Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 20, 1954
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> - -•.,< . - - ^3§r:f-t H0M *tAR, HdM, JJVwOlS^ ?,UcUWi*»Mit*. ^fc***. „.&<**. W* JS$ttft5M« oft _Jvtftehi6t(fewft<Hi \She- eVlo the Prescott MuSi- 8-first.-me^llni of rcftxft* 3-M U y- ifMf ttft. tfu'dleyaot. fed find me meeting was Mffie^aeraifptt' ttymn paa eJtrt^tolkct read ^ w __ jf£iQlUD$ «,»***'*«»*<.!•»"•»/-Wife> glveti by-Mrs, C. lEMfi.f'0, a. Hir-st, f -Mrt. 1»feC4ft*. toe ft. Hrfmil- «f, tirysda and Mrs. fe-.&JSfc.'V."', ited the pro* tti on> gyfljfr^jgyfll^ggjg^BjjgieaBaiB^ OTTNEWS Stftylfift the Heart beat 6t Music" and discussed music and dances ot different 'driglfis and gave piano selections Illustrating each dance. >,A piano solo, "Chaplns Waltz iri J'^Wj Majbtf," was played by 'MrL McMahen gave a short sketch of the writers of the Hymn df the Month — Faith o£ Our Fathe* 1 *, _, fcWs. Briee Stewart was weieom* edT as a new ttlelftbers. Rev. W. D. Golden'*nd Bond Director Cilve McLelland arc special members of the'club. The hostess, assisted by Mrs. Bryson, served a dainty dessert course to twelve members and Mr. McLclland. W<*W •> »w •• • ~ ™ ™ ^^ ™ ^.Mifl woHd.rfuliy bl.»«d In XHAMWW fcfl.f UM er! -typl* qhdwi* .jd td f**».' I rlll.";ffnd,oH.»r farm. l«fbfm«d «nd my ^".T. yau will r«ply \mM»4 »Mt T,. L.la S. Wi.r 9. lax 2493 At the meeting of the Lions Club last Thursday noon at the Lawson Hotel, Rev. Wesley Lindsey introduced Burrell Whitmarsh of the PreSeolt Fire Department who gave an Informative talk on "Fire Prevention." During the business conducted by the president, Carroll, Bralton, plans wjpre completed for Ladies night. It was also reported that the Walking blood bank, sponsored by the club had grown to 90 members with committee working daily and that two of the members of the bank had been contacted and given 2 ,*"$<,$.-%*'*' \. ^fl&^A £.-, Jfi •^.,V* .W* jr.AfS&p* >f> , i?" S f news n t/ /I up ?HHW^ JH 1 ^ ^'- *? "J , * V^-S Iflfi'fi^P' •/ 4 ^^femers... ••^•••i^""""*^^^^^^^"^™™" 1 - ' FTC Accuses Continued from Page Oflft Vertising claims of "up to $525 for «9ch surgical iiperation" are de- rteptive in many cases, said FTC, because the full amount is pa; able i for only one or two relatively rare operations. 4. Starting time ot coverage. Although some companies represent insurance as, being effective when issued, FTC said, coverage for many sicknesses Is delayed until the policy has been in effect for a time-such as six months f'ortu- berculosis or heart disease. 5. Health status of the insured. FTC charged many companies slate they do not require medical examination, but fail to say the policy does not cover any loss traceable to a conditon which existed when the policy was issued. 6. Sale of a plan. Some companies imply, FTC said, that many benefits are obtainable from pur chase of a single policy for a few cents a day, when actually several policies are required to get all the advertised benefits. 7. Some advertisements offer regularly monthly income ''even for life," FTC charged, but only in cases of total disability due to accidental bodily injury are lifetime payments made. One firm-The Lite Insurance Co. Of America, ami its officers are charged with falsely reprebenl- ing that it is an old. established, reliable life insurance company and a pioneer in the accident and health field. The corporation is less than two years old, FTC said, and its volume of lite insurance is "insignificant." A hearing in this case will be held in Wilmington, Del., Dec. 31. ftftiiffi?, aetote* !9, 19|j Woman Held in the Charred Body Case DALLAS, Tex. W) Police had a rhapely, 111-pound brunette locked up today but they werc ( still hunting for another woman in the case of Okahoma's charred corpse. Still in jail was David Hagler Jr., 36-year-old Fort Worth businessman, charged with murder in the death of the unidentified man. Fort