few folks ever suspected he would garner. The new TV deal will give him plenty of opportunity for films, and tnat's the vay he wants it. He admits making mistakes in his firpt Assault at the new medium four years ago. At that time, h< burned all 'his movie bridges be hind him. "You Just couldn't pass up t couple' of hundred thousand for two years' work," he explained. "So occupy the NJQC Friday night spot which Red Buttons has three lim? |.i>iJiW*4 «* *»V» V* **•• V •-"»•» »" •*»» " -r- — - -- - - t • ! « III Pa-o Pago, American Samoa, o month, The king-siz? cwnc will 3 duys> H'it today on to Jfe the open with a shot of h. « Valley ranch I "picked up and wont East to live. Peisonally, I thought &ome o his eaily shows were among tht funniest on TV- But he got bogged in the latter pact pf Wfflmty ** &*4:sl&2&rL 'J&a lon't you go on to develop the heme that the temper of th:; Carlon women is just a lack of self- •ontrol?" coming to that," Jim tort's guilt in a nonexistent crime, their motive would be eliminated. Mrs. Kit would never have killed for such a sum as was hidden in Angelica's doll. She would n-at jeopardize her husband's and her share in tne Carlson fortune for such an amount." Mrs. Oswald muttered something under her breath. "Angelina Jones left the party here that night early. She went to Creek Junction to meet Miss Wister.' "I drove her there." Philip said. "I thought I could do it without lieing missed.' "But you were missed? "Oil. yes." Mrs. Oswald her wet clotht'n plastered to gaunt body, waiting for Mrs. pier, lier Hillon. Wailing for the woman who had killed her child. The speed boat was fairly skimming water now. Jim saw Mrs. Hilton turn -.o,| watch them, saw her laugh. Agries Argyle raised her arm and aimed. Mrs. Hilton sow the grim, waiting figure, apparently saw the gun. She swerved the boat as the gun went off with- an echoing report. A tower of water leaped up with the impact of the heavy slug. But Mrs. Hilton had turned too fast. The racer leaped from the 'water, flipped over, completed a reverse turn. Mrs. Hilton was | thrown high in tha air, came down the sinking her landing was loud in the silence. to land heavily on craft. The sound of Mrs. Oswald came away from the phone as Jim and Nancey went through the drawing room. "I want lo know what you're go- intf to do?" "Report to the proper authorities," Dunn said. Sheriff Agnes Arsylo said, j* "That's me. I'm the proper au- ' Ihority." "All right. "Jim agreed wearily. "So Ivo reported to you." Mrs. Oswalds black cyos snap pod. She pulled her withered body even from p.rimly, "And 1m the one who jiave him a piece of rny mind for running off that way when our j.'.iu'sls misht want .somethinf;. Wo i'.ll know Angelica was meet in fi f-.omoone." "One of you knew her hiding place was at Tho Spire's, because one of you had .followed her before followed her via the 9reek through the cliff." . . .: ..XXXVl Jim Dunn .continued: "The .killer "1 was idmitted. "But since it's known, I vori'l bother. You mind telling me, Urs. Oswald,- just who you sus jccted of killing Gregory Stone- nan?' Mrs. Oswald looked around the circle of faces. "I don't mind. It!Perhaps Angelica was defiant.. The found Anfeflica with:.the do'U had removed from . the place The; killer suw> the, mpn«y. won't go farther than this room. ! know who killed Gregory. Angelica, of course." Mrs. XXXV Oswald on calmly. Angelica had been most sensible.' about giving up her good-for-nothing husband. She was ready lo go through with the marriage we had planned for her as soon ns the divorce was granted. If sh-2 wanted to find consolation with Gregory Stoneman, that was her a'fi.ir However, I suppose she was afraid her mot her I mean Mrs. Hilton would find out." In spite of his own knowledge, ciller wa;; used to corporal pun ij-.hment, • to inflicting it on jdh^rsjv The killer believed firmly i]t was, easy to get away , with murdeis The h'e.avy, deadly pieces of pitch were handy. One was snatched more erect. "You'll me, Mr. Dunn. You hear won't lose by your actions. Mow s if you'll excuse us? There are things to be arranged."Ms. Oswald had he;- hand on Mrs. Kit's arm. "You chose wisely when you chose Mr. Dunn. N:w, j musl maks our