Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1954 · Page 23
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 23

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1954
Page 23
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v W W?-' ; r ' T ' s ** .'''•'* HOM §.T.Ai». HOM r AtKANSAS thufstJay, Ocfober &1, f hurtdV, Oefdber 21, 19S4 Combs Feels Insurance l^robe Fitting LITTLE ROCK, (UP Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Har- Vey G. Combs said ho feels the' NOTICE I have recently purchased the T. O. Porter Glass Shop including glass and equip- Now is the time to have that glass installed in your car or truck. E-Z-Eye or regular glass. If you want glass for table or desk tops be sure and see us. RADIATORS ave that radiator fixed now. We can repair it and we have good used radiators for all make cars and trucks. investigation by ths Federal Trades commission into insurance com pany advertising will be "a very beneficial thing for the industry." The FTC cited .17 firms, including Southern National Irisdrahee company of Little Rock, for "false and 'misleading advertising" in health, hospital and accident insurance selling. Combs said, "I do not see how the investigation will bother the solvency of any company, but I- think the Federal Trades Commission probably will order thnse companies to stop this type of advertising." R. M. Saxon, president of South crn National, said the ch.nrge* were a "surprise," since an FTC agent had recently pronounced nis firm, including advertising, •okay."" "Naturally, we Will .do whatever is necessary to conform to the commission's regulations when we have had an opportunity to analyze the FTC statement," Saxon added. J. Earl Cox, Federal Trades Commission examiner, said a hearing on the LiUlo Rock company complaint has been scl here lor Dec. 15. Five of the other companies ".it- c-d by the federal agency do business in Arkansas. LONG TIME. AGO MEMPHIS, Ten ri., (UP Threa- sury agents have turned up a counterfeit S10 bill but doubt they'll be able to apprehend the man who printed it. . The bill, found in an attic by ,Mrs. S .W. Gill of Jackson, Tenn., was made in 1395. YOUR BEST BET IS YOUR FRIENDLY B&B SUPERMARKET — WHERg.YOU WILL FIND LOTS OF BARGAINS FLOUR LIGHTCRUST s. 10 Ibs. 2 45c85c-1.79 LIGHTCRUST 5 Ibs. 10 Ibs. 25 ibs. ..*. (, '.'• • Box of 50 3.75 Fruit Cocktail Delmonte and ; Libbys 2 303 Cans' Mellorine .... FRE-ZERT Yz Gallon By Ed Strop* 07ARKIKE FISMINCS TACKLE THAT i SOUGHT By J. R. WMIIami Answer" td Previous Puttie} OUT OUR WAIr 8y Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lant AS JI/V1/V\V PEPFL6 PtEfe5 THE BUILWMS. A FK5UUE EMERSES FROM HIPIMS ANt7©/NSERLy REPLACES THE PHONE ON IT& THAWK YOU VERY MUCH FOR. AT LEAST HEAPIW6 TH' LAUNDR.V ik MV WAV/ THAT'S AS " K NEAR A<Z> VOU EVER. FINISH ANY JOB WITHOUT ME VOUR WECK--LIKE YOUR SETTlMG UP/ . _ SMELL/ PIPJSJT MEAW TO HONEST GOT TO GET OUT OP HEPE WIPE SOMEWHERE, HELLO? POK CI?yK OUT LOU7 HELLO? ANV- THERE? 22 Transpose 40 East Indies (ab,) (ab,) jKdPiork 23 Closed cars 41 Crafts of 24 Charity -42 Irish fuel MertieWS 25 Harvest 43 Feminine 26 Polynesian appellation chestnut 45 P£e 28 Complication 46 Heavy blow 9* ' ' 29 Very (Fr.) 4? Nuisance '" 30 Direction 49 Altitude (ab 34 Monk's title 50 Golf mound 36 Compass point 52 Threefold" ' 37 Penetrate , (comb, form) 38 Applause " S3 Metal Gloss & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street -tt . . . . By Leilie Turner WASH TUBES AT \/-&0 RrxCHEL SHOULD ARRIVE TOMSK! CANT I AT LEAST y WE'LL SEE BUT IT WA&M'T (N/ CAR. THA 'iwiop: Y ®*o®^wimtisKyM.fc CALL 'W>Y BUDPX IM ( ABOUT THAT THE PRIMfA " k WA$ QUITE UPSET-BY MY LETTERl HO&PORP CITV? HE v TOMORROW! . ^» .,. DIEDl CAN'T PROVE THAT WITHOUT CAN ARRANGE BAIL - - - FINPINfi THE GUILT/ BECAU&E OP VOUK. CRIMINAL ! YOU WILL B& CHAKSBP WITH MANSLAUGHTER! IF WRITTEN .... WERE ALREADY MARRIED. HOPE,! IT WGHT HAVE (SPARED YOU A , &C&& TONIGHT 1 1 . LUCKlWI'CftN IPENTIFY HER'. WHY MOTHERS GET 6RAV With Major Hoople OUR BOARD!NG HOUSE /o-zi OE2H By Edgar Martin /0U CANi LAND A AMOS/-*- H& HAS _. ^G ARDUt-iD NOT kftOVJlNS «5OOTS AND HER BUDDIES EXCEPT EAT AUD PEACHES • HUNTS Sliced or 21 Halves Can .. WILSON CHOPPED BEEF 3- 12 Oz. Cans Scottissue 2 Rolls By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY Snowdrift WHY OON'TVA'WATCH' WHERE VER GOIN CLUCK By Hqribbergei FUNNY BUSINESS 3 Can GDC Strawberries Orange Juice IN HEAVY, SYRUP Am ^Zans nr DC DONALD DUCK . By V: T. Hamlir. AtLEY OOP HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THE TUvJE- AlL I HAVE TO PO IS SIGNAL OSCAR, ANt>"WHISK" YOU'RE GONE/^- WHXTHEY'P PROB'L 'Sf NOT WITH THAT . rye PLANNED rr /^r, ATrH r 60 THERE VVWT/ F| ^P$ BE ANYTHING '-FISSERTD LEFT TO WH0P ATy GOME WHOP ME /OH, V\ONT PLAY \BLO0D-THIR5JY A COUPLE JUST r NO, CRE\VSTANP1 PEAD.SO.THE BRUNNEHILPE FEEL I HAVE AVENGED TO MAKE SURE I STAYED 'PEAD/ AROUND/ NOSIR Large Head Cranberries FRESH Fine with Chicken and Dressing Pound fftll shades in sodium amytftl?" . 4 By Golbraith "A cuppa coffee for myself and one for my buddy! SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selzer By Al Vermeer PRISCILLA'S POP FRESH COUNTRY WE HAVE PLENTY — WILL NOT RUN OUT HENS s» E °- h 98c SIRLOIN, CLUB and ALL BRANDS *n soon be home for 4ner, so can$29c for a wife . on your Some powder on ..r A man to know ' *To fe attractive ^ ,, You quickly c your clothes- your nose... STORY pF MARTHA WAYNE Hf'S / COLLAPSEP/ TH6 OIWAOND, PLEASE, LIEUT, ,,WITH THAT HOLE IN VOUR CHEST YW WON'T CONDITION ENJOY IT SUPER MARKET PIALM5Q1 W| PEUIVER •"—"•*"*'' What Foreign Country Would You Visit? By ED CRAGM For Jartu-s MarloW WASHINGTON ai" Suppose Debbie, Eddie Get Finally HOLLYWOOD t.T*, The romance Of Actress Debbie Reynolds . and Singer Eddie Fisher has flowered into an official engagement. The bethrothal was announced last night by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reynolds of, you jBurbank, through her studio, MGM * , „ 1*1 ~r~* 4-Jui uaiin.. • mi, uuen Jitt *miui were offered a free trip to Europe „ had beea rumored for to any place thin side of the Iron Curtain you wanted to go. Which country or countries would you pick? Nine out of 10 people will give you an answer to that question as quick as a wink. I know because I've already asketi nine. You're the 10th. It's fun to dream about foreign travel, and everybody has d favorite dream. Maybe it's of drifting down the Grand Canal in a gondola. Or of assassinating grouse on a Scottish moor, Or of making an on-the-spot check to see if Paris night life is as wicked as it's painted. But let that dream become reality and you've got a problem on your hands. I know because I'VE just been offered a free trip to Europe, and I can't for the lif-2 of me decide where in Europe to go. How come I get a free trip? Well, I took some pictures of my little boy, dropped the roll at the corner drugstore and then, out of a. clear sky, a man colled up and said: "Congratulations. You have won the grand prize in our cjntest. When do you want to leave for Europe?" Tip to other amateur photographers: to win a priz'j you must have three things a camera, a littleboy who will make faces in front of it, and • a lot of luck. Anyhow, as soon as the numbness wore off, I started planning the trip J would take. And,, jwhile I won't pretend I'm not enjoylpg myself, the problem of where to go is driving me nuts. The trouble is, of course, _ you can't go everywhere on a 15-day trip. And every tiroc you scratch out a name on your list of happy some time. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Cantor will give an engagement party for the couple Saturday at trie Beverly Hills Hotel. Cantor helped discover Fisher. The singer is in New York but plans to Cly here Saturday for the parly. The parents said Miss Reynolds. 