Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1894
Page 3
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Pan Handle road foreman of engines A. J. Prejootthas iBsued orders that BO rugular engines and crews should bo usiid on moat runu. Tho order effects eisht crews, four on tbe north end and four on tho south end. The day before the order in s Issued Engl- n«er J.10 StultH with engine 406 was aesiRned to one Of tho regular moat runs on the north end, an appointment with which be was proatly pleased. The engine had been "in tho army" for some time and was con suquently not in tho host condition and very dirty. Ho procund a bar of soap and ecrubbod away at her for several hoiira i ntil she was clean. After maklnp several needed repairs on her ho started out for Chicago. Much lo his atirprlaohe was not called to go out on her on tho return trip and going to tho round house to Inquire ahnuttho tuat'.or ho was shown the now order. To say that ho WHS dis- plea.-'fd with it la putting in mild. He i.-i no.v balk in tho -chain gang.' THH KUY-iTOMO EXPISKSS WKi:OKKl>. Pan Handle passonj-or iram No. 20 wlncu loaves hero at 2:20 p. m. was ,vroi:koil about 8:30 Monday night at 'oiuinhui. Tho train had loft tho -union and was getting under cood hojidwity when tlio rear sleeper jumped •.h,; track and f t -ll against tho lower on K od avenue near 'Iho shops- ' tfu th tho sioepor and the tower houso were lolally wrecked. Fivo railroud em- ploycs who wore in tbo tower were injured. None of tho passengers wcro badly Injured. George II. i'roscolt. Superintendent of Motive 1'owor of thoVandalia, was in ti o city yesterday. Tho Pan Handle started two work trainK yesterday, one on tho north end and tho other on tho State Lino. Tho p'.anioff mill at tho Pan Handle shop:*, was closed down yesterday afternoon in order to topair the ma- hlnery. Pan Handle yard engine -121 which or tho past two weeks has been undergoing light repairs, was turned out of he round house yesterday. Pan Handle engine 378 Is being equipped with two pilots, and after next Sunday will be assigned to the Marion and Winamac turnaround. 'Otllclals of tho Mouon and some of tho leading citizens of Lata>ettehave held a conference In regard to the erection ol the shops which now seem an assured fact for Lafayette. The widow of the late H. S. Beaulieu tho engineer who was cremated under his engine a short tlmo ago In Michigan has recelvnd the Insurance on her husband's life'; $3,0«0 from the order ot Chosen Friends of which her husband was a member of CUSB Council No. 42 of this olty. Reducing the train service is not restricted to the Pan Handle alone but [« In force on the entire Pennsylvania system. The Tlttsburg & Ft. Wayne road, western division sufferH tho Ions of four trains while many other divisions report that trains have been dls. continued. Tho Pan Handle management has not yet doiided whetheror not several of the present passenger crews will ba reduced to freight service. It is un. deratood that the plan of retaining tho men in their present positions Is receiving favorable consideration from the fact that freight business is not of the best now nor does it promise to be so for some tlmo to come. Freight men are lot making every dny while passenger crews have been getting In forty days a month and over. In order to equalize the amount of work it is probable that the number of passenger orewa will remain as they are. Senator Wilson ol Iowa has introduced a bill to put an end to ticket •calplng. It provides for an amendment to the Interstate commerce act so as to require railroads to supply all their ticket agents with a certificate of appointment which i« to be exposed to public view. All tickets sold muet have the name of the agent and tke date .tamped on them. It ii made unlawful for any ono to sell tickets of a road from which he does not hold guch certificates. The penalty is a fine of $5,000. Railroads are required to redeem unuied tickets at the principal office or any ticket office for the prlco paid, and partly used tickets for tho price paid, loss the schedule fare for tho portion used if presented within ninety days after purchase. The sale by any person of a partially used ticket otherwise than as Indicated is made a violation ot tho act. Railroads which place tickets in the hands of an unauthorized apent are made liable to a flna of $5,000. 