Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1954
Page 6
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, a -f J^ Jfvl&iff %< £?W*F. '?',#$r»! Ml/* '•* HOPE SfAft, HOM, ARKANSAS Friday, Portias World Famous Siamese Twins to Appear at Drive-in Sat »- lire &wastu«w3twrj . Hepub- iffiftff a'ttd 1t^»fttic campaigners carried th(* '^fflft^taae fight foi control of Cotigtess Into the ftticl- aftd Faf West todav wheie .fat'Pl may turn on jiown arid fafm .issues. 'itfead'lftt-lteto*.of .both pertlrr. took the stump *or H busy day of fxnrnpalgftlng in fivr wid«!y scnl- lered states stretchlm; from the ttrent LakfS to thi PacHU- Coast. Vied President RirhaM IVf. Nivon and Sen. Everett M. Dicksen (R- 111), chairman of tho GOP senatorial campsifri Sbttmilttop. moved Ihfo Montana to >5oti!?t Rep. W.^ley A. D'f>wart'-» btd to uiino.-it Vst- ciralt Ocmocraflf «5en James E. Murray On the Democratic sido, Adlil E' Stevenson, 103i pfe«ldontial eo'ntendpr, invaded pre-lomlnately eublican Wisconsin for a speech Milwaukee while Democratic jSehate Leader Lyndon B Johnson scheduled a speoch in. New Mtxi CO. and Mous'e Learlcr' Sam Ra> burn was to appc.ir in Missouri Other major politic al spoecht' Were scheduled by COP Senate Leader William F'. Knowland an Democratic' Sen. Albert Got 1 (Tenn) in California: Sen. John W. Bricker ^(R-0) in. Oklahoma nhd Secretary of Interior Douglc, McKay in Missiouri by a power "failure"." " The failure ' provontotl then from opening tho electrically op crated door to-the ftfehoiue. and Industrial Buildings specifications. Can be con- Sunday Night a Big One on Television By BOB THOMAS HOLLVWOOD I/Ft night, home viewers On will Sunday see the The Hilton sisters (.Daisy and Violet), nov/ making coast to coas'f personal appearances, will be at the Hope Drive In theater Saturday night only. The sisters, jpned at birth, eat, sleep, and make love to .separate husbands, .." . . first million-dollav' production in TV histor'y, a two-hour network Show including such stars ns Eddio Fisher, Latiren Bacall and President Eisenhower. Thomas E. Edison invented the fitst .practical light bulb 75 years ago today. To celebrate tho event, 300 electric companies are footing the bill for a TV show thnt should merit strong"adjuctivos in a season 'Of so-called "spectaculars." The Electric people selected as producer 1 David O. Solznick. a logical choice since he has mec!e the made successful movie. ''Gone With ihe Wind." l" cautihi up with hjm during his whirlwind schedule ntid pumned him for'detallsbn the show. Until now he has been, closemouthed about it. "They came to. we with the idea or a diamond jubilee of light show nst spring," he said between bites f a -hasty liiiii.'h at his desk in CBS' TV City. "The deal was.fi- alized in early summer. I was 7,000 Search for Boy Lost Five Nights POWEftS LAKE; ND. (UP) — More thBrl 7,000 sqarchers from foiir states- and Canada struck out across he\V tcrrito'vy today h-.mtinR for a four-year-old .boy missing five flights-. Volunteers poured into this small town of 700 pet sons as authorities intensified .their search for Lavefrri Ehget, who disappeared from his farm homo Sunday wild, hilly country around Powers Lake. An inch-by-inch starch of the land around the Enget farm 13 r.iiles northwest of hero endud yca- torday without turning up a trace of the boy. Consequently the huadquartara for the giant dragnet were moved from 1he farm into Powers Lake today in hopes of gaining better coordination and communications. The army of searchers planned to set out today to comb the ccun try between Powers Lake and the farm. The search was under the difec tion of I.t. Col. Harold Barker OLD LAW REVIVED MONTREAL, Que, (t>P Of- icials, anxious to minv.r.i/.e•-,blood- hed-ai civic elections next nlon- ay today dusted off an old law orb'idding people from carrying •swords, staves or bludgeons < ithin a half mil.; of polling Booths. : *...