Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1894
Page 2
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JUST IN TIME. JV Lucky IMscovery nnd Its Ke- Nlllt*. Thpre is jirol)iil)ly 110 liappier wo- m«D today tluiu Mrs. A. D. Self/., of WhitestoiH'. L. 1. Slie ims lately at- traott-d tfrt'ut iittci.tion, not only i» lier own town Irtit. for ninny niilos •round. As it. is n ^ubj <:t' which will most deeply interost overybody, she lias lii'cn iiiiluccvi t<j iiiuke her eipfrii.'iiCfS public. She writys tho following Ii-Ui'i* to her fellow worlc- OTH. "1 linil sutTerfil for three years iintl mortrwirli nervous pro.-! rat ion, ner- UOUM \venkiii'.«s of fh" lieiivt. mill kH- ney disKii.se. 1 wu- 1 rented liy difrcr- ent dor.t.ors. who told 1110 tlmt HH 1 grew older my heart wsnld t^r •wenker i wns. jiivin^ up (ill hope of jjettinc iH'tter Hiid had about mado up my mind I could never recover. "1 bi'iu-il of tin- wonderful cares boin;; performed by T>r. Ori-env's Nervnni I>l0!;d null ni-rvo remedy and (It'tcrminix 1 . to try it. 1 am very thankful 1 did so for it has entirely cured mi'. I was sr> bad 1 was afraid to leave tin) house. "I would have bud spells at any time and would be very sick, 1 tiuf- fered awfnllv. I am well nnd strong now niid can go away for days at a time. I feel like a different person and shall nnver "be without Dr. Oreeno'H Isc-rvum. 1 strongly advise all the sick and suffering to ubo if Thousand? of people who are not exactly sick are vet out of order or ailing in some way. They do not feel well and strong, do not eat or sleep •well are nervous and have no ambition for work or pleasure. You need the great spring medicine, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. It will make you well. The spring is the best lime to treat or any disease. Everybody needs a spring medicine and this is the best one known. It is the discovery of Dr. Greene, of 35 W. 14th St., New York, tho successful specialist in curing all forms of chronic and nervons diseases. He can be consulted in all cases free of charge, " 7 or by letter. Quickly Cored. Three dajs i* a very short time In whloh to cure a bad cane of rheuma. tlsm; bu» It o»n be done, if the proper treatment IB adopted, as will be seen bythe following from James Lambert, of New, Brunswick, 111. "I wae badly afflicted with rheumatism In the hips »nd letfs, when I bought a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cured ne In three days. I am all right today; and would insist on every one who IB afflicted with that terrible din~ea«e to use Chamberlain's Pain Balm and get well at once." Fifty cent bot- ties for sale by B. F. Koesllngi, drug- A Forty Mile Hldo. E. R. Swetnum, of Fairfax Station, Virginia, says: "A party came forty miles to my store for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and bought a dozen bottles. The remedy is a groaf fa- yorlte in this vicinity and haa per* formed some wonderful cures hore, ' It is intended especially for coughs cold«, croup and whooping cough, and U a favorite wherever known. For tale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Tbe Midwinter Fmlr Excursion ticket* via Fenniylvanift lines good returning until July 16th Thejpeclal low rate excursion tickets to 3».n Francltco, San Diego, Lot Angolei, San Bernardino, and other California polnti, now for lale via Peoniylvanla Hoes will be good returning until July 16, 1894. E-ccnr- tlonlstt can aeleot any route from Chicago. For particulars apply to J A. MoCullough, Ticket Agent, Lo- ganaport, Ind. T» Ipdl«n»poll» •* on« Fare For round trip, via Penniylvanla llnee. On March 13th and 14th, the round trip rate to Indianapolis will be one lowest flrst-olast fare from any ticket itatlon on the Pennsylvania lines In Indiana account the Prohibition State Convention. Tickets will be good to return until March 16th. Apply to •07 Pennsylvania Una ticket agent for Kw&p's Balsam will stop th« oou»» t oao* FACTS BRIEFLY STATED. The Wisconsin state fair will be held in Milwaukee September 17 to 21. WilHam Sweeney is on trial at Hay City. Mich., for tho murder of John MaYkel. Col. Dye and State Senator Voumiins, I of Iowa, are .spoken of for the pluce of | Interstate Commissioner McDill. j Michael .lo.vec, on his ileatlibcd near \\Vsl 1'iiinii, la., confessed to thi.' murder of his nephftw four years ago. Harding, tlie oarsman, lui.s issued a sweeping ehalleiiu-e from London, Kn<f- huid, lo row anybody ill Hie world. Mi-.