Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 19, 1954
Page 14
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Heavy heads baled with out rain* average 55 Ib. bales, $1 per bale: Henry C. Ward, Rosston 16-3 Well Balanced Attack Best, Halas Says CHICAGO W> Professional foot jail teams have become pars razy in the last decade* but there s nothing like a balanced attack, ays George Halas, owner-coach of the Chicago Bctu-S. Halas should know. He saw His 3e"ars shackle San Franciso for 30 minutes Sunday only to fold under ' the 49(.'rs' devastating ground game. Are the pros returning to running? • • • "They never left it," said, Halas in an interview. "Any team that ias a sood ground game will utilize it and San Francisco has a SPORTS ROUNDUP ,tf tAYUt TALBOt. groat running game.-. But remember, they've got NICE -Home, 100% G. I. Loan. Payments about $15 per month. Write Box'A., Hope S(ar. 16-31 , es NAME Plates for dog collars and r 11 "^ L. Rd golf bags. Phone 7-3725 or See i1 lo * e Williams at JlempStead Motor Co. some pretty good passing. We had them bottled up Sunday but they've got balance and it paid off." • The Bears stymied San Francisco's passing attack in the first half and walked off the field with a .17-14 lead. Tho <19er3, although outplayed, had scored once on an intercepted pass and a?;ain when Hugh McElhenny broke loose for a long touchdown run. . . '. , Other than those two plays, it was strictly Chicago's game. V.. A^ Title's nasses weren't clicking and 11 " R NEW YORK (IP) — Seven rival American League clubs have awakened to learn that after all* they are doorne dstill to play • 77 games against the Philadelphia Athletics in Connie Mack Stadium next season. This means that,' in most cases, they will come away dragging a deficit for the trip, and it accounts for the pronounced absence of jubiia'tirtft around the league. . ., .:;;; :';•• The visiting club;in the American League' is paid-off at the rate of approrimately 29 cents for each ticket sold. The histories? Athletics in the campaign recently closed enticed ? total of only 323,-OCO fans through their home turnstiles, and it requires only a littl e simple arithmetic to show why the popular cry wa s"On to Kansas City-" Breaking down the total, v.-e find that an average .if only 4.200 jer " %A-/ * J Wanted H. Wathburn, Editor ft PublhlMr H. ,Jon«, ManaglUB Editor M. DovU, Advertising MonagM -'?* W. "Hosmer, Mceh. Supt. bad afternoon for San Francisco, with rookie- 19 ' 3t Mauric' Duncan leading, pounded -- 1n° left side of the Bear line mei - cilessly -and- -scored, a- quick _17 points in the third quarter to ICG the contest. And they did it by Entered, ai leeond class matter at tRt Post Office 'at Hope, Arkaniai, under th* Act bf March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance): •y carrier In Hope and nelghborlna _•- '- ' ','- i towru— •er'w««k •'•••••• • ••• z5 nn Per y*ar .: .' '3-00 '' "/By mall' In Hempstead, Nevada, "toFayettw, Coward, and Miller coun- J8ED fflKSsf- ?«"'• ' brie rrjonth*....'. « Three inonthi r - Ilk month*- ( •••;•• 2.60 Orw 1 year ,.......«.*.. All'other mail- One rnont|i ., Three months llx months' One year . 