^v. Were hardly any hopes that the boy bad survived in the ;ivpri no instructions. .• except that I \jvpuid be a tvytt-hpur' shp'v'-, on . ST.vUOUIS LIVESTOCK comfnercial cows 9:50-12.00; ... PR 7-4683 >lete information. T STEEL & MENT CO. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS,; 111 i,12,90; canner and .-cutter ^ cows ,V) '• Hogs 8,000; barrows and!mostly 7.00-9.00;- few 6.50.and'shel pits active- but uiendy- to weak, I ly-kinds 6.00 down; utp.y and com _,pots 1.0 to 14 or more lower; ex- and : cutter bulls 8.00,19,00; good tremes 25 "off on 'weights,.over 240 and,choice vealers 19.00-33.00; few lb; sows steady to 23 lower; ho high choice and prime 24.00-2o.00 change boars or stags. 180-230 lb! commercial to low good 14.00-18.00 lareely" 19 25-50; " about' 250' nead, culls largely 8.00-10.00. I960- bulk 230-260'lb. 19.00-25; Sheep 300;'lambs active, steady great bulk all sales 19.25-35; few oads and lots 280-300' lb. 18.50-75; lb 18.65; 140- including 'load 300 170 lb 18.75-1925; 'sows 400 lb. elude elements that would .appeal to babies, to adolesconts. to young married people, to the middle- aged arid old folks. Thus I have Kim Novak. Guy Madison and Ed' die Fisher for the young audience, and Helen Hayes and Judith Anderson fdr the more mature view* et'9. "The man thing I wanted to get across was the hope for the future. That .is what everyone is looking or. The program starts at 9 : p.m.i EST.-V ..' •;. .',.-.,!-'^.; ' : - •• • ••'•'•• '-" down 17.75-18.25; ,a few up to 18.50 over 400 lb., 'lG.00-17.25; boars 12.0015.00. Cattle-1.000,' calves 500; . heifers and mixed yearling's, largely small lots, about-steady;' cows steady but plow; bulls and vealt'irs unchanged, good to' low choicJe steers 20.00- 24.0b; few commercial 17.50-20.00: commercial and good heifers and mixed yearlings' 16.00-20.00; utility heifers down to 'IS'.OO; utility and to 50 higher;' run mostly chqic and choice to-prime 20.00-50; to > 21.00 for two lots outstanding quality; sales inclu'de deck fall ihorn lambs 20.50; aged snoop steady; slaughter 'ewes' 3.004.00 petworks a'u.d: with.,r>o ' com' mericals.'' Local estimate place -the .'cosl .»f the show around a.".million- dollars; The professional actors, in elude ' Jvidith Andecson. \Valtei Breiinan, Jo seph Cotton, Dorothy .Dandridge, Brandon • DeWil.de. George Gob'el. Helen Haynes'.'Guy Madison, Thomas Mitchell, : Devid Niveri and Kim 'Novak . ..'