Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 8, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1894
Page 1
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MARCH 8, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. fi ooaponiqfdlflen>nt data* and 10o«nli attorn ifio current number of Art Polttt- los. See auvwtiiienient. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 8,1894. NO. 58. The Hard Times 'Eke agitation of the silver question, nor the fate Wleon Bill have impeded our progress. of the And Why Not? Because the Congress of our friends and patrons have voted uaani nou*]y "Aye," as to the strength and desirability of our early and recent purchases, Our line of Spring Dress Goods, Silks and White Goods, Trimmings and Laces. j Our now Hosiery, Underwear and Gloves never met with such nnai imorts favor from every one that saw them and learned our very low prices, You, who haven't visited us yet are most cordially invited to the ever bu?y BEE HIVE, 315 Fourth St., Wiler & Wise. The Keeley Institute, MfVRION, IND. For the cure of the Liquor, Morphine.Tobacco, and all other drug addictions. Absolute Freedom, No Suffering, No Sore Arms* No Impairment if the Health. The Institute at Marion, Ind., is authorized by Dr. Leslie E. Keeley, and the treatment is identical with that given by him at Dwight, His. 'Write for terms of treatment and other information. Ail correspondence strictly confidential. THE KEELEY INSTITUTE CO., Marion, Ind. SUCCESS AT LAST! 1 The World Moves; Science Is Triumphant! But Its greatest triumph is In the cure of dlMwe. and Its greatest sue. oets is APOSLOLI'S treatment for Diseases of Women But to be successful It must be applied by tho skillful hand of the SPECIAL- 1ST. The Physicians of The Logansport Medical And Surgical Institute Have beon using this treatment with the GREATEST SUCCESS and by Its use have, in this Tlolulty, restored hundreds of suffering women to health and happiness after physicians had failed. It la not painful and no exposure it necessary. They also treat all Chronic and Private Diseases. CONSULTATION FREE. CALL AND SEE THEM at 417 Market St. CLEARED DP. The Mystery of the Deiter (Mioh.) Bank Robbery Explained. Assistant Cashier Gregory Confesses That He Alone Committed the ' Crime— The Monev Recovered. 1 BID IT HIM8KLI". D«TEn,Mich.,March7.— O.C, Gregory, assistant, cashier of the Dexter savings bank, has confessed to Detective liaker, of Detroit, that he himself stole the 18,800 from the vault of tho bank last Thursday, and that his story of being attacked by masked robbers is a fiction. What led to 'the confession, was tho finding of over |8QO concealed in a room back of the bantc. Tho detective suspected Gregory, who was arrested on Tuesday. ,, ":, '. Story of the Alleged llobbory. Last Thursday morning Cashier Newkirk found young Gregory lying upon the floor.pf the .bank vault apparently unconscious. His head was bruised. ThU helped out, his story that he had bean sandbagged by two masked men after they had compelled him to open the .Vault at the point of a pair of revolvers, Coin and bills were found scattered ajl'.oter the floor of the vault and i&, 11)8 was missing, including a bag oi.gold.j^nd a bag 'of silver coin. Gregory, appeared to be quite severely hurt, a|i(5''r.C 1 <K}vered slowly. Jn tho after- ,jy> appeared upon the streets was the hero of the . ' .was a mystery so far as tli'ijf svyp'pojsed robbers were concerne % d, as . npt.a soul hod been seen to either lea)r.e'or ejb^er..the bank tliat morning, nor''hajj[J.>"trah'gers been seen in the town. "In ' Jjiays. Then the robbers' knowledge '.of the hour of open- Ing th'o! b°an,k, the fact .that' Gregory was aiony,'>arly and _ that ,tije time lock released its hold at 7:30 o'clock seemed peculiar. But Gregory was not suspected by either bank officials or.-the people. The local officers were all at sea, although (750 offered for the capture of the crooks and the return of the money put them on their mettle. Found. Some C»»h. Monday night the bank people sent to Detroit for Detective Jlaker of the municipal service. It seems he at onoe suspected Gregory. At noon he searched an unused room in the rear of the bank offices. Behind a box up against the rear of the vault was found the two bags containing $311 in gold and 1888 In silver coin stolen from the vault. Gregory had not been at the bank during the entire forenoon, as he said he was in pain from his sandbagging. He was requested to step ov«r to the bank and did so at once, suspecting nothing. lie Contested. The trend of Baker's questions soon startled htm, however, and when the detective produced the bags of coin and charged him with the job the boy went all to pieces and con- fcwed. He said the remainder of the money, 13,109, was at home In a drawer. It waa found there shortly after. Gregory broke down and cried like a child when he met his father, He said he did not know why he did it, as he had no urgent use for the money. •He had thought of the scheme for some time. He waa at once arrested and taken to jail. Dabbled In Polities. A strange feature of the sensation Is that the young man's father, J. V. N. Gregory, was on