Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 20, 1954
Page 14
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fftHT.'-t'vf ' *"*",, "'"''•' r*.-..•?• ^V T ~' ; K'V~ HOPt STA-H, MOM,•- AftJCANIAS Wednesday, October 20, orShop 0'-» %irciiW" ^*^s« mm 2iT12JULr^ win »'i ana « 4 S w « ih * -JT „,_._.._....„ thft ott^^m.^1 poyoblA 4ffifcrt ^WtjSfll6Hf it fdftcfenNfc On* THrt* „»* ..Or* 30 190 1.00 ... 35 1.05 2.10 •to 40 1.20 2.40 to ,45 1.33 2.70 hi 50 1.50 3.00 2.00 fS.OO 2.50 7.50 3.00 •. 9.00 3.50 10.50 4,00 12.00 4.50 13.50 6.00 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY eryice _ PAPT8 oars, seie us before "•^ " "' - "- 1 - I tlm« ........ .. ........... ... 7Sc pef Inch 3 tlmei ........ - .......... »... 60c per Inch « tlrrtrt ...... ...... ... ..... ... SOc per inch Ratal quoted above ar« tor ton* flrtuttv* •intertloni. Icrefiular or skfp- •Idte ads will toka the one-day rate. All dally classified advertising copy will be, accepted until 5 p. m. for pUbffcatlorl ffie following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered fof publication • and to reject tiny objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or mar* letters, groups or figures such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. Th* Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unlost errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: pkoSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star a« Hap* 1»*> tim 1*27 Oon>«IM«tld January II, m* •'Publhhed every "weekday afternoon by v < STAR PUBLISHING'CO. ••- "CM. Palmer, President Alex. H. Wail-burn,' Secy-TrM. , ' at Th* Star Building , v , 112-14 South Walnut Street Mope, Arkaniat Ata-t. H. Wathburn, Editor ft Publl.her .Paul H. Janet, Managing Editor ' Jets M. Davit, Advertltlng Manage* George w. Hotmer, Mech. Supt. > Entered of second clast matter ct Hie 'Post Office at Hope, Arkantce, under the Act Of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau ef Circulations ,, Orw rnontn •..«*..t«.« , fhree • month* fig month* ....'. ...... „ '•On« yior ?, Subscription Rates (payable In advance): By carrier In Hope and neighboring .* '- . towns — * •ef week - ....................................... 25 Par year ........ .. .......................... 13.00 '' By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LoFayerte, Howard, and Miller coun- ..^... .85 _ T.60 2.60 _ '4.5O t AH other ' Orte month ..' ................... .. ............. 1.10 Three 'months ; ......... , ........... , ..... 3.25 , Ibc months ' .................... .::......... 630 • ; , One year ...... ....;../ .................... 13.00 <'„. 'Ji, , t i , ' Kafl: Advertlilng Representatives! Arkorisers pallles,_"lnc.; '1602 Sterick •|de./,iMernphls'2, Term.; 505 Texas Bonk Bldg;, 'Dallos 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 E. 42d -St.; New -York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bids., Oklahoma City 2, Okla* ' ' * Meaiktr of The Astoclated Prettt The Associated press Is entitled exclusively 'to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Funeral Directors OAJKCREST 'FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE .,. , AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF HERNPON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South ,, Arkansas, Call 7-5505 for our < , ' agents A23-1 Mo. Instruction; CLASSES'In' t£(p, acrobatic, ballet and We. Katharine Windsor, 104 E. J4th. Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo. For $ale or Rent, TWO jB\isiness buildings on 'Front Street, next to Pool hail. If interested, contact A. S, Williams, 30Q E. 7th. Texarkana, Ark. Phnrje 7.8860 or 22-§660. 