Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAP'S Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. Our New Spring Goods are neat and tasty. They are ready for inspection. Our prices are within the reach of of all. Suits made to order from $20 to $60. Special Attention is called to our $20 and $25 Suits made to order. You should have one. Call early and avoid the rush. Tucker & Young. The Pearl St. Tailors. PUREST 'AND BEST LESS THAN HALF THEPRICE: OF,QTHfcR BRANDS -!- POUNDS,20* -!- HALVtS,IO*aUARTtRS,54 SOLD IN CANS ONLY DAILY JOURNAL WBDNESDAY MORNING MARCH 7. Spring capes and jackets just opened at the Golden Rule. Conductor Ed Gardner Is out again ' after an Illness of several month*. Judge Heal of the Boone Circuit Court, bag Instructed the grand jury to Investigate the action of the mob which attempted to lynch the negro Kail during the first week of last ••nth. He want* Indictments returned against every man who partlol pmted in that affair, or who in any way aided and abetted the disgraceful proceeding. Lass than three year* ago Mrs- William Fash, of South Munoie, detected her husband In correspondence with a wontan at Redkey, and she tued for a divorce. Mr. Pash then married tho Redkey woman. Some ••nths ago wife No. 2 discovered that P»gh was corresponding with wife No. No. 1, and she sued for a divorce, which was granted. Mr. Fash and kit first wife are now remarried, another Saloon Burglary Sometime during: the weesma' hours yesterday morning burglars effected an entrance into Anthony /iolt's Pearl street saloon by breaking a elde win dow. The change left In the money drawer, about $10, was taken and a quantity of bottled goods went to quench the thirst of the burglars. The rascals left no clue by which they could be traced. Saloon burglaries have been unusually frequent thia winter both here and In neighboring cities. The Weather Today— Warin Yon Had Better COME TO FLEDGED TO BUY YOUE HATS INSTEAD OF GOING TO A PuACE WHERE THEY ONLY HATE A FEW TO SHOW YOU. WS HAVE A GBEAT VARIETY AND AUK ALL NEW. SE1BT 1IAKKR, HATTER AND FnBMISBBR. A NEW TIME CAHD. A now time card will go Into effect on the Pun Handle next Sunday and •eral paSBenper - trains will be dropped. These are Nos. 1 anc 1 SOD he oast end nnd 2 and 45 on tho north end. A new train which will bo known us tho Mai-ion and Winaroac turnaround and will run on No. 45'n tlmo. The afternoon train from :ffner will arrivo hero at 12-.45 and eave at 2:30 instead of 7:30. Tho licbmond division will not be effected. The local freight trairs on the north end will run through to Chicago. They now have their terminal at North Judson. Several passenger crews will bo transferred to the freight service by the change. The Pan Handle will construct a new station at Marion tho coming summer. Master Mechanic W C. Arp of Dftn- nlson was In tho city yesterday on his way to Chicago Supt. Walton and Cuitf Train Uespntcher Tousley took u trip over the EtTnor division yesterday to inspect tho road. Tho Wabaeh rand is building a new bridge ut Laketon across tho Eel River. The presort bridge was built In 1872 when the Eel river road was Pan Handle engineer B B. Ide wbo was injured in the wreck at Winatiac Sunday morning continues improving and In a few weeks will probably be able to leave the houte. The tunnel which carries the Colorado Midland railroad through the Rocky Mountains at Hagerman Pass., Colo , bus just been completed. The tunnel is close upon two miles long and Is bored through solid gray granite. Jts completion Involved over throe years work. GporgeJ Gould and party occupy ing Mr. Gould's private car "Atalanta" and a Wagner sleeper passed through the city over tho Wabash railroad on train No. 44 Monday. Mr. Gould has been on an Inspection tour of the St. Louis. Iron Mountain Southern and Texas & Pacific roads, and was on his way to New York. Notwithstanding the C & E. I. de clared a dividend of 1A per cent, on preferred stock only a few days ago further retrenchments have been deemed necessary and a raductiono 10 per cent, has been decided upo" to appb to engineers and firemen, and I IB said the trainmen, conductors and brakemon have been served with no tloo of a like red notion. A conference was had at Danville Friday, but no de oisive action was taken. Another meeting will probabb behold in a day or so when an agreement will be reached. East 'bound shipments last week amounted to 07,940 tons again* 58 968 tons for the preceding week and 81,142 tona lor the corresponding week last year. Road carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central. G 698 Wabash, 0,864; Lake Shore. 