Monday elected mayor of Dexter, defeating- H. Wirt Newkirk, cashier of the bank, under whom the young man worked. Young Gregory hlmsels was a candidate on the village democratic ticket for treasurer with his father, but was defeated. Be baa been treasurer of the Tillage for the last two years. Whether or not his accounts with the Tillage are straight is as yet unknown. Gregory says to make his sandbagging' story good he buoked his head repeatedly against tho vault door until he nearly fainted with pain. Gregory Is 89 years of age and as far as known ha* no vices. His salary waa fairly liberal, and both his own people and his wife's fr.ther had been generous to him. Hit wi:!e is hut 30 years of age, pretty, sensible and a favorite in society. .She ia prostrated by the shook, and mosningly denies the truth of the story. It is not believed Gregory has evsr played card* for money or speculated in any form. _ Kpldentlo of Hleeoaths. Niw YOBK, March 7.— There Is an epidemic of hiccoughs in this city and Brooklyn. No less than twelve persons are now hiccoughing their lives away, while two died from the disease last week. Frederick Morris has been taken to the Chambers street hospital to be treated for the hiccoughs. The doctors say he cannot recover. To JdVMtls»te the Troj Murder. ALBANY, N. Y., March 7.— Senator Mullin has Introduced in : the senate a resolution 1 providing that the senate committee now investigating the elections in cities shall have their power extended so that the election in Troy and the murder of Tuesday may be in-. yes tl gated. _ : •.''"'• Coal Miner! Compromise. ; x SJPoMEBOr, 0., March 7.— After a session between the miners and; operators: !iti'f-<£>urtlij-edui.-tion was accepted. All miners in the I'oracroy bend will re SUme work at two cents per bushel giving employment to V!,000 men. This holds good to May 1. NEW YORK~~ELECTIONS. Heavy Republican (inlrn Are K«porte<l Throughout thn Htute. NEW YORK, March 7.—The election returns from tho various counties of tho state show decided republican gains. They Imvn made gains in some districts that the dnmocrats held to be essentially their own. In Geneva the republicans made a clean sweep. Every one of their candidates was elected by an overwhelming majority. In Rochester the republicans are jubilant over the outcome of the election, their candidate for mnyor having been elected by a majority of probably 8,000. In Little Falls not a single democrat was elected. Every town in Wayne county shows republican gains. In Gloversville the board of aldermen is entirely republican. The returns from Rockland, Washington, Essex, Clinton and Greene counties nil show that the republicans have either held their own or made large gains, lansingburjj elected tho entire republican ticket by over 1,200 majority. Last year the democratic majority was B85. Saratoga t;omily went republican by increased majorities. In Ithaca tho republicans pained a decided victory. The Dntchess county board of supervisors will have n republican majority of thirteen. Last year the democrats elected fourteen supervisors. Tuesday they elected seven. Albion went democratic. In Oneida county the republicans h»ve gained one seat in tho board of supervisors. Jn Troy the vote polled was as heavy as that cast in the presidential year. With a few districts missing the vote for mayor shows that Molloy, the regular democrat, lias defeated Whelan, the independent, by 1,400 votes. FIGHTING FOR OFFICE. Arfumeutf liefore the Hupreine Court In Michigan Amendment Caics. LANSING, Mich,, March 7.— Arguments wero made in the supreme court Tuesday in the quo warranto proceedings brought to determine tho title of Secretary of State Jochim, Treasurer Hambltzer and Land Commissioner Berry to their respective offices. They still hold possession in spite of the orders of removal made by Gov. Bich tws weeks ago. By stipulation, of counsel a test was made in the case of Secretary of Stuto Jochim, the two other officials being bound to abide by the result The principal argument for the officials was made by Fred A. Baker, of Detroit, who denied the power of the governor to remove hi* client*, for any neglect of duty in their capacity at canvassers. Mr, Baker was 'followed by Harrison Qeer, chief counsel for Gov. Rich. Mr. Geer said if the governor had power to remove such power oould, not be reviewed by the courts. Col Atkinson, of Detroit, closed the case for the officials. He contended that the offente charged did »ot constitute gross neglect and showed the impossibility of the secretary's glTlng all the duties put upon him by the constitution personal attention. He denied the competency of the governor to act as judge after having preferred the charges. It is not thought the court will file an oplon in this oase before April 1. FIRED ON THE BRITISH. Encounter Between Portujueie and Bine Jackets In Afrtoe, POBT NATAL, March 7.