Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1954
Page 11
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HOM ifAftf He?t» AjtKANSAi r ¥¥ ip 4' • is . fctfeft.fifad irtfe&M yearlings •""•'-" '*'-"- ffi- dcommefcial amt commercial „,„ ---- , few 1250; canncr cutter cows 63to.OO: shelly dofert to about 6.50' utility Wiereial, b,ull3 11.00- 3.0C. Stft , eutter- hulhi 8.00-10 SO; M. fchoWc vealehs 1900-33.00; Very few high choice and p»ifne 24,00-23.00; 'commci'eial to lew good culh Only 8 Jurors Set for Sheppard Trial ne spent in me mmf. Cleveland, oh., (UP) Ah eighth cldsin^ passages of his juror to try Dr. Samuel H. Shep- the Jewish Tercenenary. p a ft j^ for the Independence Day YORK, (tf) —President Hasn't forgotten the He Spent In the Army. murder. She said she would base: her decision on "truth instead of influence." fiefense Attorney William J. Cor- rlgaft, nursing a head cold, suc r cessfiilly worded his question about 'Other women" in Sheppard's life ito tne iiewisn ieitcucuoij-para ior me i""* 1 .^""' 1 "" •"•"••' "other women in anepparas me last night he had prepared jm urttei- of his wife was approved | without d rebuff from Common I and laudatory reference quickly J today and it appeared; thfe p^g Judge Edward 'Slythin, tie Deputy Files for City Clerk Job LITTE nbC!£ uTi Wf C. V/ar,? a deputy city clerk, horft. late yesterday filed as an iiidopendent cah- didate for th6 uheJcp'.ved. term of inal ana jauaaiorj' i<n.civi»«.«- cjuicKiy uraay uiiu " ajjftovcu: »u*. lu the Biblical prophet, Isaiah,'entire group would be sealed by who said: "the work' of righteous-.tomorrow, hess shall be peace." ,,,.,. When the President said it, It City Clerk M . Sun - day- .. C. Graham, who . . asked Mrs. Orenstein if she woul^ Friends of Wdro ^submitted a pe 6bey instructions from the bench" tition containing th« raquiicd mini •vear term, which would have expired Dec. 31, J036. Graham, city clerk for some 20 *cars, was president of the Avkoh sas Munibipal League and would bavfe presided at the annual convention here Friday and Saturday. A league spokesman sald'.tnc convention would be h?M as scheduled, Cuba produced eight million tons of sugar in 1952, but in 1953 production was limited by the government- t&> 5,700,000 tons, and the 5,400,000 tons in "1554. MOM,«TA», HOM, AKKAHSAi •2*i Calendar 'iiiujiuw. Ooey insiruuuuna iium n»c Mc«i^i*. imon coriiaiuiiig ti"; At;vivi.«.*.« ...... Mrs. Beatrice OrehStein, a.plump to disregard certain evidence if it.ber of signatures several hoilrs be- mlddle-aged housewife from sub* wa s shown that such evidence—the! fore last midnight's deadline for • . ' - > * r*ttr*1*e* When the President sam n, u middle-aged housewife from sub* was shown that such evidence—the fqre came out: "Private Isaiah." urban East Cleveland, took a place Defendant's extra-marital affairs— fiiiag. ' ' *— ————— .; j,,_ v !.„„ affpr Viripf attest- UaH tin hparihtf on the crime it- Wni in tne jury oox anei unc«. market moved irregularly higher•; ionin g by defense attorneys, in early afternoon as the pressure ...... The*jury box after brief quest- had no bearing on the crime it" self. lifted. - ,..,,. cents a bale, lower to 30 cents hi;?h- Mrs. Orenstein, mother of a 15- year old girl and 10-year-old boy said she would not be influenced The electrum used by ancieht Ware is a Democrat but filed as an independent so his name could be on the 1 Nov. 2 general election ballot.. He will be the only candi J.ne eiecirum usea uy HHUICIII, uuuui.., iic vr*»i_ *.- ••— ^ - faeople was about 75 per cent gold date for the clerk's job. •uraharh " r . . . .1 . 1=._i —i,,«*«>i ;*-. 