plans, Mrs Peter." This wai tation to stress name. Jim saw the pleasrue, the resolution, flood over his client's face. She.had reached tho Carlson inner circle'. From the background came ij deep. sigh, of content from Mrs. Gclslrap. Kit said, "Yes, Mrs. Os- just enough hesi- hor use of that ; ' The' old , woman turned to face ;Agnes 'Argyle ~':"Arid you, Mrs. .Toby?" She.was uncertain enough 'to-,make it a question. Agnes Argyle shrugged h"r bony shoulders. "I'll stand by you, Mrs. Oswald." THE END was shocked at the the old woman's Jim Dunn bluntne'ss' of words. "First of all," Jim baid. "Jp itoo,! w k a t y*W iWak, ypu can t STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Fqrm iByilqjings and Industrial Buildings made according tq specifications. Con be constructed at low cost. CAU . , . PR 7-4$83 % complete informgtion. DUCKETT STEEL & i t „ ^*T? * ** xarw'iTN" H viMrTj tiS ' * i ( ^ w ^* 3 r»-> 'j . ,-4i<i To City Subscribers: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7^3431 by 6 p. m. and a special carrief will deliver your paper. Star . this *t, ' f !*£!*• warmer with west, . Stati^H f _, «ndin* at 6 a. ffi. MbH*J d% «i#i M, xWtt. „* .'«fi$| 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 10 Star of Mope 1899, Pres* 19J7 Consolidated Jon. 11, 1929 HOPS, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 19S4 Nation to See, Hear Dulles' Europe Report WASHINGTON !/pi President Guy Madison to Wed TV Actress HOLLYWOOD Ml Actor Guy Madison, 32, says that he and television actress Sheilah Connolly, 24 will be mnriod tomorrow in Juarez, Mexico, minutes alter li obtains a Mexican divorce froin Gail Russell. Miss Russell, also an actress, {.igned a waiver permitting the aclor lo obtain the Mexican di DO-IT-YOURSELF — It's no holiday for 1 Jim Holder, 46, left foreground, cargo worker on the docks at Auckland, New Zealand, who has just arrived at Southampton, England, aboard the liner Pangitlkl. Holder and his fellow passengers wait for a cargo sling to deposit their near on the dock. After that, they must truck their own luggage while Grea Britain's nation-crippling dockside strike drags on. — NEA Telephoto . , jvorcc. He obtained an intcrlocu- Eifcnhowcr today arranged tor ^ r a i|fornia decree Oct. 6, but the first nationally televised and , , t bccomc jr inal f or a yc ar broadcast cabinet meeting in hisf tory to hear Secretary of State Dulles report on conferences leading to the West European defense agreement. It will be at 7 p. m. EST (tonight 6 p. m. cst). The White House announced these arrangements even as Dulles was flying back fom Europe toward a special airport ceremony and a personal welcome from the President. Dulles was due in at noon. Eisenhower' planned "io greet him at planeside . a welcoming gesture he has extended to no other government official since taking oCficc. Over the weekend, Eisenhower had hailed the agreements signed in Paris as "a groat deal more than just a diplomatic > victory...It Poland Admits Yank Framed, Releases Him Com-/ 0 WARSAW, Poland *(UP) munjst. Poland announced that American Architect Hermann Field was "quite groundlessly" framed by a Red security agent five years nfio and has been released from a Polish prison. The announcement was • the first break in an international mystery in which four members of the Fiel dfamily disappeared one by one behind the Iron Curtain and propped into oblivion. '.Until today no Communist country over had officially admitted knowing anything about any. of the four missing Americans, The Unilcd Slales embassy here said it had had no contact as yet with the Creed Ohioan, but added "he apparently is a free man. We assume we v/ill walk into the embassy shortly..' The Polish announcement disf- Iribuled by the official Polish •Jgcws agency "Pap" said Hermann Field had been framed on Ifalsc charges by Josef Swiallo, a Polish security agent who re- ccnlly J'lecl uurnmur.ism, asked for ' political asylum in the Wesl an-: now is the -United Stales. (Poland "discovered" that Fieic was framed aflcr Swiatlo... in a news conference in Washingtoi last month, told the htor'y of Field's urresl which he said hfi jiersonally carried out on Com- 1 fljmnist orders in 