Worth. Tex., police held him in lieu of $10,000 bond. The burned body was found more than a weekago near Davis, Okla., in the fire blackened hulk of a station wagon Hagler had bor rowed a few days before from his ex-wife. Elizabeth Maria Bergmann, 25, .was held n£ a material witness and for investigation of customs violations. She admitted to police during 10 hours of questioning that a recent cablegram calling her to Munich, Germany, to visit her "ill" father was prearranged. She acknowledged also that two diamond rings found in her luggage had not been declared in customs when she flew to the United Slates yesterday to help Hagler, her fiance. About 4% million tf. S. children between the ages of 5 and 17 are not enrolled in any school. No Polity Change Says New Gas Owner LITTLE HOCK ffl R. W. Curren, .Arkansas division manager of the Arkansas Louisiana Gas, Co., says his company, plans nj policy changes under new ownership. W. R. Stephen 1 ; Investment Co.. Inc.! of Little Rock last week bought a controlling interest in thi- company from Cities Service Co. The 25 million dollar transactiott is subject to Securities and exchange Commission approval. Curran said he had been advised by Stephens; that the company s service to customers wil^ continue "on the same high piano." Sugar cane was being grown in Hawaii when the islands v*e discovered by the Western World and "scientists believe the Polynesians carried it there from Asia. -nr« v « *i *** •• \n ofihe-city, ^^|^«KL^ e and rs ^arfy, line's immediately to r f^steusjbmers who apply. Much Mail Ruined in Chicago Flood CHICAGO l/Ft Some 3,000 pieces of parcel post and three railroad baggage carloads of magazines, books and newspapers were ruined ir. the Union Station flood during the record rainfall 10 days age. The Chiqago post office said today some 2 pouches of soaked first-class mail over being dried out. Mail with legibile addresses will be delivered, but the post of fice. will not assume responsibility for noninsured mail. Greatest Value Ever LESS THAN Vi PRICE 60 GAUGE -15 DENIER FIRST QUALITY Actually $1.35 value — sheer »eam fall shades. y Through the co-operation of a nationally known hosiery mill we have secured 18,000 pairs of these sheer 60 gauge first quality hose, and are offering them at this all time low price. They're yours if you hurry — i Sizes 81 to 101 — P 1 "'" or dark seam. A RED OR BLUE LABEL Pair In the ancient world sugar beets were valued as medicine. their blood for two emergency cases.'", ''• .'•'- •' -..' - - ; '--. • ; - ' ' • Bill Oater. who was sponsored by Wallace Sage, was welcomed as a new member. KARO SYRUP ARGO _ GLOSS STARCH 2 HLb..'/*f Bottle ' M. Jiv FOR 120z. Pkgs. ARGO Coy Cummings of DeQueen was the Thursday guest of his sister,, Mrs.. Gene Lee, and- family. Mrs. L. C. Gatjiti ha? had as her guests, Mrs. Jessie Mae Mcux and Miss Bessie Kirncy oi Little Rock. ".:• Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Benton of Hot Springs were Thursday visi tors in Prescott. fftffi' iT #*^& V 1& i * * * r.^ipyes you and yovi'aloiie, the instant you need it, y^^jf"ypi|«-V6w,h^e i;foi«--party.line, perhaps &"• '^:^^|j^t^,^.pwn tp the point where you ;d one or two-pftrty service. With this belter $7^jttji8h£ s pf 'sejr^ice7"*yoVaHd"n]6inbers of your lifcfaHily wili'be'able to place an4 receive calls §^', t 'Si ^"i- i 'i 1 *! S, -r*, dvucJcly and wore easily. |E ^ ^ e » cost °* one-party or hvo-pirty senac* 3$>w*i' »,',,rt,s c «r.rtU/ JQW. Why not g^t youjr appli- Mrs.. Lloyd Leverett and Amelia of Hope were the Friday guests o£ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davis. '"'.-'. .-.-... Mrs, J. T. McKae, Mrs. Burke Shelton and Mrs. S. O. Logan attended the Diamond Anniversary Convention of .the Arkansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union at the Winfield Methodist Church in Little Rock last week. Mrs. Logan conducted the Memorial service. '".'