Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1954 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1954
Page 19
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>%^^1*»?ff^ ITAt, 4f0M> AMKAKIAI ft£fe ji'aj frf NtlN fOICHIlDKH '• " t, PRESCOTT NEWS .'MlMMf * Club Hi* jft the home oiMW.fi. trfffi1fcftj^ltti& M*»- & W. Key WMlCWHdlft*, WMiivM* faffBttlitea tot & ben- tlll bfhltfMftd Cflrlasta party to be held'on tftfverftber 3rd. TMc fcto- et&ds will Kb te ihe po«fl_j««J^ The Victory Ifotifte Demonstra- lion Club met on Friday afternoon ed fA« ' i ALLEN * TftIC CO. ANNOUNCIS A NEW POLICY! Now you con hav$ your Home Rewired ';o me<rt rhodefa conveniences and new ufcs. All dn 2 Easy Payments r*',. ,-, J .•'{,. ^J^Aj, ^fljfl Down Paym.nt lane* Monthly Victory H. t>. Club Hat Oetabif Mettlhg la the home of Mrs; Johnhy Hooks with Mrs. J. L. Martih and MrS. Joy Inlow co-hostess f of the Oct- jer meeting. D&inly arrangements of Agua ;um were placed at vantage points In the rooms. Mrs. Theo Elgin gave the devotional followed by prayer by Mrs. Hooks » During the business conducted toy the president, Mrs. Roy Loom!*, the nominating committee presented the following slate of officers that were accepted: President, Mfs. Bill Bolton; . Vice-president. Afrs. Nat Woosley; Secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Johnny Hooks. Miss' Loretta McClennahan showed how to put zipper in- skirts and dresses and displayed a pre»sintf the quality of the soul, and in the leadership of God." Minutes of the last meeting »nd the Executive Soard meeting were fead by Mrs. J. T* Worthirigton. Mrs. W. 0. Watkihs gave the Ifea- sUrer's report and the State President's message was read by Mrs, H. H. Mcicenzie. Mrs. Bob Reynolds was appoint- chairman of the Pre-School Study Group. Mrs. Wayne Eley thahked all who worked to make the rhetribfif' ship drive a success and announced that 752 members Were enrolled with the following fdbrri ,wlnn6f 91 Primary/ Mrs. Ardell' Clark's second grade: Mrs. ML, I*. Dildy's ANN TOMATO SOUP Cans 37* milt. Delectable refreshments were served to 10 members and a visitor P. T. A. Honor* Teachers Mrs, J. R. Bemis, president, conducted the October meeting ol tha Presdolt P. T. A. last Thursday. , Rev. Wesley A. Lindsey gave a most' inspiring devotional. "There are, dreams stronger^ than deftth. 'Men and women have' died holding to dreams We must have faith in rsFSfe £'/' SERVICE SffliifeiS^i'x^ »W I FOLGERS _FV*"V< '' R'fS^ySFfokrt;^ V.... Lb. Can n^mmmM''^'^ ^' ~Wtt^V''.s:!;^-. " BB^y:;^j'uiap ICl^^-5-^'^^f * ^* lj f i •""" •'i* && ?f bl ^J; -;;' "i't J i , t'.-(. \ '' \$P^/l^r c ;^ fif I \ *^"i" ( if, CRACKERS FREE!! j. ** . —^^. KINGAN'S CHILI 6 " ',No. '303 "I -TC , Cans I./P sfiEs-a ii iMS.^ < /-:*i OICCMEAT1 Lb. 19c Lb, 25c AKS Lb, 39c VEGETABLES FRESH CARROTS Pkgs, FRESH NEW CROP COCONUTS Each 15c FRESH and CRISP LETTUCE Lb. 25c Lb. 15c Lb Only 1 lOc GOOD FOR STUFFING BELL PEPPERS Lb. 12c u | ? ^ R, 1 Lb,. 59c NICE BANANAS Lbs. 25c A RRY'S '•'^P ™^F ™ ^^ MARKET "hon. 7-M04 , fourth grade at Park; Mrs. Julia Garm's eighth g?