10^') tn 'A tntir- and 25 per cent silver. was last elected in 1952 to a four NOTICE—I am now Bar-Baaing Ray's gfarid prlzfe Grade-A chlckehs exclusively. Thfty are tender, hickdry Smoked juicy and Delicious. Try.Ortftl BURT'S 8AM-Q Reap AA.P and thufsday October 21 The Ladies Altar Society ol tfte Catholic church will have its annual spaghetti supper on Thursday night, October 21, from 6 until 8 at the Parish Hall on Third street, (pickets can be purchased from members -o£ the parish or by call- ing'7-2601. Relieve Suffering Fast'-Eifebtively with 'cJuty, ,, . * H€6p l.d&O: lambs not full? es Inbllfched; few oporiin-' sales slrUntf; Sfflfcll «>'« choice and torSme up to 2100 J other early (teles good to print- 1 3.00-20. £0; Utility '(trade down to 14.00; culls 10,00-13.00; slaughter ewes 300400. . ''NSW YORK STOCKS MEW YORK i#)The> Stock Mar- liet moved hlfeher today, with steel shares taking ovev the .leadership Advanee^ we'nt to, a point or two in key stocks. Buyers a\«i sought the motor.- television, ^aim-aft, ce ehl'and nirline stocks. The steels becum* active in late morning, when 1ar«c clock* ap- tierfred on the tape. Within a short tihle, issues like Inland Steel, Arm joV.'VmmBstown, / Bethlrjhem and Republican wore - ahead a point or vnbre.'U S. Steel was up fraction ally- at a new high. , POULTRY AND, PRODUCE CHICAGO ' (UP Produce: Live, poultry^ Market steady. 13 Crutfk's. • . ,' No Chicago - poultry board pric etiabges 'today. ; . VButte'r; 705,104, pounds. Marko 'steady. 83 score 59'/ 4 -59',i cents pound; '92 scoVe '58; 00 scor *56; 89 scor'O' 59Kt: carlots: score 57'/4; 89 scorn 58'A. Eggs: 30,584 cakes. Marke steady to firm. While large <? tras 80-69.0 pec cent A and ove 40 cents a dozen; mix<"l Int'fle c tras 6069.0 per cent A and ovc 38; mediums 6009.9 'por cent and 'over 25; standards 23; cu rent receipts .23»/ 2 ; dirties S; checks J8}&.' NEW YORK COTTON NEW' ' "XOR, KW. Cotton fii tores were' under/hpavy pressure qf nidging v an l} dUquidaiion in early .today. JLosses , were held SAVING'S A CINCH... WITH OUR "ALL AMERICAN" RIG.,. . .. , to' cheqk^ however,, l>y good tracld buying, each.- ppint 'down and ,tho -Buildings Car, be con & Saturday PANEL CURTAINS These ' panels ' are size, 27x81 qnd are regular 1,9? values, Anniversary special price only 99c LITTLE GIRLS RAYON PANTIES rayon panties ar« In 8, 10 and 12, Extra special Anniversary price. 6 For $1.00 UADIES NYLON PANTIES f :i Another real 'Anniversary special. These are in sizes small, medium and large. 39c UPIE5 FALL BLOUSES ar§ In pretty l,fall cplors ypu will Si2e532to38. Special 11.00 I SAENGER LAST DAY "Lv * FEATURE TIMES • i 2:00 -3:39 - 5:34 - 7:29 - 9:24 0 O \ Mr. Pig, everyone's choice for "All • •American.", has an outstanding record, which makes him the perennial favorite, in any conference. FIRST- in Self Service; FIRST - in Courtesy; FIRST - in Cleanliness: FIRST - in t ....'' handling Nationally Advertised, Top Quality Merchandise'i. , ; AND .. .you 0 $> receive a valuable "S & H" Green ^ , / . Stamp on every'dime you spend at <£\ Piggly Wiggly. . . and remember . . . -^-^ you can depend on Piggly Wiggly to "Hold That Line" against climbing prices. BEST MEAT IN TOWN PRICES EFFECTIVE FRI.& SAT., OCT. 22 & 23 SHORTS: 1. Leon Errol Comedy , 2. Goofy Color Cartoon 3. News of the Day FRI. &SAT. BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM! • ALSO • Hope Chapter 328, O. E. S. will meet Thursday, October, 21. There will be a pot luck supper at 6:30 followed by a friendship meeting at 8 o'clock. All members arc invit- Main & Country Club Rds. • Tonito & Friday • BARGAIN NITES All You Can Load Up in a Car, Truck, Ambulance or Wheelbarrow ... 