. Ben Hecht wrote the scvip'with assists from such men as:.John Steinbeck and Irwin Shaw .Kilrn stale adjutant general Hvs. Was sent to Powers Lake late. yester day by Goy. Norman Brunsdale who had earlier ordered Natibna Guardsmen into the area. Powers Lake police said from 7*000 to 10,000 persons took par in the hunt yesterday and as many, or more, would be on the ground today. The searchers formed giant hu man chains, joining hands and marching ncorss miles of terrain About 350 horsemen searcher country that was too rough to b covered by foot and • helicopter and airplanes ranged as far a 100 miles from the Engut home. Volunteers arrived from, all parts of North IJakotrt and from Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota. Others came from. acorss ,'• the: Ca- mdian border, located only 30 n.iles away from Powers Lake. NOTICE— I am rtow Ray's grand prfie chickens exclusively. ar-Grade-A fcURT'S Rear A&P and Krpflef Store* ' * II •i A PLOUGH PRODUCT World's largest Seller at 10< SAVE MORE ON LARGER SIZES POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (UP) Produce: ' Live poultry: Market steady, 9 trucks . No Chicago poultry board, price chances since yesterday Butter: . 680,968 pgunds.. MarKet irregular. 93 ' s core 58 cents a pound; 92 score 57'/ 2 ; 90 : score portions were directed by King Vi : dor, William Willmah and Christian Nyby. . "At first I thought of a formal in terms 61 onc : st'orv," Se!i.nick' explained. "It was to be a sort pf American cavalcade, W2aving: in the changes that 'Happened to.' one family starting with the -electric light, but that appeared: to be'.tpo dreary, too sustained. • "Theh'I got the idea of basing the-show on the work 'Heht.V And $o jthe various 'part.3' of thc-'-.ptp- gram will depict tho light;of faith of liberty, -of learning, : etc. Since • * -••.•: •-•, Well, they could be coming out with a seven-cylinder car! , the' show was going wherever \fisiqp. is received,. I felt it should 'Appeal to p|l'parts of .the audience. ' i'- worked out a.chart'-f.o'.-Jn- . .. .Mi; 89 score 56 '/ ( ; cat lots:; 9Q. s^ore 57%' : : 89 score 56'/i.; ' .-' ' • ,i ' Eggs: 0.43.1 cases. M a r fce.t I steady. ' White large, extras ',6Ci-69.9 per pent 'A' and over 40' cents a dozen ; mixed large extras 60-69.9 pcr'fcent A', and over .38;. mediums. gO-69;9 per cent' A amV.' oycr.'^JS;: standards 23'; current 'receipts ;, 33 ;"dtrties -i9;o4: y.:f. - . tf " ••; til, •> f B*",i , " ' •t * . BROILERS ' LITTLE ROCK UP) Northwest arear' Market firm; Demand -'good tirpiiers' and fryers 23-24 Mostly 24 'v' 1 "'. ' " ' ' '"'••:• '- Batesville-Flbral area: Market steady to . firm pe'mand fair to Broilers and. fryers 23-34 . /All prices FOB farm, NEW YORK.COTTON ' NEW YPR KW Cotton fytures were': higher today in moderately active • trading.' Hedge. selling,:was light during the i morning session, with current; crop v deliveries "rnov ing vip. as-much as 03 cents, a bale en -a-.'good' trade,darnpnd and some ropia'cernent comrniasiori houee m\ -„„»*"afternoon prices wer.e/ : 'un- chaiiged to 50 cents a bale .higher than^'the previous close. Dec, .34.51, March' 34.8-1 arid.May:...S509 \ , 1 " ^s r s > >' :*• 5 *'f, M' AT A SAVING^ ••.. '•.•-'*•' Fire..:-'-'- ••:.•-'>•' ' • Torriado .;;- Liability Casualty LEONARD I nsurancf Agency 1Q9 {avt Second phone 7-2221 Monday 8:QQ fM- on the <?P$ TV Network Beware of impostors, jokers and teases, w Motoramie Chevrolet wiU be seen by everybody -bright and early, Thursday, October 28, CHEVROLET CO, 5f f H0J»!i 4RK, ***** ^4»« ' ^•^•^^^^^^^^^^^•••••^•^•^•^•^•^••^•Wn^BWMMMMMMMMiliMMI zi^A L^i4/^^rt^wi/i-^k'4l*^ FOR QUALITY gnd '«- * If fill thplf Viffl Pr*»«ripti»ni WnW«Wi|MK for ipesdy d 9 Tly«ry"fiH>m ? i, ». t» 7 P. m. • Crescent Drug 411 & MAIM ', t*& -, x *'.' * ^ i^'.^ilr; ^, "* **^(t REST ITS LEADERSHIP WITH THE till nominees in every district and county [ •'•.•"• ' ' • ' - •' -.. .-"... ,••••• :.'. ••''''..''