Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 6
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ART OF KEEPING IN LOVE Gladstone has A clear Head. WHV? Seewoc he fallows these rules:- 41 Keep thr hc:.ulcool, the feet warm and the bowels open." Vou can bare a cle.ir hc.id and live to be ninety If you do tha i.imfl thihg. When <he bowels fail to move during tho day take on retiring two Smith's SmaHCHa Bnnns. Their action is so mild (hat you arc not uwarcofit. Alldayyourmindwltl oc clear and coof. " Not a gripe in a twrrvlofthrrtt." Ask for small size. Take no substitute for SMJTH'S Bile Beans! "As oH M tiK>hil!s",inr). never excelled. '"Priori and proven " is the verdict of mill ions. S i m m o n a Tha Tender Passion of Married Life Described by Ella Wiloox. tiou, thus bringing 1 too «e»n> or ao- I any of tficm prove happtiy matcned. uiestlc happiness. | It scomi. to me, sincu the severe Pur electric wires which When I.lp* I r atl to Thrill—»l»n'« Innun- •tancr I.lkoned to a Child'* l.nvo of I'lckloa—Ill-A»»ort*il I'm>pl« Jolnpil in Marriage. ICOPYBICIIT. tsoi l OT loi ago tho .nver lator Reg tin •j^ lator irt tin- r\P^TlP '0"'only Liver /^/C'f'/'tr ami "Kidney medicine to which you can pin your faith for .•-. cure. .A mild Lixa- live, a n d jniivly vo£- ctublo, act-*-** •// ing uiroetly f-J'f I / C on t' 10 J'iver J[ /£*O anc i Kidneys. Try it. Sold by all jSruggists in Liquid, or in Powder io bo taken dry or made into a tea. The Klp|t of Liver Medicine*. "I hr.ve usoii your Simmons Liver Rcpu- t»lor and din coiiKcti.'nctoii.sly K:O F U Is ttifl fcl£tj7of {til liverm^lldl'ii.'M, 1 ooJiNhicrlt A mtdlolnochuitln lUsoli'.—UKO. W. JACK•n>M, Tucoma, WiWLtugtoii. FACKAGE-e» th» K St»mp In red on wrapper, vn.-niucil " Celekratei) Frencli Cure, •i_ __ ™ 'MHoi.n os POSITIVE ncrv'JUn di«eafi*» or niydlnordorut tlio generative orgnns of cither Sex,,. whether trtnincr, uj>e of BUmnlanli, AFTER oorOpium,prchtou^h yuuiMtil Inelisore- •:<m erver imV.ilrCTico. &e.,Bu(,'h « Loss of Broln rimer. WnktfutnoM, ileartni; down puln« In the •»e», tN-mlnml Wfatnc«», Hysteria, Norvoiii Croi- •«B}ii>u, Nocturnal KroijiMoii', I/encorreiwi, bit- too «. Wtslc Memory, Lo«» of L'ower and Impo- 1>«<T,irhlch If nwrlwted often lead toprcmaturo ifi »c" *nd Imanity. Price Jl 00 a Iwx.« bi>«i :>r K 00. Sent hr mull on iccoli't (>f price. .* WfllTTEN »UAftAMTEE Ii given for tverr ^.COordvr received, lo refund the money II a •'•TmoJMnt OIIM In not effected. Wo HHVO thou- •«iMji of tentlmonUli (ram old mid yontiK, of . trth ICXM, who harv been perrntnrutly cured orUie »<eo(ApbrodUla«. i"!frcul«rfrco A<MMM THK ATHKO HKI>i<:l>K CO., "(Tatteru Htanoh. Ho< 27. POUT cat atto t>7 B, If. laaiUng, Logannport. Ind. Female Pills Belter* BvppnsMd Manf(matton, Died ncoenfallr br thou- mdj of pramuiCDt !»• i die* vunlklv. Thor 1 OMbly rollanle and tile. Worth tw«utf ilinoi their wetght In fold fir tcmalt \rrtg- Ulartlut. Never known goat t>7 mafl acaled (or«t. Aadren Ibt Ipbn ItdlclDi COIIMHY. TTMtem Branch, Box IT. rortlmd. Ortttm. T««l« br B, W, KtMltni, Log»tnport, In BAL IB Qtrtckly Abaorbed. ATARftH iraiial Pasaages Allays Pain and ;K«als the Sa Pro tec cache Addltl mal Gold Restores the •flenoea of Ta»M and Smell. <1T WILL tLV BBOTHIB8, M Warren Indapo MU8U1T MINDOO MMMDV noBucu Tin Atom T* !• »• *•**•• •»,—«...-_-„..-... -.„, -. - »ll «PO«."^^.»'» atpricc pamphlet Inm-'ttlud on»(MOp« free. Aduraift **<r<it*lllcillo*I< < »,.m»>.,(Mn», in., wnriroM. •OLD by Be. Fhbtr, Wholesale DruwiM, a/' Pourtb St., Solo Agent (w u!: ot IJJDA?£ ' I iOCANSPOKT, IND. bon-inot of IL w i 1 1 y — but rather trivial woman was going tho rounds, in rt'jTanl to a love iifTair in which .she was o n t a D ;• 1 e d. "T h lit o n 1 y way I c'.'iu pet o\vr my in futu- at.ion for the mail is to niiir- ry him," slio saiil in speak- m,': nf tin- matter to' a friend. .