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 Nefl AeVertklnf RepreienratlVei: Dallies. Inc.; 1602 "Sterlck WANTED TO BUY One inch rough green Oak Lumber — regular lengths and tie siding. For prices and specifications w,rite — GURDON LUMBER COMPANY BEIRNE, ARKANSAS ' Still Have 6 Tough Games/ WyattWarns By RAY STEPHENS FAYETTEVILLE, (.?) A band for young Arkansans who had been picked to hold up the Southwest Conference from ths bottom today are riding atop that tough football loop with a record of four straight triumphs. • The astounding University of Arkansas Razorbacks soundly thrashed the University of Texas 20-7 at Austin Saturday to maintain their ."""uindefeated, untied record and rate an average ,* omy *.ani fansH g thR . nallon , g t game watched tho^s Baltic| teamg ln thc Associated Press PM1 a ^. Q sports- running. . Mc'Elh'enny John Henry Johnson and Jet Joe Perry left the seers who cry "You nan't run m pro football" ' with' (heir jaws hanging. ; Not since the days of George McAfee Hugh Oallarna-u -and Norm Standlee had Bear fans witnessed such running power. Before the 'nightmarish quartar had even ended. Boar rooters wanted to know why their team wasn't running. Aside from the fact that he has no McElhennys, Johnsons or Perrys, Halas naid. "We've got a good passing team and we've done well with passing." . The. Bears, have two victories ; n four games and unquestionably will mprove last year's record of three .riumphs in 11 games. only $1,218 for each nine inning effort. A league executive who has had great experience in trtaisporling and feeding athletes estimates that it takes about $2,'!UO to carry the usual baseball party of 31 or 32 from New York to Philadulphia and to support it three -during a three-game series. This doosn't count getting it "out of Philadelphia again. "At the end of a typical three- game session in the Quaker . City then, the visiting club's road'sec- retary carried- off a check for $3,654 during-, tho past season That is, he totaled htat amount away from the park. After he had bailed casters. Coach Bowden Wyalt's crew actually has a five game winning streak, starting with the consuest of Tulsa University in the final game of the 1953 season. So far this year. Arkansas had downed Tulsa 4-1: Texas Christian 20-13; Baylor 21-20. and Texas. Before the season opened, Wyatt told newsmen that 'seven of the 10 Razorback foes would b? the phys ical superiors of Arkansas. 1 We might .be as strong by the end of the year as we wen: at the close of last season," said the coach. Arkansas won only three games' while losing' seven 'in 1053 . Wyatt pointed to inexperience a tailback" and center-where only Arkansas Ranks Seventh Spot in Grid Pol! By The Associated Press Oklahoma continued to ride out the storm of upsets and hold duwn its porch as the No. 1 college football team in the county today. The mighty oonei". who tram pied Kansas 65-0 last week, police 1.891 points in The Associated Press' weekly poll of spovts writers and sportscaslers. They captured H5 first-place votes of the 212 cast. The next three teims WIKCO sin, UCLA and Ohio State also stayed in the same positions as a week ago. They all polled more than 1,000 vote on Ihe basis on 10 for first. 9 for second and so on down the line. . Wisconsin had 42 firsts and 1,732 points; UCLA, 23 first and 1,590 points; and Ohio Stale, 8 firsts, good for 1,387 points Wisconsin and Ohio State collide at Colum- nis this week. The rest of the top 10, was well scrambled from a week ago. There are four new members Arkansas, Minnesota. Army and West Virginia. All rcorde upset victories, and now are Nos. 7, 8 9 and 10 respectively. Colorado entered the top 20 f01 th first time with its No. 11 rat its ties against Texas A&M this week. The Aggies have won only once, this season, but Scout 'Bill Hen' derson wained the Bears that wood Kettk-r, Don Dachtik Bennie, Sinclair can play w ;est of 'em. The Bears worked out lightly' Monday. Guard Jimmy