Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1954
Page 2
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V^V^A^,ZV "v>. •*,, - MO ft STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Wedniiday, defober 20, 1954 - .' < #*: Some acfof tft'ifvft, Stifch a tfeJftM H e' Tto Come his .of lha' test H must pictures at I'ye been 1 plcture*i time. Now with Fredrle Ate Hours.' his and of USPECT Hugh Lawrence Nelson Cii the Top 9! a &»t rock in the ----- >*-** ~ rv ashisown tthe hole Stind its trtl<JdJe Of th , ttsvfttvet. J) f UVMLijLUjtjl C*CI uiVsrco in pointed dircc through tyhlch ... path of cidt to IHe ,'Jim waded In. Tha wnter was e&ld, but with the heated overflow from Hie swimming pool on the other side, of the rock barrier, .it did not have the deadly cramping Chill as It swirled against his legs He pushed past the flat rock, stum- blin| "ovet water-rounded stones, end reached the cavern entrance. The path he followed ended abruptly in cold, damp stone. He left hid rock path. wided into this hew .frdol, found the urtdetsurface opening which let water gush taroti&h. A large enough opening CO ,th6 force of water was not too greit for passage. He filled his lungs and dove beneath th6 surface. He inched along the passage, cWwing al any projection from the water-smoothed wallS'Which would alv escant hand' Pain and determination* He pulled himself into shallow Water, splashed along the creek, * o| spray f e ii f u n length on the bank near ""*" *-""-'-his jeep. He coughed, retched, managed at last to replace sortie Water with life-giving air. He pulled himself to his knees, began trawling toward the jeep. H i s strength came back quickly, let him get erect into the car. He atarted the motor, left the jeep in low gear and drove up the winding would serve as Corks, partial Corks. Held by the current, leaving art opening large enough for water, impossible for passage of even Nancy's body * He found the boulders, tha rounded rocks, there. Each ; of them weighing possibly 100 pounds, each of them moving with the push of water to 'close the 1 death trap still tighter. He found the rock which pressed go brutally against Nancy's limp body. He clawed at it. His nails tore away from numbed fingers as they slipped from the rounded surface. • He clawed again, reached past the rounded crown of the rock. There Was a slight ridge, a formation of some harder rock which had resisted water action. His fingers clenched on it. He pulled. He road. • His panting breath seemed to keep time with, the snarl of the motor. '• ' ' Jim did not overestimate his ability. He knew he did not have the strength to try again against the current. But from the other side With the current. The idea of a possible passage- holds. His- - ears were roaring his tvay through the^ug^T rock base through his left arm and shoul- of Lion's Head had occurred to 1 *" - 1 " '"^ -""•«---• -«-» him, of course. It had been something to he checked, just as the possibility of a ledge along the base • of the cliff near the lake must be checked. Obviously such a. possibility had occurred to Nan- ftO half, the cost of ining your barns, chinq sheds, etc. -buildiflgs, solidly ' need no founds-' liunber.'apdelim- i 'for .costly skilled - / M ^ l , ~ ', ' ire infoVwatJon abojit ~ ' A Poles. GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO knew the grip on Nancy's arm was tightening painfully With the effort the other arm exerted to mov« away the Stone. There was sudden despair. He had to breathe Or die. ,And he told himself to die if he could noi release his wife. A last effort, an effbjrt of desperation which sent sharp pdins Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas October 18, 1954. City Docket Joe Prater, James Bragg, No driver's license,. Forfeited $5.00 cash >ond. Mrs. James E. Yates, William J. Byers, Following too closely to another vehicle, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Willie Lacey, N6 State car license, forfeited $5.00 cash bond. ITie following forfeited $5.00 cash 3obd on a charge of running "stop" sign: Sherman Owens, M. C, Bruce, Reid Hill, Jesse Dixon. Willie Green, Improper parking, Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Joe Prater, D. S. Cox, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. oy. lungs bursting with the spent oxygen burned in the effort of his progress. He kept his eyos open even against the pressure of <nov- ng water which sent an acho clear o the'back, bf hia hoail ^'Mtes 'that light, shining through clear Water? ' Jo '.began raising his head care- ully* toward what he hoped would je, the surface. The ache of his ungs increased the speed of that •Jse. the body's demand for air w'afc greater than the mental com- «7iandv for caution, There was no warning. There twos nothing but .1 flash of shook , There wa- a vngiw dream world of strange cornfort and quick -no- .jon There was another and more \iolent shock. Jim found himself bnck in the blinding sunlight, pressed against the ledge from which he had fallc'ti Into the fir>t pool But that jolt ami the shock of light had cleared his head enough so p<jm registered He drove faster now, and ho nnd'porhatjs just a litt'o bit' bitter. Says he: "I'm in good shape, be- cauae I'm the only guy in town who caix play the kind of role John Garfield -used to like him. not that I look "And , if you say Tony Gratis is the game tjpe, I'll kill you. We've played entirely different roles." De^piie his demul, he does look fi< bit like the late Gavficld. Hand- Fomer. maybe, but/ with the same eharp-hewn .features and unfuly black hijir. J agree thit he's got the^tuff to make a top star I've ever sjnco I saw him in still hoped. Perhaps Nancy, with her smaller but strong young body, would have been