Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1894
Page 6
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SAM ALLERTON'H ORDER. thoHBfl"ancl •novor excelled. "Tiicd and gtfovou " is the verdict of tnillicms, St mmoos Liver ixogu- lator is tho Liver And tho Woea of Seven Hollow- •waro SaloBmon. An Up-t'ountry Mnrohnnt Who Never Dftl liiMlimnit oil Sniida.?, lint Kept • l>tr In Church for Ihc Killll- catton of DruirtinorM. laxa- a n ij medicine to which you can pin your •£"]*] faith for :i Than T'nT A live, ;), act- tly Liver and 'Kidney*. Try it. Sold by all SS-sts in Liquid, or iu Powder bo Dakerichy orniadeiiito;i tea, Xho Kin£ of I.lvcr MTocllr.lm'rt. f h.'tvi> U"'i!.\ *'»nrsi 111 limits r,iv<-r HOJTU- Pills pUfCly (.•table, intj JivcL' on the <j['u!l i iisidcr U A \V. JACK- ui« Z Stamp io rod on writ ICOPYItlOHT, 189J. | t don't Itmnv anybody who is quicker than liyron 11, Rand to see aiul rt-cogni/e ability in n num. Certainly lu- was <itu' of the first to see it iu himself, untl nc'iody elso has ever seen so much nf it then; as lie lias, liyrou is, perhaps, tin 1 best-known Mile.sman in the ••hollowv.-iiri'" trade. ••[ do not. wi.sh to assert," ,s;u'(| ho (o rac DHL- iluy \villi his uncustomed modesty, "that 1 upvi'i- full to take sin order, but I'll just t>et a \t\\\K hat that if , Nral l)o\v and 1 wore tied up in a buff, ; l'i! soil him a hundred gross of piufc , Husks before IK- eould get the string | loose." j Jl h.'i.ppene.il not lonff ago tliat old j Sam Alk-rlon, the patent medicine man i of Onaway, iV. V., fiail a ilisiiirt'i'i-mont • v.'ith the iiriu that had made all his! hollli-s for ton straight years. It was said that bolli sides had violated the provisions nf the eontraet until it hud become invalid not only in reason anil iuoi-;t!s Imt even in law. Hyroii got a privjti 1 tip on this stute of ulT:iirs, und lie tii.il: :in express train fur Oi;iiu r ;i,y. Tin 1 buys s;iy thai he rode on the eou j - ealrlii 1 ! 1 so as tu be sure of jri-lt ir.fr there lirsl. l-'or y<-:ir- lie had been trying to fret A!le;'ton'.s order ;nv;iy tYoni Leljiaul: it (.'o. Oucv \vhen l.cblank's bust travcl- tioa to attend services m tne onurcn. u is easy to understand that their meeting lo this unexpected manner did not tend to put them in n proper frame ol mind to derive benefit from devotional exercises. Uy a considerable muscular effort liyron man^fred to secure and maintain n position in the end of tho pew nearest the aisle. The pew was pretty full, but Byron thought ho could squeeze his competitors against the other end of it and (rive u chance for Mr. Allerton to pet in. This ar- ranpement would, of course, have put Allerton alongside of liyron, and the six other plassmen resented it hotly. If it hadn't been in a church they would have shoved H.yron rlfrlit out thronjrh t.he side of the house. Presently Allerton appeared. All the drummers Inul been watching- the door, and they tietrau to srnilu itnii loulc pleasant the instant, old Sam hove in bight. They had smiled at several that I would not hastily brca* drtlny arrangements with him, ami so I have renewed the contract and have sent it to him thin morning. I am pleased to have met you all, an d will cheerfully bear witness to your devotion to the cause of religion. C'onu; around once a year, ut least, and oftener, if you feel moved to do so.' 1 The seven salesmen wore taken out of the otlice in a comatose condition. 