Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1954
Page 7
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: *,£ * 3 ''&& rtlfe* 'j*lf, •"' ^"^ • f f "V'*vSYT • i - >' * " - ' , ' HOP! SfAft, HOPfe, ARKANSAS MARKETS y\H\jlX&,tJ JLWV»* *••**»**•—-•« fc&gs>§,00&i trade- active; baf- " a*»> dgittS 13.35 ftU#*n **vei> _»" - -t. >i» it_i. B - ,...^>^ oatAu&ifttt^' ii*4j*1-.iri Jfr . „>-„ „..>,..»» tf; next price fl id for -RfnaU feprlnklinK mostly JTaffifii'.» 180-260 Ib* mn fiol Buildings edffcatlohs. TCon be con. -V*. . E E L & INT GO. Jfcfl • l&.CKfl ttiainly 18 5019 06; es 85*33 hig'-ier than! costs; scattered small! lots 70350 Ib 1800-60, 150-170 Ib 18.?S to mostly 1900; 12014t» Ib 17.7ol850; sows 400 Ib down lorge y I*?.60-i8.t!0; heavier sows largely 5.75-17.00. i Cattle 5,500; calves 1,500; eaily <ales slaughter steers. hotter* and about steady with Monday. but not enough Fold to definitely establish trend: bulls and ve >lcrs iihchahged: few low to average good steers 20.0021.OOj small lots good heifers and ateers and heifer yearlings 19.00-21,50; utility and commercial cows D.50-12.00; can ner and cutter -;ows 7.000 00; shcl ly cannery 6,50 downwnid: utility and cornfnwcial bulls 110018.00; canner and cutoi- bulls 800 10.50; good an fl dhoice vcalors 18.00-23.00; limited numbers liigh choice and prime 2:j.00-24.00: nom mercinl to low good vcalors 14.00 17.00; culls down to 8.00. heep 1.800; Irarln opening r.teady to strong on lambs; fev/ snles choice and prime 19.0020.00; not enough done to fully estnblish trend;, aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.00-4.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE -ClaicAGO './Tl I-ivu poultry barely steady; receipts 395 coops (yestferday 1,887 coop;;: 133,831 1.6} FtiM. pSyjiig prices unchanged to 1 lower; heavy lions 15-17: light hefts 12-12.5; fryrn-s and broilers 24-27 ;old roosters 121J..">; c.ipon cites 2931. Btttter about steady; receipts 675,ftl8; wholesale buying prices unchanged: 9' score AA 59.'; 92 A 59; 90 B 56.75; M ,C 56.2.'); cars 90 B 57.25, 89 C 58.25. Eggs barely stuaily; rdColpts 9,319; wholesale buying prices un changed; U.S. largo whites 37: | mixed 3; U.S. mediums 21: U.S.- standards ?.3; current reseipts 33.5; ciifties 19; checks 1(1.5. - Motive Behind '/Soft' Russian Policy Studied ly exclude the pear aimed at UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. UP) Western diplomats are trying United States-ap- splitting America from her n)lies and winnin for Russia. With the current assembly friend session still in the opsnini; .stage, Lie Soviets already have ma.lt! cooperative. gestures on disarmament, Trieste and other issues on which they had long been adamant armament parley if the other pow ur «— - -"--- f _ ers concur LONDON Janitor John Jei I Agree to inspection of Rus- fl - cys reported yeaterday ths,thrft sia's arsenals "to the point reces-' of , a Un ion Jack from a ., Zo i°°: sary to Insure the implementation jji a g po le on the root a -D^W toj tt;> uau iwnt^ I**,-» First sign of a shift in Soviet tactics came, two weeks ago when of the disarmeens plan fathom the motive beneath Russia's atonarent softe.im! on is?ues ..(el o ci|/|.»cii^. . » i ijiuil i-fciot^i '"'Ri---.f that have deadlocked U.N. C° un |jr retlc h pro posals which the cils for years. Uians had bitterly rejected These diplomats. who have foul . mon (hs earlier, learned from experience that the Kremlin- rarely WAY H.E DIED CHSTERLE-STREET. Eng. M A coroner's jury decided yes terday Ernest Hogg, 48, took his life by putting his head out his car .. _ " * . ,_t-i_ — i*. +;«• 1-1*1 IT offered ;i disarmament'window and based largely on ths British against his throa*. •• • --•- Riis-Jstrangulation. .. only Ho it tightly died of ur momns emu^-... ..._. Pressed by Britain and France iw-fnm.1- .i...