.-'.' &',:•' -' CALl THE TELEPHONE BUSINESS OFFICE Duncan Dewoody has returned to Memphis after a visit with his par ehts, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dewoody "7 « ~ t » Bob Reynolds and Tilman Worth inglon saw the Prescott, Ashdown game in Ashdown on Friday night Rev, and Mrs. R. A. Highsmitl of Broken Bow, Okla., were the Thursday night guests of Mr, and Mrs. J. W, Bradley. Dr, N, R. Nelson attended the Third Annual School Vision Conference, of which he is general chairman, held in Little Rock, last week. , i NI AGRA STARCH GOLD MEDAL 12 Or. Pkg. CARROTS GRAPEFRUIT Ubs. Reg. -19 Can I -&.C IMPERIAL Lbs. 9 ^g. YJf £* Bars I / C Miss Lelia Buchanan of Texar- arkana was the weekend guest.of her mother, Mrs. Cland Buchanan. ^m^mT^:^ •?* I Air Conditioned, too! BEST MEAT IN TOWN MBBB FRESH DRESSED PURE PORK — HOMEMADE SAUSAGE FRYERS Lb. OLD DUTCH CLEANSER PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER WOODBURY SOAP SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS Ji b 25c SUNSHINE BUTTER FLAVOR COOKIES X 33c SOUTHERN BELLE * PECANS %t 33c RED HEART DOG FOOD 2 ^s 29c SUNSET GRATED TUNA R ^ s ^^ ©QUNTRY" STATION WAGON ^ Amorleftn Motors ttefaftset t^i|g ?< l»|»ttMS*ptff^*«r*W£^6?» fa Amorlpftn Met* yt ^f^ y*$* \>'* M * 1^ M ' BERT RETTIG NASH MOTORS mMimt£t* a 'J*u.15 !?S.& B 5^&&aa$K& T?v«£* .. FT..HOBE ARt LUX FACIAL SOAP 2 Bars I/C WASHING POWDER SURF 29c Large Pkg. LIFEBUOY ' SOAP 2 IS? 25c LUX FLAKES 29c LUX BATH SOAP 2 Bars <4OC WASHING POWDER BREEZE 29c Large Pkg. ' f .LIQUID 4UX 39c FINE SHORTENING SPRY DETERGENT RINSO Large OQ/* Pkg. 4L:r\* LIFEBOUY SOAP O Bars ZiSC CONTAINS GL-70 ,now cltantr anil <Uc«y fighter! j ECONOMY SIZE 59c .11 ADI Bargain Offer! > UPTON TIA 31c 16CoMnt • Ofi/* Bqgs <4»VW. «" w * M *"""»- WITH OF Dispenser NO MORE GRPPINO FQK RAZOR AND IfcAPfi •r/y I To City Subseribtrt! If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m. and a Special carrier will deliver your paper 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 6 Star 6f Hope 1I»», Press 1927 Consolidated j*ti. 11, 1929 ,Marlar Seized in Hope Late Tuesday Night Jerrell K. Marlar, 23, of Hosston was captured at 13th and Main Nashville Approves Wafer Bond Issue NASHVILLE, Ark. t/fc NashviUe residents yesterday approved 304169 a $60.000 water improvement project designed to supply the city v/ilh 57 million gallons of water for as long as three rainless months. < The vote approved a $101,500 bond issue to compiotj the project. As the summer-ion* drought reduced the supply in the city re- Strccts in Hope last night by Ot-^-ervoir, people here lived under •Ucers Parsons and Burke of the'severe water restrictions. Eight City .Police. [inches ot lain eased the shortage His capture climaxed a two-dajr.only" three weeks ago. search which started when the Nevada county man hit a cook over the head and broke out of jail at Prcs- coll about 8 a. m. Monday. Ho had been broupht lo Prescott from the Arkansas State Prison to stand trial for car theft. Marlar gave up meekly last night when the two city officers hemmed up after he was reported sigh- 'ed by a Negro man. He told officers he had walked all the way from Prescott' and hadn't eaten anything since Sunday night. Yesterday he was sighted in a wooded section behind the Arkansas State Police station between FBI Asked If Faubus Was Investigated LITTLE ROCK state committee (UP) — The of Citizens for Highway 67 and the Missouri Pact- Clean Election today received wore t'ic Railwav about two miles east from the U.S. Justice Departmen 4 of Hope. Officers from two counties that gubernaatorial nominee, Orva and State Police threw up road- E. Faubus has never received SP blocks and searched most of the , cttrity clearance from the Federa for him. However, he managed to slip out Bureau of Investigation. Committee Chairman W. P ot the net and holed up during the Branscum, Little Rock dentist day