Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 23, 1954
Page 7
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K >*>''*"' "" ' l r?..; HOPE STAR , H0 i t , A R R A N'S AS r, October 23, 1$S4 1 A, Mi ftftd 4 P t M. ft *fll meet *t'i(L*.. i- } '-fr I -: !*«*<& *"*. c!lub,iw$Sf!r »Mw* Sunday 24 Mf. and Mrs, Henry Perry Rob- li&oh, Sf.'v.wlU entertain at a re- .-,~,-}iBtftton *«* Sunday* < October 24, .v^lftSh-JJ Ufl 3 P. fn. i ton QlflbmAfel in. c'elebratiori .-tee, Used for the Barlow their oOth , wedding ^anniversary. Cards have Monday October The Spiritual Life Group of the Sunday School Lesson •»; % Wllft«m E. 6llN5y, D. 5. fft the heritage of Christianity Jrotft 'Judaism, the world owes the Jews a big debt, esge_ciaaly in their concept of the "sanctity of home and family life. It would 'be a mistake to ,un- dfirestimate the ties and respon, l ,,,,, l .,^^ sibSlities of family life among ifn^ke if papa looks like a pall- dthtr peoples,,, a^ (or, instance> ! bearer? Does shs really wnnt ahy- among the Chinese. \Jrban ahc^body to notice him anyway? CoritiniJed frotti Page getie'rally look like penguins ratlier tnan people. They usually ndlett the family clothing, and."they buy papa white shirts because ths'y arc too lazy to tak.i the trouble to dress him ns well as they do them r.elves. Or else they "tear to. So lorig ns mania can ntfe the v/hal difference does It rither conditions have greatly alter) 6d both the conditions and the problems of horn e life from what they wore in rural and Village communities, and in the small towns of the sort in which 1 was born. Only those -whose memories go work in colored, or striflecl shirts, l»ek *» the Vlctfirtan age cah how great these changes been. It wasn't so long ago tinuing through October 29. A . _ minute meditation will be offered each morning at 10 o'clock at the church, The third session of the study of India, Pakistan and Ceylon will ae held \ Monday afternoon at 2 O'clock in the basement of the Pis-si Methodist Church. All me^i- bcrs of the group are. urged to bo present.' r Tuesday October 26 «The P. E. O. Sisterhood Will meet Tuesday, .October 20, at the home of Mrs, Jim, McKenzie at 3 p. m. ...„. „ _^., father was lamenting to .me the fact that «n Jmany of the younger generation had forsaken the old ways, and lost the sense of family ties and responsibilities . However this' may be, a great factor In the strength of the Jews historically, in spite of suffertngSi Any man looks more virile and masculine at plaid, checked __ _... and any wife who would pause and think this through wituld realize it. Why not be the^first guy in your office to dare to stand oijt "from the crowd? Even if you show up in a bright green shirt or a lum- lier jacket, you'll have lost that dismal white collar work-it- look— the empty /ero with its hair combed. persecutions, and tragedies, been this attitude toward home and family life, and this goes fat back into Jewish, history and religion. Christian teaching enforced alt that Jesus and the disciples whom He gathered around Him had knoW- in all' that Jewish heritage that the Master said He had not come .. l .» ,,i ,-,1 i t a, me masier saiu ne uau nui CUIIK Kathleen JKa lory Circle of the, to dcstroy but {ft fulfm . Love in al irst Baptist Church will ... u -i»n™-i,!w» „* !,•*„ \. +u« „„„ !Pirst _.. r .._. meet at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, Octo- 'ber 26, in the home of Mrs. Horace Hubbard, 212 E. 16th. Wedrfeshday Octbber 27 ,\The P, T. A. District 13 Fall Con- hu j band . and fer-ence-will be held in the Texark- ™g£g and ana, Arkansas High School, Wed- pa i^ fL," n ,j I .,„„ x^.i^l nr> , TD~^ti.