*Je; and Mrs. Jfack Robetfs Junior ettsi in High sehd&l.' :" ; : ;;;./. Mrs. Vcrnon Buchanan »nn«uoc- ed these Stu^Jy Greup courses »t the liome Jtecoa^Jnles^u^lijiill' October 21, 2:So:te 3:36 j>. m. f« Ai6' thers of 7th aftd |th f r*<J*r> ! >,' tifrr- ember 4 for niters faf tH* «th 4'jftd 10th graders; -November il for mA- thcrs of llth and 12th grade slu- dents. . Mrs. W. G. Bensberg announced a tea honoring the teachers to b* lield immediately after the meeting. Mrs. Bemis urged members wishing to subscribe the P. T. A. mag azine to call Mrs. E. Adam, Magazine Chairman. Mrs. McKcnzic announced :the District Conference to b« held heire October 2ft. from 10 a. ,m. to 2:30 p. m. The ,luncheon at! 1 p. m. .Will be $1.25 per plate. ; , ' ! Mrs. G. G. Hairstpn thanked Mrs. John Eagle and her students for making the Year books. Mrs. Carl Dalrymple presented Mrs. C. KJT Gray who- gave -a very interesting talk on the subject "Defending America.", Winners in the room count were: Primary, Mrs. Nannie Cummings; Park, Mrs. E. B. Johnson: and MrB. Lela Haynes; Jr.-High, Mrs. -Milburn Tipp'ett; Seniors in High School. ' ' ... ON MORE ITEMS... A * MORE DAYS OF THE WEEK! \L 3 ANN PAGE TOMATO KETCHUP 14-oz. Btl SPARKLE ASST. FLAVORS GELATIN Speelafl ,. 3-oz. 17* .J. ; Pkg, ANN PAGE PEACH, PLUM OR PINEAPPLE $ eloff PRESERVES £ Miss Berva Hitt of Little Rock was the weekend guest oi her mother, Mrs..-Bob Hitt. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Westmoreland and sons spent Sunday afternoon in Atlanta and Texa.rkana. . Herbert Dawson Jr., Of Houston spent the weekend, .with' relatives and was accompanied home "by Mrs.' Dawson, who spent the past week with her,parents, 'Mr, .a/id Mrs. A. E; McGuife, and , by" ,'his mother, Mrs/Mildred Dawson who will'be their guest,. before , going to Maxton, for a yis.it'with Mr. and Mrs.'Raymond Dawson, , , Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Yancey had as their guests, Mr. .and'Mrs. Victor Harvel and: family 6f"Benton and Mrs. A. E.. Cross .of 'Texarkana. ' • ' * '' ' ••'-• '"*'-'' * Jack Hardey \pf Tyl<Sr, : Texas spent the weekend' ,with His; sistcr> Mrs. Josephine Ca^ringtOn, \ tv !. Thurman"DeW66dy ahi • son rfbr- ry of Qklahorria City, ,DkJa;. :W ^fc weckfend. Quests 6f,hiS •parents, 'Mx. and Mrs, Tain ,i>6&bxidy. ,} Mr. and.'Mrs.ip^il .'Petti!* aid son of Ndrlh>;little,,,Rofik ; visited Mrs. Roy Gitfler' /over tjie end,- ' '.- ; -. •: .^> ; - " ' '• Beans with Pork Peanut Butter Salad Dressing Preserves Jelly Beans Candy Corn Fig Newtons Crackers CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP CRISPO CHOCOLATE ( COOKIES Special} lO'/J-BI. Can 'Special! 9-oz. Pkg. 25< 10 23* 1-1 Worthmore EIGHT O'CLOCK Red Circle Pound Bog 3 Pounds Pound Worfhmora 16-01. Nablieo....- •-* Pk 9- Nablieo 1- |b Premium Salting...! .....