50c! The Great Everglades . Indian. Wars! • ROCK HUDSON • BARBARA HALE "SEMINOLE" TECHNICOLOR! PINTO FRESH, PRESSED. HENS Cello Pkg. THIS IS NOT AN ERROR A Tune Swinging Western!' Charles Starretf SONS of the PIONEERS "TWO-FISTED RANGERS" Chapter 7 of Serial "MANHUNT IN THE (J... AFRICAN JUNGLE" & Cartoon, "Dr. Jekyll's Hide" 1. Bugs Bunny Cartoon 2. "Magic Movie Moments" SATURDAY ONLY! Lb. YAH CAMP'S BRISKET Lb. WITH BEANS 300 Con DRY SALT Lb. Us. STARTS ' * SUNDAY FROM THE SENSATIONAL flEST-SELLING NOVEL! ' ^ FOUNTAIN Home Center Values VAN CAMP'S HEAD. START .PLAIN NO BEANS BRACH HANDI PAG . -.TRICK OR TREAT 55 Assorted Cello Pkgs. Clifton WEBB Dorothy McGUIRE Jean PETERS Louis JOURDAN OH STAGED IN PERSON THE 8th WONDER OF THE WORLD the SIAMESE TWINS THE HILTON SISTERS DAISY AND VIOLET * The Only Siamese Twins in the world making • personal appearances on stage. Your once- in-a-lifetime chance to see them in person. DOG FOOD BRACH HALLOWEEN POPS BAKE RITE SHORTENING ] ASSORTED JELLO i FRENCHES GROUND BLACK PEPPER AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE MIX n CURTJS'S WHITE OR PASTEL Marshmallows TRICK OR TREAT BABY RUTH MINIATURES 24 To / Bag Pkgs 4 Ox, Can 39c FROZE N FOODS 11/4U. Pkg, 10 Ox, Pkg. DRISCOLL FROZEN SfAWBERRIES 1* SPINACH 101 0*, Can 100*. Pkg. 19c ISc Best Produce in Town GRAPEFRUIT 5 r 39c V lions 3( POTATOES 10,::'39c NO, 1 PASCAL c 40 Denier Nylon SHOWN, GNU W« HISIIVI TNI - Embroidered scolloped collar with fine pleating. Shorf sleeves, and button front. Uovely, 40 denier nylon . . . just rinse out and hang up, no ironing required. White, pink, light blue, navy, magnolia and l?lack, Sizes 32 to 40, (See, our Mgny otb$r §tyl§s) ed to attend. Saturday October 23 The Melody Maids will meet Saturday, October 23, at 10 a. m with Kay Ray. Hinton Home Demonstration Club ill have a bake sale on Saturday October 23. Cakes will be deliver id in Hope and to order a cake.-cal 7-2012. Funds -Will be used for the club house.. . i .^ Sunday October 24 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Perry Hob irtson, Sr., will entertain at a re ception on Sunday, ' October 24 from 3 till 5 p. m. at the Barlow Hotel in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. been sent. Cards have Tuesday October 26 The P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet Tuesday, October 26, at the home of Mrs. Jim McKcnzic at 3 p. m. 'P H mm& W a^Utf m pB. «lr IIW KP" ™^f II ( 9 W .irfj-rjA* > ,i.r Kathleen Mallory Circle o£ the First Baptist Church will meet at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, October 26, in the home of Mrs. Horace Hubbard, 212 E. IGth. Mrs. Horton Hostess To Martha Hairston Circle On " Monday afternoon, October 18, the Martha Hairston Circle of the First Baptist Church met in the home of the leader, Mrs. Franklin Horton. The meeting' was opened with B. T. U. Young Adult Class Has Potluck Supper* The log cabin at the Experiment Station was the scene of the wiener roast and potluck supper given Tuesday evening by the Young Adults of the Baptist Training Union. George Thompson, president of the group led in the introduction of guests. Hubert Thrash, Training Union Director, gave a short talk on the future plans of the Training Union. Mrs. Jennings Cox and Mrs. George Thompson were acting social chairmen. After a social hour, the group was dismissed by the singing of "Bless Be the Tie That Binds." led by Mrs. Homer Beyerley. The following families were present: Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and Gleh; Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Thrash, Linda and Larry; Mr. arid Mrs. Jennings Cox, Bobby, David and Van; Mrs. Earl Bailey, Marilyn and Margaret; Mr. and and Mrs. James Head, Judy Katherine- and Richard; Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Ree* den, Joseph Bratton and Bernicce; Mr. aAd Mrs. James' Relford, Mary, Charles, Anita Faye and Rita Joe; Mr. and Mrs. Windlc Thompson and Wlnda Jean; .Mrs. Pauline Gilbert and Billy Wayne; Mrs. Homer Beyerlcy and