1 STRANGE SUICIDE. Flillllp P<*trl« End* • Checkered Career bv LmlnK Hlx SIrfL o the Hall for the Locomotive J"lf- gernaal. Yeeterday morning the Wabash section man discovered a decapitated human form lying all ngalde ibo Vabash track about^00 feet eaetof the Canal bridge on that road east of the city. The body was lying, 'best down at the side of the track while tho h'ead which had been made the sport of the wheels was lying about thirty feet rom tho trunk, all mangled and crushed, tbo face, strangely enough, retaining its features, rendering tho after Identlllcation easy. The workmen reported the ghaut y find to Cor. Dner Busjabn who drive up to tho cone of tho fatality, to view tho situation. The body was removed to has. L. Woll's morgue and was quickly Identified as that of Phillip 'etrie, a man well known aboul town; a man whose life has been checkered ,i,d whose dubious career has requonily brought him before tho public and tho police court In various attitudes, from that of a wifebpater to common drunkard and who has also ppoared in the divorce court, As this is his last appearance >eforo tho public his career need not bo too largely dilated upon. It is said by tho^e who know him best that Potrie had lately developed into a religious crank. Ho .tTectod spiritualism and several other sins wulch troubled his novor overly trong Intellect to a damaging point, .lisi suicidal step was not, taken without consideration, as it ti; understood .hat he had threatened on several occasions to ond his troubled career. That he was found dead in so remote i spot and amid circumstances point- ng to curoful deliberation makvs tho uicido theoiy a certainty. An accl- dont could scarcoly havo resulted in uch a fatality and nothing short of a well formed plan would have taken 'etrio to that isolated spot. Hifl .roubles have lately been woroying him greatly from all that can be earned. His family dilllculties re- lultod lately In a parting between him and his wife who went to live with her daughter, Mrs. Alice Cantnor at Burrows sution. Mrs. Potrio was notified by telegrapi yesterday of the death of her husband and will probably be home ttis morning. Tho unfortunate man was fifty-one years.of age and waa a teamster by occupation, although bis last work wan on tho Brie avenue sower. His home was at the corner of Fifteenth and Spear street, whither the remains will be taken today. _ Tbe Ivy Leaf. The Brooklyn Union, a recognized authority on theatrical mutters, lays of W. H, Power'* Ivy Leaf, which appears at Dolan's opera house on Friday evening. "\V. H. Power's Ivy Loaf company was greeted by a large and enthusiastic audience last evening at the Grand opera house, The play pleased the spectators very much. "The Ivy Leaf" is a better Irish drama than anything seen here except Joe Murphy's Kerry Gow, and it is stronger than that play in exciting incidents One Of these is the carrying off of a child by an eagle. Another strong situation is the climbing of an ivy towor by the hero who reaches an upper room of the tower in time to protect the heroine from her jailers and to be himself made a prisoner. Then, as the eun rises and the bells of a neighboring church toll the hour when the heroine's sweetheart Is to be executed on a false arge of murder, the hero swears to save him and leaps out of tbe tower. It is a jump such as is seldom risked now-a-days, and It was greeted with uproarious applause. In the second act there is a piper who drat plays solos, and then pipes for the dancers, and two very clever artists of that sort ••cover the buckle and bang tho floor" to the enthusiastic delight of the very great majority of the audience." Attention, Logan Division 26, U. K. K. of P. Regular monthly business meeting Thursday, March 8th. All Sir Knights arc requested to be present, GEO. A. SCHAKKER, Capt. THOS. E