—The Portuguese having obstructed the progress of the British parties engaged in constructing the telegraph line between the British sphere and Tete, on the Zambesi, Lieut • and . Commander George 8. Q. Csrr, in command of the Stell •tern-wheel gunboat Mosquito, eighty-two tons, landed a party of blue-jackets from the river gunboat referred to, in order to protect the men at work upon the telegraph line. The Portuguese fired upon the British landing party and the fire waa returned. The latest advices from the scene of the encounter say that GOT. QulUimane, the Portuguese official in charge of the district within the Portuguese boundaries, has been summoned to the spot where the conflict took place, and he is said to be on his way there with two Portuguese gun boats and a number of troop* Collapee of » Building-. PAWTUCKST, K. L, March 7.—The north wall of the Spence block, in Main street square, fell at 6 SO o'clock a. m., crushing-in the roof of Edward Smith's wholesale liquor store, adjoining. The Eycnlnir Post, published In the Spence block, is a heavy loser by the accident The building was erected in 1874. ^ ' Bad • Broken Heart, TOLEDO, 0., March7.—Sewell E. Parker, aged 23, died here of a broken heart, an 'examination showing that that organ was literally rent in two. Parker's father died recently from a slmilaj- cause, bis ailment being superinduced, by worry over the misdeeds of his npw dead boy. ... ,]S Confirmed. r - -'f • .v WASHINGTON, March 7.4The senate has confirmed the TWO OF A KIND. Southern Indiana Startled by Pair of Tragedies. Unknown Assassins Kill Fsrmer Geer in His Own Home—Another Murdered on the Highway. 8I.AJN" AT NIGHT. JEPFKRSONVILLK, Ind., March 7.— Stephen Geer, an aged German farmer residing in the suburbs of this city, was shot down in his own doorway Monday night by an unknown assassin. He was awakened by the furious barking of a dog, and going to the door found the animal crouching on the steps and howling as if mad. As he opened this door Geer received a charge of buckshot and sing* full in the breast, and he fell to the floor dead, one of the slugs having pierced his heart. The assassin's tracks were found in tho yard and wore traced half a mile by blood hounds, owned in tho neighborhood. The hounds lost the trail at the cabin of ^ro named Paul Jones on the banks of the Ohio river.' It is thought that if the nfitfro hud been guilty of the crime the hounds \.onld have attaekec him. und therefore ho is not under suspicion. Geer had no known enemies and there is no trace of the murderer. MlHtn on Mm Illg-liway. William liowman was murdered by highwaymen Tuesday nijjht near St. Joseph's Hill, 15 miles away. He was robbed and afterward shol. Bowman •was in tho city Tuesday, and assisted to ferret out the assassin of Geor. Ho s known to have considerable money on his person. His body was found in the roid with a wound in tho abdomen and his pockets rifled. Chloroformed by liurfflftni. There was a wholesale chloroforming of residents by burglars in this city vlouday night. Tho entire family of ?"rank Briggs wore put under the in luence and the house ransacked. A large amount of money waa taken by the burglars. It was several days before the victims could be revived. The home of William Quick was then visited and the family chloroformed Next the burglars visited Frank Bayers' home. Here they chloroformed the entire family, but secured n6 plunder. THE STATE AT LAEGE. Interesting Information from To 1 In Indiana. SMOTHERED. B*d r»t. of In B«lplu> York. . NEW YOBK, March T. — Mrs. Margaret Glasson, wifa of Frederick Glatsoo, of 433 WMt Thirty-sixth street, was •lowly smothered to death while lying' ill and unable to more on a lounge in her home Tuesday night. There are four children in the family, but Tuesday night when Glasson went downstairs to send for some medicine for bis wife he left no one with her on the fourth floor except their youngest child Frances, aged t>. The child went into the kitchen and orerturned a lamp, setting the house on fire. She screamed bat Mrs. Glasson was unable to more. When help finally eame the woman was dead and the child unconscious in the hallway. Frances waa taken to RooseTelt hospital Glasson Is greatly distressed orer his wife's death. The fire was extinguished before it bad done much damage. TARIFF BILL DELAYED. Be B«- ^__ nomination:- Oiv Charles Jones, of Wisconsin, to be consul general at St Petersburg, gcnmtor Voorheu Hmjt It Will parted la Ten Dun. WASHINGTON, March 7. — Senator Voorbees told the senate that it would be impossible to report the tariff bill to the senate before ten days. He had risen to speak on a motion made earlier in the day to refer the bland seigniorage bill to the finance committee. De did not object to debating the Bland bill DOW in the meantime, and when the tariff bill was ready to report he would promise that the Bland bill, if reported to the finance committee,; would not be burled, but would be reported back to the senate without unnecessary delay. There wan a majority in the committee in favo* of the bill, of which majority he was one. Strata HU Own Check. NEW YOBK. March 7.— H. Simmel, a broker on a small scale who was caught short in sugar Tuesday, has disappeared and with him went a check for WOO, which he- recalled from the clearing house, ostensibly to see that it was correct Bis indebtedness will probably reach 18,000. Siromel will doubtless be captured and prosecuted for grand larceny. D«»th of Boiton'i R1cb»«t Woman. BOSTOH, March 7.