13,094 Fort W»yne, 6.898; Pan Handle, 6.900 Baltimore & Ohio. 6,108; Grand Trunk, A.728; Nickel Plato, 6,lti3 Chicago & Erie, 8 085; Big Four, 2,415; total 67,940, Shipment* were made of tbe following articles in tons Flour. 4,585; grain and mill st fls 349,941; provisions lard, etc.. 9.528 dressed beef, 10.463; butter, 1,524 hides, .1,317; lumber, 3,407: mlecellan eous, 2,192; total, 67,940. "Ticket repairers" lathe euphonious title of a branch ol ticket scalping fraternity, says the Railway Age whose honorable business is to make over dead tickets and passes by filling in the date boles and punching others erasing names and destinations anc substituting those that are desired and in other ways committing forgery and robbery upon the railways. One ol these icoundrels is bold enough to write to ticket agents: "If you have any stock that you want repaired I can do it for you at a moderate price and a so guarantee you a good job tha can not be detected by an ordinary person or conductor." It is further gpeolnec that the" expert will eradicate Ink and fill holes...". ; ' Tne modern War Commends Usell to the well-informed to do pleasantly and effectually wha was formerly done In the crudest man ner and disagreeably as well. T.o cleanse the s »tem%nd break up colds headaches and fevers without unpleas ant after effects, uie the dellgbtfo liquid laxative remtfly, Syrup of Figs Dr. C. B Slemen will deliver his highly entertaining lecture, "Travels in Europe" and around the world, a Broadway M. E. church. Wednesdaj evening. March ,7, Admission 2J cents, children 10 cents. " : rnrm for Bent. »t 209 Weat Broad way. Gss Circuit Court. A. G.JENKINES, Assignee. I will sell, under order Cass Circuit Court, the entire stock of Overcoats formerly the property of Otto Kraus at about half regular price on a CREDIT OF SIX MONTHS, WITHOUT INTEREST, each garment marked IN RED showing the assignee's price and the* former price. The reason of this extraordinary offer is to make room for that. part of the Shoe Stock remaining unsold after March 31st, as the lease of the present quarters expires on that day. I do not want to move a single pair of Shoes, if possible, and* have ordered the Shoe Salesmen to REFUSE NO REASONABLE OFFER. The finest goods are still unsold. A. G. JENKINES. Assignee, P. S.—200 pairs Ladies Kid Button and Lace Shoes worth $4>OG» for $1.50~following sizes only: one and one half to threes. , The Philharmonic Concert. The musical event of the season was the appearance and performance of the New York Philharmonic Club at Ue Baptist church last evening. This renowned musical club was brought here under tho direction of the Ladles Cecilian Musicale Club under whose patronage the club gave a memorable performance of chamber music at the First Presbyterian church two years ago. The announcement of the second coming of tho celebrated Philharmonic Club wai sufficient to fill the Baptist church last evening by a select audience of Logansport'a music loving people. Tho club was organized sixteen years ago .at a time when the beauties of chamber music wore com paratlvely unkiown. The overwhelming approbation received at that time w-is sufficiently significant of the hit the innovation had made and with the passing of years the general advancement of musical culture compelled the club to arrange for annual tourney s to satisfy the ever- growing demand for the services of such a praiseworthy Institution. It is thought that the piesent season will uco^o I'or the Philharmonic Club even greater successes than U achieved during tho last season In which its itinerary included one hundred and fifty (joncorts. It ia creditable and a matter of extreme congratulation that through the efforts of the Ladies Cecelian Musicals LoganepoM; has been retained on the itinerary of the Philharmonic Club. The Coceliana are entitled to all credit for their labors In this proper direction. Two seasons ago they gave the people of Logansport an opportunity to hear the Philharmonics; laat season they brought Thomas' Orchestra