••' r Platform of the Pempcratic Party in Arkansas offers in paj-t: 1 D«f*ot of the 100% AiiMMimmt • 2 Exemption of Sales Tax {feed, Expanded Highway Construction Program A Stop to Unwarranted Utility Rate Increases and Liberalized "J Acknowledgment of Rights ; : :.•••.'.. ' •' •.' • ' of-'Labor '.; ' •, '.:.'.'•''. . •'.. M i*£jjti^ Q Maii»ttiMwc« of Educational * ;^*S»»/--': ; V';-:vv : ' '' •••• ••***&»*•. : •' Party, led by th« r, How. Qry«rf ,fc e^s of Hie people «WI the Party o R««M»»4lM* «*4 WHion^m Uee elip- H«f f iM*)'' 1 ^ f°>*« * he mostei — ond •p)pM '»» : .|4«*«' «H agencies, institution* •jpl iMfvifft •* ojwwitionol ba«i| to ren- greatest service. Friday, October 22, 1954 H 0 P 1 S T ; A *, HOMj . Calendar Saturday October 23 Tho Melody. Maids will meet of Mrs - Jim McKenzie at 3 p. m room count, Mrs, Bill. Stewart's j read the minutes. Reports were and Miss Mattie Atkinson's rooms heard from the various commit- tied and each received $1.00. ' te.es. It was announced that the Mr. Nolen Caudle, program chair-jbook entited "Summer and Autumn man, introduced the speaker Mr. 'Flowers" by Constance Spry. • had j Ode Goodwin; a former member; been placed in .the Hempstead of the Ft. Worth, Texas Fire P6-! County Library in memory of parlment. Mr. Goodwin had worked: Thompson Evans, Jr. with the Ft. Worth Fire Department Mrs. Kelly Bryant and Mrs. R. L. for 25 years, and for the last ten Broach were named as sponsors of, years, he was assistant Fire Mar-j the Garland Junior Garden Club, j week of October 2a - October 29, Tuesday October 26 shall. Mr. Goodwin spoke about; and Mrs: Sid Rogers and Mrs. E., Elemefttafcy. , • . . The P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet the causes of fires and the ways irt'L. Archer, Jr., were named 'co- Monday—. Purple Hull Peas, But- Tuesday, October 26, at the home which these fires could be prevent-! chairmen of. the Yard-of-the-Mon-, tered Whole Kernel Corn.-Cole ed HR also told how'this coming i th committee. iSlaw, Corn Bread. Cookies, Milk. Cafeteria Menus in Hope Schopl System • '••(.'•.• /,.- Hope Public Schools menus for Saturday, October 23., at 10 a. m. with Kay ^ay.V • ! • Hmton Hom6 Dnmonstration Club will have a'bake sale on Saturday, October 23. 'pakes will bo delivered in Hope and. to order a cake call 7-2012. Funds will be used for the club house. Sunday October 24 . Mr. and Mrs. Henry Perry Robertson, Sr.,-:will entertain at a reception on' Sunday, October 24. froths till 5 p. m. at the Barlow Hotel in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. Cards have been sent. . Christmas season could be a hap- Kathleen Mallory Circle of the py one by preventing the many First 'Baptist Church will,Christmas tree fires, meet at 7:30 p. m, Tuesday. Octo-' ber 20, in the home of Mrs. Horace Htibbard, 212 E. 16th. The constitution and by laws! Tuesday ^ Barbecued Beef on were read and approved. The pro-' Buttered Bun, : Hash Brown Pota Wedneshday October 27 The P. T. A. District 13 Fall Conference will be held in the Texarkana, iiu O^J^JL w v »-v». j. i»»- t^t « — ; gram was then presented. Mrs. j toes. Carrot- Sticks, Black Berry Pie and coffee was served in the Franklin McLarty gave an article j Cobbler, Milk. _ entitled "Garden Reminders" and! Wednesday — Beef Roast and Mrs. Lloyd Guerin gave an article Gravy, Mashed Potatbes, Blue on "The Art of Arrangement." Col- L» k e Green Beaiis t Biscuit,.,,Honey, or slides of the past flower show, M JJ k .' . were shown. I Thursday—Shepherd's Pie. Green school cafeteria. Parent Education Course Organized by Bodcaw P. T. A. A Parent Education course sponsored by the Bodcaw P. T. A. was Monday October 25 The Spiritual Life Group - of the First Methodist Church will sponsor a Week of Prayer and Self De» nial beginning October 25 and con- will begin at 9:30.