Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1954
Page 9
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yrv ^y^l'^^'? h^f- J 'T- *t # " ' t 'i t O d «•" i *y i - T _" • . "- -j^^- 1 -' t' r . 1 ',\ n • "' k ' *- ', "''' fl^ s. * X*? "M ',.-' —f ~H> H6»t SfAK, tf'OM.* ARKANSAS EriJoy, October 22, Friday, October 22, 1954 HOP! STAR, H0M* A * K A M S A I ' -i£"J " >it-fi :-i^ nmto mfirt »JwUh Brother air ulcfcnitt* man? Ubetian vot- *fs ihaVe bfistroyed 6ft iheif Presi eatt whd,ls winding up a three y offftfftl vIMl M Washington. * full, name Is tir. William VS- ShSLflratfi TubrMfi Clnsr 'call him "Cousin Shad" As thfe Negro president of a Ne gro refftifeftB, Tubman knows a lot about racial problems such as many American communities arc concerned with. "There Is," he says, "not ,the {slightest shade of dkclmination of such Jnattfers, \ ihfe .affection lotice IQNAL 43 •' "ht- seiiat* nd by the __ the Slata ef Air Mem- ilonntn Ua gteWed \upon prorJerV* by the town ._„ -y. <-elght sjty -or incorporated '"2)' mills tor any • • - of tHe Ui'ere- y lm- Jve'of _.(»rtiehts Hzefl by ...j Conatl- there shall jo • amount ,, -....., atnoimt ,col- the retirement of each " dlfie.-bfliidr during any t^)e'iyea^ of. tH? col- -- s ------ the aforesaid And yet: 1. Only Negroes are allowed to Vote. 2. t*or Decades th«rc have been barriers between the coui.try'j 100,000 "civilized 1 ' inhabitants and the more than two million tribesmen of the interior. 3. For, decades, top, there have been feuds betwecti the tribes. 4. The present political setup in Liberia stems' from a revolt in the 1880s by darkerskinncd "common men" agai/iSt the tlien dom jnant: Republican party which was Controlled by ligherskinncd Nc- than i thit > necessary fsuch" annual/artisunf until (l»y<?'' v l»ecnfj;« t !red, or wf- -f ^'' " " flv'lgttied. after • the- date "on that asseiiment* cd- at, market value »,5 ! tt)c mtbclmurh tax rate*, 3ep>/ft»ay'not be'exceeded ' lecessary' to ;prevent; of smentsS'ef 'beiieflfei' '*«* , district; ares' .,,^..fvalue of.^? properly sg»ra2s?v.%'» *JpWze' ajl» 'future aasess- ffbeineflts;, and for fhf«~ frtiiv "reduce- the, valuations to Hat'.such valuation*' nrtv* ~ ' reason , ; ot, thli tiix^ihan tifl*;b« eXoipp^ed -On. crested Value 1 property 'of eublld' tatif- property avth- ,th«,'-afore»aUJ a n- eny .county are • equal* et" value,' ^th«' proportion -VJilu&tlln^off ahy uHl- -VJilu&tl any ahy 'county, city. sphool pplMn*- of -marWsl • . ,-by appl there- ralu* prop- to this, end shall the- tax ny county has failed to - ' police bearing, by and, lnqom« (-.there- and ,, c .^ . isaora of the varlow* marKiM y by. tie Board, Each In any coun- market e Poard , ,_ nty clerk. ' v Wit ,4ed by tte General As- , Tubman a dark-tskinned cigar Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL. AMENDMENT NO. 45 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representative* of the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate: a Majority of all the Members Elected to each House Agreeing Thereto: . _— rOtjLOwr— THAT, THE V1NG ts hereby UBPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelsgn ^ MtA j^M^^ft. ^^. proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of>' th« State ot Arkansas, add 'upon being submitted to the electors .of' the State tor approval or rejection • at • the next general elec- ttJn. lot RtbrcsentBtlves and Senators, U « t majority of the electors voting thereon,, at such an election, adopts such •, amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution at the State of Arkansas, towit: ^ - * * •SECTIOH'l.' The'Executive Department' of •this' State shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Audi- torn'of State, Attorney General, and Commissioner of State Lands, all of wliora shall keepr their offices at tbe Seat of Governineiit, and ' hold their Offices for .the'term of two .years ahd until, their successors are elected and qualified. ..SECTION 2, Tha annual salnrlcs of such :State officers, which shall be paid in 'monthly installments, shall be as follqws: , - ' The Governor, the sum