and this season they have marked by a return of the Philharmonics whose return engagement last evening was a signal musical success. With the club there is a prlma donna of unusual excellence. This, in Miss Marlon S. Weed, of whom and whose performance last evening too much cannot be said, for. rarely Is there beard a more pleasing linger. She has a mezzo-soprano voice of great compass and fine quality to which she ndds a cbartnibp and altogether admirable stage presence. Hor singing last evonli g «»s a.most de^rable addition to the program which was lengthened conniderably by the gener." ous encores demanded by thoentbusi- ft etic and fully appreciative audience. The set program was ne follows: PART >insT. 1 =eitetw, Op. 81 .8- Jadassohn Intrata—Nottuiuo. . CompoMd 'or »na dedicated totne Sew York Philharmonic Club. •i violoncello it>Jo-"Tnrttniell»" .D. Popper Mr, Carl BoiW- ( a, Internw/zo ........................... V . Miwwen 3 5 Krora the Opera, "CavallBrlaRuxtlcana /b. Serenade-Impromptu ................ t. lilllet N. Y. fnwmnnonlc Club. 4. C:ui7on«tta-"LaC«lnw» ........... 1- B«nedlct Mr. Sol. Msrcoeson. PART SKKWD. ] UimrteUi'.DIeBChtt-nellnllertn. Ou. iSlJ.Bafl (a. EhrUunng, (Declaration.) '(I). DieMufcle, (THe Mill.) Two YloUun. vloln and Vloloni-OHo 'a. indante.lrjjnConcertoOp, j 98 .................... H. Hoflm»ni] „ vi , „!,' Composed and dedicated In 2. Htm- solo Mr. Welner. ! b. AllfSTO. "Columbus. * inert- I canKl!apfiO(lle".AT«8Cliacl( Mr. Eugene Welner. 3. Uebxtraum (Dream After the Ball" bj request .............................. «•••*• CMBIIUU N. -Y. Philharmonic Club. 1 Double Bus Sole .............................. S HkmO Mr. S. KlUnd. .. (a. Klowem ............................. TU. BradsttT 6 - ib. One Spring Morning ........... — E. Miss Man™ H. weed. 6. Milder au« ilem Suden (Scenes of Soiilhl ...................................... J- !'• N. T, Philharmonic Club. The <;»• Committee meeting. The gas committee mot last evening at the council chamber, present Hattery, Wade, Barnes, Boyer, O'Con* aell. Hadloy. Jordan, Wright and Graves. A dozen other citizens showed their interest • by their presence. Chairman Hattery called tho meeting to order at S O'clock. It was ordered that thoBO who had signed to the ff>,000 cash gas territory deal be requested to meet at tho council chamber Friday evening next st S o'clock- The city papers wore asked to announce this call. A proposition from a pipe manufactlng company at Pittsburg was stated aud discussed. 1 To Be Ke-dcdlfftted. Tho First Presbyterian church will be dedicated next Sunday. Tho ded. ioatory sermon will be preached by ttev. Geo. S Burroughs D D., President of Wabasb College. In the afternoon there will be a congratulatory and praise service with short ad- LOOK HERE! If you want to boy OF sell a hous lot, If you want to buy ot sell a farce, II you want to buy or Mil a store, If you want to trade city property fs a farm, If you have any cheap bouses for «a!e-Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. i and 2 Spry Block, Logansport, loci dresses by the resident clergy and irv the evening Rev. Charle* Little, !> IX of Wabash, will preach the sermon, Th«M> Kokomo The Kokomo l)ifp»tch says that Joseph Martin and K 3 ward Starr, whc- were arrested in this city and taken to.. Kokomo to answer to the charge of robbing Nick DeeChampa' saloon h&C a preliminary bearinsr before Justice Moreland Saturday morning, and were taken back to jni) in default of $50a* ball for their appearance at tho nexfi.. term of court. Vmt.tf Worth In all diseases of th* nasal mueos*:> membrane the remedy ueed mj'-i be- non-irritating. Nothing *at:sf:ii;!.c-rj.- can be accomplished with dov.ehos,. snufla, powders or astringents, becousc they are Irritating, do cot thoroughly reach the afTectei) surfaces and ehoukt: be abandoned an worse tb»n failures. A multitude ot pereoni who bad for years borne all the worry and paio that catarrh can infli«t testify to r:vdi-- cal and permanent cu»e« wrooffht by Ely's Cream Balm. Your druggist-has it. f GENTLEMEN. We want your trade lor anything in our line. OUR NEW GOODS For spring and summer are ready for ^ your inspection. For • STYLE, * WORKMANSHIP, AND PRICES, S T i We are at the FRONT. CARL W. KELLER & CO. Ifw,

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