Smith, a IBS- pound stalwart in Southern Metrt* odisfs victory over Rica last week, became the Mustangs' first crippling injury when he turned up with a badly sprained foot. David Hawk, a' burly junior, moved' into the gap as the Methodists went through a IJght drillin preparation for Kansas. "^ Texas Christian also reported the;; loss of a lineman Coach Martin said Tackle Norman ilton would be lost for the season f due to a knee re-injury against-: Texas A&M. Pass defense was tressed A&M. The Aggies had more trouble rith a'ef ials than they could' hart- ; die at key points in the game. Rice worked out lightly as the Owls prepared to play Texas ^^.TKSvagHBi iilrv'«&& r .<> r ^M§& I! what may be sellout game 54 to show for three days of sweat and tears. This doesn't sound too bad until you stop to consider that player 'salaries go right on even when a club is. only beating the A's. As np team makes its payroll public, there is no Way of computing accurately what the tab for a long .veckor.d in Philadelphia comes to, but you wouldn't want to pick it lip. , . Parts and olland Balers lin Tractor Co. olia, Ark. ; lank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42d St., New York 17, N.. Y.; 1763 'P.nobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, el The Aiiocloted Frew: The Associated Press Is entitled ex- elwlvely to the use for republicatlon of a|l the local new? primed in tWs newsixiper, ai well as all AP news ' Funeral Directors Real Estate for Sale OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME ' &SURANCE . . . AMBULANCE & HAZEL . . , PHONE 7-2123 " ' AD-1 Mo. TF Firiejtplf WALLPAPER Ul/ HERNDON CORNELIUS ( BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. NORTH side 6 room home excellent condition. South side 3 bedroom home, garage, extra nice. East side 5 room home good condition 150 x 200 lot. West side 5 room home : across the _ street from school. We have these and other homes to sell and the price is right. j FARM and'ranch land — 70 acres 4 room house electric lighted barn and out buildings. 103 acres, 4 miles Hope, 2 houses, 5 & 6 rooms with electricity and water in houses, Butane gas, barns and other farm buildings. Ever lasting water through pasture. We have these and other farms large or small to sell. R. D. FRANKLIN The Negro^ Community By Helen Turner i ,t Phone 7-5830 Or brlno Items to Mln Turner,,; at Hicks Funeral Home Porkers Rated 8th in UP Football Probe By NORMAN MILLER • at Ihe en there were no lettermen available, a weak spots that Arkansas would irig. The Buffaloes are ranked ahead of- Alabama, Purdue, Vir fiini Tech, Georgia- Tech, Miami Southern California, Florida. Duke and Texas Christian. Purdue, Duke, Penn State anr Navy all dropped out of the top 10 on the basis of defeats. Duk took the longest slide, from No. 6 ,1o No. 19, as result of its 28-14 I loss to Army. Conversely, the Ca- NOTICE— I am now Bar-B-Qlng Ray's grand prize Grade-A chickens exclusively. They are tender, hickory smoked juicy and Delicious. Try One! BURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores. T. V. Charlie by "Vic" Cobb find impossible to overcome. | clets ga i nec v the most ground, going Furthermore, Arkansas had lost by graduation the Soulhwesfs toi-> scoring punch of tailback Lamar McHan and end Floyd Sagely, both all, conference-selections. Wyatt's green--sophomores .have played this year above all expectations, and two end.-. Teddy Soulcr and Jerry McF-addon, have developed- into first lino performers. Arkansas alert dofenso has been I the secret of the Porkers' success. In four games, the 'Razorbacks have intercepted 12 passes and recovered 12 of 16 fumbles by their opponents. ••..