- All officers and members are urged to attend. Ode Goodwin Guest Speaker at Bodcaw, P. T. A. The Bodcaw P. T. A. met in the High Schbol Auditorium on Wed- inesday, October 13th at 7:00 p. m ents were present. The devotional was given by .Mr. Nolen Caudle followed with a prayer by Mr. Lloyd Smittle. The parents were divided irlto two groups for the discussion. The Grade School Group was lead by Mrs. Thomas Silvey, and the Adole- Unlty Baptist Senior Ladies Auxiliary Meets nesaay, uciooer i,nn ai ..uu v . ,,,. Scent Group was presided over toy I with 41. members • present.- The s mi( n P . At the meet•meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. E. D. Spencer The devotional was given by Brother Johnnie Ward. 'This was fol- tinuing through October 29. A 30,lowed with a prayer by Mr. Clar- meditation will be offered ence Dunn. - The business meeting was conducted by the president.- In the eaclT morning' at 10 o'clock,, at the church. ' '• "'•••/.' ' • .--•"-'. Main & Country Club Rds. SATURDAY NIGHT ONLY PERSONAL APPEARANCE AT 7:30 & 9:30 ADMISSION lOc & 35c Mrs. Lloyd Smittle. At the meeting next month there will also he a Pre-School Child Group. There is a group for every parent, and every parent is urged to be present at the next meeting. Azalea Garden Club Meets in Broach .Home The Azalea Garden Club met in the home of Mrs. R. L. Broach, Thursday at 2 p. m., with Mrs. -Syd McMath as co-hostess. Various .ar rangements of fall flowers were placed throughout the entertaining rooms. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. J. I. Lieblong, and the club creed was repeated in unison. Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins then called the roll and The Halloween motif was carried;Salad, Whole Wheat-Bread, Sliced out in the dessert plate which was Peaches and Cookies, Milk. •• Friday. — Salmon Croquettes, Buttered Carrots and Peas, Enriched Bread, Ginger Cake, Milk. Junior • Senior High Monday — Purple Hull Peas, Fifteen members, one visitor and'Buttered Whole Kernal Corn, Cole .wo children attended the Unity Slaw, Corn Bread, Apple Crisp, Baptist Senior Ladies Auxiliary Milk. :-,.'meeting held Monday afternoon atj Tuesday — Barbecued Beef on two o'clock at the church. Mrs. j Buttered Bun, Hash Brown Potato- John B. Jordan directed the songs, I es,' Carrot Sticks, Black Berry Cob- accompanied at the piano by Mr£. i bier, Milk Howard White. Mrs. Howard. Collier led in prayer. Wednesday Beef 'Roast and Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Blue A very interesting devotional was i Lake Gl-ecn Beans, Cake Squares, presented by Clyde Smith, and Mrs Biscuits,- Honey, Milk. Roland Ballard gave the special, j Thursday—Shepherd's Pie, Green a poem. Prayer was led by,Saladr Whole Wheat Bread, Sliced Mrs. Mike Snyker. Elder Howard White taught the Peaches and Cookies, Milk. 