-. Lease has been found to lit- :in hiMi- to a Iiii'go estate left by a maiden aunt who died in Ireland several years 1'j-ic stockholders decided In issue i}7i),utHi,(W(l new second mortgage bonds in accordance with the I'eorganizali plan. Investigation of the murder eoi:fes- sion of Convict Morris. Lolnmiius, ()., wlii-u In 1 thought he was dying, proves it is tl'lH'. Kx-liov. Jnhn Evans, of Colin-ado, will be 80 year* old Friday next, and tin: Denver chamber of eomjneree will celebrate- tho day. Mrs. Charles Lingrcn has sued tho Illinois Central railroad ut 1,'rbaua, 111., for ?.">,i)Ji> for killing Inn-husband whilu driving a«ro«i the track. ,l:nn(."» l/.iu.'hrc.v dangerously wounded Matt \Vcbb at Traverse City, Mieh., by cutting his thi'oat in H quarrol. Tin: arm of Seni-cii Willis, uf Syen,- tnnri', 111., a brother of Judge Willis, of 1'll.Li'iti. Ill,, waN mangled ill asUtilc i l nt- tei- and had to U- amputated. l.iiuk'li Su-witrt, of Traverse City, Mieh., the U-Vfar-ulil boy licensed uf ilibbing the mails, has been taken to (iriind Kii|iid.i, Mich., for trii-l. WORK FOR THOUSANDS. TJu« I-'rU-k Coke t'lMiijiaity'H IJin OVPIIH to I!,- I i roil l'|i. (li:i.-.KXS!iuii(i, 1'a., March ~. —Information from a proiuincul oHieial of tin? II. C. l-'i'ick I'oke company is to the effect tnal within two weeifs nearly everv eoke oven in the Connclls- viile region \vil! be fired up. The move will cover at least Uu per cent, of all the ovens in the region; more, it can be said, than hava been In operation for throe years punt. At the lowest estimate 0,UOO men who are now idle will be given employment. The Hungarian and foreign element generally in the Couuellsvillo region, it appears, was never so scarce UK now, because hundreds have left within the l|st few mouths lor their foreign homes. This fivct will largely involve tho employment of American labor at the work. This move on the part ot the Frick company, it is also stated, is brought about by the great volume of orders coming from furnace companies and mills in various purt-s of the country. The McClure Coke company will also, it is reliably stated, increase the percentage of working ovens fully 50 percent,, thus giving employment to about 1,500 men who are now idleT Drowned. .,., ,,r.K, Wis., March 7.—George W. Foster, of Merrill, was drowned in Black rirer on his way home from here. The team which he was driving succeeded in getting out but the body o_ Foster has not yet been found. Sh*~l)ld Mot 7'avion. I'ABIS, March 7.—An Associated Press correspondent made inquiries at the Continental hotel as to the circumstances uuder which Miss Ida Van Etten, the American writer, died. The report that she died of starvation was declared to be untrue. Her death occurred on Sunday night and the cause was heart disease. A sura of money was found lu her possession. Several friends had previously undertaken to provide for hor wants. Sold at a Bin Lou. -DENIBON, Tex., March 7.—The Denison cotton mill, erected at a cost of 1600,000, was disposed of at public sale for $30,000 to satisfy a judgment for debt. The purchaser was Dr. J. M. Ford, cx-mnyor of Kansas City, The mill is tho largest in the southwest. It was built during the great boom of 1889. It has never been operated. .Eud of » Murdnr TrUI. I'jiATT. Kan., March 7.—The trial of . Elsworth Hacker and Green Roberts j for the murder of Jacob Baker hu.s re- Kiiltcd in Hacker's conviction of murder in the first degree. Roberts pleaded guilty to murder in the second degree. The former was sentenced to hang and the latter was given a life sentence. May Acoopt a Deeori-t-lon. \VASIIINOTOW, March 7.