ot Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($19,000.00); the UeUtenant Governor, .the sum of Three Thousand -and Six Hundred Dollars 7*3,600.00); the -Secretary of State, the Sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00): the Treasurer ' of State, the sum of Seven Thousand and Two Hundred DoUars (f7,200.00); the Auditor of State, the sum 4 of Seven/ • Thousand • and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Attorney General, the sum of Eight Thousand 'Dollars ($8,000.00): and the Commissioner of State Lands, the sum of Six> r Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00). •" SECTION ,S. The ' above mentioned Skate Officers shall. be elected . by the qualified electors of the State ' at Urge at the time of the regular general'' election for voting • for, members i,of the- General, Assembly; the returns' of each election therefor shall be' sealed up separately and transmitted to the sent ot government by the 'returning officers not later than the last "day ,of Kovember of the 'in-which the election,,. 1s .: held; tfhall"Be 'directed to r ihe Speaker,of. the House Aft Representatives. The General . Assembly 'shall convene W speriid wssio* •" We first Monday In' December of the year In which- the members of the General Assembly are elected and shall be to sMBiqn tor * period not to ex- mcd' .three. 4wf*, unless called into special session by the Governor. At such session of the General Assembly, and upon both Houses being organised, the. Speaker of the House of .Representatives shall open and publish the votes cast and • given for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, in the presence of both Hous'es of-the. General''Assembly. The. persen having the. highest number ol votes for' each of the respective offices shall be declared duly elected thereto: and shall immediately begin h'a term of office; but ff two or more shall be equal, the highest In votes for the same office, one of them shall be chosen by a joint vote of' -both Houses of the General As- xxxii "1 won't go to sleep." Nancy said, yawning, widely, -"it started at the swimming.-pool. I went up an the diving" platform. It looked so much higher from the top, 1 decided to corrtfi back down the ladder. When I - turned around, I saw into the cave? where the creek poes in, I saw tha.path. Jiin. ' "And you immediately decided that might be a quick way to get to The Spires?" "Not right aw.ty,. But I got a little bored waiting fen'"you. And that silly btisincs.5 of geltirin Mrs, Gelstrap into a bathing suit Any way you'd told mu to b6: careful, I simply had W In? 'careful." "Of course you dirt;" Jim ' said. Either the sarcasm wos lost on Nancy or completely ignored. "Being careful wn? the reason I didn't go into the cavern from this end. If anyone had been watching it might riot Have- been such a good idea. And, .after ail, if the creek bed was used OK a way to get to The Spires, there'd have to be an opening at the other end." . •'..'. "That I can- understand." Jim admitted. "So I told everyone Iwas going to walk along to meet you. I walked nrc.und by the road and down to where the creek comes out, there by The Spires." "Didn't you see the deputy 1 ?" "I snw some rrum go past in an old car." . "Wasn't Miss Wlstev's cnr still parked there?" '/"Yes. All locked iip though'./Any way, I started wariing •upstream. ing there, Jim. A huge candle. One of those that'cl burn for days and days." Jim remembered hit of light, just, bcfor?- something hit his head. "I was glad of the light at first" Nancy went on I thought it as cheery, at first. And I sa the doll." "Doll?" "Don't yell so," Nancy com- pf the rocks a little. It rolled, and I tried to squirm through. Then the rock rolled again, Jim. i wos caught." The lashts of h»r tightly closed eyes were wet suddenly. "Don't let them tell you drowning's an rasy death. Jim. Not when you're caught like that. I couldn't move because th» rock pressed tighter and. tighter. Then something grabbed my arm, I tried to yell and the watercamc everywhere." Jim Dunn watched her struggle with past terror, could 'see