•• .Virtually every .miscue by an pjjposing team has been turned into an Arkansas scoro. While the offense has shown only flashes of jumped from attor whip'ping from No. 18 to No. 9. Notre Dame, still striving for national honors, eighth to f.ixth Michigan State 20-19, and Mississippi advanced from seventh to fifth as a result of its 34-7 victory over Tulanc. The ' leading teams with first- The Oak Grove Baptist Church had a good meeting Sunday. The pastor delivered the morning message taken from Isaiah 58:11, subject "Guidance." The men Were pledged $3.00 and the women $2.00. Quite a number paid their pledge m In the afternoon at 3 o'clock Charley English and Mrs. Mitchell of Washington and her daughter gave a musical program. The num bers were spiritual and inspiring NEW YORK (UP) Oklahoma I real power, it. has been good led the United 'Press board of|enough to captialize on the breaks coaches''college football-ratings to- provided by the defense, day for- the third straight week. Against Texas, the Razorbacks with Arkansas,. Army and Colora- first touchdown came on _a 30-yard do moving up .amoni? ..the top. 10 runback.of an intercepted pass by teams 'for the"fir'st time this sea- blocking, back Preston Carpenter. 5 ou ' Another-interception, this time by ' Wisconsin edged UCLA by only drive and set the stage for Moore three point's in 'a close race for | to gallop 82 yards for a touchdow.n In edging Baylor, the Inst ructions CLASSES in tap, acrobatic, ballet and toe. Katharine Windsor, 104 E. J4th. Phone 7-3327. 22-1 mo. ,, ji, Umber Co. For Sole or Rent 1 TWO Business buildings on Front Street, next to Pool hall. H interested, contact A. S. Williams, 300 E. 7th. Texarkana, Ark. ' Phone 'J-SBeO or 22-6066, 19-1 Mo. place votes in parentheses: 1. Oklahoma (115) 3. Wisconsin (42 3. UCLA (23 4. Ohio State (8) 5. Mississippi (9 6. Notre Dame 7. Arkansas (4 8. Minnestota 9. Army . 10. West Virginia -(9) SECOND 10: 11. Colorado (2); 12. Alabama 13. Purdue 1,801 1,732 1,590 I will not give you a raise' unless you let Charley install one of those swell new T. V. sets from "Vic" Cobb! sou. : w three point runnerup this week, and Ohio _..,.„„ . . State"^ retained fourth. place- in the pulled off only one sustained drive ratings of the 35 leading cooches and scored their other two touch- who maka up the United Press downsand a field goal after ob- board. The .first four teams thus|taining the ball by covering Baylor held last week's positions. Mississippi mo ved .up „ . places to fifth; Notre Dame and Moore, a 185-pound junior who has Minnesota were tied for sixth, and both speed and power. Moore leads then came . the threo newcom- the conference in scoring with 36 ors, Arkansas, Army , and Colora- points and is the'team's top rusher. 14. Virginia Tech 15. Georgia ' Tech 16. Miami (Fla.) 17. Southern Cal. 18. Florida 19. Duke 20. Texas Christian 1,387 7G1 nnf 658 48' 330 212 156 134 102 84 79 68 47 34 25 COBB 7 S Radio 8e TV Service Phone 7-2598 fumbles. '• three | Leading the offense has been The Usher of Haynes Chapel Baptist Church will sponsor a rally and program Sunday, November „. x- «»»««x» COMPANY 14, at 3 p. m. All Ushers and mem- 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. 