1 hey hate old Sam to a degree which makes him very bad risk for a life in- company. lloiVAHO Ii ALL ABOUT TRUFFLES. They Tatte Good But Are Not Fair to Look Upon. THE DOUBLE POSTAL CARD. Ail Kxplnnatliin oir«roil, imt Accented Will. ir<uu.Tv«tli>n. A pretty woman and a line, looking man were seated together in the Central station tho other afternoon. He was (filing away and she had come down to sec him off. Tho doorman co-Hud his train and he rose to go. "Now, .Jim." she said, "you will be sure to write to mo the mimite yon get there, won't your 1 " "Certainly," .said Jim. "Hu sure, now," she said again, as he was about to pas:; out, iiito the train-shed. "I shall bo HO anxious until I hear that, you j*ot there safe.'' Jim arrived at his destination, which was Detroit, lie did what business lie had to do and thon he went out to sec some of his friends. He hadn't been in the city long 1 whoa he thought of hi:, promise tu his '.vifo, and he took a f-AM TALKS UrSI.NBSS. other benevolent jrentlomi'n hy tsiko, before that, so they wore in \ f^ft^ itf'M/rn practice when Hi niau «n>f>t\wd. .'iU th.: pew M here Hyi' \vas h<'l(!in;T the fet.her like sardines. six inches of room f anil In, 1 measures ab heum. lie mere.ly e patent-medicine rton w;i]);i;d up to im. red in the fai'c, oLliers piiekf.'ii t.t>- . There was about rold Sam to sit in, 'Mit, six ux't on l.he (.'lanci'rl into tiie ]">eU'. howed ooKtelv and Inarched up to the front nf the chnrcli, \vhero he took a seat, rijfht mirier the pulpit. \\'Jh';i t)io nsisiil liinul'or Collect inn arrived ohl ,Siuu arose and took one of the boxes. Tin'.-; wa - a little more thmi tho drummers had expected. They lini! been jirepared to contribute something luiiler old Sam's i>ye. but they hadn't snjijiosed thai .ho would pass the j box. If 11 smiled ovon more filatKlly ! as he hiinded it in, and liyron, wlio inff man went up to pnaway to take ': was nearest, him. of course felt called that, otiler. livron wavlaid him and j »P» n l " lKlart tlu - rulto al one silver him into a hliitoi of intoxica- | plunk. The next drummer raised it to be highly offensive- I the limit, which, in his case, was one HP, cnn.i).x*T jii-: wont). (lelefiraied Fnneli Cure, APHROOITIHE " di\ —'' . n HOt.I) ON A I POSITIVE GUARANTEE t<» ctireftNy Fonn of any llsonlerot the ot oltber ncx w!i>nlu:r »rtnin 1jc;, r «ilo tion enleuluted . . ...,,-. to Allerton, who is a deacon in tho I dollar. I',y the. time it, reached the lust church, lint Allerton persuaded the j drummer it was ne.'essary for him to salesman to sift-n the pledge, ami then | !>nt in Mich a rewarded him for hi;, expressions of | liow In 1 was ever poiu-f to neiiitenee by renewing- tho contract. | from tin; house in The next year Uyron salesman on the train secretly fed several grainx of. IllV MH: UOlll.l.H'1. >•*".. v.-., ..,.,.... Hfe'uin ma that i to"'- 1 * contract, to Onawav and j sec the others _,. . AFTER fcl,.«.>i;oorOpl»:«.o«'(hroiif:h youthful l"fll.«r»- »V'- •T 7 -'' iu'lul^^ivc. Ac,,H'icfi ta Low! ot drain fVwCT, Wakt-uiliii-x", lienrins ilown rnliiK In the «IKM. S- inlumlWS»lt«e«H,|[y«ti i ritt.Nervriu»l > r<M- 'Hi.-'.' n, S'octtimU ttraiiuioiis, Leacorrli'cu, IMz ^•... « \Venk M"tiiory, IJOKK of I'ovrer ftud tmr^i- V'i '. which 1( oiylcvU'il oftuu lend to premature jji! •.- • n.m\ iDMiuijr. Price JI.OO • box. 6 boxen 4 WRITTEN GUARANTEE i« Klvtu (or'erorr ^.C.;.--I r rt?c-.-i''.'J. to renjiuci tho money it a icWinriitcur'-Uaut cB'ccted. Wo have thoii- *fldj* of t^»«timonl*it(i frora old and young, of KU: KtitU, wM;> li*n- bcon pcrmnnvutly < urod * THK°AlPHB«» MKUUJCNK CO.. •0>71I BnDOb HO» 27, POBTLiKD, Ojj 'tu tale br B. r. SdMllag, Loguuport, Ind. •ifier's Ma BoxtT. Keaitru»ttoa. Died laeoeMmllr by tho»«- taAt of prominent 1«- diM mtmtMv. nor- oucbl} teLI*c» and •lie. Worth twenty ttmM thisti weight in gold /»<• Jtmt.lt irreg- ittaritia. Vererkuovrn totHL Sent By ...... lot •?. Addrw* Tbe Afhrt K«dic!ni v COMPANY. W«*tern llmnch, rorUtad, Oregon. - - Mia b/ B. r. KowHmr, Ixitcuupott, In i2AM BAL Is quickly Absorbed. CATARRH Nasal Passages ,'•' -sPainani Inflammation HeaLs the So Protects the , Membrane tnun Additional Gold Restores the .