*v.o(-!r,n' Ali lnlb ls the relationships of life is ihe.sup reme demand df Christ's teachine and examples. -Love In home and family life in the Christian concept ion is the only basis of happy and responsible 'living — love between - - ' -•'•••* IOVB 'nesday, October 27.' Registration .will begin at 9:30. All 'officers and members are urged to attend. Scientist estimate there are 10 billion tons of gold in-the soa. SAENGER • LAST DAY • 1 BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM ,10:33-1:08-3:43-6:18-8:53 •J^lVjjsli'.W n . ye Cartoon, , t v'Bunny 'Cartoon *- »'—*'' * ALSO At 11:38.2:13-4;48-7:23-9:58 Fist'- Flinging Lead - Slinging Tune - Swinging CHARLES STARREtT Sons,of The Pioneers "TWO - FISTED RANGERS CHAPTER 7 OF SERIAL, "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE" & Cartoon, "Pr. Jekyll's Hide 1 so obvious and ele- monplace. Biit it is the commonplace things 'of life that are the most imp'ortant, arid too'often he. glected. Is there any area of life to day in which the basic and com monplace things of Christian teaching are neglected, and set a naught, more than in this area o: marriage, home, and family? . Even in so-called Christian lands the contrast 'between , the ideal the right, 'and the wholesome on the one 'hand, and the separations divorces, the unhappy and broken homes,,..: the virtually parentles children, ;and the juvenile delin quentsvon the. other hand, is. appal ling. ':";:• Surely jthis is the: greatest prob lem facing. . Christians and th Christian Church, as well .as al who are concerned about the so cial -welfare. ~ . ; This, ^and the problem of achie-v ing world peace, -are the' greates problems..' There ': Would be^ mor hope*among 'nation's and peoples, there'-'were more peace in homes families, and-in all the-daily re lationships of ordinary life. • Judges, Clerks Cominuea irom Page One . Collins, Clerk; Springhill Leonard A. Boyce, Judge, A. G. idd, Judge; Mrs. Eva Hamilton, udge; Mrs. Vance Marcum, Clerk; arland Kidd, Clerk; Alternates: r. R. Cissell, Judge; S. V. Cobb, udge; Gus :Smith, Judge; Vance [arcum, Clerk; Howard Richards, lerk; Oscar Brint, Guard; Stephehson School House; J. E. McClellan, Judgej^ Walter ones, Judge; H. C. Tqwhsend, udge, Mrs. J. W. Powell] Clerk; ;dgar Lafferty, Clerk-; Alternates: . E. McClellan, -Judge; "Rex Boo, Judge; Geston Clark,* Judge; Mrs. Edgar Lafferty,. Clerk; Mrs. L. G. Martin, Clerk; W. S., Crank, Juard; Patmbs J. I. Payne, Judge; W. A. Davis, udge; R. L. (Bob) Wilson, Judge; Mrs. Gary Formby, Clerk; Mrs. Harold' Payne, Clerk; Alternates: Dan Laha, Judge; H. W. M.cClrt- an, Judge; David Jones, -Judge; J. H. Black, Clerk; Gary Formby, Jlerk; B: 'E. Green, Guard; Guernsey is the guest of Sarah Calhoun. had as hort' C. Joines of| Mrs. L. C. Gatlin Tuesday guest, Mrs. Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Hcnr have had ur, their guc-Us. M*- and Mrs. Garland Moore and family oi Camden. A E. McGuir-? is visiting his rt-ughter. Mrs. J. ». Walker and llv. in Kashvllle, Tcnn.. and Mrs H. K. Ross an and family m Columbia, Tcnn- Mr and Mrs. Dick Bright had as their Tuesday guests. Mrs. Ger aid Parharn and Carolyn of Camden, and Mrs. John Masscy oi Forclyce. Mrs Elbert May o£ Camden spent Tuesday with hur parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wilson an- notipnce the birth of a daughter on October 20th at the Cora Dennell Hospital. ,. return. Judge; Dewey Hougland, Judge; Mrs. M. E. Cook, Clerk; Wendell Stone, Clerk; Alternates: J. F.. Adams. Judge; Monroe Long, Judge; Mrs. Leslie Fielding, Clerk; Mrs. Cecil Hicks, Clerk: J. T. Rogers, Guard; Deaneyville Earnest Spears, Judge; M. H. Montgomery, Judge; C. H. Ursery, Judge; Mrs. Mont Harris, Clerk; Mrs. W. E. Loe, Clerk; Alternates: L. E. Carmon, Judge; H. H. Nolen, Judge; Willie Stone, Judge; Mrs. Earnest Spears, Clerk: Mrs. L. F.. Carmon, Clerk; Phillip Ward, Guard; Newton Bristow, Black, Judge;. Mathew Judge; Rurel Mulliris. Judge; Mrs. Mathew : Bristow, Clerk;. Arthur -Mclver, Clerk; Alternates: N. M. Rosenbaum',, Judge; -M. : E.. Patrick, Judge';' Ray Frye, Judge; ^R. E. : Long, .Clerk: Mrs. Ray Franks, Clerk; .vOscar Mos'ier,' jGuarcl; ; : :/ Mc'Casklll . . Brice Beenie, BrakebiU, Judge; Piney Grove Otis Breed, Judge; Frank Mar- .tindale, Judge; Joe Beaty; Mi- Judge; Monroe Long, Clerk: Mrs. M. E. Cook, Clerk; Alternates: Otra Sisson, Judge; Herbert Reed, Judge; Jack Arnett, Judge; Ralph Crider, Clerk; Buck Faulkner, Clerk; J. T. Rogers, Guard; Judge; Elmer £>ian.cuni, u V "-i&'-> • Jr Cv Harris, Judge; Mrs. Cloid Bittick, Cler,k: Mrs. Bert 'Scott,"Clerk; Alternate's: J. S. Bittick,: Judge; John Gaineg. Judge; J. M, Hampfori, Judge.Mont Wardlow; Clerk; Chester McCas- kiU, Clerk; ,F. M. Curtis. Guard; Friendship .•'.,,-. Troy Buckley, Judge; M. E; Copfc, Legion Auxiliary Meets The American Legion Auxiliary met on Monday evening in the home of Mvs. Jobn W. Davis with Mrs. Bob Davis and Mrs. Floyd Crain associate hostesses for the October meeting. The business was conducted by the president, Mrs. S. V. Scott. Mrs. J. W. Teeter gave a report cf the district meeting held in Camden on Sunday. Mrs. John W. Davis presented the program and spoke on -'Poppies". Plans were discussed for a benefit to be held in the near future. Mrs. Andy Lucas and Mrs. Loyco Anderson were welcomed as new members. A delectable dessert course was perved to 13 members. LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for the working girls Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main Ruth Hoclscher Janell Roberts Washington Mrs. ; Paul Dudney, Judge; Bob Levins, Judge; Lee A. Holt, Judge: A. D. Barrow, Clerk; Mrs. W. H Etter, Clerk; Alternates: Mac Par sons, Judge; Mrs. Thurston Hul- s'ey, Judge; Mrs. Truman Hill. Judge; Mrs. Lat Moses, Clerk; Mrs. Josie Smith, Clerk; Thomas G. Haynes, Guard; C. W. F. Meets In Horns of Mrs. Sam McHenry Mrs. Sam McHenry was hostess to the Christian Women's Fellowship at her home on Monday after- Jaka Jones ' Freman Crider, Judge; Homer DORCTTHYDIX Wove Warned of Old Story Dear Miss Dix: I am 21 years old.ies. •FRUSTRATED : l am zi years um, es. •-.. - — I " :„,, a WAVTE an have b6en at this Answer: Accepting and wearing baseldrbvcr a year. A few mon- a boy's pin carries^no permanent past, iui ovv. j nhiinntinn nr Rieniflcance. Since a WAVE and Salisbury, Judge; D. 