\^ \vf' luok on life nil iibontuswe fim!, it, is true, much to (five a reason- .iblo foum'lalion U> tho liuly's remark. \Ve s,oi- the maililest of IOVIT.S become <)ie Jiiost prosaii', or tlift most quci.rrel- ;<mu' of mati'il couples. , lii]).; t!i;it trembk'il witli passion in siH'':ilcir,|.r of tlii; behivi-d one before ni!ir!-i;i!T<\ fjrow white with si'oniful ; ih'iiu iL'iiilion of tlie K.-I.IIIO bi-iiij,' in a liivi.iroe c.ourl, ;i iVw years Inlor. Hut. tlicro am many siiiiiin;,' exceptions !o this riili-, and the hiippy old j pi-niilc who li.-ive ivmaineil lovers to tin 1 ' r.'iil of a lon;T murrii'il lil\: are fi'e- quoinly c:iou:fli eiiiioiinteredon earth's | hiyluvays to i-ncoin-a^e cai-'h bi-iilc and I i'rooiu .settin-f forth on the self-same jonnii-y. ' .Mi'jniwhjle il behooves these brides I '.iini grooms lo stiuly t!ie siiiiji'ct u'i'Ji tiie eve iM" a hlmlellt anrl tin: heart of a uhiki^opliei 1 , nnii iiml il' llieve lie a .system I iv wliieh they may retain tho love of the partner of their :ier|U>i; the siiiilily to ivmahi in love t!'.i-msolve:i wiili that object. of i-onrsi: there are tlioiisnniis o£ pi-njilo \vlio manage to ffet, aloiij.' to- /,'elher nl'lel- a fii-.- hinn. l!nt. that is not wh'it v.-e are tallcinp abuii!-. ".Man- a;rin;;- to >fet a lot;:,'- together" is not "kevpiutr i" love" any more than hard tack is fresh bread ami honey. Of all the meiDOrabJe epigrams of brilliant Julian Gordon, r.onc contains The invisible unite the hearts of people who love »t ! times pet out of order, owinfr to a thousand causes. There seems to be no spontaneous flash of thought or feeling existing 1 between them, and one or both grow irritablu, and think that the savor has gcue out of their life. Sarcastic words and fault Unding 1 at such » time CUD render a future adjustment of the soul wires impossible; while patience, siicnce,, or a temporary separation, allows a complete restoration of the forces. Dnriiiy these times, when there is some derangement of the "main wire" between two wedded hearts, there lies great danffcr from outside sources. All human beings are lo some de;rree connected bvthe.se invisible lines; but it is the most foolish mistake possible, to itan doctrines so often prove of no avail in keeping people happy in marriage, that it would be well to impress upon men and women that tho impulses and temptations which assail them along 1 life's pathway are but the result of complicated heredity, and are to be regarded as cases of "pickles and cnnrly" to be resisted for tlicsako of the moral teething 1 —not grand emotions to be petted ami imlulgod. Kl.I.A WllKKl.Kn U'lI.COX think that overy flash of comos to us from uny b'.' motion which . love. T remember once having 1 :t very unsemhlsticatfd yoaii^ 1 \voinan coniido to me thai, a certain i:i;m wash-Move: iei or I w ;u, 1,,,,^ her.-ai.-n 1 , ivlie.'i l.iic'y ivei'i: : dunc,in<," ina i[n:nlrille tnv.'utliev, a euiu- ; plcte shoe!; passed through both, an , their bauds touched. "I had never Ihon/M, of Mm in that vi*av.''.she; .-aiil. "but evidciiUy lie IVJIH so full of eiiiot.ion th::t it- ea.iis.ed the shock \vhen he lonchuel my iiaiul." "My ilear frirl," I saiil, "it was because you wi'i'o (hmcinjr on a c:irp«t; and the .sciiljiny of your fcotnci'oss tlio floor (renerateil an electric force—that " or rooiiey SLOW TRAVELING IN SPAIN, lint I'li.'iily ti> Sri' Whrn Yon llavn Time to Kp»ri>. One hears a jjreat de;il about Spanish Klownexs and la/incss, and l.he.ix can lie lint very little travelinf; iu and aliolit the counti-y without havinrr those two characteristics brought very prominently inli> view. To this general reputation Barcelona 'forms a very prominent exception, and oue can readily realize the applicability of tho term, tho'Ynnlcccdoin of Spain, which has been applied to tJiis city, 'Tis bustle and orn\vding from one end of the Itarnbla. tlio pi'incipa.1 tlioroiitrhftire, to tlio other, and in tho who'osalc "districts it is ns busy as down town in .New York, with quite as much excitement, arid pyobably a q-i'oater amount of noise, for tho drivers kept up a constant cracking of Ibeir whips and talking 1 lo their teams. They have si very peculiar way here of clipping tho flraii'.