'Friday —' Salmon Croquettes, lesson from the second chapter., of i Buttered Carrots and Peas, Enriched; Bread, Ginger Cake, Milk; Extra items daily, such as: Soup, Sandwiches, Milk,' Pie, and' Cake; Most.'shoes made today h^ve a steel shank embedded in the; sole shaped to the contour of your foot arch. Mil JtHllI <3» IN PERSON-ON STAGE THE B™ WONDER % OF THE WORLD! THE IAMESE TWINS The HiJfon Sisters DAISY end VIOLET... . The only Siamese Twini In A. the world mating personal ^_* appearances on stage I Your t once-in-a-lcfotime chance io _ ,_ t see tho Siamese Twins in IJ*t«o«» ,-,-. f . > ,j» ee TH£M ON OUR SUGlt HEAR THf/R STORyj f/A/P OUJ flBOUr THEIR PtRSONAl UVISI They now reveal the personal and nevcr-before-told story of their fight for love and happiness! CAN THEY HAVE A ' The loves and.live? of the StAMESE TWINS .io«i« fl The HILTON SISTERS EXTRA: POPEYE & BUGS BUNNY CARTOONS MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB.RD. • FINAL NITE • BARGAIN NIGHT A Whole Carload For Only 50c • ROCK HUDSON • BARBARA HALE "SEMINOLE" Technicolor! 1. "Magic Movie Moments" 2. Bugs Bunny Gqrioon • Sun. & Mon. • Cards , . . Money . and Women! Tyrone POWER | MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER Piper Laurie • Julia Adams "Skeleton Frolics" Cartoon Revelation. Mrs. Jesse Sinclair, gave a report of the last meeting and the group was dismissed by Elder WhiteA .,....' Mrs. Rettig Entertains United Council of -Church Women Executive Board Mrs. B. L. Rettig, president of' " . -. • •••.'. • . '..- .; '~ the Hope unit of the United Council! executive meeting were Mesdames of Church .Women of Arkansas, Will Ed Waller, Jolly Byers, Cline entertained members of the exe- Franks', Albert Graves, C. P. Tol- cutive board with a luncheon on cson, and Claude Tillery. Friday, October 15, at 12:30 p. .m. j Beautiful gai'den flowers decorated the dining table and reception rooms Of the lovely Rettig home. Following the luncheon, Mrs. Rettig presided over the business session at which time reports were heard and plans made for" 1954-55. Since the National Council'of Churches of Christ is composed of church women of all denominations it was : suggested that the local unit start now thinking about having one,' of the annual mission studies together rather than having it separately in each individual church.'By having the study jointly we wii| nqt only be learning of the people in other lands and the ways in which we might help them but thei women in the .churches, of Hope will be united in a closer bond of love and fellowship as we work together for the cause of Christ. Hope Couple know the' Of .we*e ihe tfs * the . evt'hfc^ -< !«' a Sefvlfces -could which cot$i We unless 'W usel and ottf v neVer in giving vis" th toe ab' weapons police' dtiu persons xakerf to] M two were * Twenty, M, f U^f met onjfttonda Coming and Going . Mrs. A. H. Andres of Dallas, Texas,'is ••visiting her sister, Mrs. S. H. Battle.- Notes Branch: Discharged: Mrs,, .. Bert .Keith. . Hope.Tfflbs. R. L. Levehs,, Washing- tori; • MRJ Sherman Wilson, Rt, 4. Julia Chester /Admitted: Mrs. Ca'rl E.. Richards, Texarkana, Mrs. -Felix Clayton, Rt. 4, ;JHope-, Lester Ray Bennett, Rt. ' Mi., Mrs. Robertson •> * Wednesday ma-rks the 50th woddln-,' anniversary of Mr., and, Mrs Henry Poiry Robci tson. of Hope Mr Robertson 'and Mrs. Robeitson, the foimci Mary Cumi Waldon, wore wed OctObEr^ZO. • 1904 at Ccntorpoint and have bi-cn lifilong residents of Hempslead and Howaid Counties ' ' ' , , "I They had 12 childicn, oijht slitl living. They aveS Mrs. Oscai Tatc of Texarkana, Mis OhCdi Oreenbcrg of Hot Spilngs, Mrs Haiold Stanley of Little Rock, Fii.il of Hope, Henry Perry Jr of Timpson To\as, Gibson of I Htlt Hock, Clyde and Jim Robertson of Houston Thov have 1? ei indchililun. Mi and Mu Rebellion will ontcitain at a reception at Hotel Barlow Sunday, October 24, fioni 3 to 5 p. m. . ' PRESCOTT NEWS in charge^ tha,t t was ,'opl lowed^wlth-pr| Mrs. A.'R. ,Und devotional, ' "^ Mrs Hoomis'int' "MaKe A^S .