—In the senate, on motion of Senator Sherman, the honse bill authorizing Gen. O. 0. Uow- ard, U. S. A,, to accept from the president of the French republic the decoration of commander of the National Order of Legion of Honor was passed. Tarred and VMin«r*o. FORT WAYNB, Ind, March 7.—At Ed- . gerton, this county, James Erickson, 70 years of aye, was dragged from hli house by a mob of 100 masked men and given a coat of tar and feathers. Eriok- non, It is alleged, assaulted a young daughter of James Merlter last Sunday night Meriter severely whipped th« old man. D«atb of an Indiana Jnrlit. PKRU, Ind., March 7.—Judge Lyman Walker died suddenly of heart disease Monday night at Laporte, where he went a few days ago for his health. He was &7 years old. and one of the most prominent jurists of northern Indiana. The remains will be interred here. WASHINGTON, March 7.—In the senate Senator Sherman's motion to refer the seigniorage bill was defeated! Yeas, 6; nay*, 50. The affirmative Totes •were; Davit, G»Uing«r, Morrlll, Palmer, Sherman and Vilas. PUT TO BED. Mr, Gladstone Is Under the Care of Physicians, He Imprudently Exposes Himself and Is Seized with a Chill—His Condition Is Pronounced Serious. . LONIH.N. March 7. — Ex-Vromier Gladston.- '* *eri»usly ill at his home from tin- t.-!iY(!ts of 11 Hull with which he wits hoi/Aid Tuesday nifrht. lie is coniiucd to bed, ami his condition is such that, two physicians have been called in to intend him. Mr. Gladstone makes litfht of his illness, saying it is only a slight indisposition, but his physicians tuke a limn: .serious view of thi! mutter und say -hut ho is very ill. According to tlio statements made in L'onnirelion with the sickness of the ex-premier, the latti-r left HrooUs' club Tuesday eveniufr, after dining thero with his late s«ort>tarics, and wnlked home through St. James* park, although the niifht was u chilly one for even ayuunjr :iml robust man to venture out into sifter (liniiitf »t a lieat- ed club. Asa resnlr. ho contracted a chill, und. upon ruacliinff his home, had to be hurried off to 1)0(1. ill* llllll'HH SlTiOHH. In spite of Mr. (.Jhixlstonu's desire that a physician should not be summoned, claiming thut his indisposition was only a slight matter, a doctor was summoned and ilr. (Hailstone was put under treatment. Mis condition was Mich thai [mother physician was .summoned to attend him, and ono of tlu 1 physicians in attendance upon the distinguished patient ffavo a statement to the newspapers which indicates that Mr. Gladstone's illness is undoubtedly serious. The physician said, however, that the absence of a hi|?h fever indicated that there was no great danger at pn-sent. Mr. Gladstone is suffering considerably from hoarseness, and is kept in bed in spite of his remonstrances. Naturally the report of Mr. Gladstone's illness has spread with remarkable rapidity, and from many quarters inquiries are already coming in asking for particulars concerning the distinguished sufferer's health and expressing the hope that he will soon be on the high road to recovery. BOSTON ALDERMAN SHOT. Mr. I.omatnry Mmln a 'lurjrot for Jumoi Nooimll'ft HevolvcT. BOSTON, March T.—James Noouan fired tive shots at Aldcrmuu Lomasney in the city hall at 12:40. One of the shots took effect in the alderman's lep. The shouting took place just outside the nlderinanie chamber and caused great excitement throughout the building. Alderman Lomasney has been talcen to the city hospital. One of the styots fired went through Councilmr.n Boyle's clothing, but ' did little damage. The assailant was arrested by oue of the policemen stationed in the hall and was taken to the station house. Tho prisoner is tall, of slim build and has a Blight mustache. His appearance ia that ol a laborer. He hap been *eea hanging around the hall for several days. His reason for the shooting is a mystery. BIG LAND SLIDE. lii to Co»l Truln In reun»}'lv»nl» HurKd lh» Beaver Hirer. PITTSBURGH, Pa., March 7.