in a wooded section behind the sent a wire to FBI Chief J. Edga Hope Brick Works. Officers think Hoover quoting r< -" u — '"" «">«<"• he watched the blockade and search all'morning. When it got dark ho made his way into Hose and was spotted by a Negro. City Officers hemmed him in at 13th and Main meanwhile he had taken a pair of gloves ^md a paokage of cigarettes from| Hm auto owned by 11. P. Hofiue ot Hope Officers indicated today, that he was bound for Shreveport but they figured from the start that he would try to make his way to the home of Nell Carulhers, 19-year-old Hope woman his companion on another "escape spree'' back in August. And when he was captured he was only about six blocks away from the woman's home. fl) During August Marlar failed to return to prison frprn^a. furlough. He was serving five ydars.for armed robbery. He stole an auto here, picked up the Caruthers woman and eluded police for eight days before being hemmed .in, and captured in woods near his home towo of Rosston. Yesterday at Prescott Nell Car- ullicrs was acquitted of a charge of breaking into a home in the Rosv ton area. & Marlar'is currently in the Hempstead County jail and was scheduled to be questioned sometime today. Arresting officers said he was very cold and very hungry when picked up. . „.....•... Faubus 'as sayim in a cumpaign speech that he hac been cleared by the FBI before he became postmaster at Hunts ville and when he obtained an Army commission. An answering telegram fror Assistant Attorney General Wil liam F. Tompkins said Faubu had never received any securit clearance. from the Justice de partment. . • . . '. Branscum said Tompkins' . tele gram proved that "Faubus was notf telling the truth' when He said he had received such clearance. In a news conference .called at his office, Branscum also told HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESD Mtmber: Th« AMoeW.d ttnt I t Av. Not Paid Clrel. 6 Ma*. tnlWii S*»l. Cotton Supports May Remain at 90% of Parity By GORDON WASHINGTON BROWN (ff>) — Unofficial SECOND DAY,— Dr. Samuel Sheppardr left on tna In Cle,ve,land for the July 4 slaying of his wife Marilyn, reads' notes-prior to opening of second day of trial. Dr.'RIchard Shefipard.g.r.i center, father of the defendant, and Mrs. Richard Sheppartf, Jr., were present In court ae trtal got under way. — NEA Telephoto Kills Five in Family/Then Is Suicide newsmen .that planned by the 'other faction" committee-, in is the , near future. He Acknowledged that the committee, composed entirely Democrats, will s^up.port^ ca'rt ' ''candidate, 1 ' ^M fly or' : f BlevinsPTA Plans Carnival on Halloween Blcvins P. T. A. met last week with the meeting called to order by the president, Mrs. Raymon Honea. Halloween Carnival was discussed and the following committees were selected by Mrs. Jess Tinsley, Chairman of the Carnival. Ticket office — Raymon Honea, 4Hugh Crouch, W. O. Warren. Food Committee — Miss Edna Nesbilt, Mrs. Elvyn Campbell, Mrs. Irvin Brooks, Mrs, Ralph Boyce, and Mrs. Leslie Mouger, Advertising Committee — Noi> man Jones, Mrs. Glen Eley, Mrs. Mont Harris, Mrs, Eddie . Button, and Mrs. Gordon Prescott. ' Pratt JlcmmeFof Little Rock, in his race Against Faubus in the November general election. "•Branscum's original wire to Hoover said that "many thousands pf substantial citizens of Arkansas nave ; become-, disturbed over F^u bus' alleged 'attendance at Com monwealth college," a .no\y- defunct pro-Communist institution located. near Mcna. Branscum did not comment when asked if- future action contemplated by his committee \vould involve any kind <j£ a court suit to remove Faubus' naitie from the general election ballot. "We arc. Democrats but we want Continued on Page Two HATTIESBURG, Miss.;; I 1 ?) A 23-year-old soil conservation work er, who neighbor;; said hnd boen troubled by financial ' .problems, killed five-member? of .'his family and then took his own life yester clay. •'.'