'Warsaw in August, iy-lU. Swiallo said an .official plot to frame thu American was rigged up by the then president of Poland, Bole-slaw Bierut.) The Polish announcement said Swiallo framed Field because Swi- atlo was actually "an American eg cut provocflcur," working on behalf of the United Stales. The announcement gave no hint of the charges on which Field i boon "framed." Halloween Party at Paisley Set Saturday Night Paisley's annual school Halloween-carnival is scheduled for Sat urday night, October 30, from 5 to 8 p. m. The carnival is sponsored by Ihe Parent Teachers Assbcia- is an historic step.' The president also Troops Called to Missouri Prison Again JEFFERSON CITY Iff) — High way patrolmen were seni-side the strife torn Missourr state penitentiary at'noon today. Sixteen of the patrolmen, _ all armed, were sent into the prison through the main double gato. Guards arrived at the arsenal to drrw additional fire arms. Two boxes of sleel helmets also were sent inside. Warden Ralph N. Eidson, wno anueared at the arsenal to draw Barton to Dedicate New Lion PMftt NEW ORLEANS ft 9. H.,Barton of El Dorado, Ark., board chairman of the Lion .Oil Com* pany, dedicates a new $3ii will on plant today in St. Charted Oafish about 14 miles west ot here. The plant, which will produce ammonia for the firrh, is located on a 1393 acre -site. Barton yesterday said "we were reaffirming out faith In the middle South when we picked, a new plant site near New OHeans. . . "Cur new chemical plant is squarely In the middle ot one of the fastest-growing- - industrial areas in.America." had called EVEN DOZEN — Mrs. Lulla Wiliams, mother of four sons who approximate the age of the defendant, Is the 12th juror tentatively selected to hear ttie trial in Cleveland, Ohio, of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard .31, who is 'charged with the bludgeon slaying of his wife, Marilyn. Many members of the present panel ..are expected to be rejected before defense and prosecution ' exhaust their peremptory challenges. — NEA Photo • lion. Supper will be served in : the school lunchroom starting at 5 p. m. Various attractions for all age groups have been planned in the school building and -prizes will be given ' for the best costumes. The cooperation and patronage of all parents will be" appreciated. the cabinet meeting for 7 p. m. Tne While House snid radio and television networks had requested an opportunity to cover. the extraordinary cabinet meeting and Eisenhower had decided Dulle.-;' report "should be given to all the American people at the same time it is given to the Cabinet." Press Secretary James Hagerty said NBC and CBS radio and television networks will carry tho Cabinet meeting from G to G-.IiO p. m. (CST and that ABC will rebroadcasl it by radio at 8:30 p. m. .(CST). WASHINGTON Crosby Kids FotindSdfe and Sound By JIM BACON two submachine Runs, said "we are just being prepared." However, a short time laler tension appeared to amount ar- th<; ime arrived for the noon-day meal. ' Additional highway patrolmen vere on duty outside the walls of tho prison where a prisoner was dlled ;and 37 injured in a fopd riot Saturday. • The riot started in a dining room where 500 to 600 inmates were being fed. A guard reported one convict, apparently objecting to bologna sandwiches,' yelled "Flat dog." Others .took up the cry and began tossing, their plates and food on the floor. By JOHN M. H1GHTOWER Wl Secretary TRIPLE TRAGEDY — Oliver Clifton St. Clair, 38, tourist cabin operator of Memphis; Tenn., ertraged because his te-sn-age Stepdaughter married without his .permission,, shot the young couple, called t'ht authorities and. then commlted ,suU eide, according to Memphis police.. Married only three days, the'vlctlms/iWere Identified as Mrs. Mar'aaret Bledsoe, 17, and her husband, Edwin Marshall Bledsoe, 20. Bledsone's home was in West Memphis,' Ark. — NEA Telephoto Moss Heavy Welfare Winter NICE, America*! airmen flight fro: and (sen on the one of tate Dulles returns today to a rare airport tribute from President Eisenhower for "more than just a diplomatic victory. . . at historic stap" in the creation of a new European defense system. •. The tall, bespectacled.