Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. Our New Spring Goods are neat and tasty. They are ready for inspection. Our prices are within the reach of of all. Suits made to order from $20 to $60. Special Attention is called to our $20 and $25 Suits made to order. You should have one. Call early and avoid the rush. Tucker & Young, The Pearl St. Tailors. •POWDER- PUREST AND BEST. POUNDS,20£. HALVES,10$.QUARTERS,Stf. DAILY JOURNAL MUBSDAY MORNING, MARCH 8. B»V. Hatllir Batertalaed. Lafay-tte Courier: "There was a Tery entertaining meeting last night given at the hall of Tlppeoanoe Lodge No. 1992. I. O. 0. F. and the Household of Ruth, No, 463, being a reception to Rev L. W Ratllffe, putor of tke A. M. E. church at Loganiport. who had been here to conduct the l*4ge aonial thankiglvlog service on Sunday. There were refreshments aid a very happy time ali around. Tke celebration of tbe anniversary Sunday wai full of much interest and greatly enjoyed by those who participated. The order In this city la In a neurlihing condition." IHv«r«e> Grant**. Yeaterday In the circuit court tbe dlrorco lult of Ollle LaydoB, vs. 9ulnton Laydon waa brought up and granted, aa waa alio the divorce suit of Loretta Trotter against John Trotter. Against the two divorces granted there were two marriage licenses inued to equalize matters. ' of Fort Mrs. H. TOUR RAKE IN PBIHT. !!••» of • Fenonal CfcmnkcMr Con- ••rnlnc Lo«*n«part<>r* aid Their V Head* H. B. Kenned? ia at Chicago on busineis. George Prescott of Torro Haute i* vialtlng in the city. Court reporter Jeiae Taber Is duck hunting in the Kankakee. Fort Wayne Journal: Mr. M. W. Fay was in Logansport yesterday. Rove, E. P. Walters and John Guendllng of Lafayette, were viaiting here this week. Miss Minnie Habacker, Wayne IB visiting Mr. and Herr of 2020 Spear street. U. J. Barron, the printer baa returned from a pilgrimage of several months duration in the South,' Very Rev. M. E. Campion IB at Andereon. His pulpit waa filled last evening by Rev. Qulnlan of Marlon. Rev. G. G.Clark, of Bellvlew. Ky.. arrived In the city yesterday. Be will occupy the pulpit at the English Lutheran church for a time. Lafayette Call: Mr. and Mra. Allon J. Sheorln, who attended tbe funeral of tbe little daughter of Mr. and Mm. S. P. Sheerln, at Logansport on Sunday have returned. Huntington Herald: H. Franklin and wife and Mrs. Jnllua Waldner, a •later of Mra. Franklin who has been her gueat for some time, were departures on the morning train for Logansport. From that city Mra. Waldner will return to her home In Cincinnati. Lafayette Call: Miss ROM B., daughter of Mr. and Mra. Robert WaU laoe, was united to marriage to Mr C. A. Steele, a prominent merchant of Loa Angelea, Feb. 26, the ceremony being performed at the home of the bride's aister, Mrs. J. H. Evans. They will reside In an elegant home in Los Angelea. Tbe Wo**™ War Commends itself to tbe well-informed to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably aa well. To cleanse the a stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, usa the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. THE'CITY POPS. Kngtlte In «•• Heinl-Xonihlr Dlieu*- •lon of Current C'ltr Att«tr«- Tli« Hewer Committee Ha* Iti say- Other .Tin Hers Bud Tiling*. The common council of tbe city of Logans port mot in regular session last evening, Mayor Ru«d presiding and all members present save Mr. Beam o( the First and Mr. Peters of tbe Filth wards. The claims committee submitted the followicg- list of claims which was allowed: Street pay roll :-. 1170 -M Poll* par roll vx 10 L N. wolf, laying Iron crossings 965 M, Martin, repairing gutt«H 7 60 John L Lux, sundries afreet dn(jt 21 15 John C. Beatty, pulutlng signs Linden live, 5 00 Mary Holler, washing lire dept 2 00 John M/ers, repulr» strtwt and lire dept.... 20 00 John K. Kisert repnlrs tire d p: 7 70 (ieo. W. Sojbold & Bros, sunds (Ire dept JO 70 Chns Smith ACo.. lumber for engineer.... 