able, to negotiate the passage. Perhaps she had been able to control herself, had not stood up so quickly as to knock herself silly again? rock coiling as he believed he had done. Per- liaps • He would find her, dripping and thrilled with the He-i of her contribution, at the end of the cieek near the heated swimming pool. He would .not let himself think of-Nancy caught in some -underwater crevice, fighting out the last of her life in a useless struggle against unfeeling rock and surging water. Ho drove fast, but the minutes were ages long until he reached thR swimming pool, deserted now, arid left his jeep. This time at least he did have the forethought to take a flashlight along from the filove Compartment. .,...: At this end of the cavern, there was a well-worn path at the side for the first 50 feet. His light shone down into the translucent water, showed innumerable fish darting around in the glow. The path showed signs of many feet, but not of recent passing of wet feet. There was no evidence of water drops falling from soaking clothes. Not until he himself passed through the cave to the. ending wall of ropk. der, pains which registered even on his clouding brain. The rock moved toward him a little. It rolled over. He lost his hold, was pushed backward from the den release of the violence of the effort. But there was no strain on his left arm. Nancy was float ing toward him. She stuck again and ho jerked her free with'the last of his strength. She was cradled In his arms M. Watts and L. H. Murry, N. L. 1 Bradshaw, M. L. Montgomery and I. W. Davis, Garrett Goetz and J. H. Pattie, driver. Melton Provision Co., and C. H. Sparks, Lessee-Shipper being party to Improper lease agreement, Forfeited' $100.00 cash bond. Valley Steel Products Co., and I. W. pavis, Lessee-Shipper being party to Improper lease agreement, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Valley Steel Products and N. Bradshaw, Lessee-Shipper being party to Improper lease agreement Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Royal Equipment Company and L. H. Murry, Lessee-Shipper being party to Improper lease agrecmenl Forfeited 100.00 Cash bond, fine suspended. James Edward Thomas, Hauling explosives without displaying an "Explosive" sign on said vehicle when- he came to the surface of $10.00, Martin Guthrle, Carrying a pistol as' a weapon, Plea guilty $50.00. James W. Johnson, Carrying a cohcealed weapon, Plea guilty, Fine $50.00 fine suspended. Jack Pavis, Transporting untaxed intoxicating liquor, Dismissed. Willie Carl Whitt, Charles W. Stewart, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty fined $10.00. Miry Lee Burns, Assault & Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Martin Guthrle, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 Elic Bostic, Resisting arrest, Plea guilty, fined $50.00. Winston Booth, Robert Purtle, Andrew Jamison, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond, Elic Bostick, Lavert Thomas, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Selecl Food and Charles Guill Attempting to evade Public Service Commission Company's regulations Moses Resumes Testimony in Rote Hearing 1 LITTLE ROCK UP) C. H.-amilton Moses, who charged that ''politics and hot westher" worn two causes of opposition to Arkansas Power and Light Co.'s application for a rate increase, today was to resume testimony in the rate hearing here. The hearing is being conducted by the Arkansae Public Service Commission on AP&L's applieatian for a $3,900,000 a year permanent •increase. The higher rates now are being, collected under bond which insures repayment to the consumer should the application be denied Moses testified yesterday, during the first day of the hearing, that "first politics ad extremely hot weather" had considerable bearing out a single defense challenge She was questioned mor-j than an hour before Common Pleas Judge bJ ward Blythin announced she would be acceptable. Defense Attorney William . Cor- rlgan argued that Blythin shou postpone the hearing because of publicity. Bly _ ruled the motion, as he cad terday. over- Get f«», soothing relfcj . ... ., by means of false or fictitious Bills on the al ,' nounl of oPP"?»"«>n td T ,adiag, Plea guUty, fined $100.00 company s proposed increase rates. the pool. For a moment he let the. cur- vpnt .hold him, while his ears cleared of the roaring, while, the red mist gradually lessened, let him see again. He began moving toward the bank, toward safety for Nancy. He saw the pair of legs then. Bob Parker, Running stop sign, Dismissed. William Williams, Running Stop sign, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. State Docket Raymond Dixon, Operating a motor vehicle without a State license plate.' Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. C. L.''Blaylock,' Operating -for Legs which straddled the beam hire without PSC authority, Foro{ the flash, legs which did not seem to be fastened to any body; But the legs moved. The flashlight rolled, slipped quickly- to the water's- edge, olunged beneath the surface. For ,1 moment Its glow zigzgaged toward the bottom. The light failed Blackness rushed again into the underground cavern. A match flared, and light wavered in the air of the cavern. It showed the face' of Philip ; Stoneman, and it showed his other-hand:outstretched.