-diplomat was due back from,the..Paris con- tfercnce, which agreed --to • make West Germany a full partner, in the anti-Communist alliance. And planning to greet him in person at planeside was the President, a welcoming gesture Eisenhower has extended to no govern- HOLLYWOOD (A 1 ! — A neighbor ment official since he took office. boy on horseback today found bandleader • Bob Crosby's three young sons, whose disappearance before supper yesterday touched off. an all-night search by 90 policemen in rugged hills near their home. Dulles arranged to report to the President and then to the full Form Census to Be Taken inCouiity -'. Fourteen -.enurjicKatops-.-fcave, -been appointed for Hempstead County for the forthcoming census of Agriculture, Mrs. John Keck, crew leader for the county announced .today. - • <..''«n| Assigned to the following townships are: Mrs. Joe Green, Redland; Mrs. J. W. Perkins, Wallaceburg; R. D. Newman, Saline; Mrs. Herbert Rules Gonwdy Gon't Restrict Greek-Water '.-.LITTLE ROCK (VP) The Arkansas,'Supreme Court today-held that the city of Conway may not restrict the use of water from Cadron Creek for benefit of its own', water supply system. i The: unanimous opinion, written by ^Associate Justice J. S. Holt, i-eversed a Faulkner Chancery Court decision which had forbade farrners living along - the strtKam frorh .withdrawing water for irri- gationwhen'..'• a .pool supply ,-' ; --'-|n Conway dropped below a certain level. .'• • • '•.'''•'-' ••;. The Supreme Court held that Conway has the same- rights — and]'-no -more — to the water as Qthfe owners of land' along i the By GORDON &ROWN —<yp) 'A. J- state ' welfare commissioner, fears n hcnvy relict load in- Arkhnsns 'this com- over the main etfol^ . . f _ the French Alp's* peaks have been • calle^ Force gravejrB 1 " 4 ** •" -• -* A sefti wreckage .. . v on the rock-rrf>e^4*W,4J but resfeuo Iteved it w, old crash. ",l Tho mlsslr flown by.Juelew^ot WASHINGTON Moss, Arkansas 1 ing winter. Moss was in Washington the past week for n,series of .public- welfare conferences, with" officials of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Including Secretary Hobby. . ' '' ""i ' Discussing Arkansas'', outlook, Moss "said indications are •• that some-100,000 persons, in the state will need rations arid oilier t aid this wintlr. ' i , Such a situation, If It develops," will be due, he sald> ( tq lay-offs In industrial areas "in other,'states and economic displacement Within Arkansas. , ', As aresult of industrial -shut downs hv'Dctroit and jother such centers, ' lie ( said, some ^30,008 to 35,000 "workers have drifted t back •>• to'^tneir homes In Arkansas and - l xnbst ot them will be without reg- Cabinet at a specially called,Cox, Bois d' Arc; K. E. Ambrose, White House meeting tonight. | northw_est O_zan and_ Watercreek; Then he was expected to tackle immediately plans for conferring with German Chancellor' Aden- K nCl LJL-' 'i^ j.i c;mv-.t.«. i , „,, _ . V*I t left unanswered the fates of night. They were found Hermann's brother Noel, who dis- miles irom their home, appeared in Czechoslovakia three months-- before Hermann disap- Beared; of Noel's wife, Herta, who disappeared in' Praugc- four days after Hermann's arrest, or of Noel Field's foster-daughter, Erik a, who dioppcd from sight fcftcr flying to -Berlin to seek some trace of members of her missing family. (gt-lln Western capitals the Polish 'admission that Hermann Field was framed was accepted as a Communist backdown, forced by Thirteen-year-old Tim Wellman, auer, due here in midweek; ar- rangcmcnts for replying to Russia's latest bid for a four-power meeting; and probably several Far Eastern issues. Dulles. left Paris Saturday niglit at the conclusion of four hectic days of conferences and stopped by' Bermuda for a day of work and rest. Before leaving Paris he i,ent Eisenhower a preliminary report which the President read while visiting Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday. Dulles said the arrangements on the future of Germany and Western Europe had been "signed, sealed and delivered," and added: "I know you will rejoice with me that the unity and freedom of Euiope, to which you contributed so indispensably, seems likely