the effort she was making to conquer it. "Next thing 1 know." Nancy said in a stronger voice, ".was when you were pushing an?.! pounding at me, and 1 just, had on a few shreds. I must say —" sho hositated and then chani?ed_ her flippant tone to one of real cincor- itt. "I munt say 1 'fell awfully yet. And I want to thank you for your help with Nancy." "Let's not get sloppy, chum." Between them the three rocks ledge again. plastic pillow .cover, and twistsd shut the opening. He dove again, let the current carry him. In an unbelieveably short tiinn ho climbed out on the ledge where thr Ten Puerto Riccm ; tedders Arrested WASHINGTON Jl The Justice Department announced today tha CQlf G again. 1 C1 -* wut un ni\- i%_v*i3«- ,..**.._ -••- j^^^ — -- _ fere movnd easily, carried to the water grew shallow, splas'hrd hur (FBI agents m Nnw Y> Y, ift Stoneman strapped on the riedly to where Philip waited in Puerto Rico have arrested 10 plaincd "Yes there was a doll good. I was glad to see you, Jim. there. A bis floll. It had bad And y;i taxpayer or any of the political- subdivision* affected -' *— any order *or «!»•, , court of tlje Comity the property affected U Jo- that any appeal Crop? deplaton affecting prop- ibllc utilities assessed J>y 'Ion Board shall fc« taheo iry Court o( Pulaskl Coun- ?U»ncBry Court (0»aU try cause de novo. Either sppeal fiqra any 1 adverse the Chancery Court W e Court ol Arkansas where benrd dp BOYB 09 the rec- , The Governor shall «>• electors as mew irq at- Equalisation, respecfiyely'' serve,. M< 4e» bT lot, four, eight 'and from the date of their i». tini} shall appoint • suo „ <each, who shall serve lor i of, twelve years;, which up- itf, 4nrtu4!ng apppintmentf to „. .,. jy the Sen' '"JTlfly DQ llpPCflChftd 'office a* provided institution, al- ejrpenditur* by any or Sw Jim, I !e(t yo'ur jiitri on n flat rock. I 'didn't, want it to sfet all wet." "I saw it. That's the reason. I knew where you'd ijonc." . " . She reached out for. his hand, held it. "I didn't' Have, any trouble ducking under ihc first \v.all and into a large sort of ' cave, room. There was a candle hurn- sembly, . a majority of all the members elected shall be necessary to a choice. SECTION 4. The General Assembly shall 'meet in regular session of sixty (80) ' days, which need not be continuous, at the seat of government every two years on the first Monday, in February of each. odd numbered year until . said time be changed by law,, The members of the General Assembly shall receive as .their salary the sum of Twenty-four Hundred Dollars ($2,400.00), except the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who shall receive as his salary Twenty- five Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($£,<• 550,00), tor each period of two 12) years payable at such time and In such manner as tiie General Assembly n>ay determiner' and In addition to sucn salary the members at the General Assembly shall rtoelve Ten (lOq) per mile for eaclr mile ' ' ' " ..... - smoking son of a Msthodht" minister, has moved energetically to narrow tho gulfs" .between differ ing elements of the population. He called a natioiiiil council last May, fired two district commissioners and suspended . tribal chief, and gave his people a firm talking-to. . '.. . • : "It has been proved in our own lifetime," he said, "that ths clvil- iznd population .cannot get . alon,-; without the uncivilised; neither clo ment can exterminate tho gth'er. '• "For more thnn . (10 : years f .,f,ince the founding fatlvsrs"- frnm'^"• the American "South' •'.ifottlo'd liei'e. 'we have tried ^to destroy, each; other by internal'war ...•.• For ,the past 10 years we have/hi'en working hard for" the unif-.cat.ibh of the- people, but. thcrs>'-:«lh!' still" a few dichnrds on. both sides opposing the unification program'.' 1 '. Tubman is the friendliest of men and a good story toller. 'But when he lays down the-'law he does, it bluntly. v How do people.'tqke, this? Wdl, the tribal chiefs, 'at least,' seem to be solidly in Tu.bijna.iVi! corner. 'Tubmanism has swjpt. throughout the counti-y," Hays Nyomowch Chief Hiniie Langfpiv 11 according to (he public relations.