19-1 Mo. .Real Estate for Sale NORTH side 6 room home excellent condition. South side 3 bedroom home,' garage, extra nice. East side 5 room home good condition J50 x 200 Jpt. West side 5 roo'm hpme across the street from schpol. We have these and other homes to sell and the price is rjght. FARM and ranch land — 70 acres 4 room house electric lighted barn and out buildings, 103 acres, 4 miles Hope, 2 houses, 5 & 6 ropms with electricity and water in hpuses, Butane gas, barns and Rther farm buildings. Ever last- Jng water through pasture. We have these and other farms large pr small to. sell. P. f). FRA.NISLIN COMPANY J106 SOUTH MAIN ST. 18-6t For Rtnt ropm apartment, Electric refrigerator. Garage. cWWren. Mrs. Anna Jua^on. Mf LjpVELY ajr,con*itione<! one and Jvsro, bjs4rppm apartments re4ecor- ated Iriside and out, A nice place t tp live fer regspnablf rent. J. J. ' CO, Wire stretchers, f ojt if,' 5F9«ts, Reaves 3af» ,», ?'§!$ pawn ghop, aos r eto4 W»»e 54*71, 184 $trvice» Offered MATTRESS feridVatloti and IMef. fiprlnlt ^prk: tidbb Mattteis Co. 816 South Washington; Phone 9-2621 Mat. 4-tf PLUMfifNG Repairs, Call ' Theo iJbhg, 7-34flt. 15-1 Mo, FOR expert fypin|, all kirtds, C6ii- tact -Mrs, Wanda arlmmott, So'l S. Spruce. 18-Bt For Laydway Open on TRIKES -BIKES AND DOLLS 1 • OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. 450 BALES Oats, fertilized and top dressed. Heavy heads baled without rain, average 55 Ib. bales, $U per bale. Henry C. Ward, Rosstoti, Ark. l&3t NAME plates for dog collars and golf bags. Phone 7-3725 or; See Williams at Hempstead Motor Co. . 19-3t WoHd Mourns Hugh Duffy (#) the baseball wbrla today mourned the loss oi Htigh Duffy, whoso fabulous .4S8 batting average in 1394 .for the Boston National League baseball club is an all-time record.. The 87-year-oM star died yes- lerday at his home from a heart ailment. HP would hav.i been 88 next rnortth. Active in baseball al most to the end, he was a Boston Hed S6x Kcout throttRh 1353. . former player and manage*.' had a -flace in basf-ball's Mali' of Fame at Cooperstown, N. Y. He broke into the major leagues ns an outfielder with the Chicago Nationals in 1388 and hit better than .300 in 11 of his 18 big league seasons. His wife, Norn, died last year. They had no children. Gavilan Soys Hell Knock OutSaxton By MURRAY ROE PHILADELPHIA W weight champion Kid Gnvilan ure- dicts he'll knock but Johnny Sax- tqn tonight "if I hit .him solid" and 50 YOUNG laying New Hampshire Saxton says, "I'm going to be the hens. Priced io sell. Also baled n ew champion." hay. Arthur Gray, Ozan. 20-61 Wonted WANTED TO BUY One inch rough green Oak Lumber — regular lengths and tie siding. For prices and specifications write — GURDON LUMBER COMPANY BEIRNE,'ARKANSAS A. crowd of around 11.000 may pay around $80,000 for the twice- postponed 15-round title bout in Convention Hall. : Jt will be elected coast to coast b*> CBS. Philadelphia and a 100- mile radius around the city, with the .exception of New York, be blacked but of the TV. Local stay-at-homes' will get a radio broadcast. '' : Starting time is 10 p.m. EST? The 28-year-old Cuban, making his eighth title defen;:n, radiated extreme confidence, as usual, as he moved into town from his Sum Ait, N.J., training camp. ; "Saxton is a pretty good fighter," said the Kid from Camaguey. "He's strong and likes a ci'ov-d. I throw plenty of punches at : him and we see what happens. If I hit him solid, he go." Lost 6.70 x 15 FORD ,\vheel and casing, highway 4, East of Hope. Notify P. H. Cofield, Emmet. 18-3t BED roll, fitted, picnic basket, Stanley hair ..brush and alarm clock. Somewhere, between Nashville and Lewisvjlle on highway 4-29. Reward offered. Jim Keith, Roiite 1, McKamie. 