—While engine 1 .'7 and five coke cars on the Pittsburgh, Youutfstowu & Ash tabula branch of the Fort Wayne road, waa passing Kenwood, 86 miles west of here, lit 8 o'clock a, in., a heavy landslide came down the hill and swept the train into the Beaver river. The trainmen narrowly escaped death, but all got off with injuries of a more or less serious nature. Their names were: Engineer M. Uubbard, Fireman George Jones and Brakeman Thomas Reed. The slide covered the tracks with hundreds of tons of earth and delayed traffic several hours. For It C»bl» from Auitrallo. WELLINOTON, New Zealand, March 7,—The delegates who have been attending the conference called to discuss the inter-colonial postal and telegraph service have passed a resolution in favor of a Pacific cable to America, the route to be via Samoa, Fanning Island & Honolulu to Vancouver. It is stated that this route is likely to be 'supported by the governments of the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain and Canada. Jlfw Mo»« In Pentium Reducltoiil. •WASBIMOTON, March 7.- Hereafter all notices of reduction of pensions will be sent to pensioners by registered letter*. This plan has been adopted by Commissioner Lochren. Nine or ten days in addition to the required thirty days from time of receipt of notice, in which additional evidence could be filed, will be allowed. Further time will be given if asked for by the pensioner. ^ _ Killed Hli Wlfe'f Father. ST. Louis, March 7.—A special to the Post-Dispatch from Rookport, Mo,, »ay»: Jame» Owen* Tuesday night went to the home of his father-in-law, to kill his wife who had left him. Arriving there he got into a quarrel with his wife's lather, Seneca Noble, who is a prominent citizen of Atchison county, and shot him dead. The murderer fled, but is being pursued by officers. A Hunk Teller Arreited. BOSTOS, March 7. — W. Percy Thatcher, teller of the Brookline national bank, is under arrest, charged with embezzlement from the institution of 13,800. Thatcher was in the •mploy of the Maverick bank until that institution collapsed. Struck by * Tr»ln. In d., March 7,—Th* J fast train on the Cincinnati division 01 the Cleveland* Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis railway struck and instantly Willed Charles Olaser, a prominent farmer near Mattchester, THK_MARKET& Uralu, 1'rovliionn. Ktc. CHICAQO, March 7. FI.OTJH— There is u moderate looul aud shipping ilcmsmd unU priu-s utnady. winter-Put- onw, jiKOali.ln; HiruiKliM, CiSOiiiOO- cli-urg, ; «i.conas,:].8u»i.jO; lo,v K rados II 50 . »prinir-Piiioiit», iraoiaa.eo; K trulKhis, \s.&xfriea; llu'iura'. u.7l>i^:jj; ] ow gr ,ia,..s, H. Wal.su; Kod Duu, H.J&ai.M); Kye, i WIIKAT — Moth-ratify ;ict!vc And }>ig Cash, GTViWH 1 ,!!; Wuy, 69!-,lu.OU; 1 t; J my, fill,Je CuitN—Modt-'nuely uctivu UfiU quid linn No. ^ :icii Nu " Yellow, .tv,,i:: No. n, 3i';c ami No. ;t V(illo\v, .'{fie; Murt-li, lij^c under Muy Miiy. NT^av',(',: July, :]K t i.yH!ic. UATH--jMuiltrr;iL(i triutinK ;uid higher. No. ciihh, 2iXa.W'.iC; May. S'-i&ollic; July, _«',j/t _flij. Sumples '.n KuutJ ticuiund and hi^lior. Xo a, _»>; t ;iUc: No 3 \Vliitu. ;niii3i'c; Nu. -J, :io;, ;;ic: No. 'J vviitu:, lil.Wc'^t-^c. MI-:NM J J oHK-.Trinl;tit; fulrly acllvound prjoi illiJ $M..V>iill.TU fur .ILL). LAUD- -Miki-lrot moUci-:itL-ly iiutlvd untl hixhcr Quutatloii.i ruiiKcd lit tti87!/,!<,7.Wl for cash .'> for Muy. und 5l!.?7!-iiliD.8,i tor July I'o UI.THV-—i-'or pound: (Jlik:Ueii.v. OiJ per du.!';ii. K— Creiiiucry. l-i-'-i:; Dulry, I2,ic'-'0c Oil.H— Wls^uds,!! I J rini<: \VhItt!. T^c: \\'IL|.(.T •\Vhlto. 7|/,i-: Mic-ljlj:nn 1'vlme \Vnlli-, i-i-ie: \Vu tcr Wliito, l-e: linlhuiii I'l-inn; \Vl.ite, Hi. 4 c; \ tor Wlilti;. S\e; HiMdiiKlit. !•» n'si. «',io: U olmo, ST ilui!'.-,, lllie; 71 ilug's, Cj; Nujiliihu, U3 s— L)islilii;(J spirits on tho Ntw YUKK, March 7. \VMKA'! 1 — Ni). 2 veil opened on.^l'.