-lit animals, partieiilaH i- tlioso j Uiat pnit llio horse, car-;. 'J'Jicse arc mostly mules, and a:l the nair is clipped from tlmir backs except a few ])atclies hero and there, which seem to bo left at tlie fancy* of tlie clipper. Tlie car linos run almost cecrywlicrc. .-ind one can Quickly lind himself out in tho • suburban districts, which are beautifully ;ir.d most, enterprisinyly Iniil out, I far beyond what serins the present needs of the; city. During 1 tin: f;)'eater • ])ortion of the day tlirse cars are, as a rule, crowded, ami other conveyiineus. i that look soinethiiur like our "black Marias," are also called into pbiy lo ' l...'-iiiH- tliij people to their;shops. ICvcry- I lioily smokes at all times, re^'anili.'^s ; as to the employment or lime. The. ' cu,r ilriver smokes a pipe ai:d the con-, diietora cigarette, or, at least,, a sue- i cession of tlieiii. a;iei all the male pas- j senyers are iit liberty tn indulge, i \Vlien one £ets oil' tlie llamblii and . strikes into the olel city be linels nar- . row, winilinj; streets, that arc, however, j iiitorestiiig 1 , duel >vl'ie;!i uro finite a.])t to loml him into an unexpected square or ' close to some ancient building that i has stood'the wear and weuthcrof con- ] turies. j The Kamlila is a fine broad street, | with a continuous park- running thronifh the center. It is lined with cafes and restaurants, which are filled Let the water boil until the flavor JIM been thoroughly extracted from the pineapple. Strain and then add B i quarter of a pound of sugar to s pound ' of /ruit if tho pineapples are sugarloaf, or half a pouud of sugar to the same amount if they are the iicid strawberry pine, Uoil the sirup for ten minutes; then measure it and add a quart of the best cooking brandy to a quart of tho sirup. Kottle it and keep it for about six months before i making use of it, or longer if you wish, j us it improves with age. —St. Loui.s Republic. ( YOUNG OR OLt, MEN. I Every Month B many women surfer from Excenlv* or I Scout Mcr.iuruinon; they don't know ' J '.vhc -j c^iMt ii 15 >[et proper idvlo*. S Don't ct-i;f.Jc i'n j^ybody but try The Af I" Which Mlin In Honl. I'lttftd for | ih<- Clinruo of Affair*. : Most p-roat military exploits have iieen pti'formeel by tho young; but there is not a country now where the. sensible would not shiver if they heard Uiat an oflicer of twenty-seven hart been appointed to command an anny. Net one- in Knjrlaml now would endure j a premier of Pitt's years; nor would it I be considered quite sn fo to send a ' viceroy to India who was not at least five years older than Lore! Dalhousie, who w:is thirty-six when be took up 1 liu reins with a {fi'iisp which was felt in si.\- weeks to be at least adequately strong. At fifty n. man is still yoiin;.' in politics, and, though life is a little swifter in the professions, no one rises to tho : top till maturity has well set in. All patronafru rests with the olel, and ex- flept in literature, which is still independent of the consideration of years, the old citiier disbelieve in the ji!i)<!*- ment of the young 1 , or think, if they ri-cdprni/.c it. that it inelicntcs a ccrtnin eletii-i'.-ney in other and more attractive qualities. The yonn^; 1 e!o not prosper :is they should, and Ui.-i I is a set-off against the hajipiness of any croncra- tinn. even if it is not ono c:ui>c- of tho revolt. :ij;-a : .nst nil that IMS been which murks HID hour, and which, if it e.