- An empty hand, but one that' seemed to be extended in a desire to help. The match went "out. Fine Suspended. L.. Querner Truck Lines and K. Jmithers, No cab card, as required, forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Ralph K. Parker, Passing another motor vehicle in an intersection Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. .Joe F. Mack, Failing to give correct hand signal on making a left iiand turn, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Tom Ellis, Leaving the scene of an accident, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. R. N. Bischoff, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. in The AP&L board chairman made the statement in answer to a question on why there had been so much complain!, about the com pany's rate request and "so little on the other rate increases already in effect." Second Member of Jury Picked By ROBRT JA'N PI HOUSWIFE TENTATIVELY CLEVELAND, O., 'U? Mvs. Edgwr Williams, Possessing more lizabeth A. Borkc. a middle-aged than 3-gallons of intoxicating bev- housewife who said sho know "al feited $100.00 cash bond; fine sus pended. Grogan Butane Co., Operating for hire without PSC authority, Forfeited $50.00 cash bond. The following forfeited $100.00 cash'bond on a charge of operating a motor vehicle for hire without Public Service Commission authority": ... Britt McCullough and Charles 'Guill, C. L. Blaylock, Metz & Spices, and Wayne Spices, Security People & Trust Co., and Edward Englert, Mid-State Trucking & Leasing Co., and C. H. Sparks, driver, erage in a dry county, Plea guilty fined $50.00. lona Crosby, Selling intoxicating liquor in a dry county, Plea guilty fined $100.00. Sam Murser, Luther Hickerson, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Johnny Johnson, Giving an overdraft, Dismissed on payment costs; check paid. Richard Hayden, Operating motor vehicle with No State license, For- 1'eited $5.00 cash bond. Christine Conway, Assaut & Battery, Tried, fined $25.00; Notice, of appeal; bond fixed at $150.00. Annie Elaesy .Assault & Battery, Tried, dismissed; most nothing" abjut the Dr. Sam uel H. Sheppard .wife-slaying case, was ..tentatively seated today as the second member of the jury to tie- i ide whether he would die for the irime. Mrs. Borke was approved with ."ton's separate action in Santa PhiHp struck another match. His Monica Superior Court asking for lips seemed to: be moving, but declaratory relief or a judgment His light showed an opening through which the water surged onward. A small-appearing opening, doubtless distorted by the water itself. It showed him three depressions on the path itself, and three lines through the dust where heavy objects had been rolled to he water. He wondered vaguely hy rocks should have been rolled HEAR ime was a killer. Too much timn ad passed. Too much timel .Jim wedged the' flashlight care- Ully on the bank,, left it glowing. Ie hedged cautiously into the wa- er, swam towawl the underwater jpcning. The light glinted from nyriad bits of mica .in the rork fpr Governor If*Arkansas Radio Stations HE FOR ARKANSAS AND EE& '*™ VERNOR .. .1,, A - -»**'/ A **v,'Babj " nto the water. A chill shook his whole body, nd his mind was equally cold with oss of hope. Time was a traitor. Elapsed Dunn-heard no words.' He began moving forward slowly, -toward'! the man crouched -now -on the..; safe path. Jim supported Nancy easily In the crook of his aching left arm. His wjiole body, was tensqdi ready might for any violence be necessary. If wbfcb PWtip stating that Miss Bowers has no claim on him. Civil Docket Herbert Burns 'Store for Men and Boys vs. Carl Richards, Action on account for $41.11, Judgment by default for Plaintiff for $41.11. Wylie Glass & Salvage Company, vs. O. B. Chance, Action on account for $25.43, Judgment by default for $25.43 for Plaintiff. Prune Layer CAKE With fruit icing Applesauce CAKE Blueberry PIE Brown 'N' Serve Rolls fresh Daily JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main Farm income is about 12.8 per cent of total U. S. income. ALLE ELECTRI ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you con have your Home Rewired to-'mee* modern conveniences and new fixtures. All on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Charge -10 % Down Payment Balance Monthly vails brought a he water itself. Jim detected tran»parency. to movement first. hen saw the pallor, the < white lash of skin in the water's depth. It was a hand. It was an arm. He did. not remember crossing he remaining distance, but he felt a stiffening of muscles as his hand clamped around a slender wrist, and then u dreadful relaxation. XXXI Jim let the current fasten him against the rock wall, to pne side of, the opening. He pulled. For a second he made progress, felt the warmth of renewed hope,. He could make out a darker shape now, could see wildly swirling hair streaming in the water. He pulled again, pulled more strongly. He could not budge the body wedged there so tightly. Nancy's body. He knew that from the first instant of contact. The three depressions, the rocks rolled down into the water, came to his mind clearly. Rocks levered or pushed into place where they helped, fine. If be.; was•-'there;'-to hinder, he' coult} • o ot he allowed to do so. Philip' would' PC removed. Jim's mind fastened firmly on that simple fact. • > ' ; Stoncman's fingers closed on Jim's outstretched hand. With thf> contact, Jim 'relaxed. There w'^i. no menace in;that touch. He coujd even make out what Philip w^s saying now. "Me and my big feel;, chum. Sorry I kicked over t$«| light." . ...:.-. Jim put Nancy on the ledgfc accepted help himself. .•--.f: Water came- front Nancys as Jim set up the rhythm of sure and release. 