now to be preserved." WASHINGTON Iff) — President Eisenhower will give the nation lie conditions, a major issue in the cam- son of movie director William Wcliman, spotted Christopher, 12, George Robert Jr., 10. and Stephen, 8, in precipitious Barring Ion Canyon where he frequently had trapped bobcats and coyotes, The Croslcy Younsters, who vanished from home without a word about 5 p. m. were laden with camping gear. They were unharmed. Christopher said he and his brothers, all nephews of crooner Bing Crosby, left home because "we don't like our nurse." The children's nurse is Miss Teresa Flynn. The boys admitted they saw po- |lice searching for them during the niaht. Thev were found three Film director Wellman, w h o spent much of the night with Croi rosby looking for the boys in the --» ' r " h routed out Tim about 3 a. Tho elder Wellman said his son knew the terrain well and would prove; a valuable aid in the search. his Tim was accompanied by Uiree dogs. Officers searched through the night as Mrs. Crosby and her daughter, Cathleen, 15, wailed i anxiously by the telephone at paign for control of the next Con- Mrs. Cline Franks, 'Bodcaw; Mrs. Charles Locke, south Mine Creek. Lawton Cobb, north Mine Creek; Mrs. Norman Roberts, Garland and Nolan.d; Mrs. John Hatficld northeast and outh Ozan; George Lafferty, e;j.st Spring Hill and Mrs. Dexter Bailey, west Spring Hill; Mrs. Clifford Franks, east DeRoan; Mrs. Leon Bundy, west DeRoan. Enumerators will report to Mrs, Keck Tuesday for a four-day training session and will begin enumeration of forms within their assigned area October 28. It is expected that the enumeration will require three to four weeks. It will be the duty of enumerators to locate every 'farm within their assigned area, to interview farm operators and to obtain an accurate record of all farming operations as well as information concerning facilities, equipment and relatec items. Mrs. Keck asks the f'ulj cooper ation and understanding of all farm owners and operators. This is the official United States Government farm census taken every five years. Ewuitlo's disclosures and the re-j holViC> The yciun g cst ch ikl, Speaks for High Type Spa Casinos HOT SPRINGS — UP) Lloyd E. ual time, suiting United States note to Wur-! Mglia g saw demanding, thi- release) of ' ' the Cleveland, O., architect. (In its explanation, the Polish government pictured itself as innocent of any knowledge of the Field case and pinned the splu blame fer the "g r o u n d 1 e s- s Charges" and the "framing" of Herman Fied on swaitlo. Junie hel . In a nationally televised talk billed as "nonpartisan" he will address the National Security In- 'lustrial Association, a group representing some 500 firms engaged in defense production. The address will be televised by NBC and broadcast by NBC and ABC radio. It is scheduled for 10:30 p. m. EST. If You Want Your Baby Kissed By a Politician This Year Better Hurry, Only Week Left By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK, — W) The pool- man's philosopher looks at politics: Well, if you want your oaby Darnell says '•'higher type casi-kissed by a politician this year nos" should be allowed at Hot you'd better hurry-you've only a .Springs but the "fly-by-night" op-'week to go. tors should be raided and run '\i of town. Darnell, who bolted the eralic Party to run as an inde pendent lor 18lh district judge, opposed Democrat C. Huff Jr., who defeated Pa'vnell 411 last summu's Democratic pxi' mary. Since Hot Spring? is * 4'eswt city, Paynell After election, th winning candidate is too busy figuring how to pay his campaign debts to bother with babies. And it isn't safe to thrust a baby top close to the Jostog Canutes. 