«eusesoJ Taste and Smell. <T WILL CORE. H'A *t partloi') u *ppli«d into eaoi nMtrH and U •«reeiibl». Prto»W«mi«M BrnMttW ar 6r m«U. RLY BBoraraa, M watwn at., N«* fork. to him, whereupon lA'hhvnk'y man \vcnt into Allcrton'K office, anil hail n, trance which, lastixl fourteen lionrs. Hut when ho came out of it hu wa,s so weak tlmt Allerton tlitl not dni-o rofu.so him tho contract for fear the disappointment wouJil kill him. Thus by every legitimate business method Byron had striven for that order, but toiifl-h luck anil the perversity of Allerton had eiichored him. This time, however, he felt sure of it. On o SaturdB3 - about one o'clock in the afternoon Uyron reached Onaway. llo went immediately to Allecton's of- lico, and theru fiat old Sam wearing a smile that was as promising as one of his own advertising circulars. J?ut he wouldn't talk business. He couldn't be induced lo hear a word. 1 "I'm a mau of very strong religious feeling," he said. "Sunday begins Saturday noon with me. T never think of business between that hour and Monday morning-. You'll be in town over Sunday'/ 1 " Wyron rather thought tlmt iie would, under the circumstances. "Ulad to hear it," said old Sam. "Come up to our church. Have a scat in my pew. My folks arc away and there'll be plenty of room." There seemed to be business in. that, and Uyron accepted the offer with thanks. The next morning Byron directed hi» Btepa toward tho church wearing upon his countenance an expression KO devout that several sinners whom he .sum ihat lio didn't st-e. it back he missed Aller- liyron didn't like to outdo him in charity. and the other pentlenic-n had similar feeHnps, so that when tho box came back through the pew cnch man added to his contribution snch a sum as would make liis total exceed that of the next man to him. 'l^licn the •fellow in the back of iho pew sipraiiicd that his charitable .sentiments had boiled over. Ho waved the "long 1 preen" at DeaconAl- lerton, and the frood deacon promptly passed in the box. Everybody put in .something as it went by him, ami also when it came out ngain. Jinfc nobody had tho nerve to call it in again. BO Allerton passed on, and the drummers thought they were done with him. He wasn't half throug-h, however. Olfl 8am walked down that aisle, anil around into the other one. He'walked into the pew opposite that containing the plassmen, and smiled over the rail- in)? at them. As Allerton happens to have a decided cast in his eyes, each drummer appropriated that smile to himself, and regarded the contract arc good as signed. But just to clinch it and have a perfectly sure thing on tho old man, it occurred to each of tho drummers that an additional contribution was indicated by the symptoms. AH their small bills were exhausted by this time and nobody Imd the nerve to make chauge out ot the box. When tbo drummers called at old Sam's office next morning, each one of them believed that the contract was his, because ho had bought and paid for it. But old Sam met them with a, smile which shed even more li(?ht of CYristian chf'.ritv than he had worn in flndapo well of , Drvuft. Vonrth SL, Solo Aient tor uta of 1NIMPC ' '.OGAM SPORT,«VCT HADX'T »ti'po«KD THAT nil won,o FARI TH* Bor. met by the wayside were broughtoto a realizing? sense of their condition. An obliging 1 usher showed him where Mr, Allerton's pew was. Uyroi) congratulated himself on finding 1 the pew empty; he would have Allerton all to himself. His plan of combining wor- hftip ii-ltli business was somewhat interfered with, however, by the en- trunce during the next five minutes ot six other Balesmeu in his own line of trade,- They, too, had got the tip about Allerton's eontract and had do- Hccudcd OH the o'' 1 m& u during the previous afternoon. They had received tho same "stand off" as old Sam had ff iv.cn Vyron and the satnp invita- tho churcli, and said":"' "Gentlemen, tlio disposition o< my «ontract for bottles was determined by the events of yesterday. It is rare that I aliow business considerations to intrude upon my Sunday thoughts. But when our pood pastor spoke so feelingly of kindness and charity and