18-3t The Negro Community Or brlnq Itemi to MlM Turner at Hicks Funeral Horn* Funeral services 'for Mrs. Mollie People will be held Wednesday 'Oc- 3 Knck(dwn Doomed „ NEW YORK Boxins's three knockdown rule which, except foi* championship bouts, automaticall*^ erids -a bout after n lighter .hag hit ..the ; ,deck.i three time;;. in one round /appeared- doomed" today ' at 'least in New York state. "The automatic ihrec-knockdowri rule must, go." hundred Christenberry, chairman Robert of the New York State Athletic Commission, "knockouts must be loft to the discretion'of tMfi 1 referee." I believe it is difficult to ; differentiate between a 'knockdown and a half pUsh." Christenberry found himself involved in a comic op^ra situation after last night's scheduled '10- round welterweight scrap . at St. Nicholas Arena between Gerald Dreyer of South Africa and Ramon "fiscarend' of Lo's Angeles. Dreyer vi-as declared tde' winner on TKO 'when Tiscareno went down for the third tie as the bell ended the *first round. R.feree Pctey Sealxo g:\ye Dreyer the fight under the rule stopping a fight when one fighter is knocked down 'three 1ime.jj.Jn,- one round. - ~ Instead leaving well enough alone, Scalzo glanced t b w a r d B. B, Chapter Order of the Eastern Star No. 412 will meet Wednesday mght, October 20, at Bee- Bee Memorial CME Church. Asking all members to be present 7:30. P- rn, , ., The Altar Gift Club of BeeBee CME Church will meet tober 20, at Dooley Hill Baptist Christenberry, who"was at ling- Church with bujuaj in Dooley Hill s i^ f or a $yi ce Cemetery. Time 2:30 p. m. T^ spectators immediately began shoitting their disapproval so Scalzo went to Dreyer's corner and told Manager Willie Ketchum and Second Ted Bentham. "I think you'll have to • continue," This set off Ketchum, who began screaming at ScaUo and racing around the ring lookinu: for Chris wwnqniu UJHJU ui»ur B ii wlu JMCCl tenberry Meanwhile, Bentham liad at the home of Mrs. Harah Hamil-l^ ken ° ff Dreyer s right glove. For ton Sunday. October 24 at 5:00 that he and Retchum were sus- present. p. m. Asking all members to'be P^ded and ordered to appear be 0 fore Chnstenberry Friday At that Christenberry said he will also take up the 3-knockdown rule. Scalzo then apparently decided he had acted correctly in the first place and ordered the fight stopped not overruled by The Spiritual of Zion singei-s of Magnolia will give a musical program at BeeBee Memorial CME Church, Sunday.. October 24, at 3 p. m. The public is invited, There will-be a party at Hosea's new club T. • V. Thursday October 21. The public is invited. The Rev, Anthony Jon,es is conducting an app^epiatlorj service at Bethel AMS"Chui:cb in observance of the 6th y$»r r pasjigrate pf Rev. G. Pa§cha|. wi\l preach each night al ?£3,Q* The public Is invite^. ' ''The * meeting closes Thursday nifiht. October 21. Rev. G. Paschal and members of Bethel AME Ohurph'and Rev. F. K. Powell and mem,bevs 'of Lonoke Baptist Church BeeBee Memorial worship at CME Church Sunday night, October 24. The Rev. F. K. Powell will preach. The pu- bhc is invited, The P. T. A. of the Clow Training School will hoW its monthly meeting Thursday, October 21, ut 2 p. rn. in the schopl auditorium- All pat- rpns are invited io be present. Rev. W- L. Nelson, since he was Christenberry, Team Nor Indifferent Says Pitt Coach By CARU LUNOQUIST NEW YORK, (UP) His teams are different because they're never different because they're .never indifferent. He~ can't stand a defeat corn- ple.*>- and he generally can fire up his boys when necessary-such as right in the middle of a game. His isn't even a coach any more, he's-an athletic director. But he's the United Press coach of the week, Tom Hamilton, who l>inch-hit for ailing Pittsburgh Coach Red Dawson lita Dusty Rhodes did for the Giants in the Worjd Series. Pitt End Linemgn ,o| W$ek By The Associated Fred Waltz, a lap-pound end at Pity, was named ths Associated Press I4nem,ao cf t](ie Weej? t ' Rtod Inilruclloni edtthfly. Complete both ilchl of forM. .CMMftlM.. .,..,.._„.. ..... g|_ ji la Sz | si I "t? U. S. INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX RETURN iftil .... r? you tut (Mi fo'rrri, fti* frtftfrial ft*v»nu« S«rv!e* wB eoftpol* yeor ta«. ' • V *• 1, NAME S, WIFE'S (HUSBAND'S) NAME 3. HOME ADDRESS (NUMBErfANO STREET O* RURAL ROUTE) tCITY, TOWN, OR POST OFFICE) (ZONE) (STATE) 4. (a.tlc) GSlnglt GMo.ri«d S. litr.il o joint f«f urn? D Y*i G N* 6. Ii wife (hoiband) flllnj ttpbroltly? D Y« G Na , . 