'He did not let his mind hold any thoug failure, and all unbidden, '\yorcjjj substituted tliemsleves for the u's'jj-. al numbers of the rhythm count. Some studio chemical for Mrs Oswald. Lighter fluid from her lighter for Miss Wistcr. "Gasoline, turpentine, alcohol, chemical, lighter fluid." Over and over, the words lending themselves for the proper liming. It came at last, the sign for which Jim had waited. To him the most beautiful sound in the whole world—the sobbingg "catch- of-the-brcath," and a series of gasping irregular breaths, as Nancy's bc-dy took over the duty of supplying life and oxygen. NOTICE I have recently purchased the T. O. Porter Glass Shop including gloss aVid equipment. , : Now is'ithe -tirnpjtp hdvf that-. glpss-instqlle.d .in yQur;ear.dr truck. E'Z-Eye- or regular glass. '• • The doctor gave his verdict. "She'll be fine. I # f -ive her some thing so shs'll sleap soon. Keep her warm and quiet f-ir a day or so." V/hen he was gone Nancy made a face at Jim. "Keep quiet," hs ordered. "You heard what the irnn said." "I knew you'd find me, ,lim. Even-even when I was stuck I •new you'd get tl.cn;. Even when hat person came into the eave •ifter me and 1 threw a rook, I mew I'd be all rUhv." Dunn rubbed tho s'weUin;? on the op of his head, deckled this was no time to brinii that up, "How :lo you feel, Nancy?" . • . "Just dandy. Simply dandy. Every one of my ribs are broken I'm back nnd blue from here to here. My chest is on fire. And Jim, it's so good to be alive. So If you. wont gigs? fpr fpble or desk tops be sure grid see us. RADIATORS Hay? *h»* radiator fjx^d npw. We can repair U and w« h gppd Meed radiators for make cars and truck?. WYLIE full-line producer of cars and trucks-announces TERRIFIC PRICE REDUCTIONS! BIG NEW'55 STUDEBAKER COMMANDERV-8- '287 LOWER! We pass on to you die first big economies of the Studebaker-Packard combination! You get a better and more powerful new Commander -greatly reduced in price! /'i /« direct competition with' the very lowest priced V-8s A person .should spend lifetime just cnjoyinji" air." . '(To Be Judge Rules Singer Not Baby's Father LOS ANGJ3LE3 Wl Singer John ny Johnston and his wife Shirley embraced happily after a gunevior court judge ruled that Johnston; is not the father of a sJvowgivi't: ^ peeled child. "Just because a woman says a man is the father of her child doesn't make it so," Jud^'e |£)mey D. Doyle esmmented yesterday, he denied the cluim of Bette testified ?b» was .0- «•* v., world's great0sivalu9-ln a low priced V-8 l H ERE is the most amazingly thisisno* ( flrst.time-out"model. low priced new V'8 jjn- all It has i. trillion miles of proved America .,»the big, high-pow- success IfeUind it. ered and handsome new. 1935 What's more, this newest jStwdebaker Qommander Y-8, Studebaker Commander V'8 is a This excitingly advanced new gas economy team-mate of the Stwdebaker is right down in Stwdebakers that won the most direct competition with the very sweeping victories eve| f spored i« lowest priced Y»8s, Better §UU» the Mobilgas Econon^y Rim. much better made**, worth more when yon trade MOTOR Gft &&*<*' •V 1 See all the new'55 Studebakcrs as well as this Commander. See the magnificent ne\y Presi* dent V»8—and the big, powerful new Champion in the lowest price fijld- The new '5| Stwde* bakers are the fastest cars on the getaway'" the safest, surest-stop* ping carst-in America! - fb* "' '1 .1 ''' " ~' "" " \ '"" "j '** '">' ' \' fC"< '" " ' *<. ' - vV ^^V\°~£^* • ^ ; ? '" <-' '• '* " '- ^ -*'>*-"*3^F£ J *. k f -^-\ ! r „ ^.TfflfJW^-^^^ To City Subieribtrit ff you fail t& get-y&ui- please telephohfe 74431 6 p. m. and d spetial will deliver your by 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO.7 Star of Hope 1«W. !•*«* 1927 Cens6lid6K!<l Jdfl. II, 19M HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OGYOBtft 21,19S4 Member: the Anoelaterf tot* fc Audit SnffM *i A*. Net PoW Clftl. 6 Ms*. tMIAI $**(» »*, 1tS4 Turn •An$pn29 States ,6y JOHN L. CUTTER ' WASHINGTON <UP The Democratic high command today turned its biggest campaign guns on 29 crucial states in a stretch for victory in the Nov. 2 slreongrcssional election. Thn Democratic National Com- mitlce announced that Adlai E. Stevenson. National Chairman Sle- "jjhen A. Mitchell, House and Senate leaders and other parly bigwig? will spearhead a closing push to capture congress. The Democratic speakers will make up'.vards of 60 speeches in the 29 states-be? fore election day. Stevenson, 1952 Democratic stan- .dard bearer, scheduled speeches in "Milwaukee, Wis., Friday; in Illinois Saturday; in Rochester, N. Y., Oct.; 26 in Wilmington, De., Oct. 27; in New Jersey Oct 23; and in the Ne-.v York City area Oct. 29 and 30. Mitchell's itinerary includes a speech Saturday in Binghamtcn, N. Y., where hn said he would discuss the controversial Dixon- Yates power contract. . Binghani- tdn is the district of Rep W. Ster; Cole (R-N. Y.I chairman- of House-Senate Atomic Energy committee, who ha.* sparred with •Mitchell over the Dixon-Yatos proposal ' Mitchell earlier urge-.! Democratic candidates not to let up on their campaigning lest "over-confidence and complacency" rob them of a victory "that is within our grasp.' 1 He said no election "is won until all the votes have been cast and until they have been counted, ri; "Let's not underestimate "Republican" Mitchell said. "Let us not underestimate the Legion Auxiliary Group Attends Meet at Stamps The Fall District Conference of the American Legion Auxiliary met in Stamps-on October 19, for a potluck dinner. Speakers were Mrs. Cecil Attaway. past department president, and Mrs. Cecil Waller, membership chairman of the Western District Conference. Hope was represented by five members, Mrs. J. R. Gentry. Mrs. E. S. Franklin, Mrs. Leon Bundy, Mrs. Jimmy Cook and Mrs. Charles Taylor. The next meeting will be held at Bradley. *.Mfc Faubus Silent on Charges of Dr. Branscum "LITTLE ROCK (if) Orval Faubus 'today had not yet commented on charges that lie "misrepresented the truth" in saying that his con ;iection \vith . Communist-tinged Commonwealth Collt-i?e had bct-n Investigated and cleared bv tho Federal Bureau of Investigation. The* charge was made yesterday