-.., r,"-- ground on for concre ta evidence as to just one : point' without tryim; to regain how f ar Russia was willing to go YORK STOCKS NEW YORK. '.it Railroad and | aircraft shares led the stock mar-| ket higher today. Somn gains ran to as muc'.i as two points. .,' •The rail shares hav ebnon amons the better performers in recent ressions. Today they started to rally shortly after Ills opening, with higher-priced equities in the lead. Santa Fe, Atlantic Coa^t Line, Seaboard Air Line and Union acific quickly mov-id to gains of point or more. Strength in the carriers ficneral- y is considered a good sign by le bullish forces. $//£l£&ft4<Z4 .IADERSHIP WITH THE DEMOCRATS i -.J&XSAfa^'faffiffi , !•»&«': -K We>>' 4<*?k^. s* * Tox in every district ctnd counfy . -* ,*.''* of the Dernocratic Party offers in part: Expanded Highway Construction Program A A Stop »o Umr«r«»te<l ° Utility Rote lner«a*e« I and |.ib«ralixed J Acknowledgment of Rights ^Jl .' * rvf I nknr i *f Rights of all O Maintenance of Educational ''"' K " Progress ** ' ' Compares J To Kennel Dogs let thj • ^f-i-'^-svM .vavvs •'^J^WciHr^ mtyni .ns ' , ^ . tt'l'i'.^Wi. '/* f * fat the Mm* nutta«.ji H ** ««». NEW YORK SOTTON NEW YORK W Cotton fu- ures registered small gains in arly dealings today on trads buy- ng, but lUter eased on hedging nd liquidation. Switching, from nearby December to later months •was fairly active. Late afternoon prices were 15 o 25 cents a balo lower than the irevious close. De; 34.B3, March 34.97 and May 35.IB. CHICAGO . (ffi Soybeans recovered a bit from the previous session's spill on the Board of Trade it oh another, art; lending-.a wary car td conciliatioh statements by Chief Soviet Delegate Andrei Vish Pky and his aidds;. ' Those rtvcrtures which pointed today 'but corn continued to re- Teat under. hedging pressure. For liic' second ati-als'lit day offering of cash corn oy the country were very large, purchases on a to-arrivc basis being placed a. 280,000 bushels. Wheat again displayed independent strength, aided by trade reports f grain shortabes in some foreign countries. , . Wheat closed ] / 4 higher, Ee- combcr $2.18-, corn 1/2- l° lver December . 1.52c-, oat:? c to 1 cent lower, December 79'/ 3 , rye ' 2 to. 1 cent, lowwr, Decsmbei .1.3G'/2-, and soybeans unchangec o 'A lower, November $2.7$y 2 ¥2.71. ' Wheat; none. Nev/ corn: No yellow 1.48-52V4; No. 4 1.43-48y 4 Mo 5 1.3r-/,-41. Old corn: No. , yellow , 1.57; No 1 v.'...itc 15G Oats: No. 1 mixed SB'/i; No. heavy white .SSVa; .simple, grad heavy white. medium 78. Soybeans none. "'. Barley: nominal: malting, cnoic 1.30-50; good L3i 39; : . feed 1.10-2 iU'W Itil ill.'00**.* •• v -- - agreement with the West, Vish- isky offered 'in general terms to: 1 " Withdrew Russia'? long-stand \a demand or an immediate ban n atomic weapons and agree to tart instead with. step-by-stcp re uction of conventional arms. 2: Agree to ah international dis The moon, with a diameter of 2,160 tittles has a surface only one fourteenth as large as the earth and a volume only one forty-ninth. Relieve Suffering fast-Effectively with 1 .* " ' <f f Tuwday, October 19,1954 Calendar Tuesday October 19 Circles 1, 2 and 3 of the C. W. F * the First Christian Church will ve a dinner me'eting at the chur ch on Tuesday, October 19. at ' p. m. Poplar Grove 196 Woodmen's Cir- The Heating Season Is Near. Let Us Estimate Your Needs • Forced Air Systems • Recessed Heating Unites • Suspended Unit Heaters • Floor Furnaces HARRY W. SHIVER PLUMBING - HEATING Phone—7-2811 vaetfan erf/veal' SOUTHWESTERN TELEPHONE CO SAENGER HOPE STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS LAST DAY • Feature Times • 2:00 • 3:41 • 5:22 • 7:21 - 9:20 7:55 P. M. All days off were cancelled. All officers were placed on standby. It was the hottest case to ever hit the .department . " .iNiHIS FIRST FEAtUHE .LENGTH PRODUCTION 1. Tom & Jerry Cartoon 2. "Rhythm of the Rhumba" 3. News ot the Day Is counselor with Mrs. Andy And rews as assistant. It was announ committee from the circle. Refreshments were served to the following: Mrs. H. A. Fisk ± Mrs. C. cle will meet at 7:30 Tuesday night, October 18, at the home of Mrs. J, W. White for the monthly social. All members are asked to be present. - ~ • Wednesday October 20 delivered by the circle. Mrs. Hervey Holt presented two chapters in the Mission study book, "Pilgrimage to "Brazil." she