\"- t.cii'l.siniicli i|,.vper. IVK! provide f';rono ijeiierjition, :;t lensl, years of ncnto PftWFUL, PROFUSE, S'JuO and IRREGULAR FACIAL BLEMISHES 1 will remove, Frec l>I»ipic», ltla<-lkli< .'lollt |>ntdiri>,SiilI< M<>*ii,, ll'rfiikjlrft hin other skin blcmiiilics. Tlic crrnt Ail) '<X><1 ant Tissue Builder, will ia«ko ______ .you Bountiful. .Semi 10 <-er.(K ninl t.'unirf. fnr a hOJC ofrkin food Rnd ftirr powder I<Yi'e. •''roe. Kri'p. MRS. NETTIE HARRISON Aim-rirH's H'-iimv Doctor, 20 Conry Mri-i-i, Sun V'raiirl»co, Cat. ,'Jtii Klia St. i.'im'inniui, Olilo. *ui>< rllutni* litilr Jitrmiincjnly removed. de.-pist 1 nrithmetic \v:i v of their theo- \Vheii the yniiiiH boeanse il. is in th rie.s. .s(>in«thii).!r )n tbe nai ure of nn overturn or, :is it, is in Kiifrhtnd, of a violei.t bolt of the slate carriage is pretty sure to happen. If we wcvo to consider the; younjr alone we slioiiid say that tho now disposition to stick on to work was perhaps a little: seliish, and, certainiy :is f.-ie':ts the fet- ture of the world is concerned, ill judged, tbe habit of subordination be- injr, except, for the immature, worse training' than independent responsibility. \Vc say nothing of the immobility of the old as impeding progress, for to .saV tlie truth, we have no firm belief in it. It used to be true, we suppose, in a sensa; but in our time the greatest or. iL. 1 .:- 1 -' 1 "•;: W. U. I'O'lTK'l -j|i:SI'0!t, 'nil. THEIR FIRST QUAKBEL. every a fternoon ami evening with a i risk ever undertaken in politics was j A F *•* bJ DO vou u::o\r DR. FELIX LE BRUN'S STEEL El FERHIi BYBL FILLS nrntliooriRi:ml ulld <mly l-'JJKSl'H, Mifoniul ro- liablociiro on il»- iniirkot. 1'ricoi-I.Oi); bent by Qiiiil. (januiiu 1 tiulii only by », I >> tPKi, OriwNi. (2> «ti-s«. •}'... [>,' gun; port, Ind. guy crowd, dfinlcinir liylit ivincs or beer, sipping chocolate or eating dulces, all enprapfo'l in most animated and heated political discussions, or be- moiininp their fato as tho result of the last lottery drawing 1 is announced. Au early morning 1 walk throviph the streets is sure to be filled with interesting incident, particularly on market morning, "if I want to know a people thoroughly I always po throng 1 )] their raarket, and when I see what they Oftt I can tell you just about what the people are like," said an old traveler who hail had experience in almost every quarter of tho plobe. Hero the women do tho marketing, and in twos and threes they trudjred through the stre«t chattering vivaciously, moat probably telling how they made the grocer or borne by a king of Mivcnty-thrce, am the wildest revolution ever suggeste( in British politics was devised by a statesman of seventy-six. We may le that consideration wa.it, hut that the old are more in the way of the youn; than they were, is as undeniable a the fact that thereby the happiness o a larjre section ol each generation grievously impaired.—Spectator. ft in In of Science. In ISOt Tyndall performed the exper iment of neparating light from heat. In the course of the investigations which enabled him to do this he mad* one of tho most daring experiments that ever a scientific man ventured on. Mr. Jeans said: "Knowing a layer of iodine placed before the eye intercept- determined to place - ed the light, he the butcher come down half a copper , his own eye in ^ f oclls o f strong in- more truth than the one wherein she says: "The frenzy of love is in its de- nl'uls." Mrs. Burnett in her story, "Through One Administration," describes tho painful disillusionment of a romantic girl who married a man to save him from committing 1 suicide for lovo of her, and lived to see him settle into tho most commonplace of husbands. Of course she did not expect him to remain on tho v«rge of a tiulcido's grave year after year as a proof of tho sincerity of his passion, but if ho had managed to continue a lover, and mingled