-firm which is publicizing the president's trip. And Johnnie Vpkciv head, man of yellow hair once, but most of that had fallen out. -And Jim, stirrc- one had ripped Iho doll's body open, pinned it back together with safety pins. I guess that was so they could-put the money, the letter and the diamond bracelet inside" Nancy yawned sleepily. "Twenty thoiumnct dollars," Nancy said. "I had plenty of time to count it. The bracelet probably cost seven or eight thousand. You know, Jim, I've never seen a thousand-dollar bill before." ''Married to a .detective, you probably won't again." "I got scared Jim I well I puess- you'll .say it's'silly. But the doll was lying down when I found it. It seemed to liavvj been tossed where it was. The eyc.i were closed. Jim, I was reading the letter when.. I. got that feeling some- cne was watching me. I looked around and Ihc doll's eyes were open. Oh, I know you'll say I moved the doll, and .1. did of course. But it frightened me, Jim. Maybe it was because I felt cuilty ibout reading tha letter anyway. The parts of it I could read. Water hadn't done it any good, Jim." Dunn fought down his impatience. "The -lettar, Nancy. What did it say 0 " • "It was from Angelica's husband," Nancy said slowly. "I can't.remember all th,e words, but I can give you its sense, It said be didn't, still didn't, approve' of what Angelica was .doing. .He had n bad feeling about it, but anything she wanted to do was all right with Him. He-he loves Jnved her, Jim. •. And . he;.wanted to know how soon shfc'd come bacli Famous understatement." He leaned over and kissed her it started as a gentle salute to an invalid. It changed Philip Stoneman and Jim, wearing swimming trunks, walked toward the upper entrance of the cavern. "You're getting pretty tough, chum," Philip said. "1 wrist watch he had removed before entering the water. "What time have you?" Jim asked. His own wrist watch had certainly proved tde makers' claims of being waterproof. "Three-thirty on the nose," Philip said. Jim set his own watch back two minutes to correspond. "Take my jeep," he . ordered, "and drive around to The Spires. That'll take you about 25 minutea. I'll wait here until exactly four o'clock, then come ttirougn the stream bed 1 want 'to sec how long it takes." "Belter you-than me." Philip said. "In fact, am I necessary iii this at all?" "A witness," Jim said. "Or maybe I want j-ou tlv?re for an object lesson." . Philip nodded, turned to go and then stopped to favor Jim with cue . of ,hi;, nicest smiles. "I don't suppose it occurred to you 1 might be waiting on'the other side. With a club." At exactly four o'clock iie stopped again into the water, dove tc him, how soon she would be ener ents traveled to from the going tQ and raArnlng seat of government over ,_ T ._ ___ the JT»98t direct and practicable route; ,'»nd provided, further that Wh*i said member* are required to attend an extraordinary or special session of the General Assembly, they shall receive to addition to salary herein pro- Dollars vided. the sum ot Twenty ($89.00) per day for each are 'required to attend, and mile- another can, says': '"W-3. were nil blind but President: Tubmqn has opened our eyes, .we will hold him tight." • •„'..;, - - . One solid sign the. Tubman technique works: Tho' President has served one eight-year' term, was re-elected to a four-year term and is an odds-pn favorite to .win .a third term*. •' The United States is helpfng Li beria throiinli a fivo-yenr program ot technical aid, mostly to industry nncl agriculture. Tubman is here in the hope of getting' that program extended. He's also working in a few social engagements such as'a dinner Friday night in Akron, Ohio, nnd something thnt' may surprise some people a trip to Georgia at the invitation of Gov. Her man Talmadge. able to collect the money she felt was due her. He said he didn't want the . , money, Jim,. He he wanted Angelica." Jim Dunn drew in a deep breath. Pieces clicked into •••place. Angelica's actions,in returning .