7. Social St.! • , . eurllfr.Ne. 1 ^ i i.Wo'jtt *• Wlllidelel * 10,Olh<r . Ine6m* ,» ll.Sptcldi . Crtdit **• (W • i T { " ' i (.) j U) to * List youf 1 DECLARE UNDER THE PENALTIES Or PERJURY THAT THIS IS A TRUr.. CORRECT. AND COMPLETE RETURN TO THE BEST or MY KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF. TAXPAYER'S SIGNATURE AND DATE . '- '-•-*- ---• ----'•- - IF JOINT RETURN. WIFE S (HUSBAND S) SI5HATURE i Your Wile'i (Hoibarid i) T* 1 : 11 " • i ?* fc i lb> i : |>;< b > 1 l*.'i (t>> i 6 I (b) j eXSftiptioni' On other •side. \ UQ not b*m/, pin, ormufr/of*. £NCLOS£ FORMS W-2 (rOR USt OP INTERNAL REVENUE. SERVICE) C^ - & >—•—»• ' R /13. EXEMPTIONS f OR YOURSELF AND WifE (OR HUSBAND), -...,. - (b) If you wctt 6S w over ol th« tnd iSf 1954, wtii« the FIC (0 If Idipoytr woi blind ol the Ifid of 1954, wiilt the FlC (d) V yevt wife (01 huifaand) had no ineomt in 1954, or if 1 (t) If int (or he) il claimed al an e*emplt»n In (d) above a (f) If ihe (of he) It cloinled ai an e'itmpliofl in (d) above a — __^— — -^. fill li a joint ifluin, wiile Ihe FIGURE 1 for her (or M.) emmpllon > nd wo> 65 or ovu al Ihe end of 1954, write fhe FIGURE 1 n >. »d -m Wind fll Iht »hd «f 1954, write iht FIGURE 1 J» 14. EXEMPTIONS FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND OTHER DEPENDENTS (Lilt below) , Name (olio slve eddieii if diffcienl (torn youn) • Enici FlglHC 1 In (hi lail column lo rljhl tor each name > lilted. ' 1S< Enlei lolal number of excmjilioni liiled in ilcmi 13 or Relallonihlp Aniwer ONLY foe dependenli other than children riid dcpendi'ni have ciott Incgmt cl KCO Anwunl YOU lp<nt Iw dcpef.dtnl'i support. ii lor., win "M" AmAunl t^enl It OTHERS Inthidiflt dfptndent >• *• *• . > . >• • ... *»• EXCMP. / . ;BAD NEWS FOR '54—This is the new gloom sheet that many U. S. citizens Will fill out to pay their 1954 income tax. It 5£ a brand-new: card to replace the'earlier 1040A short form. Both sides must be filled out as shown above. Otherwise it makes payment for those who earned less than $5000 a year more painless than ever.. There's no figuring. The government will either return a ' ~ ' • bill or a refund. ..'——-.— •-•- •-• .By «AYLK TALBOT. YORK li there is one thing a person learn:* tjyer a long period of close association with the sports scene it is that rich men get tired remarkably quick of throwing their money into a losing athletic venture. '.They don't think they will when they .go into it. They are oyer- stirnulated st the time with the thought of doing something for their home community and, at the satne lime. ? being intimately asso- ' withJa glamorous'new woild iyhich they.' have •known all their lives only from a distance. •A- few fortunate cne^, such as fiel :Webb and Dan Topping, who bou'ght the -rich Yankee empire at a'distress sale fo'f perhaps a quarter; of its real value, never have caus.e to regret their action. They t '' ly, make more money. But they e'' the rare ^.exception, and the tfSii is strewn with' wealthy enthusiasts \vhb wero stricken by a deficit. : ; •; .;•. 'All of which might help explain two days, tince it was announced eight wealthy Philadelphians had purchased the Athlatics and saved them from being transported bcd- ily out to Kansas City. A sort of numbness seems to have set in on thu'other club presidents and spokesmen, They along with League President Will Harridge, say they want to get all tne facts before they comment. Their reaction, roughly, is that of a group of men who have seen a colleague drowning apparently and then saved from kicked back into the water. A club executive, who declined to be quoted, said this: "I have no doubt they are all fine fellows. Not one of them, though, knows a thing in the world about running a big league clubi Even with the best of luck, I don't see how the Athletics canr' help losing money for another three or four years. If the'' deal is approved, will these men be willing to plow in more money, for that why a shocked ..'"si-lenp'no reigned length of time? -I'm afraid that I over the American League the past doubt- it." OUT OF DOORS with Steelhead" fishing, Klamath River style, is a family affair. Momma, Poppa, and the kids have bfeen pouring into this choice-piece of northern California real estate, armed, to the ears with fly rods and spin-sticks. ... Although ; everybody I've met lias been catching fish, local addicts are still mumbling about the year 1945 when clobbering steel- les was akin to the Chicago stockyard hammer game. Anybody who could throw a fiolf ball over the post office! came to >camp with a dozen fish up to ten or 12 pounds in .Weight. But I wasn't here then; and fishing, is better than good this season.. 'VVe checked with Dewey George to find out if Mahah the bad Indian spirit was in the river, but he assured us that the Yuroks have made good-medicine, and at the end of September they had a brush Rogue Rlvej , doub , e . enders dance at Weitchpec that should cure everything. Tb,e. Blue Creek Camp where we're located presently has guests from New York, Minnesota, Arizona, and Nevada as well as California and amazing feats have been acpomplished by the distaff side to date. Although the Klamath is a big river, most of the rifles where steelhead are caught have long, easy*to-wade gravel bars where the water is "no more than knee deep Unlike most coastal rivers, the Klamath also scatters her fish. Instead of making long casts to rough water on the opposite bank, the angler "does little more than switch a fly into the current to covpr his or her quarry. Gals like Lone Paradise, Gertrude Levison, Dorothy Cox, and Klamath River sleds, both fast means of transportation on "fast water. The boats are also used to take guests from riffle to riffle when fishing. You can hit the famous Ah Pah Riffle after breakfast for instance and by noon have fished Wilkiw, Bear, Johnson's and Mettah Riffle seven or eight miles upstream. (Distributed by NEA Service) Back of Week Is Not a Regular LOS ANGELES (ff) — One of the unusual Arnett facts about younij Jon of Southorn California is that while he was named Back pf the Week by The At.sc,nated Press, UA K14U he has yet to win a place on the' ,Iane Spencer are Just a few of. Tr ° jans ' parting team. is ars ETS ±. tu s '«St.rs, y . th 'i c ;.'fi^xsa ^^S^^JT^lSTSsr-fflsrl'SS'S! All-Pacific Coast Conference back last year, will 1 ead off at left halfback against California here Sat* urday. Hill did name Jon to start in the Mprris are as anglerettes. tyers as well Point is. the Blue Creek hot §pot can be a pleasant family deal at a minimum tab which is vnique ^> .food fishing country, — ^* ^i - •-, - -- i,-*vgun uciinc lab. wsi.is, me na" tP Crescent City or motor to UonaUy * te i evls * d cant ,, st whlcn t«wn of Klamath and take (he Blue Creek Camp bpat upriver. Boats incidentally are either JistVof unbeaten cQllegy football ''"' ' naoiftd by sppi'tswrit- Oregon game last the proved a wonderful stage for Arnett's running artistry. But this was the- only game thus far in which he got the opening role. Poes this disturb him? "Not a bit." he promptly repUefl. "I'm, glad, t° see P^ncby get ftft assignment." Boyle Continued from Page One has grown to 100,000 members. There.are no dues. The mombers mee tat each other's homes in grouls of 5 to 10 twice a month, and Miss Mann distributes free diets and exercises at .her own sxpense. But O. A. differs from -A. A. in one important respect. If a member feels an overwhelming urge to indulge in a chocolate eclair, she can't telephone a follow member to come racing through the r.ight to save her from temptation. . "As a matter...of fact. If a member scales down ner poundage, she must maintain ihc weight loss for at least six months or be dropped from the rolls," said Claire firmly. Those who do reduce to the weight they desire in community and charity work to givn them an cutlet for ?th"eir::new enftrgy. "'" Ninety-nine per cent of O. A members