18-6t ers are invited to be present. The Salesman Wanted Rev. E. A, ne preaching. WANTED AT ONCE-Rawleigh Dealer in Hope. For particulars see A. L. McBeth, 355 Pine St., Stamps, Ark . or write Hawleigh's Dept. AKJ-641-H, Memphis, Tenn. 19-lt Inspection Coll MPD^BROOKS Wonted to Buy TEN Bred or Brood sows, clean and good quality. Would consider weened pigs, B. H. McMinn, Fulton, Ark. 16 ' 3t 10AHI For Rent FURNISHED 4 room apartment. Electric refrigerator. Garage No children. Mrs. Anna .Judson 220 N, Elm. 1-tf LOVELY air-conditioned one and two bedroom apartments redecor ated inside and out. A nice place to live for reasonable rent. J. I REALTY CO 5-t LIEBLONG Phone 7- 2228. Hope Builder'* Supply Co, Phone 7-2381 Tff *A HOUSE jacks, Wire stretchers, Poj hole diggers, Tarps, Reaves Bar gain House and Pawn Shop, 20 S. Walnut, Phone 7-2471. 18 -! The Altar Gift Club, of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will meet Sunday, October 24, at the home of Mrs. Sarah Hamlton at 4 p. m. Mrs. Inez Cannon left Sunday night for Joilet and Chicago, 111., to visit relatives and friends. do, in that order. In this week's balloting by the coaches, Athletic Director Tom Hamilton of Pittsburgh, .who led. the Panthers to an upset 2119 victory over Navy, replaced ailing Coach Red Dawson. Dawson, a regular member of the board, was confined to the hospital because of a mild heart attack. Oklahoma, which overwhelmed Kansas, 5-0, last Saturday for its fourth straight victory, received 24 first-place votes and 331 but of a possible 350 points, This was two :ess firstplace ballots and two fewer points than the Sooners had last week, reducing their margin over Wisconsin 'from 59 to 41 points. UCLA out-loggad Wisconsin in Against Texas, the big fullback 13 times for 125 yards The Spiritual of Zion singers of Magnolia will render a program at BeeBee Memorial CME Church Sunday, October 24, at 3 p. m. THREE •• unfurnished rooms. 2 miles on Rosston highway. Mrs. J. W. Camp. Phone 7-2P29. 19-3t Hove Your Car PAINTED NOW! K, $35.00 While YOM ore having ypyr cqr pointed wg son that work on ypur or lost The Rev. G. Paschal and members of Bethel AME Church and the Rev. F. K. Powell and members of Lonoke Baptist Church will worship at BeeBee Memorial CME Church Sunday night, October 24. The Rev. F, K. Powell will do the preaching. The public is invited. BeeBee Chapter Order of the Eastern Star No. 412 will meet Wednesday night, October 20, at BeeBee Memorial CME Church. Asking all members to be present at 7; 30 p. m. 8.70 x IS FORD wheel and casing, highway 4, East of Hope. Notify p, H, Cof'ield, Emmet, 18-3t BED roll, fitted picnic basket. Stanley hair brush and alarm clock. Somewhere between Nashville and Lewjsville on highway 4-29. Reward offered, Jim Keith, There will be a party ^t Hosea's New Club T. V. Thursday night Os- tober 21. The public is invited, first-place votes, six to three, and each attracted 13 second-place ballots, but the Badg.Jrs from the Big Ten conference led 12 to eight in third-place votes, and thus won runnerup honors by a margin of £•90 to 287 points. Wisconsin mauc it four straight. victories by boating Purdue, 20-6: while UCLA murdered Stanford, 7-20, for its fifth win in a row. Ohio State and Colorado were the only other teams that received first-place votes, each attracting one. With points distributed on the basis of 10 for a first place vote, here is how tho remaining teams were rated: Ohio State, 229; Mississippi, 136; Notre Dame and Minnesota, 132 each; Arkansas, 85; Arrny 76, and Colorado, 37. Among the top ten teams, No'.ve Dame and Army are the only ones that have been beaten so far this carried an average of 9.0 per carry Another important factor in Arkansas' success has been the pl-\y of sophomores Geor.sje Walker and Buddy Benson at