41 IS John M. Bliss, oost Lyons cane 113 60 Journal Company, printing 00 vt (iiiii LlKlitnndCokttCo-.gu.sior Feb 3C 70 P. W. Moor« suii'iB flre dept 1146 Hoc. Win. Hollmiin, freight sewer pipe 267 12 Sa'-e. Imyflre tfW. „ H 38 Same, u«r.straetUept 11 85 Siime. telegrams and postal cards 2 61 M. (iarrlKtin. tool box l 60 W. T. Kitrrell, aiutg engineer 18 Mi K. B, 1'reston, sandi lire dept 1 75 D D. Dykenmn, gravel for streets H 65 WIlflOD, Humphr«r&0o,, swtlonury 'J15 40 (Ieo. A. Llnton repairing S.S. pump i 50 Sewer pay roll !W7 21 The ordinance regulating the riding of bicycles on the sidewalks of tbo city, and providing for a licenae to bicycle riderd was taken from tbo table and recommitted to the commit- too lo*- revision. The resolution for the Improvement of Heth etreot from Mllbourno avenuo to State street, wa.8 re/erred to tbe Street committee. The sower committee submitted the following report which was ordered placed on file and publication requested in tbe city papers: •'Wberoaa there arc numerous objections and false accusations made by evil designing people relative to tbe council's action in tbe location of tbe sewer now in course of construction on Erie avenue and whereas said eewer was ordered by the unanimous vote of ibis council ae being the most practical way to provide work for tbe unemployed laboring people of Loganaport who were suffering for food to sustain themselves and families, and whereas tbe action of the council toward relieving their wants was prayed for by a petition signed by the tax payers and business people of Logansport. And whereas said sewer was proposed by our city civil engineer as being part of the system of sewer adopted by the city and now partly put ia as being the most available manner In providing employment for such labor; and, Whereas, Tbe location of eald sewer waa chang< d from the original line. designed by the plan to run from 8th and llth streets to the Wabasb river, which line had no property holders on to pay anything towards the expense of said sewer, and, Whereas, Said original line from 8th to llth streets to Wabash river, would be more expensive on account of the atooe being close to the surface, besides having to cross tbe Wabash and Pan Handle Railroad yards, com. prising twenty.five tracks, thereby making the work hazardous to the safety of the men' and damaging to the railroads; therefore, your sewer committee after carefully estimating the extra " cost of running said gfwer 'under these railroad tracks including,' , the continuoua blast, ing of rook which we would have, to contend with along said Hue by the chairman Mr. Dolao re. quested that the route be changed to run down Erie avenue to Elm street Qss Quoit Court A. G. JENKINES, Assignee. I will sell, under order Cass Circuit Court, the entire stock of Overcoats formerly the property of Otto Kraus at about half regular- price on a CREDIT OF SIX MONTHS, WITHOUT INTEREST, each garment marked IN RED showing the assignee's price and the former price. The reason of this extraordinary offer is to make room for that, part of the Shoe Stock remaining unsold after March 31st, as the lease of the present quarters expires on that day. I do not want to move a single pair of Shoes, if possible, and; have ordered the Shoe Salesmen to REFUSE NO REASONABLE OFFER. The finest goods are still unsold. A. G. JENKINES. Assignee, P. S.—200 pairs Ladies Kid Button and Lace Shoes worth $4.00 for $1,50—following sizes only: one and one half to threes. and from there to the river in order that more streets would be accommo- •dated'ln g ettiog rid of the overflow of The Weather Today— Warm. — 1'ical sftowcrs. Yon Had Better COME TO FLEDGED BUY TOUR HATS IN. STBAB OF GOING TO A PuACB WHBBE - THET ONLY HATE A FEW TO SHOW. TOO. .WJB HAVE A GBEAT VAKD3TY A5D ABE ALL NEW. SHIRT KAKBB, HATTIB AND FUJWISHM. water that waa conducted through tbe gutters into Erie avenue and had to be taken care of by the city. Also on account of having but little rock to blast the changed route would be cheaper, and could employ more men owing to having but dirt to remove Instead of rock which composed the principal part of the cut made by running the sowers across the railroads and could not • employ to exceed 15 men while blasting. Also, the changed line would make some difference in the income received after sewers were put in on account of having a great many prop. erty holders that are willing to pay for tapping ft while the original line hae rone of these advantages. Therefore your gower committee acted in recommending the change entirely on a business basis without a thought of self interest in any shape or form and your committee can not help express* Ing a dee Ire in wishing for that