•' Sheriff Dee Hammett : identified the man-as O. L. Pearce. Pearce':, victims -were his: wife. Mr ; s. Avis Pearce. 32, »' his -three Children Charles 6;.Alaine 4, Frieda', 3, and his brother, Lorenzo Pearce, 49 „ coronei-'s' jury-.'ruie-.l.j Pearce killed the other", ami /"the* she himself in -the, head with;], a 20 gu'ag'e shotgun. The gun was found near Peavce's body. .-, : 4. Officers .found the bodiesipf...Dv,A< pearce, nisViwife and thi'ee chil dren in the bedroom of their home 25 miles southeast of here. A note left by Pearce directe officers to his brother's body in the woods some 10 miles away. Bandit Admits to * Robbing a Bank SCOTTSELUFF, Neb.. (UP) A young, "cowboy" bandit confessed to police today th.it he single- handedly robbed the First State Bank of Scottsbluff. of S58,l!52 because "it was the only way I could ever get rich." The prisoner, tentatively identified as Joe Deri Gore. 19, ot Tul-sa,Okla., was captured in Bayard, Neb., last night. Hi.i suitcase was crammed with bundles of currency amounting to tho exact amount taken from the bank yesterday. He told state, fedt.-ral ami county officers he picked the Scottsbluff, bank for the stic'.tiip "because « had the capital." The bank bandit, wearing a jmnsk and cowboy boots, held a Stage Decorating Committee —,sawed-off shotgun on six employes Mrs. Norman Jones, Mrs. Alexan- for half an hour waiting for the dor Smith. Mrs. P. C. Stephens,! bank vault to open. He then forced two bank officers Mrs. Doris Carmen, and Mrs. C. IF. Goodlett. To Manage Parade — Miss Martha Wray and Mrs. W. O. Warren, ^ast." Music for Parade — Mrs. W. E.' White. Queen's Throne — Mrs. Bonnie Beckworth. Mrs. G. H. Rrotherton. Mrs. Dale Bonds, Mrs. Carl Brown Mrs. G. D. Royston and Mrs. Coopwood, Crowns for King and Queen—Mr.s. Raymon Honea and Mrs. Victor ^Hampton. Time Keepers — Jess Tinsley and Victor Hampton. Committee to Assign places for booths -^ Norman Jones, Hugh j.,, lons Crouch, and Russell P, Stephens.I *",, It Judge to count King and Queen money — C. W. Leyerett, Howard Pwchard; and Bailey Warnkin, to hand him the money, instructing them to "leave the ones until Fourth Juror Seated in Sheppard Case By WILLIAM NEWKIRK ELVELAND (/P) — A fourth juro was seated tentatively today in th first degree murder trial of Dr Samuel H. Sheppard. He is Thomas J. Sollis, a rai road foreman, the father of thre children. Previously accepted for jur duty in the trial of the 30-year-ol osteopath charged with beatin his pregnant* wife, Marilyn, t death, were a housewife,, a stec plant timekeeper, and the manage of a hardware store. For the second ;lay. reference to extra marital affairs of ths d fendant were voiced during th questionins of Judge Blylhin any detailed n>inds of prospective jurors as t their attitude toward sex in relation to testimony that mUht be introduced later. Yesterday, the name of Susan Hayes, former assoctalo of Dr Sheppnrd at Bay View Hospital in nearby Bay Village, was introduced. The state claims it hns a statement from Miss Haynes 24-year-old medical technician, tint .she was intimate with Dr. Sheppnrd more than once last spring while they •,vcro in California. Solli. But agi'i i-efusocl to a]lo searching of th crop figures- strongly indicate the support price for cotton next year will remain at 90 per cent of par ity. And there are further indications this same level of support might be maintained in 1950. The now farm act spedifies thnt supports for cotton and other basic commodities may rnngc from 8216 to 90 per cent of parity. Under the old law, support for the basics was fixed rigidly at 90 per ; cent The Agriculture Department, in determining the support level for a crop under the new law, Will use a complicated formula. The for mula's prime ingredient is the rntio of total supply to normal sup ply. : For cotton, the maximum rntio is 108 per cent. Support will re main at 90 per