-,. Box 3 ft ioo NEW LOW A&P COFFEE PRICES ib. OS4 BOKAR kg. A«J p ound 99c 95c 2.79 1 ROBIN HOOD FLOUR 25 14-oz. 25< Lb Sack Macaroni ° Spa8heftl Ann Page... '. f «r DOMINO SUGAR 10 Lb. Bag .Miss Winrtifeed ±>iike has rriturii- ed to El; jb'6f4flo' diterfa Visit ^ : ith her mother, Mtrs.'' J^ M. t)iike ifid Other relatives. , ' : •-. . . u '' Every Day A&P Offers Many Low Produce Prices! ICEBURG LETTUCE lOc Head JONATHAN APPLES 15c CALIF. TOMATOES Lb. FRESH IDAHO POTATOES Lb. CILERY 19c CRANBERRIES u b 19e lOc HOME GROWN stdk 15c YAMS GREEN Lb. Mri. h'er Hesterly qf:La Mrs. H^:;E3; 'Corris ; lias from a wfidics visit in Longviiw with her mother, Mrs. Amanda Cox atid other relatives. : •; Mr. and.Mrs.,H. B. DcLamar and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ross of Arkadelphia attended the Rice-Si M. U. jja- mo in Houston .on Saturday and a rodeo in Huntsvilje, Texas on Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Moseley and sons . visited relatives, in Warren during the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard had as their- Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Glenn and daughter of Hot Springs. • '•„ .^ Miss Opal Daniel of Hope spent the weekend with Miss Hazel Matlock, Mrs. Wallace Pemberton ha* boon the guest of Dr, and Mrs. Washington McRae in Little Rock Mrs. J. H. Bemis. spent a part .of J.ast Week in Little Rock as the guest of Mrs, C. W. McKelvey and Mrs. Lillian Vauglian. Mr.. and Mrs'. Dan Plttman " Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robey and Gus,; Mr. and Mrs. Odell Garrett and Miss Lynn Garrett saw tha Henderson, Southern State game in Magnolia. Saturday night. CARROTS 2 l£. 25c CABBAGE CALIFORNIA • - HONEYDEW ORANGES Lb 15c MELONS Lb. 4c lOc WORK FIB NOTHIN3 EL DORADO, itfl . Burglavs who iji-oks into a service staticin here last night coulio't (prcu open the lopked cash yegi^ter, so they carted it away r The operators of Uw station said, today all the tliievui w.->ul<J find in the register is 50 cents in pet)' nies. • ''.'. ARKAN9A8'8 PSATH PROBgp 5. C.. ' .tfl'The death p* Airmai) ge p«mi P. Bridges p^ P^Mgouja, Ark..-!? being ioys^tjgated by m, special Air Force boat<l to determine whether the victim was killtd "in line of A ^po^e^nan tw the ponalds.p» Air Fwcp B^sc said the 19-ypar* old Bridges 'was walking n main gate 'of toe b,»se when y » .vejliclc LIQUID DETERGENT LUX 39-ot. Can O3 SOAP LIFEBUOY • Regular Bars :...... SOAP LIFEBUOY Bath Bars BLUE DETERGENT RINSO Want $lze.. 57* DETERGENT SURF Giant Sire 57* GRANUIATED SILVER DUST • ' 59< iiant Sl» ....i, m* FOR DISHWASHING BREEZE Olent fUe 59* SPRY TOILET SOAP LUX Regular Bar* TOILET SQAP LUX Bath Bars ?.< 34* MILD AMERICAN CHEESE 49' SILVERBROOK BUTTER 71 EQUAL TO THE BEST - YET COSTS YOU LESS AtP'c PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING 3™ 75 C l-lb. can 294 MILD - SAFE LUX FLAKES large Pkg 29* I oS Ma y n*o™ nd ... "Supcr-Right" Meat Buys! FRESH HEAVY CALF OYSTERS ston rLn 89c Sirloin Steak Lb 55c HEAVY CALF HEAVY CALF . Round Steak Lb 59c Chuck Roast Lb 35c HEAVY CALF HEAVY CAL? 1 • Stew Meat Lb 19c Hamburger SUPER RIGHT """ " FRANKS Lb. u>. 29c SUPER RIGHT PURE PORK Lb ^"°35c 39c SAUSAGE 1 FRESH FROZEN SHRIMP MEDIUM.SIZE a 49c FRESH DRESSED HENS Lb. - 35c ALL GOOD BRAND BACON SLICED Lb 49c SUNSHINE ' *»«. KRISPY CRACKERS ^ 25 4 SUNSHINE ' HYDROX COOKIES vr SUNSHINE 1 BUTTER COOKIES !^ CLEANSER AJMA pkg 0 I. 75 qnd 100 WATT LIOHT BULBS s « h If* Extra Big Value! JANI PARKER 30* Angel Food Cake 4 -"fy Regular 59* 39 OAIIY LEMON WU_ „, MM* LOAF CAKI jAJHI MWW tlAlN- IU9AIIJ? CAM MHUTS 39* 25* FJ.<! ^ft<.