--to the Carlson's were c'jc clearly nosy; Her husband's had beeh:'''Injured. Angelica ? 3n tended to' retrieve losses. Certainly, as a Carlson woman, she had had training- along certain lines. Sure evidence of that lay in the $20,000, amassed somehow from the Carlsons in the period of, one year. Certainly it explained Angelica's desperate attempts to regain the doll. "Finally'I got up nerve enough to try ducking through the upstream hole. I' figured I couldn't be too far from the upper opr.c- ing. There ' there were round stones in the way. They moved a little when I pushed at them, but I couldn't get through the opening. I climbed back olit of .the water in that candlelit hole, along with the doll. I decided finally I'd go back the way I'd come.' And then, I thought I saw something. Some horrible thing was corning up through the water. M threw a rock at it and it went away.' age, at tbe same rate herein provided. SECTION 9, There IS hereby created a joint ad interim committee of the General Assembly to be selected from its membership. M may be provided by law, for the purpose of conducting reseat ch Into governmental problems «nd/ making audits of State agencies. The General Assembly shall (lx the amount ef per diem and expense* o< committee members and {tie compensation and expenses of the committee'* employees. SECTION «, •mploy '• (») The General Assembly shall from time to time provide for to? salaries and compensation of the Justices of the Supreme Court and for the salaries and ex penses of the judges of the »nd Chancery Couit* of this 3tate; provided, that such salaries and compensation of the justices of the Supreme Court a.nd the salaries and expenses of the judge* of the Circuit and Chancery Courts shall not be less (ban now provided by law, <b) The General Assembly shall by law determine the amount and method la of payment of salaries to the Com' : mlssioners pf the Workmen's Cpm : pensatlon Commission; provided, • that the salary of any Commissioner shall not 6* Jess than now provided py . <cV The General Assembly shall by — determine tint amount and method >ay men t of salaries of county oils. Nothing .herein .shall pe. con_.,,,&d as abroBatinj any rights of the people of th» Stst* pf Arkansas vtnder M : Wt"«oy» and . Referendum pro- Legal Notice by proposed Constitution PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. +4 BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate rf the State of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, a Majority of all the Members Elected » Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby pro] as an amendment to the Conslll Of the State of Arkansas, mid upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next General Election for Representative and Senators. If « majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a Dart of the Constitution pf the State " SECTION J, from and after the adoption «f this amendment! the term of office. ef Governor ot the State of Arkansas shall be four years and the Governor shall not be eligible fingers strayed to tlje on his head in. an uncon Jim's lump scious gesture, Hn did not realize what he had done until he saw Nancy's horrified and strickpn look .of understanding. "Jim, it wasn't you" "James 'Horrible Tiling Dunr,' he admitted.- • "Von ; throw too straight. And, for a damsel ii distress. I must say you were unappreciative," (To Be Continued) XXXIII Jim closed his hand into a fist "I washed back through the hole and out the other end. I yot in the jeep and drove »round to this side. But what were you doing a I that time?". "Sitting," Nacy • admitted. "Si ting and' shaking. I really fel hemmed in, Jim. I I thought sat there for dayn and days." "Good thing you waited 5 long," Jim muttered. Nancy closed her eyes. ''Tha time when I tried, I waved on to succeed himself. Provided flow- ever. this amendment shall not apply to the """ " at tbe in IBM. ^SECTION *• ^ of |hl» amendment, the Governor from taking- fa aetiv« person elected •• Governor General Election t« k» held *»«• be prohibited from taking- fa ae p5rt p or using >i» oWce in favor or a gainst itution. any candidate for any constitution.