'M. Worthy, Judge; . Mrs. A. T. Jones, Clerk; G. D. Royston, Jr., Clerk; Alternate's: H. E. Button, Judge; Charles Salisbury, Judge; Elbert Bain. Judge; Leonard Morton, Clerk; Lige Bearden, Guard; Columbus Tom Jones, Judge; David Mitchell, Judge; B. C. Webb, Judge; Mrs. Allen Downs, Clerk; J. O ohnson, Clerk; Alternates: C. R- White, Judge; J. W. Griffin. Judge: by ageratum and Roldenrods centered the speakers table. Similiar arrangements decorated the two smaller 'tables. Miss Sue Keeley entertained the group with two vocal solos accompanied at the piano by Miss Simone Golden. Mr. H. H. McKenzio introduced Congressman Harris, who. gave an interesting discussion on "This is America" followed by the showing E a film "Operation Ivy" which nowed the: preparation and firing £ the first H. Bomb. Rev. Golden led the group.in the losing song. H. S. BrooKS of Chicago was the Tuesday guest of his sisters, Mrs. "".lara B. Stone, and otlior relatives. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon were hc'Tuesday guests of their daugh- or, Mrs. Emmett Parkam ar..d fain- ly in Camden. R. W. Fuller of North Little Rock NOTICE—I am now Bar-B-Qing Ray's grand prize Grade-A chickens exclusively. They are tender, hickory smoked juicy and Delicious. Try Onel HURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores - * HOM tfAR Saturday, tftfoter 23, 1954 THIS BRINGS BACK FOND MEMORIES--.I PLAVED ROMEO IN OUR HIGH icHOOU By J. R. WHiitttott Vie FtINt VttU« BMPLOVfe Peruvian Portion JACOP 5NB.L.iit WA1.K&7 3FF1CE AMR.» - PUWC iWS^^^^^S^--; ACROSS 54 Formerly 1 Peru's capital ^ Born 5 The - isits monetary unit 8 Its capital is DCNVN called the " - of the , Kings" ; 12 Asiatic sea ! 13 Note in 1 city in Colorado 2 Pressed 3 Method j meinoa - . 4 Winglike part 20 Newspaper 37 Abate , Guide's scale g vend printings '38 Run away ' i 14 Notion 6 Palm leaf 23 Lent to marry ; ; 15 Girl's name 7 Endure 25 Oleic acid ester 40 Begin j j 16 Lines (ab.) 8 Spanish hero 27 Female 43 Horse color ., 17 Transaction g p orm a no 'tion saints (&b.) 44 Iroquoian < 18 Miss Sheridan 10 Tantalizes 28 Acid . Indian 19 Winged 11 Kind of lock 33 Drool 45 Lateral part (pi.) 34 Jungle beasts 48 Louse egg S^^^S^P^^^fe^'. -^•i?^*ic- ^r-^-^f 1 •-. '•*: *^r^~5^:. -^=£21 WASH TUBES -piRwT-nsu. M wiHB rJ9u.KHMW.wg... ^vw/ftW LOOK NJ^| VOU PIP WN9RV IN5TEAP I" VOU KNfcW WE T VOU Mft.Y LOOK MJKBJ r00THUWEPVOUl/ BUTAUy ««MU«Ty \ VUNTIU *H§ ENP* THERE SHE* tils ago, one of the men here invited -me to go to the movies. The complication is that he's married. We've been out a few times since, arid I know I could easily learn to care-for him; he seems to like me a lot, too. He says he isn't happy at home, that he and his wife quarrel constantly. It will be difficult for me to forget him, since we meet ire' quently in the course of our work My inclination is to stick around and be on hand if he and his wife obligation or significance. Since you like each other, it would be perfectly all right for you to accept, the pin. It.does signify that you're going steady, and that neither of you will date others, I shall be happy to help you out with any prpblems you have, if you .send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, your letter will be taken care of, even by personal letter. -Pear Miss Dix: My husband spends almost every cent of his pay W. P. Evans, Clerk; L. K. Boyce, Guard; Crossroads E. R. CalhOUn, Judge; Joe Finher, Judge; Willie Gilbert, Judge; Mrs. J. E. Tyler, Clerk; Mrs. C. F Gilbert, Clerk; Alternates: H. B, ana De on uaiiu -ij. i»c «*«•* •**••* »*--v *,j.,*.