showed articles written by the author of the book and his picture .. with highlights of his life and work, Hone Chanter 328 O. E. S. will This book was written by the Sec- mlS Thursday October, 21. There retary of the Latin American For- will be a pot luck supper al 6:30! eign Mission work, the Rev. CJUl followed by a friendship meeting at who has recently died. oiri ouuui. XJ.UUH u ^*" • . nesday October 20, immediately alter school at the Girl Scout Hut. Kay Gresham will be hostess. The girls arc asked to bring their handbooks and notebooks. Mrs. Jim Cole and Mrs. Fred Gresham will be at the school to furnish transportation for the girls. Thursday October 21 The Ladies Altar Society of ttie Catholic church will have its annual spaghetti supper on Thursday night, October 21. from 6 until 8 at the Parish Hall on Third street. to attend. The Daffodil Garden Club will meet Thursday, October 21, at 2 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Jud Mar- tindalc. There will be a grab bag sale at the meeting. Azalea Garden Club members Will meet in the home of Mrs- R. L. Broach on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Syd McMalh will he CO;hOStCSS4 Th« parents of Junior-Senior WED.-THURS. SAGA OF BRAVERY! JURPHY-GnYE-BETTGER'BRENNAIi at the Parish Hall on third street. H . £h Scnoo j students are invited to Tickets can be purchased Irom, atlend a mee ting in the Home Ec- members of the parish or by call- onomics co tt a ge at 10 a. m. Thursday to discuss the article on "Adolescence" which appears in the Oc- ing 7-2601. Garland P. T. A. study .course group will meet with Mrs. Vic Cotab on October 21, at 10 a. m. The Oe-' T. A. magazine. Main «. Country Club Rds. • Tonight & Wednesday • Bargain Nifres * A WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ONLY 50c ROBINSON Ppulette GODDARD Joe Me Docks Comedy Notice The V. F. W. Auxiliary meeting scheduled for tonight has been post aoned. _ui^d C. W. F. Circles To Have Meeting Tonight Boyle Continued jtom Page Oa« # next Sprint;, tauneli a TV* program of his own, so he can spend fnore time with his parents in the home he has built fof them. "As my mother always Says, CJctd wants it. yait will-get HA Btft fame* la seeking Cumpari," sold. 1,100,000 _copie ! , this traveling tt fld Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Coy Breeding and son, John Wyndle. and Mr. andi Mrs. J. W. Breeding will arrive home this week from Lima, Ohio, where they have lived for the past several months. seeking to establish philosophy that Will through. a personal way to live. 1 cnrry him . Iced drinks and pumpkin pl« were served to the following ladies*. Mrs. George Young, Mrs. D. H. Hornaday, Mrs. L. F. Higgason. Mrs. John Owens, Mrs. Foster Wigins. Mrs. C. P. Reltig, Mrs. 1* r. Garner. Mrs. Hcrvcy Holt and he hostess, Mrs. Windle H. Thompon. Willing Workers Auxiliary Meets Monday 'The Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church met Monday, October 18, at 7 p. m. vith 10 members present. Mildred Lt. and Mrs. Lawrence Albritton left Thursday for Fort Ofd, California where Lt. Albrilton Will be stationed. Taylor led the opening prayer. The devotional was given by Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted Mrs. Richard B. Arnold Rt. 3, Hope, Mrs. Harlan Purllc It. 1, Hope, Mrs. Beadie Hunter It. 4, Hope. Discharged: Miss Sandra Storar jcwisville, Mrs. Troy Buckley, Me Caskill, Mrs. Ambrose Robinson and daughter, Hope, W. B. Boyctt Mrs. Thornton who used as her subject the tenth chapter of Romans. The special, "My Prayer" was given by Mrs. Sidney Ward, Mrs. L. C. Kennedy taught the les son from the eighth chapter of St Mark. Mrs. Thomas led In the closing prayer. Catherine Hatton Circle Meets The Catherine Hatton Circle .of the Women's Missionary Society of UU£"> A . _ •Only about three to five records a year hit the million mark," ore associate explained. "Some tor singers, including Frank Sinatra o for years without turning oul [G *' La Rosat who has lost much o! s brashness but admits he hasn 1 chicved "humility" yet anc ou'ots that few people ever really o, is alternately humble and boy lily hopeful in talking over liii uture. He is no longer a prodigal or a rotcge. He spends his spare time eading books on religion am hilosophy* books he doesn't al !ays understand but which h eels will make htm more mature "When I was in the Navy, 1 go 225 a month and thought 1 knev -hat a buck was." he recalled. "Then when I got on the Goc rcy program and began makin cveral hundred dollars a wccl monc inu Vt' UllH-ll ?