romance with the daily routine of life. It would huvo saved him tbo pain and mortification of ceasing to be a hero in tho eyes of his wife. It is o pitjr that men and women do not understand the complications of their own natures better before entering 1 upon married life. Tiovprs are so apt to think that tho emotions of tho betrothal days will follow them through was aU. Had it been any otner man or woman of similar physical conditions it would have been the same." Yet many a tragic corresponding case has started in an ipnoranc* of some such momentary attraction. The lips of the wife fail to thrill with tho old fervor. Some morninfl*—she seems listless and uninterestinf?, but the hand cJasp of the pretty bookkeeper is lull of electricity—and lo! married life seems a failure and three lives are ruined. It does not occur to the roan that this is only a trivial derangement of tho domestic wires, and that It is sensible and wise to guard himself from outside sensations in the meanwhile. Wives do not, as a rule, invite dan- per to themselves in this way, but danger comes to them frequently unsought. An emotional woman, who places too hiffh a value on her own ex- j citable feeling's, may bo brooding in j silence and misery after the seeming j death of love in her domestic life, and ] the husband engrossed in business ; or so in his prices. They all had a fine healthy look, and are much bettor specimens of humanity than their husbands, or at least than the corresponding lot of men that one sees going about tho street They wear no head covering, and at that time of day drei* in simple calicoes, which are, however, cut with some Idea of fitting well. Then, as ODO strolls along 1 , he passe* stall after stall of flowers, beautiful, sweet-scented roses, with girls to «ell visible rays, lie knew that if in doing BO the dark rays were absorbed in hig-h degree by the humors of the eye the albumen of the humors might coagulate; and, on the other band, if there was no high absorption, the rayt might strike upon the retina with a force sufficient to destroy it When he first brought his eye, undefended, near the dark focus, the hcut on the park surrounding the pupil was too intense to be endured. He, therefore, made an them, looking as fresh and sweet as aperture in the plate of metal, and, the ilowers themselves. It struck ma j p i ac i n g his eye behind this aperture, he gradually approached the point of convergence of the invisible rays First the pupil and next the retina were placed in the focus without any sensible damage. Immediately afterwards a sheet of platinum foil placed that there were finer types of beauty imonff these pretty young faces than I law at any of the evening gatherings •yhero wealth and blue blood are supposed to predominate. Their eyes leomed to tell with great effect upon fcho male portion of the community wtir at the somewhat unconventional hour, and they did a thriving business. Then aftor these fair vendors one a whole lot of bird cages, hun- In tho position which the retina had occupied became redhot." — National Tribune. jmallest twitterer to the harshest and noisiest parrot,, and such noise and —In the last twenty years the a »r- _. >B _ riagesin Russia have numbered lil,- birds,"from'the ' 820,000; the divorces, 18,411, or abaut cares may never dream ot it. j , on , uaion wore ,, n bearablo after th« Meanwhile tho sympathetic friend of ^^ & ^ their accompan j m ent8. so w» the family may prove the serpent in ot furthcr in that direction, the Eden, without any intention of doing so, merely because the wife mistakes her own feclinirs and the husband has failed to guard her. Better i for many a man to study the stock report less and the wife's heart better. People are inclined to take their own transitory emotions too seriously, and to make tragedies out of mere incidents. They