are women, but a male member .holds'•••the weight loss championship. He is an^'engineer who in three years dropped from 295 pounds to 173 a loss of 122 pounds. JUst one moro proof of the old truth that a Rood mau can heat a woman at anything. Miss Mann, a former ballet t!ancer-anrl pianist, became . interested in therapy as the result of an accident. The accident was a collision in which she suffered a broken back. She was loid • she would never be able to dance again, might not b3 able to walk. After six months in a hospital, she set out to rehabilitate herself. Ticket Requests Flooding in to LR. Stadium LITTLE ROCK '(UP) Allan Berry, manager of War Memorial Stadium here, is shouting "cnlf. rope" to request:; for tickets to Saturday's Ark an ias.-Mississippi football game. Berry said mail orders are still pouring in and that ho h:is been s'etting "from 730 to 1.000" long distance telephone calls, n day from every place im,i;;inabl<3, including Texas." But ths same's .been u sellout since the early hours of Monday morning. To accotnodale.prtrt of Iho overflow, Bei-ry said ho is having additional bleachers installed in the tadium ami will put folding chairs on the field for Arkansas and Mississippi University students. The largest contingent of Arkansas students evor to attend a game away from the campus is expected here Saturday, and the University publicity offico said it iad had requests from all major wire services and "newspapers from throughout the country" for nccomodations in Ihe pross box. Some hopeful should-bc ticket buyers even called tlie homo of Berry's daughter, who lives here. They, too, of course, had no luck. The only remaining seats are in the end zones behind the goal posts', and these will go on sale at $2 each promptly at 9 a. m. Saturday at Gale No. 1 at the stadium. Berry said, on a "first come, first servtid" basis. Lamented Berry, "we could have •without quesion sold 10- or 15,000 more tickets. The staili'.im, which will ac- comodate 35.000 fans, will be filled to capacity for the first time in its six-year history. The last record crowd was in 1948 when 35,000 persons jammed in for the Rica Arkansas game. She went to Vienna and psychology and anatomy, studied worked out her own systsm of exercises to rebuild her wasted muscles. Her stubborn will worked a miracle. She recovered completely, then opened a studio to help other people with physical and , mental problems. She was among'the first to recognize the therapeutic value of music arid dancing.-She is married to a psychiatrist, has made a fresh career for herself in television. "If it weren't for my accident, I'd-have been only a second-rate dancer or pianist," sht> said. "It enabled me to do something new." v An attractive green-eyed blonde, Miss Mann weighed 138 pounds as a dancer, now weighs 112. "The diet in rny case," she said wryly, "was pain." The number of American illitera- Fights Last Night By The Associated Pre:;s Miami Beach, Fl.i Miguel Diaz, 148, Havana. outpointed Rocky Casillo, 146, Blue Island. 111., 10. Boston Tommy Collins, 1291,4 Boston, stopped Bobby Why, 12S Los Angeles, 6. Sacramer.to, poni, 133, knocked out Mexico City, 4. Calif Art Ram- Richrnond, Calif., Lauro Salas, J39!a. Terms Unemployment Concern to Everyone ATLANTIC CITY, N. I. (VP) See* retary of the Treasury George M. Humphrey said today "unemployment is a matter ff the greatest concern to ever j one 1 " in -the Eisenhower administration. "We are working and planning, in every waj' to reach the day when every man looking >°or work can find a job," he said. 'We have shaped our entire economc program in the way best calculated to bring that happy day at the earliest possible time." • Humphrey's speech prepared for delivery to the annual caiiveh- lion of the American Bankers 1 Assn. appeared ministration answer to be :m ad- to the storm cf criticism kicked up by Secretary of Defense Charles; E. Wilson s recent .bird dog-kennel do;; remark? while discussing unemployment. The Treasury head ctid not mention Wilson or the dog episode, however. PREFER COWBOYS MIWAUKEE, Wis., (UP Seventeen Dutch sailor.