WILDER Eight Guide. A Clock out of order shows it on the face. When the human machine goes wrong, the physiogno. X my tells tales. If you V do not look well, take ( Beecham's ^0^ \ Pills; [a Guinea ) 1 111^7 V»BeX. (TattelcwJ SOOOOOOOOO i THE TIGER'S LAIR. Horn. ilniiK <:o centime the Co»t|»ud KxK'ut at the 8irll>ed Ue«»l»— Favorllu Muniii*. The Inter Quean lust Sunday devoted a page or tnoro to a write UD of the gambling dtti 6 at proaant flourishing In Chicago To give the uninitiated an idea ' of the expense and working* of a gambling place run on a hig scalo the following description of that lormer Logane- porter, John Condon'd place will suflico. I'he [n-er Ooeaa says: Probably iha mod', extensively put ronlzod gumo in Chicago ie the one run b.v John Condon, H-irry Po'ry, and Harry Varno 1 at No 119 Clark street, From the tiino tnu doors are thrown open at 9 o'clock in (he morning until the small hoursof the following morn • | inga oominual i>tr«anTof mon and noya ; of high and low decree pour up the j steps ami lr to tho spacious gamhllng looms above the big saloon Almost every gambling devije known to the craft is omploied to five the patrons "action." The pe-sonnel of the crowd is not as rojpoctablo as in other qunrtori" near by. Neither is it as ••choaj) 1 ' as tho dinner pall gamo ftt George llunkins' house, one block farther up tho street. Four faro tables, two roul,:uo whools, two hazard table-, and three percentag;- poker guinea are in full b!att eighteen hours out of toe twenty four, and they all do a land ollice b'jsmuss The rooms are crowded it all tirn< s. Tnroo hifti of shots siring giunn|ii'-S are employed ut u Hillary of $5 pur day to bundle the eoomous bu incss ol tho house. The plaue ha* a cna>uii,u- oncy pnoulini' to itsoif Drinks and cigars arc aispun-soU freo o charge at the faro, roulette, and h»7 irrt game-, while a cbiirg.j is made for ;husa Mime CtinmodiUos at the ,-hort card gami:.*. I'ho running expenses of No. 11!) Clark Htrooi arc. tremendous I'tn-ru are twenty four faro dealers and lookouts employed, twelve rouletvu croupiers, oix ha/.ard shakers, and nine card dealers, thioo Hour walkers, three managers, three door keeper-i, ,w'o bar keepers and six porters. Aside from these there are at leant eight men on tho outside, bouncers. Btcorers and Hungers. The twenty- four faro dealers receive #10 per week or a total of *%0 per week. Twelve roulet'O croupiers at *3ft a week, adds M20 to tho weekly pay roll. Tha six zard dealers, at £55 each, brlrgs another item of $21" to ibo bill. The nine poker dealers at $35, amounts to |315. Three lloor walkers, at *50 each, and $150 is added to the Hat. Messrs. Barlow, Boss and Ferguson, tho managers, receive $75 per week— another $225. Throe doorkeepars draw $30 each— $90 for the week. Two bar keepers draw $2G each—$10. The Blx porters $8 each, call for $48 a week. The eight ouialde men collect $30 each—$2-10 for tke week. Tabulated the pay roll looks like this: Twenty-four faro dealers, nt«40 $ 9CO Twentyrouleu>croupiers, attffi *f» Six Hazard men. at |3.i ;!: Nine card dealers, nt*36... »>& Three lloor-wa kers, «t$so J™ Three managers, at *'•'••-• -jS. Threw doorkeepers, lit |30 •» Two barkeeper*, at $20 *J Six portent, at »8 « KUht oulKlde men. utJsO •• -"" Kortj cappers, boosters and bouncers, at $15 *';" Grand total tor week $3,298 This represents the bare pay roll of a sample (rambling joint In Chicago, and It IB given in order to illustrate the amount of m»noy for which the gamblers get a play. Rents are high enough, $100,000 being the sum paid for a ten year leaf-e of NO. 119 Clark street. Thero are light and heat- not an inconsiderable item. The tools cost money. Tho amount of liquor dispensed to dull men's brains and make them more reckless and pllablb would In the course of a year float a government cruiser High-priced cigars are dealt out with a lavish band bordering on recklessness, to curry favor and retain tho business of patrons. Running uninterruptedly for one year, the pay roll of No. 119 Clark street would amount to $171,496. $100 