Charles; Mrs. W. E. Nutt and Shcrrill; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. O'Neal, David and Linda; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Catlctt, David, Lloyd and Susan; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil O'Stcen, Randy and Lindy. Mrs. Burroughs Hostess To Business Woman's. Circle The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church met Monday night, October 18, in the home of Mrs. F. J. Burroughs. Following the business session and reports of the committees, the meeting was turned over to the program chairman, Miss Annie Sue JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings Act FasL „ ,FIfiHT ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY DRUG STORE Super Anahl&t APC Compound VWtM t- VICK'S INHALift ,*• _ Afffii BABYKOF SYRUP Soothing. 4-dUfie* . 4 •»% *« *Ae O5J Medical Science is on the • March Your PhMTfudat ts proud to keep PK» •ith the anoint n** *Avumas and di»»verl« of ' medical acienc*. You e*n count on him to offer the t»ylaltttpnixddrugsmaHattf— tobrin»ynu today, the w> J»u in np-lo-<i«t«.p««criptlon wrvice. . We have filled over one third _« mlllton prescVlptlons. yj Mrs. Bsnry Haynes loading in prayer. Following a. short business ses-. sion. the twenty-third Psalm was repented in unison. Mrs. Haynes. mission study chairman, was introduced by Mrs. Horton. She presented an interesting article from the book entitled "Pilgrimage to Brazil." The first chapter was given in the form o£ a skit with Mrs. Horton and .Mrs. Homer Beyerley assisting. The -hostess invited the group into Jhe dining room where they were served individual cakes, coffee, mints and nuts from a table covered w^th a lace cloth and centered with an attractive floral arrangement. Mrs: Frank Douglas presided at the 'coffee service, and Mrs. Arch Moore served the cakes, nuts and mints. . There were 14 members, one new member, Mrs. Fred Barr, and one visitor present. ( C. W. F, Circles '" ; Have Joint Meeting ' The Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church met Tuesday evening at the church for a joint meeting of Circles 1, 2, and 3. Dinner was served buffet style in the Fellowship Hall. Roses were used to decorate the "U" shaped table. There were 30 members and two guests, Mrs. W. R. Dixon and Mrs. Dale Dunn of Dallas, present. A brief business session was held, with Mrs Ernest Graham presiding. It was voted to give ten dollars to the United Church Women. Circle 1, Mrs. Carl Smith, leader, had the most members present. The program on "The City of Joy" and "Stewardship" was presented by the study chairman, Mrs. Oliver Adams. Taking part were Mrs. Robert Gayle, Mrs. Floyd Portcriicld, Mrs. Clinc Franks, Mrs. B. L. RcUig, Mrs. George Wright, Mrs. Al Parks and Mrs. Gladine Morris. Andres, who presented a program entitled "Make Straight a Highway for Our God." She was assisted by Mrs. Lois Russell, Mrs. J. T. Bowden, Jr., Mrs. Thelma Moore, Miss Ruby McKce and Mrs. M. S. Bates. A dessert plate was served to 19 members and one guest. Coming and Going Branch Admitted: Mr. Sherman Wilson, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Velma Leverett, Texarkana... Julia Chester Admitted: Elizabeth Smith, Ful- SAL HEPATICA Laxative-antacid 69' 4-oz. Bry!cre@m Hair Dress In Handy tube C 39 C MINERAL OIL U.S.P. QUAUtY. PINT FQH (ti»ui) HEINZ BABY FOOD inker's Approved ^.VARIETIES .....>.......^... ...>... V ..^. A .,._..... Won't leak-stain . . i Five barrel colors. SWEETHEARTS] TOILET SOAP. RES. Sltt (Limit J) . . .