by a Little Rock dentist. Dr. George P. Branscum. who is chairman of a group of anti-Faubus Democrats called the Citir.ens for Clean Elections Committee. Charges and countercharges con Cerning Faubus' alleged, attendance at the defunct Communist school multiplied into a heated issue In the recent Democratic primary election for governor. Faubus defeated Gov. Francis Cherry. At a prers conference .'n Little Rock Branscum displayed a tele- ,-cr'arn fro'-n the U S. Internal the I Security Division. The' telegram stated that none of the activities power of the gigantic: Republican campaign fund. Let us. riot underestimate the.; power of J the editorial ' support -the ^-Republicans *• are receiving/' •. : • " ( ' • Vice -.President' -Richard.: Nixon told reporters in Chicago ; that the "Republicans have gairiotf ground, ill the last 10 days and if the momentum keeps up- we-. Wlll--.wi.ri;" i$- The vice president also 4«uriched a fresh attack .qn-.Jorjgipr. P^esidiEinl Trunjan.whose ppiiciesWNikQh'?kid. wpuld have led "ditectlyv to .socialism.'.' He,;said the- Trunian" : :'a"d- niinistra.tion failed 'to provide "pijpsperity in peacetime. 1 ' { .". . .,Njxdn was scheduled.. to speak today in Champaign; a'nd'-Rock Is- laiid. 111., on behalf of gop sena*- torjal candidate Joseph T. .Meek and other Republican .candidates. President Eisenhower. rncan- ,-• contcded todya . with'.:: Sen. rving M. IveSi New York Republican gubernatorial nonmice, and Clifford P. Case, the party'p sen atprial candidate in ;Nev/ Jersey. Bo|h Casfe and Ives are . in midst of .hot races. the miual UJ..JIUI j av:cf,, -..-..-; . lyes yesteday challenged his : P,ernocratic opponent. AverfiU' riman, to request publication of his testimony before -.1 g'rahd jury -25 years ago about an Alleged .scandal involving the firm Haniman "{Jben headed. The New-York 1 Republican; has charged that Hurriman's firm'paid a $350,000 ' bribe to a Brooklyn judge. Harriman' has heatedly denied any knowledge of the alleged bribe and has refused, further discussion of it. Ho accused Ives of a "smear" '-attempt.- . . •••'.,! In Indianapolis, ImL, assistant Labor Secretary Ernest Wilkiris declared last night that Mr. Eisen- ower is doing more for the No fro than any president since Abraham Lincoln. Wilkins, a Negro, was a Chicago lawyer before his appointment to the sub-cabinet. In Las Vegas. Nov., Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (Tex., accused Republicans of trying to deprive Nevada voters of "the vnost elementary rights of free men." He referred to GOP. efforts .to of Faubus ever had been investigated or cleared by the Department of Justice. Branscum's group earlier had telegraphed the Federal Bureau of investigation askinf.' whether they had investigated: Faubus* connection with Commonwealth Goliefc An article in the Autf. 2 issue of a .Little Rook newspaper, quoting Faubus as saying he had been investigated and charged by the FBI, promoted the group's''query /.Both the FBI ."and the Internal SecurityvJ3iyis.ion 'etc; Department' of .Justice. Br&nscum, wh6 identified him. slf ; as' Democrat, called upon other Democrats to take this evidence that Faubus "misrepresented the truth" as an automatic release of their party .obligations. '.. The "Citizens for Clean Elections Committee plan's to support GOP tto'rninfee Pratt; Remmel for governor. . Brtihscum says, becaus-2 it is "our . only recourse." .. Both Faubus and .Remmel spoke at. ;E1 Dorado last night. However, Faubus .completely ignored the new development- in their campaign for governor,' and 'Remmel only men- tiflned. it .briefly. Faubu-r also de- cljiied to comment when approached oh' the matter by reporters. Remmel posed two questions: '"Why should a man claim clcnr ance from the FBI Wh'e.i no such clearance had been, given? "Is the man who will misrepresent such vital matters the kind of man you want t'i represent your state and its people?" Dr. Branscum said his group numbers 500 members in 63 coun ties. - ' • He said the Committee does not consider Faubus "guilty" of being a Communist, "However, this tele gram' shows that he misrepresent ed the truth." Cranscum said. Faubus said during the Demu- Occupation End Agreed to by West/Germany By Joseph E., Oynan PARIS (AT The t hrea Western powers and the Bonn Republic today reached comnlcte agreement on steps to end the allied occupation of West Germany artd restore virtually all sovertjignty to the VVost Germans. The foreign ministers of . the United States, Britain and France took the action thin afternoon in a brief session with West German Chancellor-Froeign Minister Kon rad Adenauer. The four statesmen put the finishing touches on a serio» of lengthy, detailed document? which are to replace the two-year-old Treaty of Bonn, never completely ratified. Tnese documents sot forth the conditions under which the West Germans will recover sovereignty after almost a decade of occupation. These documents, alon.