forgiveness, it made me feefthat perhaps I. had been hard upon that old son of a trun Leblank. At any rate .J.declded W HAT DO YOU takeroedWM ui,. jtJfJCausevouwanttogetwell, Or keep well, of wane. Remember Hood's SaivaparIHa Our** postal curd out of his pocket and wrote to her. He .said that he bad arrived wifely, 'was having n j^ood time and all that sort of tiling, and told her when to expect him home, lie dropped the cnrd into a mailbox ami put himself in the Ininds of bis friends. At tin;end of threeduys Jinj returned iKiir.v. /lo went (.o the .store and left his :;Tip and then he went home. His wife Diet iiim lit the door. ; "Hello." i.aiil ,'lini. ! She .said notliinj,'. "U'el:', s:iid .liin, sis ha tnnk oil' his ovin-ooat, "fills i.-n't the kind of jjroet- int;- I expeoted." .S'..i!i his wife said nothing. | "What's the matter?" inquired .Mm, anxiously. His wife fflai-cd at him. "f thoujfht you weri: ffoinaf to write to me when von yot to Detroit?" "Why," Jim replied, "I did write to you. 1.sent yon a niee. lon^ m«sMtpr<' on a postal curd. Didn't you H'et it?" ".Nice lonjr message, was it'.'" "Certainly. I wrote yon jn.st a little while after I got there. Didn't any conic'.'" "O, .yes," and there was a clanjruroii.s glitter in the wife's eyus. "I £°t the postal card Jill ri;fht." .lim felt relieved. "Thou what are yon kicking about?" he asked. flis wife took a cardtmt of her pocket and held it towards lu:n. address side out. "\Vaslhisthi; card?" she asked, .liin looked at the writing 1 . It was a little s.tragsr'y fi>' - him. but he recognized it. "Yes," ho asserted, "that's tho card." "VVh.it did you .say?" inquired his wife, still clutching the postal card. Jim settled back iu his chair and thought hard. "! 8alc ' I nlid arrived all rig-lit," he finally be^au, "and that 1 had met some of the boys and wan having a good time, and that I was coming home to-day and that you should take good care of yourself and the babies," "Said nil that, did you?" asked his wife in a cold, hard voice. "Certainly I did. You've got the card and can read it there, can't you?" She looked hard at the back of tho card. "I don't see anything- liko tha here," she said, alter studying it for moment, "Quit your joking with m«," said Jim, who was beginning to get a bi anxious, "and let me see that card.' He grabbed It out of his wife's h»nc and turned H ovar. There wasn't a word of writing on the back of it! "Now, there's a sample ot luck," said Jim, when he was tellinf about it. "I went up to Detroit anii behaved myself. I was quiet as a deacon all the time J was there, t didn't drink a thing, and yet it will take the greatest game of talk i ou ever he»rc to make that little woman think wasn't oroide and wrote the address on tho front of that card and forgot to •write anything 1 on th.c back of it," "Well, did you write anything on the back of it?" asked a friend. "Certainly I did. I wrote on a card, but I had two of them in my pocket and they stuuk together. The address was on one and the note on the other. The one with the address caiue through all right, of course, but the note is floating around somewhere, between here and the dead-letter oflifo and I get tho worst, of it at homo and all because two of those dod-j?asted postal cards stuck tog-ether. If that ain't a hoodoo game, I don't want a cent."