-i' on continued inlid \ve:\Un.'r wi':^:. bul :;n-k:r I;K!IL cip n^s ti 1 ,' noon more liiun rccovi.M'cd c.irly io Mny. tasiaOl^l-lilc: July, lit!!, «<,ilt!7-IGi;; IJKC bor, 7l'.jit"i:'ii:. CoitN- -No. v Hlron^rr u:id fiiirly ucLive Oil vt'i'iin; of tfliorts. Muy. W^tb-l'-l'tc. OATS— No. - sirunu :uid lilphcr. iliiy. 5<:,c; iruol: while Jit^te, :il)(ull-o; trui:k white \Vesi- ern, ;i'Ji4^e I'uoViuluNS— Beef i|i;ie:: family Sll.O H.OO; uttru moss, SS.OJ. Pork steudy; new raens, Sl.f.i'iOl;!.?;): fiunily, «H.l)U(JiU.5U; short c;e;ir, »14.0i),i4lil(W. Lurd umy: prime West ern ateuit, 47.40, iiomiuuL TOI.EIIO, O.. Mitrch 7. WnEAT-I-'irm, dull. No. -' cusli nud Mureh, 5Se; June, OU n .,c; July, t>-'c Did. ColtN— Sttudy. qtiu I. No. - tiuali, 3C;-ie l)id; Muy. 37! in. OAT.s— Dull. No. ','cash, 31!~ic: No. - whim, 3^Vte bid. JvYB— Unch^nped. Casli. ,'?0c. CLOVEiistuu— Dull. 1'rlme cash and March, 15.U5-. April, ts.ll); Oetober. !t75 asked. J.lvo block. CJIICAGO, March?. lloc-F—Murkot active and feeling r»tli«r llrrn. Prices well mulraulnod. Sales ranged nt H.40 a^00 for Pigs: HSUaaffi for light; M.SUfc 170 Tor rotiKli paelilnK: H8ixa5.00 for ml.xcd, and KTOcti.OO for Lcuvy pncklog a.nd shipping lols. CATTLE— Market lulrly aetlve und fcelinc firmer. PrlcvsfKftlOc hifiher. Quotutions ranged at 14. 0006.20 for choice to eitra sblppInK steers; H.0*3i W for sood to choice do. ; HJ,2t@4.00 for fair to Rood: S'i85>i.3..1B for common to medium do.; e«On8.:iO for buti-hcM' Steers: R4.ia3.10 for Stockers: «. lOSI IB for Peodors; t].50(2i95 rorCoKB-. »iittv{:l.so for Heifers; tl.aH33.eo for Bulli; I2.so4i3.75 for Texas Steers, and f2.603i 6.00 for VeulCalvus. FntAl Kzplo'lon* PiTTSiUJiiOii, P!>~, March 7.—In the McDonald oil fiYUl tl>e boiler at the Forest Oil company's No. 4 drilling well exploded. J. M JNeely. of jiutler, 1'u.., was blown -10 feet iirxl instantly killed lie leaves a widow and one child. I)omci»llc Decision In France. It J8 well to know just where one stands, and it rnifrlit save some domes- tie broils if our courts would come to tbe rescue and authoritatively establish the position of the "head of the house" in this country. The French courts of law have just rendered a decision which is of interest to every domestic establishment. Having been called upon to determine whether it Is the master or tho mistress of a house who is entitled to discharge the servants, tho judges pronounced in favor of the muster, on the ground that a "wife's rights arc necessarily limited by those of her husband, who is the head of the community and not expected to yield to every, caprice of the womnn." KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and terifts to personal enjoyment when rightly used. , The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tho world's best prbdnct8 to the needs of physical being, will attest thBTalne : to health of the pure liquid laitfttive principles embraced m tne remedy, Syrup ot Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taate, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of » perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met -with the approval of the Medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- Eeyi, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of F'gs is for sale by all drug' bottles, but it 1. man- MANAGING A WIFE. B* Ii • Mam of Kxp«rl«nc* aBd Knowi How to do It. A man who came into Detroit by way of the Flint & Pcre Warquette road the other day. wanted to know of a policeman where a certain street was, nnd whereabout in that street a certain eating house could be found, and as he fell to talking he unbosomed him.self. His wife had skipped out and come to Detroit, and was working in the kitchen of the eating- house referred to. ;i.iid h« had come to see her. lie was a plain, nvcry-dsiy 111:111, whose homo was in a Michigan village, and he was taking the matter very calmly. When the ollieer expressed some surprise at this, he replied: "Oh, there ain't any particular hurry about it, you know. It's over three months since slic skipped, and i thought I wouldn't rush things. I'm boarding with :i. witldcr ut three dol- 1,-irsa u'oek, wnshin' included, and 1'voi rented my house for ten dollars a month." "How did she comi: to leave yon?" was asked. "Wall, she's my third, you see. I'd •saved most of the. chillies of the other two and she wauled Vm. 1 didn't think it, looked just /-iglit. :ind she (lew oil'the handle. Out up in the niR'iit and crawled out of a \Vi:idou' onto n shed in •jutaway. Waited at Din depot all line il.