cent when tola supply is 108 per cent, or" less, 8 . o: normal supply. If tolnl supply grows over 108 per cent of rtormn supply^ however, then the suppor level could decline to as far as 82V4 per cent. Right now unofficial crop esli- .mates indicated a 104 per ' cent ratio for cotton: Total supply looks like about 18 million bales and'n normal supply of about 17* million bales is in propcct. This Would Jour-fifths harvested and the eArly soybean harvest Is nisarlhg cbm« pletlon in some counties..' ' LTTtLE ROC'(/^ — Atkaftsas ottdn hftrvedi is *boiit tWd-thlrdS ompieted in sotn§ cduhU*S'<»ttd icarly threetfourftW finished in ithers; __ • The weekly tteport ol tKe Fed •ral-Statfi Crop 6eportln« SerViCft «;aid grains, sorghum? and lft,*t hay crops are showing excellent prog -ess after the recent rains.' The rice crop Is reported' 8 Insurance Firms Defend Practices yers alon l»ower rate;\it! tierft* By United Spokesmen for- dight ' , Service nenf $3,1 MATERIAL WITNESS — Elizabeth- Bergmann,-German-born fiancee of David Hagler, Jr., held "in connection-with the death of an unidentified person whose charred body .was .found, in a burned station wagon near Davis, Oklav, is'greeted by r(ewsmen and police officers as she arrived in Dallas Monday afternoon. Police are holding Miss Bergmann as a material-witness in the case. —JMEA Telephoto . ' ' ' •'' ' ' • Code Expert Peterson Is Indicted ALEXANDRIA, Va., (UP) — federal grand jury" today'- indicted ousted code expert Joseph'Sidney forecast 1955. 90 per cent supports • in Petei-sen, Jr., on espionage charges of improperly taking American Womanhood Will Be Reduced by 54,000 Tons If Overweight Artonymous Can act de fense secrets "with intent ana reason to believe it would be used to (he injury ot the United States and to the advantage ot a foreign nation." The foreign nation, not mentioned by the grand jury, has been identified as.- the Netherlands. The grand, jurv indie!eel the for mer $7,700-a-year research alalyst for the hush-hush National Security Agency on throe counts. The second count snid.hu ''knew ingly'and wilfully uswl in a-manner prejudicial -to the safety and interest of the United St.ites" secret informntiwi regarding the communications and intelligence activities of this and other govern ments. The third count chargPil that the 4C->'eai-old Petei-sc'ii '"lici wilfully ;incl unliHviully conceal and re move" documents and papers en trusted to his care by .the National Security Agency, "Alcoholics Anonymous" Denies Fault in Delay ofW&LWork Hope City Council last night absolved the. Turner-McCoy Co., of North Little Rock ,of all blame in delay ot construction at Municipal Water'and Light plant. Completion of the construction ran'some 116 days longer than estimated by Engineers. The city had called in the Turner-McCoy firm to show why Hope shouldn't collect "liquidated damages". Turner-McCoy, ha.d .estimated its work could be completed in 1B5 working days but the job ran 110 days longer. Brooks Turner, spokesman for the firm, told the group they were actually de-fayed from starting work G3 days by other contractors and cited various other causes of delay, Gas Fumes in House Kill 8 Occupants DETROIT yPI Deadly 'carbon monoxide gas fumes, seeping from a faulty, chimney, last nigW "killed eight occupants of a ing house Jor men on ihe 'f Detroit's" downtown district. Nine other roomers were rushcc to downtown Receiving Hospita' for emergency treatment. Their condition Was said to be "temporarily serious." One of the victims was ' Identified as Muroc Emine, 75, of De troit. Hospital. attendants said most 01 the victims were clad only in nighl clothes making positive identification difficult. Most of the victims were between 50 und 70. and health insurance .'companies have defended (hole advertising practices agonist complaints''fildd by the Federal Trade corrimissicrn. The eight' wet-e 'inoUUled' in use 57 companies accused ,by the* FTC yesterda'y of mbking "ft»ls$ and misleading" adverrl&ng. clnlms.' ',.