time to expire when they can be free from this thankless position of councilman, i to be made the target of every die-j gruntlcd imaginary claim bolder and disappointed politician. Your com. mil tee and council has in. every Instance where the city . rights were involved stood- together independent o'poltlcs to fight tbe intruder—'i mattered not what politics he pro. fossed and will continue to do eo not withstanding the cry of extravagance in citv matters. The records are open* and all we want is. a> clear and truthful publication of them without any distortion. WM DOLAW, M. C. WADE, S B. BOYEH, Sewer Committee. The bill of tbe Jenney Electric Light and Power Company $768 53, light for February waa allowed. It was ordered that a complete plat of MtHope cemetery with all its dlvl- siona and sub.dlvisione be placed on record at tbe office of the County Recorder. The special electric light plant com mlttee reported plana and specification! for the erection of a city lighting plant, which report was held over for two weeks for further consideration on tbe motion of Mr. Powell of tbe Second ward. Tbe petition for the vacation of the north and south alley beiween Ninth and Tooth streets and Market arid Broadway was referred to the citr commissioners. The petition for the vacation ot a oartain portion of Canal street in T. H Wilson's addition abutting on Erie avenue wa» referred to the City com. m sslonere. The petition for the change of tbe width of MilM street was referred to the street committee and civil engl neer. Krrnu Get* Rochester Republican: One of th jury cases tried this term resulted In a verdict for $600 damages in favor o Kyran Walsh, a well-known Wayne township farmer against the Vandalia Railroad Company for setting fire to hie farm, ao to speak. When the drouth last August bad dried up the muck, a passing locomotive set fire to the rubbish on the right away, which communicated with the plaintiff's fences and consumed one hundred rods of fence and burned about two acres of the muck in his timothy meado thereby greatly damaging hia underground drains. The railroad company by their at torney, will make a vigorous fight next term to have the verdict set aside. Weddlnci ofilie I>«y. Yesterday afternoon David M. Green and. Fannie M. Blackburn, both of Harrison township procured a license to marry in tbe office of tbe county clerk, and shortly thereafter with the assistance of Justice Geo. W. Fender, and in the presence of tbe usual gathering of officials, reporters and attaches of tbe court bouse, the marrhgo service was eolemntzed in Mr. Bliss' office. Within the hour following the above wedding Edward Frailand and Ida Tillotl, both of Miami township applied at Mr. Bliss 1 window for a license to marry. Both looked , young and as they were not known to any one In the office their case waa referred. Young Mr. Frailand hustled about and found a friend who would vouch for both and the much longed, i for license waa secured, after which LOOK HERE1 Ii you want to buy or mil a bouse tot, If you want to buy or sell a farm, If you want to buy or veil n store, If you want to trade city property tar a farm, If you bare any cheap houses for sale-., Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Logansport, InC . they repaired to tbe paraooage of tbt Broadway If. E- church-, wbare Ker. NorrlB pronounced them huebanc! »«:~< wife. Van* fkr Meat. Apply at 209 West Broad way. ADDITIONAL MCAL. Flour, $1.35 per hundred, atFoIey'f... Tbe genuine BrusseJe in grain carpeta ever brought here, ia at the- Trade Palace. At tbe bar meeting of the Caas Cir- :uit Court yesterday morning suitable 'esolutions were adopted bnent tbe eathof Judge Lyman Walker,of Peru. Several of the local lawyers will at- end tbe funeral at Peru to-day. George Snyder, tbe ]6tb Btred iquor dealer, plead guilty to a vloin-- Ion of the Mreen ordteajMe Tuesday afternoon, and wan fined $10. The late Judge Lyramn Walker, o* 'eru, was a member of St. John Core. mandery, Knight* Templar, aud the- Commaodery will go to Peru this-, morning to attend the fuo«r»). GENTLEMEN. 'J^^^SJ^ ^w^^v We want your trade for anything to our line. OUR NEW GOODS For spring and summer are ready your inspection. For STYLE, WORKMANSHIP, AND PRICES, We are at the FRONT. CARL W. KELLER & CO. j

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