— Buffalo Express. The Favorite Method of L»c*tlnK Them It to Employ tbe Service* or • Knowing Hoc — A I'BCQllkrly Frencby Induilrj. Of all things eatable, in the opinion of the French, the truffle takes a very high place. It is called the "black pearl" of cuisine and the coquette, of the hanquct. The frourmct says of it that 'all the other fruits ot penerous nature are appetizing, poo;!, excellent; but the truffle is exquisite." Anyone suddenly asked the question where truffles are found would probably answer in the pate dc foie gras, for the black patches which take away the greasiness from and pive the delicate flavor to the ffonse-liver pate is about all most people kuoiv of it. This rarest pern of the culinary art is, like other poms, found in few localities. In Trance truffles are found in Champagne, 1'oitou, iiourgogUK »nd Dauphiene. These are bad, pood and indifferent. Those found in Provence, are much bettor. But the truffles of 1'cripord are the bestknown and stand lliphest in the commercial market. There are other places where they are found in more or less quantities and divers qualities, but few of them, ontsido of France. »ro regarded with favor. They prow in the forests of (.JeniKHiy and, to a lesser extent, in the woods of the south of England. Home h'fty years nn-o a nr.mber of Parisian rcifujrees who had braved tho terrible mal de mer of the liritish channel, and were breathing unhappily the fo;,'s of Great liritiiin's metropolis, had their hcarlh pladdi-ned by the discovery Of ; rallies in Windsor forest. Jt was a strange w'phl to the rural Kujrlifchnimi to see four or five foppishly dressed p-ontleineii wi-arinp Move- pipe lmt.s and wamlerinp in the shades of the pront forest, with a small razorback p>!4' iu leash. The pig" had been imported by these poor exiles to hunt the truffles for them. Trnflles urc a kind of inexplicable vegetable excrescence, or fuug-us, Every Month many women tutfcr from E*C«M)Y« or Scant Menitruttion; they don't know who to con fid* in to ftt proper *dvic*> Don't confjJe in anybody but try Bradfield's Female Regulator * Specific fot PAINFUL, PROFUSE. SCANTY. StPPRHSSED ind IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION. Book to " WOMAN" m«ilcd fre«. ELU .TcGL'UrOR CO., Atlanta, Ca. Sut.l M7 Hll PrnrcUU. I fir <nle . l- FACIAL BLEMISHES I will roniovc, Prnrklrii «H, \Vrlnkli-siindtJl other hJi'in Wt'}fli>,lJes. LOLAMONTEZCREAH The prcut ?ltin fnodurt Tissue liniliier, will make _ you IK'AUliful. •I'nTi id ccir.s mid iliisad. lor a box of skin Kx>4 .nd face pou'dcr. l*re«u frno« Ffff, MRS. NETTIE HARRISON Amman's Kcftuiv Doctor, 20 floury stn-ct, Sun trnncUco, OU. ;yi Klin ^i. Cincinnati, Ohio. &ui»crj(Zuou» U Mir permanently removed. NEW LIFE Dr, E. C. West's tervfl and flram 7 i« yold under positive written KnfmiTiU P, !•:[Jr. 1 .in und Kervo I'owi-r; Ixwt MiuihofM: v Nif,'J)t Ix>fises; >:vll l)j-i*am>-; i^dt of 0- t tbo O'-jirml/'.-f) Or,,';i'ns In viih-r K-\, • •vor-(.'x*'i",:nn; youthful Krrurf, rr K\t-f- •". i'.ilmt'cip, Opium Or Lifjuor, w!:i<-h n.. ;i 'li.-i-r,,-, Oiin-umptJnn, I:jr-nuiiy iiti-l V'c;ii;:. i-ruijiJ iLioM'-y," WK.s'r'SCOtrailNVi:! i*. ; ii'.'i^ff•*?((,' (-OU--A. Sfin't 7V;rfwr.' 2*J/.-/*' . H. HI>:UK«, Dm.;: iiort, Ind. •///it to laic. :mvli. r it-,;Q!d ishued «o.y by MtrKtfi St., Lo- 8KABCIIINO KOK TBUFKLES. mftpnragliif; 111* Own Kffortn. A man who died recently in Berlin, Rensselaer county, at the ago ot 78, left a record which he .began when 18 years old and continued for fifty-two yeara. The book, filled with methodical entries, shows that in those ilfty- twoyeartthe man hue! smoked 828,713 cigars, of which ho had received 43,689 as presents, while for the remaining 585,088 be had paid 110,433. In tho fifty-two years, according 1 to his bookkeeping, he had drunk 2S,78« glasses of beer and 86,081 glasses of spiriU, for which h« spent 15,850. The diary clows with* these words: "I have tried til things; I have seen many; I have accomplished nothing. "-Albany txpresa. Wblt« Barm* Art Barred. •White horses are to be barred from military service in Germany. The emperor has ordered that no more be purchased for the army, and those now in use are to be sold. Ho thinks that in war white horses would be especially conspicuous because of the use of Bmokeloas powder, and wo aid afford •which grows at the roots of trees, just under the sod. The porker, with his long snout and kceu scent, makes the best of truffle hunters. His as much a tid bit to the pip