«• rr'Z'f * w C •> - V11"S¥;-^-W , -^i'-ljSffl ' '' '' '.C^'>V-"i> '•''' f hurlday, 6etofeei> 21, 1954 HOPt STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS }<%f-V '**"*- *H K- V£>> x •» > HOME FURNISHED Your home furnished with your choice of $2,000.00 worth of fine furnishings. and OUTBOARD MOTOR Beautifully upholstered; lightweight, fully equipped. ^! EDUCATION For your son or daughter. ^^T' What you've always wanted—what you've always wanted to do... the answer to your heart's desire can be yours from Kroger. All you have to do Is write your name and address on an official entry blank (or reasonable facsimile) and mail it to "HEART'S DESIRE", P. O. Box 64, Little Rock, Ark. The winner in each of the big four prize groups will have their choice of the wide 1 variety of "Heart's Desire" prizes shown here. THIS IS NOT A NATIONAL CONTEST. IT APPLIES ONLY TO THE LITTLE ROCK BRANCH AREA IN ARKANSAS. So enter today, and enter often during Kroger's big fall sale — Last entry must be postmarked by midnight of Saturday, November 6th 1954. 1 1954 NASH METROPOLITAN Sparkling beauty, dashing performance combined in this wonderful car of your heart's desire! 4: •vf^o' : '-.--- A $2,000-00 CHARGE ACCOUNT in Any Arkansas Dept Store $2,000.00 to spend any way you desire at the department store of your choice. AH EXPENSE TRIP for TWO to HAWAII Spend two glorious weeks in the "Land of golden sunshine"! Stay at one of Hawaii's finest hotels! See beautiful Waikiki Beach! Travel, by luxurions airline! »' >s v ^ '"S^J 'X>"**-4 '{M ^%ft4Jfy «.ooo.oo V i* 1 .; Packers Label. : Kroger's low price j.* > '^~ i- ,>t, % i •; No. 303 ...;.Can I YELLOW CREAM CORN .STANDARD VIENNA Mayfield ^ No. 303 Brand Can Stock up now for No. 303 soups or sauces Can Circle K Brand, Kroger low price 4 Or, Can .WITH COUPON I ^vv i i n v^wwrwiN "HUMKO SHORTENING 3 Lb. Can PACKERS LABEL GREEN BEANS SHOW BOAT GREEN & WHITE 5 303 • . . 10 Or. Kroger Brand Pkg. - DARCO FULL CREAM 69c CORN MEAL 5 Lb Ba9 2? c PINTO, KIDNEY, or YELLOWEYE PEAS Cans 25 us 1.29 303 LIMA BEANS 4 303 3 ^LICED OR HALVES KROGER PEACHES KROGER SLICED PINEAPPLE KROGER BRAND PINEAPPLE JUICE 'CIRCLE K BRAND r I I N I V-/y |X I U^l N L- I / Wl I L_I_U.VM/ T T U. I L> I I-/ \^/ 49c ALMA BEANS 2 .3£ 19c GRIFFIN BRAND 49c WAFFLE SYRUP *'• 45c EVERY MEAL BRAND 89c APPLE BUTTER ! 9Ja °M9c FROZEN, CHICKEN, BEEF or TURKEY 33c SWANSON MEAT PIES 3 For 89c SIX DELICIOUS FLAVORS 33c KROGER GELATINS 3 Pkgs I9c 314 Oz. Tin 5( v«. *j.ii;-i'2a KROGER OUNDB Fresh, lean. Holds volume well when cooking. Save at , Kroger's Low Price. PICNIC HAMS Here they are! Long Yellow beauties flecked with golden brown. Buy plenty at this Kroger Low Price. Special-Sat Only 10 A. M, tH12Noon ONBONS Mild, Yellow, Special - Sat. Only 1 P, M. til 3 P. M, CHEESE Kraft Block Special-Sat Only 3 P. M. til 5 P, M. FLOUR Kroger Guaranteed DELICIOUS APPLES POTATOES us «°' REOS ; Special - Sat Only 5 P» M, til 7 P, M, ^^Hr ^^1^^ ^P ^^P ^9" ^P ^^ ^^ /^T^" ^^^9 &n m ^P»W(i Th§re wjl( fee prise specials store from 5 te 7 P»M» en f t T«kt n Chance Missing Spme Good n if ot Krogerl '. ,m <$W L? ^'.vfy d II

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