^ ,. Our Lord." Thoge, ta •Mrs. J. T.4 Lindsey, Mrs. 1 *\ Mrs. Thell Hanhlfl .Mrs.: Wingfield . Hostess To B. W. C. F. The Business Women's Christian Fellowship of the Fns,t Chtislian Ghutch met Monday evening at 7:30 with Mrs. Bert Wingfield. yei by Mrs. Logan, Juvenile Organized The Juvpmte . . Discharged: Mrs. Harlon Purtle aricfod^uthter. Emmet. - i • • •" 'Mr.aSd Mrs. Carl E. Richards have a' 'daughter born at 12:23 p. m Wednesday. - CluBs Melr'oVe Biiilcling simple furniture was the denjonstration given by the Home^industry leader, Mrs. C. J. Attention was called to the Leadership Training Institute to be held in p; Dorado, October 22, and the annual state meeting at Fayetteville, March 14-15- and all officers who can were urged to attend either; or tooth of these meetings. It was announced that Mrs. W .. . E 'Tolleson, • local Christian World .-Barnes. When Melrose Home Dem Relations chairman, will havp onstratiofi Club met for the Oct- charge of the World Community ober meeting. Day program entitled, "Building Mrs. Perry Henley, vice presi- Lasting Peace." This program will dent, presided over the business be given in the First Methodist j session.--The club voted ,to buy Church, November 5, at 2:30 p. m.' some clothing for a needy person, and women will be asked to bring and also to bring articles of food Parcels for Peace" consisting of to the November meeting to make- loween color. The gioup sang "Beyond The warm clothes for destitute children, and household linens and blankets for homeless people and refugees. With enthusiast^, Mrs. Rettig stated that each year 'the Hope unit had grown and with the aid of each officer and. woman from the local churches this should be the best year we have had. Those attending the luncheon -Md f^ Ilii fjMitJrt VCTI ; «re fully responsible recet*ien — Vote f»r the won a majority A¥f*it 10 *~ who if . w ft ? a ',9f tWda?k..7^ft?^» •/• «/Pi- t MAGGIE ACCEPTED THE PRINCE'S 20ih Century-Fox presents Sunset" and closed with the missionary Benediction.. All members expressed an enjoyable evening. Next meeting to be with Mrs. Stiver in November. Presbyterian Women Have Study The Women of the Presbyterian Church ,met Monday at 1 o'clock for dessert in the parlor oi! the church alter which they adjourned to the McRae Memorial Room where Mrs. T. E. Logan had charge ot the woiship scivice that was a Thanksgiving box for the needy family. . Roll'c&ll was answered by each one felling some good deed they had dori<» .the past month. Mrs. J). F. Marigrum gave a poultry report. . • Mrs. Fred Stuart gave the devpt- iona using- Romans 13:9-14. Mrs. H. E. Patterson won the surprise' package. jJelicious refreshments were served by the hostess. Mrs, Stuart,, ... and co-hostess, Mrs. Henley to Mrs. S, O. Logan. Mrs. D L ten merhbers a'nd one visitor, Mrs. Vernie Lynch. • The next meeting will be-in the home of Mrs. Weir Owens, wi'th ^ „„., ,« 10 . «^v- „,..