-,' Philip E. Horan,-Roneral coun$el for the Mutual Benefit Mcnlih and Accident Association utf ' Omaha; Neb., (Mutual o,t Omaha'"pnlled. the FTC's action "III, advlsed..V,»' . He said M'utual't ot.'pnialia the only company / on Ihe . "which is Jicensed 1n ,everytone of the* 48 states.", . ,, "It appears to • us," he sajd, "as a conflict had arisen as , t6 /nether we a re-to "be supervised y the'individual "state Insurance 1 " lommissiorts. .'..9? by.'flijs'Federal Trade commission.',' , % - »' • , R. E. .Pratt, tnens^irer of , the Travelers Health ' assbc3atio»\ ( 'ot Omaha,' said "wu da not know; vhat their objection' 'ate" tv "We kno\v' of'qo Wisp' or jnis.; eading claims 'in' any• o!'«Ur "advertising," he; Said;*""!'!!,-* In" the opinion of. the (FTCjo'.iauch' ex sts, we Wf.uid have been fjlad',w amend Police said 24 persons occupiec Ihe three-story rooming house, Quick action by Joseph Filjackow ski, 58, owner of the building, was credited with savin" additiona lives. Filjackowski told police he dis covered the gas fumes shor.tly be fore' midni/jht when he returnee from'a chiu'ch- service. He snid.h 1 found one of the victims lying in a bathroom on tho'third floor. Thei he started banging on doors to arouse -sleeping roomers. Firemen .said ths funies sprea from a gas furnace which hoate the building. They said recen r.'iins apparently- loosened morta in the'thick chimney, causing par tides to fall over a flue. The gas unable to enter the blocked chinv| ney, entered the iiouse through a furnace vent. , , end our advertising aqcirdlnc- . 11 I • . . '; •.'*<*.•(',*. . V » i~;1 '*** ' Ji In Chiqa?o Casualty Co., that, protect both "the benefits lions of all forms ' of-' insuranc^ ' * " ' ' " *' it said. Fire Guts School at Bry^ ^. , Thp lurriish TVA ic'-,ener Willis J" V a ' aSPfe'r con^ctcSl^alp tow^j&wwS- BAUXITE. Ing of the Bryant, Ark.,( hjglr school just north of here was; gut- led by 'fire this mqrnittfi, ?• • j?V School wa,s >n progress. when. the , fire first was noticad r lp:30, but students were quickly evacuat ed and no injuries were rcpqtled. No immediate ' estimate ' of A the loss was available. Tha < i building was a one-story, IQ-rpqm, brick structure. , ,, , ' .> The fU-e wa,s dlscovesrc^ by stu den^s in the buildinij''? study -hall, Possibily defective-wiring was thfr cause, ' A grammar school and liuildings are on the same location, but ' firemen hiul tlw" blaze' -under control by noon and there appeared to be no danger of it .spreading. CHINCHILLA QUINTS COLUMBUS, Ohio -(.It The owners called it n millionrto-one shot, but chincilln quintuplets w.cre all blamed'on specification changes ],orn near | icre (his week. Arrl Jasper Man Shot by FatHer-in-L,aw JASPER, Ark. A 37-year- old Newton Count/ man wus shot and errors for an overall total delay of 145 dnys. Mr. Turner said he had no control over the delays and simply had to wait until other contractors were through with certain phases of the new installation. Mr. Turner also told the council that his was the .only contract which had a liquidation clause in it and that he fell like he was getting • blamed foi the delays, much of which was actually the fault of other contractors plus specifica- ton changes, Following a lengthy discussion the group voted to pay the firm. No action was taken in other they'll wejl and Uulvins, despite mama's refusal to. nurse them. They were bom on the chinphil In ranch of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Miles, who hand'feed them every hour. They mcasm-o about twu inches each, BOSTON W Som? out-of-town visitors at the Bostpn Conference on Distribution are displaying two watches, one • set ai New York time and the other at daylight tlrr-e. They said It helps them to t{me calls to their offices and pUjn schedules. One two-w^tch mon sometimes became confuted