~*~~ «- -.. —- should ^Btparate, but I know you check on drink. Although J have two b v - • this policy young children, I have to go ou usually advise ui«v !,***» ^w*»^ v i-'"^—<=> ' ^ ^ .. ~ T , doesn't pay. Are there any excep- evei'y day to support . them. I ye <innfi ta that rule? been doing this for ten years, Shou tions to that rule< I 16aveBhim go to , with lotion Picture So Enchanting It •*•*• You 'Out Qf Your Seat On ^ x f Joy And Laughter And Your Heart Soaring With .Wonderful Amercian Girls 3 Cpins In The Foun- ,jns Do-And Then Pel I Dangerously, Wickedly, Women Do! Judge; Mrs. J: C. Mrs. Claud White. Gilbert, Judge; Judge; Parker D. E. Goodlett, Rogers, Judge; Vlrs. ' J. J. Byers, Clerk; Mack Hicks, Clerk; C. E. Boyce, Guard; B lev ins C, C. Avery, Judge; Roy L- Bonds; Judge; Mrs. Carl Brown, Judge; Mrs. Herbert Stephens, i my widowed -mother, or stay, an Answer: In your job, you meet support'my husband? RUTH G I many men. Succumbing to an al- Answer; Living as you are is s fair, or even friendly overtures, Da ^ f of . the children that *; wpulc of a male who claims hi? wife U u ag e the move you suggest to b doesn't understand him Is not belp-Uyj Sei perhaps you might .confirm ful in your work. You must learn. my opinion by consulting a' clergy- to do better. Dotty, Lonely men man or family counselor.' way from home are apt to fall back on the old fairy tale about the wife who doesn't understand, or who constantly nags, etc, ad infinitum and ad nauseam, and it takes just a lew grains of common sense lor a girl to spot the fable, ffhe wise response would be to remind the| T j G ^ n t ry an d Gov Francis man that his wife isn't having too cherry have Ween asted to '"ves- easy a time either, running the tigate re ported irnpvopor practices household, raising the children, Jn the j,auHng of federal surplus dealing, with in-laws and probably CC)minpdities ln 1952 and 1953 The request for investigation was made yesterday By the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. The conv it andh llittee ordered <^ (! action a fte ' a ppre S i Bt e 8 it at any time ^Wftg^?^^ ^S heT u w rS 8g c h°rtZ e s rd^r state PurchasmE Agem Probe Asked in Commodity Hauling LITTLE ROCk —!$, AHy. 'Gen. T. J. Gentry and Gov Francis Clerk; Mrs. Lee Huskey, Clerk; Alternates: R, J. Foster, Judge; Ira Hendrix, Judge; R. C. Taylor Judge; Mrs. C. W. Leverett, Clerk; Mrs. C .F. Goodlett, Clerk; K. B Spear, Guard; Bingen Lake Bryant, Judge; Lowton Cpbb, Judie; J^arl Holt, Judge Mrs. Claud Bradley, Clerk; Mrs Mark Jackson, Clerk; Alternates Fred Epton, Judge; Paul Haynes Clerk; L. S. Saniord, Guard; Goodlett Sam Arnold, Judge; Shirley Ro bins, Judge; Horace Dillard, Jud ge; Reece 'Goodlett, Clerk; Alnea Hannah, Clerk; Alternates: R. H. Lyons, Judge; Harry Chism, Judge; E. A, 'Harris, Judge; Mrs. Vio- JUIJ. ' The president, Mrs. Harry Moore, called the meeting to order and Mrs. Dennis Ledbetter offered the opening prayer. Plans were formutatc-d for a benefit sale to be held ©ctobor- 29th and 30th and a Thanksgiving market to be held November 2, r >th. Mrs Bennie Stova'.l, assisted by Mrs. Cass Chappellu, Mrs. Henry Thompson. Mrs. •Lawrence Stoval and Mrs. Moore, presented the pro gram on "Growing . Stronger A round the World." The meeting closed with praye by Mrs. Thompson. Tasteful refreshments were en joyed during the social hour. Prescott Garden Club Meets In Hesterly Home The annual