„, met on Monday afternW,-at 3:4S The meeting opened with the in the home pf, ,the*sponsor,,Mrs. .eme song "An Evening Prayci "|P. A Escarp v'for'an o^ginlza- Minutes wcie read and reports tional meeting with' ten frpm the secietary and tieasuici ~" were given and approved, Mrs Stiveis gave the devotional from 1st Corinthians, 3rd chapter and Mis. Nannie Cummmgs was progiam leader The subject was "Work Among The City Churches and Home Missions." The hostess served a lovely salad plate carrying out the Hal- .,,-, * The meeting ,'w prayer, by.^Mxs, visitors' . Billy' GraKam4pv>nge Mrs, J. F. Mangrum as. co-hostess. opened with the bong "Onward Christian Soldiers." Mrs. Logan gave the devotional based on Cor. 3-6:11 and led in prayer. Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr., conducted a panel discussion on the study books, "Man And God In The City" and "Oui Cities Foi Chust." Panel mcmbeis weie Mis. Carl DaUymplo, Mis. T. M. Bemls, Mrs. S, O. Logan, Mrs. D L McRae, Sr, Mis> J H Nelson and Mis Wallace Pemberton. An offeimg was received for Churph Extension _he meeting ' was opened, 1 with the club collect/ and the /fiqUpying officers were 'elected; 'Pr'psident ) Linda Scott. Vice-Presidetttf Pat- new Haltonv.i s-Secretary, .PJtyllls Foster: Treasurer, ,,Car,6.,l S\ie Bo- mai; Reporters, 'Chawtte 1 qalhoun, Telephone Committee, An}} ' Scptt, Peggy Warren, Sharbn. ^^r^^^^nj Pioginm chairman, Patricia . Haltom, Betty Lmdsey, Betty .Arnold; Yeai book committee, Lln'4a^ Scott, Patiicia Haltona' s and Phyllis Foster. t < ';/f s The meeting closed. Vyjth'^he, pled. ge after which punch, andj^opkies weic seived. v< ' Methodist Have Stujly > / ' On Monday afternoon the* W. ,S. C S. of the First.Methodist Chwv ch met at the church for a mission study on "Man And God In The City" with Mrs. L. C. Gatlin ia chai go. After the opening spijg iSweet Houi of Prayer, 1 '3Vf'rs>,Jifhn|on led in prayer. An ©spiring, devotional fiom Matthew 26 was ( given by Mondajr, Dr. M, ot'North Little -^ '^7 j- ? 'i CalhOunj; and 1 ^."^ li i^MlMtVMlUrtl*3r Mary been th^ Denzil 'C Calhoun.^ "^', Barney Detroit,' Barney Dewoody. hasyfct Detroit,' ! Mich.r^tte]rf5XW his* pa>ents5 ^fc^ 9n|U«fJ De W oody, f ;^^A^|^ fronrPet'it 'Jean./wriere'jsh* from'PetU ed a family •Mrs. fadjo Tommy and. Chad are ,t ' T. * , -Mrs: H, *4.» uonnfH^Jfiign of, relatives In Glenwodd'm t . ,..-v . t *y i.i. 1 .w. J ?w boro , Mis D. S Jordan. Player was of fered by Mrs, S. V. Scott and Mrs. The meeting adjoumcd with pia- Jordan '*'*"" 1 -*r" Chapters pf tjiff stlidV -Were reviewed by Mrs.'0. G. ! Hirst, ( and Mrs, A. E. Pearson, Mrs, J. W, •fi'^TBS •i, *> & &_ fi-ytH 1^1 Hear FRANK SINAJRA The love story behind the love song that's sweeping the nation! ^HIHHi. HI wB ^^* ^^wB ™ i|r Hlfll^^B> From a wonderful scw» f fry by Pulitser friie Winner JOHN PATRICK Wring CWFTON WEBB • POROTHY McGUIRE « JPAN PETERS LOUIS JOURDAN»MAGGIE McNAMARA/RO^SANQ BRA2ZI '<7<>|<ir fty Deluxe • In the wonder vf 4-Tryck, Hijjh-FMeHty " 4iF t^jjl i/H P^l ^((r ^J P w .Flirt with them in marbled palaz- ' . . . Step! a wisM kiss in the t , Lpse your in th? stwdQUT/Bf §*• SAENGER * TODAY AND SATURDAY Big Triple Progrom SCARIEST, SCREWIEST LAUGH RIOT IN MONSTER HISTORY! LEO GORCEY HUNIZ HALL >, AT 2;00'4;35T7;10-9?45 . it'? a fist-fling , •»Ie9d'?lini'ng •«• . ,> tune-swinging hwllebaiop! J .fiHAHW STARRSTT ,, j "i The 5eni Of $9 Piepserf in "Two' Flstei Rangers" ' " * ' ^/fA *™ ! « _ .. ' weather ' 'ptfetyjwi ItlKK^

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