**-..» WAX PAPER MOIST.TEX. ECONOMY SIZE HOU. (Limit 1) Kur Exlrs \Hcal Oitjhosc Chilly Mornings A Winter Must... 12-Inch Focalipse Electric HEATER Portable K2§ Your Dollar Buys MORE at Our Storo HOUSEHOLD VALUES! ,'\t f e* J 6 ™ In graham Movement 40-hr. APEX Alarm Clock Guaranteed dependable. Bargain buy ... Baked ivory finish case. ton. ... Discharged: Mr. Leland Latshaw, Fulton, Mr. Joe McBride, Rosston. . A complete 700 million dollar synthetic rubber industry was created in 18 months during World War II Jn the United States. LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 'days a week After 5 appointments for the working fiirls Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 Ruth Hoelscher 112 S. Main Jancll Roberts ALKA SELTZER Tube 25 tablets 5-ot. Fletcher's CASTORIA Kiddies' laxative . Reg. S 2.79 New Deiign'L' BOX of 12 MODESS,; Super.' O «J •: ' "PetcaSofr^j'; 49' CASTOR OIL ***** t*n t Save at Walgieon's. *4-ounce ,' Uv't 45 e ESS. PEPPERMINT QQc U S.P. quality. 1-ounco ...... ! .OO ' 29° TINCTURE IODINE -)Oc Minor cuts, bruise?. 1-oz.,,. . &U LACTO BISMADINf -' CQc Aids upset stoiftach. 6-02. • ., 1,0*1 r, DOLPH LINIMENT. E ' 7Qc For sore muscles. Bounce .". .h' 1 ,*'.- 2-Tone Dial DARBY ALARM 4o : hr. -f 58 wind . I . *. Masteicraft ELECTRIC HEAT PAD 4-way. n9Q switch "T VUETTE, Book 'n Bed Clip-on Lite "i 98 I I Lightweight No-Shok Extension Cord Prevents short circuits—fire' ' CQ ,hazard. '9-foo't cord. 'Reg. 8S C . .'99 STOP MASTITIS F!AST! 'Dr. Hess Pen-F2 kills all Mastitis germs, gets cow back in production. Tube 98c JUST ARRIVED , A fresh shipment of Russell Stovec candies :,... Pound box $1.25 Absorbic Acid OLAFSEN^ ' ,VITAMIN C 100 — i ,. '"">'?] GOSPEL MEETING Walnut Street Church of Christ Here's i r f ,> : that's sweeping Buick to record sa/es in October! m, BUICK BONUS Hear Brother Pierce Adams, of Harrison ,Ark., In a series of Gospel Meetings at the Walnut Street Church cf Christ here In Hope, Beginning Monday night, October 18 thru 87, Services each evening at 7:30, You arc not' invited to come hear something sensationally new, but rather you are promised that the'message of eternal wisdom will Trieet your spiritual needs as completely as if they had been spoken by the Master only yesterday. You are given the assurance that much genuine joy awaits you at every service. Congregational singing will characterise every bervlce. EVERY ONE 18 KINDLY Record-making allowance in October One look at the national sales figures tells you this; Buick is outselling every other car in America — regardless of price class — except two of the "low-priced three." And just to keep sales soaring—we're willing to give a whale of an allowance this month—to keep success rolling in high. So come in —get a car and a deal that ore too good to miss. The spectacular 200-np Buick ClNTUfY-* America's hjg/ie5f-horsepower-per-c/o//ar car —and priced next (o Bvicfc's lowest. BUICK BONUS Higher resale value Year after year, Buicks have always carried a high resale value. But the 1954 Buick has an even bigger edge in its year-ahead styling, It will still be fresh and new-looking when other '55 models come out. So the new Buick you buy today will keep you plenty of dollars ahead when you trade it in. Tomorrow's styling today • iT'\>i,j BUICK BONUS You can see It on every nety Buick on glamorous new-day styling keynotes' by - r ^ y broad panoramic windshield that most other cfllrs won't have till 1955 pr later,,And wi " " advanced styling, you get Bulck's r^cprd'J power, luxurlQUS room pr^d comfprt, )hat Million Dollar Rlde-and oil /or prices"' /usf a few dollars above those of the "low-price three," Result? Buick is npw Qutsf all other cars In America except "low-price three"! •• '' * - i, «<*»' fcttU* Sales are Soar/ng J __-««W" ll ^' lfr '" l ?" > "'V 11 5/-" r "' ''.v'" 1 '} ^• 1 '' n '"T..i Wl ™___ ^P" WHfN B«TfR AUTQMOMUf Iton S. Hughes, local evangelist Bio. Pierce Adame will ^pp B tllfjr PlUi ^Rjf ^^^^ ^BW ^* ^^^ »?» ^MSS^ii^^' 1

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