dues tea of the Pres cott Garden Club was held on Tues day afternoon in tho home of Mrs B. Hesterly with Mrs. J. V. Tore co-hostess. Graceful arrangements oi red -ses were placed at points of in- orest. , . Mrs. George Cashman. president, onducte'd the business. The program chairman, Mrs. JN. Daniel, gave a review of the book." "Planning the Arrangement." A dainty salad course was en- INSURANCE... AT A SAVINGS • Fire __ • Tornado e Automobile • Liability • Casualty LEONARD ELLIS Insurance Agency 108 East Second Phone 7-2221 FOR QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions S Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN NOTICE have recently purchased the T. O. Porter Glass Shop ncluding glass and equipment. . Now is the time to have that- glass installed in your car or truck. E-Z-Eye or regular glass. If you want glass for table or desk tops be sure and see us. RADIATORS Have that radiator fixed now. We can repair it and we have good used radiators for all make cars and trucks. working to save money lor a ture Ijoie together. fu Clerk; Clerk; Mrs. George J. F. Stuart. The to his home, rather than from it, is the role of a girl who wants truly to pe helpful. Your idea of waiting patiently around, hoping the wife, in your partidular case, will Jeave him, is positively ghoulisn. you sound more like a vulture than a nice yourtg girl dping her bit for her cpuntry. . your dreams are traveling m the •>ffioe, Legislative yirjrong direction, likely to end up Potty, and are , „ _— - r as nightmares. Come down to earth, realize tne fgct that yau're being handed a "Jine," and f|ve your ^eep affections ton SQmeone more eligible, Auditor Orvel M. Johnson said the report primarily concerned a contract made between O, M. Fine and former state Purchasing Agent Carl Parker for dejvering the cpmmpHities used by schools and, state institutions In other action the committee also discussed with Revenue Commissioner Va'ncB Spurlock, a previous report that about $100,000 in back gasoline taxes still is due the state. Scurlock said the deficiency wag due to "bad, Administration" under a previous adminialiation but that his department whs doing every possible to collect th« bsck la Cpwland, Castleberry, Guard; Belton Coy Cummings, Judge; J, L. Et- ey, Judge; Melton Stone, Judge; Mrs. J. W. Siddons, Clerk; Mrs Claudie Roberts, Clerk; Alternates: L. H, Jackson, Judge; J. A. Peters, Judge; R. T, Davis, Judge; Ruby Leslie, Clerk; James Leslie, Clerk; Richard T, Davis, Guard; Peard's Chapel Luther AllWhite, Judge; C: M Avery, Judge; Walker Chambless, Judge; Mrs. Walker Chambless, ClerH; Miss Birtie Avery, Clerk; Alternates: B. J. Ellis, Judge; W. A. Spears, Judge; Jewell Loe, Judge; Mrs. Jewel Loe, Clerk; Jim White, Clerk; Clyde Cummings, Guard; Jpmes H. Burke, Judge; Jimmy rnold, Judge; D. M. Samuels, udee; Mrs. Monroe Samuels. Judge; Clerh;; Mrs. V- R. Avery, Clerk; Al tfrn»t9ff: John Lloyd. Judge; R. B. Arnold, Judge; G. C. Clarke, . P, Arnold, Plerk; S. J. Clerk; J. C. Timberlake jud&e; Dale Jones, Jydge; Henry Hay- J- Whitman, Judfe; ** oyed during the social hour. Beta Uambda Chapter Meeting Beta Lambda Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met for a model meeting on Tuesday evening in the Samurai Room at Herman's Cafe. After the opening ritual the Pvesi dc-nt, Betty Bryson, welcomed the guests. The aims and purposes of Beta Sigma were given by