Reward, $100. The reader of this paper will be Pleased to IBRI- i tliHt there Is at least one dreaded diseases that" c lencehas been aDIe to cure In all Its stages "nltKcatorrh? Hall's Catarrh Cure Is he nIf noVive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constimtl«naldli<eHS«, requires ft SnrtttnOonfl treatment. Hall's Catarrh Corals Skin Internally, acting directly OD the blood and mnraa surfaces ol th* System, thereby destro.lng roundatwr. of the disease, and giving the pa- itstrenKth br building up the constitution and ntinii niiture In doing Its work. The proprle- SSa hireso inueh JaltK In Its curative powers, that they offer One Handled Dollars for any case that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F' J. CHENEY 4CO., Toledo, 0. ISj-oold by druggists. ^ Handle Factory Wood for Sale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of tho city. Mall orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo St.. or P. J. Kimmer. We have heard men say "I would give $500 to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result will surely bo brought about at trifling expense by tho use of the Excelsior Scalp Curor and Hair Pro. ducer to be sold by agents in this city. Quaker headacha capsuls give re. lief in ten minutes. OflLL ON Wf\LKER & Rf\UGH 420 BROflDWrtY, FOR ANYTHING YOU WrtNT IN 4V..ie-»n oI'VeternuB. Major Tnomas Dunn, of tbo 12lb Inft. U. S A , a formur well known resident hero, lain the city greeting old friends and "fighting his battles o'er asrain" with 0 : d army comrades, j Major Dunn has a soldier record that constitutes him a veteran of veterane. He was a me" her of tbe Cat-e County Volu .teers in the war with Mexico, serving one year, the full tlmo ol enlistment. Soon after bio return from that service ho look up his residence in tbth city and was married to Miss Harriet Tiptoo, daughter of Gen. John Tlptoa. When the late war broke out bo WHU elected Captain of Company 1). Ninth Ind , Void., raises here for the three months service in Western Virginia. N^nr the eioso of ibis service ho was ai)|-' 1)lnted a '' tt P" lln in lbo 12ih inlanl.rv of the United Siatee array, und served iu the rtiruiar army until his reuroni'-at under tho la*, svi'.h the runic und puy of Major, ac or vice of nbout m nil been active ks of the Kio '. ; ;..v ! ,ost ii :htin{j 10 i-l'inc Of thO ihlriy ' r ; nud it Of Ih..-. I:. I." - v :ir ,fOrfP- mi.i^. u-.'. M.L- i'"- 1 " O" "W esrn fron'.ii'i- M-ijor L)i:nn is "fiv.-ry inch ii^oidi- r" H:»I (Mi-ri.'" his 7 '2 years most cr-iii'L' iU r . Tiii 1 .Jonrna! welcomes him hi, ok to hit- old "^tampinfr iul U-UM.S that his visit may b« enjoyable to the utmost possible extent. Too :<lucli Itntn. Tho rttin Istst vveniug was too much fortno pub ic meot.inss'two of which wore udjoornod on account of tho disagreeable state of the weather. At the down town temperance meetings there did not gather a corporal's guard aod Mr. Stanley nd]iurnod the meet lug, which will be continued this evening as usual. The lecture announced to be given at tho Broadway M E. cbur.-h by tho Rev. Stooner was postponed, on account of tho inclement weather until tho 19th inst. CANDIDATE!*. TO!! THKA3UKKH. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the city of LoKiinsport, subject to the will of tlia Republl can City Nominating Convention^ B SAUCKKT Loransport, Ind., FcUruarj 13. 1KM. I will be a candidate for Trensuror of the city ot LoHansnort! mbjest to the will Ol the Bepubll- caix City Nominating Convention. ^ ^^ Logansport, Ind., Febroaiy 10, 1894. I will be a candidate for nomination for the omoe of City Treasurer subject tothe wlll °ftl Republican ConyenUon. J. J>. ALLISON. toginsport, Ind., Feoniary 19, 1894. I will be a -andldnte for Treasurer of the city eublect to the will otthe Bepub- Logsnsport, Ind., Mtirch 6, 18M. e Lm No». The highly celebrated clairvoyant and trance medium, gives every im portant event io your past life and describe;) accurately the future. If you would be successful in love, marriage, bMBlnes« or lawsuits, or bring the absent or estranged ones, call on the madame, whose advice is reliable and predictions unfailing. All business strictly confidential; at ill Broadway, 3d floor. ^ _ ADDITIONAL LOCAL*. Foley's coffees are tho best. New draperies at tho Trade Palace. Four pounds fancy raisins for 25 cents at FoloyV Money to loa» at the Cass County Building & Loan office, over Mrs. Marshall's book store. Tho onlygtnulne Brussels ingrain carpet ever seen here is at tho Trade Palace. Call and see them. Our prices are the lowest and the latest. All arc perfect; all are brand new .