tailback. Walker tops the Southwest Conference as a punter with an average of nearly 43 yards per kick. An example of the youngster's ability is the Texas game. As a result of Walker's kicking, the Longhorns started their first four scries of plays on their own 3, 20, 15 and 13. Walker put the Steels deep in their own territory with a 67 year quick kick. Benson is second to Modre in rushing, but has been forced to play with the second unit because of weak passing ind kicking. Arkansas' line is well-manned with a veteran crow of light, but fast, lettermen, led by guard Bud Brooks. Brooks, who switches to tackle on defense, drew this comment from Wyatt, who is reluctant to discuss his athletes until thc season is over: "Brooks is all that any coach could possibly ask in a lineman." Only one of Arkansas starling linemen, sophomoi-; guard Dick Hardwock, tops 200 pounds. Arkansas' victory-hungry fans, who haven't rooted for a winner fcince 1946, celebrated tha triumph over Texas with cried of, "We're in the Cotton Bowl." "We still have six tough games to play," replied Wyatt. Porkers Top Shape After Texas Win By JOE BENHAM Of The Associated Press Conch Ed Price 'of the Texas Longhorns ordered a full scale work out yesterday, a day when the usual ro'utin is an easy drill. It was a stiff .Ibsening. up drill which nobody. mi:;sed not even starting Tackle Buck Lansford who broke his hand in 1he Arkansas Kame Saturday as the Porkers beat Texas 20-7. Price repeated his claim that Longhtorn losses to Oklahoma. Notre Dame and Arkansas don't present a true picture of the team's strength. • "The past is history," he commented. "The team is pledged to an all-out off art against Rice.' Texas mets the Owls Saturdaj ai Houston. While Texas was working harder than usual, Arkansas was enjoying the memory of its second victorj olwoy? Route 1, McKamie. 18-3t REPEAT PERFORMANCE ATLANTA, lUP When an automobile tmaslwd into the front Mr. Sherwood Johnson of Yuma, Arizona motored to Little Rock Sunday to visit 'h>?, brother, Mr. Roy Johnson whQ is ill ip the .yejt- ern Hospital. He was accompanied there by Mr. M. G. Gamble, '.Mr. Clennie Gamble, Mrs. Roy f " son, Mrs.Idana Halmes, Mi;s. xie Hadley.' pt Ralph just wha^t 3t would co^t to; repair the damage $3, 000. Odpm had Just septn $2,000 repairing the same dama«e paused by an&thev c»i\ that smashed Jus drive-in in the same way a short 1,ime- over the Longhorn in the pa 16 years. The Rax.orbacks wen through light wind sprints. Coach Bowden Wyatt said hi charges were in better shape afl er the Texa.3 game than when they v/ent into it. Walt Matthews, ai ond, reported to practice for th first time since he dislocated shoulder three weeks ago. Arkan sas' plays Mississippi Saturday Baylor, which broke a three week victory drought against Waal ington, was advi.-:ed to stay o HAULING - 1 FUJ J3irt Fights Last Night By The Af»ociatecJ -Free* Salt Lake CHy Bex , , 208, Salt Lake City, outwinted he -Bean, ?18 Los Angeles, Brooklyn r Paddy Yuung •A season, Next. Saturday's • leading game thus sh^pe? -uu between second- ranked 1 ' Wisconsin /' and fourth- ranked phio'xSUtoe:,;?Q k 1 a h o m a, seeking to;, »egair. the national diarnplonshipfp - won in. 1950, as veil as its seventh straight Big Seven crown, play* Kansas State, winner in four out of the games, UCLA's next opponent is Oregon State. Another bottle between two te^ms among the top 16 is Missis sippi y?