Mrs. Gerald S'-ewart. Local history of Beta Sigma Phi was presented by Barbara McSweeney and LaDon Cottingham gave a short history of the sorority Betty Cottingham, program chairman for the evening, gave a most informative talk on sculpture and painting. Scrapbooks and tho sorority magazine "The Torch" along with some o£ the sorority jewelry were on display for the guests to view. Delightful refreshments were sc-r- V5d to members and guests Loretta McClannahsn and Al Ferrell Next regular meeting will be held Monday evening, October 25 at Hev r Man's Cafe. Or«n Harris Speaker at Lions Club Dinner Congressman Orren Harris was guest speaker \\hen the Prescptt Lion Club entertained their Lioness with a dinner Tuesday evening at the Lawson Hotel. Group singing led by Rev. W. D Golden war enjoyed by all after which The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was repeated m unison. The invocation was given by Rev Wesley Lihdsey and Lion President, C D Bratton gave the welcome address. Dawson Henry presented a most amusing "Qui? Program" by asking members of the club questions which they were unable to answer but which the wives of earn pne readily answered when called upon. Each Lion member --*--•«••—' Ms Upness pn,d other WYLSE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street Prune Layer CAKE with fruit icing : Applesauce ; CAKE Blueberry PIE Brown 'N' Serve Rolls fresh Daily JOE'S CITY BAKERY 2165. Main Pole-frame construction cuts farm building costs • You can save up to half the cost oE erecting and maintaining your barns, poultty houses, machine sheds, etc. Pole-type farm buildings, solidly supported by Koppers Pressure- Creosoted Poles, need no foundation, require less lumber, and eliminate the need for costly skilled labor. See us for more information about pole-frame construction and Koppers Pressure-Creosoted Poles. RETAIL LUMBER CO. Ph. 7-3495 442 E. Dlv. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY? Now you con have your Home Rewired to mee*i rnodern conveniences and new fixtures, All oh 12 Easy Payments NoCorryingCharg«-10%PownPflyin«nt . , D ._ I A. Mh^M A ^A 4K.Mk'&l*lti* ,VlL?rA. .. .... **. . ,1 . 21 Peer Gynt's 36 Thoroughfare 50 Wile mother 22 Staggers j 24 Drivels j 26 Refuse (28 Pieces of • baked clay TMKW1 NEi' ALOIS T. M. B»f. U. S. P«l- Off. - Copr. 1M4'fcy KC*'ft*«»»i*. *** 29 Eagle '(comb, With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE form) 30 Goddess of infatuation , J3i Compass point 32 Narrow inlet 33 Lets it stand 35 Sum 38 Nullify 39 Firns 41 Loiter 1 42 Attire . 46 East '(Fr.) IMA ;_V^?SCTORV/—M£,A 616 AND HER BUDDIES V? V OOKJt VC Cft\ MVbS ( ^OG - " -«-vv*r'i/%VMs.\ ill * "* IS OVit\V^«^\OK>f\V 47 Stove's bake -fte«\Kr-'« y voovso • chamber ',49 Boundary VOOWtO.^WWpOG^ I (comb, form) 50 Handle ' i 51 Persian fairy 152 Assist •53 One who jegrets CARNIVAL By Dick Turner By Herihberigel FUNNY BUSINESS I AIN'T VIKING MAKE iu . ^ VOU,.rAN' STOP/ WRE THAN 1 YOUR PANS mmw T. M. Rig. U. S. Pat. Off. or.-1954bv NE»S«»ice. In By Galbraith ' SIDE GLANCES This is our breakfast nook where I lay floWh the lasw to my husban^eyery_rnorning!" . SWEETIE PIE " By Nomine Sel*ei PIUSCILU'S POP USTEN •ENNV JV POP IMPORTANT ~"?MI^; YOUR POP -z... r< A POLICEMAN \\ OR COWBOY OR / SOMETWINS- STORY OF MARTHA WAYHP ou f«U to show S9»ne »•' - --'- > •"' '" "

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