-?, survivors of a freighter that s^ind in Milwaukee harbor have decided they like cowboy movies belter than American football, Invited by a brewing company to watch the California-Oregon game on television Saturday, the Eoiiors looked at cowboy movies until the game came on. After a few mom- tes over 14 was reduced from 20 ents cf football, they askud for per cent of the population in 1870, more cowboys "or something we to 2.5 per cent in'1952. 'i understand.' If You Have Failed to Enter the KXAR FOOTBALL CONTEST This is the Last Week You Can Enter and Still be Elgible for the COTTON BOWL TRIP To be elgible for the Cotton Bowl Award you must pqrticipate in at least six contests out of the ten weeks duration, There are six more weeks left. The expert with the highest average number of winners^each week fpr the season wins a eornplete expen&e paid trie tp th<* Cotton owl for two on Jan. l.vi&cludes Motel for two nights, , troye! ©xp§n§§, •Our gwqrd-fer % _. _1 ^l^ K^- •—. .^ _l _ f A * _ - . . h ifL^ *. '4-I ^ Li-'l'*S»>' I - - , >* . t ' ' ' ^ »?- V'>j/ *; 1 * \ ^ ' * -t<fc/ -** £ v '" Wednisd&y, OiJdbfef 25, 1954 ' HOPE Sf A R, H0 * 1> ARKANSAS 8LONUI1 SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS.' ] HAD THAT FOR LUNCH •f Cfitefc YMttf IfCl I LOVE1EM- WAIT RIGHT HEftEA MIKfUTE HAVING SPAftERlBS AND SAuEPKFfAUT AND 1 DON'T Iff I DON'T REMEMBER COOKING SPARERIBS AND SAUERKRAUT m H60W HOTHEAD'S OUT c»|l E tJW&t AN iMPO'tANt xi, BIT OF 6?4 TIGHTROPE y% WAUKIN' T» co». AN',., !»L •4. IN** If BisgiK* Wrri Mtfg'^* sutn a^ ^5-IK:« Boy Meets Girl ,__^_^_ OUT OUK WAIr Answer to Pr^vtOus,Puiite -———-• i.-^^-^ |W.I68.IB|B r By J. R. Wllllami '.-. ;', v "•• ' t-:™1.-^V3-^-«-:iV' 1> ^ a -^:^?**>-f*.'^"-l':'*M<l®jS ' ; -:.:--:-^;m&l^t.:-i,-- i y:i^lW^aia*- :.::•: ^••:.?...:., ^;-y ^gli-^^a-^^ar::':.j f: ^ A;1 j^:^|^;a^.a . _^. .-..-_-, ...... . ,.- . ^-.^.-h.«^Ajjri.—!•• i ii m»^.. .^ * .^,»>.... ,-^^.-.~-Ti^.,,ft^.m—..«....-«*i.i.' i- iM'JIn.-M.iii.Tt.T-ii-iiy ^ *H5 ACROSS DOWN 1 Sawyer I Former Ohio and Betty Senator Bob Thatcher met 4 Henry. VIII Martha ^ and Grey 2 Medley /; 8 and Eve 3 Unions 12 Winglike part between boys 13 State ' and girls ':S£e£en- tree «&" .|{^« ebrc w»onth411 Middle (legal) , 16 Bent on sea 6 ^ange flower 25 ""^teing 42 •iflS^fnrm 7 Age 27 Inactive cano". , 18 Severe storm 8Acl|ve 28 Individuals 43 Distribute, r,v,i ,,«i4 9Fish 29Nuisance as cards, ncal unit, owjng . shaped 3] pj uckSi ag . a 44 Italian city' 11 Ingredient of mandolin 46 Persia ; name beer ' 33 Finnish: poems47 Operatic solo vocal 17 Goal 38 tenders ,48 Indian ; music 19 Roman date 40 Take.' ' porridge ; 27 Wipe up 23 Beginning possession of 50 Pedal digit ;ou Resume . , ' ; 32 Calm 34Parsee sacred ! writings j 35 Musical ; exercises '36 Legal matters 37 Tumult ^39 Where boy P bird meets ' ! girl bird '40. Ocean \vaves '41 They meet • \vomen 42 Revoke a j legacy 45 Holidays 49 Opponents 51 Constellation I to Algeria & ^54 Edge YOU'LL, .ee... HOC>PeR.lW OVER ME IF I'LL.BE ., <5LAG> VWHEKl EVERY BOOy HA* " THIS AWFUL . THIN&ON. MYOWM UP/ HOUSE'S MEAD UP WITHtHAT • -rwrrcH/ 5L)RE,..TW& FELL*. OUR BOARDING HOUSE 52 Pads 53 City in sheltered side «7 Pacific island CARNIVAL By Dick Turner NOTE-SOUNDS RETUMIA BE- BACK IN A MiKlUfe! I'LL €r?A9 A SNACK WHILST WAITIN FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei AUEY OOP HER BETj?OTH WHOPP0P HADPA DRESS-FORM WIPE OUT "THE IN r "You'll pick up the office routine easily enough—the trick is learning to live on the salary!" j By Golbraith SIDE GLANCES "Romantic work, my eye!" _, «WEETl£ PIE By Nomine Seller Mf llTTni^CH^^T^IggWjIggfcJBfcPJg^g-gLgLEg AND WANT YOU CHILDREN GET BUSY WITH T.M.IUK-W--* ir. 19M bv Nt4 S<nl««. (I* "I awt m why *u nt.M .Hg&ibauk a

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