'He is liable to Wte the child as to buss it. mother wants her ' baby by an \in.s,uccpssful uoliti- iywpy? It mi£ht bring her infant'tad luck.. now try to avoid any situation in Which they may have to kiss any baby under 18 years of age. There are several reason?. For one thing, it's an awkward task. Politicians and babies are naturally allergic to one another. They share a wary, mutual distrust. Even if the baby submits to the ordeal quietly, it is 3 clammy, sticky adventure to the politician But many babies don't like to be nuzzled and, pawed by grangers. They >eact vklently to the approach ol the politician's sicksy smiling muzzle, sensing at onco the falseness of his phaim and he is a guy trying to get them lor nothing, what Smog Lifts in California, Debate Rages LOS ANGELES (UP) — The dark curtain of smog, which blah keted the Los Angeles area consecutive days, lifted temporal-! ly today but the furious debate over what to do about smog stil raged. Some smog prevailed in th downtown areas yesterday, but bj noon breezes had swept the skies fairly clean. Bright, clear skies with a touch of clouds, were pre dieted for today. The weatherman said the atmps pheric inversion layer that hai clamped the lid of smog for near ly three weeks had lifted ani fresh winds should "remove the pollution we can't seem to remove ourselves." Some sections in the Los An- goles basin area experienced only light smog in the past few days, but the weatherman said this was the first "r.eal relief for the entire area. Gov. Goodwin J. Knight said the present respite from the smog siege "should, not be the cause for creek.- • • • -,-; -''..-. ' - -• • y. The; opinion pointed out that the city, owns 20 acres. . Conway gets its water from a lake formed by a concrete dam some two miles upstream from the point where Cadron Creek mpties into Arkansas River. When the creek reaches the top f this dam, approximately eight cct high, a pool is formed for bout ten miles upstream. The litigation arose during the Irought" of 1953 when upstream armers began taking large -.mounts of water lo irrigate rice nd other crops out of the creeic The chancellor held thai when he guage'on the dam showed a lepth of six feet or less, Ihe farmers should be enjoined from 'withdrawing -water. The Supreme Court reviewed the wo leading legal theories relat ng to water use by land ' owners and said that under neither theory did Conway enjoy a right super or to that of other owners of land along the creek bank. Associate Justice -Ed McFaddih wrote a separate concurring opin- on in which he said "It must be pointed out" that, the farmers, who appealed the chancery court decision, "have not proved their i»hts.-to lake water from Cadron Jreek." He said the farmers Faulkner County Rep. Ralph R. Harrell and 11 other persons — had merely fhown that Conway had no superior right. McFaddin said th e litigation pointed out the need for legislation defining wuler rights in Arkansas. He said, —LIs-- tenlija to 'the metronome, right, tick 'away herrpald-for 1 time on the air, Mrs.' Theoap,re, ; Paullln, of Newln'gtbh'r'Conn., listens to her one-minute political plug of 'silence go out from a Hartford, Conn., broadcasting station, A Democratic candidate for the State Legislature, Mrs. Paullln bought six- one-minute periods of-silence as an antidote for the barrage of political announcements suffered by: ear-weary .listeners. — NEA Telephoto employment. ' > , , And, he said," another,^35,000 to 40,000 in the state 4 are '4pple.ss or will be jobless'because'of increasing mechanisation,, partlc'ularly ; on farms and plantations: ,**"• » <,^ , ,It 'ajl£ ( ad_d? $p,,, he-;said^ W,/Ji heavy relief loa'd In the.'Wa^e,- h * Moss 'said that ] as Sone ' reMf Royalty to Rule ' in Halloween Contest at Blevins The Blevins P. T. A: is sponsoring a Halloween Carnival to be held in the gymnasium Thursday night, October 28. The doors will open at 6:30., There will be various ,kinds of booths,: contests, and fun'for all. Everyone, is invited, to come and enjoy the festivities. The' following have been selected for the King'and Queen Contest: 1st grade, Grandison Royston and Sue Wright. 2nd grade -— Bobby Brotherton and Delaine Bonds. 3rd grade — Bobby Taylor and Gail Andrews. 4th grade —, Gale Carman .and Janice Lloyd, , ..'.-. nth grade r- P .Harpld Smith and Aprill Andrews;" . Oth grade -^ Ronald Hicks; and Karnona Stephens. 