-j • with a series of annexes covering West Germany's future relations with the West and the status of allied armed forces in West, Germany, are to be signed in a formal session Saturday afternoon in the French Foreign Ministry. Today's action cleared the way for West Germany's incorporation into a seven-power West European union and membership in--the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO. Treaties embodying these steps p.re to be signed Saturday afternoon at the same time, pending successful conclusion of additional talks to be held here. The three Western powers retained a few string:) on West German sovereignty ;to enable them to negotiate with the Soviet Union on German reunification and on "-a peace" treaty for a reunited Ger many. RE-ARRESTED, RELEASED — David ' Fred' Hagler, In white shift'left, questioned by .police In the death of an unidentified person ffiund burned 1 In > a charred station wagon near Dav s, Okla,, walks from jail In Fort Worth accompanied by his attorney, Ronald Aultman.tjeft, after being released on $10,000 bond Tuesday. Hagler's. mother, Mrs. R. W. Robtneon, right, complains to deputy . sheriff about photographer taking her picture during raid on Hagler's home Inffiearoh of cues In the case. Hagler was re-arrested bUt released Wednesday. — NEA Telepnoto Very Power Cancer Causing Chemical Compound Identified in Burning Cigarette Paper Irrigation Plan Attracts 35 Farmers,,, , t Thirty-five farmers, contractors, and .other agricultural -.leaders attended the soil and water conservation loan program meeting last night in the county courtroom, reported County Agent Oliver L. Adams. The recent enacted Federal assistance, program to aid in the development of wells, reservoirs, and other water and soil conservation and use practices was explained in practical detail. A question and answer period followed.'Mr. Frank T. Brodie, State .Ficldman of the Arkansas FHA Office, and Bill Rheinhardt, Hempstead County FHA Supervisor, explained the program details. All farmers interested in the possibility of loan assistance and who do not have credit available to meet their needs should contact the FHA Office on the fourth floor of the Hempstead County Courthouse. The County FHA Committee will handle the details for all applicants. The program is now in operation. Basic information regarding the principles of irrigation to be considered in planning such a development on a farm are included in "Irrigation for Arkansas," Agricultural Extension Service Leaflet No. 211. This leaflet, free at the office of the county agent, pro'yides By DELOS SMITH ' NEW YORK, (UP) —A powerful cancer-'cau'sing chemical coin- pound has been identified: in 'burning. _ cigarette paper, it was disclosed today. The. compound is 3.4 benzpy- rene. In mice it is one of the:most powerful—if not the , ^nost power- ful—cancer-causer known, to -scir ence. No one^nows what it does to human beings. l T>, V. Lefemine, research chemist of the Canccer Institute, Miami, obtained' 1.7 pounds of tars by."burning 'enough cigaret paper to. roll 80,000 cigarets], (80,000 cig- arets would last a pack-a-day smoker 11 years.) He separated the 1.7 pounds of tars into chemical components, and -. one, component he ~" identified by its spectrum as 3,4 "benzpyrene, which has the , peculiar fl.uali^x,,o£ fa 153 O f; glowing", oi^iuirtSscing Uliof^r- ultra f cr cpmpje Paving Section Is Open to Texarkana TEXARKANA, (UP) Texar kana and Miller county today celebrated the formal opening of the Paups Smir section of Highway 67 in Miller county. State Highway Director 'Herbert Eldridge was scheduled as the main speaker at'cererponies sponsored by , the Txearkaiia Chamber of Commerce. ' •Completion of the G.7 miles ot concrete paving represents almosl complete rehabilitation or 'rosur facing of state Highway 67 during the past eight Vears, Eld-idge said. The contract,for the Paups Siur section was let at the March' 1 meeting of IheTstate highway com- rnission, to 1 Reynolds and WDliamr of Little JElock,,- on a low bid o $tilO,917, Th^ wprk was compjetec violtjt light and thus has a spectrum. An outline of Lefeminc's findings has been known in chemists'^ circles for 'some- weeks and has caused considerable discussion. The biggest-scale statistical study of the smoking habits of lung cancer victims showed that comparatively few were heavy pipe' or cigar smokers — compared to the number of heavy cigaret smokers. Lefemine needed a scientific. 1 forum to make his formal report, to Some of Those Sttiying With Reds Sorry WASHINGTON. (UP Some ' i the" 21 American prisoners who chose Ho stay^rvvith the Communists .,, ,.-. -,-. - --.•• in Korea a year''ago now apparent the scientific: world, and he chose, ly , regre t their, decision. Defense *cpmpletTonf'"with final cost o approximately $618 ? 000. . . .1 . \ .~"»v,v_ Wi. <.*ic V,(JUUIV clgulll, UlUVJUCS cratic prunnry-campaign thijt he lnformatlon regarding the quantity a, at Com- - - «r " -. . .-, luiui-iuaiion regaraing me quantity spent two or three day, at Com. of water needed mfaelhod ' ofi , ^ monwenlth Co\l^ H 5"i s """J plying water, when to irrigate, 'and he. wa»ielpcted head of. the student ! oth information neededfa in ' pro . bodv association, but never was ..j.,,, _ ....... .... .f. body association, but never enrolled and never attended a class. He said the offer of a full scholarship attracted trim to the name Reno Attorney Ernest S.j college at Mena, Ar., from his rown t'u the full..two-year unsx-ihome at Huiitsville, Ark. 'ired term of the late Democrat j In the telegram to the FBI, ic Sen. Pat McCarrtin. The- State Branscum asked: Supreme Court ruled that Brown| "Will you . . .wire me. . stating must face Democrat Al.abJBible in whether at any time the associa- month's election, ' Iti '- ons, if rny, of Orval Eugene Jn Pallas, Pa.., Postrnaster Gen'-Faubus wllh : 'Commonwealth Col- al Arthur E. Su'.nmej-fiel'd .urged lege have been the subject of an a GOP rally to compare the "sor- official FBI inquiry?" ry record" of an estimated g25| The answer, which was signed majpr scandals" in the former by William F. Tompkins. assistant Truman administi'atidn with "20 attorney general, Intcvnal Security rnoriths of clean Republican Mjtinistration." Evening Shade Service Sunday viding ample moisture for farm crops at the time it is needed through irrigation. ad- Division, soid: ". . .The matter of the possible attendance of Orval 1C Faubus at Commonwealth Coljleye was not re-j fcrred to their department for in-' vestigation or clearance cither prior to or in connection with his Applications for appointment as Sineinc Services! unll '!