22. and Fisher, 25, pUtn to be married next June in Hollywood. Power peal . Could Seize the Spotlight By RICHARD P. POWERS WASHINGTON Ml Sen.' Langer 'R-ND said today the controversial Dixon - Yat <s power contract nay takr? the spotlight away from he McCarthy censure issue in the Senate session opening Nov. 8. The North Dakota senator is They argue also lihaf .the contract Riddled Body Found in a Lover's Lane MIDDLESBORO, Ky. W) The identity of a bullet -riddled body found in a lover's lane rested today on two clues apparently overlooked by the killer. One was an affectionate note; the other a laundry mark in J he slain man's shirt and trousers. They were stamped "Fox." The victim, in his late 20'S early 30's, had been -shot six times once in the head, three times' in the chest, and twice in the back. Police said the man had been dead about 13 hours before . two men searching for firewood stumbled across the body yesterday. The note crammed into a watch pocket started out "Hi, Honey,, I love you," and was signed Harriett and Ronnie Jr. Since the contents indicated the note \va from the man's wife, police theorized .his nnme also may have been Ronnie. Robbery apparently was the, mo tive but -Middlesboro Police Capt Cecl Grubb said the man's wa let and other possessions may have been removed to throw them of possibilities, it hurts. England, for instance. Haven't been there since 1947, and it would be fine to .go back. Same with France. But wouldn't it be better to strike out for some new place? Or would it? There are all sorts of places a Washington reporter, who often has to' write about foreign affairs, could visit with profit. I once learned more about French communism 'by arguing for .halt an hourpocket dictionary in hand- with a rag-packer in Paris than in months of reading about it in the Rapers. So Berlin might be a good place to go. Or Austria. The problems of that neck of the woods are go ing to be with us a long time. But golly, a man doesn't want to work all the time. He wants to do some sightseeing. How could you leave out Rome? Or Venice? Or Athens? What about candinavla? The Low Countries? Too cold and rainy with winter coming on? So is Washington cold and- rainy. ' • Of course the sun would be glorious in Seville. Or in Sicily. And from Sicily maybe you could manage a quick trip to North Africe. If you go that far you'd hate to miss Egypt, and there you're only a stone's throw from Jerusalem . i .and Istanbul .... ard You see the problem? It's enough to give a man an anxiety neurosis. My friends are not sympathetic. They tell me I am looking a gift horse in the eth and complaining because it isn't an elephant. Maybe they're right. All I know is that I wish I could make up my mind. My wife does too. She's tired of having the living room cluttered up with travel folders. the trail. PRISON "lN§lX&" OXNARfil daiif,, Ramierzi, 23, arranged to have himself put in the S<»i(e prlsoti because "It's 'more fcUra,ctive than county jail." . ' ( • • Ramirez, who had pleaded 'guilty to a narcotic^ addiction/ charge, was told by a judge he wo'uld have to go to county iail. He disclosed a cache of .heroin ill his Home and was sent instead .to Ihe prison for illegal possession bf, ' drugs. chairman of the Senata Judiciary Committee and head of its Anti nor.opoly subcommittee, which ias been investigating the Dixon Yates proposal to feed private power into lines of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Describing himself as. a "bitter opponent" of the proposed contract, Langer said in an interview- hat full-blown debate on it Is like- iy te come whea the Senate meets tc decide whether Sei. McCarthy (R-Wis should be censured. "In my opinion," ho said, "the McCarthy censure issue will shrink into insignificance in tho fight to prevent a few private utility companies from getting a monopoly of the electric rates in Southern states. "It will be a knock-down, drag- may be the ehtetfng wedge in a ampaien aimed at destroying TVA. The Eisenhower administration, on the other haftd, says tha proposal is a reasonable and practical vay of supply needed power to the area, and that it will afford time o restudy the future rol e of TVA. out fight. I intend to speak on Dixon-Yates Testimony before my subcommittee shows that if the philosophy of Dixon-Yn1.es is car ried out. REA (tho Rural Electrification Administration) ancl TVA would be wiped out." Under the Dixon-YateS contract ordered by President Eisenhower, the a Atomic Energy Committee (AEC would buy power from n private utility group for delivery ,to the TVA at Mnmphis.