couldn't remember piece was which. Mnssachiifetts ItflH extended daylight time to tho 1 end t-or. ty*«y..i?S«*teti! tjon of ;iU.» pjapj »n«fe treated,, fttiJ^»a..s|- bilef;'" t All Around the Town iy Thfl Wir ttaff According ta the monthly ansas State Police report f)ve ways. . "Overweight and alcolhojsm, Announcer — Nprmati Jones, Supt. „ , • , Uiave Mrs. Herbert Stephens gave the and Mrs. Gordon Prea* By HAU BOYL.E .'' -|pfter NEW YORK W) If all goes,many well. Claire Mann will reduce the "Ov supply of- Americnm&womanhood' by er, all spring from the same emo- by the end of this year tlonal causi-s," she said. The isn't very much, is IT?" of and 18 Overweights founder 'Anonymous," pointed out there are some million women in-this country who eaten thenuelv'es out of *eott read the Presidents Lt. Portcrfield, State Police, gave ^v wun d s interesting discussion of "Saf- p f gfoad tons Her goal is to get a'l these plump ladies to'lose an average of each, or a total of feminine fat. If ty on the School Grqunds," t}oa4p4 op the battleship Missouri. ' Mrs. Julia Hutchir>spp's se?on,4 grade and Mrs. Jess Tinsjey'j eighth grade won the pr»e having the most parents « Ate. for «st weight \VQlJld pvobi»UI/ sink „„. Converted injo 4 tajli^w. it, r.0^14 fe e "la* 0 i n t9 a «? ualq b *8 enough, to, light Jdea, too. c^ty. Might pe § splendid flTifsSJHjr problem 'is psychological, not physiological." The main theory behind O. A, is that obese people who urc uu- oble to solve their problem on an individual basis -often avb able to do so when they attack it by group Jherapy. . "Sometimes.-you have to iden,pfy yourself with-'other peipl.i's orob- Icms in order to • realize- your own" said Miss Mann Overweight people simply have substituted the Ipve of good for the love of lite By recog ni zing this,' they can help each other lo Jcavn to do t)»e reverse " to death near here yesterday, and in his father-in-law is being held for council discussions, questioning in Ilia shooting. State Trooper Tommy Goodman identified the victim a", Jair.es H. Sa,in of Cowcll, Ark Goodman suid Sain was killed by two blasts from a shotgun while visiting at the McMath Subpoenaed Power Testimohy . LITTLE ROCK Former Oov. home of his wife's parents al|Sid McMath has been suopoonaed to testivy before the Senate Antimonopoly Subcommittee conducting Uearjngs on the contioveisial Limestone. Sain's fatheriin-law, 63-yearold Alfred Curtis, is being held on an open charge. Goodman said Sain V/as shot following a family argu ment. The victim and his wife sep- prated two months ag-.i, and Mrs. ?.ain ha'd been' living with her parents. ' The couple has four chilJren. DANCER TO HOLLYWOOD dar>c- Dixon-Yates power 1 contract, McMath t-aid ycstoday he would appear before the 9v>mmittoe Friday, The Dlxon-Yaves contract in From Mexico, Missouri, comes a repoit that Missouri Military Academy's varsity football team |n« eludes Jim Vestal, 145-pound guard from Hope, Joe Meinert, 180-pound guard from,El Dorado and. W^ p. firuner, 175-pounc} tackle ' »*---* . , . Vestal, 9 seni9V,_is A- B West Memphis to r ced privatcly- produped electric power to the system, er Vera Elen ?9 and Victor Roths- «JcMath frequently has criticized TJl^ moito of 0- A. is. "Por»'t cjjild, 31, Pasadend oli man. will yj wtelffe ' '' ' l "~ """'"' 1 """" you married sopn. Power common £oulh and Light Co js owned, by ir. Inc., COT Palsjey's QJub elude Bobby Pate, president land Fant, yice'prwWPWU' Jones, secretory and Charts n Shiyer «| Quaqhltfi was a the sjtate-, ' economjcs eanventlp^ in wrecks were investigated, trt Hempstead last month with no t'atalWies , . . Howard had three wrecks, Nevada one and Lafayette none and recently. . . . aijd, no fatalities in surrounding count- JTyom Henderson ies although 36 in the state during the month boosted the Arkansas total to 342 foi the year. • II

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