—Mr*. Mary Ua-n- enway, the widow of Augustus Homen- way," died at her resilience Tuesday after a long illness, aged 05. She was the daughter of Timothy Tidefton, a prominent merchant of New York, and was herself the richest woman in Boston, possessing a fortune estimated at $15,000,000. BBANTFOKD, Ont., March 7.—Grand river is blocked with ice. In West Brantford houses and streets aro flooded with water to the depth of 0 .feet. One houw l»as been washed »way. Broken Up at I.ut. LEBANON, Jnd., March 7.—-The last of the famous Patterson gang of hora* thieves and burglars has been captured, and Tuesday the entire band of eight were behind the bars. Th.'ir chief. Homer Patterson, waa arrcst»d in 1802 and given a long sentence. Three weeks ago the rendezvous was discovered only 2 miles east of this city, and the officers surrounded it, capturing Elr.a A in bury, who had been selected to succeed Patterson a> chief; Jesse Arborgast, Charles Wert and Elmer King, all well-known crooks. Jesse Hall was caught a few days later in the act of robbing the house of John Day, of this city. Elmer Flemming was lodged in jail Tuesday morning after an exciting chase. Throw l>lc« for the Girl. FORT WATNIC, Jnd.. March 7.— Th«> marriage of E. E. Crout, alias Willard, and Miss Myrtle Shields last work, after an acquaintance of only a. fe^ hours, is developing some sensational features. Two brothers of the younff woman came here from Payne Tuesday and consulted Prosecutor Colerick in. the matter. They allfigo that Crout has a wife and child living in Chicago* and tliat he is a bigamist It develop* tliat Crout and a friend, "Jim" Loamy, of Chicago, threw dice for Miss Shield* ond Crout iron, and, going to her, introduced himself as Willard. Ucbato with Their Flutn. COLUMBUS, Jnd., March 7. — During a debate at the St Croix schoolhousa Monday night a small riot was caused by the officers levying and enforcing a fini of a few cents on two of the members, who claimed that the fine was the work of spite and that the offenses of other members were overlooked. The two sides ranged for battle, which ended by two brothers, Louis and Emery Robinet, being- selected to settle the) affair by personal combat. Louis battered Emery in a most barbarous manner. _^____ Crmnk LocK»rt Up. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 7.— Mayor Denny had an exciting adventure with a crank Tuesday who threatened to "blow up the courthouse and all city official* unless the unemployed in thi city were at once given reman**** tire employment. The man refused to give his name, but claimed to be a labor agitator recently from Chicago. He rushed from the mayor's offloe to carry out his threats and wa> captured and placed in jail. Funds for County TrcMorto. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March T. — Attorney General Smith got a decision frasa. the suprnme court Tuesday that the legislative act requiring school corporations and trustees to pay into their respective county treasuries the unexpended balance at the end of eftoh, school year is constitutional This wflt result in 1100,000 or more being paid. every county in the state having held back the unexpended balance. Will Be the Lara-eet file Work*. AicDKiuoir, Ind., Marnh 7.— Contract* were let by the Arcade File Worin company Tuesday for a 40x8» (Milion to the company's prevent plant. The addition. like tW present building-, will be of brick and stone, and four »toriM high. When in full operation the factory will be the largest of the kind la the United States. Six hundred me* will be employed. Cnttlnr Down Expenses. FOBT WAYXB, Ind., March 7.— Th« Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne A Chicago railway is reducing expenses to the owest possible figure, and Tuesday it was decided to take oft two regular passenger trains each way. The accommodation trains between Chlc»f> and this city and the acoommodattom trains betwen here and Plymouth wilt not be run after next Sunday. Tax CM*. , Ind.. March?.— Advide* from Washington say the supreme oojsrt has advanced the Indiana tax CMM which involve the constitutionality of the law of 1891 for hearing March M. RaQroads are the appellant* against the state treasurer. Halt Cea*e Work. Mrwcr*, Ind., March 7. The humane officers of this city hare announced that all boys and girl* maetor 12 years of age must cease labor fa AB factories and mills, as the statmte directs. Hundred* are working ha the factories here. Death of Ur. PowelL MITCHELL, Ind., March 7. — Dr. Jv XL Powell, of the firm of Burton & Powell, who had his skull broken by beinff thrown from a train on February 14, died Tuesday morning. Over the F»ll>. NIAGARA FALLS. N. V., March 7.— Edwin Whitney, a young boy, saw the body of a woman on a lar^e cu.k« ( ice go down through the rapids off the American shore Tuesday mornistr. Whitney's statement is substantiated by several men, who described the body as having on a dark dress and could partly sec the face. The body lay on. the cake and must have been litotes*. It passed over the American falls and •went down under the lo; bridge. t

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