> iviiaa^Jiin* j •-"' *• Circles 1, 2, and 3 of the Christian j lh(j Fil . sl Bap tist Church met Mon- Womcn's Fellowship of the First' attornoon at 2:30 in the home Christian Church will have a joint the chaivmall , M rs. W. E. Nutt. Hope. Mary Cheatham, Washingto Wiley J. Mack. Hope, Michael Jo nes, Rt. 4, Hope,' Mrs. Cleav Thompson, Rt, 3, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Arnold Rt. 3, Hope, have a" daughter bor at 6:35 p .in. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harlon Purlle, Em met, have a daughter born at 5:1 p. m. Sunday. Branch Admitted: Mr. Alston Foster, L wisville, Mrs. Arch Turner, Rt. Hope, Miss Martha Carroll, Hop Mrs. Carter Russell,. Hope, M A. C. Dougal, Rt. 4, Hope, meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 7 o'clock in the form of a dinner and .Mrs. Nutt presided over a business session. A card was sent to program. Circle 1 leader is Mrs. j Mrs ' A B Sprags |ns who is ill. Carl Smith; Circled leader, Mrs. j N(jw ch . cle recorc i s . reports and Cline Franks, and Circle 3 leader . ns we] . e prcsen t cc i and discussed, • " '• " " circle sheets were distributed. The circle voted to provide two nur- is Mrs. Al 'Parks. Mrs. Oliver Adams, study chair man, will present the following program: The devotional, "The City of Joy" - Mrs. Robert Gayle. A review of the second' chapter of "Stewardship in the Bible." [Mrs. Floyd Porterfield. A skit. "A Stewardship Trip." Mrs. Cline Franks, Mrs. B. L. Rel- tig and Mrs. George Wright. All women of the church are Invited to 'attend. ANNOUNCING We are pleased to' announce that' ^R^ has joined us as a Beauty Operator. Her past years of experience will enable her to. give you the personalized service you desire in -the latest hair styling. THE BEAUTY BOX your Beauty needs. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main St. Operators Ruth Hoelscher Janell Roberts for Dorothy Shape . And Clarence Walk'er Are Married. \ ' • . In a simple ceremony performed September 7, at the First Christian Church in Le.wisville, Dorothy Shope became the bride of Clarence Walker. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Shope are the parents of the bride, and the bridegroom's, parent^ .are 4 Mr. S Mrs':' 'Roiiert "Walker. '. ' The couple will make their home in Hope. Hazel Sorrels "* Cfrcle Meets In " Thompson Homo The Hazel Sorrels Circle of the First Baptist Church Women's Missionary Society met at 2 p. ^m. Monday in -the home of Mrs. Wm- dle H. Thompson. Mrs. George Young presided over the business session. Individual information sheets were distributed, discussed and filled out. The circle voted to provide two nursery sheets for the nursery ot the Church. They are visiting shut- ins this month. They arc to foster the "Tinkle Bells Intermediate Girls Auxiliary." Mrs. L. C. LOOK ery sheets for the nursery of the Church. Hostesses were appointed for each month to care for the Jeanette Hunker Junior Girls Auxiliary which the Catherine Hatton Circle sponsors. The Counselors for this group are Mrs. W. E. Nutt, Mrs. Jack Hogg, and Miss Gmny Herndon. Circle hostesses for each month were added to the yearbook. Mrs. S. A. Whitlow led the community missions discussion, and each circle member took an unenlisted person to contact during the month. Mrs. S. A. Whitlow taught two chapters of the mission study book She made this teaching especially interesting by the use of maps and special articles. Refreshments were served to th following ladies: Mrs. Lola Rogers -•Mrsv Herbert ' .Burns; Mrs, : sTac Hogg, Mrs. A. T. Jewell, Mrs. E C. Sterling, Mrs. F.loyd. Osborn Mrs. S.'A. Whitlow, and the hostes