*!* office In any Prirojry. Special W v General Blecfton. «««pt only where the Governor WmseK i» a candidate. In wntcb evettt,' he will be ,iuthori*e4 \9 be «e%v« »n hli own behalf. A Delation ojt thl» JW- Uon shaU b« » rolsdeme»npr «rp« which U»f Governor »l»aU n*v« ' iramunity'fc^ai srrest, trial^Unon convtcMon. hf shall te fined ^W'JW *%$*, f!* *f*$f NOTICE I have recently purchased the T. 0. Porter Glass Shop including glass and equipment, Now is the time to have that glass installed in your car or truck. E-Z-Eye or regular glass. If you want glass for table or desk tops be sure and see us. RADIATORS Have that rsdlatpr fixed now, W*-ca.n repair it and we have make pars »nd |ryeH» yjii ^w ( * ^" ^^^ "^P ^^W can coming right out that way to pass easily through the enlarged nd saying you wanted two w8jncn opening. He surfacunl in the e.v.'cni i sit yith youi*^ wife. because you'where Nancy harl known fear. The idn't trust any one of them.huge square candle still burned, lone." ' burned without a flicker. Ji his head. He p 1 tacsp ecadslcw'pulled himself uo on the rocky Jim shook : his. head.-He folded bank, felt the glassy-eyed stare of ic plastic piil3w-ca«e he • hadlthc ;doll. He made certain the orrowed from' a deck chair into]money, letter and bracelet were smaller bundle. "Not tough I Still intact, stuffed tho doll into the iedly the jeep. "What's the idoa, chum?" f'hilip demanded. Jim pushed him over from the driver's seat, go tin and began the trip back up the hill, "Idea of what?" His mind was filled with what lay ahead. "Idea . of jumping the gun . that way. My watch only showed two minutes after 4." Jim had forgotten to look at his own watch, but he said, "So did . mine." Philip's words "jumping wealth. _. • the gun' had reminded him of his! The -ffit, said only one of own weapon still lyin:,' on the flat arrests that-of Eugcnlo • ^u rock. He decided n would be snfo ArbonaWas -made in New YoiJt. ors of the 1-uerto Riuan Communist party on charges at seeking the violent overthrow of the government. „ FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said the arrests would cripple tho Communist apparatus in Puerto Rico. He r said/the group, whicn is not directly-"connected with the American"' Communist party, has agitated, along with the -Puerto*, mean'Nationalist group, for independence of the island cornmon- Nawi of thi CHURCHES enough there. Probr.bly safer than in his possession, considering what he had to clo. . • Jim saw Stoneman was looking curiously at the doll bundled in tne plastic case. He ssiid; "On the level. You've just ' witnessed a demonstration that .knocks your alibi all to pieces.'.' Philip thought that over.... "And now what?' 1 "I'm counting on your help," Jim said. "Poor you. "There's a doll in that plastic case," Jim said. "It's Angelica's doll. Left in that cavern by the person who killed her Ha An- golica's doll and 'it's stuffoJ with money and a lovo. letter from her husband." They reached the top of the The other nine were picked up in Puerto Iticp. • The Chinese believe that th» first bread mado from wheat was eaten in China :aboui 2,000 B. C. vindin^ road from The Spires before Philip spoke. "She was pre< tending! Angelica was' getting Fomcthing of her own .back .before she made the final break. I-I don't Know. I .hopedbut ^ I didn't tnink she had that in hor." Jim. ;.sl3hed. . -"Youve been around the; Carslons too -long, at that. But- you think about it. And you think about Angelica and hCG, doll. While .You're at it you mighW* do -a little ''thinking" about turpentine." (To Be Continued) THE BAtTLE LINES ARE DRAWN: It's YOU Against I) The "Machine Politicians" are boasting that they have you where they want you. They're rubbing their hands with glee because the trough looks good. In a press interview the machine^ candidate said that it would not be necessary for him to campaign again because the machine "is well organized for the coming election and will work for its candidate regardless of who he is!" DOES THIS MACHINE CONTROL YOUR VOTE? Do the "MACHINE POLITICIANS" hove YOU in their hip pocket? Will they herd YOU to the polls like cattle to slaughter? . • : • • :.'