-.» hplrt poslmaster at Huntsvilk, Aikan,?5. g v g »ft e rnoof *.t*tS. '^,± ?n} - ias, nor was he ever invest.galed connection may lia\e in the United States Army ' The Justice Department's reply also, stated that if Faubus "has jeceivud any kind of security clearance fiom any branch of the U. ,$. Govcrrjmcnt it could not have been based , ., , afternoon at the. , , Sha,dp Baptist Church on the Hope Le\vjsvillc Highway, The public is inv|tcd. .J0. Vehicles in Wreck ^ on, West Driven by l-upy y, driven, Iran Vote to Again .. Market Oil Supplies TEHAN, Iran, (UP) . Iran's lower house of parliament jljiday overwhelmingly ratified an "agreement that will permit eight foreign companies to put th emfUon's oil on the world market again. Deputies in the Majlis (house voted 113 to 5, with two abstaining, in favor of the accord which ends- a dispute that began in 1951 when Mohammed Mp.ssfidptih, then premier, nationalized th§> vast Anglo-Iranian ,Oil company. The agreement will became law after the Senate ratified it and it is signed by the Shah of Ian, Exactly; one month agq the 'government ' of Premier Fazlollah Zahedi out of the agreement before Parliament in a confidence test, Zahedi, at that appeared trlefly before the Ma'jlis to describe the agreement as a ''key that would settle all out difficult ties. 1 ' GRAYSON, Ky.. OT Fovmer Gov, the Southeastern regionnal meeting} in Birngham of the American Chemical Society of which he is a member.. He told the chemists that he was positive of the identification. T. V. ,Hartnett, former president of the Bown an Williamson Tobacco . company and how chairman of the Tobacco Industry Research committee, said that "the public can rest assured that the cigarette companies are alive to the question and doing something about it." Hartnett said that the tobacco industry's scientists found that the compound produced in the laboratory from burning 'cigaret paper can be produced from many other every day mat.6ria.ls under certain laboratory conditions. New Hope Baptist Singing Sunday The -regular fourth Sunday singing at New Hope Baptist Church will be held Sunday, October 24 at 2 p. m.-New Hope church is. located!Red''China'. The'"pxe.ot whereabout! Dypartinent sources said .today. Very- little has been, learnec about them'since they turned down a chance to come home after the Korean armistic'. 1 . But some infor matibn hns seeoed through the Bamboo Curtain in intelligence re ports and occasional letters rp rel alives.. •. • • From this defense sources saif rome of the voluntary exiles "ap pear to be somewhat disenchant ed with their lot" in Conimunlsi China. It is suspected the",mer fee] disillusioned nnd homesick now that the ideological and emotiona' pressures that promoted their jjo- cision have worn of. There also are indication*, the sources said, that ' the Chines Communists tire losing interest in the;'-POWs now that ; lh«' s ir great proppgn'hd'a value hns slumped. Despite all this, there is ng folic evidence that tju former American Gils have made a formal request tp be returned home. Even if .there hhve ; "been sunh .requests it is doubtful -the CommurtiBts have entertained tlierh,- - Pejping radio has reported tha one of the 21- died'after to four miles north of Hope on the Washington highway, announced A. J. Wheeless,. chairman, of the otlierp is a mystery here bu: it appears that they have 'beet scattered. ' . . AH Around thte Town §y Thi From last week's Falrview game the school athletic department gave the following financial report. . . . the gross take total $813.80 but officials cost $115, 'extra help $1P, tax $16.27 'and guarantee to Fairview $150 for a total expense of $300.27 .... this leaves a profit Famed Rail Curve Subject, to Test ALTOONA, Pa. ffl The world- 'timed Horseshoe Cur\>2 of the Pennsylvania Railroad was lit up ast night by 6.000 flash bulbs set off simultaneously in an experiment of pholoflash pic.ttiro taking. The light was estimated to bo greater thou the power of 15 mil- ion ordinary household electric lamps. The experiment 'highlighted tw( industry celebrations': the 100th an niversary of the Horseshoe Curve and the 75th annivcisary of the modern incandescent lamp. The PRR and the Sylvania Electric Products Co. cooperated in the project. Photographers " ArkansanB 1 <'j^ *«M8&i Senate He;' took pictures " from towers set" up for the purpose." Three generators provided power to set off the flash blulljs, .mounted on stakes around the uorve. . Asks Breakdown on Industrial, Home Power Use By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK (yp) An Arkansas Power and Light Co., witness and two attorneys argued today over whether the Company* could show much much of it* power.lo^d increase-' was dm to'industrial consumption nnd how much 46 cot merclal and residential use., . AP&L Vice President, H. F!' Itf'ln nis said 'So for as I knW>' the information can' tba furnished. I know of no way of niaklng v such a breakdown." ," Minnis resumed the wHncss stand this morning as the Arkansas Public Service Commission 1 ^ hear- .'ng on on AP&L's , application for a permanent $3,l)00,000-a-yQa'r 'rate increase entered its fourth'day. PSC Chairman Lewis Robinson, who inciated he • wasn't certain that Minnis and the> lawyers -were talking about the same thing, ft nally told the attorneys to put their request in writing. i /• Richard B, McCullnch of,Forrest City one of the AP&L 'lawyers, said r that after the, written' roquesi was received, ''the company}'^Vvil' do everything possible, to furnish ''- . Rock, :> Gained i Confession Won't Be Used qs Eytdjsriice r ; ; ARKANSAS" CITY, -Ark,. Mi — Cecil RiceV signed statement that he killed his wife, Agnes will n°t be used in court here until the rtate can prove the woman actually is dead. Circuit Judge Henry W. Smith handed down .the. •ruling -here; yesterday as thq, 39-year-old Rice went on trial for the first degree murder of his wife, Rice made the statement, to po lice on Dos. 13, 1951, the,day after his wife disappeared. Hovvevcr, Defense Attorney Jim Merrltt-of Met Gehee, told the jury yesterday that the defense would prove that Mrs. Rice was not killed on Dec, 11, 1951 and that Agnes Bice still is alive. The body never'was found. The judge's ruling was the majo development- in the hour opening- day, -court session which sa>v 10 prosecution witnesses take the stand, total to!