-iy to have me follow and coax her back but 1 didn't do it." ' "And are yon goin;r to take her back home now?" "Can't say. It's talks. WanttotfO Catarrh In Its Worst Form Life Almost a Burden A Glorious Chang* Duo Solely to Hood's Samaparilla. acoordin' lo how she down with mi:'.'" They found the woman arlinfr a" second cook in the eating house. Whci she ca.nie in she be/ran lo cry and om- brace hor Thom;ui, bul, he lie-Id her off and iii-ked: "Hinilv, didn't I buy yon :i pair ol shoes, a corset, some stuck ings. l\v( handkerchiefs and a hairbrush, all in one week-'. 1 " "Yes," she answered, keeping hold of his hands. "Didn't I pay twenty dollars for parlor furniture and have all the eeilin whitewashed'.'" "Yes" ' "And you skipped out, I've rented the house to the Thompsons." "What:' 1 "And I'm boarding with the. widder "You arc?" "She beats you all to pieces doin' up shirts. 1 didn't come down to ask you if you wanted to " "lint I'm going right back home! slic interrupted. "I just thought I'd drop down to ask—" f "I'm gojng! I'll be ready in ten minutes!'' "You know, Emily. y»n got cantankerous bccar.sc 1 " "I'm going—hold on—I'll get my things!" she. o.\eh.imed. and slic hastened away. "Lemmc tell you smitliin'," said tae husband as they sat waiting. "Wimmin is curus critters. They've got to b* handled a sartin way. If you sot your foot down, keep it thar. If your wife runs away don't follcr. .lust wait till she writes about three times. If you don't conker her she'll conker you Allus be cool and calm, and kinder have things fixed so yon kin board with a widder in case your partner takes a skip. Emily will go home and will be as humble :is a cross-eyed cat in cold weather, and if she ever kicks over the traces agin all I'll have to do is to point towards Detroit to subdue her. Much oblccged to you arid good-by."—Detroit Free Press. —Schumann's father was a bookseller, who gave his son all the assistance he could in the musical studies the boy adopted almost from infancy. i five r°nng Schumann began the piano; at twelve h« was writing opera*. Life or IKmhv It IB of vital Importance that It Khoiil* be understood 67 pewont whose kldnejn are InactlTn, that Ms condition of things Is finallj Inductive of a •tate of the organs wlwellie hangs In the balance. Bnclit's disease, ftobsiei, alburolourla are all dlsenscs of a verj obstinate character In their mature stage, and all have a fatal tendency. They often baffle the most practised medical skill, and the most nppnved remfdlws of mnterla medlca. But opposed nt the ouuset—that In to say, when the kidneys begin to discharge their functions Innctlvelr-wltb Ho«tet'er's Stoninch Jitters, iba dnjige'ons tend«nry i< checked. Very iseful, also. Is this household medicine for those UlniPnts* ot common occurrence—constipation. )lllon»nes8, dyspeptla and nervousness. It Is a infeffunnl ng-ln.t malaria and averts turonle •lipumatlsm. accept wy nubrtitute if o i Kje and 8klu Olntmut Ie a certain cure for Chronic S*rt Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip jles, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sail iheum and Scald Head, 25 cente pe> box. For sale by B. F. Keenling, TO HOBSS OWH1BS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's ConditloD _'owdera. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loei »f appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, Riving new lite to an old overworked none oento per package. For Bale bj F. Keesllng, druKglst. They W»n» **« BeM "The people of this viclnjty insist on having Chamberlain's Cough Rem- )dy and do not irant any other," says John V. Bishop, of Portland Mills, ndlana. That is right. They know t, to be superior to any other for sold*, and as a preventive and cure or croup, and why should they not nsiat upon having it. Fifty cent bot- les for sale by B. F. Keesliog, drug- <•»•• tane>» Vaavllr BTeryd»y Mc*» Mr*. C. King Geneva. Ohio. Catarrh In a constitutional disease, and th*r»» fore it can only he cii:«<I by n constitutional remedy like Hood's S:ur.i:ijiarl]l:i. Head what It did for Mrs. King, concisely <-xprcssd in her own voluntary words: " C. I. Hood A Co., l.owi'11. Mass.: I "Gentlemen:—From a grateful heart I write ! what your grand in.uMnc, Hooil's S.irsaparilla, : luis done for me. J'ivc bouk-s cured mo ol i catarrh in Its worst form. I think it was only » j matter of linn 1 , when it would h:ivc ended In Bronchial Consumption. 7 can scarcely realizn wherein :i few months af>» life was almost :L harden, sick and discouraged, now 1 am Wrll and Ilnppy, t.iini;ig llc»h and a uew o''in^. And all owing to Hood s 8ar- Hood's'i^Cures sararilla. 1 will never be without it, Yours gratefully. Mits. CI.AI:K KINO, Oncv.l.Ohil/. Hood's Pills cure liver ills, jaundice, 1)11- lonsiu'ss, sick headache and couslijiatioo. 25c. i From Sire to Son. As a family medicine Bacon's Celery Kinp for thi nerves oafses from sire lo eon as a legacy. If you have kidney, liver or hloid disorder do not Oelav, but pet a free sample p»clrage of this remedy at once. If you have indigestion, con-tipation, headache, rheumatism, etc., this grand specific will cure you. Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, the leading drupeist, is Bole agent, and is distributing samples free to the afflicted. Largo packages 5G cents. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. for Over Flflr Yearn Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup hat been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their childrec while teething, wlih perfect success. It eoothos the child, softens the tfums. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea I» will relieve the poor little sufterer- Immediately. Sold by druRgi*ts in every part of the world. Twenty-five cente a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. One Wij to l« HippT- Is It at all times to attend to the comforts of your family. Should any one of them catch a slight co d or cough, prepare yourself and call 8*f once on Ben Fisher, 3:1 Fourth street, sole agent, and got a trial bottle of Olio's cure, the great German remedy, free. Wo give it away to prove that we have a pure cure for oougbt, oold», asthma, consumption, and all diseases- of the throat and lungs. Large slzee- 50 cents. When Baby WM lick, *« gave her CutorU. When the WM a Child, the cried for Castoriv When the became HIM, she clun* to Otrtori*. When she had Children, »he *»~t California Fruit Laxative Is nature'*own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plants which are known to have »• beneficial effect on the human pyntem. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it ii thorough and effective, and will afford a peimanen* cure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from * weak or Inactive condition of the kidney*. liver, stomach and boweli. For •»!• bj all druggurts atjiO ee»ti.a.N*tU. Children Cry for Pltoher'tOattdHa. Children Dry for Pitcher's Cattorla* If you are reduced in vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Old fort Wine, tbe very blood ol the ;rape. A grand tonic for nursing Bothers, and those reduced by wa»t- ,ng disease. It create* strength; improves the appetite; nature's own •emedy, much preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and over ive year* of age. Young wine ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Insist <m laving this standard brand, it eo«t» no more. $1 in quart bottle*. Bottled by Royal Wine o ChloafO. >r ale

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