•'•.'••« In This Election, It's YOU and YOUR STATE.... or the machine! ARKANSAS NEEDS A GOVERNOR WHO IS NOT BOUND BY ANY POLITICAL MACHINE, PRESSURE GROUP OR BACK ROOM CROWD! ARKANSAS NEEDS A GOVERNOR LIKE PRATT REMMEL WHO CAN AND WILL BE A GOVERNOR FOR THE STATE AND ALL ITS CITIZENS ... AND NOT FOR A POLITICAL MACHINE! ARKANSAS NEEDS A GOVERNOR LIKE PRATT " REMMEL. ONE WHOSE LIFE'S RECORD IS OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION. A MAN WHOSE PRIVATE AND PUBLIC REPUTATION IS ABOVE REPROACH. The "Machine Politicians" will mislead, threaten and try to intimidate you. The "BACK ROOM CROWD" has got to have your vote to get their noses in the trough. But remember .'. ,. YOUR VOTE IS SECRET! You may vote as you please, No one can dictate your vote! PRATT REMMEL WILL WIN because Arkansas Citizens are NOT "MACHINE VOTERS" .... VOTE FOR ARKANSAS ELECT PRATT " ^P^^ ^^^' ^p ^^V ^^| Ml ^B • • f dl \ PIR6T PfeNteCOSTAL CHURCH Fourth «na Ferouion Street Key. H. f. Hudspeth, Pastor 6:45 a. m. —• Sunday School C. J. ftowe, ^upt. 11 «. m. — Morning Worship Sermon by pastor. 6:30 p, m. Pentecostal Conquerors Mrs. Joe Lively' in charge. Junior Conquerors, Mrs. H. P. Hudspeth in charge. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study and prayer meeting. Thursday 2 p. m. Ladles Pentecostal Auxiliary. The public is Invited to attend all services at this church. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH W«»t Old «t Plna V. 0. K«el»Vi Pastor 9:45 a. m. Church School Mrs. Johnnie i^Oreon will teach the Jett fl. Gtraves' Class. O. A. > Graves will teach the Century Bible Class. 1 10:5* a. m. Morning Worship Anthem "6 Loving Saviour" - Minister^/Sermon: "At War With God" Minister; '„ *. , 5:3Q p m. Intermediate MYP 5:30 'p. m.- Senior MY? " 5:30 p. m. Weslefr Club 7 p. ni. 'Evening Worship Sermon: '''Be Wha't You Are" • Minister-. ' ' *" , " ' Monday . 2 p. m.,. Mission Study by mem bers ol WSCS in'Fidelis classroom. Monday Oct. 26 through Oct. 29 10 a.' m. '(10r 30 minutes only) Set vices lor Week ol Prayer and Self-denial.'in this church. Wednesday 7:30'p. m. Adult Choir Practice Thursday Career Day for the Young People ?• services will be in the Jackson Street' Methodist Church in Magnolia. ' ' > CHURCH OP CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Huflhes, MlnlMM* Sunday • , ; 9:45 a. m. Bible Schobl 10:60 a. m. FreachltUf 11:30 a. m. COmmuniOtt 6 p. m. Bible Study 7 p. m. Preaching ,'" Tuesday 9:30 a, m. Ladlet «t»i« 7:16 p. m. Men'4 Blbl« Wednesday ' , 7:16 p. tri. — Teachers il«etln| 7:30 p. m. Bible Stiid? You are always welcom* at th4 Church 61 Christ, CHURCH OP CHRISf 6th and' Qrady Street F. L. Jennlnds, Minister Sunday . 9:45 Bible Study ,• •10:37 Preaching \ 6:30 p. m. Bible Study, ClaiitS tor all ages. < , , , Tuesday 0:30 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Ladies .Bibl* Sttidy, • * A, m. JKOCK ox Ages *K oaacan er RXAR. •> *, • . «'»•" 9:50 a. m. Sunday Schdol-.-Paul im'ch Supt, , .'*•«.» , i 1 v ' '• except ye become" as a little child —," Oh, for the faith of that child; your child;-my child. FAITH that sees beyond the- faults and foibles 'of men; FAITH that rises above the anamosities and hatreds of nations;. FAITH that overcomes the cruelties of tyrants and sufferings,of war. Oh, ye of little FAITH, know ye not that there!s a child in the midstf A child praying for daddy, and mommy and her church. A child believing that the whole round world is bound by chains about the feet of God. This child BELIEVES. She goes to CHURCH, WON'T YOU? HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 North' Main, Street Rev. C. S. Walker, Pastor ' Rev. G. E. Hicks. Music-Youth Director. 9;45'a. m, — Sunday School, Bill Morton, Supt. 10:00 -a. m. — Radio Bible Class, Broadcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S, Walker, Teacher. > 11:00 a. m. — Moinlng Worsnip ermojn by the pastor. 