$44,412.50 ... . Lafayette's $4,864.50 the total $82,995/75 and Nevada County's $4,368.75 sales in September brought the year's total tp $89,3,85.25. . Huey .Mauldin, sop of, Mr. and Mrs. Delia Mauldin of Hope Route Th,ree, has been awarded the National Defense Ribbon. ... He entered the service in July 1952, completed basic training at Camp of only $513.53 for the game, this week the Bobcats play away from home at Gurdon, Formal opening of the new 67 1 Chattee qnd was sent to' Korea for Pam-Arn service station at the corner of East Third and Laurel Streets will be held Saturday, Oct- ob«r 23, according to Roy B. Daniel ..' . . they* will be cold drinks for ***-*»rfW**i *f-^ * i \*» / » w* »-•»'* -w«.» ' - ^ • T " • • • • ,, am Jaspn Fields, 70, who cam- everyone and free things Jor the ---- -- ™» 1,1^.-,= |aE In temperatures the of palgned "aif'."Horicst" PU1 fro m.kiddies. Olive HUl't died early today in Giayson hospital. Qrje of the common wudlth's old i- -fr\vmm» tfrt\/r»i»n.-»l*k; T^toIHc: als'.fl Sale of E&H U. S. Savings Ponds governpvs, Fields during September totaled J5, in Hempstead. duty , . '. his decorations Include the Comb'at Jnfantry Badge, UN bon,s % Service Ribbon Occupation Ribbon, Don't etti gup^er at the .. _____ the annual spagh- 9 to 8 tonight on TWrd S\t%A, by S\ Ith , this event js, Altar Auditor Slaps AM&N Deficit of $71,342 ."'LITTiCt; ROCK W legislative Auditor Orval M Johnson said to liny 'thnl Arkansas • AM&N "co(- lef;o for Nem - oes at Pino BHiff had a clefult of $02,105 on June 30, 1053. ' " N, Johnson, in a report covering the 1952-53 fiscal year said the college spent $71,242 more than it t.oak in. He commented in his summary to the Legislature Joint Auditing Committee that "accounting ' has boon poor and inconsistent.''. < "At the time of this writing, Sept, 25, 1954, adjusting and closing entiles Jiad not bo.on mfldc.tm" the peiiod ended Julio 30, 1954 nnd wo therefore could not ob Uiin' an insight into th,a J93-1 'fiscal year "Organization and control of th? over-staifed business pffice left much to bo desju'd, anf^ it ap- peaied that cooperation of othpr departments had )wn at a low Icy Johnson also said that the college dairy had been condemned J.y the State Board of Health " of unsanitary conditions.* He reported that of 173 classified persons on the college payroll some time during the, yejtr, were paid from both appr^ ' nnd cash operating funds, the auditor said, is not la with a Supreme opinion thjt it is illegal /or'stjte institution? to «dcl to saJwrles, t'l'ed by statue #ut flf ^«ash ft Which arc iU»dtf daclved *• fees and the Jilje pviate^ by ,the * who ye^f the information sought. "If we can't, supply", it' ( Jj, v ,^t M .H for cross-examinatipn, we'wiU'?giy( what we think are"ader i5 *'* sv -"*•sons why it can t 'be he said., '' ' s The infprmation was rT _,_, by state Atty. Qen. Torn'OL-.^ and Little-^Rock'City Atty/'O.'OtP Longsteth Jr both 1 '--—'-'•-'-» to,- the 1 1 , ii* ff ^ entry " is annual rate increase * of >>k SQO.OOO. The,bposted rates, alread; ere being charged W1l te)npprarlly under mbnd posted 'with'the, stafe Public Service Cojn.m,lssion v The bond is to insure' customers of \ I month' toy *±M costi ?fc thur. 1 Cflse 9ft- tj McLeai mm ww&q thalniave *$&$$£&.. "»i|exp)a|n; pjcpetat m^ current $$>$$ rebate in case the rate is rejected or t reduojpd, \ which utility representatives -^arid prolestants squabbled ' overs Intro; rllloflnn nt tlift T>lvrtYl_Vo+no ' ^. /»rtn_ duction of the .DixonrYate's.' Wact. . , > C. Hamilton cpn- (he board of AP&L, to'Hl H Atiy,, Gpn. Tom Gentry, who is ' opposing > the increase, that he could 'hot' furnish the contract because 'it has '--not yet been released_ publicly., ,j , Gentry asked 'that Mos'esfbe' |e- quircd to product- the contrail;,-" Chnirmnn Lewis Kobinson acid ho didn't ,FOC hQ\v a>prppose4 cpn- tract could have any,, bearing ot\ the case. Also he 'said he wasn't certain whether the ' PSC' -had Authority to require production ,of tjie document, Nevertheless, he said? he" would take' Gentry's motion under advisement. ' " Then L}(Ue Rock Cify. Atty, Longstrcth, who also, is -op the rote inereqso, sui?gosted thai all testimony pertaining .tp Ujxon- Yates be stricljen Crpm'tlie record AP&14 httornoy- WiHlii Holmes Agreed The {dispute over tho.<spB°nra.n.ee, . of the contract stemmed \ ]yio?es' promise Tuesday' th,at )\B would present the contract yesterday, However, ho, ,sa}«J, he learned since his promise thft he taken in the belief .that tpact h»d been made pu,b)ie. ,' fore, he said, lie was n tp display the contract,* Trap Troin Blast U Probed WEBSTER .SPRJNGS, W.Jva. (-« ., . State poljce seay^hod today far the .person who riggv'4 • a W<? trap" Which , neath a train hauling coal frpm fter.of th« cvow, ., Fireman Violence the • ynjte.^ the 0P,) ooeraioi-^. ' H nti«|* cvervwaffMbj the'.electute^" 1 ^V^ i »>'•'; < a: " " l ^I ejected/gove|ni OOP" nrogBaM or The mt f ?|flMl« WSiJ' '•*$&' , v ,^

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