in its natural state as it is for the gourmet after it has passed through the hands of a Brillat- Savarin. Therefore the pig has to bo muzzled. After uprooting these delicacies, the pig is always given a morsel by way of reward. Dogs have been trained to hunt truffles. Truffles are invariably found in woody spots, growing naturally and spontaneously, as do mushrooms. They seem to have a particular partiality for the oak tree. During tho last half century much scientific attention has been directed to the cultivation of this vegetable, or fungus, and whole plantations of oak trees and chestnuts have been set out for the mere production of truffles Truffle culture is to-day a well recognized industry. Many are the stories of large fortunes made in it. It is certainly, even now, one of the most speculative callings that the peasant and small farmer of Franc* can engage in. He may make ft fortune, or he may make nothing, for the truffle is peculiar. Jt may grow abun> dantly in one spot for several years, »nd then suddenly disappear. It is probably the only lottery iu nature, for, BO far, it cannot with cc. 1 - tainty bo forced or cajoled. Like all lotteries, it stifles the incentive to labor. The French hunter is very much lilte the "white trash'' of the south, who spend n good part of their time hunting for the high-priced ginseng root, so loved by the Chinese. Truffles are found at tho fa.ll of the leaf, and maintain their perfiiino a month or so later. They vary in size from a large plum to that of a large potato. The common truffle is black in color and has a wartj' surface. Truffles are growing in popular favor every vear and in general use.' Uric Jrj'TicJ '..u-i'ily (,. thfiwlof f»:i r , rt"ji:iri"« no linuito of diot or :,i,i::i\ia*j ii.crrari'tl f,r jn.in'nous nviJ- ii.'tiK-»io be Uikfn tVtCnuL}'. U'faca AS A PREVENTIVE Von«mi['' |ti C3«'; l n tho cue of ri.i.-l.y'mt,l., r ti Uil» fur f i. w. '! o-vtrg-l, nd. PILES ABeOLCTBLT CDB*S. ITCHING PILES SWAYNFS OINTMENT P^J Lost Manhood Aironliv. ' ! vi;;or qi!cU| orod.Van«)ccl«, _(jtiy cmisuloni. .iin^v citri'd by INIIAI'O. the ffrrat . Witb wrlllfllltti»rw|iv(ot*r*> Sold t»J GIVES FKFSH SKI\. CON¥T}PATJON F ' ' ^N.OIZZINE: • «, r.Nl. 0^.' THF SKIM I. S .** C O M P L E. X I C N AnKrree«blcL»iativ««ndNERVE TONia Sold by Druffglitior Rent by mul. 2Sc., Wo., and 11.00 per package. Sampiei free. fortheTeethandBreaUi.Bo. •for Sal* ta B. r. lewlta*. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POMPLEXIOUj U fOVTOKR. II | POZZONI'S Combines every element ofl beauty and purity. It is beauti- f fying, soothing, healing, healtk-l | fu!, and harmless, and when I tightly used is invisible. A most I j delicate and desirable protection f t* the face in this climate. Insist upon hiving ths gennina. IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. QUAKER CATARRH CURE inufT, powdtl, uute. wporor rtlfc. ,ii M'.OI • sooUiiw: oily !>»K. ltln>» U (ti.Terent Imm Rl! nttie.t reme.lics. I» n^t i hill .1 [tcciiU'.r cojnljinaiion (it lurdicmal .i>,'cni- -.«. ^ *w—..-» — -, mil •h.ulnln nn t..r C1T1KHII. l> »pplicrt d.rectly W lot of di««M >nlh » toaDnr COIIMI, wtKrcilishnmrJiw;! 1 Jbsntlxx) mil quickly effect* Ufarf- IM iCTtfifialiiclionli fell aimer. It tlaaim tttrnuil P««W" - tii-a, H«!l llic Soro. RMore^ Taslc anj Smcil. K«U.»».C.V|I I MlfMU. llr»«rlut, or by ««ll. QUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. ST. PAUL, MUM. For gale in I*ogan»port b? BM» Fismw, Druggist LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. " SPANISH NEKVI? GRAINS" llic wonderful remedy iitoM wii'h n u-ritten xti.ir.inlcc wc:irc all ncrrou« diseases such .is Week Mtf«- cry Liwf fimm t'civer.Losi ManlioOd, Nijihtly KrmNaorts, Evi' "—— Lurk of Contiiicru-c, Ncrvousnt-'j. L.issitudc.^111 drains and ji tWOXI AMD ATTIk USING. For »»le in I»g»niport by HIM Fnari, Drug«lrt

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