8:30 p, m. — Senior C. A.. Junior C. A. 1 , Prirnary C. A. , ,T:30 -p. m. —' Evangelistic Service, sermon by the pastor. Monday ?!30 p. m. Women's Missionary Council. Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal, Wednesday 7;30 p. m. MidtWeek Service. , The public is cordially invited to attend all services. OARRETt MEMORIAL- ttAI»TI*T 300 North Ferflugon 4tf*tt * Eld. Elbert O'fctsth, ,f «Uf Sunday ' , / , I. , , i , . 9 a. m. Rock ot Ages Broadciit over. KXAR. 9 Chui'ch 11'a. m^ Morning Wor»hl^ T d:30 p. m. B. T. 5. PSrry P.urtl* Picsident. 1 ^' • »<• i ' '\ 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship-, «, Monday ,. \ 2'p. m. Senior'Ladies Auxiliary Tuesday ', * ' •J:30 p, m. Young; iten's therhood. Thomas Smith,/PW dent, Girls Auxiliary, Carolyn' Phi: lips,. President. Wednesday ,, , 1 -/ 7 p. m. . Te&chers Meeting^,%*>, 7:30 p. m. Mid-week ^etvic^V-? Thursday ->.'»", ,. f ^-,., 7:30 p, m. Junior'Ladies^Auxil- iary; Mrs. Lyle Allen, "Preaideiitlf' Worship with Us.' You ate' welcome f | in | ' *?~ $ CATHOLIC CHURCH . ' ' ',» ' 3rd and Walked v . *^ v "7 Father A. G: bunleayy,, ..Pastoi 10:30 a. m. Ma,ss ,••* * ?\>> ' } Confessions';, 1 -•ft,-** ^-.- Subject:?/ * ST. MARK 1 * ePJSCOPA&CHl Rev, William, J. Flte^flhj tym*m ^$m rh., e Parish ftbrn. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fifth and-Pine 8V. Garland .Johnson, Pastor Suhday , 8:45 a. m.' Sunday School, J, D Bullock.' Supt, ll\ a.^ m, Mprntrg Worship. SermOh: "The Triumphant Life." 7!W N. Y. P, S. 7:45 p, m- Evangelistic Servlc* Sefmoh; "Seine Steps to » Ravi v*l." Wednesday 2 p. m. Prayer and Fasting service, 7:30 p. m. Opening service of revival. Revival .services each evening at'7:30.: October 27 through November 7. Rev. Q. W, Eudaley of Wichita, Kansas wjll be the evan^e- Ilist. in ^ UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Striet ->.}•' \,? Pastor, Howard Whlt» 8:25-8:55 a. ip. . .Unity Gospel Hour, KXAR. i« , , „ , *, ' < Sunday School 10 a. m. — Aofl«y Gilbert, Supt. t , ' ' ' Morning worship H f^m. , . 6:30 p, ,m. Baptift friifltaft Service, Jessie, McAoaif^i Prfi. 7:30 p. m. Evening, Worship <« Monday • -, ' •,,, , ,.% \ A 2 p. m,,— Senior L^diea Auniliary Mrs. Barney Gabes, President.., 7tOO p, m, Waital' ? WPfk«s Aiixiliaty, Mrs, ?ifalk lliomf Wednesdny , „ ' , ^ 7 p. m. Teachers meting, ,' 7 p. m. Girls MisiMiry Auxil iary, Mrs. Howard White, Teapher. 8 p. m. Prayer SerVice »ndBib}« Study. , , . . Deacons Meeting Subject to call ot Pastpr, \* , ' All states require children, to start school at the ago of 6, 7 * or 8, the exact age differing between the states, ., „ ,&.,„»&£ "... _ ' . t This Series of Church Ads Is Being Published Through the Cooperation of the Local Ministerial S O ponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions Rettig Nash Motors Nash Sales & Service •Stephens Grocer Co. Wholesale Grocers Young Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales & Service ;. Cox Bros, Foundry & ', Machine Co. ^Everything in Machine Shop Work ' J, A, Davis Grocery ' Hope Federal Savings and Loan Association Real Estate Loans to Buy - Build •«• Repair Hope Theatres, Inc.' Eldon Coffman. City Mgr. Collier Tire & Battery Service, Dunlop Tires—Excello Batteries—Emerson TV First National Bonk Member FDIC William M, Duckett Buyerg »{ Scrap Iron & Metal Hope'Feed HwtlorlCMfcttj Midwest Dairy Product? Nature's Most Healthful Food AAid-South Cotton & Supply A. E. Slusser W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. . Clothing Manufacturers pwen's Department Store Ben Owes Franks & Son Wholesale Fruit gnd Produce Bruner-lvory Handle Co. Phone .7-2304 Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Your Building Store - Hope Transfer ^StorageCo, - - Qtln* «. Mo$l$ . T Ralph Montgomery Market Your Friendly Shopping Center Southwestern Packing Co. Pork and Beef Packers Cities Servise Station Grover Greenlee Sheet Met Mf.Kfjf ol Sticst Mftts) ~ ' Qroydon Anthomy Lumber Cs, v y --qiimMrv s* *•* i Butane SQS Co. - - ButsUie a§S and Appliances Hope Basket Company 7-3345 '•'-Citizens• Naflonjil Bcmk ( , 1,0, Barnes

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