7th grade ,—• Imon Brown and Brencla Jester-. llth grade — Bob Hicks and De- step he has proposed use* of good-slamp plan in distribution' of surplus commodilies,, «..',"' « Local Board Clerks Meet Here Tuesday An area conference |Of , Local Board Clerks of The Selective Sert vice Syslem wlU v bQ,hel4 in the rhunicipal court room, in the City Hall of Hope beginning at 10 a. m, J ' ceived.at 4 pi Uon to,Corsica? A. con- "Water has become one , conplaccncy" and request tfeet the oil industry " his of the major problems confronting Arkansns today; the lowering of the water table, the years of insufficient rainfall and Ihe recent i-.su of water in 'irrigation those combine lo make the water problem very acute." A water rights bill has been pro- pared by persqns interested in tho problem, and is to be introduced at the 1955 General Assembly. The Supreme Court upheld Union Chancery Court in enjoining Ruv- c-nue Commissioner Vance Scurlock from levying on property of J. 6.-Little lo enforce collection of $105.90 which Scurlock said LSI- tie owed in back sales tax. The chancellor agreed with Little thai no lax was owed. On appeal, Ihe Supremo Court rejected Scurlock's cortenlion that Ihe Union Chancery Cuurl was wilhoui jurisdiclion and lhal any f.uit coujd be maintained only m Pulaski Ch&ncery Court. In another sales lax cause, bow- Continued on Page Two HUMANS TOO OTTAWA (UP) The National H.e££arch Council, exjo-crimentipg with sunds to frighten unwanted bir<Js, thought it,had something when, it disc.overed that a sound «.«.-. >.«i ..U».,« ,» J-ls3lA «f"1f* U'ftC lores Hutson. 8th grade Gone Earl Jester October 26. , Staff Officers from Arkansas State Headquarters who will attend the conference are Col. Hansel T, Winters, State Director; J^t, Col. Carl D, Wells, Chief, Manpower Division; anrt Captain C. Wade Wood, Chief, Administrative Division. Boyd Reese, Clerk-Auditor, will also be in attendance at tf ference, and members of Board No, 20, L. E. Aslin,., Chairman, H. A. Davis, Secretary, and Jess M. Davis. The following named Local Board Clerks will be present: Mrs. Bonnie L. Moore, Loon) Board No, 09, DeQueen; John N, Hipp, Local Board NO, 55, Mui> freesboro; Mrs, Frieda P. Watson, Local Board No, 31', Nashville; Mrs. Sula S. Eastsvood, Local 'Bpard No, 41, Ashdown; John Bu.rkhtUtt>r, Local Board No. 40, Texarkana ! Miss Grace Baxter, LpcaV Board No. 40, Texarkana; Mrs, Bess V. Bryant, Local-Board No. 50, Pros had ' ^othjng j to; ap'^,] and Denise Good|ett. . 10th grade -r Forrest Hutson and Nell Jean Bonds. 1.1th-grade —.Bobby Brown and Jcnada McCain. J2th grade — Wayland Bryson and Frances Avery. colt; Mrs. Helen Local . Board No. 10. Arkadelptya ; Mrs, Mary G. Whatley, Loea) floard NO. 37, Lewisville; Miss |}ejc>4 Field, Local Boaid No. H, M»80ol>a; Mrs. Ruth V, Smith, Lpcnl Board No 53. Camden; and M»'S. GWdlaiB.. ris, Local Board No. 8,9, Hope. *L I, . ^f dependence .Pay. slay, park's pregnrjnt" He identified, the Norbert F.>> C.p,nn. Becea, who recently > of assault, and, • batte. wife. '• ,"'-' Mplvin' C, 4 , fIB M. O "H *• w -*— fj IV"-,-.^ J V3~-!'*$ week as members J3i ,t{><?,l hear the ShepjmVrl ifrljgl .. they hod" rcijeivefl a * * Connors *whic| v ^.,-.^, r _ TB . ,^, PTT ^, H^M court operation,?, *,v ,v),f ^ All Around the Town •y Tht it*r tttff . Dale H. Baker ho has served' as vice counsel in the visa section of refineries feejM? Jo/ ' $£* M jteiws" L«i fv*> InriliBtttw one ,to ' middle "C had to dispdge <?|; Prosecutor exercise challenge to the fi,nal wa privilege Liederbsch. of N»tiP»a and <»e Unite Souther^ District One of the ? |.u preme Forest October ty, Jt J team f ronn c»;j! the American Embassy in London, visited his brother, Ferrell and. his aunt, Mrs. John P. Cox, in Hope this past weekend. . . . Mr. Baker is being transferred to Mexico City where he will be engaged in protection and welfare work concern.' irfg Americans in that country who need aid ... while in London' his work consisted of issuing immigration visas and other problems . , , some 11,000 imigration vjsa.s 8>>d 25,000 visitor visa? have pee,n issued by the Embassy . . , Mr, Baker has traveled in many for eign. countries and speaks sey languages ... He ha? this, ts regarding the economic gituatljui In, gut-op*: "Th,^ hag beep improvement m „,-..„.. - T tically no unemployment in J'm convinced ttiftt she is, jpur most valuable asset in'^he Pjrejsept spjd war with Communists. A great deal depends .„ between th 1 ? British

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