__rhe Progress Clothing Store. For Rent— House within five blocks of Court House. Cheap rent to good party.— C. H. Steven*, 209 Market street. Real merit is characteristic of Hood's Saraaparilla, and is manifested every day In the remarkable cures tha medicine accomplishes. The Baby's Best Friend— McLlnn's Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief and cures croup, colds, colic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Only 25 cents per bottle. Arthur Keesling received a "Sterling Expert" bicycle yesterday. It Is, beyond question, the neatest and finest wheel over brought to this city. Ho has the agency for tho ' -Sterling" for Cass county and will be glad to sh«if the wheel to any one looking for a really "up to date" mount. He will be found at J. U Haneon'a drug atore. >|l,(IHl Ad I am desirous of rulieviLg and curing sulTerinff humanitv of catarrb, liver eomphiint, rbeuma-.ism. dyspepsia, arid all diseases of a nervous and debilitated nature in either s^x, until March 25th. i will ireat ail iAfllicted with the above diseases froo of charge with the exception of a very small fee in certain cases for modicino. I do this for the boneiii of many poor -ulfcrers who fare in need of tieatment ind are not abie to pay my former ri. J, \V. MKIJI;')].I,. M. 1).. 1>. M. & Asa't, •111 IJroudw.-sy. Lopannport, Ind. Ncl'i'c io t'outrarluri'. The Board of S.:honl Ti-u^lees, of ibe fchool city of Logansporl. S'.alo of Indian;:, will receive M::iied proposals for the ui)U=,rujt:.')ii and entiru oom- plciion of 11 new Hij^h School building 1 Mile city, until 'i'licsday, ihc 13th day of March, ]*'J-I, at 1-' o'clock noon. Bids lo bo opened m L' o'clock at the ofllcu of the archltectb. Bidders are requested to make thoir proposals as sho*-n in the schedule. D-awiiifrs and spccificai.ioiis can be seen at the oflice of me architects, Krutsch & Lay cock Siato NAional Back building, Locansport, Ind., on and after February •_'!. Tho successful bidder will be required to enter into a contract with the Board within ten (10) days from tho time be is r.otiiied that bis bid has been accepted. Toiniuro consideration each proposal is to be accompanied by a certified bank check or approved bond made payable to tho order of tho treasurer of tho school city of Lo- jrai sport (J. T. Elliott) in the sum of two per cent., of the amount bid, aa a guarantee that the maker will enter into contract and bond stipulated within ten (10) days after receiving notice of acceptance of his propobi- lion. A failure on tke part of the contractor to enter into contract and file a satisfactory bond within tho dmo named will forfeit tho amount of the above check and all right and title to the said contract. Tho Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or any part* thereof. _ JAMES P. MABTIN, Preu. V. C. HANA.WALT. Sec'y. JEHU T. ELLIOTT, Treas.. School City Logangport. Logansport, Ind., Feb. 19tb. Invert Your Chuce. A silver quarter Is about as much a* some people care to Invest In medicine for Immediate use. Spend this sum for a package of Simmons' Llrer Regulator powder. Its the woman'* friend—cures sick headache in the, right way and quickly too just as foodt for biliousness. To prevent car sickness or headache and to give restful sleep, BO difficult to obtain while traveling use Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalize?. Taken at bed-time it quiets the tired nerrei, insuring sweet sleep. One dollar ot Ben Fisher. GOT IT? FOUR"O" fYNNIHILfVTES Lfl GRIPPE GUflRrtNTEED BY BEN FISHER.

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