-Tenn. This power, to be supplied by a 107- million-dollar plSnt to be built at West Memphis, ' Ark., would be used by TVA to replace a like amount of power TVA supplies to atomic installations. Critics have contended the private power will cost the government more '.'than would the same electricity if supplied by TVA Pole-frqme construction tuts farm building costs • You can save up'to half the cost of erecting and maintaining your barns, poultry* housed; ntifiehittti sheds, etc. Pole-type 'farm buildings, solidly supported by,Koppers Pressure- Crtosbted-iPdles.'need no (foundation, require less lumber, and eliminate tnfe ,need; for 'costly skilled labor. • ;..-'.,, . ' " , . See .MS for- moraanformation about pole-frame construction and Koppers Pressure-'Creospted Poles. : GUNTER RETAIL . LUMBER CO. Ph. 7-3495 ' 4'42 E. Dlv FORD TH U N DE R Bl R D 1 A - Dulles Seeking to Make Hope Into Reality By JOSEPH E. DYNAN PARIS UH U- S. Secretary of State Dulles, arriving here by plane today from Washington, called upon Allied leader:; to transform the "hopes of London" into the "realities of Paris." Dulles arrived for a series of meetings which arc expected to enlist a rearmed West Germany into the Allied defense setup as a member of a revived Brussels treaty and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In a brief state at Orly, airfield, the secretary cited the "vast network of interested problems in- cidents'to Ihe restoration _ of German sovereignty, the joining to gether pf West Europe for a measured defense and th3 solid edification of NATO." The secretary will meet British. Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony J3den, French Premier Pierre Men cles - France and West German Chancellor Kpnrad Adenauer in the Palais de Chaillot this afternoon to end the Alied occupation of .Germany and to restore its sovereignty to the I-'onn Government. Tomorrow Dulles will attend a nine-power conference to ament the Brussels treaty, and on Friday, with other members of the NATO council, will vote on Western Ger- muny as the loth NATO member. The secretary described this series ol meetings as "of decisive importance from thi* standpoint of peace, security ancl freedom m Europe." r A personal carrot Distinction, »,,_with Trigger ^Torque pert H " i*tefw- . :/;^^l _ ^ UP) Actress ]Tliz,8- Tayjpr Aspects a second baby '- \ her studio, MGM, an- yesterday. S^e i^riri her *,W 1* M l4J«l. f Q^t-.ttV IVff •!$\ No ma(tsr what you have coma lo pxpect In a car,' you'll b» delighted at the wealth of convenience! the Thy/ider- bird offer*. Two tops are available! a diiappearing fabric top , t > and an oaiy-ta-lift-on har4 ton. The extra-wide ylnyl upholitsrpd isat i» foam-rubberrcuih- loned ... power-operated 4 way). Windows roll up ,., by power, If yog like. There Is a tachometer ,,. pnd a clock with o iweep second hand. There Is a telescoping ilwlna. whj«<. fh* baosflae «or«partment Js dpiple, And yew tan hove p«w«r »»e«ririsi anJ power b<akei- Com* in today for compkte information Something totally fresh is hty$ — a "bewitching new all-steel beauty that sets the styling keynote for other Ford cars to come. But, styling gives the merest hint of what the Thunderbird has to offer. For here Is a par you can drive with assurance and pleasure,., for business or for recrqatiqn, In traffic and on the open road the Thunderbird's Trigger-Torque performance is literally a revelation, Heie is hair-trigger response ,., fleet, liquid agility ,,. backed by a leserve of swift, sure power tp meet safety's every demand. Trigger-Toique performance stems from Ford's new Tlmndeibyd Special V-8 — a high-torque engine with 4-bauel carburetor, dual e^hjtufits, wide-opening valves and Fold's famous lowrfricfcipn design. And to enhance the performjpe j, . r .,,. -..„-engine, the Thunclerljir^proviae^ i_ _ to match the twjsntfsjijpp pf ygp fihjjiife'^'Q^g , Overdrive, o? ne\v Speed-'Trigger FordoinaUe.' «^.'. ir- - :•..,"', /•"> VH Then, in the r}de departru,enk ford's Ml' ' * Sugp^nsion, r?fl% wprfes \v0nders,, it- not -S cushions your ride, it also j»Ho\vs k the handle with uttnost,ease — to qgi * J ity, And wien it comes pawejfujf , But, more jmpprtant is jtjie way engineered, de^ed,,, ia^d tyjfc[ J y , of the same »dvariced enginspmJijj .^ }'l ring sjcill^ that 1 1 £ so value-full

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