Mrs. W. E'. Nutt. Discharged: Mrs. Garland Kid and baby, boy, Rt. 1, Hope. Betweon 1909 and today, U. S. per * capita consumption of eggs increased 40 per cent, green vegetables 60 per cent, citrus fruit and tomatoes 80 per cent. veil maybe it.went to my head ittlc. I never keep a stable or foil Cadillacs or anything like tha But I did all the things n kit dreams of doing w.'tti money, wanted to have n good time, ar I wanted my friends to have good time. "But now I've lost the fccln of wanting to get rid of my,mono I've grown up-somo. •••>•••••-• 'In the last year 1 think I'v learned a lot. I've learned to sa 'thank you' when somebody do romething for me or says son thing nice to me, I always c appieciate those things, but in I fm\\% fa v# CEDAR C past maybe 1 took them too muc JWIETHEART DAU -:;eii. * MOTHER i i!$«R., foi fil anted. "I've learned more about ray business how to adjust to situations, how to feel-; more, at -home with nn audience." La Rose' wants' to polish' up ms performing skill with some more YORK Flft||JR® Buy^ Now •-•^•"^V— ' i t v, * ( ** 'FMAi \ J ,, ,. ""^rni "* if'^.^^f*.-* 4 ! i i|K How! Gulf takes out _ — ^ .. '. ^ ,«: . • • -•»!»• «»»#i '•<• , ! «fa m every , ... to bring you the new Super-Refine^c^OX L gives more power-with-protect^;^n^u've,;e How qas helps put ligh! OR the subject |^M^^^^ . ' . . -, , - . . • : . • IftSTEBN SIRVIS THE COMPANIES THAT SEBVI YOU AssemUin.va giant 90,00*> Kilowatt geneiatdr at the Wwing: house plaw. -Tl.c IW.udO-ppund $teel fou«K, or hf/i.sing, has been 'heat-treated in a natural ggfjttfd fts^" at 1600°F. West- inghou.se uses natural gas a^$|%,$to*kurgh Works supplied by Equitable Gas Compf^/3 Customer of Texas Eastern. A flick of the switch and uncertain darkness becomes bright as day. Behind this magic are powerful generators, some large enough to service cities of a half -million people. These "giants" are supported and housed j n welded steel frames that have been stress-relieved in natural gas-fired furnaces. Gas for the furnaces is transported through hundreds of miles of pipeline by Texas Eastern. Westinghouse depends on natural gas for many of its heat treating operations, because gas is capable pf producing extreme temperatures.,. can be exactly controlled, -and is economical. TSXA.S.BASTB'RN: Lewis - McLarty SPECIALS WED ONLY —-^™ — — •— 45 inch All Rayon Suiting 36 in. Wm. Anderson Imported Ginghams 36 inch Novelty Cottons WED. ONLY 5O YARD / Small Ur Boys Long Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS Broken Sizes, 8 to 16. ...... — —• : " Taylor Mode, 2 Lb, Pine Ribbon ^\ £% COTTON BAITS KK i i^ui«x,^.u«^/nil Di iro fnttnn ^•wfc^ ^^^r Mrs. Gunter Hostess To Annie Hoover Circle The Annie Hoover Circle of tl First Baptist Church Women's Mi sioiiary Society mot Monday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. W. H. Gunter, Sr. After a short business meeting Mrs. Hugh Jones presented the first two chapters of the mission study book, " Pilgrimage to Brazil " During the business . session, individual report sheets were filled out by each member present. Letters concerning the fostering of the Annie Hoover Circle were distributed. The Annie Hoover Circle is fostering the Lou Demie Mcin Junior Girls Auxiliary. Mrs. Charles Reynerson and Miss Billye Williams are counselors for this gioup. Mrs C C. Collins was appointed to serve on the orphanage general the With a SHINE on your shoe 8.95 Nugget Tan Black Leather Diis lamp is burning the "PIRIY-BURNINO which GULP refines og} Unbleached all Pure Cotton pipeline system tl mort thm WO miles Texts Western Wntpqrff |Mr/,«r<rf gv /row (At Southwtst t9 tena home* end Mustrief of the Wjwestero, 4ffskfhitm «nd Patent You'll light up Autumn tweeds and woolens. The key to the beauty of this exciting pump is the gleam of it's smooth polished calf. Uixury fashion at q welcome price! See it and many other styles at WwM 2 ?JKdS?-iiiidp your engiq* ^ulf beheves in printing tl> e m frpm the first , mileap W e refinery. Justlook »t the plates in the uwotoucbed photo »bQww»asw what i

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