pet an Idea that whatever they happen to want very much at itny time they must have at any co t. At the same time they are telling thoir children that tho desire for pick les or caiiely is unhealthy and must bo elenied. Of course the good old-fash- SltK I1ROODH OVKB HR» HFflBAND'S I.ECT. life, and when the least chanp-o'comes in their emotions after tho "frenzy of love's iloninls" has passed, thty at , once imagine the end ha: 1 come to hap- i pincss. It would be better could they ' realize in the bcffinninpr what a thing of varying moods the human heart is— iind tfiatlovuis like tho ocean, with its storms, its dead calms, its cubing and flow-in/,- tides. Too many a,husband thinks when tbe first elomestic dead culm arrives that it is- the end of lejvc. and rushes into folly as a distrac- but turned back to look at the roses— »r perhaps their accompaniments— again. In the evening thu trees of the Rambla are thronged with myriads of birds, fighting and chattering for a comfortable perch for tho night Add to their noise the tinkling of tho bolls strung about the necks of tho mules on •ome of the" car lines, and tha Incessant cracking of the whips, «"d one h«* an effect that is most truly bewilder ing. It ii at this time that ono meets •uch a great variety of people and sees such strange costumes. The Catalans, as this portion of the Spaniards i» called, are quite e racefu: - and one to every 1,000 marrieires. —La Fontaine found his heavy, coarm appearantx" a serious disadvantage. Ha once said: "I do wish I looked lik« » grentleman." TUB foot and mouth disease Is reported to be raging in Germany do- spite the efforts of tho ent to stamp it oat, man o who ever momentarily desired anything 1 that was unlawful; but ono who lives close to the heart of this half evolved humanity prows charitable and full of pity for all its suffering and folly. When we seo what ill-assorted job lots of people come together in marriairo. we are led to wonder that A FAIR TRIAL of Hood's Saf- laparilla guarantees a complete cure. It is an honest medicine, honestly advertised and it hone* Uy CURES | their selections of color and pattern. Even the peasant women have small, well-shaped feet, while the working- class about the city wear weil-mado and well-shaped foot gear. Almost every Spanish woman carries a fan, and the manner in which she uses it ia tho perfection of grace, -jf. V. Times. Pineapple Cordial. For a cordial, peel and cut up tha pineapple, using tho cores which havo been rejected in preserving. Put the chopped pineapple In a preserving kettle, barely covering it with water. aml v'.sor qnlrH ruaorc<i.Vark-ocrl<-, ,,i k -i)tiv iMini-Mono. ulrupln-. t't<?.. HirHv cured l.v IXNAl'o, Hip Brc«1 Hindoo Kcinody. With will™ nwiwu* 1 '*"* Soldbj JiUN FlsUbK, uruggut, Lonaasport, Indlnn«- jlpiffrmibleLazatlveand NERVE TONIC. Sold by DrumrlstsorgcDt by mail. 25c..Wc., and (1.00 per package. Sumpict free. Wf\ IIA The Favorite TMttfomD BW nVfortboToatbsndBreub.Mo. n> dale br B. F. KMtUn«. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal nOMPLEXIOUl U POWDER. II ] POZZONI'S (j!6mbines every element oil I beauty and purity. It is beauti-1 fying, soothing, healing, health-1 | ful, and harmless, and when I i w'ghtly used is invisible. A. most delicate and desirable protection | 11» the face in this climate. Intiit npon h»Tlni the IT IS FOR QUAKER CATARRH CURE Is illirmnl fn.m nil o^hrr remain. H nol » nuir. pooler. PM'fj. "PJ' or *"^ U,K. »r !>_> will. 5UAKEB MEDICAL ASSOCiATION, ST. PAUL, MMN. For sale tn Lopansoort by 8«if PlSHBB, D LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. ,l>«H it 1Mb- vil UranM WOt* AUD AFTU WINU. loanyiKln:'-." tnr l>l, or* ^™^ Circular FiCC. AJd.-CM C; A.,.:E l-'kZVt OEUk CO, StW 1M. wle In J og«.n§port by BXM PBH»*. DrugifUt

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