- Arkansas. jn. moving up among the ]Q teams, Arkansas vaulted eight places from 16th; while Army and Colorado each advanced three pjaces, from 12th and 13th. respectively- top Top fcodio NEW YORK (f) Selected radio programs tonight . NBC 8 Radio Theater, "David and Bathsheba;" fl:30 Electipns 1954; 3:30 N. V. Herald Tribune Forum. CB 6 Tennessee Ernie; 7 Stop The Music; 0:30 N. Y. Museum of Modern Art Anniversary. ABC 7:}5 Herald Tribune Forum; 8 Town Meeting, "Campaign Issues." MB S 7 Treasury Agent, "tAlls In The Night;" »:30 The Search. GLASS AND SUDDS BAYTOWN, Tex. (UP Tomm Sudds went into a saloon yeste: day and Christine Qlass, line op^ ator, shot Sudds with a shotgui Sudds was hospitalized with a i<? wound. Miss Glass was charge with assault to murder. FOR QUALITY, and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN Prune Layer CAKE with fruit icing Applesauce CAKE Blueberry PIE Brown 'N' Serve Rolls fresh Daily JOE'S CITY BAKERY 216 S. Main JfltTOHpLL, .p,, (VP J Wpne VMfiJrt ha? *w » ww w in a ».*» — tt wU) te ««n» tUn« ,.„,.. THE, QHANGE OAKLAND, Calif, (UP)A non- ohalaat "robber of distinction' emptied the till of a liqu.or store c-a.r}y yesterday and then stepped to the customers' sid.e gj 41$ 9 b^WJdW wMl; nwn«illAt"kt i ni 0£l*.TrkCfi<*H ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCE A NEW POUICY! can hgve y«yr H«me tp mee^ modern wnvenience§ pnd ne fixtyr§§. All pn 12 Easy Payments MOM SfAtTHOM,'»A**MrtAJ otAftit mi AND WHEN VOUCOME )' BACK UP BRING ME APIECEOFCHERRV PIE AND A GLASS OF MILK WHILE YOU'RE DOWM J TiTpDAGWOOD, WAKE UP- THERE,PUTA SLIP IN < , 1 HEAR A BURGLAR - THE MILK BOTTLE J FOR THREE QUARTS ) ^K ** t '*.. * 5 GO DOWNSTAIRS AND INVESTIGATE Bv J. R. Wllliami #Mtttt«MtiHi#i THEM A LOT OF . HOUSES HAC3 BAV WINDOWS TO WATCH WHAT TH' NEIGHBORS DOIKJ'-BUT NOW NOBODY STAYS HOME Cinema Performer u»*,Miste*AN!uM OWJ BKKW>S;,fi, v ST?7. J THIN&. wewser x GAM( F^MMV SUft- ACROSS 56 Social insects 1 Cinema 57 Augments • performer, 58 Pronoun Clifton 59 Scottish girl 3 He s in motion WINDOWS I \ LONG AMP YOU HAVE ON THE / / TO CHASE AROUND 1 Direction 2 Ages 3 Lacerate with the teeth 4 Insect 25 "Emerald Isle" 30 Meadow 8 He is a '• comedy 12 Iroquoian Indian iSVehicle 14 Sumatran 5 Measures of 26 Memorandum 40 Antenna land 2 7 Enthusiastic 41 Female horses squ'irYef shrew 6 Feline animal • ardor 42 Lance '15 Cloy 7 Shuddered 28 Small plot of 43 Festive , IB-Route (ab.)' . 8 Beginning n f:°" nd •«£?•** ; '17 Seed'covering 9 Ancient Irish 29 Military 45 Rip . , ! 18 African fly capital assistant 47 Girls.name -, - 20 Mental state, 10 Indigo 30-Soothsayer 48 Seines ' : as of soldiers 11 Chest rattle 32 Wave, as a f 49 Russian news f Fairy fort • 19 Perch sword agency. Baseball 21 Hops' kiln 35 Mythical king 52 Scottish i. Implement 24 Horse's gait of Britain sheepfold 124 Doctrine 27 Measures of WASH TUBES RI&K. J&TAVINS >ON THK1 BUT TH|£-SMM.L~C1?0S it &TATB HlflHWfcV HOSPORD crryi WOULP'Vfe "PASSED 28 Dance step 31 River (Sp.) 32 Internal decay With Major Hoopla in fruit 35 Prevarication i 34 Worthless . i ' table scrap OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUTAD4AT _ ^ ;,VOURHEAI kMONNlVJlLLBEPeCFEC T)6 Fruit drink ', 37 Golfer's ; ' mound • 38 Operated • 39 Tardier 41 Male ,42 View .43 Type of gun 46-Father or mother SO Genus of ! maples AND HE* BUDDIES PLftlKl gALLOOsi 3.Notion 54.Row 55'Body of water CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ^•pirffH|fcr.fflSg| • *. A jJfo iiK&'duSS $LUM3EF? HANSS ©ON'T 'STRETCH OUT ON TUKT ONE , EITHER HEAVY UPON I MUST FINISH 1 MV' MMNP? MOVE, YA LAZY > HOW'S PELINE J I'M TAKIN7 THAT? TH 1 BENCHES' INT*/SOMEONE WINTER . 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